Third Parties Must Unite and Mobilize!

Submitted by William Skinner

The United Progressive Party (UPP), the latest third political party to launch in Barbados

The way forward for any serious third party is via a new and effectively managed and promoted brand of national activism. Trying to improve upon the rapidly declining and worn out political model of the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party is a certain exercise in failure. You do not buy junk, on its way to the political junkyard, unless you are a junk yard dealer. Third parties that ignore this fact are destined to last no longer than an expert flying fish vendor, skilled in the art of deboning, takes to debone a dozen flying fish.

There is only one third party that can effectively take up the mantle and at least attempt to cause some damage to the established parties and that entity is the Peoples Empowerment Party, currently led by Attorney At Law David Comissiong. The PEP has some durability and its leader, has been effective in utilizing his legal skills to oppose some of the more unpopular decisions, of the DLP administration. The question that must be asked of the leadership of the PEP is whether it prefers to fight its own battles or simply side with the Barbados Labour Party. We note that the PEP is calling for a fresh election but is reluctant to agitate for the downfall of both the BLP and DLP.

It should be glaringly obvious that if the PEP was interested in competitively contesting general elections, it would have candidates and activists on the ground in all the constituencies. This failure should baffle any person, who has been monitoring the PEP progress. Why has it confined itself to mere commentary and joining the BLP in marches and other protests? Why is its leadership reluctant to face the electorate?

The other third parties will find any deep penetration of the hold the BLP and DLP have on the electorate very difficult at this time. They seem unable to answer simple questions about their composition and any new policies. They need to indicate how they intend to overcome t the Herculean task ahead. However, the mere fact that they are prepared to challenge the establishment should be of interest to those who are convinced that there is no hope under the BLP or DLP.

Pure political common sense would suggest that the PEP, Solutions Barbados and the PUP and others, form a coalition, with one direct message to the country: “The BLP and DLP must go in order for the country to go forward”. And accompany this message with clear policies to the way forward. Such a coalition should be formed in no less than three months, to make its presence felt. While this is no recipe for electoral success, it could have some effect in marginal constituencies and may even gain a few seats if it can harness the youth vote and those undecided voters, who are now distrustful of the current government and opposition.

I would therefore urge all third parties to consider a united fight against the DLP and BLP rather than assist them in warming over the same cold soup they have been feeding the people for the last fifty years. This is no time to hunt with the hare and run with the hound.

There appears to be a big protest vote against the collective BLP and DLP rising in the country. Third parties and progressive community groups should get together, take aim and mobilize that protest vote in the interest of the country. 2/24/17

96 thoughts on “Third Parties Must Unite and Mobilize!

  1. Dear William:

    You wrote: “They seem unable to answer simple questions about … any new policies.”

    Our policies have been published for the past 20 months at You are encouraged to read and query them.

    As for combining forces, we will happily support any political candidate who will formally agree to support our published solutions if elected. We (Solutions Barbados) will not run a candidate against them and I will personally campaign for them. To-date, none of the other candidates will agree to this condition – therefore, we intend to run 30 candidates.

    Best regards,

  2. Give us something to sink our teeth into.

    What are you policies?

    How do you intend that WE should pay for your policies?

    How much will your policies cost us? Less? The same? More?

    Tell us explicitly what you intend to do about:


    Give us one page on each and then let us decide whom we want to vote for.

    We ain’t stupid.

  3. Actually it would be excellent if each party would do the same, but I get the feeling that the parties are all lazy, and don’t want to do the detailed work necessary to come up with coherent policies, and the bookkeeping which would tell us how much we will have to pay for those policies.

    I think that all the parties old and new enjoy bullsh!tting the people.

  4. A glaring example of a policy which has not changed in 50 years.

    In Barbados the maternity leave entitlement hasn’t changed since 1967. Maternity leave was 12 weeks in 1967 and 50 years later it is still 12 weeks. We should all hang our heads in shame about this. Would any of you politicians agree to work under the same conditions as your grandparents worked 50 years ago.


    So tell me since the Barbados government many years ago signed on to the healthy child initiative which says that it is desirable that a child should be breast fed for 26 weeks, why are we still depriving our very youngest Bajans of their right to nurse at their mother’s breasts for 26 weeks?

    And the thing is this could be done without new money. Because since there are fewer than 4,000 births per year, we can cut sick leave entitlement by one week per year and give our babies their due.

  5. The PEP has shown to be wolves in sheep clothing lambasting democractic ideaoligies but quick to endorse and embrace dictators like Chavez and Castro.
    Barbadians would used Commisiong expertise along the political divide but that is as far as endorsing PEP Barbadians would engage and PEP knows that

  6. @ William Skinner

    William Churchill was born for World War II.

    He was not born for peace time.

    I do not take a hammer to put a screw in hinges on my door.

    Commissiong and the PEP is NOT suited to the Role of Valid Third Party because, from get go, he is tainted meat, not in a derogatory sense, though many here, including Pornville Inniss who went to HC a few years after David?, would agree.

    By tainted what i mean is that even before he starts his hurdle that he WILL NOT BE ABLE TO JUMP is his Cuban, Venezuelan read “Communism orientations”

    That will not fly in Barbados and is a dead horse at the gates.

    Look one agrees that this is going to be an uphill battle to impress of simple minded bajans that “we cannot continue in the same mode of BLP/DLP exchanges of Parliament.

    Neither of them work

    Let me ask you this Mr. Skinner, do you use the calendar app on your phone? or do you record your friends birthdays on your phone?

    As simple as that may seem it represents what we as a nation needed to have done 30 years ago which is to implement a two way communication mechanism that registers each citizen’s profile/needs and interactions with the state and concomitantly records how a parliamentarian interacts with them.

    And please do not tell me that this is fanciful cause, when you and i go to the doctor, the better doctors have your records in an electronically retrievable dbf where they can see past treatments/medications or, if they dont they pull the hardcopy file.

    THis is not an over simplification of this issue.

    If you go to a doctor for a checkup on a broken toe and he brings out a file on you that says he is supposed to be treating you for a clap are you going to sit there as he informs you that “given the state of your penis last time, he now advises that your appendage be cut off?”

    And that Mr. Skinner is where we are, being treated by a band of incompetents who either dress up in yellow TShirts or Red ones marked Team Santia, to walk bout and have microphones stuck up their their face, WHEN DEM WAS NOT SEEN FOR 4 EFFING YEARS

    Let me brek it down further for you.

    Tek up your phone and look at the messages.

    I am sure that you got 10 messages pun you phone from DIGICEL or LIME

    Lime knows ef you received the message, if your read it , how much of the message you read, or if you deleted it. And that is for a simple message bout some ting dem selling.

    No politician in this day and age should not know their cuntstituents

    No constituent in this day and age should not have a profile chronicling their interactions with their representative or any government agency in Barbados.

    We jes hear dat the Police now moving to appointments steupseeee after all dese years but you would tink dat it would be a simple thing to make a website that can tek appointments.

    Certainly people would be truly amazed to know that ONLINE APPLICATIONS FOR VISAS to the UNITED STATES EXIST!

    [[and in addition to that incredible statement they would be amazed to know that by logging into the US Embassy appointment GUI what you do during the 25 minutes to fill out their form is to give the US Government access to you entire hard drive while you are ONLINE ANNNNNNNDDDDD EVERY TIME YOU SUBSEQUENTLY GO ONLINE]]

    I write that in square brackets cause that is only for you and me to see.

    But I digress as usual with the prolix narrative.

    Not the PEP, it would fail in utero

  7. @ac February 25, 2017 at 11:28 PM “The PEP…quick to endorse and embrace dictators like Chavez and Castro.”

    Chavez and Castro are dead, dead, dead. Long may they remain so.


  8. How can any one expect any or all of these so called third parties to launch a comprehensive assault against blp or dlp when all of them singularly or collectively has engaged with one or both parties over extended period of time and moreso would be pillard about their past record as being members of these organizations
    In todays era the information highway is littered with all types of garbage thrown across the highway by some who forget they left it there and easy accessible to all and sundry by the click of a mouse.
    Errol barrow might be one of the lucky few who was able to cross this highway without being run over only in part it was less accessible

  9. Translation.. if you were a yardfowl don’t come talking about as third party as we will expose your prior yardfowl status.

    Yardfowl fuh life. Ac seem to be speaking for both heads of the hydra.

  10. @ AC

    How stupid can you be??

    In one breath you say that the prospective candidates (whom you would have to be GOD to know who they are) “would be pilloried”

    You continue that the basis for such pillorying would be because of their pressumed membership of the two existing parties.

    Which is another flaw in your idiotic syllogism.

    However if we allow both flawed posits then it would mean that there is something indecent about either of these parties from which these candidates have descended (though since wunna is both the devils spawn that verb should be ascended)

    I heah with some Break Free CLP solvent cleaning de Glock 17s one done so i starting de udder one, so i got a reason to be up.

    why you up doah?

    DE Satan Fork at de Garrison got you cant sleep?? heheheheheeh

  11. They will be pillored from both parties let them try fighting those two gorilliphant
    Even Trump needed Russia to help pull off his win over Clinton yet she received the popular vote.
    Any one burying head in the sand by believing that thes named parties can decapitate two parties that have roots that are double enforced in many barbadian household got balls but not the mechanism to make them roll

  12. @ AC

    You fail to realise that the DLP is not at all in this race.

    You are a spent force.

    The three things that need to be addressed here are (a) the infighting in the BLP for the Seat of the Prime Minister (b) the fact that a significant number of Bajans do not want Mugabe as leader and (c) floating alternatives that galvanize bajans to action

    That infighting is showing itself in the “teams” already and wo has been able to get the red shirts to their fold.

    De TShirts idea can be easily offset if the Coalition of Parties and those disgruntled businessmen that Pat Hoyos is talking about were to float some 10,000 shirts that speak a specific message.

    And give those shirts to the young bajans to wear.

    Furthermore what these so called businessmen have to do is as follows, to give discounts to anyone who wears that shirt into their outlet.

    Put their effing money $$ where their mouf is.

    Looka de ole man gine give wunna amateurs some ideas bout war and fighting Mia Mottley.

    Note dat i ent even concern bout de DLP



  13. @ William the idea of the third parties all joining together as leverage is great. I do not believe that this will happen. I picture too many kings and no commoners. All the leaders will seek to lead the umbrella.

    Grenville has already exposed his hand by wanting the others to formally support his solutions. For arguments sake what if their policies are a direct contradiction of his? The whole idea of combining is not be be seperate and distinct.
    The umbrella body of the third parties will have to create new policies for the umbrella, and not advocate the policies of any one of member of the umbrella grouping.

  14. And AC,

    just to give some suggestions here

    Well Well and Consequences’ post on another blog about a Pat Hoyos article was the genesis of this idea

    In his article in the NationNews, (forgive de ole man for using those badwords here) he mentioned that he heard “..a group of a dozen or so top business people with proven track records and good reputations should be brought together by someone and allowed, essentially, to run the Government…”

    Do you thing that if that group were to start to put teeth to said “verbal? movement” and say for example funded a few thousand T-Shirts like the ones below that that would be start this “revolution” that you are so fearful of?

    And that Mottley and her agents are now doing their ***copying to run their campaign?


    Give me your opinion of this Stoopid Campaign TShirt

  15. Dont mind the ACs..the government is out of the loop to be reelected. The ACs are sniping at Grenville specifically, re all those contracts he had am sure under both governments, so they obviously got sensitive information on him for sure. Sleep with dogs, ya get bitten by fleas.

    No one wants to see the present ministers around their houses pimping for votes.

    End of story.

  16. Pat Hoyas talking nothing. What business people what. Most um dem owe govt taxes. Yeah i bet they would be the first to draft laws to reduce corporation tax remove vat and essentially introduced a form of taxation that would burden the especially the poor on every basic item including water and road taxes and every possible item avaiable consumable or nonconsumable

  17. @ac
    You need not fear that the private sector would, if give the chance, tax the poor people, the DLP has done that quite effectively and repeatedly since 2008. The DLP is a hollow shell and resembles very little of its origins. It has been overtaken by frauds, political and otherwise.

  18. @Heather February 26, 2017 at 2:18 AM “I picture too many kings and no commoners. ”

    We are NOT commoners.

    In future you can refer to us as the people, or the electorate, or the constituents.

    We are NOT commoners.

    If ya start wrong by referring to us as the great unwashed/commoners we will bear you in mind.

    You have been warned.

  19. Dear Heather:

    Our policies have been published for the past 20 months for rigorous public scrutiny at If you or anyone can identify improvements, then we are willing to improve them. If you wish to advance a contrary position, then we will happily engage you or anyone in a public discussion – again, so that Barbados can benefit from the best solutions – which will become our promises to Barbadian voters.

    What we cannot afford at this time is for candidates to break these promises. Hence, the formal agreement.

    Best regards,

  20. Oh dear, thar be Grenville spouting that term here on Barbados Underground for the first time cannot afford candidates to break these promises, hence the formal agreement…”

    And Vincent telling me to stay the course with Mugabe’s non neophytes heheheheheh

  21. David,

    You accuse me of trivialising something What is it? I can defend myself, but I must know what against.
    If it is about taking Solutions Barbados seriously, I am guilty. It is s nonsense, reflective of the terrible state of Barbadian politics.
    I have asked before, why did the National/Conservative parties fail?

  22. Very interesting and accurate article, but it is the 3 online newspapers, Advocate, Barbadostoday and Nationnews responsible for holding the fraudulent and corrupt business people and government officials and exposing them whenever information becomes available, journalist’s jobs are to actively seek out whistle blowers and protect them from harm….but the culture in Barbados and the Caribbean is one of secrecy, covering up crimes and corruption practiced by government officials and business people. Had not for active bligs and bloggers, peopke in Barbados woukd nit know who consumed by crimes, corruption and fraud the business sector and bith governments really are…, the blogs to the jobs of all the newspapers.

    “Any person who reports believes that personal cost is high, thus is less likely to come forward. People are morally compelled to report, but they will not do it unless there is legislation to protect the whistle blower.

    “Whistleblowing is not a major part of our culture, but we have to change it, especially those persons who are in the International business sector. There are international standards that we are expected to follow, and one of the things that when we look at the transparency international index, they have us as being corrupt, so obviously we need to change some things.”
    Dr. Alleyne stressed, “Whistleblowing is not widely accepted in the Caribbean, because there is little confidence that the appropriate action would be done to correct the wrongdoing if it is reported. To combat corruption and fraud, you have to create whistleblowing legislation, promote accountability and transparency by improving corporate governance legislation and practices, as well as provide adequate disclosures.

    “Every organisation should have a whistleblowing protocol, and it is also important to promote public awareness.” (NB)”

  23. ……but the culture in Barbados and the Caribbean is one of secrecy, covering up crimes and corruption practiced by government officials and business people.

    Had not for active blogs and bloggers, people in Barbados woukd not know how consumed by crimes, corruption and fraud the business sector and both governments really are…, the blogs do the jobs of all the newspapers.

  24. pieceuhderockyeahright February 27, 2017 at 5:20 AM #

    Chuckle…..promises are comfort for a fool……..hmm…interesting saying.

  25. I didn’t, David. I now have. Is of very little importance. It does not tell us anything we do not know.
    Two broad reasons why we have very few whistleblowers: first, job insecurity; in a small jobs market to be a whistleblower is to put your future at risk. Further, there is no law protecting whistleblowers.
    Second, poor regulations (ie the insurance regulator leaving and within weeks is working for an insurance company. In other words, while employed as regulator he was almost certainly being interviewed for his new job).
    The other point to make is that whistleblowing and anonymity are not the same. Whistleblowers act in the public interest, while anonymous tipsters act out of revenge, envy, malice.
    Good journalism minimises the need for whistleblowers. One qualification to work in Fleet Street is first rate contacts. There is a saying a journalist is only as good as his/her contacts book.
    With respect, Barbadian journalism is generally not even as good as what we call local papers in the UK. Journalists do their training on local papers.

  26. @ David
    Bajans are poor whistleblowers because we are low on pride.
    Whistleblowers tend to be persons of some moral fibre who take righteous offence to authorities doing shiite.
    Bajans are mostly lackies – who were gifted jobs they cannot do effectively – due to connections, and whose ambition in life is to become just like the big crook.

    Were it not for the blogs, Parris would probably be the next governor general …and would still be chairman of the CBC’s broke board.

    Shiite man!!
    Even when BU expose all the shiite -as with CAHILL – ….Bajans still pretend that they are ignorant until some political parasite sees it in their best interest to take up the call…. and the yardfowls feel emboldened to follow…

    Even acting anonymously, there are probably not one hundred Bajans who are willing to expose the lotta shiite going on all around them as we speak….

    Brass bowls be like that….

  27. Bush Tea,
    You are right generally about the psychology of Bajans. But the continuing smear on Mr Paris is uncalled for. Incompetence is not dishonesty.

  28. @ Heather

    Your point that the third parties may be reluctant to come together is taken. it shows they want to change everything while letting evreything remain the same.

    Unfortunately , we have not reached the stage where a party can just put proposals on social media and expect that is all that needs to be done. Unless you are prepared to hit the road and go in the trenches., itc ould not work in our political culture. Sorry.

  29. So Bush shit as one who always take umbrage in others practices of brass bowlery. Why dont you come out of the anonymous closet that you hold near and dear to heart and have the courage of conviction of being a whistle blower .
    It seems as if you know where alll the dead bodies are buried and in whose houses where the skeletons can be found

  30. What do we really expect? A few months ago a former attorney general, who became a former chief justice(David Simmons), went on a radio call in program and said corruption was widespread and bribes were common place. Nobody attempted to even ask Simmons what he ever did about it, after all , he held two very powerful offices and was a parliamentarian and minister for years. That’s why the DLPBLP controlling the place. They look out for each other. So, don’t waste precious time telling me that I like Carl Moore and Hal Austin because I believe people on the blog should give their own names. That’s just an opinion. I never trivialize nutten. Just an opinion.
    Call David Simmons and ask him why he never did anything about the bribing of public servants by businessmen when he was attorney general. Why he didn’t blow the whistle?

  31. @ ac
    Thou fool….
    How dost thou know that Bush Tea is not a lead whistleblower?
    How dost thou know any shiite any how….?

    Didst thou check the phone book under ‘Whistleblowers’ for a Mr. B. Tea….?
    BB JA….

    • @Bush Tea

      You understand the challenge in Barbados.


      You cannot separate whistleblowing from posting anonymously on social media for the reasons you described.

      Do you some of the biggest offenders of filth on social media read posting anonymously are politicians and Government ministers?

  32. ac February 27, 2017 at 8:55 AM #

    So Bush shit as one who always take umbrage in others practices of brass bowlery. Why dont you come out of the anonymous closet………

    Chuckle……..looka life doh de pot callin de kettle…….but um tru doh…..hahahaha

  33. Hal…sometimes I do wonder about your motives…Parris picking up CLICO policyholders money and putting it in checks and bank accounts under his name and Thompson’s firm name….is not being incompetent. …those are the actions of a seasoned thief….because he was helped by David Thompson as attorney for Clico to carry out such vile criminal acts against helpless citizens…does not make it any better or him any less criminal.

    So what do you think of Peter Harris Hal ???

    And you sniping at anonymous bloggers shows that were you to know their real names, bith you and Carl Moore would go investigating the bloggers and nit the accused criminals, leaders, ministers, insurancecompany crooks and criminals…of that I am now sure.

    Bushman…had not for the blogs…, Parris would be attorney general and his sidekick Harris, if not so brutally exposed would be lead advisor to Mia, pulling all their strings in the cabinet….upon their election…both these criminals had the island sown up tight.

  34. I want this error free, so that it’s well understood.

    And you sniping at anonymous bloggers shows that were you to know their real names, both you and Carl Moore would go investigating the bloggers and not the accused criminals, leaders, ministers, insurance company crooks and criminals…of that I am now sure.

    Which makes both you and Carl Moore very questionable journalists….the one thing journalists protect even under threat of imprisonment are their sources…it appears neither you nor Carl Moore sees the blogmaster as a journalist….now do you.

  35. Bush shit all you do is to whistle tea leaves past the grave yard day and night constantly asking others to do the dirty work . Cant see or belive you would ever have the guts or determination to become a whistle blower.

  36. Yeah Hal…dont you think the ministers et al posting under the cover of anonymity also deserve to be protected, we may not agree with what they say…but there is no reason to know their identities, it does not stop us from attacking their opinions, comments and ideology most viciously.

  37. “Call David Simmons and ask him why he never did anything about the bribing of public servants by businessmen when he was attorney general. Why he didn’t blow the whistle?”

    How can he…while a politician/chief justice…he also sat on the board of directors at CGI Insurance….Hal…dont you remember me telling you that…it is a matter of public record.

    That is what real journalists would investigate…and not the identity of bloggers, I keep asking you Hal…have you ever investigated the identities of bloggers in the UK….have you ever called for their identities to be revealed, if ya did, ah guess that is why you are now retired, one reason anyway.

  38. Who cares who they rubbish and why would you care if anyone is rubbished Hal……as a journalist, have you never rubbished anyone…, ya said you exposed gang members…wuh ya tink dah is….

    …..the press corp worldwide rubbish people everyday, it’s the nature of the beast when you want to be in the eyes of the public…they have a choice…stay anonymous.

  39. Or is it SEWN UP TIGHT….lol

    Bushman…had not for the blogs…, Parris would be attorney general and his sidekick Harris, if not so brutally exposed would be lead advisor to Mia, pulling all their strings in the cabinet….upon their election…both these criminals had the island sown up tight.

  40. Shut up !Vincent you have now become a propagandist of fake news .What freedom of speech threats in Bim” are you talking about

  41. WW&COB
    Give Hal a little slack..
    He is due the right to talk a little shiite from time to time …after all Vincent does it ALL the time….. 🙂

    Can you imagine Hal wants to shut down the whacker because it hurts the weeds…?
    He wants the lawn cut for with a pair of scissors – one careful weed at a time…

    …but NOT 4 Shiite…!!
    It will be de whacker in EVERYONE’s donkeys… full power.

    The good lawn grass will grow back even stronger and with better roots – while the shiite weeds that tend to raise up tall and proud – will die off.
    That is Gardening 101.

  42. Listen to the daily crao.. Had not for the bligs Parris would have become attorney General” another piece of a huge slice of baloney .
    Please bring the evidence or Shut up.
    Not only barbadians read the blog and it is irresponsible for a jack to be braying incessantly in monotone

  43. Wuhloss……lookah muh crosses doh de Pot tellin muh tuh shut up and de kettle tellin muh a duz leh go shavin cream……ah did always tink dah wunna was 2 peas in the same pod….um now cunfurm.

  44. WW&C
    Parris seeme to be an enigma.There are those who swear that he is one of the smartest businessmen in this country,more astute than the better qualified in skin colour (in a plantation polity)and better than those exposed to formal training.On the other hand there are those who,besides referring him as the leper of choice,call him the swindler-in-chief,a freeloader,who has fiddled the finances of Clico to afford him a way of life that feeds off other people’s hard work,ingenuity and hard earned pension benefits of corporations which had nothing to do with Clico at any level other than the political decision that saw the change that moved a pension plan within the embrace of that now notorious organization.There are many reasons for law abiding citizens to be bitter at the nastiness that politicians say and do in the interest of their friends rather than the interest of the citizenry which affords them the power they wield.We need a change in how governemnents influence crookery.

  45. Gabriel….exactly….you also need real journalists and newspapers with moral codes, ethics and integrity in Barbados….as it now stands, they are all shameless politicals pimps.

    ACs…..Parris controlled David Thompson….that 3 million dollar check from Clico was made out to Thompson and Associates, policyholders money…secreted away, stolen money.

    Dumbville Inniss and Fraudulent Fruendel jumped out and cussed the victimized CLICO policyholders telling them they deserved to be robbed by Parris because they were too greedy….

    Fruendel even threatend these 60- 90 year old vulnerable people that he had something to expose them for exposing Parris…….”his esteemed friend and not a leper”.

    I stand by my comment….tell me otherwise again yardfowls.

  46. Bushman….Hal is acting like a man on a mission.

    I asked him his thoughts on Peter Harris and CGI Insurance, he is yet to answer.

    I asked him if he ever advocated to have bloggers in UK give up their identities…..he is yet to answer.

    Many of BU and other bloggers, yardfowls excluded, have worked tirelessly to do the jobs that the journalists and newspapers in Barbados, the 4th Estate should be doing, but are not because they are busy being political pimps for both governments and criminal minded business people.

    We cannot allow Hal or Carl Moore to minimize these successful contributions by bloggers to satisfy their curiosity or to make mischief, when they themselves as self-proclaimed journalists are yet to use the blogs, their own contacts or the newspapers to successfully expose any governments and business people’s bribery, corruption, or thefts by and victimization of policyholders and injured people by insurance executives on the island.

    When they bring something substantial to the BU table, something to benefit the black majority, only then can they make demands.

  47. @pieceuhderockyeahright February 27, 2017 at 5:20 AM “Oh dear, thar be Grenville spouting that term here on Barbados Underground for the first time cannot afford candidates to break these promises, hence the formal agreement…”

    Was listening to “Mad John” on CBC this morning…he made an interesting point about promises, including written formal promises…he noted that people go before God, their parents, family, friends, and the reverend/priest/pastor, as well as the Registrar of Marriages and make a solemn formal promise to love and care for their spouse until death do them part, and yet in Barbados [and most of the world] those promises are frequently broken.

    So I have agree with “Mad John” if people break written promises made to their beloved, in the presence of God, the State and their parents, then people will break any other promise, written or not.

    Because that is how people are.

    I too am a promise breaker.


  48. “Parris controlled David Thompson”another piece of uncontrolled and unsubstantiated piece of baloney allowed to be ditributed as fact on BU
    Now bring the facts

  49. @ WW&COB
    Do you need any more evidence of DLP stupidity than that they made him chairman of the now bankrupt CBC…

    CBC….. of all places …for a grammatical laughing stock of Ossie Moore notoriety …. !!!

    Can you have ANY doubt that he would have succeeded the GG when he resigns this year…?

  50. Now we know Hal’s thoughts on Leroy Parris…….”that he is just incompetent” …in Hal’s mind only, and not the very competent thief that the judge already decided that he is…red flags.

    Gabriel….that’ s why Parris was thought of as a genius, until he was brought down…..because no one likes to think of anything in practical terms on the island…no one will say that both him and Harris had the help of lawyers, politicians, government ministers…David Thompson ….Harris had or still has David Simmons former chief justice, DPP Leacock etc…neither of them got where they were on genius intelligence, none of them are that bright, they just have access to corrupt officials….that’s all they needed….for decades……and people keep forgetting the brains behind CLICO Caribbean and the Americas is still Lawrence Duprey through CL Financial ….a trini.

  51. AC
    Is there any truth that Thompson left a will valued at 39 million in real and personal property and that a former registrar was carrying the will in her pocket bag so that no one can eyeball the document.I would think if the former is true the treasury should be saving the expense of the widow’s pension benefit and if the latter is true the document should now be avaialable for public scrutiny.What say you ac?

  52. Bushman….dont mind the ACs, they must have been the first to congratulate Parris when Fruendel made him CBC GM…I am sure Parris grew tired of the ACs elongating their tongues to kiss his ass, now they are trying to disown that Parris controlled both Thompson and Fruendel and Dumbville Inniss too…..

    ….ACs kissing ass just like they did to poor Washington based C. Fred…..was it not the same Worrell brought C. Fred to Barbados…..the ACs were shameless…..real snakes for yardfowls….lol

  53. Some people might say that it might be more helpful if Alleyne reported his concerns directly to his cousin Fruendel.

    Barbados is a real, real small place.

  54. @Hal Austin February 27, 2017 at 8:46 AM “But the continuing smear on Mr Paris is uncalled for. Incompetence is not dishonesty.”

    And why do you believe that it was incompetence and not dishonesty?

    Do you know of any people who stopped working for CLICO because they were horrified by what they were asked to do? And who thought that to be unemployed and hungry was better than working for CLICO?

    I do.

  55. @William Skinner February 27, 2017 at 8:51 AM “Unless you are prepared to hit the road and go in the trenches., it would not work in our political culture. Sorry.”


    Grenville and other political aspirants have to get out there and kiss babies…even the snotty, pissy ones, and LISTEN to what their parents have to say.

    They need to go out there and and fire one with the boys in the rum shop, and LISTEN …and no asking for a silver knife and fork to eat the pudding and souse with.

    They need to sit on the back steps of old ladies and drink cups of tea with them, and LISTEN.

    They have to go to the church hall and talk with the goodly church ladies, and LISTEN

    Etc. etc. etc.

  56. @ac February 27, 2017 at 10:43 AM “Listen to the daily crao.. Had not for the bligs Parris would have become attorney General”

    Maybe not Attorney General, but maybe an Ambassador, for the Commonwealth of Dominica?

    Did he show up at the American Embassy with a diplomatic passport from the Commonwealth of Dominica, seeking to get a diplomatic visa too, and did the Americans laugh him out of their place, becasue truly he is neither Dominican nor diplomat?


  57. @Bush Tea February 27, 2017 at 11:41 AM “Do you need any more evidence of DLP stupidity than that they made him chairman of the now bankrupt CBC of all places for a grammatical laughing stock of Ossie Moore notoriety!”

    Yeah boy, the people on the ZR’s were holding their belly with laugh.

    But if ya say 1, ya gotta say 2. I may be wrong but did not the BLP make Joey the Chairman of the Child Care Board?

  58. Bush breaks with Trump, calls media ‘indispensable to democracy’

    I have beaten up on George Bush so many times and for so many years I am surprised he could still talk…but even he knows that there is no true democracy without a functioning press…..a media, unlijk what the local so called journalists in Barbados believe.

    Bush, of all cant remember him muzzling the press, only lying to the people.

    Hal, ya may want to take some notes.

  59. Hal…Bush is one of the dumbest presidents the US ever had, but at least he can read, how well is still debatable…it’s his father’s money and connections got him into and through Yale…just like Jared Kushner got to Harvard on 2.5 million full ride on daddy’s bank book.

    Are you sure you are a journalist…ya cant be a very good one if ya dont already know all of this…

  60. I suspect Bush is still very pissed at trump why he is telling the truth, must be very hard for him, lying naturally comes much easier….

    …..but barbadostoday left out more than half the story…they only want bajans to hear certain things….here is the full story Hal….you will notice Bush did not vote for trump.

  61. Hear Hal…since ya gungho on Bush…ah helping you and Carl Moore out…do not miss the very last sentence of the paragraph, it quotes Bush and states specifically. …..

    “And now there’s all kinds of information being bombarded out, and people can say things anonymously. It’s just a different world.”

    A could repeat it for you and Carl Moore over and over if ya wish…anonymous blogging is handsoff…not for you or Carl or anyone else to restrict. ..wuh if the decripit Rockefeller could do nothing…I have no clue why you and Carl Moore think ya can.

    “Mr Bush was also asked whether President Trump’s promises to unify the US had been borne out in his words and actions.

    He said: “First of all there’s only been one month in office. He’s got four years. Secondly, I think you have to take the man for his word that he wants to unify the country and we’ll see whether he’s able to do so.

    “It’s hard to unify the country, though, with the news media being so split up. When I was President, you know, you [TV news channels] mattered a lot more, because there was like, three of you.

    “And now there’s all kinds of information being bombarded out, and people can say things anonymously. It’s just a different world.”

  62. All:

    When we seriously analyse the posts, even from those who are ardent supporters of the BLP and DLP, it becomes crystal clear that our country, is in need of a very serious leadership and a socio-economic revolution of profound proportions. I hope that in some village; some heights and or terraces, there is a boy or girl, who will lead us from the depth of this morass into a great nation admired by all. Let us keep the conversation going in our quest to find that future leader. Barbados deserves better and we all know it !!

  63. William,h

    The Opposition should be leading the public discussion. Instead it is calling for a march. Maybe they need exercise. We know they oppose devaluation, a message delivered to us by the great economist Dr Jerome Walcott.
    We know that Arthur, as party leader, would have got rid of Dr Worrell. What is the official BLP view on his sacking? What is their alternative economic programme?

  64. Lol…looks like the ACs ran away…

    ……it’s these blighted and cursed politicians in the last 30 years got the island in it’s current rut, the hand to mouth, wanna get rich at all cost lot, who use and lie to the electorate to get there.

  65. @ Hal
    The problem is that everybody now jockeying
    for positions. They looking for s five year
    ” food ” as our Trini friends would say.
    They believe Mia gine win so they will
    march and let their faces and feet be seen
    Now if the Dems get very lucky and look
    like if dry cud pull um off, they will den go
    wif dem again. Time to look elsewhere.
    First step: shut down the die hard from BOTH
    BOTH parties.

  66. I don’t recall seeing the name of Mr Jerome Walcott,Surgeon Specialist,among the candidates confirmed in any constituency thus far.What seems to be gaining currency here is that the Opposition is making the government antsy to the extent that the General Secretary George Pilgrim is complaining of the disruption those marches are having on the society and the Minister has taken the option of dodging another No Confidence Motion by responding to the Opposition demand that he address the nation on the state of the economy.As to whether his press conference met the challenge is moot.A journalist asked the minister the reason Dr Worrell was dismissed.The minister didn’t think it expedient to provide that information.

  67. Earlier, I saw a story in BarbadosToday where a politician was asking for third parties to unite. The story was littered with the names of former BLP members. I cannot recall seeing the names of ex-DLP members.

    I believe that in a contest which pits the duopoly against an ex party hack, a member of the duopoly wins. It is likely that the hack will siphon off a few votes from his/her old party. Since there appears to be a large number of ex BLP ‘officials’ floating around, I can only conclude that they have already made up their mind that their party (the BLP) does not have a chance

    Which begs the following 2 questions:
    Are these 3rd parties genuine?
    Do they exist to split the vote and maintain the duopoly?

  68. Some appear to think that the rejection of the duopoly and selection of a third party is the answer to our problems. Others appear to think that we can ask a few questions and the answers to those questions will get us out of these dire straits.

    These are the abracadabra solutions or just wishful thinking. It is not that simple. Whatever solution we come up with is at best just surface dressing for our deep wound.

    We must be prepared to bear the pain and stay the course whilst our wound take time to heal. This was not a wound inflicted by the action of a coward who sneaked up on us, stabs us and then ran away. We underwent a series of botched surgical operations where the physician inflicted increasing harm as he sought to remedy his past malpractices. Monetary agencies commented upon the status of the patient and it is only now we accept that the patient should be moved from the general ward and placed in an acute care ward.

    It took effort (unintentional) to get us to this state of affairs, and it will take serious effort to regain the strength to punch in our true weight class.

    WWEWBD? I think he would start praying and tighten his belt for the lean time ahead.

  69. Violet Beckles CUP Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    TheGazer March 19, 2017 at 10:20 AM #We must be prepared to bear the pain and stay the course whilst our wound take time to heal@@@@

    You really need to do yur homework if your home Birth is Barbados, I was gone for 40 years and learn a lot and still learning as New Plantations i never heard of pop up off records the Government to have in safe keeping till the end of Time.
    The English keep all recrods for they ruled and did not give a shit what no one thought ,Now do your work before blogging it dont look nice to see you putting yourself out there,
    All so called Historians in Barbados i met never came back a second time. for they fail to show me something i knew better than they did,

    The land is the Problem the next Problem is telling the Truth, Next missing records from the High Court , Land Registry, Archives and Land Tax, Coverup by Sir title Holders, Next the Minister in government which things got worse as more lawyers sat as Ministers/Lawyers.More Lawyer more Problem, If lawyer need new lawyer before they with Bribes , The old group of lawyer and Judges need to be removed, A Special Master is needed for Barbados and call for inquest,The DPP need to be removed,Sent his ass back to Guyana and a DPP from another island or England Nation , A white man that love locking up Niggers in High Places,

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