A BLACKman’s Plight in a Case Versus Pat Brayshaw and Government –the Clarke’s Road Saga continues


The actions by MTW officials affiliated with a DLP Minister has allowed a reportedly wealthy and WHITE landowner by the name of PAT BRAYSHAW of Palm Paradise Guest House and Apartment in Chapel Gap, Paynes Bay, St. James to make an illegal pathway across a known watercourse located between Chapel Gap and Clarke’s Road, St. James. Boulders  were utilized to create a new left edge – and was extended into the watercourse thereby creating a space read a back yard garden-cum private road. The illegal space has obstructed and rerouted the flow of water to the right low line area of Clarke’s Road, St. James where the BLACK WORKING CLASS Barbadians reside.

After many years of pleading to Permanent Secretary Bruce Alleyne and Chief Technical Officer Frank Thornhill of MTW for a remedy to the dangerous situation without success, an official of MTW, Ms. Sharon Deane advised the BACKMAN on the 9 March, 2016, that she had spoken to CTO Thornhill and he assured her he would have taken care of the matter. Note that the blockage in the watercourse in Clarke’s Road resulted in the worse flooding in the area to my knowledge on the 29 November,2016, 8 months after the assurance

Permanent Secretary Bruce Alleyne and CTO Frank Thornhill have since retired from the civil services leaving my matter outstanding. For being negligent in executing their responsibility to a Blackman and other residents, may their retirement be eventful.

The above was scripted by Arden Blackman of Clarke’s Road, S. James, the victim.

Arden Blackman’s case is interesting for many reasons. He is an honest hardworking working working class Barbadian who is being taken advantage of by a dysfunctional system. Unlike many Barbadians who feel victimized and do nothing except to talk, Blackman has written to the Nation newspaper, Barbados Today (to the credit of the two media outlets Blackman’s plight was featured), he called the talk show, he has written several letters to players in government -the Chief Technical Officer MTW, Permanent Secretaries AND ministers. Recently he wrote to aspiring Member of Parliament for the area Kerri Symmonds, he wrote to George Pilgrim the general secretary of the DLP. He communicated with Minister Denis Kellman through his Facebook page. All promised to assist and have failed to deliver!

There is only so much an honest man can take after exhausting ALL known legal avenues while agitating for justice. BU is willing to advise Mr. Blackman to arm himself with two dozen eggs and a box of ripe tomatoes. A general election is lurking on the horizon.

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  1. @ Mr Blackman

    I received the notification and am just trying to get confirmation of your bonafides from the Honourable Blogmaster

    Like I detailed to you this morning, I am not here on BU to play or to be played by you, or people who pretend to be you, or anyone among the many who think that this social activism we zealously conduct here is a game.

    Many, like the Carl Moores of the Nation, feel that this is a game to be played for the benefit of individuals, as opposed to country.

    We should not give “two individuals balls of pup” for Mugabe Mottley nor Fumbles Stuart.

    What we, as men and women need to care about, is our country.

    The fact that, if we do not put Barbados interests first, we are soon going to be in a worse situation than Jamaica, especially since we dont have their size, or that of Trinidad and Tobago.

    As you see, already the year has opened well in january and it is looking to be a bumper crop in 2017, since the deaths are racking up nicely.

  2. PIECE

    I was told on the 5 January Ms. Mottley will visit me ASAP . but I must be really sick and she hope I die because I have not seen her yet , these politicians think that because I am from the social class that grab their $150 buy out for a vote, that this Black man can be bought, this fight will go on with or without .


    A temporary solution, store up some sand bags and at the sight of danger, place them strategically that no water comes your way, divert it wherever you think it should go.. coast clear, remove them and repeat next time until you get a permanent fix.

    The Fish pot / little good harbor in st peter has done a similar thing in constructing right across a known watercourse, at heavy rains, the road is impassible and this is a major highway to the moon town and the north.

  4. @ nineofnine

    I thank you for the kind of solution, but if every time a foreign wealthy person come to Barbados and cunningly get the Black politicians, and Technocrats to further corrupt our system to disadvantage the Black low and middle class born Barbadian, causing us to moved or get push aside, to accommodate the callous behavior of the rich, where can we go, who and what would a Bajan look like in the next 20 years. this Black man will not be push any more. don’t need sand bags, a fix must come, one way or the other

  5. Road across the watercourse, taxpayers money spent paving a foreign white woman private botch road, wash off and out to sea - Alden Blackman Road across the watercourse, taxpayers money spent paving a foreign white woman private botched road, washed off and out to sea – Alden Blackman

    Pat Bradshaw build this botch road in and along the middle of a watercourse , DLP Minister George Hutson supervised MTW workmen with the task of paving this said road leading up to 2013 general election - Alden Blackman Pat Bradshaw built this botched road in and along the middle of a watercourse , DLP Minister George Hutson supervised MTW workmen with the task of paving this said road leading up to 2013 general election – Alden Blackman

    Barbadian taxpayers money spent to paved this Private botch road wash to sea - Alden Blackman Barbadian taxpayers money spent to paved this private botched road washed to sea – Alden Blackman

    Why did PS Alleyne, CTO Frank Thornhill and Philip Tudor of MTW allowed this private his botch road, built by a foreign white woman in this watercourse to remained , despite the pleading from Blackman to the fact,said road , obstruct ed and rerouted flooding to his home - Alden Blackman Why did Permanent Secretary Alleyne, CTO Frank Thornhill and Philip Tudor of MTW allowed this private his botch road, built by a foreign white woman in this watercourse to remained , despite the pleading from Blackman to the fact,said road , obstruct ed and rerouted flooding to his home – Alden Blackman

  6. Sometime ago one White Woman went astray and in less than 24 hours the White,Red and accompany with Black people some with arms and the latest in technology to find her, in comfort at a house with friends, a Foreign White Woman built an illegal private road in and across a watercourse that cause re-routing of flood to the BLACK residents of Clarke’s Road and and I will continue this later it really sad now

  7. @ Mr. Blackman

    I would ask the gentlemen and ladies of the BU household/family to do the following exercise just to reinforce a point.

    Perform a google search for pictures of

    1.Pat Brayshaw Palm Paradise barbados

    2.Chief Technical Officer Frank Thornhill

    3.Philip Tudor Deputy Chief Technical Officer for MTW

    and tell de ole man what wunna find.

    Then do a search for pictures of Alden Blackman.

    What becomes evident is that those who have effected or are party to the act of illegality are conspicuously absent from the internet medium even though (i) one is the “renowned big up owner of the Palm Paradise (lost?) hotel and big up FX earner and (ii) the others are significant functionaries of the Ministry of Transportation and Works

    Why are they hiding?

    Let us encourage a campaign of a different type.

    Can we call on the BU household and family to

    (a)find pictures of the specific persons who Mr Blackman has been in dialogue with for 15 years, 15 freaking mo** badword years, and send them to the Honnourable Blogmaster

    (b)find pictures of the homes of CTO Frank Thornhill and Deputy CTO Philip Tudor ad Dawes and each and every one of them and bring the campaign to a different level.

    THe faceless have the resort of being able to hide in the shadows while they continue to do as they like, to whom they like, whenever they like, for a long as they like.

    From all these pictures that the Honourable Blogmaster has provided, one gets the impression that

    (a)the man made structure was placed at 8 feet? above the level of the former waterway
    (b)the structure rather wall built by Brayshaw was to protect her property from possible erosion of her herbiage on her hotel property
    (c)her reasonable? rationale was to protect her investment
    (d)She was by law not permitted to build any further than her boundary but in building the structure with its heightened road.
    (e)what her act did was to

    (i) accelerate water that normally took that pathway to the base of this man-made ESCARPMENT and
    (ii) given the physics associated with the increased height and the “sealed” surface, this, AS OPPOSED TO A NATURAL SOAK-AWAY for rain water, created a situation where “normally slower moving water”, predisposed to use the left bifurcation and go into what seems to be a gully, splits and goes to the right.

    The pictures provided do not give one a vertical view of the plots of land and how the properties lay but a layman might say that Brayshaw was made aware of her options which were to (a) build up from the existing base of the previous watercourse some 8 feet for the entire length of her property with its attendant costs or (b) build up the road and put down a shorter retaining wall

    The “fill and build” option was CHEAPER, for her, but has proven to be rather expensive to the residents that live downstream of her dam and the options read costs to rectify this NEITHER SHE NOR THE GoB want to bear.

    When the government came AFTER THE ILLEGALITY OF THE ACT, I am starting to “see” what their concern was/is.

    Dawes, Thornhill, Tudor and all the rest of them realized that should they remove the illegal road it meant that Palm Paradise’s Wall would be at risk and whereas she spent $1,500 on a few metres of big rocks and a “road cover”, they risked having to replace the white woman wall for the whole length of the watercourse.

    Mr. Blackman ammmmmmm this is one where you and the Clark’s land neighbours should have hired a bobcat and dug up the rocks when she put them down and before the utilities that show in the pictures above were made permanent.

    It just goes to underscore this thing that the ole man calls REMEMBRANCE “…the action of remembering something….a thing kept or given as a reminder or in commemoration of something or someone…”

    Unit 731 and Unit 100.

    Everyone knows and always speaks of Auschwitz and Belsen and the German holocaust but few even speak of the Milwaukee, Tuskegee experiments that targeted blacks or these two infamous chemical/biological warfare research centres set up by Japan that killed hundreds of thousands of people

    If you live long enough and have enough money incidents like how SIr Cow’s wife Hoggie putting garbage on the counter of the nigger’s boutique will be forgotten Mr Blackman.

    If we here at BU, the so called concerned citizens that we are DONT UP OUR GAME, i fear that your issue will die, something that the now retired former CTO Thornhill and Dawes and all the rest of them are relying on

  8. Very Good Mr Blackman,

    Take the fight to them

    You see that picture with the Blackman’s yard and his house at risk in the flooding?

    De grandson would take that picture and juxtapose the house(s) of CTO Frank Thornhill or the current Minister of Transport and Works or any one of the MTW staff that effed you up and just say “He living Comfortable while black peeple suffering”

    Anybody who knows where these people are living GET PICTURES and send them to the Honourable Blogmaster and de grandson will do a likke ting for Mr. Blackman ant the residents of Clarks Road in the parish of St James AND THE CONSTITUENCY OF THE ALLEGED WIFE BEATER & Representative of St James Central Kerrie Oblong Head Symmonds.

  9. Honourable Blogmaster,

    What you will see next is a State of Emergency being declared and General Elections being suspended shortly thereafter

    As Skerritt “breaks some heads and kills some people” a feature which is soon to happen in Beautiful Barbados Gem of the Caribbean Sea but to be quashed by the sycophant new Chief of Staff

    So we have the Head of the Police as a DLP pooch sucked, the Defense Force Head a Pooch Sucker and the Chief Justice as appointed by the Head Pooch

    So what do we have ??

    Pucker your lips my fellow bajans, enough of the bull**g that we have been getting not the nutrients will follow…

  10. @ Mr Blackman

    Mr Blackman,

    De ole man ha never posted on Naked Departure.

    Most because i think that your ‘audience” decides where you do your advertising

    Simply put, when the FBI is looking for a ghetto thug they do not take out $100K advertisements in the Wall Street Journal they advertise on the National Enquirer where their mass readership is best served.

    What you are focusing on right now is readership and to bring the attention of the local and regional and international audience to view your plight.

    And in the meantime to have those people who colluded with Pat Brayshaw, spotlighted in the “best manner possible” as niggers who licked and still lick the white people a**.

    Like you said earlier today in this blog, you are not in the race of the easily employed and if you loose your house well you cant afford a new one like Brayshaw who CLAIMS TO HAVE ONE IN FLORIDA.

    So like de old man was suggesting.

    Dere has got to be someone who knows where the people that have effed you up live.

    While you may not find them in the telephone directory, the voting electorate in Clarks Road can easily share among yourselves to buy copy of the electoral list from the Electoral Department where you can find the address of ALL OF THE PARTIES who would have touched your matter and effed you up.

    Wunna also blish to have a car, AND wunna retired, and have alot of time to drive bout Barbados and tek pictures of people houses.


  11. So get the pictures of every single one of their houses, and a picture of each feller, (go and park outside their workplace and tek a picture) and send them here to Barbados Underground

    Yes people going say that you is a terrible feller who trying to stop foreign exchange from coming in the country but, Mr Blackman, when you sailing bout in moses to navigate your land during the flood, all uh dem, sorry we, home in we nice house warm and ting.

    So let it be that when dem going to the supermarket, and going in town, and going to church where they are the respected trustees of the church, let it be that all the congregants know them to be liars, and cheaters and thieves and dishonourable men

  12. http://imgur.com/a/FSM1D

    Mr. Blackman,

    All you need to do with this is to send it to the “various outlets”

    Remember that the sensational outlets like Naked Departure have readership far and wide.

    Which for your purposes is useful.

    No ex -pat should be able to come to your country Barbados and run you.

    A lot of people here on BU love to talk big bout Donald Trunk and his Make America Great Again and the Build a Wall xenophobia that he is pursuing.

    But talk whu dem like, this is precisely what is happening her in Barbados and you and other Bajans like me are unable to see it happening RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.

    This is precisely why NEITHER THE BLP NOR THE DLP should be allowed in the House of Assembly in 2018 (r whenever elections are called) because BOTH OF THEM have contributed to this state of affairs where Bajans are now second rate citizens in Barbados.

    And MR. Blackman, IF YOU and the people in Clarks Land take your vote and vote for Mugabe Mottley wunna will be wasting that vote.


    Give Oblong Head Kerrie Symmonds and all the rest of the BLP crew a message that “WE HAVE HAD EFFING ENOUGH”, WE NO LONGER WANT THE DLP & WE NO LONGER WANT THE BLP.


    • @PUDRYR

      Again how rational is the suggestion not to vote for BLP and DLP ifif there are no viable alternatives? We have to live in hope the fringe parties we are hearing about capture the imagination of the people.

  13. PIECE

    When this callous doing of RECLAINING the watercourse by Pat Brayshaw started it was clearly seen,the Drainage Unit Official refused to do anything, but ignored me. I turned to MTW, an Official did the same kind of ignoring as the Drainage Officials, he also refused to even look at the site of the watercourse. I turned to the CTO of MTW who had the authority to prevent such infringe, he did even worse by promising to do, but reneged right up to the time he retired, BLP, MP Symmonds was very aware of the problem and FAILED at/to represent this Black man, plus now the Black People of Clarkes Road against the WHITE woman and the system of which he is a part. How come former DLP, MP Hutson got the same MTW to paved the private botch road, MP Symmonds could/ would not get MTW to rectify a risk,but MP Hutson got MTW to compound the situation.

  14. Mr. Blackman sir.

    Let me tell you again what the people of Clarks’ Road should be doing but are not doing

    1.THe Electoral List costs about $400. It will have the exact of every one of the ministers and PSes and CTOs past and current and Drainage unit bosses. How many people live in Clarks Road, 40? 40 into 4 cannot go borrow a nought and make it 40 ,,,,,,

    $10 badword dollars and wunna got de list.

    The amount a feller does pay for a top-up and it would not tek wunna 15 years to get the pictures of their houses you think?

    2.Copy the poster(s) and send them to Naked Departure for the “expanded list’ and BLAME & SHAME CAMPAIGN – let them be known

    3.Pay a student at community college a few dollars to do a little animation with some stick men showing how the land was encroached on.

    There are sites online where you can get all this done for US $50 like upwork.com.

    I don’t know Mr. Blackman.

    You seem to be in a cuhdear what can I do mode and be kind to the white peoples week (which has lasted for 15 years.


    You and the people of clarks road have been unfaired euphemism for screwed for 15 years but you seem I dont know, committed to stay the line with this same “oh woe is me articles in Barbados Underground every 3 months.

    Every time that you do something it should be an escalation to something worse.

    Look how Putin just killed some militia men in Turkey as their retaliation for “…A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M attack aircraft near the ….. On 27 June 2016, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan send letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin expressing “his deep regret for what …”

    Do you think that this is the last incident of Turkish Militiamen being killed accidentally?

    You are at war with George Hutson, Kerrie Symmonds and Michael Lashley and the other pooch suckers at MTW.

    Stop this “de facto begging” and get serious cause all of wunna spending more than $10 each year as a result of this upstream dam…

  15. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    You have asked me the question as to how rational is the suggestion “not to vote for the DLP OR THE BLP”

    I will put this to you as my answer.

    “…ground ze·ro noun 1. the point on the earth’s surface directly above or below an exploding nuclear bomb. and 2. a starting point or base for some activity…”

    David, we have to begin to deconstruct this perpetual see-saw.

    Every 5 years we do a report card and put them in for 5 more

    And they ef up at 10 CERTAINLY BY 15 they have become tired and need to be purged.

    Our term should be 4 years AND WE THE PEOPLE NEED THE POWER OF RECALL.

    You tell me my man.

    What happened with Mia Mottley that you can say is indicative of her ability to lead?

    What has she done while she was in power, what has she done during these last 8 years of purgatory?

    And since the answer to that question is nothing on both counts tell me why you are tacitly intimating that Mia is a better choice than Grenville or Lynette or Neil?

    Mia never ever encouraged FOI or ITAL the very things that you have been championing here for years!!

    She has never presented us with a “ground zero” where she lived by a “new beginnings” credo and this has been 14 + 9 years 23 years of her same ole same ole.

    All of them are at the starting gates, BUT I ENT WANT NONE WITH 23 years of BAGGAGE, DO YOU?

    And if you do tell me why?

    • The point only way change can occur is if alternatives are represented. The reason why there is discussion about alternative political groups is because people want to change BUT they will not do it for the sake of it. The call must be for good men and women to step forward. These men and women will have to have the charisma and leadership skills to command people to follow.

  16. PIECE

    All this dangerous situation needed from day one, was for the Officials with duty to grant justice to the wrong, they did not, this is a clear case of a BLP and DLP politicians and Officials reckless actions in the system, the actions lead to this stage, where I am ask not to called that man or other persons including politicians names, when that man reckless inaction of duty, allowed an intentional callous infringe to resulted into a dangerous risk that caused damaged to my home , only in Barbados

  17. I will find out if nakeddeparture is still online, it no stopping this Black man from protesting the FACT that CTO Frank Thornhill, Philip Tudor, and others Officials led by PS Bruce Alleyne ALLOWED a foreign White Woman to build an illegal private botch road in a watercourse resulting in flooding to the poor BLACK residents of Clarke’s Road, we were forsaken by the BLP MP Symmonds and DLP MP Hutson, who hands on action at the paving of said road make the situation worse.

  18. @ Exclaimer

    The article you provided is classic

    A salient part of it reads “”…There is an atmosphere of open defiance to the state … the fear is that this might spark riots before the election, [which] may be a blessing for the right and far right…”

    This is the classic destabilization strategy that political parties, the incumbent ones, that want to win at any cost rely on.

    Or the ones that dont have a chance of winning utilize to create fear and despair.

    Trunk used this leading up to the elections las year and will soon revert to a variation of the same, in classic Mein Kampf style.

    It is what Skerritt is now using in Dominica and what was relied on in Trivoli and what WILL BE RELIED ON IN BARBADOS, ergo the riot gear and the fact that every single policeman now has a gun.


    Chris Sinckler ‘s words “we are fighting for the very soul of Barbados…” spoken by a man without a heart or a soul

  19. Dear Piece,

    As a black man living in Europe the story of this young black man being sodomised by the french police shocked me to the core. On reflection this story should not have surprised me greatly. We are a people who have become conditioned to accept – passively – our own mistreatment by others.

    This is why the case of Mr Alden Blackman – the poor black man – should be viewed as a seismic moment in the history of our country – Barbados. The choice is relatively simple: the poor black man can be muscled aside and left to rot away; or the visionaries amongst us can decide that the time has arrived for the Bajan Negro to throw their entire forces behind Mr Blackman’s cause.

    The war against the Bajan Negro has remained in place since the inception of a colonised Barbados. It is time for us to rally and fight. Imagine if Mr Blackman were to win this battle? We know what defeat tastes like and what would become of us should we give up the fight.

    As i have already stated, we should not be surprised with the marginalisation of the black man in Europe; however we should never accept our marginalisation within our Caribbean region. Your ancestors did not sacrifice their blood in order for their descendants to meekly hand over their birthrights to newcomers or the established minority groups resident on the island.

    We need to focus on a single issue. I can guarantee you that once this battle has been won then the domino effect will take place in Barbados. The time has come for us to become Masters of our own fate.

  20. @ Exclaimer

    He has my support.

    You know that is has annoyed pat brayshay when after 2 years of unfettered membership the picture hosting site contacted de ole man this morning to speak about commodity rules lolol

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    It seems to be down again?

    @ Mr Blackman

    I hope that you see the well wishers who are behind you and whose sound rationale recognizes that your matter is one about the right of the black Bajan to have a say in the rights on his land

    You have to forgive men like George Hutson he is truly a piece uh Trunk with goldfish genes.

    He ent mean nuffin by his actions he jes simple so.

    But Brayshaw she is to be feared cause she doing dat unfair de nigger ting so her reward going be a battle targeting her hunkie donkey.

    If they bring stick you bring posts and if they bring dynamite you look for napalm

  21. I have been following this post with great interest, but have not commented as the most I would have offered Mr Blackman is some bad advice. However, I have a few thoughts that I would like to place here.

    Mr Blackman is caught in a trap and cannot escape it. Given that this problem existed over a decade, then Mr Blackman has been writing, calling, and emailing politicians from both parties and is meeting the same result. One can only assume that his level of political support for one or boith parties is nonexistent or just too lukewarm (or that he lack or is unwilling to spend the cash to grease the process).

    Mr Blackman has three simple choices::
    (1) Continue this nonproductive farce of letter writing, calling and emailing the deaf and blind
    (2) Change his yard-fowl status, find the highest point on the paling and sound out the benefits of one of the parties. Alas this may be too late as his opponent has been entrenched in her castle for too long and may have greased both sets of wheels.
    (3) Experience a Damascene moment and adopt a course of action that is at right angles to his current course; he must abandon the belief that a remedy will come from this docile approach and chart a more perilous course. (Here is where I zip my lips).

    Absent from this discussion are the voices of his fellow villagers.
    Are they receiving a mess of pottage?
    Have they secured positions at Brayshaw’s business and believe that it is better to swim for five days and have food on the table for a season?
    Are they counting on Mr. Blackman to do all the heavy lifting and to reap the fruits of his efforts?
    Have they accepted the fact that nothing can/will be done and watches Mr. Blackman tilts his lance at windmills and urges his sturdy steed on.

    My aim is not to discourage or disparage Mr. Blackman efforts, but merely to point out that his calculus may be too simple to solve the problem at hand.

  22. Do you realize that unlike Moses spending 40 years in the wilderness, both political parties realize that the maximum amount of time in the wilderness is fifteen years?

    Do you realize, that regardless of how badly they managed the economy of Barbados, both political parties know that they will return to power within a fifteen year period? A few faces will fade into obscurity, but the party hacks remain behind the scene, waiting until the famine is over.

    Do you realize that a third party could spoil this simple equation. It is not in the interest of the two leading parties to have more hats thrown into this two-horses race. One can only imagine that steps are in place (by both parties) to remove such a threat.

    The current political process does not provide any incentive for either party to take care of the business of the people. It only encourages the politicians to get as much as they can when they can so that may withstand the 15 year period of wandering in the wilderness.
    ——–“And let them gather all the food of these good years that are coming and store up grain under the authority of Pharaoh for food in the cities, and let them keep it. That food shall be a reserve for the land against the seven years of famine that are to occur in the land of Egypt, so that the land may not perish through the famine.”

    The problem may be bigger than Fumbles, Mia and others. We are saddled with a system that only only go downward. There is no room for men of vision or integrity…
    The worst is yet to come…

  23. @ TheGazer

    Door # 3

    Your submission with its usual metre of studied wisdom cause this ole man to wonder about that issue of if it is only him alone who is affected or him alone with balls.

    If there are others I would suggest (1) that he augment his campaign with their names and pictures of their homes and (2) start an online petition where he has people come and support his and their cause

    Two questions really

    “Is this fair to Bajan citizens living in Clarks Road?”

    “Would you vote for the persons who allowed this to happen for 15 years?”

  24. PIECE

    I thank you, BU and all those who commented on this dangerous situation that was brought about by an infringement by a callous Foreign White woman who deliberately built a road in a watercourse that caused re-routing flood to a Black man house, with intense to the Black residents of Clarke’s Road,The foreign white Pat Brayshaw, got supported with her callous action by a hands on politician former DLP minister George Hutson, the SILENCE politicians who fail to see the disadvantage and discrimination against the Black man and Technocrats of MTW who names will be highlighted one day coming soon

  25. @ Mr. Alden Blackman

    The reason that you will use the online campaign is very simple really.


    Frequency of the occurrence of the name of Palm Paradise Apartments (or whatever is the name of her property will, in conjunction with the signing of the petitions, drive the petition(s) up in the ranking so that whenever someone does a search for “PALM PARADISE” it will result in displaying something like this

    “Online Campaign

    “Clarks Road is a residential areas in the parish of St James. It is an old community dating back to the early 1900’s and has several homes and hundreds of residents. For the last 15 years the Palm Paradise property has illegally blocked a natural watercourse which has diverted thousand of cubic metres of flood waters to the homes of 100’s of homeowners where it has flooded properties.”

    Pat Brayshaw or Frank THornhill or Kerrie Oblong Head or George Cretin Hutson CANNOT STOP SEO and this is a permanent record for all time.

    You are a retired gentleman and while you might not be able to “fight their way” MR. Blackman

    And while you are not the type to resort to Dynamite, and we are NOT RECOMMENDING THAT, this will be your TNT “Trinitrotoluene” to blow all of them away in their castles and comfortable homes and to flood them with anti floodwater sentiment like they have flooded you

  26. Excellent poster Piece.

    It’s good to see that in France that the young people have taken to the streets to demonstrate to the world they disgust towards their police force and by extension the ruling political class. What would it take for us Bajans to take to the streets in solidarity with Mr. Alden Blackman?


  27. @ Exclaimer,

    De Grandson, he is the one that got these skills so when he is free de ole man does ask a question or two and he will help de ole man.

    We have similar disgusting incidents perpetrated against young men and women by politicians and by our Royal Barbados Police Force

    Getting Young People to Protest.

    The Ability to get Rallies in General and (young) people to protests,in particular, in keeping with civil rules and observances, of course, is a skill.

    The ole man cud get a car park full in a hurry anywhere in Barbados.

    It only needs *** and *** and um is a done deal.

    To get that to turn into a dissenting gathering only needs *** and ***

    Mr Blackman’s cause is not going to attract young people or people in general because it does not have “currency”

    But currency CAN BE CREATED and that is what politicians fear – the ability to create currency.

    Let me give you an example of “currency’ in the Raw.

    The Sellout Sir Hilary from Cave Hill.

    Before he sold out, he was a man who possessed that commodity but, no longer.

    Now *** is currency, unbridled, but dem ent understand the requirements for that war so let us quietly leave this there.

  28. @Piece

    Thanks for the interest showed and work you put in, with BU, in exposing this callous deliberate action to the attention of the world. This action by the foreign White woman building an illegal private botch road, in a clearly define watercourse, and the Black led government and Technocrats who allowed the retention of said road with the help of maintenance, by paving,despite the fact it obstructed and re-routed flood flow to the poor Black residents of a village, is just the beginning of a lot more discrimination to come, just look at how the Black PM entreat the whites, what is he showing off ? is he saying look this Black man is the PM of Barbados, or this Black man preferred to treat white people

  29. Let’s say it….

    As a part of my job I happened to travel to Denmark and the Netherlands on numerous occasions, and part of the experience was that the ‘natives’ felt this ‘is our thing’; this is our country; our navel strings buried here; this is my home; I belong here; I am Dutch; I am a Dane; this is my fortress; this is my refuge; this is my home; I am safe; my dreams are secure. I am home.

    Aiden Blackman has that feeling and that belief about Barbados; but sadly, the politics of the country is telling him otherwise. It embraces a foreigner because of her money and color and kicks him in the ass for over a decade.

    I admire his determination to hold on to his beliefs; I can hear his cry and feel his pain; but his is a land where a mess of pottage or 30 pieces of silver can sever navel strings.

    How can I tell him to persevere and to fight on, when I know that the mighty dollar/pound trumps his birthright. How can I tell him that despite all talk we are a nation of whores; selling ourselves to tourists, the highest bidder and even to known sexual predators. How can I tell him to abandon his hopes.

  30. @ TheGazer
    How can I tell him to abandon his hopes.
    Skippa, tell the man the truth nuh!!!

    The FACT is that if your ‘parents’ are prostitutes and parros who spent their lives selling themselves and, wherever possible, the family silver to the highest bidder, then it is pointless having hopes of “this is my home; I belong here” … not when you done KNOW that the ‘forkers’ will eventually sell the house from under your feet….

    No point in giving a blackman false hopes …when we KNOW that his black donkey is destined for the grass – thanks to the Judases in Parliament.

  31. @Anonymouse-The Gazer

    I know what you are saying, I see the happenings, right in my back yard, on my door step, I used hope and pray, to push me away from doing the unthinkable as to this kind of disadvantage and discrimination brought about ,by a callousness white, but retained by actions of the corrupted, disregarding,silence as to wrong doing, Black politician and Government Official,

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