Caribbean as a Zone of Peace Under Threat

In 1992 some Caribbean states in declaring the Caribbean area a zone of peace, objected to the passage through the Caribbean of ships carrying nuclear waste material. The heads of Government issued a statement vowing “to take all necessary steps to protect their people and the fragile ecology of the Caribbean Sea from this highly dangerous threat.

Now Russia plans to bring nuclear weapons to the Caribbean and we are silent.

Ping Pong

The BU family is a savvy group always alert to what is happening on the local, regional and international fronts. The plan by Russia to establish a temporary military airbase in the locale of Venezuela must be a concern for the people of the Caribbean – see Russian newspaper: Russia to set up nuclear bombers on Caribbean island.

The pristine reputation of the Caribbean took a hit when it was established that Trinidad and Tobago had the highest rate of ISIS recruits in the Western hemisphere per population size. The zone of peace the region has enjoyed is now under threat with the announcement that the Russians are coming.

Further, with Russia and Venezuela in bed the long running dispute between Venezuela and Guyana is brought into sharp focus. Does it matter if Ambassador of Caricom David Comissiong or Caricom respond given our lack of military and economic standing in the world?

Geopolitical analysts are of the view Putin is seizing the moment with the changing of the guard in the USA. It has not have gone unnoticed by the blogmaster Russia launched the Avangard missile yesterday which is reported to be a challenge to US detection systems.

Let the games begin in the region!


189 thoughts on “Caribbean as a Zone of Peace Under Threat

  1. RUSSIAS’ recent superiority in weaponry is due to SUPERIOR BACKING.

    In the effort to halt geo-political engineering and expansion, balance must be struct and by extension, eliminated, not by war, but via inertia through deconstructing support systems.
    Any attempt to detonate ND will be thwarted and disarmed.

    Which country does not subjugate and exploit Blacks?
    Keep your eyes on Africa and watch how the Blacks worldwide will respond.
    Blacks will regain superiority in ALL THINGS.
    China expansion efforts will be halted.
    Colonizers will flee.

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