War – When Cowards and Mad Men Take Powah

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While Bajans wait with baited breath for manna from the mouth of the preeminent national coward, of all times, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

And while that manna is destined to leave those with a Pavlovian palate as intellectually starved as before, a constellation of global forces are driving us to the final war.

Of course, none of this has the potential to demonstrate the basis truism that anything which can happen, or not happen, in Barbados cannot make local circumstances much better, any time soon.

Conversely, what’s happening in the global environment could easily make the anticipated pronouncement of this PM moot, at best. And at worst, alter all sets of calculations.

In the USA we have ‘deep state’ forces running two (2) major national security projects simultaneously. First, and most importantly, there has been a determination that Russia must be brought to heel, at any and all cost. What madness!

There are big lies about interference in all manner of elections by Russia. That the United States has rigged, stolen, derailed more elections than can be recalled seems to be of no import.

Secondly, these same interests have long decided that Trump, under the real threat of impeachment charges, maybe death for treason as well, whether real or trumped-up, must be made to do their bidding – as was every other president of the USA before.

War has always given meaning by the American military industrial security complex. The whole economy is based in war. Without the war industries there is no empire.

Given these circumstances, neither Trump nor Putin, as much as they would want to propose entente, notwithstanding or because of a belief, that Putin may be holding a trump card on Trump.

But war or rumours of war is the order of the day. American and Russian military forces are engaged in the Syrian theatre. One mistake could lead to Armageddon in the place from whence this name comes.

Trump appears to have finally found the last two pieces for his war cabinet with the appointments of John Bolton as national security adviser and Mike Pompeo as secretary of state. Both as hawkish as can be possible.

He has promised a May 2018 withdrawal from BarJam, as known by the Iranians. The JCPOA, as called by the West. It is an agreement with the five permanent members of the UNSC and Germany – the ‘Five plus One’ – to limit the Iranian nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief. For Trump and Trump alone, this is the worst deal ever made.

When we add the rabid Zionist Bolton to the mix, big trouble cannot be too far away, even when the deep state forces themselves see no reason for a war on Iran. Pompeo is no less a Zionist though he is not known for supporting the anti-Iran terrorist, the MEK, like Bolton long has.

Trump was a genuine coward when his time came to go to war. So was Bolton. Bolton has called, for years, for the bombing of Iranian nuclear sites. For years he has called for regime change in Iran. None of these internal and competing forces have any problems with real terrorist states like Saudi Arabia and Israel. Indeed the USA itself is the foremost terrorist state on earth. War is terror! America is a warlike nation.

It is American, British and French weapons, planes, refueling aircrafts, satellites targeting, missiles which are illegally bombing the poor people of Yemen for three (3) years, without just cause, killing over 14000 Yemenis, destroying critical infrastructures, causing cholera, mass starvation and holding 26 million Yemenis hostage under an illegal blockade, while the world keeps silent. Barbados has nothing to say about this.

The United Kingdom and Theresa May, with the help of MI5, seem to be making their contribution to the coming Great War. What a pitiful former empire. The Sripal incident was concocted to add weight to the irrational Russiaphobia being galvanized through popular media as controlled by the deep state forces of the Five Eyes countries – USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. CNN, MSNBC, BBC etc are mouthpieces for the global security state.

Western actions against Russia do not make sense to those who have no desire to ‘march unto war with the cross of western Christianity going on before’. Why not let the OPCW – the internationally renowned Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – test the samples, make the chemical agent available to the agency, follow its established protocols.

Jeremy Corbin is again under pressure. This time for his refusal to blindly follow Theresa May down a war path, not dissimilar to Iraq, but based no evidence at all. No evidence has been provided, only grand charges. And the world must take the word of professional liars like Theresa May.

Up to today deep state forces have succeeded in getting more than 30 world nations to expel over 150 Russian diplomats – a euphemism for spies, they say. All based on a flimsy case, in which not even the accused has seen the evidence, if there is any.

The deep state forces make their case through their talking heads and placemen. But neither the Iranians nor the Russians are afraid of them. And that is a problem. The aggressors are not known for confronting and defeating strong countries, only broken back ones.

It was the Soviets who loss 26 million of their citizens in defeating the Western built and strengthened Nazi regime. In this some measure of credit must also go to Churchill. Before the Americans joined the Second World War, around 1943, on the side of the ‘allies’, it was Churchill who defied Hitler.

There is no way to win a hot war against Russia, but the deep state forces are not deterred. A better estimate would be the total annihilation of us all. In addition, the Russian have just given a strategic response to nearly 30 years of Western (NATO) encroachment on its boundaries, encirclement.

In his recent New Year’s speech Putin exhibited a dazzling array of new weapon systems to counter the expansionism by the West. Before Obama left he committed over one trillion in nuclear weapons ‘development’. Trump has substantially increased the military budget. They are making ready for the Malhama!

The Iranians have foiled all kinds of Western plots against them. This writer has met them and we can attest that they are unafraid of their enemies. Iran has defeated Israel three (3) times, without credit. A defeat of Israel is also a defeat of the United States, for the Zionist regime is merely a cat’s-paw of empire although it still harbours hopes of a Yinon Plan, as a stepping stone towards Pax-Judaeca. In the Iran-Iraq War all the global forces, and most of its neighbors, supported Saddam Hussain, but the Iranian prevailed.

There are reports that the al-Saud regime has recently agreed to pay the United States of America hundreds of billions to defray the cost of a war against the Islamic Republic of Iran. This seems credible in light of the fact that the terrorist war on the Syrian Arab Republic was largely bankrolled by the al-Sauds. That global terrorism has its genesis in Riyadh. And from Riyadh the funding goes to propagate terrorism around the globe. State terrorism is about to become real. We already know that Trump believes in taking over the resources of countries as a consequence of war. So why would he not pimp-out the security service of the USA to defeat the perceived arch enemy of the al-Saud regime, especial when a buck can come to his pocket. He’s said as much.

Another obvious hot spot is no doubt the Korean Peninsula, though with Trump, China or Venezuela could easily be added to the mix. If he has any real courage. In spite of the entente provided by the Winter Olympics, more engagement of the Chinese and the absence of bombast by the belligerents, we fail to see the circumstances where the DPRK will surrender its nuclear capabilities even with Korean reunification and the withdrawal of American military bases.

Not when Supreme Leader Jong-Un has seen what happened to Saddam Hussein. What happened to Maummar Gaddafi. What Trump is threatening to do with the JCPOA signed with the Islamic Republic. It is difficult for us to see these China-led negotiations leading to the grand bargain, in the near term, an overly optimistic Trump presumes possible.

The American empire is prepared to destroy us all in its quest to maintain supremacy. The Chinese are holding on to notions of a long game. It is a logic which rests on the mistaken assumption that the American project will run out of steam and make room for them sometime soon. Like Russia they are fighting for the space to play a greater role. At the end of the day it will only be Russia and her allies willing to confront a fading hyper power and deal it a death blow. The response of the West then means total annihilation.

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  1. Never mind all of that distraction, that is what beating war drums are, to distract you from what is really happening to and being done against you, this is the real threat here to Black and Brown people on the earth, the reincarnation of white evil in its most potent form, in their evil white minds, if millions have to die for their plans to work, so be it..

    Familiarize yaself with this phrase….the wording may change in the near future because of the recent surprise exposure, but the ideology and intent will always remain the same:

    Privatized Colonizing Operation…the brainchild of the cabal of evil and the outwardly rotting bannon, breitbart et al.

    This is what Caribbean people have to protect themselves and EACH OTHER from, weak governments who are still too stupid to know when they are being used by criminals from North America, Europe and other white controlled countries, these are the real threats to the people that their governments become too weakened and blinded by corruption to fend off, as long as their pockets are filled with bribe money, they have no interest in protecting their citizens.

    Nigeria’s president is as dumb an ass as can be found anywhere in the Caribbean. , many of these African leaders learned nothing, before, during or after the slave trade….and obviously neither did one Caribbean leader.

    “A company linked to controversial consulting firm Cambridge Analytica used hacked personal information for a “privatized colonizing operation” in developing countries such as Nigeria, according to a whistleblower.

    Wylie said that a Cambridge Analytica-linked company handled hacked data from Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. (MICHAEL NAGLE/BLOOMBERG)

    He later added that while influencing elections in developing countries was not overly profitable the company would make its real money by introducing government ministers to businessmen in what he called a “privatized colonizing operation.”

  2. Dear America: Please Stop This Shit. Signed, The Rest Of The World
    Posted on March 26, 2018 by WashingtonsBlog
    By Caitlin Johnstone

    They want everyone fighting over table scraps while they pour unfathomable riches into expanding and bolstering their empire. They psychologically brutalize you with propaganda day in and day out, and then expect you to look to them for protection from the phantoms they invented.

    They don’t want you paying attention to the growing number of signs that the current administration is gearing up for a major military bloodbath which may lead our species into a third and final world war. They want you talking about Stormy Daniels instead.

    And by “they” I of course mean the loose transnational alliance of plutocrats and defense/intelligence agencies who control the US-centralized empire, whose primary agenda is always to expand their own power and influence.

    The “they” in question are aware that their empire is (according to their own data) entering post-primacy, which will lead to the rise of a multipolar world in which the US-centralized empire suddenly has rivals which can compete on equal footing for resources, assets and allies. Unless they do something very drastic very soon.

    This arrival at post-primacy just so happened to coincide with the choice in 2016 between a warmongering establishment stalwart whom the DNC and media propaganda machine tried to force into the White House at great expense, and a billionaire who knew what people wanted to hear and has proven himself to be every bit the violent empire loyalist that his opponent would have been.

    The election was fake and meaningless. Both candidates are owned and operated by the same unelected power establishment.


  3. Tuesday, January 12, 2016
    Financial collapse leads to war

    And so perhaps that is what we should expect. Financial collapse is already baked in, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens, and precipitates commercial collapse when global supply chains stop functioning. Political collapse will be resisted, and the way it will be resisted is by starting as many wars as possible, to produce a vast backdrop of failure to serve as a rationale for all sorts of “emergency measures,” all of which will have just one aim: to suppress rebellion and to keep the oligarchy in power. Outside the US, it will look like Americans blowing things up: countries, things, innocent bystanders, even themselves (because, you know, apparently that works too). From the outside looking into America’s hall of one-way mirrors, it will look like a country gone mad; but then it already looks that way. And inside the hall of one-way mirrors it will look like valiant defenders of liberty battling implacable foes around the world. Most people will remain docile and just wave their little flags.


    • In much the same way nature has inbuilt mechanisms to refresh and renew is it so difficult to appreciate that man made systems will need to have same? What therefore are we suppose to manage?

  4. David Mr Blogmaster, it’s often difficult to get a handle on your succinct, profoudly-intending philosophical snippets…🤔!

    Of course, “nature has inbuilt mechanisms to refresh”, but are you then suggesting, in the context of the writings above, that our ‘man made systems’ of war should be refreshed to a point of world annihilation…surely not, obviously!

    Thus we must always be able to manage change sensibly and practically…and that does not appear to be the current model.

    For example, is it really any more practical to exchange the world’s power leader from US to Russia or China! We excoriate the US and its nefarious sounding deep state permanent govt and then attempt to hoist to the top of the heap an even more nefarious state run hydra in Mr Putin.

    What exactly makes that practical?

    President Kim (just as President Putin has essentially done) recently set the path for his lifetime presidency.

    Is there a more permanent and thus as dangerous an entrenched deep state as either of those two regimes?

    There could never be any rational disagreement that the US has used wars, assassinations and often foreceful regime change to impose its will…that’s clear…. but in the same context can there be really any doubt of the similar crimes by the USSR and now Russia!

    Change is fantastic when we move from bad to good…I am unaware of anyone -besides masochists, of course- who enjoys a change from bad to worst!

    • This is about a clash of ideologies and the fallibility of mankind. There will always be tension as long as man occupies the earth.

      What we have playing out is the tension that will always be with us. Paradise is a dream.

  5. None of the so called ‘worst’ regimes have any capability/desire to aggressively project power beyond their boundaries, and have not done so routinely

    They do not pretend to lead the world in democracy promotion

    They have not invaded scores of countries for hundreds of years.

    They do not seek to colonialize the planet with their systems

    They do not have the ability to print paper and have the world accept it as money. Money then used to fund wars against the whole world.

    Need we go on

    For it is for their people to fashion the countries they are to have

    Not Western idiots believing they know better, our system are better. They are not!

  6. Pachamama, you must have been drinking some poor houch, never heard of such a BAD NIGHTMARE.

    Lucky for Barbados it’s not presently on any of these war monger radars because an unwarnted sneeze by any of them could wipe Barbados off the map. I suggest you start drinking the cheap Barbados rum and eliminate your bad dreams.

  7. As Bushie has always said….
    Pachamama is obviously light years ahead of the average brass bowl…

    If Pacha were to ever connect the dots to the final TRUTH – as conceived and executed by BBE, then such expositions as above will take on meanings of biblical proportions.

    Two key points to note….

    1 – The ” constellation of global forces (that) are driving us to the final war.” are NOT essentially flesh and blood, but are representative of some dark SPIRITUAL forces in Heavenly places.
    Our World is FIRST AND FOREMOST a spiritual construct – with our earth as only a temporary PHYSICAL component designed to accomplish a SPECIFIC objective, in a specific timeframe.

    Those dark forces are all-pervasive….. they not only influence global happenings, but they also cause Froon’s to build monuments; sell off birthright assets to strangers; allow shiite to flow uninhibited in the streets; and to abuse basic democratic principles.
    …and they cause brass bowls to be albino-centric in predisposition.

    2 – The ONLY defence against these forces is the ‘armour of BBE’ – which consists of some special protective attributes including ‘Truth, Righteousness, TRUE knowledge of the gospel, Faith,…..and the sword (or the more modern whacker) of the SPIRIT of BBE”

    Even so, …how Pacha manages to ‘see’ the picture above, and in such a clear perspective, continues to impress the Bushman…

  8. Excellent post
    Last paragraph- brilliant. There is no way the US will just
    pass the baton to China
    Derp state and war with Russia… highly unlikely… no one is that crazy

  9. David

    We beg disagree. There are no overarching political ideological differentials at work. Only a competition for power.

    All of these countries have different histories and cultures and so forth, yes

    But their quest for power is the same

    Moreover, the economics are all variants of capitalism even for a supposedly communist country like China.

    In China, for example, all the elites except the military high command structures are as Western thinking as Washington.

    The West has colonialized all the other institutions – especially educational institutes

    When you go to Beijing and observe elite behaviours you will not detect any differences in ideology compared with the West.

    The elites in China are generally well networked with elites in the West.

    The same types of argument could be made about Russia, Iran etc

  10. @ David at 12:27 PM

    Then Paradise is a state of tension. So when man is fallible ,he is in his natural state. So we progress from one state of tension to another and from one level of fallibility to the other. A very interesting piece of philosophy ,I think.

  11. @ Bernard C
    A very interesting piece of philosophy ,I think.
    Quite an ordinary and practical assessment really.

    It is what one would expect on analysis of the proverbial blind man in a dark room chasing a black cat.
    It is a hard enough task with sight, with light, and with less agile prey…..

    We generally have no idea of our purpose in life, our measures of success, our potentialities, ..or even of the true nature of the room in which we exist.
    No wonder we drift one state of tension to another …and from one crisis to another…
    We don’t even know what the elusive ‘cat’ we seek looks like….

  12. Just because a case that Putin (or Russia) is responsible for ordering/carrying out the Skripal attack has not been proven by actual hard evidence is no reason not to encourage everyone join another two minute hate session against today’s Goldstein figure a la Orwell 1984.

    Craig Murray was a former British ambassador to Uzebekistan who had worked his way up to an ambassadorship posting by keeping his nose clean and working his way up from the more junior levels in the UK’s FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office). After he became ambassador in Uzebekistan, he eventually made himself “persona non grata” with FCO headquarters when he kept impolitely raising the issue of the UK government’s cooperation with the totalitarian Uzbekistan regime which was in the habit of routinely torturing political opponents under the guise of fighting and preventing terrorism.

    The innocent suspects tortured by the regime would naturally make whatever “confessions of evil-doing” would be required in order to make the torture stop, and these fake torture confessions would be compiled into reports and sent off to the CIA. Eventually thanks to the cooperation between the US and UK the contents of some of these reports would eventually filter back to Murray in his capacity as British ambassador. He often would be shocked at the ludicrous nature of the supposed “intelligence” (which he knew was being obtained from torturing innocent suspects) but was to all appearances supposedly still being taken seriously by the authorities in London and Washington.

    He kept ignoring orders from his bosses at the FCO to stop bringing up in official memos, reports and official documents of one sort or another that the intelligence supposedly gained from this Uzbek government torturing was useless and furthermore the ongoing, routine torture of suspects by the Uzbek government, an ally of the US and Britain in the “war on terror” should not be tolerated without protest or sanction by the UK government.

    He claims at one point he was told that he should remember that he was “a British ambassador and not a human rights activist”. The FCO higher-ups in their wisdom apparently figuring that in a war on terror you couldn’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs and engaging (or having your allies engage in) some torture (i.e. terrorism) in the name of preventing terrorism kept ordering him to desist from bringing up the embarrassing issue in official documents and when he refused to follow orders, he was eventually recalled and later got the sack.

    The above is just some background on Murrray for those who have never heard of him before to help gauge his character and credibility. In what I suspect is a bit of a “thumb of the nose” gesture to his former superiors who kept having to remind him that a British ambassador was NOT a human rights worker, he now writes history books and publishes his own blog in which he gives his insights on politics and international affairs styling himself as a “Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist”. There are also many interviews/speeches in which he is featured available by searching for “Craig Murray” on YouTube.

    He has published several blog posts giving his take on the Skipral attack for anyone interested in getting another perspective other than what is consistently fed to the world by the mainstream media which now acts more as a stenographer for government rather than as independent journalists, i.e. journalists who do not assume that governments never lie and never twist facts to suit their own convenience (especially when starting a new war is in the cards).

    Here is his first blog post on the topic. There have been several other since which can be easily found on his blog.

    Of A Type Developed By Liars
    16 Mar, 2018 in Uncategorized by craig | View Comments

    I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve agent as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so. Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation “of a type developed by Russia” after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed as a compromise formulation. The Russians were allegedly researching, in the “Novichok” programme a generation of nerve agents which could be produced from commercially available precursors such as insecticides and fertilisers. This substance is a “novichok” in that sense. It is of that type. Just as I am typing on a laptop of a type developed by the United States, though this one was made in China.

    To anybody with a Whitehall background this has been obvious for several days. The government has never said the nerve agent was made in Russia, or that it can only be made in Russia. The exact formulation “of a type developed by Russia” was used by Theresa May in parliament, used by the UK at the UN Security Council, used by Boris Johnson on the BBC yesterday and, most tellingly of all, “of a type developed by Russia” is the precise phrase used in the joint communique issued by the UK, USA, France and Germany yesterday:

    “This use of a military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia, constitutes the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War.”

    When the same extremely careful phrasing is never deviated from, you know it is the result of a very delicate Whitehall compromise. My FCO source, like me, remembers the extreme pressure put on FCO staff and other civil servants to sign off the dirty dossier on Iraqi WMD, some of which pressure I recount in my memoir Murder in Samarkand. She volunteered the comparison to what is happening now, particularly at Porton Down, with no prompting from me.


  13. The Shameful U.S. Media Boycott Against Stephen F. Cohen
    Posted on March 29, 2018

    by Eric Zuesse

    America’s leading scholar of Russia, Stephen F. Cohen, now retired from both Princeton and NYU, used to be, during the Cold War, regularly invited onto U.S. newsmedia, to discuss U.S.-Soviet and then U.S.-Russian relations. But now, he is boycotted by all of the national U.S. ’news’media, because he talks about the very real and now rapidly increasing likelihood of World War III developing from U.S. policies — not from Russian policies, but from the U.S. Government, under both Obama and now Trump.

    I used to be critical of Dr. Cohen, for his refusal to use the word “coup” to refer to what in the U.S. ’news’media are euphemistically referred to as “Ukraine’s revolution”. That’s done even by the BBC, which actually knows better, as is shown here — their own producers and editors know that they are deceiving their viewers by thus playing along with the U.S.-Government’s (and its allied UK Government’s) lies on this most crucial of all international-relations matters. Indeed, how could anyone NOT know about it, who has seen and carefully thought about this — an actual “smoking gun” proof of America’s 2014 coup, which took control of Ukraine, which nation has Europe’s longest border with Russia. And now the U.S. regime thus places U.S. military and weapons onto and near Russia’s border. Did John F. Kennedy allow the Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev to do that (actually far less than that) to America during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962? Of course not! But the U.S. Government, and its ‘news’media, demand that Russia accept it — accept the intolerable.

    Continued at:

  14. Greenie

    We have found Stephen Cohen to be the preeminent Western scholar on Russian affairs in over 30 years.

    You can always tell when the deep state is at work. All dissenting voices are scrubbed from popular media.

    Their cases for war are always so weak that they can never withstand an iota of scrutiny.

  15. ““When John gets bored he resorts to his alter-ego Jack.””

    Does this mean John and Jack are schizophrenic with multiple personality disorders x2

  16. Liesalot faux madness we witness, that’s the evil his ancestors did manifesting itself…all is now being revealed to the light, a debt must be paid one way or the next…it is due…

    Karma is leaving no stone unturned, not one of them will be spared.

  17. The former British ambassador to Uzebekistan Craig Murray explains to George Galloway the several reasons why he believes that, based on the evidence (or rather lack of evidence) produced so far, British PM May has acted with unseemly haste and without justification in prematurely isolating Putin/Russia as the only possible suspect in the Skripal poisoning case.

    Audio only, no video.

  18. Dahr Jamail | For Bolton, the Slaughter of 1 Million Iraqis Is a Job Qualification
    Tuesday, March 27, 2018

    President Donald Trump’s incoming national security adviser, John Bolton, still thinks the mass destruction of Iraq was a good idea.

    “We are confident that Saddam Hussein has hidden weapons of mass destruction [WMDs] and production facilities in Iraq,” Bolton said in 2002 while he served as President George W. Bush’s under secretary of state for arms control and international security. He did everything he could to prompt the launch of the US invasion — under the pretext of WMDs that never existed.

    Then, 12 years later, with 5 percent of the total population of Iraq dead, thousands of US troops dead and trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds bled away, he told the Washington Examiner that he still thought the Iraq War was worth it. He even commented that “the worst decision made after that was the 2011 decision to withdraw US and coalition forces.”

    I witnessed the carnage firsthand in Iraq. I saw the destruction of an entire country. I watched women, children and the elderly slaughtered in Fallujah by the US military. I walked through freezers full of decayed bodies that were the detritus of Bolton’s US empire project.

    The fact that this individual is about to become national security adviser feels like a true nightmare about to revisit us.


  19. @ the bushman
    1 – The ” constellation of global forces (that) are driving us to the final war.” are NOT essentially flesh and blood, but are representative of some dark SPIRITUAL forces in Heavenly places.
    Our World is FIRST AND FOREMOST a spiritual construct – with our earth as only a temporary PHYSICAL component designed to accomplish a SPECIFIC objective, in a specific timeframe.”

    The Draco Reptilians, the Annunaki, the Grays and their minions (malevolent ETs races) WAS on a quest to dominate world power by any means covertly in cohorts with certain Governments was duped under the guise of expansive democracy for the exchanged of technologies.

    The annihilation of the malevolent races underground bases by the collective benevolent Governing bodies of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Council of Worlds was initiated to halt disintegrating practices and agendas upon the planet and its peoples.

    What is the ultimate objective?

    The ultimate objective is to liberate Planet Earth and its peoples from the clutches of Dark Forces, to allow the natural progression of the human to their Angelic Human construct.

    President Eisenhower (1953-1961) was forewarned of such agendas by Val Valiant Thor. The operative remnants of those minions (clones) are those of the deep state. Russia is more “elevated” than that of America, their recent military reveal has sent the USA into a trillion dollar upgrade. “minor players ” of the geopolitical games was told to stand down including Erdogon and Netanyahu. War is quickly becoming a thing of the pass, it will NOT be allowed,
    NO destructive nuclear devices be allowed into space, SpaceX is a scam, ALL hidden agendas will be exposed, 3D matrix systems and paradigms is currently being “repeal and replaced” even NASA will be exposed …and as for the changing of the guard.. soon, very soon, in the Twinkling of the eye will be the NEW PARIDGM.

  20. @ nineofnine
    The Draco Reptilians, the Annunaki, the Grays and their minions (malevolent ETs races)
    Bushie long suspected that BU’s Miller (de Annunaki) was of malevolent ET origin.

    How can we play our part in dealing with this scourge here on BU?
    Clearly something bigger than a whacker is required….
    ha ha ha

  21. Salisbury Incident Report: Hard Evidence For Soft Minds
    Written by ORIENTAL REVIEW on 28/03/2018

    The UK government’s presentation on the Salisbury incident, which was repeatedly cited in recent days as an “ultimate proof” of Russia’s involvement into Skripal’s assassination attempt, was made public earlier today.

    This 6-paged PDF is a powerful evidence of another intellectual low of British propaganda machine. Open it and you can tell that substantially it makes only two assertions on the Skripal case, and both are false:


    Second. “We are without doubt that Russia is responsible. No country bar Russia has combined capability, intent and motive. There is no plausible alternative explanation” – an outstading example of self-hypnosis. None of the previous items could even remotedly lead to this conclusion. The prominent British academician from the University of Kent Prof. Richard Sakwa has elaborated on this on March 23 the following way:

    Rather than just the two possibilities outlined by Theresa May, in fact there are at least six, possibly seven. The first is that this was a state-sponsored, and possibly Putin-ordered, killing… This version simply does not make sense, and until concrete evidence emerges, it should be discounted…


  22. Bushie,

    You well know that some are good and some bad, like we humans ….truly?, Miller has proven to be benevolent, why? … he tells it like it is, well versed, informed and knowledgeable… a die-hard Annunaki conceals their agenda and promotes mischief, Miller gets a pass.

    But you know too that some use the remnants of that part of the brain and can be a case of mistaken identity….lol

  23. Deep within Bushie’s religion are 13 demonic bloodlines (families) who rule this world

    Using religion as a distraction.

    For example, the founder of the Jehovah’s witnesses is a man called Charles Taze Russell whose bloodline in connected to all manner of wickedness.

  24. Wait Pacha…
    You ain’t figure out yet that Bushie has NO religion?
    Bushie DON”T do ‘religion’…. lotta shiite.

    The bushman is a simple case of adoption – full stop.

    Bushie was minding his own damn business (trying to woo some girls looking like Islandgal) back in the 70’s when he was unceremoniously adopted …and then systematically exposed to all kinds of strange training and experiences… and finally handed a whacker…

    The one thing that the bushman CANNOT do well is accept shiite talk and illogical doctrines from brass bowls – which is a basic requirement for ANY religion.

    You are correct about the bloodlines ruling this world.
    But If ‘religion’ happens to be a convenient tool for their rule
    …what would you prefer them to do instead?
    rule ‘vi et armis’?

    Forget the wicked protagonists of this nasty world …and let us concentrate on the ‘diamonds’ that can potentially be produced amid the heat, pressure, nastiness, and clear dangers that these demons create.

    LOL @ nineofnine
    Miller got you tricked too? ….. 🙂

  25. David

    Eric Holder has not the personality to be a politician

    He’s such a tight ass!

    He would be only a conservator of a wicked legal system that must die

    An agent, par excellence, of the deep state

  26. What is it? The same bloodline factions which found their achievements and “successes in Obama will in a last ditch effort to push another Black for POTUS.

    Holder as well as Oprah Winprey and others becomes eligible because of their loyalties, a revert of race war agenda will be used for a hopeful, future survival, nevertheless, seal indictments will unroll very shortly, the same Russian collusion pursued will expose all that is deep state. Fema Camps was specifically designed to house these perpetrators.

    The Council of 13

  27. Americans Trust ‘Our’ Intelligence Agencies. Should We?
    April 2, 2018 by Eric Zuesse.

    Iraq in 2003 was a particularly blatant demonstration of today’s U.S.-Government’s psychopathy regarding foreign affairs. So: let’s consider this unusually clear example (hopefully, to learn a lesson from it — which still hasn’t yet been learnt):

    Bill Clinton’s CIA chief George Tenet told President George W. Bush, on 21 December 2002, that convincing the American people that Saddam Hussein had WMD, weapons of mass destruction, was “a slam-dunk.” His job wasn’t to find the truth, but to authenticate the ‘evidence’ to back up the President, and Tenet did just that. The American people went for it, even though no WMD actually remained in Iraq, because the U.N. inspectors in 1998 had destroyed all of them, and because there was no indication (other than hired and coerced testimony, and especially fabrications from CIA-partnered anti-Saddam Iraqis such as Ahmed Chalabi) that there had been restored in Iraq any WMD program.

    A crucial date was 7 September 2002, when George W. Bush and Tony Blair both said that a new report had just been issued by the IAEA saying that Saddam Hussein was only six months away from having a nuclear weapon. The IAEA promptly denied that it had issued any such “new report” at all, and the ‘news’ media simply ignored the denial, which the IAEA then repeated weeks later, and it again was ignored; so, the false impression, that such an IAEA report had been issued, remained in the publics’ minds, and they favored invading Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein before there would be, as Condoleezza Rice warned the next day following Bush-Blair, on September 8th, a “mushroom cloud”. It was all just lies — lies that were believed by the public, at the time, and even believed by many for a long time after we invaded.

    Some of these lies were derived from torturing detainees — torturing them to say what the U.S. and British regimes wanted them to say.


  28. Greenie

    We have made a contribution on the SLC/Cambridge Analytica thread

    Have a look, give an opinion.

  29. Green monkey
    The CIA is no more controled by deep state but the Military. Saddam expired is service, wmd was the excuseo.. oil was a factor but more important was the burried artifacts, as too with Syria… Now that colluders of hindrance has been removed, the indictments are already prepared for those entrenched in deep state and those big names that directs.

    In a last ditch effort, attempts at full scale false flags or home made attempt of an EMP to foister a civil or other war

  30. David

    Breaking news indicates that Porton Down was unable to conclude that the Novichok like substance could be linked to Russia.

    This is a big blow to the plot of Theresa May el al

    These people can NEVER be trusted.

    May in now in deep trouble, despite a bump in the polls ahead of a possible election. Her numbers will soon reverse.

    • Since that time when Colin Powell was duped that there were WMD in Iraq what can we say about trusting the Western Intelligence?

  31. An active shooter was reported at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, Calif., Tuesday afternoon, according to social media postings from YouTube employees inside the building.

    The San Bruno Police Department confirmed on Twitter it was responding to an active shooter in the vicinity of YouTube’s facilities in San Bruno, which is about 10 miles from downtown San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley. Police have not yet confirmed to TIME whether a shooter was actually inside YouTube’s headquarters.

    Here’s what we know about the active shooter situation at YouTube’s San Bruno headquarters:


  32. Below is a video of an interview with former British ambassador Craig Murray following the recent press conference anouncement by the head executive of the UK’s Porton Down chemical warfare establishment indicating that the PD scientists could not confirm that the Novichok nerve agent used in Salisbury was made in Russia. (See Pacha’s post above, Apr3 @ 11:24.) Doubtless after the several wild exagerations about Saddam’s WMD capabilities – (e.g. the claim that trailers and equipment originally sold to Iraq by the UK for fillingl meterological balloons with helium gas were really Saddam’s “mobile chemical weapons labs”) you can probably safely assume scientists today at PD will be more resistant than ever to folding under government pressure to make unwarranted conclusions from flimsy and/or non-existent evidence lest their statement be used for more unjustifiied warmongering/propagaganda hype by politicians and the MISC (Military-Industrial-Security-Complex),

    Murray’s latest blog post on the same topic is at: craigmurrayDOTorg.uk/archives/2018/04/johnson-and-may-hide-as-their-lies-dissolve/

    Here is the video:

  33. Craig Murray in his latest post explains why the UK government’s story on the Salisbury incident more and more appears to resemble a slice of Swiss cheese:

    Knobs and Knockers
    5 Apr, 2018 in Uncategorized by craig

    What is left of the government’s definitive identification of Russia as the culprit in the Salisbury attack? It is a simple truth that Russia is not the only state that could have made the nerve agent: dozens of them could. It could also have been made by many non-state actors.

    Motorola sales agent Gary Aitkenhead – inexplicably since January, Chief Executive of Porton Down chemical weapons establishment – said in his Sky interview that “probably” only a state actor could create the nerve agent. That is to admit the possibility that a non state actor could. David Collum, Professor of Organo-Chemistry at Cornell University, infinitely more qualified than a Motorola salesman, has stated that his senior students could do it. Professor Collum tweeted me this morning.

    David Collum

    @CraigMurray.org This nerve agent story has been transparent from the start. Wondering where the rest of the organic chemists have been but, if asked, they would confirm the simplicity of the cmpds and absurdity of claims.
    The key point in his tweet is, of course “if asked”.

    The state and corporate media has not asked Prof. Collum nor any of the Professors of Organic Chemistry in the UK. There simply is no basic investigative journalism happening around this case.


  34. “Since that time when Colin Powell was duped that there were WMD in Iraq what can we say about trusting the Western Intelligence?”

    Mr Blogmaster, we can trust any Intel service as much as we trust our child previously caught lying: he or she is ours forever so we double check carefully the underlying details before we reach our conclusion.

    Intel services by their very nature must lie and dissemble to effectively bring info to public view but the reality of the very existence of that public awareness indicates frankly that there has been a failure: Whether a terrorist act, an assassination (or attempted one) and so on.

    The most effective and therefore trustworthy Intel data examples are the criminal acts thwarted…the ones we either never hear about or do so years later. Do we laud the Intel services there…generally no…but we rightly lambaste their backsides for the failures.

    As far as this English problem is concerned the careful questions a reasonable person could ask the supposedly lying MI5/MI6 or maybe the countervailing narrative posited by allies of the GRU/FSB:

    1.Which other nation or Corp. has a vested interest in the deaths of the Skripals?
    2.Has Putin attacked Russian citizens in similar ways in the past?
    3.What benefit to UK to so aggressively publicize this Russian vexation with such bold, allegedly misdirected accusations?

    But on the other hand said reasonable person also must enquire..

    4.What benefit to Russia for such a clumsy assassination attempt?
    5. Is Putin trying to send a message? Because surely a car accident, random mugging or other type tragic accident would not have generated this type of blow-back.
    6.So is Putin actually the actor here?
    7.Is this a false flag, a blunder or a classic bait and switch?

    We interpret the narratives of the Intel services depending – as one blogger said otherwise – on our sensitivities…as a Western born father I am inclined to believe my ‘family’ but as I have caught them in lies before I am still overly careful….

    But I have ABSOLUTELY no such sensitivity to believe anything issued from the mouths of the Eastern Intel services or their allies….but I can accept being wrong!

    I imagine this upcoming Russian UN ‘review’ may answer some doubts or maybe not!

    • You would have thought they learned from the Iraq ‘there are weapons of mass destruction’ experience.

    • What is Colin Powell saying about this mess? About a president writing Rh on Twitter every morning?

  35. Powell was always part of the problem. What could he say?

    Trump is so ignorant he does not even realize what he has said on Twitter is a declaration of war, on Russia!

    The deep state are the people plotting this pretext for war

    Powell is and was part thereof

  36. @ Pachamama 7.34 am
    How do you manage to grasp these things…..?
    Next you will be naming the specifics….

    Boss, you are not suppose to know these things….

  37. Bushie

    We are merely a humble student of yours.

    It is clear, these people must, sooner or later, be brought to a Bushian understanding.

    For there are no sets of forces which could halt they eternal lust for war.

    And they certainly are not going to give up their global power willingly.

    With a madman in charge on one side, the worst should be expected.

    This writer is willing to die. To see billions killed. Indeed all of humanity, to rid this planet of White supremacy.

    But you maybe expectant of an otherworldly intervention. The result will be the same, even so.

  38. This episode is not about war, but a pretence to war. Why? To bait (war), identify (operatives) and switch (drain the swamp) of Deep State and it’s phangs..
    POTUS will not give chance for impeachment, POTUS and Putin aim is a global cleansing of DS and it’s phangs.
    Kim J has been brought to heel by POTUS (his quest was seriously compromised by back door ops, dead in the water. Phangs in IRAN, watch what unfolds.
    POTUS tweet referring expectant strikes conveyed cryptic intent… Strikes not from the US but that of SYRIA’S natural enemies masterminding false flags under guise to induce their agenda by others, but themselves.

  39. “Kim J has been brought to heel by POTUS (his quest was seriously compromised by back door ops, dead in the water. “.

    Man stop reading white (right) wing shit. You are going to watch China and Kim J make an ass out of our ass. Why do you think Kim went to China? The plans are in place.

  40. TG443 April 12, 2018 5:44 PM

    Small fish went to big fish ’cause he was summoned, knows that he’s dependent on big fish, learnt that NK will “shot itself in the foot, ass and head” should there be any targeted launch, it WAS a stern and grave WARNNING….

    Who carries more weight and has more economic bilateral investment/worth? Can you disclosed what POTUS and Xi J determined on his (Xi’s) visit to the US? Here was the Communist in talks with Democracy, yet the narrative is enemy/war…
    War conclusively, not of former methodologies, ideologies or differences of policies but WHAT is at the root of destructive political and economic agendas globally and HOW to address it.

    Do you recall the Chinese harbor incident and most recently the lost of their satellite? Would one consider that a shot across the bow or otherwise.. by who?. Strong nations have a way of showing strength and the only ass that will be made mockery of are those who had been playing usury with humanity at any cost for their survival. This is not the Obambush era. ..

    Until ALL have a complete understanding and make a comparative and conclusive distinction between the actions of the US Government and those holding similar power structures, you stand confounded it the midst with babble..

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