Lynette Holder: Let Us Work Together to Make Our Country Better

Submitted by Anthony Davis
Lynette Holder, Small Business Association

Lynette Holder, CEO, Small Business Association

Chief Executive Officer of the Small Business Association (SBA) Lynette Holder is adamant  that the time for talking is over. “And today she served notice that the SBA would be turning up the heat on Government this year, as it seeks to get action on a range of issues affecting the sector – Barbados Today

If they are aware of the problems why are they not doing something about them?

I find it very strange that not long ago 70% of the private sector liked their jobs and were satisfied with them, whereas for the public service it was 60%, and now all of a sudden since this Government came to power these figures have dropped to the thirties for both sectors.

Could the productivity of the workforce have slumped to such a low figure within a year or two?

I very much doubt it!

It seems to me more like people trying to extract more  from the workforce than it can give, i.e. the wages have not gone up for a long while, but some employers still expect persons to give of their all. Too many employees are underpaid, and if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. On top of the meagre wages, many employers verbally abuse their staff – and it seems rampant in certain spheres where females do the most of the work. Some of these said females are refused time off if they have to take their children to the doctor, unless they engage in extra-curricular activities.

The bus service needs overhauling, because the Minister of Transport can buy as many buses as he likes but the service will be the same. If you have a good fleet of buses it is to no avail if the logistics are all wrong. What’s the use of sending a bus to some destination with three people in it, whereas there are long lines at other gates which could fill two buses?

If people cannot get to work they cannot be productive, because they are frustrated by the time they get to work. On evenings the same nonsense occurs, whereby people cannot get a bus to get home before 7. These same people then have to be up at dawn to get ready for the first bus to whichever terminal. Many females, who are single parent mothers, have to also prepare breakfast for their children so that they will have something to eat before leaving the house. Can you imagine going to a bus stop to get a bus which is supposed to leave from whichever starting point, get into the terminal, and then have to wait two or three hours before you get something to take you to your workplace?

How would you feel after such treatment?

I’m sure that you would no longer feel like working because of the frustration of getting a bus. There is also the problem of school buses. Too many buses are taken off the road to be used for that purpose.

The Minister of Labour, having imposed a minimum wage of $5/hour, has not looked back to see if the people are being paid at least the minimum wage or sent labour officers to check if the law is being upheld, so some people work for about $150/week, and on top of that some are not paid on time, some are paid – as one female said – like you would pay a Coolie man, and others are not paid for weeks while the employer expects them to come to work and give of their best.

Some who are paid through the bank complain that when they go to the bank on the relevant date many times the money is not there, and they are still expected to turn up for work and put on a happy face. I sometimes wonder how some of the ladies who work at check out points manage to keep their composure when I see the arrogance which is sometimes displayed before them as if they are lesser beings than some who get on their high horses and display their ignorance.

That behaviour also needs to be stamped out as they are also human beings doing an unthankful job. When we die not one of us gets a larger plot of land at whichever cemetery we are buried than the other. There are usually lines designated for 10 items only, and I often see people go through those lines with cart loads of items, therefore inconveniencing those who have only up to 10 items.

I don’t know if the ladies are not to tell them what the situation is or not, but I guess that those persons are of a certain standing in our society which makes the practice even worse because they are using their standing in society, not only to abuse the system but, by preying on the person at the checkin, to worm their way through that line.

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur said: “Massa day done!”

So I don’t see why employees should feel satisfied when they are working under such circumstances. On top of that some of them – especially our females – have to endure verbal abuse from some of the employers/bosses which, in my opinion, is utterly despicable as the employees are expected to stand/sit there and take the abuse as if they were in the military years ago.

So, I would suggest that some mechanism be put in place to stamp out this practice in which some employers/bosses trample on the Human Rights of workers in Barbados. I also detest the statement that Barbadian workers are work shy, because there are many non-Barbadians working here.

So I would suggest, Mrs. Holder, that you and other heads of such organization hold meetings now and then, and impress on the members of your organizations that the females who are under their employment are there to work for them not under them as extra curricular activity, and only promote those who partake or worse, deny those who not participate their human rights.

I hear a lot about wanting to be a First World country.

Do you think that people in such countries can behave like that if they love their jobs and their standing in society?

They would not dare!

How do you expect young people to operate when this Government is bent on taking away the education, and tools they need – even taxing their mobile phones with the exorbitant tax of 22% VAT. Many of the young people must use their mobile phones to keep business flowing when they are on the road. As for education, that is now for the upper echelons of our society, because those in the lower echelons cannot pay the fees at BCC or UWI.

As you say, Mrs. Holder, it is high time to stop the talking the talk, and start walking the walk!

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44 Comments on “Lynette Holder: Let Us Work Together to Make Our Country Better”

  1. Well Well & Consequences January 21, 2016 at 8:47 AM #

    Barbados is becoming less and less people friendly, to their own people. The backlash will be awful if government does not adjust it’s attitude, the people have numbers on their side.


  2. David January 21, 2016 at 8:55 AM #

    The government is the people.


  3. pieceuhderockyeahright January 21, 2016 at 9:46 AM #

    Will this ever change?

    Let me remark on the process of “why we are where we are”.

    There must first be an innate desire, when the ole people tell you as is immortalized in Red Plastic Bags song “if you plant potatoes, you will reap potatoes” that is no mysterious statement, JUST FACT.

    Consider the outcome of the state of the SBA and the other institutions of which the authors speaks that are too numerous to mention, to simply be a manifestation of this phenomena, like lemonade that our mother made but which we, infants and infantile in thought believed that we could drink, then add water, bring it back to the level prior to our consumption, and” Mummy, nor other drinkers, will not know”

    THe national psyche of a Bajan exemplifies watered down versions, iterations of public servants and private stakeholders and workers, who, over the course of all these years, “just are”.

    If the pass mark is 40, for the less literate society that we are proud of at this the precurson our 50th anniversary, then we will find that 41 becomes the norm and over the course of time we end up where we are.

    Why do I need to remember anything when, as long as LIME/SLIME/FLOW/WOLF, aided and abetted by the Fear Trading Commission, allow me access to their internet services, (I purposely said allow because this in not an equitable situation, even though you pay your money, the may decide to give you access, or may not) all i have to do is google it and cut and paste.

    Barrow, Bree, Sandiford, Owen, Fumble and Mia are all products of that mediocrity.

    Some have shone and shown brilliance and others, well, we certainly are not where we are as a country because of any Bajan Lee Kuan Yews

    The instilling of a sense of excellence, being the best that you can be, while it is not at all the sole responsibility of the politician, (after all dem ent me muddah or faddah, or the teacher, or the reverend or me next door neighbour/community denizen, all of whom have abdicated their respective responsibilities) it is the sum of this combination that contributes to the mediocrity and malaise that we are experiencing.

    You must excuse Ms. Holder, Mr. Davis, her pronouncement must be understood in the context that it was made, namely, this is the pre-election season and, like they are wont to do, they try to make it seem like if they are doing something, and their respective clarions give them audience. That is in their nature.

    So for 3 or 4 years, they do nothing and as soon as they get wind that “the carpenter is making the ballot boxes”, sorry de ole man gone back centuries ent it, as soon as they hear that Structural Systems is building the aluminum ballot boxes, they start their customary chant, to make it seem like if they are doing something.

    No Mr. Davis, the more rampant and serious problem lies not in the symptom at the SBA level of “see Jack run” but in the source, and genesis of the problem – the endemic psyche of national mediocrity that is all around us and which we seem unable to staunch the flow of arterial blood from our nation’s collective body.


  4. David January 21, 2016 at 10:14 AM #


    Just yesterday a group was discussing a time when Barbados set the bar, we didn’t care what other countries were doing, we did our way. Today our leaders explain mediocrity away by pointing to other countries who regarded Barbados as the model a few years ago.


  5. Well Well & Consequences January 21, 2016 at 10:20 AM #

    David…with the them (the population) against us (the politicians) displays against the population, after being elected…I don’t think they factor in or include people in any part of their future plans.

    Females on the island should not have to give sexual favors to retain or obtain jobs it has become a disgusting epidemic. That isvall your hear about, the sexual victimization of females re jobs.


  6. Well Well & Consequences January 21, 2016 at 10:30 AM #

    I am taking serious issue with this because when employers deliberately and maliciously turn young men and women into prostitutes in order for them to have the basic right to survive, you create an island of prostitites and an atmosphere of prostitution that can extend for decades into the future.

    Then a bunch of enabling jackasses will come on the blog knowing what employers are doing and still have the nerve to call females……whores.

    Just as the known pedophiles are being named and shamed, the employers who are nastily promoting prostitution have to be named and shamed, each and every one of them, they are disgusting.


  7. Sunshine Sunny Shine January 21, 2016 at 11:02 AM #

    Systems, proper, relevant, worked out systems are lacking in Barbados. Systems designed to make work and life easier are ignored. Systems that could improve efficiency and increase productivity are justified under ludicrous excuses and reasons. Systems that could utilize technologies for expediting processes, improve services and reduce stresses are contemplated with backwardness.

    Transport is now GPS devised and digitally delivered. Buses are now outfitted with smart devices to inform the travelling public of the various time schedules, intervals, and possible delays. Payment for transport is now via top up cards. CCTV technology monitors the situation in and outside the bus. Counter technology is incorporated into the swipe terminals to determine numbers on the bus as a means to inform the waiting public of how many seats are available and when the next bus will arrive. Terminal buildings are constructed to provide an all-inclusive atmosphere that aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. In fact, bus terminals are just as impressive as airport or seaport terminals.

    If you do not create systems, systems that help govern behaviour, systems that help increase productivity and systems that are meant to protect against unfairness how you expect to get the best out of people.

    The systems that are justified under the context of the Barbados way are frustrating, many times one-sided, and often times prejudicial under the ever-present mindset of the laissez-faire. Systems distinguishe successes and failures. What systems right now defines our approaches to a lot of things we do in Barbados especially transport. I could tell you up front the less than ideal.


  8. Well Well & Consequences January 21, 2016 at 11:38 AM #

    SSS…..what else do you expect from whoremongers and pimps, it should be no surprise that everything is fallng apart, they are not focused on the positive upliftment of the people but are gleefully content on belittling, degrading and reducing the citizens to nothing. They do have an agenda and it does not coincide with having an efficiently running system.


  9. Georgie Porgie January 21, 2016 at 12:22 PM #

    Sunshine Sunny Shine January 21, 2016 at 11:02 AM #

    there is much merit in your post
    the problem in barbados is that folk who propose systems are sidelined if they dont belong to the right lodge or clique or didnt go to combermere as was the case when the evil david thompson took over the country


  10. Vincent Haynes January 21, 2016 at 12:57 PM #

    Mr Davis

    After 50 years the system we have been operating under is broken and no amount of plaster can put humpty dumpty back together again…….every body can see this except for the political class,not even the new party speaks about bringing a new governance model for the public to buy into.

    The future of our country lies in our youth and we await their arrival to the plate.

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  11. pieceuhderockyeahright January 21, 2016 at 1:08 PM #

    Dear SSS, I have not heard you since last year and i hope that you have not eaten so much turkey that when you come down to Bertie’s Bar that you do not twist heads like you are accustomed doing (smile) I hope that you are well.

    There is an observation that I would wish to share with you two ladies and I shall do so with the following “equations”.

    s = ut + 1/2 at (squared) AND

    “YYUR, YYUB, ICUR, YY4 me”

    For a baby (and for some adults) the first equation gives great difficulty to comprehend even though it forms the basis upon which a bus, or any object, is calculated to arrive at a point at a future time. Rudimentary GIS

    The second is an ole “riddle?” that grandparents showed their children/grans and asked them to work out what it meant.

    It actually states “too wise you are, too wise you be, I see you are, too wise for me”

    Which brings me to my point.

    You both directly or indirectly suggest that

    (a) that while the technology is out there IT IS DELIBERATELY BEING IGNORED by those in power or position and

    (b) it is a purposed inefficiency to breed mendicant mindsets and, at its most decadent state, results in a prolific prostitution among bajans.

    The fact is that “this display of ineptness, IS NOTan act of purposed volition”.

    That purpose of will is displayed when Putin purportedly engaged two field agents to put Polonium into the tea of former FSB spy Litvinenko, that is “purposed” termination, designed to make the target suffer AS WELL AS, or more specifically show the MI5/6, which whom he would have collaborated, how said “turncoat agent” is made to suffer, YET THE UK Government CAN’T DO SQUAT ABOUT IT!!!

    No, no, no SSS and Well Well, the same way your 2 year old baby CANNOT understand those two equations, and like many adults also CANNOT UNDERSTAND EITHER of the equations, we in Barbados have, these many years hence, arrived at what the ole man calls the PETER PAN SQUARED CONUNDRUM (I mek dat up)

    It is a combination of The Peter Principle – being in positions where they cannot make any coherent contribution (e.g. Minister of Sidewalks and Gutters Patrick Todd et al) and “the Peter Pan syndrome” where they being perpetually young like that 2 year old I spoke of previously, a child who understandably has the challenge of understanding either of the formulae, find themselves further disadvantaged.

    So I would disavow you of your suggestion that where we are as a country has its genesis in “volitionem” (Latin for will) BUT RATHER in the other verb “Quire” the state of being able, of can, and i put it to you that they simply cannot do it.

    As to the prostitution issue Well Well, that is a natural law of nature, if you do not have the skills to do one job competently, then, when you are approached with these suggestions, you will lie down as per the respective party’s preference.

    Do either of you ladies have to lie down to “wuk for wuk” propositions??

    So, the fault does not lie in these incompetents really, SSS and Well Well, because we know that “they can’t do it” but rather we are fully to be blamed, because, “we knowing that they can’t do it, STILL PERSIST, in putting them in the positions where they display the PETER PAN SQUARED disease with such adeptness”



  12. Hants January 21, 2016 at 1:41 PM #

    Reading BU is becoming very depressing. I am already getting depressed watching Canadian news and de river freeze so I cant even go fishing.

    At lease wunna get a bank holiday today so it ent nuhbody fault effin wunna pon BU instead ah drinkin rum an eatin bbq pigtails pon debeach.


  13. David January 21, 2016 at 1:48 PM #


    Today our leading journalist admitted that a lot is happening in Barbados and if he were to chase all the issues he would become neurotic.


  14. Hants January 21, 2016 at 2:17 PM #


    I get the feeling that the Government is hoping for miracles instead of taking action to restructure the economy.

    Barbados has to find new ways to “earn a living”.

    Make existing industries better but find and invest in new businesses.

    The biggest investment right now should be in Agriculture for import substitution.


  15. Hants January 21, 2016 at 2:41 PM #

    Bajans must not become complacent but the water problems in Barbados pale in comparison to the problems in Flint,Michigan,USA.


  16. NorthernObserver January 21, 2016 at 2:47 PM #

    This is one of those blog entries where one has to be careful.
    These are not the words of Holder, but of Davis. And despite the lead-in headline, its contents bear little connection to what Holder’s piece reported in B’dos today said.


  17. Well Well & Consequences January 21, 2016 at 3:15 PM #

    Hants…the government always neglects Michigan, they have been for years.

    Piece…nah never had a problem with any man or woman wanting me to lay down for a job and I been packing since I was 30, never leave home without it. One year many years ago I spent a yesr in Bim, worked for this company, female thought she was a devil, by the time I left the company she had lost about 50 pounds of body fat and ready to collapse, may the devil curse her now rotten dead soul…..yeah, I definitely know how evil employers on the island can be, dont have to ask anyone.

    It says a lot about the electorate that they continue to return the same 2 bunches of inept jackasses over and over to the parliament to continue their own 50 year punishment…what can I say.


  18. Georgie Porgie January 21, 2016 at 3:22 PM #

    r u watching cricket on cricinfoespn?


  19. Hants January 21, 2016 at 3:30 PM #

    No GP. I here following Canadian news about the economy.


  20. Well Well & Consequences January 21, 2016 at 3:33 PM #

    My sympathies Hants….I am affected too, but to a lesser extent.


  21. Hants January 21, 2016 at 3:34 PM #

    @GP I listening to commentary of the Barbados vs windward Islands.


  22. Hants January 21, 2016 at 3:39 PM #

    @ Well Well & Consequences,

    Thanks but I am confident the Canadian economy will improve over the next couple years.


  23. Vincent Haynes January 21, 2016 at 3:44 PM #

    David January 21, 2016 at 1:48 PM #

    Have you noticed how everyone is becoming more vocal in criticising the PM and MPs in all of my years I have never heard it like this…..have you?


  24. David January 21, 2016 at 3:49 PM #


    Have you noticed how Estwick is large in the news?

    PM Sandiford is up there for attracting criticism. But you are correct, this government is and embarrassment, a loud and fractious bunch.


  25. Well Well & Consequences January 21, 2016 at 3:53 PM #

    I am sure too Hants, there are high hopes, they will definitely get things rolling soon, just time.


  26. Hants January 21, 2016 at 3:54 PM #

    @GP, Windwards 121 for 7


  27. Hants January 21, 2016 at 4:02 PM #


    Estwick is the Minister of “Waterworks” and should be “large in the news.”


  28. Georgie Porgie January 21, 2016 at 4:02 PM #

    watching on my PC Hants
    good showing by Bim’s spinners


  29. Vincent Haynes January 21, 2016 at 4:05 PM #

    David January 21, 2016 at 3:49 PM #

    Yes Sandi was given his fair set of tongue lashing by the media and he fell,if we follow precedent that should happen now as well.

    Chuckle…..He is competing with the other one for space….not sure why.


  30. David January 21, 2016 at 4:06 PM #


    Hour must do so consistently for the right reasons and not just when he is smoked out of Hoadies.


  31. Hants January 21, 2016 at 5:46 PM #

    @ David what is Hoadies ?


  32. David January 21, 2016 at 5:55 PM #


    Estwick is the owner of a popular watering hole in Six Roads.


  33. Hants January 21, 2016 at 5:59 PM #

    @David you got your spelling wrong. lol,-59.4778562,3393m/data=!3m1!1e3


  34. Hants January 21, 2016 at 6:06 PM #

    Buh wait! De water gine be flowin nice an steady from Groves through six roads.


  35. Colonel Buggy January 22, 2016 at 12:38 PM #

    In today’s Nation we see Historian Trevor Marshall taking the 50th Independence Committee to task for including King Dyall in a picture in the souvenir calender, because of his attitude and insulting comments towards his fellow black Barbadians.
    Remove the image of King Dyall, and replace it with the Prime Minister,and some others in his cabinet, and we have the same very thing. Only difference is that they are more sophisticated in how they insult Bajans.


  36. Well Well & Consequences January 22, 2016 at 2:38 PM #

    Was Dyall not just a mascot to be identified as always being in attendance at cricket.


  37. Retribution-things that make me go hum! January 22, 2016 at 3:20 PM #

    I do not think people really understand the seriousness of how most of the employers nowadays are raping employees. A lot of employees are not being paid on time, some when they have to ask for their salary are being fired for asking; all this going on and everyone knows – that’s the sad part about it. What gets me is why employees do not speak out more? Most of the hotels in Barbados are NOT operating under the laws of the employment rights act and are getting away with exploiting their staff – Where are the authorities/institutions that are responsible for these matters.

    Most of people suffering in this country are women, young women with children. Too many workers in Barbados are being underpaid.


  38. Colonel Buggy January 22, 2016 at 3:59 PM #

    Retribution-things that make me go hum! January 22, 2016 at 3:20 PM #

    And especially so in the private security business, where many young men and women are employed ,and at times, some of these unpaid employees have to beg a bus fare.
    50 years of Independence and almost 10 years of crookedness from the top to the bottom.


  39. Colonel Buggy January 22, 2016 at 4:03 PM #

    Well Well & Consequences January 22, 2016 at 2:38 PM #
    King Dyall alias Hog Food was a well dressed street character, who like many of our kind today, did not like the original paint job given to him ,when he came off the assembly line.


  40. Well Well & Consequences January 22, 2016 at 4:49 PM #

    Colonel….Dyall seemed to be the classic and original case of “Growing up Stupid Under the Union Jack”…..he would have been in the right age group.

    The generation after him much of whom are still alive today would be Retaining the Stupidiy Although No Longer Under the Union Jack.

    Let”s hope the generation who are about to take control of the parliament understand that the inherent and continuing stupidity will get them nowhere.


  41. Vincent Haynes January 22, 2016 at 7:15 PM #

    Well Well & Consequences January 22, 2016 at 4:49 PM #

    Fraud….. I have no doubt that you are Sarah Palin or some such rabble rouser,when you did not know who hog food was you exposed yourself as an agent provocateur who means no good for us in Bim.


  42. Well Well & Consequences January 22, 2016 at 7:33 PM #

    Lol….Vincent…who has not seen Dyall dressed up in those glaring psychedelic suits riding his bicycle around the island, am sure there are tourists in their 80s and 90s can still remember him…what did I tell you to set you off, was it the forked tongue comment…well too bad.


  43. Hants January 24, 2016 at 12:34 AM #

    Working together to help the BLP win the next election.


  44. Hants January 24, 2016 at 12:36 AM #


    “The Ministry of Health is advising pregnant women and women of childbearing age to avoid exposure to mosquito bites, in light of recent press reports about the risk posed to pregnant women by the Zika virus.

    Health officials therefore recommend that women wear clothing with long sleeves and long legs, especially in the morning and late afternoon; use mosquito repellents with DEET applied according to manufacturers instructions, and sleep under and insecticide-treated bed net.”


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