Barbados Needs a New Government Not a New Central Bank Governor

David Comissiong, Citizen of Barbados

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement

It is clear to me that the Freundel Stuart Administration is looking for a scapegoat for its 8 year long and continuing abysmal economic performance, and has decided that Dr. Delisle Worrell is to be that scapegoat.

Let us be very clear about this— in the real world of politics neither a Board of Management nor a Minister of Finance fires a Governor of a Central Bank! Rather, any decision of this magnitude would have to be taken by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of Ministers.

Thus, we should perceive the decision to fire Central Bank Governor Dr. Delisle Worrell as the decision of the Freundel Stuart Administration as a whole rather than as a decision of Minister Chris Sinckler.

This decision only makes sense if it is recognized for what it is— a desperate attempt to conveniently dump all of the blame for Government’s shameful economic failure on the shoulders of a “disgraced” Worrell in the run up to a General Election.

As all Barbadians are aware, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler and Central Bank Governor Dr. Delisle Worrell have been hand-in-glove partners during the entirety of Dr. Worrell’s tenure as Governor of the Central Bank! So, if there is a reason– on objective grounds– to fire Worrell then that reason must extend to Minister Chris Sinckler as well!

You simply cannot separate the performance and record of Dr. Worrell from the performance and record of Chris Sinckler. So if Worrell must go, clearly Chris Sinckler must go as well. (But that is only if one is making an objective non-partisan analysis of the situation.)

The fact that no decision was taken by Mr Stuart to fire Chris Sinckler suggests that the decision to fire Worrell was a purely “political” decision aimed at providing a convenient scapegoat for the DLP’s failed economic policies.

Barbadians should not permit themselves to fall for this threadbare Machiavellian political trick!

The current DLP Administration has thoroughly disgraced and exhausted itself. It has demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that it has no answer whatsoever to the myriad of problems facing our country. It is long past time for Barbados to be released from this dysfunctional Governmental Administration. What Barbados needs is not a new Central Bank Governor! Rather, we need a new Government!


  • Violet C Beckles CUP

    Prodigal Son February 17, 2017 at 7:40 PM #@@@

    The DBLP tricks lies and math, slide of hand can not hold up until Election,
    They may also be counting the people who work in Barbados each time they move in and out of the planes cleaning them, anyone who touch the plane wheel or the bags in the belly in and out,


  • Barbados needs to implement a new system of governance, note just another government. A direct digital participatory democracy platform based on modern technology will remove the need for so many constituency representatives that do not represent and so many cabinet ministers that don’t minister. A TEAM of twelve qualified professionals, held accountable for transparently and profitably managing our major economic sectors in a more businesslike manner is what is needed. They can be presided over by a popular Barbadian with talent for bringing concensus and expertise in managing data from an aware and engaged citizenry.


  • Iceland recently corrected an untenable economic situation through the intervention of a society council. The challenge is to find a TEAM in which the population will place it’s trust. Historical change takes time that we do not have. There must be some way to fast track a new vehicle for national economic reconstruction while retaining some of the useful parts of legislative system. Sorry I missed Peter Boos presentation in 2014 and am saddened that all of these very valuable observations and recommendations were allowed to fall through the cracks. Corroboration with grass roots organizations, like Barbados Underground, Pan African movement and others is key to achieving consensus?


  • @Andrew

    What we have in Barbados is the perfect duopoly. One would have hoped having to negotiate the economic storm for the last eight years it would have given the population the kick in the rear needed to create a new thinking.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    8-10 years of daily, handson governmental experience should have given that whole cabinet the expertise they needed to make the necessary adjustments to the economy. …lies and excuses and scapegoating yardfowls will not work fo this election….they refused to listen to sound advice from anyone locally or internationally…the know it alls wnet ahead with their mediocre, halfwit ideas and it blew back in their faces…..this is the blowback.

    Wait..nearly an hour and no one challenged me on US immigration procedures for detainees…..ah must be losing me touch…anyway, neither US Immigration, nor US Emassy may admit what I posted, but they sure wont dispute it either…lol…ya know, that miserable immigration court process and all.

    The detainees’ relatives will be allowed to visit them, so will their immigration attorneys.

    Even if invited by detainees, I dont see any of those lazy consular officers in the Barbados Consulate on 2nd Avenue and Lexington. ….trekking across the US to any detention facilities or jails to visit with bajan detainees, they will sit on their tails and await a call from ICE for the detainee to be transported to the consulate by ICE..just before beig deported…….if that is what the detainees wish.

    When Simple’s friend who told her that her bajan sister was detained last week or this week gets more information and shares it with Simple…we will hear more.


  • I think it would be an extremely unwise Minister of the current administration who spent too much time highlightimg the ‘sexual shenanigans’ of the LOO in the hope of losing her votes in the upcoming election. That could well open up a Pandora’s box that would blow open the doors and reveal more than a few skeletons in the closets of even the most senior of her accusers.

    Light the touch paper on a ‘morality’ firecracker and throw it into the crowd if you dare. But beware that when you walk away, you may discover it took an unexpected turn and detonated an entire box of pyrotechnics you thought you had safely stored.

    This next election will not be pretty.


  • The Board of Directors with BU notes in red.
    Board of Directors

    Dr. R. DeLisle Worrell. Ph. D, ChairmanGovernor of the CBB and appointed by the MoF

    Dr. Woodroffe BSc, MSc, LLM, MA, PhD – he is the Director of Finance

    Mr. Cecil McCarthy LL. B, (UWI) L.E.C.- appointed by the MoF

    Ms. Onika Stewart LL. B (UWI) LL. M (Lond) L.E.C.- appointed by the MoF

    Dr. Justin Robinson B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph. D – appointed by the MoF

    Mr. Bjorn Bjerkhamn M.B.A.P.E., B.Sc. – appointed by the MoF

    Ms. Sadie P.O. Dixon, LL.B., LL.M., L.E.C., Secretary to the Board (Ag)

    Mr. Peter Carter B.Com (Hons), MBA, FCCA – appointed by the MoF


  • I continue to marvel at the flippancy with which we approach the issue of government and governance. The vacillation astounds me as well. The immoral praises the immoral current and past leaders, quick to describe them as brilliant, visionary etc; yet demand the next PM to be of high moral standing–a status which has a different meaning depending on who or what is being discussed. Do we plan to carry our tests using a moralometer? The team that is seen as competent, with sound policies, and instills confidence should win the next election.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Again I ask….what is Bjorn Bjerhkam doing sitting on the board at central bank.,., which corrupt government minister put him there.


  • It should be clear that regardless of the sexual preference of our current leaders we are still in a dire situation. One can only conclude that a discussion of sexual preference is just a distraction.

    Let the BDLP fight on the strength of their record.
    Let the DLP list their successes as “guardians of our history and craftsmen of our fate”.
    Let the BLP list their successes as an opposition party which protected the interest of the people.
    And let the third parties show us what they can and will do better and differently.

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  • The composition of the Board of the Central Bank begs the question ” With all that education and with all those degrees sailing the economic ship of Barbados, yuh mean tuh say dis is de best dem cud do”? Old time Bajan saying ” Education ent common sense”.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    More like they are all despicable and self-serving, all bloated with useless titles and inflated egos and not an ounce of decency to be found among any of them…..all that pomposity and combined none of them could roll back the failure of the economy, useless board of directors, useless governor, useless government.


  • Steupsss @ Enuff
    Whatever kind of meter you use, unless it measures shiite-talk, will barely show a flicker if applied to any of the jokers currently in the starting gates.
    The least that the BLP could do is bring a new set of brass bowls in whom we may at least be tempted to place some hope….
    ….but to bring back the same bunch of bribe-taking, wuk-4-wuk, scam bags that we dumped 8 years ago …while exposing ourselves to the DLP dunces, adds insults to injury.

    ….and the warped morals is just more shiite-icing on the mud cake…..


  • No wonder the Bank is in such a state. the Chairman and two others are so smart, they call themselves Dr. and then stick the Ph.D, behind their names as well. You use one or the other but not both. Laughing stocks all.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Bajans…that’s because they have no professional etiquette or decorum…fly by night.


  • But Bushtea I said next PM; therefore Solutions, BIM, PEP, UPP, PUP and PDC are all included. We’ve been dumping “scumbags” and “wuk4wuk” before 2008 and they still exist even in the mightier than thou 3rd parties. But this is Buhbadus aka Fantasy Island, where we are so bright, we igrunt.


  • @ Enuff
    In the final analysis, we are all scumbags and “wuk-4-wuks” …. since none of us are perfect, ….but we REALLY need to lock up some of the scum man!!!

    Perhaps one of the new parties will establish some RULES that deal with the scum…. and that provide incentives for those who are ‘wuk-4-wuk’ inclined to ‘fly right’ and to fight the temptations….
    ….With luck, the law will also deal with biters, liars, and pooch-lickers who betray the public trust.

    Shiite man!!! is THAT too much to ask?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    To date…,..none of the opposition partes have made that as an election pledge, to lock up the current leaders after they vacate office…….those who have brought the country to it’s knees with lies, corruption and incompetence.

    Grenville got some sissy plan that sounds more like an apology to those criminal ministers, than justice and satsifaction to the people on the island for their decades of suffering at the hands of incompetent, self-serving politicians.


  • Well Well

    If you’re anticipating change to come from the opposition regarding the wrongdoing by public officials in Barbados, than think again because I am afraid to inform you that you will have to wait in perpetuity. Because history can contest to the reality that true change comes from the masses, and until there is someone liken (Donald Trump) who is capable of arousing the collective-conscience of the nation and rally it into take action is will be business as unusual Well Well.
    Marcus Garvey, wasn’t an educated man by any standard of judgment, but he had had within him the inventive insight to aroused the collective-awareness of the black people in America, and rallied them into taking a stand again the many injustices they had suffered at the hands of bigoted government. Now why can we find such a man or woman in Barbados with the know it how and can do will to ignite the collective-conscience of the nation with all the academic degrees floating around the island?


  • All we need is one man or woman who is capable of rallying the collective-conscience of the nation, and the kind of people surrounding him or her who has what it requires/vision to deliver the goods to the people.


  • At some point the educated people in Barbados is going to have to sit down, and study the likes of Hitler, Garvey, King, Obama and Trump, to ascertion how these very different men were able to capture the imagination of the nation.


  • If Obama captured the imagination of the America people through demagoguery, Trump through fear; Garvey through vision, and King through hope, then there is hope for Barbados providing that intelligent mind learn from these very different men, at very different periods in our history who were able to tapping to into the collective-awareness of the people, and motivated them into taking action against they circumstances.


  • I remember voting one time in Barbados at the the age of 19, and it was back in the early to middle 80s if my memory serves to right. But what I did remember most about that time is the fact that Barrow was able to ignited something in me” when he spoke about the manner in which the BLP government was leading the country on a path of destruction, and I am quite sure a lot young people at the time were moved by Barrow’s message because he was able tapping into our collective-conscience, and caused us to take action.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Dompey… is cheap, that’s all people had to hold on to from the 50’s until the advent of the internet and social media. one is interested in empty words from politicians anymore, not ìntelligent people anyway…governments are to be judged by their actions, politicians carry empty words.

    And Worrell should know that his words do not amount to a can of beans if he does not tell the people publicly who besides the government minìsters are responsible for the flight of all that foreign exchange, missing millions and deliberate destruction of the economy. If his own credibility and reputation is to be restored. …there is no getting around that….Neither for him nor government.

    All Worrell said in that letter is what ALL the creating agencies and IMF have been tlling both governments since 2005…long before Worrell joined central, he obviously did not listen to them either…steuppsss.

    “CENTRAL BANK GOVERNOR Dr DeLisle Worrell wrote Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler expressing concern about the country’s falling level of foreign reserves.

    In the letter dated January 31, 2017, which was sent to the SUNDAY SUN, Worrell told Sinckler the board of directors which he chaired, had “expressed deep concern about the current state of the international reserves”.

    Worrell told the minister: “They requested that I convey to you their view that the reserves have now fallen to a level which creates deep apprehension in the community and has the potential to undermine the exchange rate.”

    He added: “The board is of the view that decisive action is needed on project implementation and expenditure reduction to achieve announced fiscal targets, if the Government’s credibility is to be restored.”

    See more at:


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Empty words, lies, deceit and corruption got all of the politicians and have caused the people to be also caught up in this mess.

    They will have to go IMF anyway, may as well get it over with as soon as.

    Arthur: Go to IMF
    Added 19 February 2017

    THE GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS is facing an “economic checkmate” and has run out of options,
    Police officer stabbed in The City…
    And the now Independent Member of Parliament is calling for embattled Governor of the Central Bank, Dr DeLisle Worrell, to state whether the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been approached to assist the country with an austerity programme.

    Without going as far as saying the country should seek an exchange rate adjustment (devaluation) from the IMF, Arthur said Government could not be blind about the situation it faces.

    “They know what they have to do,” he told the SUNDAY SUN yesterday.
    by Taboola Promoted Links”


  • Last week when I wrote and demonstrated the declining credibility of the DLP government, some took issue with this objective reality. Now, according to the Sunday Sun, the embattled Governor of the Central Bank actually wrote to the MOF making a similar sentiment. Perhaps we will begin to accept the fact that to be objective does not mean sitting on a fence or hiding behind blind loyalty; instead it is calling things as these actually are observed.


  • @ Dompey
    Do us a favour and go back to bed for a few more hours….

    @ WW&C
    Owen could really hush and let someone else make these OBVIOUS statements about the need to go to the IMF.
    He started the ball rolling with his wasteful spending on CSME …changing all our laws to disenfranchise Bajans, and focusing on importing rich foreigners rather than on developing COMPETENT Bajans.
    Thanks to him we no longer even make a sweet drink in Barbados.
    HE promoted shite people like the chicken feed man to oversee insurance and to facilitate CLICO
    HE created the Office of Public Sector Reform – which has been nothing but a waste of MILLIONS of tax dollars…. and the Shiite ‘Productivity Council’ with a bunch of lazy-ass people who do ‘talks’ once a year …and not a shiite else.

    Owen is right (and is fairly bright), but he has no currency …and should sit quietly and reflect on the carnage that he has initiated in Barbados based on his ‘economic skill’ (whatever the hell THAT is)


  • Barbados does not need to go to the IMF what barbados needs is a new model of governance one that can be factored into the realities of living in a global economy and a model which does not necessarily meant having to be harsh but a model which present an alternative of governance by the people and for the people with government having less control and a role of steering the ship.


  • Sir objectivity does not call for having a chicken little mentality while crying the sky is falling which is the mantra by YOU and many here but having robust debate that are instrumental for betterment


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    What the ef was that 8.18 a.m. post?

    You pun drugs?

    No one could be naturally stupid so, seriously!!

    You read that pup after you wrote it?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    ACs….a new model of governance. …means getting all you cadaver flies that lay eggs to create maggots gone, before yall killl the host country completely.

    It’s a job for the electorate and the electorate only….the voters will get you gone…that is their job.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Wait ACs….ah saw on another thread where Fruendel is all cozied up with the Naked Depsrture blog mistress, alll hugged up and ting, air could not pass between them..… come as yardfowl I have never seen you hugged up with Fruendel…lol


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright February 19, 2017 at 8:35 AM

    Ac is not only on drugs. She has been hallucinating and tripping out since the Governor of the CB dropped a nuclear bomb of electoral intensity on her beleaguered lying administration.

    She is even speaking in tongues and doublespeak for only the esoteric to interpret clearly.

    Here is what was garbled in the gobbledygook transmitted by ac on February 19, 2017 at 8:18 AM during a tripping séance with the dead King David (with the epitaph of Lies, Cheating & Stealing- even from the dead) ac February 19, 2017 at 8:18 AM:

    “Barbados does not need to go to the IMF what barbados needs is a new model of governance one that can be factored into the realities of living in a global economy and a model which does not necessarily meant having to be harsh but a model which present an alternative of governance by the people and for the people with government having less control and a role of steering the ship.”

    What has come back as an answer from the underworld is that AC is simply saying she is now fully converted to the faith of Privatization and has decided to break away from her Lord Fumble’s tradition of arrogant stubbornness.

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  • Sorry no i am not converted to Privatization. The people influence can be combined with a model which is productive to their interest and country interest
    In other words govt can implement policies which can weaned those who can afford and have the wherwithal of having open acess to entitlements like free education and health


  • Dompey,

    Were you aged 19 in the 1980s?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Mugabe thinks he got time put down somewhere, he does not think he can pass away at any time.


  • I have almost come to the end of my vacance in a beautiful and a vastly underrated southern European country. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that black run countries are doomed to fail. The one exception is Botswana. We tend to indulge ourselves in discussing issues concerning our island. However we should just admit that Barbados is a basket case and looks like it could be catching by up with Zimbabwe.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Well Well & Consequences February 19, 2017 at 12:46 PM

    It is not the almost-in- the-grave dotish Mugabe you should be attacking but his cunning despotic ‘young’ wife who fancies herself as the heir to the throne and who currently but vicariously rules Zimbabwe through the dying old megalomaniac.

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  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol….ya know the trophy wife will add her destructive touch to show who is boss….as long as Mugabe opens his eyes every morning…lol


  • Mugabe is a “he”? heheheheheheh

    Wunna gots to be careful using that personal pronoun around here.

    And wunna say he, MUGABE got a young wife?

    Heheheheheheheh wunna is casting aspersions at the goodly Mugabe….and “his” indulgences in the female gender.

    Next ting wunna going be saying is that the reason one husband and said party ent speaking is because de wife of de husband was taken by him, or is that her, or was not able to hold (h)er

    Whuloss this is too confusing for an old man and obvious anachronism.

    Anyways do enjoy dis Stoopid Cartoon


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