A BLACKman’s Plight in a Case Versus Pat Brayshaw and Government –the Clarke’s Road Saga continues


The actions by MTW officials affiliated with a DLP Minister has allowed a reportedly wealthy and WHITE landowner by the name of PAT BRAYSHAW of Palm Paradise Guest House and Apartment in Chapel Gap, Paynes Bay, St. James to make an illegal pathway across a known watercourse located between Chapel Gap and Clarke’s Road, St. James. Boulders  were utilized to create a new left edge – and was extended into the watercourse thereby creating a space read a back yard garden-cum private road. The illegal space has obstructed and rerouted the flow of water to the right low line area of Clarke’s Road, St. James where the BLACK WORKING CLASS Barbadians reside.

After many years of pleading to Permanent Secretary Bruce Alleyne and Chief Technical Officer Frank Thornhill of MTW for a remedy to the dangerous situation without success, an official of MTW, Ms. Sharon Deane advised the BACKMAN on the 9 March, 2016, that she had spoken to CTO Thornhill and he assured her he would have taken care of the matter. Note that the blockage in the watercourse in Clarke’s Road resulted in the worse flooding in the area to my knowledge on the 29 November,2016, 8 months after the assurance

Permanent Secretary Bruce Alleyne and CTO Frank Thornhill have since retired from the civil services leaving my matter outstanding. For being negligent in executing their responsibility to a Blackman and other residents, may their retirement be eventful.

The above was scripted by Arden Blackman of Clarke’s Road, S. James, the victim.

Arden Blackman’s case is interesting for many reasons. He is an honest hardworking working working class Barbadian who is being taken advantage of by a dysfunctional system. Unlike many Barbadians who feel victimized and do nothing except to talk, Blackman has written to the Nation newspaper, Barbados Today (to the credit of the two media outlets Blackman’s plight was featured), he called the talk show, he has written several letters to players in government -the Chief Technical Officer MTW, Permanent Secretaries AND ministers. Recently he wrote to aspiring Member of Parliament for the area Kerri Symmonds, he wrote to George Pilgrim the general secretary of the DLP. He communicated with Minister Denis Kellman through his Facebook page. All promised to assist and have failed to deliver!

There is only so much an honest man can take after exhausting ALL known legal avenues while agitating for justice. BU is willing to advise Mr. Blackman to arm himself with two dozen eggs and a box of ripe tomatoes. A general election is lurking on the horizon.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    Let’s say it….

    As a part of my job I happened to travel to Denmark and the Netherlands on numerous occasions, and part of the experience was that the ‘natives’ felt this ‘is our thing’; this is our country; our navel strings buried here; this is my home; I belong here; I am Dutch; I am a Dane; this is my fortress; this is my refuge; this is my home; I am safe; my dreams are secure. I am home.

    Aiden Blackman has that feeling and that belief about Barbados; but sadly, the politics of the country is telling him otherwise. It embraces a foreigner because of her money and color and kicks him in the ass for over a decade.

    I admire his determination to hold on to his beliefs; I can hear his cry and feel his pain; but his is a land where a mess of pottage or 30 pieces of silver can sever navel strings.

    How can I tell him to persevere and to fight on, when I know that the mighty dollar/pound trumps his birthright. How can I tell him that despite all talk we are a nation of whores; selling ourselves to tourists, the highest bidder and even to known sexual predators. How can I tell him to abandon his hopes.

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  • @ TheGazer
    How can I tell him to abandon his hopes.
    Skippa, tell the man the truth nuh!!!

    The FACT is that if your ‘parents’ are prostitutes and parros who spent their lives selling themselves and, wherever possible, the family silver to the highest bidder, then it is pointless having hopes of “this is my home; I belong here” … not when you done KNOW that the ‘forkers’ will eventually sell the house from under your feet….

    No point in giving a blackman false hopes …when we KNOW that his black donkey is destined for the grass – thanks to the Judases in Parliament.

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  • @Anonymouse-The Gazer

    I know what you are saying, I see the happenings, right in my back yard, on my door step, I used hope and pray, to push me away from doing the unthinkable as to this kind of disadvantage and discrimination brought about ,by a callousness white, but retained by actions of the corrupted, disregarding,silence as to wrong doing, Black politician and Government Official,


  • Just warm greetings..
    Hope that you have made forward progress in your fight.


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