Let’s March for New Elections –NOW!

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley is right in calling for and mobilizing a march against the governmental Administration of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, but she has not gone far enough in identifying the primary goal of the march.

It is not enough to stage a march to express “disgust” at the Freundel Stuart Administration! The political, economic, psychological, and social situation in Barbados has gone far beyond a mere expression of disgust. Barbadians need– as a matter of the utmost urgency– to be relieved from the stultifying grasp of a rotten Governmental Administration that has lost all political legitimacy and that is taking the country down to a disaster of epic proportions.

The only remedy — the only demand– that makes sense at this late stage is a demand for the staging of new General Elections– now!

Our nation urgently needs to be released from the utterly dysfunctional and clue-less Freundel Stuart Administration, and a new national political leadership needs to be put in place. The central demand and slogan of the Opposition Leader’s march should therefore be:- “Elections Now!”.

Indeed, the march needs to be focused on launching a mass people’s demand for immediate new General Elections, and calling on all right thinking Barbadians to march and demonstrate in support of such a demand until it is achieved!

No sane or responsible Barbadian can any longer have any lingering doubt that our nation is in grave peril.

Like the notorious Roman Emperor “Nero”, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has shamelessly abdicated his leadership responsibilities and has chosen to “fiddle” with his Democratic Labour Party cohorts in New York City while his country burns!

In a mind-boggling interview carried out in New York with the Nation Newspaper last Monday, the Prime Minister of our country asserted that he has no idea as to whether his Government had lost confidence in Dr Delisle Worrell, the Governor of the Central Bank!

The Nero-like Prime Minister Stuart also claimed to be unaware that his Minister of Finance, Mr Chris Sinckler, had brought any “proceedings” against Dr. Worrell! Mr Stuart’s precise words were:- “I have not made myself privy to all that has been happening because I am not aware that proceedings were brought by the Minister of Finance against the Governor…. It is my understanding that proceedings were brought by the Governor”.

These are the words and reactions of a political leader who has lost contact with reality, and who has therefore lost any right to continue to hold on to the reins of government. It is time for Mr Stuart and his Administration to go !

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  1. I hold no brief for the governor…….I do feel that he dug his own grave.

    If he kept printing money from 2010………… (yet we heard Donville say last weekend that it is only temporary….after 7 years?) how did he expect to suddenly stop accommodating the stinkliar and not expect the consequences?

    Just imagine people go to court and have to wait years from a decision from a judge and these three judges could determine the governor’s case in 15 minutes. Can we say that their minds were already made up before a word came out of Gregory Nicholls’ mouth?

    If you lie with fleas, governor, you will become infested.

  2. “…these three judges could determine the governor’s case in 15 minutes. Can we say that their minds were already made up before a word came out of Gregory Nicholls’ mouth?”

    Did Nicholls say anything of substance?

  3. Most informed Bajans minds were made up since Feb 6th or whatever date the story broke.It was always a losing battle and the Supremos simply wanted to hear what Nicholls would argue to convince them that Napoloeon had a case to be heard.It was a waste of time.

  4. hmmmmmmmmmm this is strange!

    @ Mr. Cumberbatch.

    I too have some challenges with this volunteerism ting in a day when we are living so close to the bone per our living expenses.

    People dont even want to volunteer to get up and clean up our beaches furthermore the rab land around dem house furthermore go into parliament and mek laws etc.

    THe only time that i see such volunteerism was when dat white woman run way purportedly to tek some stiff *** and de whole of the *** community was out in St George looking for her.

    Such was their volunterism that when they saw the black watchman on his bicycle going to his job at the plantation they pursued him and were going to volunteer a good ass licking if he had not run for his life.

    De reason I said hmmmmmm is because normally you does bring a “counter balance to a fellers idea, but you ent bat an eyelid at dis concept…


    De ole man apologizes for while I am speaking with you it occurred to me that all of these subjects indirectly replicate the very same thing that Delair get fired for.

    No do not get me wrong bout imputing and scurrilous activities to your character but one can see the moral dilemma facing you to come here to BU and make such minute statement which can be moral treason to use Pachamama’s words

    Since Amused is departed, and Ross has demitted the throne, given that Archangel is incapable of speaking from his compendium of knowledge and Ralph and others have been given sstrick instructions not to come here and share, who can the BU-ians turn to when they need help?

    The Ghost Busters?

  5. Thanks for your gracious sentiments, Piece, I am here to assist, especially you, Sir, as best I can. You have been the epitome of kindness.

  6. @Bushie, your plan as described at 8:43PM will wither on the vine when attempted at the national level. The concepts are clear and frankly are quite workable but for all practical purposes so are many current government processes.

    You show either absolute chutzpah or are simply so fixated on your concept that commonsense is dismissed to expect your plan to work at a national level when other similar concepts have always been hampered by the frailties of the people running them.

    With the increased stakes of doling out national loans (contracts), grants, subventions and all manner of government business these ‘volunteer’ seats will become coveted spots and the lure of that ‘power’ could be too much for some folks to handle.

    Will these volunteers be imported from ideally The Virgin Islands?? Surely they must be fresh and pure as they cannot be from the same Bajan stock of our current leaders. Nor can the people who select them be Bajans because ever five years they return allegedly corrupt politicians…ohhh I forgot, your team will be circumscribed as they will be ‘dismissed’ for their misdeeds.

    Look, well ran CU operations are truly awesome. Absolutely so. But to suggest such a altruistic process for national governance is just as impractical as what Grenville Phillips has offered in his governance solutions.

  7. @ Jeff
    Bushie, Are you saying that a country is no more than a credit union?
    Cooperatives represent a PHILOSOPHY …so it is not something to be compared to a country.

    If you are talking about size and influence, you would do well to do some research…. some of the VERY LARGEST operations on this EARTH …operate on the cooperative principles. Massive financial operations, multi-billion dollar international insurance operations, shipping, large utilities, and other businesses – that are significantly more complex and wealthy than Barbados – are coops.

    As Bushie said before, the window of opportunity for BUP has passed. Bushie was simply explaining the logic of the proposal to AWTY…
    If someone of your intellectual acumen could be so closed minded, it is no wonder that Bushie’s people are dying of thirst …in the abundance of water….

    @ Piece
    You also should research the extent of volunteerism and the effectiveness with which it has impacted Barbados….
    Again the Credit Unions are classic examples of this – with unpaid (as a matter of principle) Boards responsible for policy, governance and lending …. NOT PAID ONE CENT except for expenses reimbursed – and with Caswell cussing their donkeys if they miss and attend a conference overseas once a year for training and exchange of ideas.

    You may also want to compare the old volunteer Barbados Regiment with the new ‘paid and fed’ Defence Farce.

    As to what happens if BUP did not win over 15 seats in Parliament….?
    …continued brass bowlery..
    …Monuments to satan built on the Garrison..
    …fall-outs and back-stabbings among those at the top
    …devaluations and disenfranchisement
    …Hell on earth.

    ….as you can probably see for yourself.

  8. @ Dribbler
    Bushie has passed the point of arguing meaningful concepts with you …or with Alvin or AC.
    It is just the way its is…. no offence.
    As said before, this was a simple clarification to AWTY….a perceptive thinker.

    Bushie is a millionaire times over. This was achieved by routinely doing things that are ‘impossible’ in the minds of ordinary brass bowls…
    Why would the bushman argue with a pauper about the value of investments? …or with a follower about the challenges of leadership?
    That is what they mean by throwing pearls to swine…. or preaching wisdom to a brass bowl.

  9. @ Brother Bush Tea.

    I fear that it was and is is “a bridge too far”, this jump from endemic national thievery which is akin to being in 5th gear, and the moving DIRECTLY TO this “volunteer national service” which seems figuratively and literally, REVERSE

    As a man well versed in the Word of Our Lord, you have oft heard speak of taking babes at breast and giving them meat.

    When we take a people from where we are and put them in that position they may, as De Ingrunt Word, suggests bow to the instances of bribes that are always forthcoming.

    Why, even the priests of our religion in past times were offered shelter and food as a quasi barter but, the last time the ole man checked, when priests who are responsible for the spiritual food of the people, go into Massey Supermarkets dem does have to pay with cash.

    I do not mean to be facetious but I would hope that you can fas forward past the old configuration to a midpoint of sorts that meets the exigencies of the times while creating suh an ethos.

    Failing that, what you are proposing seems ammmmm to be self defeating AND WE HAVE NOT YET ENGAGED THE ENEMY!!


  10. @Bushie, don’t argue with Dribbler…argue the moot. If you are part the point of arguing meaningful concepts then clearly you are merely shouting off a screed with no fndamental substance of meaning.

    You insult the intelligence of all the very smart bloggers here with your rather strange broadside to @Jeff’ s point. Surely he as we all do, know what a cooperative is and the successes across the globe.

    The only point of contention is that your concept CANNOT work as SUGGESTED for national governance.

    Let’s examine one wry assertions. Isn’t any annual trip to conferences, attendances at soirees and other shindigs a factual quid pro quo for your ‘volunteers who only get expenses reimbursed’.

    How would that work at a national level when the demands on a person’s time would be greater and as noted earlier the lure so much greater?

    Who works for free Mr Bushie? Do you actually perceive that for actual ongoing national governance that volunteers will accept only expense reimbursement.

    No one denies that NEW things have to be tried. But what is funny is that there is NOTHING NEW in your proposals.

    And you being a millionaire is good stuff but still let’s argue the moot ..my being a pauper is irrelevant… eyes front and center, don’t look downwards soldier!

  11. Bushtea, re. your 9:19 am post yesterday morning.

    It is a clear workable guide to the BUP system and an essential component of the kernel of that system. Thanks for putting it on the table.

    You said we had passed the stage for it to work but I think we have not yet got there.

    Let me give you an example of what I mean.

    In the US just after Donald Trump won the election a small group of “shell shocked” former Obama staffers put together a list of suggestions for the country to combat the Trump evil on the horizon. They suggested, from their knowledge of what would really impel congressmen to work, one key action. Opposition Groups should be formed to forcibly lobby their individual congressman in their home offices and let them know that they were vexed about the Trump plans that even the Republicans did not want and they would vote them out if they did not listen to and implement their views, i.e. set up a new “Tea Party” grouping. Thus was the “Indivisible” (I think that is the name of it ) pressure group born.

    That group and others like it is the main vehicle for the current massive push back to The Trump agenda that is now being felt at every congressional office in the US.

    What Barbados needs now is an organic, almost spontaneous, “Indivisible” grouping. The rest of the key activities in your 9:19 am post will follow. The enormity of the likely mal effects of a Trump presidency was the impetus that led to the spontaneous massive citizen outpourings of opposition that has not diminished for just over a month in the USA.

    The above template can be used in Barbados but there is a need for something serious to happen to provide the initial energy to galvanise our Brass Bowls. There is a possibility that “Freundel’s fools” could themselves provide that stimulus through the cumulative effects of their ill-conceived policies but there is also a possibility that some other activity could be conceived, nurtured and implemented that could have the same effect.

    ….. to be continued!

  12. Bushie is a millionaire times over for certain bushie did not become a millionaire working for free.
    Show me any millionaire who achieved massive wealth t without a goal in mind of being monetary paid .The rationale that when one endeavors their service to a country there service must be one of benevolence absent of monetary compensation is maniac
    Those type of mouthings are as unrealistic as Trump asking Mexicans to pay for his wall

  13. https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/02/25/the-winning-team/

    Another Dumbville unable to face fact based reality….that is about serving the people and their needs as opposed to winning an election.

    “@ Piece
    You also should research the extent of volunteerism and the effectiveness with which it has impacted Barbados….”

    There are those who see the bigger picture, I remember Bloomberg serving as Mayor of NYC for 2 terms…..for $1 a year because it was mandatory that something be paid…that is volunteerism….of course there were the perks of Gracie Mansion which he did not utilize ….and limos. ….but he took the subway to and from work….he did not see the need to be pretentious. ….he served at the pleasure of the people….that is called volunteerism…there have been many so inclined over the years who know that they are servants of the people,….all the others are greedy, pretentious and self-serving.

  14. @ AWTY
    Bushie is not as optimistic as you are about timings…
    The harsh reality of the situation is that we are cursed with a cadre of so-called ‘educated’ people in this country who have been mind-conditioned to be servants for life.
    They are characterised by an inability to conceptualised ANY alternative reality – except it is dispensed from some perceived ‘teacher’ from outside.

    Take Vincent, for example – an otherwise normal, intelligent fella with a top class ‘education’ and fairly successful life – and now, nearing the threescore and ten, his mantra continues to be ‘that could never happen here’. …or ‘you could never achieve that goal in Barbados’ … or some such shiite….

    In albino-land, on the other hand, we have the general attitude that ‘anything is possible’ …and these people are making serious plans to go to Mars and set up a colony….

    Do you yet grasp the concept of this brass bowlery….?

    The Cooperative philosophy is the VERY closest one yet, to the way of BBE. Its creed (the prayer of St Francis of Assisi) typifies the very purpose of life itself, and there is probably a very good (spiritual) reason why such a powerful philosophy – though pervasive around the world, and outstandingly successfully so, continues to be ignored – EVEN despite the clear failures of all the other accepted philosophies….
    Bushie would explain why, but it may waste too many pearls…

    @ Piece
    It is amazing how albino-centric thinking dominates our very being….
    If you would stop and think for a while, you would note that when Barbados indeed punched above its weight class, it was during a period of significant volunteerism. What has happened is that we have now moved to an era of paying university graduates (who are the most selfish, pretentious, albino-centric sectors of our society) to manage our affairs.

    BTW, one of the reasons why our Credit Unions continue to be successful is that many ‘graduates’ (like you? 🙂 ) tend to shy away from the voluntary service – leaving the job mostly to ordinary, decent, non-graduates. The exceptions tend to be in the big ones (with lots of money that attracts these parasites) and these are also the ones with regular problems….

    Why do you think Caswell is a boss…? …Not contaminated by UWI…

    @ AC
    If you could find ANYONE …who has contributed more to society than Bushie without seeking any reward over the last 40 years …. then you can automatically give them sainthood.

    Bushie is rich because he has been adopted by a rich family. Nothing deserved.
    You ever heard of the Midas touch…?

    @ Dribbler
    You have fully embraced the albino-centric culture which you went to Canada to assimilate. Congrats. Yours is a different kind of adoption to Bushie’s, and the bushman wishes you well…
    …but as for Bushie and his household, we will continue to volunteer and to serve….
    It is not our fault that, having cast our bread onto the waters, it keeps returning ten-fold…… 🙂

  15. This is exactly the crab like stupidity that have Caribbean leaders….50 years later….unable to function for the good of their people, they wanted to be noticed and seen as big and important as opposed to being competent builders of their countries. …now Rowkey has drawn the attention of an illiterate, why would he want to be heard so badly by trump….fool

    And if Rowley and Holness did pay parasitic US lobbyists with taxpayers money, which all points to they did, to set up a phone call with the illiterate, Rowley got what he paid for and deserves it, Holness got Pence the house plant….how could they be so stupid and crab like, trying to jump in front and be noticed…well now Trinidad is being noticed as well as Jamaica with an equally large muslim population….they could have just let sleeping illiterates lie.

    “Trump’s phone call to PM Rowley may have cost Trinidadians over TT$3 million
    Published on February 23, 2017 Email To Friend Print Version

    By Dennis Adonis

    PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad — With Caribbean leaders counting on a direct connection to US President Donald Trump to boost their domestic and regional political image, very few of them are willing to fork out the exorbitant price tags that many of the big shot lobbying firms in Washington DC are charging to set up a call.

    But when it became known that Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley had received a call from Trump last Sunday, observers’ eyebrows were raised as they tried to analyze the real reason behind the call.

    And even though for most of them the answers were somewhat evasive, the Guyana Guardian’s correspondent bureau in Maryland was able to ascertain that the call was organized by a paid political lobbyist firm that also handles lobbying work in Washington DC for Russia, Iraq, and Nigeria among others.

    According to the Guyana Guardian’s findings, Trinidad and Tobago has been pressing for a Trump phone call since January 24 this year, and had approached two major lobbying firms in Washington, including a mid-size agency that is closely tied to the Republican Party.

    However, even though the exact price tag for arranging the call was not provided to the Guyana Guardian, the publication was reliably informed that the retainer fee is a standard US$28,000 plus additional charges for the prescribed service.

    And based upon existing standard figures from the same firm, organizing a phone call with President Trump will cost from US$450,000 (TT$3,043,000) upwards to about US$2 million depending on several other factors.

    These fees are not paid to the president or endorsed by the president in any way. They are basically sums charged by an agency with connections, who will generally press the president’s inner circle to encourage him to make the call for one reason or the other.

    While using lobbyists to advance interests in Washington, and to communicate with the US president is nothing new, or technically wrong, citizens in most small island nations such as Trinidad and Tobago are often wary of the cost that is often placed on taxpayers to hire lobbyists.

    Trinidad and Tobago remains the first and only Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country to receive a call from the US president himself.

    The call is believed to have lasted for about two and a half minutes.

    On the other hand, Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness received a call from US Vice President Mike Pence, which is also suspected to be organized by a hired lobbyist.

    Republished with permission of the Guyana Guardian”

  16. @ Jeff Cumberbatch February 24, 2017 at 9:22 PM
    “Did Nicholls say anything of substance?”

    Any Joe Blog(g)s with a modicum of commonsense (any member of ‘sound’ mind in a ‘mixed’ jury in the court of public opinion) could have seen that the Guv’s case was built on very shaky legal ground and with the express desire to ‘merely’ embarrass and expose the MoF and his cabinet of traitors to the Guv’s previous collusion in their deeds of economic mismanagement and monetary profligacy.

    Be careful how you thread here. JC (J).

    Because you too might soon have a case to argue before the BU court of public opinion regarding the sale of the BNTCL which (on the face of it and in its current proposed format) would result in a private sector monopoly which can indeed be avoided since the storage and distribution of imported finished petroleum products- although integral to the functioning of public utilities-cannot be considered a monopoly with a limited (restricted) ownership arrangement.

  17. Bushie

    You read but do not understand ….where have I ever suggested….it cannot happen here,what I have said time and again is that the people have to see the nedd in order for things to happen and they will happen over time,,,,,starting with our antiquated educational system that is our biggest bug bear.

    My vision of a great Caribbean territory controlled by Pelaus and an equal to the rest of the world will come to pass albeit not in our lifetime.

  18. @ Are-We, No one can deny that the concepts are ‘workable’ because they really do work currently in many spheres. What is also indisputable is that his precepts CANNOT be maintained in national governance.

    You have long years experience in government and several of them at a senior leadership level. I am therefore quite surprised that with that actual nuts and bolts working background you acclaim the Animal Farm paradigm offered by BushTea.

    You speak of the current push-back to the WH as a purposeful way to go. But you also noted that it’s the Tea Party template of 2008.

    You could also have noted it’s a Ralph Nader paradigm on superior social media/modern life steroids. In our case it could be Eric ‘Fly’ on steroids.

    Hasn’t George Orwell seminal work thought us anything! We cannot continue to play semantics with systems and processes. We need to get to the core of who we are what we want and how we must drive the ethos to get there.

    If Bushie thinks his ‘shiny new-old’ car will get us there then so be it. But others who want a result need to be ready when the once tame volunteering dogs start to snarl and bite just as before; when the perfectly formed rule starts to morph right before our eyes:

    6- ANY Shiite from ANY group will be investigated by the volunteer National Supervisory group ….and the appropriate letters duly dated and accepted as outlined…. with new elections /recruitments immediately instituted as needed.

    6A.. All letters of resignation will be accepted only on Sundays to respect peace and tranquility. No government business will be honored on the First day of the Week.

    George Orwell thought us this!

  19. “Now lets dig deeper over 60% of the names in the jamaican phone book are scottish”..

    A little knowledge and google is a dangerous thing. Ibet over 80% of Bajans have English surnames. That doe not mean 80% of bjans have English origin, but that our slave masters camd from England.

    I admire WW&C and her unending fight to educate

  20. Oh and by the way: it is insane, ridiculous and completely in-line with folks being taken in with demagoguery to hear hundreds of people now demand Obamacare after they voted for the party which said they would repeal it.

    That’s life and politics. Nothing particularity NEW about the push back.

    Barbados needs a Eric ‘Fly’ or a Stokely Carmichael or even a demagogue style Trump to purposely drive our lax attitudes and drive out the vapid leadership….changing systems can only come afterwards.

    @Bushie; you have this wonderful ability to change the path of the discussion to suit your direction. It is an excellent debate ploy and you do it stupendously!

    But for the sake of sanity this was NEVER about volunteering PER SE. I started volunteering in my teens and in some guise or other have done that for the last umpteen years. That is NOT the point.

    I will bet a few quid that you were a cadet, and likely a CUO or even CSUO and all that good stuff, so again ‘eyes front and center’

  21. That is always where Vincent and I diverge…that pelau fantasy of his, where everything is controlled by pelaus….why controlled….why not shared by everyone.

  22. @Gazer who said “I admire WW&C and her unending fight to educate”.

    Happily her strong desire to educate establishes a mind-meld of many here. Some of her views are impossible to balance however, like:

    “I remember Bloomberg serving as Mayor of NYC for 2 terms…..for $1 a year because it was mandatory that something be paid…that is volunteerism…….he served at the pleasure of the people….that is called volunteerism…there have been many so inclined over the years who know that they are servants of the people,….all the others are greedy, pretentious and self-serving.”

    That reasoning is so completely contrary to the realities of Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure that it’s incredulous to even read such a statement.

    On that logic Pres Trump must be lauded for his tenure in the WH also.

    Amazing what people say with a straight face but is so totally hilarious.

  23. Bushie

    Chuckle….Ah was wondering how comes yuh start pun muh so early…..ah now see dah yuh miss muh the last few days….cuddear.

  24. Chuckle…..for the benefit of those who have not grasped it as yet …….A Pelau is the progeny of the tribes of the ones who lived in this archipelago from its most recent habitation be they from wherever……in other word all of us.

  25. Pedant…ya missed the whole point of volunteerism without pay re Bloomberg, at the end his politicies were not popular but he was by far not the worse mayor NYC ever had and he did not use the office for his own self enrichment and notoriety. ..he did not need to…, or he would have been accused of such….he never was.

    …..trump on the other hand will break the US….use it to keep his businesses afloat, he has already spent 11 million dollars in taxpayer’s money vacationing in Florida every weekend in one month than Obama spent in one year on vacation for himself and his family….of which trump was the biggest critic….trumps’ sons business trips are being financed by the US taxpayers, secret service detail, hotel accommodations etc..,..to increase business for trump.

    There can be no comparison between the illiterate and Bloomberg…..the former mayor volunteered his services, trump is using his position to not only enrich himself but control the country and others if he is allowed to get away with it and destroy lives.

    Pedant…ya need to leave Canada sometimes.,, ya too enclosed and boxed in…lol

  26. If the whole Caribbean is pelau, I mention the world tentatively…then there is no avarice or greed being dispayed by one minority group to own and steal everything. ..dream on.

  27. With all the respect one blogger can afford another your remarks at 11:05AM re Mayor Blomeberg is the type of sycophantic BS that you should be truly ashamed to utter.

    “…ya missed the whole point of volunteerism without pay re Bloomberg, at the end his politicies were not popular but he was by far not the worse mayor NYC ever”

    That is rather difficult to grasp with a straight face.

    Volunteerism is not a determining factor for popularity or being good or bad.

    Bloomberg spent large sums of his gargantum fortune to be mayor of NY with the primary intent to test his mettle at elected governance.

    Like Trump he had ran a large business but unlike Trump knew well the differences of the two..his aim was to project himself towards a possible WH run.

    That you would speak to his tenure with such gilded gobbly-gock is amusing.

    I also like the guy and think that he would be an effective President and was quite an effective Mayor, but does not mean that I will give him a pass on his final years in NY after he made that complete 180 to run again after fighting so hard to implement a version of term limits.

    Incidentally when you come up for a reality check consider that any Mayor doles out several wonderful jobs and other legal ‘patronage’ of his post. That you would look past that and more to acclaim his ‘volunteerism’ is once again hilarious.

    Anyhow, you argue on emotion and not facts so let’s end this.

  28. Pedant…ya see…that is where ya wrong….again ya missing the point of Bloomberg’s volunteerism….I compartmentalize very well…I always disliked Bloomberg and think of him as a horrible person because of certain abhorrent things he is quite capable of, which if I get into it will totally confuse you..

    ….unlike you…….ah cant stand Bloomberg


    His grand jester in buying the mayorship backfired. ..he still served out his volunteerism, the people of NY benefitted…and everyone saw through his run for the whitehouse scheme…he later changed his mind.

    Pedant…am telling ya…ya really do need to get out more.

  29. @ Brother Bush Tea and Well Well and Consequences

    I shall rely only on that i know.

    In training killers under the cover of national security be one army, MI5 CIA or just plain the assassins of the North Korean government, the common denominator is that one takes “rag tag individuals and makes them exceptional at taking life.

    THERE IS A BEGIN POINT and a progression and an end point.

    Not every US Army soldier becomes a Ranger nor every marine becomes a SEAL and along the way people who so aspire are kicked out.

    My point is this

    At 2017 we are living in a situation where we accept that this duopoly that we have suffered under HAS TO CHANGE

    Barring the immediate transmutation that accompanies secret words of power what we are faced with is a weaning of sorts, building the character and psyche that we desire AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL.

    That man in New York was a multimillionaire many times over like you Bush Tea BUT and here is the cliffhanger, as a poor man who cant rub two cents together I can identify with those new politicians who going need to be paid.

    We need to be realistic here.

    We dont have the time to search for that type of person who can work for $1, but if a feller like you comes along and says I WILL VOLUNTEER then so be it.

    So let me go to the second point of your BUP plan, which states “…BUP enlists representatives from the top 50 social, business, religious, sports and other organizations in Barbados (BARP, BMA, Co-operatives, Churches, Hoteliers, etc.) and these constitute its formal membership. This body compiles a basic strategic plan for Barbados….”

    In fact, so as to be clear, I will get the grandson do it as a graphic to make it simple (for me to understand and so that de ole man can be less prolix with my narrative – thank you Jeff)

  30. Whether one falls into wealth by family inheritance does not matter what matters is the ability to contain and control that wealth which is highly dependant on the capability of sourcing through financial ventures
    Asking a person to make monetary sacrifices to be of service to their country is madness which pushes the bounds of reality and test a coherent rationale called commnonsense
    But leave it to a bushman who still belives that a weed whacker is the most effecient way to kill weeds

  31. @ Piece
    Having grasped the complexity of the task of governing a fragile nation …with no natural resources …in a world of turmoil and savage predators… You are telling Bushie that you want a leader who needs the pay …because he happens to be poor as shiite (on account of not having the ability to make a success of his own miserable paltry life?????)

    Is this your point PUDRYR???

    You dispute the value and LOGIC of seeking out someone who can VOLUNTEER to lead …on the basis that, having made a SUCCESS of his own damn life (and his family’s and associates), he can now AFFORD to bring his knowledge (and success) to the wider society…?

    ….as opposed to some broke, miserable, failure who never ran a snow cone cart profitably before, and who needs the pick in order to access good bribes and pension rights????

    Please explain which part of this logic Bushie is missing ….and which seems so confusing to a man wid a whacker…

    …and don’t let Bushie have to do an oil change on the whacker yuh – Um does REALLY kick then…

  32. @ Piece
    So let me go to the second point of your BUP plan, which states “…BUP enlists representatives from the top 50 social, business, religious, sports and other organizations in Barbados (BARP, BMA, Co-operatives, Churches, Hoteliers, etc.)
    Point to note….
    Again we are talking about persons who volunteer their time and energies towards the development of specific sectors of their communities.
    These persons are generally elected because they CARE about the various areas in which they serve, the have demonstrated a level of competence, empathy and success in their areas (else they are voted out and replaced by others) and they are MOST LIKELY to be competent to make valuable contributions at a higher level.

    Matt 25:21 speaks of the wisdom of basing promotions on past experience…
    His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things…

    He NEVER said…
    Cuh dear, you have failed at every shiite before- now you can barely eat.
    here – come and run my whole country…

  33. He was only able to complete 4 steps cause wunna know that he does be doing jet skiing pun de weekend like Mugabe was doing de other day.

    But de ole man wants to do a few things here

    Brother Bush Tea you will see that I ent bout talk where it concerns your model and proposal for a new governance system.

    What the truncated graphic should do is to show dat serious time was allocated to your narrative to (a) understand it and (b) render it legibly and logically

    What should become apparent to all of us is that the process requires sub-categories rather actions that are in themselves time consuming.

    But that is not the major consideration here it is the ability to filter out all the fluff and the pretenders in the process that a nation of Brassbowls like us will have to effect.

    AS A TEAM!!!

    Our pelau asses cannot even get a march orchestrated behind Commissiong when hundreds of us got fired from the NHC, people who were hired by the BLP during their tenure and what is being proposed here is

    1.the collaboration of 50 NGOs (volunteers and nitwits)
    2.these egotistical a**holes to develop a National Development Plan
    3.Further they are to AGREE ON IT, IN DRAFT
    4.then they are to select a National Supervisory Committee of 12 , ALL VOLUNTEERS
    5.They are to “refine the Strategic Plan of the 50 NGO nitwit agencies
    6.Then they are to advertise for 30 people hopefully not nitwits
    7.Interview these hopefully-not-nitwits and …..

    De Grandson stopped when he got a call fro someone wanting a lift to the beach

    And all of this plan is to be in place by General Elections.

    THat we are truly effed by the DLP of Fumbles and the BLP of Mugabe Mottley is an uncontested FACT but I respectfully suggest to you, my brother in arms that the outcome of the current mechanics of the BUP does not take any degree to enumerate, nor analyse nor project where it is heading.

    Mek It Simple

    find 30 men or women, have them sign something with (a) the people of their cunntstituency that is binding and (b) another contract with their political party that is binding.

    Place delimiters in both contracts which expressly state that

    (i).they will do (a), b and c during their term

    (ii).make them sign said undated letters of resignation as you have wisely suggested

    (iii).as an additional requirement, let these prospective candidates all sign off that , should they gain the government, they will implement the Power of Recall and

    (iv) any other tings dat are deemed applicable for a “bridging mechanism” of the BUP that can be enacted tomorrow by any constitutional lawyer in Barbados

    There only seems to be one such lawyer, Jeff, but he is understandably “ethically constrained” and might not draft or comment on drafting such a document which speaks to the dismissal of his current bosses and the disruption of the Despots in Waiting

  34. When we get men and women standing up who are willing to take $1 per year and forego any pension from the treasury I will begin to take them serious!!

  35. https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/02/25/shame-on-dem-cries-former-dlp-rep/

    Lol, hahaha, lol

    “Shame on Dem, cries former DLP rep
    Added by Barbados Today on February 25, 2017.
    Saved under Local
    A former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) political candidate is crying shame over Government’s sacking yesterday of Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell.

    Nigel Harper, who went up against former Prime Minister Owen Arthur in St Peter and lost in the May 21,2003 general elections, said he was simply “distressed” by the move.

    Nigel Harper
    Harper, who is now in his 70s, took to Facebook this morning to signal his disgust over the firing, while accusing his own political party of engaging in “reckless”and “autocratic” behaviour.

    “I never thought that at my age I would have to return to the fray to defend whatever integrity remains in Barbados. I am distressed that the Governor [a worker] was removed in such an autocratic manner,” said Harper, who is also a former president of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW).

    With general elections only 12 months away, he further accused the ruling DLP of “panicking”, whilst boldly assuring the former Governor that “if there is one BARBADIAN who is with you, IT IS I!”

  36. @ Brother Bush Tea,

    You deal in Bush Wackers and D9’s de ole man deals in Bushmasters, Glocks and 9mm’s

    I hear you, I agree with you per the duty that falls on those of us to whom much is given BUT @ today I dealing wid bajans.

    Let me explain.

    @ 2017 with our economy in shambles compliments of the teifing DLP, and with an General Election coming and with an internecine fight within the Boarders Liming (in) Parliament for the position of LoO what we are faced with is and Effed up Him and an Effed up Her.

    30 plus years of nothing yet you got a whole set of people looking to back Mottley causing “she has the experience”

    What more shyte do we want??

    Let me predict a ting for you TODAY.

    Any Party who adapts and adopts your BUP model with a bridging mechanism and goes to the people of barbados with (a) men and women of integrity (b) who may not be “rich” but are committed and (c) are willing to say to Bajans “I sign heah pun dis dotted line to this Pledge” will lick up de DLP & DE BLP.

    Bajans want Change

    Dis ent bout white nor black people nor racism now.

    Go and sit down in the bank or someplace where dem does congregate like Bayview horspital

    Listen to how people talking!!

    When bajan whites engaging wid blacks you know dat dem frighten OF BOTH OF THEM.

    Normally dem would keep quiet and wait out the storm but….

    THe Honourable Blogmaster is a man to watch carefully.

    Sometimes he does let slip a ting or two dat does expose he hand (lolol) but recently, one of the things that he has been saying that alot of us are missing is that all over Barbados de average bajan talking bout balance of payments.

    Dat is not de talk uh we parents Bush Tea Dem was bout Barrow DIS and Dipper dat but bajans who are going to be voting got a more bigly understanding of the global picture.

    Sincerity, Competence and Commitment IS GOING TO CARRY THE SWAY in this election.

    Anybody who show the first two and present what will be a first in Barbados of that third thing that I talking bout going sway tings.

    Watch now how all uh dem going go and try to do a ting in dis regard watch de ole man prophecy


  37. Bushie&Piece

    Sorry for eaves dropping on you two but it was a very interesting discussion a bit like the one in the rumshop in St.George I just left after my puddin&souse,full of fury but little logic.

    May I humbly suggest that BTs 50 plan cannot work because it is not representative of the majority of us,all you will be doing is creating another elite.

    Looking for another party to take over is a waste as I have said before they have been socialised like the rest of us,what has to happen is that our representatives must be brought for lack of another analogy to christian understanding as to the needs of the populace and what you should be doing piece is to float the idea of one day a week Bimmers do nothing untill such time as hard ears will hear.

  38. @VH
    Interesting ideas. But after 50 years of doing the same things and getting away with it, it is doubtful if we can teach this two-headed hydra some new tricks.

    From above, you seem to be standing in no-man’s land and willing to drink from the poisoned chalice as long as the BDLP is giving it to you,

    I can understand your reluctance to embrace a new party, but if we continue with this two-headed hydra then the next 5 years will be like the past 5 years. Do you remember the expression “How long is too long when it is good”. It is not good and 51 years is a year too long.

    The longer we delay, the worse it will get and the more difficult it will be to remove this yoke.

  39. TheGazer February 25, 2017 at 4:20 PM #

    Why have you ignored my point on peacefull civil disobedience……one day a week no one leaves home…..do you think any govt will not get the message after about 12 days(3 months).

    We are all out of the same womb metaphorically speaking,so electing a third/fourth party is like changing the chairs on the Titanic and adding more members to the political class…..nothing will change unless we show them that we are not taking the foolishness anymore…..its known as Peoples Power.

  40. @ Vincent

    Your analogy of likening the introduction of a third party to being on the titanic and playing musical chairs is not as interesting as it is informative

    What you have proposed is clearly indicative of your mindset and support for Mugabe in simple words.

    For here it is you are saying that Bajans perform this one day where they do not do any work, and of course you are only speaking about public workers who risk disciplinary action and firing but what you have mplicitly said is “leh we not upset the apple cart cause the alternative that we have, of Mugabe Mottle, is okay” pun the same sinking ship

  41. What is David Comissiong position about Muduro In Venezuela. The opposition marched against shortages that Barbados has not seen and he still supports the regime. The opposition called for new elections with massive rallies and he still supports the oppressive regime.
    As I reflect back on the government never accepting the petrocaribe deal that Mr Comissiong pushed for with Venezuela. I have seen a personal vendetta against the government from Mr.Comissiong . His call for elections in Barbados outside of the constitutional time frame is hypocritical

  42. @curious February 25, 2017 at 9:50 PM “His call for elections in Barbados outside of the constitutional time frame is hypocritical.”

    There is nothing unconstitutional about calling for early elections. Understandably the DLP does not like the calls for early elections and marches, but the constitution is not about what the DLP (or the BLP) likes.

  43. @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght – INRI February 25, 2017 at 2:30 PM “de ole man deals in Bushmasters, Glocks and 9mm’s.”

    I am truly sorry to hear this.

    I hope that you have declared these weapons to Customs.

    I trust that you do not intend (like some other politicians) to crack our heads or to shoot us.

  44. @ Simple Simon

    So why cant de ole man have licensed weapons? Whu I ent nobody.

    And let us jes supposed dat dem s not licensed, you see me robbing any body?

    Further, if dem was unlicensed a feller who know what he was doing would clean de weapons while wearing dem gloves that you use at the hospital and, after killing de intruders, put de weapons in dem hand.

    It is better to loose $3,000 in guns and to explain to de police dat you is a bad ninja man, and dat de discharge pun you hand come from overpowering de assailant(s) and killing he/dem in de process

    Simple, whu you got to realise from your nursing job by now is dat we all going dead sometime but you doan want to dead stoopid like a simpleton does you?

  45. Alvin Cummins February 24, 2017 at 9:44 AM #

    That is quite true. This board is filled with a lot of malcontent-speak and attack of individuals, for the sake of attack, without understanding the economic issues nor with potential solutions.

    However, the administration should have bitten the bullet early on and privatised many of the money suckers.

    The university fee issue was but a mild symptom of the real issues facing the economy. Well before then the reality should have been obvious and a few of us did mention it on these boards.

    That university matter was a highlight of the problems breaking the dam and here we are.

    At this point, we can accept that most of those functional agencies run by government will be privatised, it is only a matter of time.

    I do hope however, that the BWA, National Gas and the ports are put to the local stock market, rather than selling them off to whomever jumps in.

    A whole restructuring is necessary to get Barbados viable again. It is not about selling the family jewels, it is about accepting that there is no need for government to be running all of these agencies, actually it is ridiculous. What, just so that whichever government happens to be in power, can put whomever, wherever with no thought as to success of the organisation and economy?

    At least, under a supervised program (read IMF) the requisite restructuring will be demanded and implemented with oversight by an independent body.

    Do not like that? Well, that is the reality, too late for anything else.

    From the time of the last BLP administration, we started on the current path, I said so on these board, go back and check if you wish.

    Then this administration continued on the borrow train and moreover, made decisions based on political expedience rather than good economic governance.

    Finally, I fear that those ‘third party saviours’ will just add to the typical entrenched pomposity rather than any real solutions.

  46. Piece

    Why don’t you do a rebuttal to my posit as opposed to swiping like blind elder and yes at present I would support MAM, my posit being that in the present state of our country we need a govt that has been around before not some wet behind the ears new kid on the block.

  47. @ Alvin Cummings

    Let me see if I can deconstruct that “government that has been around fallacy”

    Let me start by naming them

    1.Mugabe Mottley 30 years of School meals syrup, Veco/Dodds, Edutech and Wiretapping
    2.Dale Teets Miller 20someting years of similar waste foopisms most recently as Attorney General and gun toting mp wanting to kill the Bulldog estwick
    3.George Payne Hats whom his LoO is purported to have paid opposing members of the electorate to vote against him
    4.Ronald Toppin Mr Lime Monopoly at the expense of Bajan bulling and hedomadal rape
    5.Kerrie Oblong HeadSimmonds purported wife beater and tyre slasher

    Need I go on to show their competencies?

    6.Rev. Joseph Atherley (St. Michael West) De Spiritual Conscience of the Nation
    7.Jeffrey Bostic (City of Bridgetown) the Cricket World Cup Scam(p)
    8.Lynette Eastmond (St. Philip West) BLP member as well as leader of another political party

    No sir dese is not wet behind the ears these is shelf life has expired long ago people…

    You like that blind swipe???

  48. Piece

    Chuckle….the above I believe was directed at me.

    Why stop there you still have 277,000 more to go as well as a whole heap of dead ones, for each one has a story either factual or alt-facts.

    The above is immaterial as at present the trough is dry to the extent of cracking, wire tapping is past tense know as everything on fb,BU,smartphone is being recorded internationaly and as far as the rest is concerned not applicable to running a country.

  49. @ Alvin Cummings

    Sorry, I muss have been drinking I could swear I saw your name

    @ Vincent

    I answered you on the other thread but I do believe that we have some good devoted white, black, Indian, Chinese Bajans an oxymoron to be sure that are capable Vincent

    “Was you born bigly, Vincent?”

    Only about 6 of Miamottley team has any “experience” in running government albeit they are thieves

    Here is what I would ask you Vincent to do for me.

    I going put up a topic – Community Empowerment

    And I going put up Two Names

    Jennifer Sealy and Rodney Grant

    Jennifer and Grant is two selfless champions for Social Empowerment of the really socially disposed dat does do what we would want effers like Steve Blackett and Lil Caesar Stephen Lashley to do

    You give me two. Names and leh we see effing we can mek 30 Bajans fuh we cuntry Vincent

  50. Piece

    We do not have time to train a bunch of neophytes, we need to look for some people with parliamentary knowledge who will listen to the technocrats for at least the first three years before they start looking at the next election and most of all have a savvy PEOPLE ready to put their feet to the fire.

  51. Correct take a look at the mayhem in brexit because of people power and the chaos in Washington because the people hired a President with no experienced and he in turn hires a bunch of buffoons and Wall Street Tycoons to Drain the swamp
    Just take a look at the mess coming from both ponds.
    However Mottley experience cannot save her she was party to an administration which dug some of the economic holes that barbados all but fell into.. now why should she be rewarded especially in light of the fact she has offered nothing of substance in way of correction

  52. @ Vincent

    Neophytes? Neophytes?

    According to yo chuckle and de ROTFLMAO!

    Looka dis shadow minister list of “neophytes” albeit dated and tell me if you should not bite off your tongue with that word.

    Mia Amor Mottley QC, MP — Finance and Economic Affairs, Public Service, and Office of the Prime Minister

    George Payne, QC, MP — Public Works and Infrastructure

    Gline Clarke, MP — Agriculture and Rural Development

    Ronald Toppin, MP — Tourism and International Transport

    Dale Marshall, QC, MP — Attorney General and Home Affairs

    Santia Bradshaw, MP — Leader of the Opposition Business in the House of Assembly; Small Business, Innovation, Youth, Culture, and Sports.

    Edmund Hinkson, MP — Education and Human Resource Development

    Trevor Prescod, MP — Transport, Public Utilities, and Water Resources

    Dr Maria Agard, MP — Health

    Kerrie Symmonds, MP — Industry, Commerce, and International Business

    Cynthia Forde, MP — Social Care, Family, and Community Development

    Dwight Sutherland, MP — Labour & Social Security

    Jeffrey Bostic, MP — Housing, Lands, and Urban Development

    Senator Dr Jerome Walcott – Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate; and Foreign Affairs and Foreign Τ rade.

    Senator Wilfred Abrahams — Energy and the Environment

    This is precisely the reason that no candidate should be allowed in the HoA without first attending Government and Governance School.

    Now you mean to tell that after 50 effing years there are no videos and Manuals that that waste Foop Public Services Commission in Conjunction with the Clerk of Parliament and the Permanent Secretaries, have produced? to show what people must do?

    Dat should be an online course and requisite dat the UWI should be offering for every effing government of the 13 Caricom Member States.

    But Vincent dis is why we are waste foopisms dat the first world countries laugh at when they visit us monkeys.

  53. Piece

    They have been attending training as to how not to do things since 2008 with the few sessions in parliament and I like the marches and community talks because that has made the people more aware…..the end result will be an aware public who expects better from them and a virulent opposition with a new leader whoever that maybe to stir up the crowd.

    They have to hit the deck hard and running which I have no doubt that MAM is perfectly aware of.One thing no one can dispute is her leadership abilities as she has dealt with all the mutinys effectively.

  54. Piece….I saw this on the ND forum, note the name and association of one of the surviving shooting victims.

    “BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — GANG VIOLENCE — Naked, known gang members are being picked up and questioned for the shooting murder of Andrew Antonio King two Friday’s ago. Included in the pickup are Rossi from the Red Sea and several from the Pine. Also questioned was “Fire Chief” from St. James.

    Police seem to be under pressure as one of the surviving victims is former Chief Justice, David Simmon’s nephew, Prince Thomas. Rich business owners alike have been making demands……………”

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