Business as Usual Between the Political Class and Denizens

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL

crimeRome is burning, and from all appearances one begins to get the sense that the Romans are fast asleep. Aren’t we just a tad bit tired of the optics? I think not, for they are passed off as business as usual. Exactly when do we intend to stand up and say to our Gods this simple one line phrase? ENOUGH. ….

The sound of gunfire is as commonplace as the back fire of an engine with blown Pistons. Last Sunday night an innocent fifty seven year old woman had the misfortune of crossing paths with one of the many errant bullets that seemingly come from all directions of the one hundred and sixty six square mile gun range. The scary thing is that it could happen at anytime to anyone.

Here is my problem. This woman might lose her life, and through sheer diligence the over worked and underappreciated detectives of the RBPF will bring the vermin to justice. After a fair trial that menace to society becomes a ward of society, breathing the same air as you, me and everyone else except the unfortunate fifty seven year old woman upon whom he would have passed judgement. From all the way in Washington DC this creep is given a new lease on life. Since Washington DC has this much influence on us, explain this to me.

Democratic majority leader Pedro Espada Jr, a big wig in New York politics got five years in prison for stealing from a non-profit clinic he had founded. That was back in 2013. Today he is in maximum security after straying outside the boundaries of the the low level lockup that initially housed him. Hours ago seventy two year old Sheldon Silver received a sentence of twelve years in prison for corruption. How could I have forgotten to mention the fact that Mr Silver occupied the position of SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. Let me also tell you that in all of this mess Governor Andrew Cuomo didn’t suggest to corrupt Shelley Silver “Go get a lawyer, you didn’t do anything wrong“. He ain’t so drunk, and in any event such shit flies only in a banana republic where poor folk are content with the tactic of comply and then complain. Where austerity measures are trained in one direction only. A banana republic where the American influence is conveniently applied.

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    Now Add the Violet Beckles to that equation , Massive Land Fraud and no CLEAR TITLE TO LAND, BYE BYE BANKS


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