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The findings contained in the 2016 Auditor General Report 2016 confirms that there has been no improvement in how government manages its financial affairs under a DLP government. The vast majority of state agencies still do n0t have updated financials available for the Auditor General Office to do its work INCLUDING THE NATIONAL INSURANCE SCHEME.

Of interest to BU is the fact matters regarding theft at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) was handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions since 2013 and remains outstanding – see page 127 of 177.

Issue 2
5.13 Goods ordered from a firm totalling Bds. $462,786.26 were paid for but not delivered. No due diligence was conducted on this firm which is based in the USA.

Authority’s Response, 2016:
This matter was passed on to the Director of Public Prosecution through the parent Ministry of Agriculture and witness statements were taken from relevant BWA managers in August 2013 by the Royal Barbados Police Force. However, nothing more has been heard from the Police on any further actions taken. So the matter is still outstanding.

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    • @Ping Pong

      Bahamas is a difference kettle of fish, a heavy US influence given how it operates. Also there is an evolution that is still to take place given a level of corruption that has taken root over there. The point made by enuff to this blog is noteworthy. Why did the late DPP not address the matter at BWA outstanding since 2013? There is one thing to address people but it has to be proved in court with the evidence. In Barbados files go missing at a whim.

  1. When are they going to arrest:

    Michael Lashley
    Dennis Lowe
    Michael Carrington
    Dumbville Inniss

    Have I forgotten anyone.?

  2. Angela Yardfowl is still pissed…Bushman……lol

    She did not realize that the nonissue about Mia not having a law degree or whatever nonsense they are on and on about could be used to Mia’s advantage to win the election….

    Everyone on the island hates lawyers, for real, they been robbed too many times by lawyers, from parliament to whichever holes they reside in…and it’s not as if the slave lawyers currently residing in parliament are real intelligent.

    …… Mia not being a lawyer, would work in her favor…..guaranteed to be elected, just based on not being a lawyer….

    ..and Angela Yardfowl got vex with me and had talk for me for that…lol.., haha haha.

    When it’s she and Carson wont shut up about the

  3. LOL
    Wuhloss… So by establishing that Mia is not REALLY a lawyer, the DLP has IMPROVED her standings in public opinion?

    ha ha ha….
    Every shiite the DLP has done in the last ten years has backfired…

    That is what yuh get when yuh entertain Lucifer and go building monuments in his honour…

  4. @ David
    Be serious….
    How will a DPP who is a Lodge member (and of THAT you can be assured) press charges against his brother?

    Those people take OATHS …. and have consequences that are (apparently) more dire for breaking these oaths than the shiite penalties we have …for them not doing the jobs we pay them to do…

    What is the progress with the (clear cut) Wilkinson case? …the container of drugs case?

    It is one thing to take these esoteric positions like enuff ..for the sake of intellectual debate in public, but this is BU Boss…. we cut directly to the chase….

    The truth shall set us free …and lock the crooks up….

    • @Bush Tea

      Are we not saying the same thing? It is why there was he argument to bring a CJ from outside the inner ring. You be the judge of where we are as far as that is concern.

  5. “That is what yuh get when yuh entertain Lucifer and go building monuments in his honour…”

    Lol….and Carson is still on and on about this gay thing, give that a minute and that too will backfire and can be used in Mia’s favor…lol

    Fools never learn.,

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