The Synagogue of SATAN: How An Antichrist System Remains The Triumvirate Axis of Evil After 2000 Years Of Deception, Lies, Apostasy & Opaque Myopic Reality

Submitted by Terence Blackett

“Oft fire is without smoke, and peril without show” ~Spencer

A crisis of apocalyptic proportions is coming! Centuries of planning, conspiring and positioning have placed our world on the very brink of the abyss. The “Synagogue of Satan” has been subliminally at work for generations (including those who call themselves JEWS* but are LIARS*) foisting their lurid machinations upon an undiscerning world – stupefied by its own senseless logic and reasoning. This age-old flagitious “coup de grâce” by the “Synagogue of Satan” continues to inflict war, genocide, poverty & destitution on the poor masses, including the deaf, dumb, blind, naked and miserable citizens of the earth – who for eons under the shadowy control of dark, malevolent forces, have in the last 1000 years of our world’s existence, fomented the fetishization for bloodshed on an unprecedented scale – where between 50 & 150 million died during the “Protestant Reformation” and the numbers alone in the last century already tops 100 million.

The Roman Catholic Church, (with its PETRUS ROMANUS) of antiquity have always ‘claimed’ to be walking “with” Christ and just as Judas “kissed” Jesus, so has Rome “kissed” His Truth as they “softly and gently” send their #Jesuit wolves into the world wearing the “Garb” of a lamb, so as to gently draw the masses away from the pure teachings of Jesus Christ. They betray Christ as softly with the “kiss of Judas” as he did in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The ‘Mother-Ship’ of the “Synagogue of Satan”, for more than 1000 years, (described as the epoch of THE DARK AGES from 538 – 1798) – where the Vatican under its tyrannical reLIEgious emperors continued to hold complete sway over kings, queens and the common people by using the truncheon-arm of the socioeconomic, religio-political-judicial establishment to stifle dissent and abort insurrection.

As planet earth groans under the turmoil of man’s virulent leadership and abysmal diffidence for true righteousness – we have come full circle to a time as “The Holy Bible” describes it – “A BOTTOMLESS PIT”; a cage of every unclean and hateful bird; tanked out with all kinds of scurrilous vermin, purulent scoundrels, meretricious liars and ravenous dogs – an evil cabal of ELITE assassins who seek the last throw of the dice at the behest of the “Synagogue of Satan” and the “Brotherhood of the Dragon”.

Yet the sons of God must stand in a time perpetual evil – in a world of diminishing justice; the encroachment on civil liberties and a lack of ethical morality amongst religious leaders and other should be an epiphany in our day.

Greek philosopher Thrasymachus of Chalcedon, (a colony of Megara in Bithynia), who became a teacher of rhetoric and speechwriter in Athens in the year 427 BCE – occupied and taught one of the “older sophists schools” in what we call in academia today “ETHICS”. His teachings became famous by the 5th century for ideas that have often been seen as the first fundamental critique of evolving moral values. Thrasymachus’ insistence that justice was nothing more but the ‘advantage of the stronger’ (a concept which would be later borrowed by Charles Darwin in the “Survival of the Fittest”) seems to support the view that moral values were socially engineered and are nothing but the reflection of the interests of particular political groups, peoples & communities. Thrasymachus’ philosophy thus foreshadows German philosopher Nietzsche, who also argues that moral values need to be understood as socially engineered realities and as political theory would have it. Nietzsche has often been seen as the poster-boy for a kind of cynical realism that purports that “Might Makes Right” – a concept borne out by Greek historian Thucydides during the Peloponnesian War. This theoretical praxis has 3 central planks regarding justice:

I. Justice is nothing but the advantage of the stronger (rich & powerful)

II. Justice is obedience to laws (dubious or otherwise)

III. Justice is nothing but the advantage of another (strong v weak)

With such philosophical tenets undergirding our world, if reality is not what we perceive it to be and the ELITES whose long-range plans for a New World Order would mean war, death and mass bloodshed – then it is clear to see how at 11:15, on the 3rd Sept 1939, former PM Neville Chamberlain broadcast to the British nation announcing that a state of war existed between Britain and Germany: “This morning the British Ambassador in Berlin handed the German Government a final note stating that, unless we’ve heard from them by 11 o’clock and that they were prepared at once to withdraw their troops from Poland, a state of war would exist between us… Now may God bless you all. May He defend the right. It is the evil things that we shall be fighting against – brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution – and against them I am certain that the right will prevail.” Chamberlain, in quoting Sir Edmund Burke’s famous statement: “All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing” and also quoting, the “Morning-Star” of the Reformation John Wycliffe (“In the end, the truth shall prevail”) entered a war to end all wars.

By Sept 16th 1940, the USA Dept. of War under the “NOTICE OF CLASSIFICATION” instituted the Selective Training and Service Act which required all men between the ages of 21 & 45 to register for the DRAFT*. As the FIRST peacetime draft in US history, given the colossus of WWII, some 50,000,000 men between 18 to 45, were registered, as 10,000,000 more became active service men.

Today, Washington Defence Hawks believe that the U.S. military is woefully inadequate & unprepared for a global WWIII and National polls show a growing majority in favor of instituting another DRAFT* in the event of a Russian or Chinese pre-emptive nuclear strike.

The United States Senate have since voted to pass a defense bill that would require young women to sign up for a potential military draft for the first time in U.S. history. The vote was 85-13 in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act, a $600 billion defense spending bill that had a host of other controversial provisions in it, including prohibiting the closure of Guantanamo Bay, and denying the Pentagon’s attempt to close other military bases around the world.

In a book Behold a Pale Horse,’ former US Naval Intelligence Officer William Cooper relates how a story associated with the IG Farben Chemical Company (the largest of its kind in 1940’s Germany). During that time, the company employed a Polish chemist and salesman called Karol Wojtyla who sold cyanide gas, Zyklon B and Malathion to the Nazis for the extermination of Jews and other groups of people in Auschwitz and other factories of death.

One years after the war (given the cessation of violence), Wojtyla entered the Roman Catholic priesthood in 1946, in order to escape arrest and trial as a Nazi war criminal – as Wojtyla’s closest friend and confidante, Bishop Andre Deskur, poignantly stated that he would not reveal what John Paul did during those war years, as it was between him and God.

In 1958, Wojtyla became Poland’s youngest bishop and would later become Pope after the mysterious death of Pope Paul XXIII – (as some have cited the #Jesuit intrigue of murder by the poisoned chalice), the ex-cyanide gas salesman Karol Wojtyla was elected to the papacy as Pope John Paul II in October 1978.

On the 3rd May, 1945, the day of Hitler’s supposed death, the press of the Catholic Spanish dictator; Franco newspapers published the following excerpt: “Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity… Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the “martyr”, God gives Hitler the laurels of victory.” Franco’s funeral oration of Hitler (if you believe the spin) had been voiced by the Vatican itself, under the cover of Franco’s Spanish press. This is the “Synagogue of Satan” glorification of evil men.

Was Franco a Holocaust denier and revisionist? Did he subscribe to what was later to become The Hoax of the 20th Century? You decide!

The “Synagogue of Satan” and their Crypto-Jesuits have for 165 years used London as the financial hubris to enslave the world by the “Money Masters” who during the Renaissance Period peddled their “USURY” in the canals of Venice, the streets of Milan and around European cities – where you could find “The Rothschild’s Banking Cartel” at work. Washington then for the next 145 years would also create the political SHAM called “Socio-Engineered Capitalist Democracy” which has resulted in an age of predatory capitalist forces and ‘wind-turbined’ freedoms.

As London and Washington intelligence officials scoured Europe seeking to apprehend Nazis wanted on war crimes, other more secretive intelligence Black-Operatives were actively engaged in helping those same Nazis to escape to Argentina and elsewhere around the world. And that is where we find the current Pope Francis aka Jorge Bergoglio (a #Jesuit of the highest order entering the frame).

WWIII will be their last attempt at global compliance and subjugation. As the stage is set for WWIII and a possible nuclear exchange – Russia is set as the bogeyman; China as the economic rapist according to Trump and Iran described by Israel as an evil, nuclear weapon waiting to drop. So with 30 – 40 million dead in WW1. Another 60 – 80 million dead in WWII.  This time, prophecy states that “ONE-THIRD” of humanity will perish (2.7 billion souls) in a puff of smoke. Yet no one on earth is even prepared in the slightest way possible, to even contemplate such carnage. It seems better to most, to simply live in a hermetically sealed bubble of abject “denial-phobia”, than to acknowledge the apocalyptic hand-writing on the wall. But this is the Hegelian Dialectic, as radical change surfaces and planet earth groans for deliverance – men dive deeper in dystopic decadence.

PoLIEtics, reLIEgion & eCONonomics are all fuelling tectonic recalibrations. For those foolish enough to believe that #LiarPoliticians have answers are even more deceived than can be explained by any form of grammatical syntax. Moreover, for those who believe that they can find answers in so-called modern Protestant or Catholic ‘Churchianity’ or any other apostate reLIEgion for that matter, are similarly, patently deceived.

As the world turns, man’s quest to find a religio-political “SAVIOUR” knows no bounds. In a long line of farcical attempts, mankind gesticulates from one “antichrist” to another in an endless cycle of grandiosity to sheer mind-numbing ignorance to calculated stupidity.

President-SELECT*, Donald J. Trump (if you can bear to believe the drivel) is the latest “TRUMPet” to be blown by some “HIGHER POWER”, as a clarion call in fulfilment of some “divine” prophetic machination which will somehow usher in a long awaited “Millennium” of rest for the poor, disadvantaged & the huddled masses of the #AmeriKKKan dystopian ‘Tale of 2 Cities’. Even respected evangelical leaders like Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) jumped on the bandwagon with his own version of specious prophetic truth.

For just as the Jewish nation rejected Jesus Christ – seeking instead a political saviour; do we not see the same thing happening in #AmeriKKKan polyTRICKS, as even, so-called, well-meaning ‘Evangelicals’ & Catholics* alike – all calling for political salvation, after 8 years of Barack Obama’s liberal gov’t policies?

Anyone with eyes to see, will clearly deduce that the “Synagogue of Satan” have played its part faithfully since the Pope stood in the hallowed halls of Congress and in Independence Hall in Philly (Sept 2015) – breaching the “PROTESTANT” walls which were held so sacred by the ‘Founding Fathers’ over 240 ago. So in the post-furore of Trump’s victory, the “Antichrist” Beast of Rev 13:1-10 stood and congratulated him on a wonderful win. The question we must all ask – ‘Did we not see it coming?’

Even in Israel, phony rabbis are divining through so-called “BIBLE CODES” – citing that ‘Trump’ will not only win the White House but will be the “Cyrus” of Scripture (that Persian King who reigned in the days of Daniel the prophet when the Medes & Persian overthrew Babylon) bringing about the 2ND COMING OF JESUS. The language to say the least has become blatantly eschatological in its remit causing most discerning Believers to opine that something ominous is about to strike both #AmeriKKKa and the nations of the world.

Some have gone as far as prognosticating that the Simpsons’ writers & creators pitched the rise of #Trump, 16 years earlier, but somehow will be assassinated (just as John the Baptist – the forerunner of Christ was slain) and Arnold Schwarzenegger will become #AmeriKKKa’s next President. You could not make this stuff up!

Nothing today remains sacred.

Money won’t save us – as creating wealth out of thin air continues unabated by Central Banks around the globe. Trump’s mythological economic strategies will fall on its face as did the “IMAGE” in Daniel 2, when struck by the “STONE” cut out from the mountain without hands. No amount of deceit, subterfuge or spin can change the inevitable. Rant or not – the truth is certain and the evolutionary historical process of mankind is certain! In the end, the TRUTH shall win the day and many will be left holding a bag with holes in it.

Man-made socio-eCONomic-reLIEgiosity will continue to war against the prophetic Word of the Creator GOD and His servants! The pervasive atmosphere of foul deception and iniquitous lies are at an all-time zenith – permeating every facet of our postmodern world. Most human beings live in a conflated bubble of ‘denial-phobia’ as this seems to posit the only pseudo-comfort from the madness endemic all around us.

Satan continues his onslaught on mankind – ambushing the ‘sons of God’ with relentless ‘spiritual warfare’. Human beings are so bamboozled, even the minds of the most discerning amongst us, accept packaged lies, socio-poLIEtical spin and feed into a mythological narrative espoused by Greek historian Thucydides which says that ‘might is right’ – bedevilled by poLIEticians, predatory caPITalists, reLIEgionists and all those who believe that they somehow hold the world in their hands. Case in point, most still hold to incorrect theories and outright lies about Eratosthenes geometry of the earth curvature which stand in direct opposition to the proponents of ‘flat earth theory’ and today the murky world of science still beclouds the perceptibility of many who are not even clear as to what to believe due to the polysyllabic sophistry of the so-called ‘Church Fathers’.

This is the world of the 21st century! Who would have gestimated such a cesspool of intrigue & bewitchery? 13th century Lollard, Bible Translation Historian & Preacher of Righteousness, John Wycliffe, (Morning-Star of the Reformation) poignant words stand as a warning today: “When the Western church was divided for about 40 years between two rival popes, one in Rome and the other in Avigon, France, each pope called the other pope ‘ANTICHRIST’ – and John Wycliffe is reputed to have regarded them as both being right: “two halves of Antichrist, making up the perfect “MAN OF SIN” between them.”

Who dare argues with these planks of truth?

With all the bombarded buffoonery of POTUS2016 electioneering over – the one person who stands to gain outright is Pontifex Maximus aka Pope Francis who knows that this is his moment to seize control of the (DIS) United States of #Amnesia & #Paranoia and to finally push his agenda of a ONE-WORLD GOV based on bridging the Constitutional Grand Canyon between CHURCH & STATE which saw “THE DARK AGES” Luciferian plot hatched by the “Synagogue of Satan to rule the whole world as the Roman Church did during those 1260 years it held sway.

Yet this is not NEWS but rather the fulfilment of PROPHECY based on Revelation chapter 13 which will result in the prophetic fulfilment of Revelation chapter 17 & 18. How close are we to the “MARK OF THE BEAST CRISIS?” This is the question which will unfold within a few short months to a few short years.

Do not say that you have not been warned!


  • Judas Iscariot was not a Judas

    If we believe in the Bible
    Then Jesus had to die on the Cross
    To save all mankind
    He had to get someone he can trust
    Jesus chose Judas to do the dirty work
    Judas agreed and he played his part
    All blamed Judas for the alleged betrayal
    It was all a process and it worked
    To date people believed it
    But without Judas’ role the Lord’s work
    Couldn’t have looked so genuine
    He sacrificed his well being
    To preserve Jesus’s fulfillment
    Judas was a faithful disciple
    And the world is a better place today
    However, some seemed to forget
    All God’s commandmental teachings
    And they’ll resort to their evil ways
    And apexed it with atrocious wars
    As in the World Wars 1 & II
    And Unchrist-like as in the Vietnam wars
    Where a people has been slaughtered
    Just to fulfill the Commanders’ quotas
    Or show sheer hatred because of color
    As in the US of A Civil Wars
    Or South African Apartheid fiasco
    And it goes on as death like serpents
    In other countries in different forms
    Against the poor, the homeless, women
    And even on wildlife and animals
    Then we go to church forgotten about karma
    And ask our respective God for forgiveness


  • WOW!


  • Chuckle…..we humanoids do come up with some interesting answers to address the mysteries of the universe and our purpose in it,not realising that we will die and never know……possibly after death who knows.


  • We as humanoids have some interesting minds which can transcend and transform even translate those things which we do not understand even to the point of reasoning
    The bible an ancient book of historical stories myths and folklore one would have belived by now that modern man would have understand that there was an era and time when mankind search for answers looking to the sky the moon any or all heaveanly beings most of which brought a level of understanding of who. What and why is the reason for mankind existence
    The book of revealation is no more or less an expansion of ancient biblical beliefs by people whose understanding never went beyond a level of trying to understand a heavenly order and its principle to man existence


  • Terrence r u another anti-Trumper fronting as a ‘profit’ to whose ears ‘God’s lips are frimly pressed? Are these the only 2 options? Either endless deception and wars or the end of the world? Can’t ‘intelligent’ beings, appearing to be created in l’image de Dieu create some prosperity instead of austerity? Isn’t it ever possible to enjoy a period of growth and peace on planet earth?

    The fullfillment of prophecy? Whose prophecy? Did u ever stop to think that these prophesies/events were placed on the records by the ancestors of today’s controllers i.e the SINagogue of Satan and the Catholic Church as a way of directing the affairs of automatoms?

    The SINogogue of Satan has not only used London they’ve also used America as their Military bulldog to sic upon the world at their whim esp. with their financial interest is ‘seemingly’ at risk…..recently Iraq, Libya, Syria.

    “The pervasive atmosphere of foul deception and iniquitous lies are at an all-time zenith – permeating every facet of our…….” This hasn’t now been at an all-time zenith, this twin-evil peaked eons ago, but they never affected ‘your’ comfort zone until today.

    Won’t it be just wonderful if brethren could dwell together in unity? Like Vladimir Putin and President-Elect Trump join forces on the world stage to bring peace to this planet.

    Free spirits don’t sit around waiting for biblical prophesy to manifest, they create their own reality.

    BTW….Is it flat or is it round?


  • Your best effort to date Terence…
    If only you would include a brief précis …in simple language…
    Oh wait!!
    ….That is what the whacker is for …ain’t it? 🙂


  • Both Bushie and Terrence always conveniently assume that their Bible is to be exempt for these reasonings.

    And they continue to so do although we have previous suggested the centrality of the Bible to the wickedness of the world.

    They must come to know the true nature of the ‘devils’ of which they rail. And that that devil’s own hand wrote their Bible.

    How could you have a Synagogue of Satan without a direct connection to the ‘word of Satan’ himself?


  • @ Pacha
    You will come to realise that it is you who assume…

    For example, you assume (incorrectly) that Bushie is one of those who are obsessed with the bible… The bushman isn’t…. The bible is exactly like the parables of Jesus….. deliberately designed to camouflage the truth from those who think themselves ‘smart’… but a font of knowledge for those “to whom it is given to know”….

    Why are you concerned about who wrote it? …or that it had been used to perpetrate wickedness…? Some of the worse atrocities EVER committed were perpetrated in the name of ‘love’ …. This fact does not detract from the purity of love…

    Life is complex, and the grave is not its goal
    dust thou art to dust returneth
    was not spoken of the soul…

    Who do you think CREATED evil? ….. in the very personage of Satan?
    Have you considered that there may be a vital ROLE to be played by ‘evil and wickedness’ ….when the raison d’être of this world is TRULY understood……?

    Nothing makes sense …if the raison d’être is unknown.


  • Bushie this obscurantism is central to the forests on which an artificial branch of philosophy was constructed.

    There is no evidence that anybody called ‘Jesus’ ever existed. If that were true why would those who control the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ still be looking for a ‘messiah’. But they gave this fiction to you. And regardless of what you say you still return to that polluted fountain your reason of being.

    It is a nonsense to suggest who are to know and who aren’t. That vicious construction is not dissimilar to race, as used by and for your fictitious Jesus.

    Your dexterity in avoiding common, sense to justify nonsense, reaches the other limits. We were never convinced that ‘love’ has any purity. We judge you will now say ‘true love’. A love which Jesus and his select are to know. This is the kind of BS which gave us ‘bulling’ as a central organizing principle.

    Religion, however constructed, is and was always a rich man’s trick to control populations. And this love (for Jesus) is about ‘bulling’. Why would people like you be singing ‘how sweet the name of this man is’. Is that not about bulling?

    Are you, yourself, not in this ‘Synagogue of Satan’

    That life’s goal is not a grave is again religious creed based on a logical fallacy.

    Life is only complex because you Synagogue of Satan made it so. There are single-celled organisms no less intelligent that you disappearing every second, is there a heaven for them too.

    Evil! And who created it are the same people you see everyday. Those seeking power and privilege, eternally.

    Finally. There is no sense in religion. And for otherwise intelligence people to define self on such nebulous concepts in itself is service within your Synagogue of Satan.


  • Pachamama November 22, 2016 at 4:09 AM #

    Religion, however constructed, is and was always a rich man’s trick to control populations. And this love (for Jesus) is about ‘bulling’. Why would people like you be singing ‘how sweet the name of this man is’. Is that not about bulling?
    Well Well when yuh think yuh have heard it all then something or some one says something that makes yuh head roll and yuh eyes pop right out of yuh head

    So Pachaman taking the same words “How sweet the name of Jesus is ” when sang by the female where and how does the words apply to bulling


  • i do not understand the book of revelation but i always believed it to be a dream and an interpretation of one man coming to grips with the reality of what was happening in those times and having nothing to do with this era


  • here is a more realistic view of the book of revelation churches avoid telling


  • LOL @ Pacha
    You continue to ignore the raison d’être……

    The good thing about this discussion is that events will VERY shortly make it all superfluous, as we will be living the experience, and everyone – even you – will come to full enlightenment.
    You should have a read of Terence’s latest…. You will even understand the gist without having to retreat to a dictionary…

    Bushie hopes to be around to hear you recant…… hopefully on BU… 🙂


  • Bushie

    We will never recant. Recantation means buying into the marketing trick that there is something else, somewhere else. We have no such delusions. That is real madness.

    However you call it – religion, christianity, Jesus – all of it must be forcefully removed for humans to be free, ‘saved’ from idiocy. It is the imposition of these that have caused the maladies.

    For humans were here for hundreds of thousands of years prior, and never needed this foolishness.

    The ‘reason for being’ is the same as an ant. And you should consider her ways.

    It is a nonsense to presuppose that humans have any better claim, to any afterlife, than an ant.

    What could be understood or understandable when both of you skillfully apply sound reasoning up to a point but then shield your Book or your Jesus from the same level of

    The truth is that you present this man and proceed to rest all in him and you cannot, absent faith, even prove that he existed in the first place. But he is to be your saviour.

    And you do it all the time to protect your barley fields. Let that field burn.


  • ac

    Two elephants are fighting, stop yuh gutter snipping.

    Do you not know that women were never central to this male dominated bullshiite, in the beginning, and even today.


  • David

    We are according to our constitution a secular society,allowing freedom of belief&non-belief equally without paramountcy of any view.

    Hopefully the fall off of membership in the churches suggests that our people have at last realised the nonsense of these belief systems.


  • David

    Gods have replaced other gods from time to time.

    This is so because both Facebook and God are fictions created by us.


  • @ Pacha
    Gods have replaced other gods from time to time.
    This is so because both Facebook and God are fictions created by us.
    What is particularly dangerous about your skepticism is the fact that you are so right in many of your prognostications. Unfortunately, you then extrapolate these logical positions beyond their meaningful application and come to radical, but erroneous conclusions.

    So you are essentially correct that all societies have created various ‘gods’ over time – depending on what tickled their (limited) imagination.
    We now have access to a number of particularly extravagant concepts that occupy the position of our worship and admiration …. including Facebook, albino-centric concepts of success, and the power of science…. We now have more ‘Gods’ than ever before.

    You argument seems to be that these, like the other various ‘gods’ that we have seen over the centuries, are all just the delusions of idiots.

    …and you are right.

    Which is where the ‘reason for being’ comes in…

    When we review the complex reality of the physical environment we call ‘life’, it is impossible to be but overwhelmed by the engineering brilliance that would have been required to conceptualise and initiate such a reality.

    It also follows that any entity- whatever its form, able to cause such a reality to come into being WILL OF NECESSITY have a logical, reasoned, sane INTENT in mind for going to such trouble. Assuming then that such a raison d’être exists, ANYTHING else, that runs contrary of this original intent, is (as you so bluntly put it) delusional madness.
    However, to jump to the conclusion (as you seek to do) that no such absolute ‘reason for being’ exists defies the BASIC logic that our highly complex physical world is much too complex to have avoided intelligent origin, ….and that such intelligence would hardly initiate such a wondrous work for no particular reason….

    Perhaps, were you to seek and grasp that ‘Raison d’être’ ….much will become clearer…


  • It is nice to see people espousing Enlightenment secularism without even being aware of it. How education works.
    That is why I am a Christian.


  • @Pacha

    Stop being so predictable man!

    Is there any peer review work which deals conclusively with the topic of faith based logic vs science?

    Please point to chapter and verse.


  • David

    no such animal as faith based logic exists……logic is a step by step process,starting with a quantifiable foundation.


  • That idiot in England talking about ‘enlightenment secularism’.

    Why would he not allow two intellectual giants to have at it.

    These ideas that Bushie and Pachamama are dealing with are never primarily located in his Eurocentric nonsense.

    They are centrally located in what his albino-centric world copied from and was informed by.

    We would have thought that he would have recognized that they are beyond his competence.

    His enlightened secularism is no fountainhead for us.


  • @Vincent

    Do not trivialize the point, a faith based approach to a non believer will never achieve a win win position. It will always be a circular argument. And this is the point.


  • David

    We ask for a free hand in engaging the God of the North – Bushie.

    We are here dealing with you. Why would you need anybody other than us?

    Are you not aware that knowledge is being created when two great beings, Bushie and Pachamama engage in intellectual warfare.

    But you are a real Bajan, always needing a third party to justify existence.

    Fortunately for us, academia supports this as a source of knowledge.


  • David

    Trivialise what??

    You cannot put faith and logic together and I have given the reason why not.


  • @Vincent

    Why are you so pedantic? Any way have the last word.


    You and Bushie can engage in all the esoteric palaver you want, the crux of the argument will always be faith vs the unbeliever.


  • David

    I will leave the below with you.

    ‘his analyses are careful and even painstaking, but never pedantic’.


  • David

    Again you are wrong in your simplistic conceptions – believer v disbeliever.

    We are beyond that. Our argument is heading beyond that recent epoch

    Pachamama cannot deny the spiritualism/s of Alkebulan. That is part of us.

    Our refusal to accept western religion or Christianity is imprecisely located within your logic.

    Bushie, on the other hand, also rejects albino-centric thinking. We think that there maybe some room to advance the notion that Christianity and albino-centrism are the same.

    Ours is to explore the extent to which there could be a re-connection to the Original, absent albino-centrism.

    Should we be able to arrive at such a point apparently diverged philosophies could be conjoined.


  • Pachaman all i know is that you made a nonsensical pronunciation stating that a mere song with the word sweet can be correlated to bulling
    Btw what are your scientific findings to corroborate your statement


  • Bushie

    We’re thinking about your last comments and will respond after proper digestion.


  • @Pacha

    Thanks for your clarification, would definitely not have discern your line of thought from your earlier posits.


  • David

    How else are we to get beyond current and accepted reality unless we could reject it, or at least subject same to scrutiny, absent faith, dogmas, etc.


  • In the beginning God
    Question where did the origins of a God concept began and why it was introduced in mans physche.


  • Chuckle….

    hahaha i love those parts too…. you know what else has s..t like that…. story books.

    Idiots react to Hamilton speech
    ➲➲➲… See more
    Image may contain: text


  • And the other best part that no one has a clue who were the orginator of those words “in the beginning God” we say them we belive them and the rest is history


  • Jah O Jah O


  • Joe "Bobby" Alleyne

    “… two intellectual giants to have at it …”

    Wow. Two intellectual pygmies whose time came and went a long time ago. Bypassed by history, the poor bastards. One an overt racist thug hated even by its own offspring, and the other a blustering and snivelling would-be-but-can’t bully belonging to one of the world’s funniest, saddest, and most bizarre millenarian cults.

    Phuck ’em.


  • Joe "Bobby" Alleyne

    ” … used London as the financial hubris … ”

    That’s the spirit, Terry! You just keep banging on that keyboard, typing out words whose meanings you don’t understand.

    Rock on, bruv.


  • Bush Tea;

    Your 11:57 post is perhaps the clearest exposition of some important aspects of our being that I have read.

    Now, could you explain the global importance of Trump’s ascendancy to horrendous power and why the powers that created, and alternately rule this world, have each been intimately involved in guiding all aspects of the Trump, Obama and Hillary Clinton triumphs and reversals over the past 18 months or so.

    Also, why the Trump drama, in which a very conflicted human has been prepared, through his life experiences, to take advantage at this precise time in our evolution, of a situation that seems poised to ultimately mark a C-change in our Earth history and why the whole drama so closely resembles a game played out over and over again on Earth at specific and perhaps identifiable times in our journey through the cosmos. Such times perhaps being correlated with cataclysms.

    My poor, imperfect and declining brain power can only see glimmerings of the answers. Perhaps you can help.


  • @ AWRY
    Now, could you explain the global importance of Trump’s ascendancy to horrendous power and why the powers that created, and alternately rule this world, have each been intimately involved in guiding all aspects of the Trump, Obama and Hillary Clinton triumphs and reversals over the past 18 months or so.
    Boss, Bushie was just trying to respond as coherently as possible, to some searching questions from Pacha…..

    The global import of recent happenings are however issues of much interest to us all from the point of view of spiritual reality….. but perhaps not in the way that you may be tempted to think…
    First you need to grasp that the Raison d’être of which Bushie speak – the VERY PURPOSE that this project exists in the first place, ….is a matter of high SPIRITUAL priority…. as you would logically expect.

    To go back to the analogy of Lowdown Hoad’s farm, it is only logical to think that he started his farm for reasons that are important to HOAD, and perhaps his extended family. He did NOT create his farm for the benefit of any particular goat or goats – although the animals are important and indeed central to his objective of producing milk.
    So if you can imaging some goats chatting about what THEY think is ‘important’, it is not difficult to see the laughable idiocy that they are likely to spout – given their INABILITY to conceptualise the mind of Lowdown… Wuh*even we other humans are challenged there… 🙂

    Similarly, BBE’s raison d’être is one that is important to the SPIRITUAL entities who created the experience called ‘Life on Earth’ … and very likely is beyond our HUMAN capabilities to comprehend. That however does not stop us from imagining all manner of shiite… Which is what Pacha is ever quick to condemn and to discard.

    Now to answer your direct question…
    The battle that you describe, between the ‘powers that created and alternately run this world’ is actually a SPIRITUAL battle, being waged by forces that are outside of our physical realm.
    Humans are mere pawns and at best, collateral incidentals.
    It is as if there was a big legal battle between sections of the Hoad family for control of the farm – where a fraction wanted to produce milk, while the other wanted steaks. The goats would be then simple pawns awaiting the outcome of such a battle…

    Just as Bushie was ‘adopted’ and handed a whacker, people like Trump would have been recruited to play a role for a particular side of the ‘family feud’. Things are becoming hectic now – because, unlike most ordinary goats, the owners KNOW that decision time is near and that time is short. This will lead to brash and harsh actions being taken, on scales that we have never seen before in all history…
    …which, by the way, is the gist of Terence’s highly academic piece above….

    Look for the “steak fraction” of the Hoad family to come out with guns blazing in anticipation of a ‘final battle for the farm’…..
    Predictions (from the Bible that wunna love to dis) is that up to 33% of all the goats on the farm will become collateral damage in the final stages of the coming battles…

    What is a goat to do in such circumstances….?


  • In this short life, there are only two choices. Either believe in the ONLY TRUE GOD or believing in any of the other smatterings which present themselves under the guise of some gargantuan philosophical cloak. With God through the Bible, there is a beginning middle and end. With the smatterings, the final episode is always one of hopeless anarchy, albeit wrapped up in some of the most highly skilled and intellectual talent to be found among men. The gay and lesbians love the smatterings; for in it there is no god and there morality can not be questioned. Those who rise early to destroy the neighbor also love the smatterings; for the philosophy is “do whatever thou wilt”. There is no one to question or evaluate your reign of terror.

    The smatterings give a sense of “freedom”, but are you free when you are controlled by the very forces who tangle that ephemeral just out of reach in front of you.

    Bushie, there are only two players in the room. We as humans are granted the freedom to hold on to one or the other through faith. Both will put “hedges” around us but as humans we need to find out who has the power to win the final battle in the end!!!


  • We are all born with a veil of spiritual protection in case you did not know

    Seems like there may have been some cheating by those who promote racial war


  • But if one look at what is happening in todays world there is not much a difference in morality and geo-politics as what has happened during bibilcal times
    The prophets perdictions were predicated on a messiah remember John the baptist reknowned in bible history as heralding and predicting a new beginning well the mesdiah came and the old world remained intact .
    Taking old bible literature and positioning all that is happening to present geo-political events and times is ludicrous this sh.iit as been going on for years nothing new here except the neo cons of religious intrepretrations had found a new influence in the State of Israel by which to propagate this nonsense of end times connected to politics and world leaders
    Money power all connected to greed would control and rule sameness found in ancient biblical times and continues in present
    Folks nothing new here what is there to fulfill


  • Bushtea;

    This is the part of your earlier response to Pachamama that impressed me.

    When we review the complex reality of the physical environment we call ‘life’, it is impossible to be but overwhelmed by the engineering brilliance that would have been required to conceptualise and initiate such a reality.

    It also follows that any entity- whatever its form, able to cause such a reality to come into being WILL OF NECESSITY have a logical, reasoned, sane INTENT in mind for going to such trouble. Assuming then that such a raison d’être exists, ANYTHING else, that runs contrary of this original intent, is (as you so bluntly put it) delusional madness.

    The question therefore is; What is or was the Intent?

    Mankind has been trying to answer this question for several million years as suggested in the hard geological / archeological record or the stories of several millenia as intimated in spoken or written histories of each of the “continental races” of mankind.

    The answers that have been largely provided by the various religions, or manifestations of universal shamanism, have a gross internal consistency.

    The World was moulded into being by an all-powerful extra-material entity that revealed itself (and still does so) to certain adepts who were or are amenable to contact with the agents of the entity through dreams or other altered states of consciousness. All the world religions preach this universal truth.

    The reason for our being have been variously interpreted by several religions eg, Christianity or other Eastern religions or ancient proto-religions throughout the World . However, most of the religions have a common thread that We (Mankind) have been cast in the image of an all powerful Deity but that we have fallen from the Nirvana of an earlier phase where we all had knowledge of and immanence in that truth and are now progressing to a new phase when we will once again retain that point omega of joining with that Entity.

    A critical mass of “souls” accepting the tenets of the various religions is necessary to reach that Point Omega. Thereby the concept of harvesting of souls that even exists in the UFOlogy genre of quasi religions.

    The concepts of Good and Evil; God and Satan; the Children of the “Service to Others” as opposed to the “Service to Self” orientations all speak to a duality that is thought to exist in nature and our nature, a duality that gradually shapes mankind’s inner soul to an eventuality of perfect understanding.

    The visible universe is a construct of extra-universal or extra-material beings who are essentially conducting an experiment on us where mankind is allowed to advance to a point where we might get near to a dim understanding of the nuts and bolts that make up the system (through the expanding knowledge and accomplishments of modern Science) but if we get near, without also being able to recognize the overweening importance of the Soul in the equation, unwonted cataclysmic forces are likely to be unleashed to reset the experiment.

    On such a full sea we now appear to be afloat.

    Re. Trump, I am almost totally wrong, but it seems to me that Trump’s antecedents and his worldview and petty strengths and weaknesses and seeming luck, will, almost certainly lead to the unleashing of a de facto dictatorship in the US that will spread like wildfire among the Developed White and Pale Nations and that Black nations need to take that possibility seriously if we are to take advantage of the aftermath.

    Trump’s ascendancy was not just happenstance.

    We ignore the Trump phenomenon at our peril.


  • @Are-we-there-yet

    Not to be prolix Bushie’s offering can be labelled an interesting hypothesis.

    Not to simplify of course…lol.


  • Correction to my post above;

    3rd last paragraph should have been; … Re Trump, I might be totally wrong…..


  • Joe "Bobby" Alleyne

    “The World was moulded into being by an all-powerful extra-material entity that revealed itself (and still does so) to certain adepts who were or are amenable to contact with the agents of the entity through dreams or other altered states of consciousness.”

    And the evidence for this is …?

    You nearly got right the first time: “I am almost totally wong …”, except the “almost” is redundant.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    ‘With the smatterings, the final episode is always one of hopeless anarchy, …”

    That’s not true.
    There are many smatterers like myself who believe that mankind is on an upward path. We will stumble and we will fall, but we will always rise and be better than how we were before. One day we will realize that the God (or Gods) we are looking for has (have) always been in the mirror looking back at us.


  • David, Bushtea;

    I wonder if the “experiment” might actually be a construct that is of extreme importance to the BBE’s own survival or comfort level and not a haphazard inconsequential one. i.e. the BBE MUST harvest a certain proportion of existing souls over a certain period of time or suffer some discomfort. Hence the urgency and importance of competing dualities doing their utmost to collect the most souls.

    Just an Idea.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    My contribution to this topic is at an end, but it is amusing to see these different versions of a fairly tale.


  • Joe “Boobie” Alleyne;

    Seek and you will find! Read again and you will Understand!


  • @ AWTY
    The only thing that Bushie would add to your 9:56AM is that the ‘raison d’être’ that has proven to be so elusive ‘over the history of mankind’ is probably the SINGLE MOST obvious and prevalent characteristic of every possible living thing in existence.
    It is totally in keeping with BBE’s approach, that the answers to the most mysterious and elusive mysteries of all time are hidden in plain sight….

    …apart from that, you are correct in Bushie’s humble opinion, about the world having been carefully and intricately moulded by clearly brilliant engineering expertise; …about the super-natural forces at play – in a game that is bigger than we are; … about specific humans being used at the whim and fancy of various of these superhuman forces; and definitely about Trump and his clear mandate to ‘make Amerika great again’.

    Many pundits predict that a global dictatorship of sorts will arise. Passing strange that a Trump could beat all the odds, ..grab p***ies, ..don’t pay taxes, ..refuse to publish his tax returns, to get the majority votes ….. and win the presidency handsomely….

    What coincidence what!!
    You are exactly correct.

    But even without Trump, we had already established that our ass is grass….


  • Joe "Bobby" Alleyne

    “To go back to the analogy of Lowdown Hoad’s farm …”

    Please spare us that analogy again. It NEVER works except for the feeble-minded. It would only begin to work as an analogy if Hoad had made the goats. He didn’t. The goats were made by older goats, who in turn were made by goats now dead.


  • Joe "Bobby" Alleyne

    “The battle that you describe, between the ‘powers that created and alternately run this world’ is actually a SPIRITUAL battle, being waged by forces that are outside of our physical realm.
    Humans are mere pawns and at best, collateral incidentals.”

    And the evidence for this is … what? “I think so” doesn’t count.


  • @ AWTY
    Re your 10:30 AM, Bushie would be tempted to say that you are almost there… 🙂


  • We continue to pontificate without knowing anything.

    All of these are ancient and they are a sign of the major probability that we do not know as much as we would like about our history as we believe we do.
    10 amazing ancient wonders that still remain a mystery –
    Throughout history civilizations have been born and lost countless times. In modern times through our accumulation of knowledge, anthropologists and archaeologists have tried to piece together a timeline of the rise and fall of civilizations. However,…


  • Listen to my interview with James Bartley on The Orion Zone, Hopi star correlations and ancestors, kachina pilots of flying craft, the Hopi migration from Mu, the lost city in Grand Canyon, Hopi prophecies, and other provocative topics.


  • @ Vincent
    Boss, if you stumble into a conversation in a foreign language, it is both impolite and unhelpful to seek to ‘contribute’ by constantly shouting out the fact that you have no clue about what is being said, and that in your opinion, no one else does either….

    Give it a thought.
    Perhaps you should either butt out; or consider studying the foreign language; …. or at the very least, ask for a translation….


  • Bush Tea November 24, 2016 at 8:10 AM #

    Skippah…..I write on here for posterity,as I hope that like previous civilisations that reached this stage and further in their development cycle,these contributions and theirs can be found on the ether and deciphered so that they can judge the inteligence or lack thereof of their ancestors.

    Just carry on smartly with you interpretations of things you have not a clue about.


  • LOL ha ha ha
    ….posterity indeed!!! ….don’t get tied up….
    You know of course that there is a BIG difference between ‘writing for posterity’ …and writing stuff that comes from the posterior…


  • As I said Lord Bushie of the Brassbowls sired by BBE…..our progeny will judge us on the quantity of effluent being excreted and by whom.

    Now go back to your bushes with mosses and do some more cogitation on the onsolvable.


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