Former Minister Lynette Eastmond Hits The Ground Running


Good to see that former Minister Lynette Eastmond is prepared to offer a service to the public that will tap her experience as a former government Minister. She has started a blog which peddles her services – click on the image above. No doubt she would have gained many insights into how to confront the maze of government bureaucracy and acquire many contacts that now equips her to offer a beneficial service to the public. We take this opportunity to wish the newly married former Minister all the best in her attempt to operate in a market space which is currently deficient.

We note that Ian Bourne’s Bajan Reporter blog got selected to be on the sidebar of the former Minister’s blog. We are just kidding Minister; we understand that to list BU or BFP would create an “unevenly yoked” relationship!

Question for you Mrs. Eastmond-Parris, are you really done with politics?

18 thoughts on “Former Minister Lynette Eastmond Hits The Ground Running

  1. Anonymous, I hope you’re not being sarcastic!!

    I fancied her for a long, time but saw a pic of her during the election with her handsome, young husband and felt, very jealous indeed, so please lef my Lynette alone!!!!

    Lordddddddddddddddd 🙂

  2. David,

    Why should she be finished with politics?
    Not getting parliamentarian’s pay now! She has bills to pay at least for the next five years 🙂


  3. I wish Lynette, well! She seems a very, impressive young lady and no doubt, will go even farther in life. Could n’t understand the criticism of her during the election campaign but wish her well, nonetheless!! Impressive website!!!!

    We may, yet, even see her again, in Bajan politics!!!!

  4. Lynette,is just an example of what is happening to all the other failed BLP politicians.

    They lived high on the hog when their party was in power and didnot care what it meant to have to struggle to feed your family.

    Remember Lynette eastmond,presided over the ministry of commerce and the fair trading,and despite the pleas of poor,hard done bajans all she gave us was dismissive rhetoric (go and shop around etc) while we faced high prices at the supermarket,and increasing telephone bills.

    Now they will see how it is to live like the majority of bajans live.

  5. We in the People’s Democratic Congress do take this opportunity to certainly wish Mrs. Eastmond-Parris well in her marriage, and well in her future political and business endeavours. Far from being the usual BLP conservative, Mrs. Eastmond-Parris, in our estimation, would have adopted at different times, and as gleaned from the media in Barbados, some very intelligent and forward looking positions whilst being the Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs, and Business Development in Barbados, e.g., support for Barbados becoming a constitutional republic, that we Barbadians must rid our selves of the inferiority complexes that we as a people so unnecessarily possesss.

    However, in spite of such intelligent positions and her general liberal progressive outlook, we are still dismayed and disappointed by her recently reported position in one section of the Press that we in Barbados need TAXATION ( state theft of the money/incomes of the relevant persons, businesses and other entities in Barbados) in order to finance social services in the country. Surely, this kind of thinking is regressive and outmoded, Mrs. Eastmond-Parris!!

    Nevertheless, we do hope that this former BLP senator uses some of the time that she now has available to her as a normal citizen of Barbados to critically examine the very vile and dehumanizing ideological, political and structural underpinnings supporting this wretched system of TAXATION in Barbados and elsewhere, and to critically examine what these do to seriously take away from Barbados and elsewhere becoming more democratic, more egalitarian, and more prosperous.

    As far as we are concerned, a future PDC Government shall surely Abolish Taxation, in the interest of the further and greater growth and development of the entire nation and people of Barbados. For, if the very productive and efficient private sector does NOT have to TAX/STEAL in order to come by its total revenue, why does the very unproductive and inefficient state/government have to do so when the state/government possesses as many resources, assets, personnel, and, certainly, more power, theoritically speaking, than this sector does?


  6. First thing, please give the lady her correct title…it’s Ms. Eastmond not Mrs. Eastmond-Parris.
    I wish her well, I have always been impressed by her, though at times I thought she came over as lecturing to us!!! Most times when she addressed a gathering, it was always food for thought. She was successful before she ventured into politics, there is a market out there for the services she is offering. This market goes beyond Barbados. I wish her well.

  7. PDC, explain to me how Gov’t is going to provide social services (roads, welfare, hospitals, police, etc) without funds generated by taxes?

  8. Dear X,

    Taxation is a very wicked and unrighteous PROCESS through which the state/government of Barbados arrives at most of “its revenues”. Also, it is a very oppressive political system that would have been first established and maintained by the colonial power – Britian – and later unwisely adopted, maintained or expanded by indigenous governments at the time of and thereafter politico-constitutional independence, and esp. with the outright or active mal-support of many persons of the elite and middle class categories in Barbados.

    X, the primary but most horrific objective of TAXATION is and has been to help thwart and prevent the greatest possible growth and development of the wider masses and middle classes of people of Barbados. Although it is said, but quite wrongfully so by many, that the state/government has long used the TAXATION system to substantially fairly evenly redistribute wealth and income among the various social categories of the coountry, we still have seen the vast majority of people in Barbados being poor, marginalized, and exploited. No doubt, such similiar situations also exist in ALL other countries where TAXATION has been established and maintained.

    However, given that your question is a question that has been so often asked by so many, many people in Barbados, almost every time we in PDC have to tell these people about our intention to Abolish ALL Taxes – which shall surely be realized under a PDC Government – it must mean that we must be better prepared than ever before to continue summoning up ALL the strength and character that is required by us to have it answered ALL the time it comes up. And, we shall NEVER fail to answer you and others when this question is put!! Still, we see it as our duty to properly inform you and others on this matter, which, for some, does NOT have a precedent any where else in this world; hence the curiosity and eagerness by very many to hear what will replace TAXATION.

    Moreover, we in PDC see it as our duty, too, to properly answer you and others in ways that, in the final analysis, you and they WILL understand and, furthermore, accept the fact of the matter being that it is NOT SO MUCH a question as to HOW the state/government will make money to finance the social, welfare, security, physical and foreign affairs infrastructures and facilities of Barbados, AS MUCH AS IT IS a question of A PDC Government, with the obvious good support of the nation and people of Barbados, being very successful in redefining, reorienting and repositioning the state/government in relationship to the entire financial system, and in relationship to the material production and distribution systems of the country, and, indeed, AS MUCH AS IT IS a question of A PDC Government being very successful in the state/government’s redefining, reorienting and repositioning itself in relationship to the entire Barbadian society, consequent to the Abolition of Taxation, and in ways that, among other things, the state/government and other entities in Barbados would be able to make far greater use than now of the unused/underused portions of the money stock of the country. The latter part of that idea is, of course, so eminently and rationally better grounded in reason and logic than so many people in Barbados may think, even as we in Barbados continue to observe the Barbados state/government so wickedly and illogically stealing the productive money/value/property of the relevant people, businesses and entities in the country.

    Also, there are many other decent and fair ways that the Barbadian state/government can arrive at its own revenues without resorting to stealing from the relevant persons, businesses and other entities that are very hard done by this outrageous behaviour. Look at BS&T, Goddards, Ansa McAl, R L Seale, they do NOT have to TAX any body, yet they earn their own revenues!!

    Furthermore, here is what we say:

    1) The state can take on a greater entrepreneurial character and thus reasonably increase the quantity and quality in many aspects of the goods and services it sells to the public. It already has the wherewithal to do so.

    2) The state can make greater use of the legal and accounting process to nominally create, allocate, add or subtract money value with regard to particular transactions in which it is involved in, without the use of actual money. Again, the state/government has the wherewithal to do so. Let’s suppose the state wanted to build a new BDS $ 500 million hospital in some part of the country, but it did not have actual money or enough of it to do so. The state/government could simply create a nominal value of BDS $ 500 million or of whatever lesser amount on its own treasury account, but at the same time it must make sure that those who are going to build the hospital, and who therefore must be compensated via the financial system for their material and human services rendered, that they are able to do a similar thing to some others – subcontactors – via the financial system- until it gets right down to the ordinary person using his skills to help build this hospital, and who out of ALL before may certainly need cash to spend. Simply visualise the aforegoing in the context of multiple, criss-crossing transactions and in the context of how the process of so many persons in Barbados using plastic money works, to get a good idea of what we are referring to – that the closer you descend from the apex of the elites to the ground level of masses, the less money proportionate to the entire money value of the country is actually used!!

    3) The fact being that the actual money stock of the country belong to the people of Barbados, certainly means that the state and others must move themselves away from where they currently are – being forced to repay money – to positions whereby they are able to borrow that money without repaying it. Why ask these collective owners of the money stock of the country to pay to have access to money that is already theirs? Why the redundancy, therefore, still/now? What is very important is that once these entities succeed in getting this money, this money when spent within the jurisdiction of Barbados, must end back up in or pass through the core financial system of Barbados again. Hence, this is one of the fundamental strategies that will be used to ensure that the state/government finances much of its own activity, without at the same time increasing its own debt, substantially.

    4) As it stands right now the size of the state/government of Barbados is too big. Also, the state/government is too unwieldy and inefficient. There are numerous areas of the state/government that are unrational, unproductive and inefficient. From the start many of these areas would have been unnecessary, but so much for some mindless and thoughtless political heads and undermanagers. Also, the financial cost of maintaining such a failed state of affairs is therefore astronomical, and many of the burdens of financing such are carried by the broad masses and middle classes of TAX victims in Barbados. Hence, a huge reduction in the size of the state will mean less costs vis a vis NO TAXATION.

    X, we hope that you did get from us fairly satisfactory responses to your question. Please see for further information our Pre-election

    Yours truly,


  10. I am sorry but when i was trying to send these messages it appeared not to be sent, please go ahead and delete as you want to.

  11. Wishing In Vain

    I am not hearing anything from you on the raging guyanese issue.

    Can you tell us what the DLP is doing about deporting these illegals back to guyanese?

    Can you give us some specifics?

    Do you agree with the statements made by chris sinckler and dennis kellamn?

  12. Maybe that is why she took so many licks in the last election, she took more licks than she would wantr to talk about.

    Just yet another piece of hodge podge that owing used to screw around with and trying to give her an income instead of out of his pocket.

    Any news on owing I understand that he is drinking like a fish and Beverley’s prediction to his new wife that he is a sick drunkard, womaniser and a bastard is quickly coming to past now that he has nothing to do and all day to do it.

    He has lots of time on his hands to get drunk and womanise good luck to her.

    On the subject of the new gaming machines
    I think that all of you will find that these operators ARE BREAKING THE LAWS OF BARBADOS and I believe that the The Prime Minister the Hon Mr David Thompson will be planning a press conference to reveal how and why they are breaking the laws of the land.

    The mistruth of stating that Hartley Henry is involved in this arreangement is grossly UNTRUE and misleading but I understand your need to sensationalise the story for readership reasons, the only person that has an insider connection to this project is Hallam Nicholls and the former PM owing they know only too well the inside workings of this deal.

    But lets wait and hear what the PM has to say about the latest development before rushing to judgment without the facts.

  13. Now I know for sure wishing in vain that you are connected .

    I am almost sure as well that the DLP’s policy seems to be – to continue where owen arthur left off – and that sure as hell scares me.

    I am also scared for David Thompson because he obviously is not reading the mood of the people on this one.

    Here you are wishing in vain being asked a question – and not a squeak from you in response – instead you repeating that posts which you sent about 5 times – about lynette eastmond.


    I wonder where is Velzo?

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