The Auditor General Report 2016 | Business as Usual

The findings contained in the 2016 Auditor General Report 2016 confirms that there has been no improvement in how government manages its financial affairs under a DLP government. The vast majority of state agencies still do n0t have updated financials available for the Auditor General Office to do its work INCLUDING THE NATIONAL INSURANCE SCHEME.

Of interest to BU is the fact matters regarding theft at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) was handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions since 2013 and remains outstanding – see page 127 of 177.

Issue 2
5.13 Goods ordered from a firm totalling Bds. $462,786.26 were paid for but not delivered. No due diligence was conducted on this firm which is based in the USA.

Authority’s Response, 2016:
This matter was passed on to the Director of Public Prosecution through the parent Ministry of Agriculture and witness statements were taken from relevant BWA managers in August 2013 by the Royal Barbados Police Force. However, nothing more has been heard from the Police on any further actions taken. So the matter is still outstanding.


  • @Sunshine Sunny Shine August 2, 2017 at 11:57 PM “This is the reason why the country cries for a Mottley government…”

    We are NOT crying for a Mottley government. We don’t believe that a Mottley government will be any second coming of Christ. We are just tired of this DLP government. In fact we very much fear that under a BLP/Mottley government we will get more of the same.

    Errol Barrow called us a nation of thieves.

    He was right.

    White thieves the original thieves, thieved land, labour, people, languages, freedom, religion etc.

    Black thieves since 1966 following in the footsteps of the white thieves.

    indian/muslim/jewish/middle eastern/south asian thieves, the new comers, all eager to get a piece of the action.

    That is who WE are.


  • @Watchman August 2, 2017 at 9:14 PM “Thompson asking the people to prayed for him.”

    I did not pray for Thompson, why should I?

    When he talked about families first, and slaughtering and sharing the fatted calf I knew that he was not talking about me nor my family. My family is still asking where is the beef?

    We were not invited to the family party at which the beef was shared, so why pray?

    I am the sort of person if you don’t invite me to your wedding feast, don’t expect me to be a hypocrite and come to your funeral. Don’t expect prayers either.

    I may be simple, but I ain’t foolish.

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  • @ Hal
    Too many public servants hide t heir incompetence behind ministers.

    This is however so, because too many public servants are appointed SOLELY to rubber stamp the incompetent impulses of ministers….and not to execute professional duties.

    Believe it or not…. this is the almost universal situation in the Barbados Public Service…. and it is accepted lock, stock and barrel …by all the players involved (except Caswell)

    How can a puppet be expected to suddenly take control of the puppeteer?
    We are in a dark place….


  • @David August 3, 2017 at 2:18 AM ” all singing the praises of Leacock at his funeral. We are sorry he died…”


    Why do we have to be sorry that he died?

    We did not kill him.

    Death comes to us all sooner or later.

    We are born.

    We will die.

    Naked we come into this world and it is a certainty that we will take nothing out.

    Get used to it.


  • @ Simple
    I did not pray for Thompson, why should I?
    You should pray for anyone who ask….
    Do just do like the original bushman ….and pray that their trespasses be forgiven in the SAME way that they forgave the trespasses of others against them…
    In other words, …that their ass gets exactly what it deserves…

    As you can guess, Bushie prayed…
    …and Bushie here waiting for certain other people to ask for his prayers too…..


  • Governments are won in Barbados by default, i.e. For the reason you posted.


  • Don’t be simple Simple, expressing condolences does not mean we can delay the inevitable.


  • “singing the praises” of the dead shows compassion for the family especially the children .


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    All the praise in the world cannot help ya when ya dead.

    Who desire can pray for the surviving family…but me, I am suspicious if anyone, except for the pray warriors in hospitals….praying for me period.

    You might think they praying for one thing, but they are in reality praying for something else, ask Bushman…lol

    Death is not that serious.


  • Hants the “children” are scarcely children. When my parents, my siblings and I were “children” of that age we were hard back working working men and women.

    And we did all right.

    My father’s father was murdered when my father was 6, by 11 my father went out to work and continued working until he was 90>

    Nowadays we coddle “children” for far too long.

    That is a part of the problem.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    And in case some smart ask want to ask how I know that…

    No one who has died as ever returned to complain now have they?

    It is a natural process, it’s the living with their fickle hypocritical selves love to turn death into something it’s not.


  • Bushie is tempted to side with Simple here…

    This business of telling lies about the ‘goodness’ of shiitehounds who die before their time sends the WRONG message to the overall society.
    It provides comfort to those OTHER scumbags sitting in the congregation doing shiite…. and belittles the good reputation of REAL patriots.

    What family members compassion what?!?
    No one knows better of the scams and deceit of these crooks than their family members….who enjoyed all the crooked spoils…
    These families are EXACTLY the persons that SHOULD have influenced them to do the RIGHT things… AND… that should be ashamed …and MADE to feel ASHAME of the brassbowlery involved.

    Wuh if all the big-ups in society coming to the funeral of a big-ass thief and sing his praises, is it different when a REAL NATIONAL HERO is buried after a life of service … and the SAME people get up and say the SAME shiite…?

    Just DO NOT ask Bushie to say a shiite on any such occasion wunna hear…?!!

    A pox on all their DISHONEST donkeys.


  • Simple Simon @8:24 am
    I fully agree. We are mostly grabbers. People like Corey Lane and a few others are rare flowers in the desert that have to be nurtured.
    Even Barrow and Tom with all their faults put Barbados first. How can we find such leaders again and have them rise to the top?


  • @Bush Tea

    Your point and the one Simple Simon made do not collide.


  • @ David
    Your point and the one Simple Simon made do not collide.
    True… but they are on the same highway…

    ….cause Bushie is a top notch driver…
    Think Bushie does only ride pon de ZRs? …. like Simple…?


  • @ Bush Tea “This business of telling lies about the ‘goodness’ of shiitehounds”

    There is nothing wrong with omitting faults and failures when “eulogizing”.

    My family should not be punished for my wutlessness.


  • Bushie @9.14am
    Spot on my man,spot on.Most understand that those tributes,misplaced by some fools who believe themselves,were also cremated.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Leacock left a gigantic mess in his wake….

    ….. at the judiciary, the whole court system, the destruction of people’s lives….

    ….the only people who will miss him are the most corrupt in the society, the real criminals, the business people, the insurance executives, lawyers like himself who misuse their law degrees to abuse the court system and the people…..

    ….all the ones singing his praises should be forced to clean up the mess he left behind.


  • But people should not embellish eulogies……….that is why I told my family…no eulogy at my funeral and I try my best to live a clean life.

    I went to a funeral recently and as the man was being eulogised, I saw two people next to me nudging each other.


  • @ Hants
    My family should not be punished for my wutlessness…
    Whose family do you think should be punished for your wutlessness then…?
    Stinking Bushie’s…?

    Boss, who help you lick-out the bribe money?
    Who cover for you when you was lying and cheating…?
    Who yuh leave the ‘hot money’ behind to spend out…?

    The HEAD people to be punished is your family…who endorsed the shiite that you did…

    Why do you think the good book admonishes us to ‘honour our father and mother in righteousness … so that your days may be long in the land…?”

    We should also honour our children and family with righteous lives …so that our LEGACY may be a blessing unto them when we pass…..

    Tek care Bushie don’t talk at your funeral…. every shiite will be revealed ..
    …the truth and nothing but the truth …
    ..and let us see if it will set you free… 🙂


  • @ Bushie wrote “Tek care Bushie don’t talk at your funeral”.

    I look foward to listening to you talking at my funeral. lol


  • Bushie
    Why you think the hebrews spoke of the sins of the fathers falling upon the children for up to 4 generations..people that get hurt don’t forget easily,even if they forgive,and they will talk about the experience(s) until the cows come home and it’s only as time tends to heal wounds that the deed(s)might fade from memory 80 or so years down the road of history.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Gabriel August 2, 2017 at 7:53 PM
    “Prodigal @4.07p
    It’s not Lashley to answer.It is the Permanent Secretary who is the Authorised Officer.That was the mistake Mia made when she summoned the 3 ministers to respond to infelicities in their respective ministries.The ministers rightly refused to attend.Mia should know better as she grilled a former PS Bascombe for processing unapproved funds to the MoH.It is rumored he went into early retirement,but the act remained unpunished and based on your data every ministry seem to be ignoring approved budgets and spending wild.”

    Well said, Gabriel.

    One can only conclude that such a deliberate misstep by the LoO was an incestuously political manoeuvre to shield fellow members of the corrupt clans making up the political class.

    From the outset it was crystal clear that such a summons to answer charges of financial ‘improprieties’ had no legitimacy or legal standing with respect to ministers of the Crown. Only accounting officers and their agents can be made answerable to such investigations and charges.

    The legally sound and effective way to genuinely expose those politically-clothed bandits was to do it through the public drilling of those accounting officers who, under politically-fuelled fire, would have vulnerably exposed their embarrassingly laughable managerial incompetence and ‘un-professionalism’ or force them to spill their yellow guts as to the level of direct and dishonest political interference by their confession of merely carrying out instructions from the ministerial centre of the high command.

    By burying such investigatory opportunities in a grave of politically puerile sabre rattling over a clear-cut law the PAC has lost its moral authority to fulfil its mandate as the supreme watchdog of the public purse thereby undermining the ‘independent’ role of the Auditor General.

    When the crown is finally placed on the female head of the clan currently awaiting ascension to the political throne we can expect to see the complete interment if not the completely convenient cover-up of those ‘alleged’ acts and tax evasion deeds of the likes of the go(o)dly doctor Lowedown, the mulatto boy Baloney and Greenverbs the bosom pal and intimate buddy of the now ‘standing’ primate into Paris(s) class of politicians.


  • @ Gabriel
    Why you think the hebrews spoke of the sins of the fathers falling upon the children for up to 4 generations…..

    Because the Hebrews understood that one’s children are really natural extensions of one’s very self. For wise people then, NOTHING can be more important than leaving a positive LEGACY that brings blessings to one’s offspring. …Not only material blessings, but also in cultural, spiritual areas and in self-respect.

    Conversely, the sins of parents often result in pain and suffering for multiple generations of offspring… until someone wise enough to see the value of sackcloth and ashes (genuine repentance for their forefather’s sins), comes along and makes it right with Lady Karma.

    …of course this all applies to normal, everyday brassbowlery…..

    Sins of the order of the 400-year-old enslavement and inhuman rape, murder and torture of millions of Bushie’s ancestors via the Atlantic Slave Trade will need to be placed in a special category with respect to its impact on the descendants of those monsters…. especially with jokers like John and his boy Trump…even now trying to justify the satanic evil that was represented by that wicked episode.


  • It really looks as if everybody thinks that we the taxpayers are suckers! Where are the accounting officers? Are they qualified in accounts or even bookkeeping?

    A supplier was paid twice for work related to Electrical Renovations at the
    Country Road Branch of the School Meals Department resulting in an
    overpayment of $65,671.92. At the time of the audit the monies had not
    been recovered.


  • NorthernObserver

    because you might know
    on page 4? of the report, the pie chart on expenditures, list GRANTS in a tie for #1. What are considered grants by the Aud G? NGO money?


  • @Gabriel August 3, 2017 at 2:56 PM “the deed(s)might fade from memory 80 or so years down”

    Actually 80 years in nothing. Well into the 21st century a family member told be about a piece of wutlessness that went down when the Panama Canal was being built. I haven’y told my grandchildren yet.

    But one of these days…


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Simple Simon

    Man chill. The SSS have no regard for Mottley until she comes solidified and upfront concerning what she intends to do about the Auditor General Reports. And, the need for integrity, accountability, anticorruption laws, whistle blower legislation, and providing the Auditor General with the type of teeth that would enable him to bite, and bite hard. I am not interested in anything she has to say outside of what is the obvious financial problem in Barbados financial accounting system. Mottley is trying to present a different side of her that has a twist of prodigal. She wants to convince Barbadians that she have returned from the turbulence and turmoil of the BLP mayhem to take care of the people’s business, the way that it should have been taken care of from the start. Yet, she makes no mentions of the auditor general’s finding or not on word on why Barbados must implement the mention pieces of important legislation. As for the DLP and your tiredness, where we not all just almost a decade ago tired of the BLP and there nonsense? Sounds to me like a cycle.


  • Simple
    “One of these Days”…..I saw a live performance of that song some years ago by a US twin called The Treniers.


  • From the Auditor General’s Report

    “A supplier was paid twice for work related to Electrical Renovations at the
    Country Road Branch of the School Meals Department resulting in an
    overpayment of $65,671.92. At the time of the audit the monies had not
    been recovered”.

    School Meals Department…………ummmm……….anyone want to bet that this contractor has to be a dlp supporter!!!!!!!


  • In today’s VOB news, it was reported that another minister from the former Bahamas government was arrested and charged for misconduct during the Perry Christie administration.

    If whomever is appointed the next Attorney General does not refer members of this current administration to the DPP, it will be hell to pay with voters. Enough is enough……..let whoever call it a witch hunt.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    First ya have to hope that a new DPP is not as corrupt as the newly deceased DPP…or else nothing changes.


  • Gabriel

    You feel only Dems can politick, maybe MAM called the ministers to put them in the spotlight.


    The Auditor General would lost many cases in court.


  • @enuff
    The Auditor General would lost many cases in court.
    …because our laws are configured to protect crooks – especially crooks of the political variety?

    Imagine a situation where these ‘lawyers’ draft, review and pass the laws of the land – and then (often within the SAME laws), prescribe themselves into positions of authority…. FULLY aware of all the cracks, weaknesses and (built in) flaws therein….

    Bushie feel that you is a pieceuh lawyer yourself… wunna asses will be beaten with many stripes yuh hear…?

    Woe unto wunna scribes and Pharisees…..


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Regardless if the AG will lose many cases or not, the fact that we have no legislation in place to bring such persons to court in the first place is where the real lost really lies,


  • Good morning bush tea instead of belching the same crap over and over again why not go find twelve good men to start a third party.all day long belching the same ole crap does nothing for no one
    I understand you might be retired / retarded and looking for some fun and entertainment on bu.yes an excellent place for retirees to spend their past time
    Have a great day ole bag


  • Could this happen in Barbados?

    “Gibson is the fourth former member of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government to be arrested following the May 10 general election.”


  • missed you too angela… 🙂


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    When are they going to arrest:

    Michael Lashley
    Dennis Lowe
    Michael Carrington
    Dumbville Inniss

    Have I forgotten anyone.?


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Angela Yardfowl is still pissed…Bushman……lol

    She did not realize that the nonissue about Mia not having a law degree or whatever nonsense they are on and on about could be used to Mia’s advantage to win the election….

    Everyone on the island hates lawyers, for real, they been robbed too many times by lawyers, from parliament to whichever holes they reside in…and it’s not as if the slave lawyers currently residing in parliament are real intelligent.

    …… Mia not being a lawyer, would work in her favor…..guaranteed to be elected, just based on not being a lawyer….

    ..and Angela Yardfowl got vex with me and had talk for me for that…lol.., haha haha.

    When it’s she and Carson wont shut up about the


  • LOL
    Wuhloss… So by establishing that Mia is not REALLY a lawyer, the DLP has IMPROVED her standings in public opinion?

    ha ha ha….
    Every shiite the DLP has done in the last ten years has backfired…

    That is what yuh get when yuh entertain Lucifer and go building monuments in his honour…


  • @Ping Pong

    Bahamas is a difference kettle of fish, a heavy US influence given how it operates. Also there is an evolution that is still to take place given a level of corruption that has taken root over there. The point made by enuff to this blog is noteworthy. Why did the late DPP not address the matter at BWA outstanding since 2013? There is one thing to address people but it has to be proved in court with the evidence. In Barbados files go missing at a whim.


  • @ David
    Be serious….
    How will a DPP who is a Lodge member (and of THAT you can be assured) press charges against his brother?

    Those people take OATHS …. and have consequences that are (apparently) more dire for breaking these oaths than the shiite penalties we have …for them not doing the jobs we pay them to do…

    What is the progress with the (clear cut) Wilkinson case? …the container of drugs case?

    It is one thing to take these esoteric positions like enuff ..for the sake of intellectual debate in public, but this is BU Boss…. we cut directly to the chase….

    The truth shall set us free …and lock the crooks up….


  • @Bush Tea

    Are we not saying the same thing? It is why there was he argument to bring a CJ from outside the inner ring. You be the judge of where we are as far as that is concern.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    “That is what yuh get when yuh entertain Lucifer and go building monuments in his honour…”

    Lol….and Carson is still on and on about this gay thing, give that a minute and that too will backfire and can be used in Mia’s favor…lol

    Fools never learn.,


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