Junk Food or Air Pollution, Your Choice!

Submitted by Anthony Davis

NCDsThe UK government has been warned to drastically reduce air pollution or face renewed legal action. “In April the Supreme Court ruled an immediate plan was needed after the UK breached EU limits for nitrogen dioxide (NO2)…Around 40,000 people are estimated to die prematurely every year in the UK because of bad air quality. “Nitrogen pollution from diesel vehicles is creating much of the problem – and this has been exacerbated by the scandal over testing which has made cars appear cleaner than they really are. – BBC Online

I’m fed up to the teeth with all of the advice about eating healthy, and exercising. What’s the use of all that if we’re being killed by air and noise pollution?

When will the ministers of health and the environment tell the populace of this country the full truth about NCDs?

If we don’t clean up the air and reduce the noise emanating from vehicles and elsewhere we can eat as healthy as we want – if we can afford it – and exercise as much as we want, the number of NCDs will continue to rise.

The anti-environment minister promised anti-pollution laws this year, but it seems that we’ll have to wait until the end of the year for them. Stop lying to the people of this country about eating healthy and exercising being the panacea for the reduction of the number of NCDs.

It’s a load of codswallop!

More people die annually from polluted air than being overweight or obese.

Noise is said to drive people to kill.

This Government, through the ministers of health, and the environment, is instituting a dangerous precedent by claiming that the panacea for the reduction in the number of NCDs is eating healthy and exercising.

On the one hand you are stipulating that people eat healthy to and exercise in order to ward off NCDs, on the other you are advertising the benefits of eating Burger King meals, because one gets more and they are much cheaper than at the other fast food restaurants. So, if eating healthy is the panacea for reducing the number of NCDs, why are you allowing such ads?

You talk about eating healthy, yet you are doing nothing to lower the exorbitant health food prices.

You talk about eating healthy, yet you remove sardines and tuna from the basket of goods which is exempt VAT.

Maybe you can’t implement air and noise pollution laws because the planned Cahill Energy waste-to-energy plant will be spewing more toxins into the environment than the diesel vehicles on the roads.

While the EU is drafting even tougher laws on air pollution, because it is so destructive, this Government is playing it down – as with many other things of importance.

They even have laws on the quality of the water in which people are allowed to swim in coastal waters, i.e. one cannot go to the beach unless that water has been tested and the all-clear has been given for swimming in it.

We need such people like Client Earth in Barbados.

Another thing is the indiscriminate burning of stuff all over the island, which Donville Inniss promised to rectify when he was minister of health many moons ago. When this happens, not only the neighbours suffer but any person travelling through that area. Such people who engage in indiscriminate burning have their own interest at heart – not caring who has to be taken to the hospital/clinic because he/she has some respiratory illness, or must reach for an inhaler.

Air pollution is the most deadly kind of pollution, because no one knows in which direction the wind will shift. That’s why the waste-to-energy plant is really nothing but a waste as it will only pollute the country more through the toxins which will be spewed out of its stack. We need anti-air pollution laws which include making the indiscriminate burning of stuff illegal, and anti-noise pollution laws – like yesterday.

The fines for noncompliance must be hefty!

It’s very strange that the tax collector can dream up a new tax, and have it put into law within months, whereas everyone else must wait years for the same procedure.

“In a free society no one can win all the time. No one can have his way all the time, and no one is right all the time.” – Richard M. Nixon

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8 Comments on “Junk Food or Air Pollution, Your Choice!”

  1. Lawrence James Bauer, CFA April 4, 2016 at 9:14 PM #

    I suggest that everyone — starting tomorrow — keep the car at home and walk or run to work. Likewise, don’t use any electricity for anything. After all, it’s produced by polluting processes. This is the solution which is most readily available — and FREE — to solve all these problems. If you have any doubts about it, try it for one day. Tell us how it all worked out for you.


  2. Colonel Buggy April 4, 2016 at 10:28 PM #

    Noise is said to drive people to kill.

    Perhaps thats why Scottish Regjments use to go into battle with their bagpipes screaming,and their kilts swishing.
    The noise emitted from motor vehicles, especially motor cycles in Barbados is unacceptably high, and in your ears , 24/7. I live just off the ABC highway, and very often at nights, well after midnight, I can hear the noise of a motorcycle ripping past my home, and still audible up to 2 /3 miles away. A recent caller on Brass Tacks, a member of a motor cycle group, openly stated that ,they the bikers, modify their exhaust systems so that other motorists are aware of their presence. There is no legislation in place, in Barbados to deal with noise emission from motor vehicles,so increasing the decibels on a motor cycle ,or any vehicle for that matter , not illegal.
    Technology was around when I was doing my apprenticeship, to measure both noise and gas emissions of vehicle exhaust systems. Some years ago when the Japanese and some other countries, outlawed the use of motor cars without catalytic converters, Barbados and other Caribbean countries, became the dumping ground for these so-called reconditioned cars.
    Many of the ZR and and Minibuses,especially, are culprits for the discharge of heavy black smoke emissions. This leads me to think that untrained and/or unauthorised persons are tampering with the fuel injection equipment.


  3. Suck Salt Editor April 4, 2016 at 10:44 PM #

    A change of eating and/or transportation life-styles starts with a change of our culture. In Barbados – these days – we like the big cars, houses, jobs, drinks and food. Where did this come from? How did it become part of our psyche?

    Those of us who are more independently minded, and who choose to think for themselves know better. Live within your means, cut out the junk food, catch the bus or cycle/walk. Live simple. Sleep better at night.

    For those easily influenced by others, where are our perceived leaders? (Political, business, religious and cultural). In other words, if the children see their parents engaging in unhealthy and wasteful life-styles, will they not follow suit?


  4. Well Well & Consequences April 4, 2016 at 10:49 PM #

    40,000 people dying in the UK per year from bad air…. sounds like culling to me, they can fix everything, according to them and cant fix that…..lol.


  5. David April 5, 2016 at 1:18 AM #

    Agree that we need to monitor pollution and take steps to minimize the damage on the population. The sad reality is that we seem incapable of understanding our responsibility as the intelligent specie on the planet.


  6. Vincent Haynes April 5, 2016 at 5:30 AM #

    Anthony Davis

    This is the price we pay for being members of the big boys club….we sign onto everything they put in front of us and become the dumping ground of not only autos as the Colonel sighted but also certain types of food,fertiliser,seeds,grains,pesticides,weedicides,etc,etc.

    We have signed onto the above because we lack vision thanks to the total buyin into the western capitalist mindset…….note socialism&communism came out of the same capitalist mindset.


  7. Colonel Buggy April 5, 2016 at 5:26 PM #

    Monitor Pollution ? We have condemned a relatively new school at Roebuck Street, and up to this day there is no definitive answer as to the cause of the problem. We have a primary school in Spooners Hill closed down, and up to this day we do not know the cause of the problem. Combermere school s on the verge of becoming like the abandoned secondary school in Roebuck Street, as they continue a long process of elimination. First it was then well, then somethings else, now its the trees. At the corner of Fairchild Street is the relatively “not so old” National Insurance Building, abandoned for unspecified health reasons. The brand spanking new Supreme Court Building was partially closed last year for unspecified health reasons.
    I recall my time in the services, especially so in the Rhine Army, where exposure to things more deadly and dangerous than we will ever see in civil life ? And who were the people tasked to conduct periodic monitoring of these facilities? Not Scientists,professors, Doctors of Medicine or Doctors of Philosophy, but junior personnel ( Medics) of the Royal Army Medical Corps.


  8. David April 6, 2016 at 7:01 AM #

    @Carl Moore

    Isn’t this a blog you can sink your teeth into, and look, it was submitted by a real person one Anthony Davis!


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