Kellman, Sinckler and Lashley: GROTTO Housing Project and the Ineffective Public Accounts Committee

The following poster was posted to BU by Sunshine Sunny Sunshine. It resonates with the BU household for many reasons.  Unlike many Barbadians the BU household has not forgotten that three ministers of government were requested to appear before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to explain questionable decisions concerning the GROTTO housing project.  BU has repeatedly questioned the decision by government to pay a dividend of 25 million dollars from the Housing Credit Fund as one example. To be fair to Minister Kellman – the most accessible member of government – we have asked him to explain the decision to pay 25 million from the HCF many times.

We have had to witness repeatedly in the post Independence period the work of this important committee of parliament frustrated by members to parliament. How can we boast of living in a democratic system of government and at the same time frustrate the workings of the PAC and the Auditor General? Why no attempt to honestly execute matters under the remit of the Committee of Privileges?

One day coming soon!

The GROTTO High Rise Controversy

The summons by the Public Accounts Committee for Minister Kellman to attend a briefing regarding questionable financial practices in the Grotto High Rise Project was ignored by him and two other ministers.The reasons provided by them were as frivolous as their attempt to avoid being questioned. It seems that they all believe that they are above any laws of the land and do not have to give an account for any decisions they make, regardless of how eye brow raising they maybe. As the ministers sought to vindicate themselves regarding the laws governing the committee and the motive of the opposition leader as a woman on a witch hunt looking to cast blame, the fact that they refuse to turn up are grounds for interpreting their behaviours as an admission of possible guilt deserving of further investigation. The assumption gathered is that Minister Kellman is not as squeaky clean as he would like the world to believe. We already know that this minister has a propensity to speak out of turn and make utterances that make him look like darn fool. As a result, his attempts to make the whole Barbados believe that normal financial conduct was involved in the Grotto deal and that no financial rules by him or anyone affiliated with him were broken, only increases the assumption that there is more to discover than what is already given as a known. In addition, we also know that he has little regard for authority and rules by the ignorance he displayed in ignoring the island wide emergency shut down during the threat of a serious storm system that threatened the island. To him, opening his Moon Town Mall was a far greater priority than safety. His behaviour is repugnant and distasteful. If the People of St. Lucy believes that sardines, cornbeef and biscuits makes for a good politician, they better think differently about this minister, because he is prospering while they are paupering begging for his bread.

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  1. man by man part by part we know them well now its your turn with your proof,
    Crooks liars scumbags , sooner or later a snake will bite each of you,
    We see you love to protect them until it’s too late or your turn to be defrauded,

  2. Ya gotta see now how much of taxpayers money they will put in Maloney’s hand for Hyatt and say nit a word to the people, hopefully none.


    It’s the government supposed to curb the importation of overly expensive vehicles, dont just talk about it do something about it, while he is at it, he should tell the taxpayers of the 5 costly rides he owns…… all duty free.

    Dumbville had no problem as minister of health making it more difficult for the elderly, poor and sick to get access to much needed healthcare and medication.

    Now it’s the turn of the automotive importers, make it impossible for them to waste foreign exchange Dumbville on overly expensive, unnecessary vehicles.

  4. Somebody tell me that I am not seeing this hypocrite and liar Dumbville Inniss in a screen shot of Nationnews helping cut a ribbon for the opening of Platinum motors belonging to 2 crooks, Leroy Parris and Peter Harris, to import more expensve vehicles to rob the island of the same foreign exchange Dumbville complained about in the same Ñationnews.

    I would not be a bit surprised to hear the hypocrite Dumbville also has shares with Harris and Parris in Platinum motors…..the same Parris he vigorously defended for robbing Clico policyholders and calling those victims greedy, he did not want to see them repaid their money.

    Get Dumbville out the people’s parliament, he is untrustworthy and destrctive and deceitful….to the peopl.

  5. The numbers don’t add up to me

    Inniss revealed last night that an average of 395 vehicles are imported every month at a cost of approximately $10 million.
    (Note 10×12=120 million or $25, 009 per vehicle)

    Quoting figures from the Barbados Statistical Service, the minister said over the past five years 22,691 vehicles were imported at a value $572 million, with the number of both new and used vehicles rising each year.
    Note (572/5=114).

    Seem like the importation cost ia about 100 million per year. Doubt it would take an additional 900 million to keep them on the road.

    Note that a billion is 1000 million and not 100 million

    If this is good armchair journalism I will be adopting the pseudonym Karl More

  6. Dumbville should never have been a government minister, should never again be one after 2018 and should never be close enough to parliament again to even think he can become prime minister, he should just stick with the porn and Harris and Parris.

    The parliament is a magnet for scum, how can anyone go about changing that 350 year old blight.


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  8. Anon….Dumbville is being his usual deceitful, forked tongue, two faced self…..he thinks if he sells the voters enough false, confusing information, he will be returned to parliament, they all need to be thrown out as a reminder of how they were allowed into parliament and by whom, in the first place.

    The ministers from Fruendel down tells too many lies to the people and disrespect the people’intellligence

    The ministers from Fruendel down takes too much pleasure in deceiving over 260,000 black people in favor of everyone else

    Those are not the type of leaders that would take the island forward or engender confidence in them from any electorate, Barbados will remain in a holding pattern indefinitely with such backward, small minded, narrow minded, visionless leadership..

  9. @ WW&C
    The question is …. Did Nicholls not know of the underhand shenanigans in his chosen profession BEFORE it came to his door?

    If he did not, then he is as dumb as Bushie classifies 95% of our lawyers to be…..
    If he did? ….then what did he do to address the situation?

    This is the same dilemma that confronts most, if not all, of us in society.
    We live WITH the shiite all around us…and even smile when we benefit from it…. But when we become the victim, it is a whole different story.

    This should be a lesson to ALL CITIZENS of any character become whistleblowers for truth, justice and fairness.

    DO NOT SIT IDLY BY AND TOLERATE SHIITE …. it will blow up in your own face eventually…. just like it did with the BWA managers who kept quiet and supported the shiitehound minister and dinosaur Chairman in hiding up our water woes, …and who now have been dumped….

    SEND THE INFORMATION TO BU….. or pass it by Caswell in an open back truck… 🙂
    You will be doing YOURSELF and your family a great favour….


  10. Yes he did Bushman, he studied in UK and was exposed to all the crooked lawyers, the former chief justice and all the injustices perpetrated on old, sick, dying and dead people along with the strong healthy people who did not know the law.

    Some say he participated, he should know, he has to live with, I saw a document recently where he was put in court for selling an elderly person’s property without their knowledge years ago, so it appears he helped to misuse and abuse the same justice system to which he now seeks justice and needs the system to work for him.

    That is blowback….however he is an attorney and he can make it work, he has the know how….unlike thousands of previous victims of the Barbados court system that’s infested with dirty lawyers.

    Amused…may his soul rest in eternal peace and comfort.

    Amen Bushman.

  11. As everyone is now learning, Cottle Catfprd was famous for stealing properties from people on the island….for multiple decades….black people especially the elderly were their best targets.

  12. In all my life I never never witnessed what we are seeing going on with this DLP. I have never seen a group of people get elected and then just “go to town” on enriching themselves after sitting on the opposition benches for 15 years.

    There seems to be no stopping of their greed to get wealthy and they just do not care who knows or who dont. White men have held this country to ransom raping the treasury at the hands of these villains…..and Freundel Stuart a known white people hater prior to his ascendency to PM is part and parcel of this madness. To hell with you blacks, you cannot give us money to run or campaign, all we need you blacks for is your votes and we can give you $100.

    Do you mean to tell me that they do not have an once of conscience to know that Mark Maloney should not be getting every government contract or coming up with scams that these morons go along with them just so? Mark my words, the pitbull aint no better either, he is sure doing his part……….Innotech is his “Mark Maloney”.

    How Freundel or the Stinkliar sleep at nights is beyond me, maybe they have no plans to go to the electorate again……… the old people would say………..their guts full!

  13. They guts full and they will rot and become worm food just like everyone else, but before that, not Maloney, not Bizzy not Cow nor Bjetkham or any of the other crooks, but it’s the black bajans who the ungrateful, coveteous, hungry, greedy, hand to mouth minister love to neglect, lie to, disenfranchise and deceive will kick them out of parliament.

    They can take that to the bank.

  14. I read today’s Flying Fish and Cou Cou and it mentioned that David Estwick apparently regrets not walking away from the cabinet after they rejected his rescue plan.

    According to the article, he is said to be kicking himself for not sticking to his principles and not walking away from the inevitable debacle.

    This is rich…….what principles what?

    Three years later, the economy has gotten worse and where is his principles? Give a break! The people of Barbados are feeling the pinch and he chooses to remain quiet whle rumors abound about his dealings with Innotech!

    Give me a break!

  15. Focus and ready team my ass. Depth and quality my ass. ´Bunch of hungry vultures. The newbies and first timers are operating like bulls. Butting at the issues, charging in with strong words, bringing the same level of name calling and insults. Why the heck you do not talk about how you are going to make Barbadian governance accountable governance, transparent governance and governance that will ensure anticorruption laws are going to prevent money from going through many back doors. Until I hear that coming from this wicked ass BLP party, I am not interested in one shite or any of the shite about buying and selling permits, building near million dollar houses, or any other corruption that has no legislation to lock up ya all wicked thieving asses.

  16. @David, Arthur Holder sounding nice but do you feel Mia Mottley will clip his wings full transparency and prosecution of DLP ministers

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