Barbados’ Economic Performance for the Q2,2016

Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

The Barbados economy grew by 1.3% over the first six months of 2016, compared to virtually no growth a year ago. This was a slight deceleration from the first quarter, mainly on account of unexpected delays in major tourism investments projects…


Press Release June 2016 Final.pdf (1.03 MB)

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153 Comments on “Barbados’ Economic Performance for the Q2,2016”

  1. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI July 27, 2016 at 5:22 PM #

    As usual we can expect the warmed over soup of that Diaspora mining idea being regurgitated by the PPK.

    Why do I say that it is regurgitated?

    Ask Neville Rowe, the man who brought Elasta Care to Barbados and broke the monopoly that Cave Shepherd had on Hair Care products as the first black man to buy things in bulk, cheap and then resell them with little markup to black bajan consumers.

    Until a set of money was paid to Black Comptrollers of Customs and Neville was said to be reinvoicing and the Excise Department reassessed the CIF arbitrarily, assigned the costs that Cave Shepherd supplied them with and broke that indigenous movement AS WOULD THEY DO years later with Julie N and now seek to do with Popular.

    I would actually provide the templates for Diaspora Marketing that were provided to the BIDC 25 years ago and then again 10 years ago and provide the email responses to all of these.

    But such documents are not the first to have been submitted to the Government in Power and will not be the last.

    The problem is that when the idea is proposed, the ingrunt Minister, be they BLP or DLP see it to be their personal gravvy train to prosperity and they take the document, photocopy the shit (like Peter Harris did with *** or Mugabe Mottley did with *** or John Boyce did with *** or *** Nurse did with *** or Sandra *** did with *** or Francine *** did with ***) and then they, the north bound ends of south bound cows, try to execute what they could never do in a week of Sundays.

    Let me break down the Profile of a “Diaspora Dweller”

    These are men and women who work and live and have their respectable livelihoods in 1st world countries where they are grudgefully respected.

    I purposefully did not say liked and certainly not loved.

    For 20 to 30 years these Diasporians have eaten shite to get to where they are and have, as former West indians, I say former because we are not west indians any longer, but we are not citizens of those adopted lands either. we are they who can “Never Come Home again”.

    We come in the body but the minds never returns.

    We done seen every effing game the minister of Agriculture or finance or housing and lands going try to run on our scvunts and while we love our country real bad, WE ARE NOT PREPARED TO EF UP OUR STANDING with our bosses and jobs in our adopted homelands

    And we dun seen the minister s BS from a mile off.

    So we going come and shoot the breeze with wunna fellows and left wunna hank cause “homey doan play that”

    THis is why I simply do not trust you Walter because you have lived there for 21 years and claim to have been a high flier yet your lack of understanding of these nuances or if informed, your constant secrecy as to the Real State of Affairs and Mindspace of the Diasporians is seriously in deficit.

    You are trading in jobby everywhere that you seek to peddle an idea here on BU and wherever you or any of the rest of you go to peddle your BS, I going appear to be your “Bane”

    Bring us things that will work. PPK. or kind sir, sit your scvunt in the jousting wings and leave the weapons of real knights to serious men and women.

    Oh and just in case you get some spunk and want to claim originality and ting axe your clowns Maxine and David Pitbull Gunslinger about the Investment Proposal sent to all of them scvunt in 2007 BEFORE THEM GET IN IN 2008 and sent again in 2009 to them scvunts and 2011.

    Steupseeeeee, waste foops deserving of the Sin of Onan.


  2. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right - INRI July 28, 2016 at 10:03 AM #

    @ PPK

    This is an adaptation of a recent post to George C Brathwaite, another so called expert on thing social/economic in Barbados who is as lost as you are with these fanciful ideas.

    He is a BLPite and you PPK, a DLPite and since you both utter the same useless spiel about jumpstarting the economy, through different sides of your mouth, I’ll try to explain what for you would seem contentious in my post of yesterday.

    I dont know if you read the George submission. If you are like me, there are some authors here I do not read e.g. The Sand Nigger or Freedom Crier because, well let me say “I am too much of a dullard to understand these socialist and capitalist concepts she espouses”

    I presented a story based on a friend who returned from the USA, where you have lived for 21 years, she brought me some Indian Girl Corn meal because it was “dirt cheap up there” and gave me some bags. I love coo coo but I CANNOT COOK COO COO IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!!

    I then sought to tie this story into the context of next week’s function by Microsoft and sought to show how this is another wasted opportunity since braniacs (like you?) in coordinating that premiere opportunity would, like you?, irrespective of the time it took to secure Microsoft’s participation, have been incapable of connecting the dots, leveraging the opportunity and much like you? would have proposed a parallel “puerile merchant merchandising concept” as the Nirvana solution.

    I sought then to like this to and abuse of great ingredients scenario PPK with your weak diaspora mining concept with LEVERAGING THE INGREDIENTS OF CHANGE, meaningful change.

    I actually said that this Microsoft experience at Sherbourne would be A FAILURE because the people coordinating it on our end, with their various allegiances, were incapable of conceptualizing the optimal outcome of such a “collaboration”

    I then gave a simple example of what that outcome should have been and IS NOT and referred to an Computer Weekly article where it was reported that “Countries and companies must act quickly to address the cyber security skills shortage through improvements in education, workforce diversity, training opportunities, security technology and data collection…”

    The problem PPK is not really a lack of opportunities but moreso that your pedestrian outlook on the panorama of opportunities is much like my inability to cook COO COO in that cyber frontier that national development for Barbados necessitates.

    In my inimical style I ask questions so that you and other posturers? like you will, when you are grilled to answer, show the paucity of your vision and its disconnectedness with the realities of what our country is faced with.

    Many of your detractors here allude to what your expertise is, post those 21 years, I have not asked anyone yet to check your bonafides per that NASD designation etc, but what I am doing is querying the schoolboy ideas that you are proposing here on BU.

    And to be truthful PPK “you have been weighed in the balance and found severely wanting”


  3. Gabriel July 28, 2016 at 10:37 AM #

    Man we pun de same page yuh.Solutions,Walter,George brainacs so called but at pre school stage of political acuity.Dullnoass.Freedom,Zoe,Nigger all get an eye pass from the angel.


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