The Maria Agard Vs Barbados Labour Party Court Matter

Dr. Maria Agard, Christ Church West M.P.

Dr. Maria Agard, Christ Church West M.P.

BU has been able to persuade one of its legal eagles to look at the public domain documents filed in this case and to make notes. The action is brought against Mia Mottley in her capacity as chairman of the BLP (First Defendant) and against Jerome Walcott in his capacity as general secretary of the BLP (Second Defendant).

Affidavit of Maria Agard

· Agard states that she is the MP for Christ Church West elected February 21, 2013.

· She has, until recently, been a member of the incorporated association known as the BLP from about August 1998 up until she received a notice of expulsion November 23, 2015, during which time she has continuously been a member of the Christ Church West branch.

· During 1998 to 2005, Agard served variously as Vice President or President and was president from 2007 to 2009. In 2008, she was assistant campaign manager. In 2009, she served as assistant general secretary. In 2010-11, she was second vice president of the BLP.

· The constitution of the BLP mandates that day to day business is managed by the Executive Committee elected at the annual conference, of which the party chairman and executive committee report and are answerable to the `National Council.

· The National Council comprises 52 members (s.43 of the constitution), one member from each constituency branch, one from each zone, one from the League of Young Socialists and one from the Women’s League, nine who comprise the Executive Committee, one who is secretary to the Parliamentary Labour Party, a maximum of seven co-opted members, two trustees nominated by the Party Chairman and ratified by the Council. Members serve for one year and can be renominated and re-coopted annually. The present Council contains many individuals who were in the previous council whose term ended October 31, 2015 and who continue to serve.

· In 2013, Agard contested nomination for Christ Church West, which was adversarial with many members who supported the losing candidate displaying hostility towards Agard. Agard expected this hostility to diminish over time, but it has not and questions of Agard’s adequacy are constantly raised.

· On February 25, 2013, Agard attended a meeting of the National Executive Council where she defended her stewardship. She complained that the executive of her branch had gone to the press independently February 20 and 21, 2015 to criticize her stewardship.

· A separate meeting with the National Executive Committee was also held where Agard was accused of attacking Ms Lisa Jugganauth, the president of the Christ Church West branch at a National meeting in February where she had aired her concerns about the hostility directed towards her. The Second Defendant, Jerome Walcott, stated that he was concerned about the intensity of her presentation and that at the next meeting, Agard would be required to apologize to Jugganauth, which Agard refused to do.

· The agreement at the meeting of February 25 was that no one would speak to the press. Before daybreak, however, Barbados Today reported the story in terms detrimental to Agard, including the refused instructions given in a closed-door session of the National Executive Council.

· Many of the attending members are still on the Council and Dru Symmonds and Winston Stafford, who remain members, stated at the National Council in Agard’s presence that she ought to apologize to Chairman Mottley and to the Council for matters to be mentioned later.

· Following the annual conference of October 24 and 25, 2015 where Chairman Mottley stated that she would resolve the issue of Christ Church West, hand-delivered correspondence to attend a meeting October 29, 2015 was received by Agard October 27. Agard requested further particulars and, since none were forthcoming, assumed that the meeting would be with Chairman Mottley and the 11 members of the Executive Committee.

· Due to her professional commitments and her inability to reschedule patients and get to the meeting for 17:30, Agard e-mailed Patricia Parris, the executive secretary to Chairman Mottley at 14:20 and so advised her, which was acknowledged by Parris in writing at 16:45. Agard followed this up with a courtesy text to both Parris and Chairman Mottley advising as follows:

Good Afternoon. There has been some complications of surgery that will delay me until 7:30-8:00 p.m. I am therefore unable to attend the meeting scheduled for today as intended. Please advise me on an alternative schedule for the said meeting. I am sending this by text because the email which I sent to Patricia Parris this afternoon has not yet been answered. Regards Maria Agard.

· Agard later discovered that there were 20 people at the meeting with whom she had no relationship and several of whom were hostile to her and had little, if any, connection with Christ Church West branch. Agard states that she is informed and verily believes that Chairman Mottley, in a report given by her to the National Council that night, have her reasons for inviting these additional people (both members and non-members) that she wanted the widest consultation possible. Chairman Mottley omitted to invite Agard’s Constituency Assistant, the past VP and the past secretary, both of whom had stated that they would not work with an executive hostile to Agard.

· By letter dated November 02, 2015, Agard was again summoned to a meeting for November 04. Agard replied to Chairman Mottley by letter dated November 03 advising that, despite the short notice, she would be attending with senior members, viz. George Payne QC and Ronald Toppin.

· When Agard arrived at BLP headquarters at 16:50 on November 04, she was left to wait an extended time and at least, since Chairman Mottley had not appeared nor any of the members of Christ Church West, Agard and her company concluded that the meeting must have been cancelled by Chairman Mottley without notice to Agard. And this supposition was confirmed the next day by letter from Chairman Mottley, who advised that the meeting had been sent to Agard by email, but had not been received by Agard. Agard advises that attempts were made to deliver the cancellation letter to her at her office, however, being a Wednesday, Agard’s office was closed. Agard speculates that Mottley took objection to her being accompanied by the two members of the BLP.

· Agard then touches on the strife at Christ Church West, saying that she had tried for 3 years to resolve this, but that relations had broken down completely as of 20 September 2015, the night of the annual general meeting of the branch. During this, the process of election of an executive commenced under Cynthia Forde MP. Individuals had been nominated and seconded and the nominations closed upon motion that was carried. Agard was advised that over 60 persons had cast votes. However, while the voting was in progress, Patricia Parris, Chairman Mottley’s executive secretary arrived and announced that Chairman Mottley had instructed that the elections be shut down and declared that any votes cast were null and void, stating that Chairman Mottley had attributed her actions to voter irregularities. The presiding officer tabled a motion to suspend the election, which was carried upon the vote of Cynthia Forde and the meeting suspended to September 27.

· Agard did not attend the September 27 meeting, but states that it was presided over by Jerome Walcott. After Walcott had called the meeting to order, he opened the floor for nominations. New nominations were made, accepted by Walcott and it was declared by Walcott that the persons nominated were elected unopposed. Agard took legal advice and was advised that the new executive was not legally elected since no nominations should have been taken as the voting process should have been continued from where it was previously left off. Agard notes that the votes cast at the suspended meeting were not preserved nor were they taken into account.

· On November 12, 2015, Agard received a letter from the General Secretary of the BLP the subject of which was “Disciplinary Charges”. The letter invited Agard to what she considered to be a disciplinary hearing and advised that she could be represented by legal counsel of her choice. The letter went on to state that the National Council was charging her with breaches of discipline and an attachment set out nine charges under s. 81 (c) and (d) of the BLP constitution. Agard retained the services of Mr Hal Gollop QC and Ms Lynette Eastmond and she attended the 22 November meeting accompanied by them.

· There were about 40 people in attendance chaired by Chairman Mottley. Among the attendees were persons who had previously exhibited bias against Agard and openly and publicly condemned her. In addition, Agard asserts that Chairman Mottley had previously expressed to her her negative views about Agard. Specifically at a National Council meeting of October 08, 2015, Chairman Mottley “berated” Agard, saying, in effect, that she had better not hear a peep out of Agard and that Mottley would be using a whip since the whip was the only thing that some people understood. Also, Mr Indar Weir said at the same meeting that Agard’s correspondence to Jerome Walcott should have been followed by a letter of resignation. It was rumoured that Weir was interested in contesting the Christ Church West seat. Weir was present at the disciplinary meeting. Agard notes that Jerome Walcott had authored a report to the BLP Annual Conference that was condemnatory of Agard as an MP. Agard also notes that there were some members of the National Committee who had been “continued” and had heard Walcott’s report. It was also rumoured that Walcott himself was a likely candidate for Christ Church West after the removal of Agard. Dr Richard Cheltenham QC has also present and had already expressed the view at a meeting of October 29, 2015 that the BLP should seek another candidate for Christ Church West in a timely manner.

· Also present was Jugganauth and her presence was challenged by Agard on the basis of its constitutionality.

· Agard asserts that Jugganauth had stated publicly that she would not work with Agard and had held constituency events from which Agard was excluded. As an example, Jugganauth had claimed credit for housing obtained by Agard for a homeless constituent and had openly challenged Agard on this at the September 20 meeting.

· Agard drew this perceived stacked deck to the attention of her counsel and they undertook to raise the point.

· Agard and counsel were informed that the meeting would be recorded and were instructed to surrender their mobile phones. Lynette Eastmond was refused the use of her laptop, while at least one member of the committee continued to use theirs.

· Chairman Mottley provided counsel with a list of rules that she said would govern the conduct of the meeting. Agard asserts that under the BLP Constitution, no such rules exist and counsel stated that these appeared to be ad hoc rules hastily put together.

· Chairman Mottley then convened the meeting, not giving Agard adequate time to discuss these rules with counsel nor for counsel to discuss them amongst themselves. Mr Gollop QC objected on the lack of reasonable notice, stating that 5 minutes notice could never be construed as reasonable.

· Chairman Mottley went on, stating that it was not a court of law and that only a limited period of time would be allowed for counsel to present Agard’s case.

· Despite the fact that Mr Gollop had advised that he and Ms Eastmond were representing Agard, Chairman Mottley insisted on addressing Agard directly thus ignoring Agard’s right to an advocate during the proceedings.

· Mr Gollop submitted to Chairman Mottley that as the National Council was responsible for bringing the charges against Agard, it could not at the same time sit as adjudicator and that such an action would constitute a flagrant breach of the rule of bias which enjoined that no one could be a judge in one’s own cause. Mr Gollop presented case law and offered to make copies of same available to the Council. Chairman Mottley bluntly refused to accept such copies. She in effect said that members of the National Council were incapable of understanding the law and the cases which supported Mr Gollop’s position. Agard asserts that she considered it unfair to her to be heard before a panel which Chairman Mottley herself had admitted was incompetent to understand legal issues. Indeed, Agard asserts that Chairman Mottley’s response suggesting that the persons present were not competent to understand legal issues was an attempt by her to arrive at her own unilateral decision. Mr Gollop reminded Chairman Mottley that the jury in a court hearing is constituted of ordinary people, not lawyers.

· Submissions having been made by counsel, Chairman Mottley announced a break during which they would be considered in the absence of Agard and her counsel. On returning, Agard and her counsel were informed by Chairman Mottley that the submissions had been noted but the Council would continue its deliberations nevertheless. Counsel replied that he took that to mean that the submissions were overruled.

· Mr Gollop then submitted that the charges against Agard could not be heard as suggested. Agard notes that there were 9 charges against her, to be heard bin groups of 3 simultaneously. Counsel expressed the opinion that all the charges had different particulars attached and the procedure mandated by Chairman Mottley would lead to an absurdity. Agard and counsel were, once again, requested to leave the room and, upon returning, Chairman Mottley made a similar ruling that the Council had noted the concerns of counsel, but intended to proceed.

· At this point, counsel, on behalf of his client, declined to continue on the basis that there was no assurance that Agard could be accorded a fair hearing before an unbiased tribunal and that Agard would withdraw from the process.

· On the evening of November 22, 2015, Agard discovered for the first time through the media that she had been expelled from the BLP, the Council and Chairman Mottley not having done her the courtesy of communicating their decision to her until the morning of November 23. The night before, November 22, press and public had been made aware of Agard’s expulsion by Chairman Mottley.

· Agard states and has exhibited a report of the announcement of her expulsion in the Nation of November 24 by Chairman Mottley who appeared to read from a printed script such as to create the impression that the decision was made, inter alia, after hearing statements from both Agard and her counsel. Agard states categorically that she made no statement at any time.

· Agard’s affidavit is sworn November 27, 2015.

Amended Statement of Claim

Agard claims:

· A declaration that the National Council of the BLP while acting as a quasi judicial body in the disciplinary hearing of 22 November 2015, while under a duty to observe the rules of natural justice, failed and/or refused to accord Agard due her under the rules of natural justice.

· In the premises, therefore, the decision to expel Agard was unlawful, void and of no effect and Agard remains a member of the BLP pending determination of her appeal to the Party Conference.

· A declaration that the events of 22 September 2015 leading to the expulsion of Agard disregarded the Agard’s right to a fair hearing.

· A declaration that the decision to expel Agard in her absence was a breach of her rights to a fair hearing.

· A declaration that the events of 22 November 2015, the decision to expel Agard was an unlawful and/or unreasonable exercise of discretionary power.

· A declaration that Agard is due to enjoy all rights and privileges as a member of the BLP pending determination of her appeal to the Party Conference.

· An injunction to restrain the BLP through its officers and/or other agents from expelling Agard or in any other way acting in a manner that might adversely affect her rights as a member of the BLP and MP for Christ Church West pending determination of her appeal to the Party Conference.

· Damages.

· Further and other relief deemed fit by the Court.

Statement of Particulars

(a) A resolution was passed by the National Council of the BLP at its meeting of 12 November 2015 that in exercise of the powers vested in it under Rule 81 of the Constitution of the BLP the Claimant [Agard] should be charged for breaches of discipline in accordance with Rule 82 of its Constitution. Nine (9) charges were preferred in a Schedule.

(b) The nine (9) charges were drafted by the General Secretary (the Second Defendant herein) who sat as a member of the National Council adjudicating at the said hearing which was presided over by the First Defendant herein.

(c) The `members sitting on the National Council at the hearing were members of the same council that passed the resolution to prefer charges against the Claimant.

(d) The Claimant and Counsel took the decision to withdraw from the hearing as it appeared futile to remain in light of the Claimant’s intention to proceed in the same unlawful manner, even after objections had been raised by Counsel, namely the National Council’s failure to observe the rules of Natural Justice and the absence of procedural propriety.

(e) The Claimant later heard of her expulsion through a radio news item later on the night of 22 November 2015.

So there you have it. It amazes BU that we are able, anonymous as we must remain, that we are able to bring this information to the electorate, while the traditional press, untrammelled by the need for anonymity, has declined to obtain copies of what are public domain documents filed before the courts and against the publication of which no causes of action for defamation can be advanced.

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109 Comments on “The Maria Agard Vs Barbados Labour Party Court Matter”

  1. Amused April 1, 2016 at 5:02 AM #

    @Baffy. Up to your usual I see. I really miss you on BU. As far as “incorporated association” is concerned, when group or, in this instance, political party, incorporates, it becomes a legal entity even if its membership changes. It can enter into contracts, loans, purchases etc. The idea is to protect the individual members of the association from legal and other liability. Which is why Mia and Jerome are sued in their capacities as officers of the BLP incorporated association as their acts and omissions under the umbrella of the incorporated association bind the BLP. I would not have expected a silk Hal’s calibre to proceed in any other way – he is 100% right.

    Having provided you with this completely dry and boring information, are you now sorry you asked — are you still awake?

    You never said what you think of the whip. Mia decked out in black leather with a studded neck protector and a cat (the whip, not not a pussy) in her hand – the stuff of nightmares or, in my case as SWMBO has been threatening me with a whipping for years, great excitement. But she could have really turned the crank by throwing in chains as well. Come on, I’m old – I need all the help I can get. Lol.


  2. David April 1, 2016 at 5:53 AM #

    The BLP selects William Duguid, again.


  3. David April 1, 2016 at 6:17 AM #

    @Dee Word

    It matters because it addresses the matter of credibility. They ignored the dark side and the matter reached the Barbados Court, they ignored the matter and a former young employee was paid hush money and off she went to resettle in New York. There is more.


  4. pieceuhderockyeahright April 1, 2016 at 7:11 AM #

    @ DPD

    The thing that is happening to the Carl Moore’s of this world is that they are seeing the writing on the wall and they fear it.

    Their readership statistics are way down and dropping and like the “dodo bird”, they are becoming extinct, mindful of the prominence of competition from the Barbados Undergrounds and Facebook conduits of the world.

    Do a google on newspapers going digital and you will see the trend e.g. “The owners of The Independent and The Independent on Sunday UK newspapers have confirmed the print version of the titles will close, leaving an online-only edition….”

    The Guardian etc you name it and you see that they are evolving and leaving these fellows behind.

    But unlike them, the directors of these local companies do not have a clue how to bridge the gap between the hardcopy media, losing advertising dollars in the Paid Advertising sections and attracting readership.

    “An I John being in the Spirit…” imagine what would happen if you transport a man 1,000 years into the future, they would be lost, fellows that go to prison for 25 years, when then come back to civilization are lost.

    Some say that the 200 fellows that were recently released from the prison are lost but they will find a purpose, in anarchy, and crime, which will create the need for the emergency act to be invoked, when the time rolls around.

    It is a very hard thing being able to ‘see” and plan for the future, it is truly a conundrum of sorts, it separates Steve Jobs from successors like Cook.

    So Moore comes here out of grudgeful adulation really to see where the better minds constantly discourse, barring 3/5ths of Legion of course.

    Even Alvin C has some moments that is of course when he is not stoking himself 90% of the time.

    And I am serious about Alvin C. Let me give you an example that Alvin proposed but did not even realise that he proposed in his interesting comments on Cuba and their Pan Caribbean lineage.

    De grandson tell me this one.

    Imagine that Alvin C, he of the “Dying Palm Trees”, imagine if he were to go to that other Dying Palm Tree at UWI, Karl Watson, the archeologist or whatever he is, and suggest the following to the management of the History Department at that waste of time institution currently engrossed in that repatriation ingrunce.

    A Virtual Genealogy tree where “Ms. Osbourne from Havana” that Alvin C speaks of, and others across the region who have similar genealogical histories, can submit their lineage and record their family ties, and created the links.

    Imagine what such a tool could do, in climes where physical travel is restricted, or physically impossible because of age, sickness or Embargo from the mighty United States?

    You feeling me DPD?

    Instead of wandering around Paradise Beach and seeing who is cutting down special trees and other wasteful? pursuits behind Butch’s derriere or talking shyte while in the stool at the UWI why not seek to collate, capture, confirm and preserve these linkages before the denizens with the information die AND THE SHYTE is lost forever?

    But DPD this speaks to the very empirical nature of lack of vision vision and the prolific inability of people, in general, and our Bajans, in particular, to “see”, and extrapolate from the place where they are, to a place where they should be AND to put a matrix in place to get there.


  5. racehrse April 1, 2016 at 7:17 AM #

    What kind of BS is this: “We have back our king” and “The king is back on his throne” chants on Duguid’s return. The man left the island, and is enticed back by the party to replace Agard, because he is a good friend it appears to Jaggernauth. Looks like the same as the Chief Justice, and we know what has happened since: NOTHING…..Where is the new blood, and new thinking that will carry the Island forwarded?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. David April 1, 2016 at 7:22 AM #

    The question of attracting new blood extends to supporters. Where are the candidates and political parties geared to attract young people. Whenever a political party meeting or event is featured we can’t help but notice the 60 and 70 year olds.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hamilton Hill April 1, 2016 at 7:54 AM #

    Seemingly he is the first caller to Brass Tacks every day. With the greatest of ease he quotes from the scriptures of the good book. Then the venom and bitterness that rejection breeds is unleashed. My goodly gentleman all you do is lend validity to claim that the selfishness of Bajans is what got we here. You have hitched your wagon to a chariot headed for damnation if Owen and them get dey way. Don’t worry about the relevance of any third party, fight to get ya pick. Don’t worry about the blogs, just do the right thing, you and ya friends and the blogs would not be a source of worry. People like you and Carl Moore need to accept the fact that journalistic apathy has given credence to the blogs. No amount of threats, idle or otherwise will stop this train. The aforementioned chariot will crash and burn, and the blogs will still be here. LONG LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA.


  8. Hamilton Hill April 1, 2016 at 8:13 AM #

    I could name at least ten contributors to Barbados Underground that write with more clarity, better construction of story than the clowns that Fontabelle continuously foist upon us daily, and that’s a fact.


  9. pieceuhderockyeahright April 1, 2016 at 8:14 AM #

    @ David [BU]

    I always seem to be borrowing from things that i see in nature and its successes dont I?

    For this I will go to the Iberian Lynx.

    “The Iberian lynx is the world’s most endangered feline species. There are real fears that it may soon become the first cat species to become extinct for at least 2,000 years.”

    “Ten years ago the Iberian lynx was nearing extinction but today, thanks to an imaginative conservation programme that has brought hunters, farmers and the tourist industry under its wing, its numbers have tripled from 94 to 312.

    “We can’t claim victory yet but now there is hope,” said Miguel Ángel Simón, the director of the programme for the recovery of the lynx in Andalusia, southern Spain. Only five years ago the animal was classified as critically endangered.”

    If I were to end my submission there you would quite rightfully ask, “WTF is he talking about?”

    So I will connect the dots by saying that whatever you wish to call it, as a so called independent nation, that is 50 years old, we should be ashamed that we have not a course called Civic Engagement on our curriculum.

    In fact this should be on every curriculum of every secondary school in the region, so that we understand what our respective constitutions are but more importantly be aware of what civic engagement means. which for most young people mean joining anderson cherry one weekend to clean up filthy barbados or accepting $100 or an IPad in Deacons as compensation for one’s vote.

    That Lynx Cat project continues to state “the project, which is jointly funded by the Andalusian government and the European Union, has been singled out for the second time by the EU as an exemplary conservation programme. Brussels is funding 40% of the €26m (£22m) needed to extend the project into the neighbouring regions of Extremadura, Castile-La Mancha and Murcia, as well as Portugal.”

    Imagine that, the European Union have put $62 million dollars into preserving a cat yet said Union seems incapable of finding monies for integration programs for its migrant popluations, barring creating migrant camps and modern day Dresdens.

    But back to your comment David.

    It is not seen as critical for national development of the psyche so whereas our ministers, of successive governments, will espouse how Cuba is producing so many doctors and nurses every year, or India is producing so many programmers, we have shunned the creation of citizens who, at an early age, understand the mechanics of our political system.

    I will bet you $1,000 that if you went to the University of the West Indies and asked 100 student to name the 3 arms of government and what they do they would not know but ask them to tell you all of Rihanna Fenty’s names or the words of Umbrella, dem was gine say evey word by heart, with the correct undulation of dem hips.

    Whose fault is that lack of vision David?

    I blame you and me, for electing, BVHKVUNTS every 5 years, no one else. What de donkey does Blackett, or Lil Caesar Stephen Lashley, Dale Marshall or Noel Lynch know, OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, care about, national psyche?

    We are where we are…


  10. Sargeant April 1, 2016 at 8:28 AM #

    The BLP selects William Duguid, again.
    “Again”! Musical chairs is now an official April fools game, at least he is not a lawyer. There is some unintentional humour in calling him the “King” reminds me of the DLP calling Mara a “Queen” and Mia being introduced at a Party event to the tune “She’s Royal” yuh can’t make this stuff up. Keep the faith all you who don’t want a Republic Bajans are too tied to the symbols of the Monarchy to relinquish them.


  11. Bush Tea April 1, 2016 at 9:29 AM #

    Well said @ 8:14 Piece….

    @ Dribbler
    …to be honest, Carl is probably going down….
    You know how it is… once a man, twice a child etc…
    Heard him trying to ask Elombe a question a few weeks ago ..and it was clear….

    @ Hamilton
    Bushie has given Owen plenty licks in the past …. mainly because he was our last real hope, but then became distracted by shiite such as CSME and the trinkets offered by the albino bribe masters.
    At the same time, his position on Mia remains solid and nationalistic. For this honesty ALONE, he should be awarded the nation’s highest honour.

    If Bajans, (as Piece, Prodigal, SSS and Enuff seem convinced,) are going to go ahead and empower her to run things about here, then we FULLY deserve all that will accompany her rule…

    There has NEVER been a time in our (or in most countries’) history when the majority of the people reflected the collective wisdom needed to manage successfully.

    Let us face it…. MOST people are unmitigated brass bowls ..who barely understand how to walk and chew at the same time.
    A VERY limited number of SPECIALLY TALENTED leaders have always stepped forward and saved the brass bowls from themselves – often viet armis.

    What is REALLY depressing in Barbados today is not any different scenario…. BUT that this SELECT GROUP of TALENTED CITIZENS seem unwilling to make the needed sacrifice in the interest of their fellow citizens… preferring instead to sit back and watch the brass bowls implode …while a bunch of incompetent jackasses play political games.

    Names like….
    Caswell Franklyn
    Jeff Cumberbatch
    Walter Blackman
    …and others
    …come easily to mind as CLEAR TALENTS who can provide needed leadership…. BUT WHO WON’T…

    When the shit finally hits the fan, those who have been blessed ‘with many talents’ will be called to account VERY MUCH MORE than the ordinary brass bowl idiot such as AC, who – after all- is only doing as brass bowls do….


  12. de pedantic Dribbler April 1, 2016 at 9:30 AM #

    @David April 1, 2016 at 6:17 AM you said: “It matters because it addresses the matter of credibility.”…… And that Mr Blogmaster is the ‘professional hypocrisy’ of which I spoke.

    We are all sinners with our dark side….so personal peccadilloes are to be expected. The grave problems arise when those for whom we work seemingly embrace those sins and allow us to sully our subordinates. If what you say is true then who cares about Morris per se when the mighty Nation Corp ALLOWED him to do his alleged harassment and other alleged criminal acts.

    That’s the problem…they empowered him to act with impunity otherwise he would just be like any other alleged pervert on the face of the earth and either in jail or scorned publicly…they should be held accountable for any proven alleged actions.

    It is exactly what @Amused speaks to when he says: “… it becomes a legal entity even if its membership changes.” As that legal entity the Nation would be duty bound to remove any of its ‘members’ – in this case senior officers – who acted ultra vires its ethos. So either his actions in fact did not contravene their ethos (he was innocent of allegations) or they were in line with how they think and operate!

    Mr Moore would likely claim that you are hiding behind anonymity and thus your comments are invalid.

    @Pieces, I completely agree with “they are seeing the writing on the wall and they fear it.” What I would disagree with you on is “the directors … do not have a clue how to bridge the gap”.

    These local publishers attend the same conferences and read the same consultative data as the Sulzbergers from the Times, Bezos (new owner) at the Washington Post and too the folks at the Independent. The locals see the wall and writing very clearly.

    Give them some credit for the regional media consolidations they have done in the last 10 years … but yes, they do need to speed up getting data more readily available across their properties and continue to address the income stream component.

    Capital idea re the genealogical links re Cuba, Panama et al. But have I not seen or read of similar previously…

    ….. But regardless it would be an excellent project for an academic history department and their IT folks to have as a searchable web based document which they are managing in conjunction with universities in those other countries.


  13. Gabriel April 1, 2016 at 11:16 AM #

    Carl Moore
    A man ask a Bajan magistrate for mercy and was told go to the church for it.
    A woman ask an American judge for sympathy and was told go look for it in the dictionary.
    A word to the misguided.


  14. ac April 1, 2016 at 12:57 PM #

    It is about time long past due that Barbados has a female PM.However the present female in the top bracket does not represent a new change
    Her status presents a vivid picture of all the political moorings that has failed thedemocratic process of good goverance


  15. Hamilton Hill April 1, 2016 at 5:45 PM #

    If I didn’t know before I now do. I’m talking about the choice of name BUSHTEA. My man the term acerbic is most applicable where you are concerned. For the record that word means CORRECT.


  16. LOOK April 2, 2016 at 3:55 AM #

    Non stop hot azz messes down there.


  17. balance April 2, 2016 at 5:58 AM #

    “At the same time, his position on Mia remains solid and nationalistic. For this honesty ALONE, he should be awarded the nation’s highest honour.”

    Ah Come on Bushie what honesty you talking about. What could be honest about promoting an individual to the public as a solid deputy who have much to offer Barbados and then making unsavoury comments about the individual upon which the public could only speculate. He has to come clean like Mr Sinckler and apologise to the public for misleading them about the suitability of Ms Mottley to hold high office. The public needs to know why he now considers his former deputy Minister of Education- Attorney General- Minister of Economic affairs (who he was preparing for high office) of fourteen years is now unsuitable to lead Barbados


  18. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 2, 2016 at 6:56 AM #

    The problem with Mia Mottley is not her intelligence. Mia Mottley (I cannot believe I am going to say this) has all the intellectual capacity to be an astute leader. What makes Mottley the leader an enigma with a stigma is that along with that intelligence, Mia Mottley has a very nasty, deceitful facade that never ever makes her appear genuine. Even when she tries to come over as exhibiting sincerity, you do not get the feel that it is done to serve no other interest but a Mottley one. Even her handling of the Maria Agard matter, you just feel and believe that every effort was put in by her to rid herself of a factor she could not control. If you ask anyone if Mia Mottley is a controller I am sure you get a resounding yes for an answer, because she depicts that behaviour. Other than Mia Mottley has it to be a sound leader, moreso than the current 3-PM

    Liked by 1 person

  19. David April 2, 2016 at 7:02 AM #

    Agree that MAM has some work to do which is telling after being the one groomed for so many years to take over.


  20. David April 2, 2016 at 7:45 AM #

    Duguid unopposed


  21. pieceuhderockyeahright April 2, 2016 at 8:30 AM #

    To my Girlfriend Suzanne,

    Your post of 6.56 a.m is so PHREAKING succinct ant to the point, an economy of words that encapsulate the beast that is Mia.

    She, in spite of that clitorial vengefulness, and as a man I have to say that was vengeful, she has the potential to be one of the best PMs that Barbados has ever seen!

    She is sharp, I would have reservations on brilliant since, in the context of the national good, there has been nothing to confirm that, either when she was part of the former administration and certainly not now.

    How do you “see it” so effing clearly Suzanne? How do you observe that she is not a collaborator, but a controller?

    How is it that you, Prodigal, Bush Tea and others, including Owen, see the despotic characteristics which drive Mia Amor Mottley, while others her, including the venerable Blogmaster says kind things like “I do have to admit she has some work to do!”

    Growth of country with the constant hope of a Piece of the Rock WILL NOT COME IN AN ENVIRONMENT OF FEAR AND SUBJUGATION AND “MY WAY OR HIGHWAY”

    If you want to be prime minister you have to let your competition thrive and not destroy whatever modicum of actuation which you see as a potential threat.

    Hinkson and Oblong Head Kerrie are on her Glock scope too because, unlike Jerome, they have balls, and will not, at any time, hide in her 5 ft 5 ins shadow

    Be driven by what you can do for your country Mia Mottley, not what you can amass for yourself.

    People are dying slow deaths and live in the poverty of Bush Hall, barely getting by and buying food for the day at Ashton Quimby and Kelso’s in Hothersal.

    People say you are bright so move way from the Mottley mayor mentality of giving a few shillings for largesse reciprocations.

    Country first and while you’re at it, please learn the third verse of the national anthem


  22. Bush Tea April 2, 2016 at 9:20 AM #

    @ SSS
    Brilliance is no indication of effective leadership potential….
    In fact, brilliance may well be the MAIN impediment to effective leadership, since such persons usually adopt the position that in order to do it right they must do it themselves…. thus driving away talented persons and attracting ass-lickers and pimps.

    Modern society is FAR TOO COMPLEX to be successfully micro-managed by egotistical maniacs who think that they are ‘brilliant’….

    Leadership is about CARING….and VISION…
    It is about identifying talent -where ever it lies…. and building that talent as a NATIONAL resource.
    Leadership is about connecting and communicating….. and educating….
    But MOST CRITICALLY…. it is about self SACRIFICE……because an effective leader has NO TIME for self, and indeed gives over their lives to the cause…..

    Mia has DEMONSTRATED for decades now…(over and over) that she is NO leader….
    Let balance wait for Owen to tell him the obvious…..

    @ Hamilton Hill
    Bushie apologises for the acerbity
    Unfortunately, it is the nature of bush control via a whacker… there is no time to discriminate between the nice lawn grass and the damn weeds ….. yuh just gotta whack every shiite….
    The lawn grass will come back even better and stronger …. the weeds will die off….

    Besides…. time is short.
    Bajans fail to appreciate the perilousness of our current state….and rather than being prepared for the reality of the future, are dreaming of an unrealistic return to the past…

    Bushie don’t really know ‘shit’ (thus AC may be right for once… 🙂 )
    But just like David Weekes has intimated in one of his posts… all the Bushman has to do in search of any answer – to ANY question – is to relax a bit… and await the answer to hit him …like a whacker starting up…..
    ha ha ha … the joys of adoption.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. David April 2, 2016 at 11:47 AM #

    After all the talk what is this Agard thing all about?


  24. ac April 2, 2016 at 11:48 AM #

    But yuh know bush shit it is a strategy that has always work for dictators and people of your ilk. play on society weakness.Tell people they are worthless. Like Donald Trump under the guise of Truthfulness. Yeah bush shit it always work because society still looking for a saviour to rid this world of demons


  25. CHAUCER April 2, 2016 at 12:05 PM #

    Mia brilliance? Intelligence? What a joke
    Ask her classmates !


  26. Bush Tea April 2, 2016 at 12:05 PM #

    @ ac
    …society still looking for a saviour to rid this world of demons
    You need not worry ac, …no man can rid this world of your kith and kin.
    Wunna running things bout here…. fuh now…

    When BBE’s number one son returns, wunna ass fuh grass…. and you done know that Bushie coming specially to whack YOUR grass….. fuh the bonfire….

    ha ha ha


  27. CHAUCER April 2, 2016 at 12:07 PM #

    Hinkson aka Brutus


  28. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 2, 2016 at 8:05 PM #

    @Bush Tea

    I never said Mia was brilliant. I said she has the intellectual capacity to be astute in leadership. Hitler was not brilliant but intelligent enough to use situations of the day to coerce a desperate and vulnerable segment of the German people to believe in his diabolical ideals. Donald Trump is not brilliant, but intelligent enough to use manipulation couple with an eagle eye to seize opportunities to create his specific brand that is now the Trump Empire. Steve Job was brilliant., Albert Einstein was brilliant, Issac Newton was brilliant. Mia Mottley has exhibited a high degree of persuasive articulation that even if she is talking nonsense it is nonsense that is impressively persuasive. You would believe a Mottley lie before the superfluous articulation of a Stuart truth.


  29. Bush Tea April 2, 2016 at 9:13 PM #

    I never said Mia was brilliant
    Noted SSS…
    Never said that you did… are much too astute for such an obvious error.
    Bushie was speaking in general terms.

    At the same time, …..’brilliance’ can be a very limited attribute….
    …It is quite possible to be a ‘brilliant’ scientist – and also a complete social jackass.
    …to be a ‘brilliant’ businessman – and a piss poor human being too….

    Mia is possibly ‘brilliant’ in some way …how else could she do shiite for 30 years ..and still get so many people to think that her best is yet to come….?
    Possibly related to her biting rhetoric and mastery of bull shitting…. yuh think?

    OH WAIT!!! Bushie takes that back. … we are dealing with brass bowls here ent it…? Shiite – even Clare Cowan was thought to be brilliant …till we found out that she is broke and homeless…


  30. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 3, 2016 at 3:38 AM #

    …It is quite possible to be a ‘brilliant’ scientist – and also a complete social jackass.
    …to be a ‘brilliant’ businessman – and a piss poor human being too….

    Bush Tea

    That is the reason why I threw away Ben Carson’s books. It is the same reason why I hurl so much criticism at the present Prime Minister. He is so conceited that he believes he is brilliant but does not see the foolishness of his ways and the execution of the ignorant disposition he often tends to portrays.


  31. Bush Tea April 3, 2016 at 6:29 AM #

    Absolutely correct SSS
    …it is also why Bushie loves Owen in some circumstances …and cuss his CSME ass in others…
    Why Bushie praises Dee Word on some (rare) occasions – and lambaste his dribbly ass on others… 🙂
    Shiite den… it is even altogether possible that ac is brilliant in some way…..although we are unlikely to find out ‘in what way’, …since she man ran off to Arizona…. ha ha ha

    Life is complex…
    and the grave is NOT its goal
    dust thou art to dust returneth
    was NOT written of the soul….


  32. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 3, 2016 at 11:20 AM #

    Bush Tea

    AC is no fool, but can one say that she is not a jackass? Chris Sinckler is no fool, but when rating agencies prescribe their dooms-day downgrade pill that has the explosive power to make future investment an encapsulated wire fence around your chances of borrowing on the international market or, even, attracting international business a dismal possibility, can one say that the fool that is not Chris becomes the instant jackass when he goes on one of his criticzing rampages telling the rating agencies that they are not credible sources so butt to shite out of our economic business? Bush Tea, if you did not know what a jackass looked like you know now, more so, than you ever did before because they are the empty vessels that try hard to cover up their nothings and shout loudly to make you feel they are on top of things. Another one of that is no fool, but one cannot say he is not a jackass is Lowe Low.


  33. Sunshine Sunny Shine April 3, 2016 at 11:43 AM #

    My Sweet Piece

    Mia is easy to decipher. There are just those people no matter how much they try to hide just simply reveal more of themselves in trying to conceal what is obvious to them and about them. You can look at Mia and see that she is dishonest and totaltarianistic, but you can also look at Mia and see that in her, deep within her, is the ability to be a very sound, politically correct and people-oriented leader. She just has to allow that aspect of her humanity to come forth. Plus she can capture the imagination of fresh ideas as she is not yet rigid in her thinking that she cannot flex though the rigidity from nasty undertakings is making her ability to bend a bit more difficult. Her leadership could be the type of robust needed to change the many wrong things going on Barbados that requires clinical surgery that she has the ability to deliver and make them right once and for all. But, can she remove the smell of SCHUNK (Surreptitious Collusion Horribly Undermining Nationality of Kinfolk?)


  34. Tron April 3, 2016 at 8:02 PM #

    NATIONNEWS from a “leading” local economist: “Barbadians who have a “nest egg” stashed away in commercial banks across the country have no reason to fear devaluation, at least in the medium term. President of the Barbados Economic Society Jeremy Stephen gave Barbadians this assurance following reports that international rating agencies have warned that the country’s currency could be facing devaluation because of the size of the national debt.”

    The man should start palm reading or use chicken´s guts to read the future. We are now two steps closer to devaluation. One day Jerry will wake up and figure out that he has to pay 200 – 300 % more for food and fuel, but he won´t earn more dollars. And the foreign investors in their villas will wake up and thank Freundel that they can pay off their local loans in no time.


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