Rael: Only 3 Months Left to Avoid Humanity’s Self-Destruction

Submitted by the Barbados Raelian Movement

Las Vegas, April 11th 2017 – In a statement released today, Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, encouraged Raelians to escalate their meditation outreach programs to help promote the ban of nuclear weapons.

“I solemnly ask that all Raelians worldwide increase their public actions labeled “Meditate 1 Minute for Peace” in support of the United Nations vote scheduled for July 7 that would make all nuclear weapons forbidden worldwide,” Rael declared in the statement released this morning by the International Raelian Movement. “This is our last chance to save humanity and we have only three months to do it!”

For years, Raelians have been gathering in public places, encouraging people to give just one minute of their time meditating for peace.

Rael added: “Inform the public about this coming U.N. vote and make everybody aware that if they want a future for themselves and their children, they need to act immediately. They must push their governments to participate in this [UN] vote and support the international ban of nuclear weapons.”

In a recent address to Japanese Raelians, Rael expressed his disappointment about the position of the Japanese government regarding this matter. Along with those in most of the other economically advanced countries, the Japanese government has stated its refusal to participate in the upcoming UN vote.

“Since Japan is the only country that has suffered from nuclear bombing, it should also be the most powerful defendant of the ban!” Rael commented. He added, ”All politicians and governments will share the responsibility if the nuclear catastrophe occurs, as will all other human beings who are not strongly active in forcing their governments to participate in this vote! “

According to the statement, along with supporting most regional antinuclear weapons activities, Raelians will intensify their public presence. They will lead one-minute meditations worldwide to increase public awareness of humanity’s risk for self-destruction and to encourage people to demand that their governments both participate in the vote and vote in favor of the ban.

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The Raelian Movement is the world’s largest non-profit atheist organisation that explains how life on earth was created through the synthesis of DNA by an extra-terrestrial civilisation known in the original Bible as Elohim. It brings together approximately 100,000 members from 120 countries who actively publicise the message these extra-terrestrial scientists gave to Rael, with the goal of building an embassy to welcome them officially and propagate their values of peace and non violence. The Raelian Movement is making waves through its non-conformist and politically incorrect philosophy.


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15 thoughts on “Rael: Only 3 Months Left to Avoid Humanity’s Self-Destruction

  1. Rael,

    Exchange “Humanity´s” with “Barbadian”. Then the sentence is right: “Only 3 Months Left to Avoid Barbadian Self-Destruction” (quote: OSA in the Talking assembly, when he spoke about 90 days to act).

  2. The world now has two simpleminded Presidents who both think nukes are playthings.The guy in the WhiteHouse and the guy in the DRPK.There is also the prospect of Netanyahu waiting to walk into Syria from Golan and what that would lead to.Politicians have the world in turmoil especially the USA which should be leading others to observe “peace on earth,goodwill to all men”

  3. Leslie P. Lett

    1 hr

    It confounds me every single time!

    Why on earth would one be so willing to accept wholesale the language, the vocabulary and the propagandistic narrative of those whose objective is one’s subjugation and one’s demise?

    It’s like one possesses a perverse unawareness of the blatant and the brazen self-servingness that contaminates their every word!

    When to stand up and demand things so basic, so fundamental as Justice and Respect sets one in direct opposition to another force, then the true nature of that force is exposed. What kind of force is it that perceives an existential threat in the unequivocal rejection of injustice and disrespect and the uncompromising agency for a brighter, more fair day? Such a force can only be one both rooted in and spawned by a narrow, private self-interest which is vested in the continued perpetration of an exploitative status quo which provides it parasitic sustenance.

    What is Sport for little boys is Death for crapaud

    One cause is Justice and Respect: the other is strictly its Profit Motive. The differences have become irreconcilable. One’s Humanity and thus such things as Justice and Respect are not valid factors in any vulgar and obscene Cost Benefit Analysis!

    One may feel that one is an integral part of a process and so should be consulted, one’s views respectfully listened to, and accounted for…the Other views one as merely an exploitable unit of production…yes, exploitable – and disposable, too.

    So it really is past time to wake up and stop licking up and gobbling down others’ versions and visions of the world…because in their dreams, one – as the living, breathing, thinking Human Being one is – may NOT feature too prominently or rank too highly.

    Why on earth, then, would one want to inject the poison of their propaganda into one’s veins?!? Why on earth would one want to serve up such unhealthy, toxic crap on one’s table as any fare for one’s consumption?

    Hogwash is for hogs! And, certainly, none of us is that!

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  4. Hmmmm……Looks the time has come for the virus called humanoids to be extinguished from the body of mother earth……long overdue after the total disrespect shown to her.

  5. Yes but they are looking for a place to build an embassy, why not barbados, good climate , nice beaches easily led people what more could a raelian want

  6. Canada is even better Lawson….more wide open spaces for their meth labs and drug use….they can house millions of idiot followers Jim Jones style there.

  7. ndtewarie April 13, 2017 at 9:44 AM #

    Born and grew up as an orphan
    I knew I can and I know I can
    Then I got my long SC1 book list list
    But from my mom’s eyes I saw mist
    Then it hit home we were too poor
    To be chosen for the SC for sure
    I never had anything nice so what
    Back to school and swung the bat
    I had to do better, I was poor but bright
    Topped my class studying without light
    I passed all my exams even the PTA2 one
    I breathed a sigh of relief now its all done
    Got a break as a Pupil Teacher only part time
    But slipped back right into the religious slime
    They won’t hire me because I wasn’t a Christian3
    I was an outcast again ‘cause Hindi was my bastion
    I once thought of using the rope
    But I bid my time, never lost hope
    Then my Uncle from another county
    Send for me after hearing my story
    And I got a telegram one Friday afternoon
    To go to Anna Regina to Teach,.. too soon
    No clothes so I went to my Uncle with much hurt
    Went to Uncle Asraf and bought me $26.81 worth
    A big grip, raw cloth, shirts, a tie, comb and Brilliantine
    Left home going 200 miles away scary thoughts all mine
    Yes I got a break and gave thanks to the one Above
    I never lost hope for in my heart there was much love.



  8. @Vincent.Thomas Hobbes, were right on the money, concerning his theory on human nature in my opinion. Behind all the sophistication and modern civilisation the jungle still resides in us.

    When I saw the above headline,I thought that it was referring to Barbados .With only a few millions left in the national kitty,and little or no agriculture in store to feed the people of this country, it looks like our own self-destruction, when the macaroni and raymen boat from Port of Spain remain at anchor there.
    Suddenly the proposal by Ronald Jones to plant 40 acres of Breadfruit trees , no longer looks like a joke.

  10. Forty Acres
    We share with all the animal kingdom the five inbred urges of nature.Hunger,thirst,sleep,sex,kill.

  11. Colonel Buggy April 13, 2017 at 9:08 PM #

    Take a look at the 1999 agricultural plan for using the Scotland District as the breadbasket of Bim……which bears similarities to the 1967 one by Vivian White……nothing new under the sun.

    I reiterate we have long known what we should do and John Saint gave us a demonstration in WW2.

    • There was Syria, then Afghanistan,possibly North Korea next?

      Let us see what will motivate interest in responding to food security concerns in Barbados.

  12. Perhaps a change of Government,David. I cannot see Barbados under a different government, having another Minister of Agriculture as ineffective and destructive as the incumbent.

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