David Comissiong’s Release – FINAL Refutation of HAL GOLLOP’s Absurdity

Submitted by David Comissiong

Dear Members of the Media,

I do not possess the luxury of time to be constantly used in responding to Hal Gollop’s absurd claim that the Immigration (Biometrics) Regulations 2015 were only an “idea” of the DLP Administration, and did not actually exist. I have therefore attached the following documents hereto:-

  1. Several pages of the actual text of the Regulations as made by Freundel Stuart on 17th April 2015 and published in the Official Gazette of 23rd April 2015
  2. The first page of the Official Gazette of 23rd April 2015. Please see the Contents section
  3. The text of the Barbados Government Information Service Release of 15th February 2016 announcing the  decision and directive stipulating the fingerprinting of persons leaving and entering Barbados. Please see the fourth paragraph of the text of the Release  which indicates that these measures “WERE  MANDATORY  UNDER  THE  IMMIGRATION (BIOMETRICS)  REGULATIONS 2015”.

I would be grateful if you would publish these documents in order to safeguard the Barbadian public from being misled by Mr Gollop’s un-informed and misleading comments.

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97 Comments on “David Comissiong’s Release – FINAL Refutation of HAL GOLLOP’s Absurdity”

  1. Well Well & Consequences July 8, 2016 at 6:52 PM #

    At the end of the day with all the nasty crap the police have been doing in the US, none of the commissioners of police or the mayors from any of the cities want to see them burning to the ground…that will be the eventual response of angry black people.

    Bill Bratton formerly Commissioner in LA…remember those riots, now commissioner in NYC knows that too well….hardcore racist that he is…he refused to allow Trump to speak to any police roll in NU to stir anger…he remembered well what happened under his watch a second time.


  2. pieceuhderockyeahright July 8, 2016 at 6:55 PM #

    @ Donna,

    Dont misread De Word.

    He is saying the same “damned if you do damned if you dont” thing that you are saying

    I dont think many of you understand the phenomena of guns particularly in the United states of america

    I am going to deal with it at the personal level first.

    Here is a cuntry that is built on frontiersmen having to match their wits against nature and the native indian and kill him the indian and now try to tame it, the frontier with another scourge which he the white man brought. Non Whites.

    Now imaging this here scene.

    “Stranger, dont go for that thar gun, or I’ll be your Huckleberry”

    Those days of the wild wild west are gone, or are they? Where in the united states of america can a nation that is momentarily fed on killing and shooting and garotting and bombing, and senseless killing can you get to be a living cowboy, kill a few people and jes ride on home to the missus and the childrun (are is reading well)?

    United States Armed Forces “Be All that you can be” and the police. Or in that private contractor unit – the BlackWater scandal where them gun slingers, not to be confused with timothy slinger, though he did attempt a ting at that shop in Baxters road, without a gun, where those BlackWater fellows kilt, yes i done said kilt, “them thar pilgrims” (not to be confused with Pigrims) because they need to be bad assed and get a notch on the handle.

    WHEN THE TAPES ARE PLAYED AND THE SOUNDS ARE ENHANCED FROM THE WOMAN”S PHONE you will all hear what the cop said before he murdered the black man.

    He came to kill him and get his notch on his gun butt, that is what this is criminals with badges.

    Now once you understand that mentality that lives in all americans, particularly the white ones then we go to the National Psyche.

    Guns are a billion dollar industry, and guns got to sell, the NRA is one of the most powerful lobbies in the USA.

    What few of you understand is that Amrica is constantly in a state of readiness for war.

    Alot of you happy go lucky west injuns who live in a society where the CoP gives weapons to bajan whites on the fly and affluent Bajan blacks, and the rest of the law biding citizens like me got to hide my glock under the dog pen well lubricated with gun oil, we live in a kiddy goat heaven where once in a while we get a shootout and one or two people get kilt.

    The concept of the armed militia is enshrined in the American constitution so that WHEN THE INVASION COMES they will be armed to the teeth.

    All uh wunna jes stay happy doah in Beautiful barbados, gem of the Caribbean Sea…


  3. David July 8, 2016 at 7:21 PM #

    @Dee Word

    There is the saying you have to walk in the shoes to understand – feel the pinch. It is a very scary experience when White policemen stop a Black man in the USA. The BU household has first hand experience. You are made to feel less than a man for the experience because you want to live and protect your family from harm.


  4. Well Well & Consequences July 8, 2016 at 7:26 PM #

    Gabriel…it’s the smart thing to do, the police are gearing up for a war, everyone is armed to the teeth and not afraid to shoot, so why would anyone in their right minds take their good money to buy tickets and take their children and risk their lives traveling to the US, to get killed.

    May as well stay where ya are, instead of paying to get shot.

    There are 112 weapons to every 100 people..are people crazy, who wants to be in that mess.


  5. Well Well & Consequences July 8, 2016 at 7:30 PM #


    Smart people.


  6. Well Well & Consequences July 8, 2016 at 7:34 PM #

    “The United States has routinely issued travel advisories for The Bahamas and other Caribbean countries. Its current threat advisory level for American citizens traveling to Nassau is listed as “critical”, due to crimes involving firearms.”

    Other Caribbean islands need to grow some balls and advise their citizens about the extrajudicial killings of black males bynpolice in the US….if they care about their citizens…that is my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Well Well & Consequences July 8, 2016 at 7:41 PM #


    Gingrich was never my favorite person and I am really surprised that he finally understands the danger, after decades of denial, let’s hope congress and the legislators on capitol hill also get the message….no more shits and giggles.


  8. pieceuhderockyeahright July 8, 2016 at 9:24 PM #

    Until the philosophy that hold one nation superior and another inferior…..

    We acknowledge another fallen nigger because we are niggers (though not sand niggers)

    That is their struggle and they MAY OR MAY NOT DEAL WITH IT cause that is Murica and them loves that.

    I still going get up tomorrow with my Abijah Holder dead at coverley roundabout and not a man charged with the crime.

    Let me issue a challenge to all the BU legal luminaries right now.

    I will be wunna Huckleberry and pledge to get de grandson develop the first teir of the Justice for All Virtual Participatory Democracy platform if wunna legal beagles work pun incorporating it and getting the entity Non Governmental Organization status.

    Stop all de pretty talking and let we do sumting nuh instead uh getting heah and doing all these pretty Stoopid Posters and wunna postulating and liking and getting like

    Is any uh wunna serious??

    Send wunn false address to de blogmaster and leh he send um tuh me and I will share some ideas wid wunna pun a Virtual Platform, I ent tekking no files from nun uh wunna snozzet.

    Do a facebook private group and only gine de serious fuh dis ting…

    But den again I is a serious man so now we gine see which uh wunna menses dat is lawyers and got udder skills want to up de game fuh de less fortunate or jes heah blowing air up a man pooch


  9. Well Well & Consequences July 9, 2016 at 8:38 AM #

    Piece…they have no excuse, lawyers etc…they have all the tools available to them to form a powerful movement in cyberspace …and the anonymity.


  10. Sunshine Sunny Shine July 9, 2016 at 8:46 AM #

    Rather any of you like it or not; Mia Mottley will be the next Prime Minister of Barbados. Until that time, and three thousand more comments about how terrible she is ( I is included), she must be pressed and pressure hard to reform her party towards greater transparency, and her leadership to one that will make Barbadians comfortable and proud. Mia Mottley must, therefore, be forced into to talking about integrity legislation, constitutional reforms, greater accountability and transparency, provisions made to charge all crooked ministers and civil servants via new powers of the Auditor General, and establishing a Financial supervisory body led by the Auditor General. These measures, along with much more, will ensure the proper perusal and screening needed in all government contracts, contractors and associate business persons. She must also make all matters of state, where large sums of money are spent, available for public scrutiny.

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  11. pieceuhderockyeahright July 9, 2016 at 8:28 PM #


    Dearest Suzanne niceeeeeee.

    I hope you will beep your place in Europe and not come back here.

    For two reasons.

    One is that you ent going get let in at de airport and Two, according to De Pedantic Dribbler, I going need somewhere to move to when the Default Prime Minister, formerly Deputy Prime Minister becomes the Despotic Prime Minister.

    DPM All De Way

    One of the reasons I have not launched Mia’s Cartoons and Videos and Animations just yet is very simple.

    Three letters they are central to her campaign but that is in abeyance.

    The issue though is as follows.

    The average bajan does not do things in moderation so, like the Brexit campaign, if I attack Mottley now, me fears that the backdraft will not achieve the not one “badword” seat that is my objective.

    She Mottley cannot be a Despot in the presence of Eddie Hinkson, and Kerrie Simmonds, not while the old stalwarts are alive that is, and the new bucks are bucking to be Prime Minister too.

    This is why she is handpicking the new constituency representatives the ones without any obvious backbone who will give her numbers should that internal voting thing happen,

    Eddie ent no idiot.

    She would be advised not to do it, in Barbados, th island won’t survive the economic onslaught that would follow.

    But she just want to be Prime Minister for Life that all.

    Steupseeee what and absolute shame that we are governed by the mediocre and the power mad.

    It destroy the economy of Barbados in a more radical way than Fumbles and his inept band have

    There is also a way to ensure that Mottley behaves and does the right thing but one cannot broadcast that avenue as yet.


  12. David July 10, 2016 at 2:03 AM #

    Listen to Gollop’s reaction to the Judge’s ruling at 36.50 on the recording.

    [audio src="http://vob929.com/FilesFTP/Brasstacks/2016/July/DTBJul05-01.mp3" /]


  13. Sunshine Sunny Shine July 10, 2016 at 4:00 AM #

    My Sweet Piece

    You know who are the boys from the men, those with balls and those without, those who love Barbados, and those who are only interested in talking about things bajans while showing off their skills or talking about their educational levels. You know those who are on the take and only pimp and those who cannot tell a Beavis from a Butt-head.

    None of that is going to change the state of Barbados’ current uglies and, certainly, will not attract the investors if we continue to operate backwardly in our stupid conceit and various narcist nonsense. I believe in my heart that Mia is key. I do not like her or what she stands for. In fact, I cannot stomach the pretensive, manipulating, power hungry bitch. But, but, but, but, what is certain to me, and what I see, is a person who is in the best position of her life to make some serious decisions that could change the fate of Barbadians for the better. That said, she must decide on a course of leadership that is effective and appeals to the people. She has the lessons from the current Piss Poor Prime Minister (3PM), and all others that came before this deceitful person. She can, overnight, become the darling of Barbados leadership or another Stuart of impugned Freundel.

    I am not interested in the other circus clowns from the DLP. The electorate will decide who gets a seat and who does not. What is certain is that the DLP will not be victorious in 2018, and Freundel Stuart would have to buy the entire constituency of St. Michael South if he wants to win, or come up with a game plan that would cause those constituents to like him again. He or his administration is not my focus, Mia is. That is why she must tell Barbados what she would do as Prime Minister against the overwhelming evidence that things in government remain non-transparent because it benefits many pockets of government officials who operate very shady indeed. She must no think that we would allow her to talk all around anti-corruption and declaration of assets legislation when we know that her government had 14 years of doing a lot of shite and pocketing a lot of free tax money. When they were put out to sea, we had to deal with another bunch of equally despicable, crooked and lying brutes. Now we want no more of the exploit. Mia Mottley must be pressured. I will give her my vote; my peeps are all with me; and trust me when I say, we girls can influence a lot of numbers in and out of Barbados. We are well connected. And, Mia, you know how well connected we don’t you?


  14. Donna July 10, 2016 at 5:46 AM #

    True, Mia has the opportunity to be famous or infamous. We should encourage her to choose the former. It would be more gratifying to use power for good than for evil, I would think. I wonder if she has even considered that. Most people do not even give it a thought because they are caught up in the old ways. How great it would be to be seen as the one who turns things around! She would command a greater space in the history books than Errol Barrow. A politician among politicians! A woman among men! etc. etc. etc.

    P.S. Sometimes one catches more flies with honey.


  15. pieceuhderockyeahright July 10, 2016 at 10:00 AM #

    Ok Dearest One (and Donna)

    Say just for the sake of argument one was to support the Default Prime Minister, even in the face of what one knows, tell me how, in the face of the dog pup Covenant of Hope, tell me how, in the face I’d so many previous Manifestos of Lies do we the electorate achieve an equitable position with these varmints and parasites?

    One which secures Freedom of information, integrity legislation and my personal favourite The Power of Recall?

    We are in 2016 and Eddie Hinkson and Payne and Smiley Teets Marshall and Ronald Toppin nor none of them have not declared their assets, not a man!!

    If in the time of the Bridegroom or in this time when they are not in power, these slime cannot declare what the have and are starting with, how in the time of absence of any controls on them will we the people be able to demand any such declarations and accountability?

    If the two of you ladies, one whom The PPK hath exposed my interest in, and the other who loves My Lord, can answer this for me, I shall give consideration to a compromise of sorts.

    I simply do not believe anything Mottley says, you see her body, you hear her speak but I see through a different eye.

    It is not your or my sensory organ with light receptors running to the brain no, anyways, at the end of the day, I will listen to what you say but I shall incline mine ear the the Voice of My Lord and lean not to mine own understanding


  16. Walter Blackman July 10, 2016 at 6:06 PM #

    pieceuhderockyeahright July 10, 2016 at 10:00 AM #
    “Ok Dearest One (and Donna)

    Say just for the sake of argument one was to support the Default Prime Minister, even in the face of what one knows, tell me how, in the face of the dog pup Covenant of Hope, tell me how, in the face I’d so many previous Manifestos of Lies do we the electorate achieve an equitable position with these varmints and parasites?

    …….If in the time of the Bridegroom or in this time when they are not in power, these slime cannot declare what they have and are starting with, how in the time of absence of any controls on them will we the people be able to demand any such declarations and accountability?

    If the two of you ladies, one whom The PPK hath exposed my interest in, and the other who loves My Lord, can answer this for me, I shall give consideration to a compromise of sorts.”

    A random piece of superb reasoning has led you to a fundamental but powerful question. Do not be a coward and ask two ladies to answer that question for you, when you already know the answer.
    I cannot put it as colourfully as Bush Tea can, so I say “give consideration to a compromise of sorts”, what!
    Be a man. “Grow some balls”. Be fair.
    Say it after me: “Not one effing seat” for the opposition neither. LOL.


  17. Sunshine Sunny Shine July 10, 2016 at 6:22 PM #

    My Sweet Piece

    These persons have not declared their assets because there is no consequence or penalty, no law or rule that says they must. None of the two parties are interested in having this necessary piece of legislation put in place that could cause them to stumble and trip up. Mia Mottley and her gang, even long before her, are aware of the system designed to benefit all serving political figures. Note that her attacks on the piss poor democratic labour party have not touched the need for anti-corruption legislation, integrity legislation, accountability legislation, certain constitutional reforms, and greater enforcement against malicious activities. She takes her cause that far and no further. She must be targeted as the key for change.


  18. ac July 10, 2016 at 6:32 PM #

    Not One Mention of Albert Branford commentary titled Desperate BLP


  19. ac July 10, 2016 at 7:05 PM #

    Have been saying for the past six and half years that Mia and her gang including the body of yardsfowl supporters have used the politics of Desperation mostly defined by fear to gain political support ,however the electorate has not bought into her hilarious and well seasoned mouthing as she bits and claws at every issue
    Now Mia has been called out by one of the BLP stalwarts because of the ridiculousness and callous statement encouraged by the Politics of place and Blame while being aided and encouraged by her hobby horse Cynthia Forde
    It is about time a gag order be put in place against both Mia and Cynthia both veteran political criminals who would stop at nothing to put fear in the hearts of the citizens


  20. ac July 10, 2016 at 7:48 PM #

    No mayyer how mia bobs and weave around the burning issues of the nation at the end of the seven year period she would have to tell the country her plans for the economy,After six years of hiding behind Doom and gloom strategy her only way to win the election would be that of giving clear and precise plans for the social and economic health of the country. If the Blp operatives believe that talking about and talking garbage would be enough to win then they have all their facts screwed up and indeed it is time for them to wheel and come again


  21. Sunshine Sunny Shine July 11, 2016 at 3:30 AM #

    pieceuhderockyeahright July 10, 2016 at 10:00 AM #

    Ok Dearest One (and Donna)

    I simply do not believe anything Mottley says, you see her body, you hear her speak but I see through a different eye.

    My Sweets, Mottley is rogue. You can paint her with stripes, put on a cloak of good on her and even tell her to come clean; it is not going to remove the nasty stain she created for herself over the years. Mottley is simply a female with a hidden agenda and a thirst for the seat of Prime Minister. That said, how is ‘you not trusting what she says’ gonna change her or provide for better governance when you know she is capable of doing a lot of shites? You think sit back and say, ” I do not trust her,” is going to get her talk more about those integrities and transparencies and accountabilities and declarationies, and legislative lobbynies and enforcementies we need from her as part of the massive change in the forward movement? Shite, I do not trust her or the BLP either, just like you and I do not trust Freundel Stuart or the DLP. Both parties have done enough throughout the years not to be trusted. It’s the reason why you are poster protesting against the DLP. You see them as the worst government in the history of DLP governmental politics. But tell me, babes, when you have achieve ”Not one Effing Seat,” and Mottley claims all for her party, just remember that you would have successfully dealt with the disgusting half of the dozen, leaving the other disgusting half to their devices. MOTTLEY MUST BE TARGETED NOW AND THE PIONEER TO REVAMP THE OUT OF CONTROL ELEMENTS RESPONSIBLE FOR CORRUPTION!!

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