CEO of Cahill Energy, EXPOSED!

Cowan a little peeved with Tempro

Cowan a little peeved with Tempro

More documents leaked to BU expose the financial state of the CEO of a company described as the facilitator of a USD350 million waste-to-energy plant in Barbados. In recent days, Barbadians agitating against […] the project have experienced the satisfaction of reading a statement from Minister of the Environment Denis Lowe which reassures Barbadians all checks and balances will be applied to the application to build a waste-to-energy-plant in Barbados.


  • Bajans need to picket parliament.


  • Darcy Boyce, Denislaudering Denis Lowe, Chris Sinckler, Michael Lashley, David Estwick and Fruendel Stuart need to be investigated by the FBI for corruption as well as money laudering


  • @David,
    I posted a comment. What happened with it?


  • Good work David.

    The tangled web is unraveling!


  • @ Prodigal Son September 28, 2015 at 10:45 PM
    “The tangled web is unraveling!”

    There was never any entanglement just plain opportunistic greed leading to fraud and kickbacks as is the modus operandi of the Boyce and Lowe with the other idiots drawn in for good measure.

    The WTE project was never intended to get off the ground but merely to scam taxpayers’ money by way of consultancy fees and phantom project administration charges. Which foreign investor would take up over $400 million and invest it in a country parading a junk bond status and a stagnant one-cylinder economy with thieving corrupt incompetent jackasses in charge?

    Don’t you remember the Pierhead Marina “Redesigned” project? Are you still waiting on a berthing at the Sugar Point Cruise Ship Terminal? Ask the Port CEO has money has been spent to date.

    All that happened this time around is that Bajan white people got involved and upset the applecart because there was nothing in it for them.


  • @ millertheanunnaki September 28, 2015 at 11:56 PM
    “Ask the Port CEO has money has been spent to date.”

    Should read: ‘Ask the Bridgetown Port CEO how much money has been spent to date on the Sugar Point Cruise Ship terminal that should have started construction since January 2014.’

    Alvin Cummins can testify in DLP Pentecostal fashion.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    I am at a loss for words. I am sure that the 4 clowns who rushed to sign this deal must be shivering in their nasty ass boots. Barbados should call the Democratic Labour Party government to account. All four ministers, including the Prime Minister, should be shamed and asked to demit office with forthwith. Following that, an investigation should be conducted on the involvement of the 4 ministers post-haste-signing with this shadowy character.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Alvin Cummins September 28, 2015 at 10:13 PM #
    I posted a comment. What happened with it?

    Alvin sweetie, maybe you should check the toilet where you last sat. I am sure you would find it floating around amidst the toilet paper and other shit. Should have waited and look behind you before you flushed. Hiss HIss boo boo


  • Well what can we say
    Well done BU
    When is the PM back from his latest jolly he should fire all four of these numptys
    And summarily fall on his own sword

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  • @Mockingbird

    What you suggest will never happen, all political parties fight to remain at the top of the pile and to hell with issues of ethics or principles. Note that in Barbados and the Caribbean we do not have a history of political figures withdrawing from office on matters of principle.


  • Can I suggest that Mia once again take up the mantle of pushing this thing to the fore front of the house again and put pay tho this nonsense


  • Mia’s hands are full at the moment. There is a mutiny on the Bounty. However there is merit in your suggestion. Cahill gives her an out to show she is willing to ”brekup” the game members of the political class play.


  • Mia always start a game which she cannot finished the same applies to the Clico debacle she came riding as a knight in shining armour to bring down the govt on this clico scandal ,then she faded into thin air ,do not expect to hear much more from Mia, her aim is to throw the scratch grain and let her foot soldiers do the battle recusing herself of any malice or slander which might come about,


  • Interesting ….I like when she schools your politicians ….this isn’t a game


  • So, ac, you admit that it is a scandal!


  • Peltdown man,

    Tee hee.


  • @ Miller
    You DO get the scam.
    Bushie is tempted to speculate as to your deep understanding of such schemes…


  • David,

    Hands full or not if she had the interests of Barbados at heart she would MAKE the time to finish what she started. It would even pay off politically in the end if she rode in on a white horse and slayed this particular dragon. But alas! I fear she is just doing a political dance around the edges and waiting her turn for the center of the stage.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    I can hear Fumbles now “Can no one rid me of this Barbados Underground?”

    “Dem have brought shame and damnation upon we head, where is de Commissioner uh Police?”

    Unna done see dat LexCaribbean is also a part of this plot?

    Now de ole man gine throw in a yorker fuh wunna called “it shall neither be mine nor thine”

    No leh we acknowledge dat all uh dese documents is too convoluted to be falsifications, dem is too many variables involved

    When you falsifying deep cover documents you does hafta deal wid “variables”

    So when you talking bout a false school dat you claim you attended you does let slip de story bout how de groundsman was did “Pass out” de village sheep or de Donkey (please note that i said sheep and donkey not them udder two) and, because of the congruence with real information, it is accepted (though not confirmed) by the target of the info.

    Sort of like name dropping enhanced.

    So look at these documents, from disparate sources, all leading to the same people, all dated “correctly” and what you get is a picture regarding the source of the documents and an insight into the MOU’s terms.

    If de ole man din know bettah he would say that given the veracity of these docs, the source is Clare!!

    She is bailing ship, given that they have left her and are backpeddaling, she now doing she own ting and it would appear like if de MOU may got someting in it dat will still gi she a few $$ to help she out a little.

    Now here is de ting doah…dese documents coming too fluently

    In this unravelling it would appear that Clare gots some documents dat is written by de hand uh dese Johnny KickBackers and right about now, dem gots to be shiting a brick.

    “Dem isnt too concern bout Mia Muttley doing she little song and dance, soon to putter out, whu dem concern bout, (And rightfully so) is if and when one uh dem documents gine get expose heah pun BU…..!!

    Man Venerable Blogmaster, leh de peeple know how many hits you getting when de day come man!! Man Cheez Don Breaderts man

    Anyway doan eat nuffin from dem and tell you daughter and you wife dat dem is not to eat nuffin from a fellow…


  • St George's Dragon

    @ Donna
    “It would even pay off politically in the end if she rode in on a white horse and slayed this particular dragon.”
    Please, no dragon slaying.


  • St. George’s Dragon,

    Not all dragons are bad.


  • Frustrated Businessman

    I can just imagine the Animal Farm scene. The humans in the village (foreign sharks) worried about the farm being taken over by animals (DLP voters) and then realising what a windfall it is to have corrupt, greedy pigs (FooFoo’s cabinet) in charge of an entire (previously) successful island economy with (previously) fantastic credit rating; BUSINESS AS USUAL. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    ‘Courts fails financially in the 1st world where people can count, flourishes in the Caribbean where people can’t’ scenario repeated.

    We have been bought from colonial slave masters and sold to financial slave masters by our own (again). We will all work for Massa to repay these debts until we and generations of our offspring are dust.

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  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright wrote, ” If de ole man din know bettah he would say that given the veracity of these docs, the source is Clare!!”

    I have been wondering how “confidential/private information ended up on BU.

    Now we await the leaks from de 4.

    Hope somebody writes a novel about all this. A good title would be ” Gasified “…a political thriller.


  • Cast of Characters:

    The “can’t be that stupid” lawyer Clare referred to is Mary Mahabir. Her assessment may prove somewhat true given the $20,000 unpaid legal fees incurred without a credit check DD or a retainer received.

    The “Bruce” on the to-do list is Bruce Matheson of Infrastar.

    Since Philip advised Clare to provide the BIO on the investment team, here it is:

    Ask Philip if he met the team in Newport Beach earlier this year.

    It is hard to believe that Fenton Hazlems, Taylor Wessing, and others are involved in the lucre grab.

    Like the 4 hapless ministers who are now trying to distance themselves from the clueless Clare, this entire scam was predicated on advanced fees for services and consultancies. So greedy were the ministers to collect their cut from a tried and true local golden goose known for their largesse to anyone involved in their building projects, that they were willing to sell out their country; so greedy was Clare to sell the shell company for obscene gains to the Chinese as soon as the deal was signed with the Barbados Gov’t, that she double/triple mortgaged her personal residence for Fool’s Gold and will now be both broke and homeless.

    The next logical move is to contact Infrastar and Philip for comment.



    Yes, these Cahill leaks have gone viral.

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  • How can a sovereign government work like this ???
    Not only is she a fraudster she has the Gaul to lecture the government.
    If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny
    We are a laughing stock .


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    We would got to be the laughing stock; you see the type of cunts that running the government and the puppets that defending them. I surprise none of the puppets ain’t jump on these documents yet talking a whole lot of shite. I want this whole mess to explode. 700 million scam and these jokers running the country sugar coat it sweetly and that bombastic screw pooch for PM still thinks that he is the untouchable King.


  • She said in her September 4 email to Neeta and Dominic at Taylor Wessing that she was reducing the asking price to $6.38m (actually $6,388,000) to make her unit “very competitive”

    The condo property was listed for sale on a contract dated January 28, 2015, for CDN$6,988,000, with an expiry date of June 15, 2015.

    The property was re-listed for sale on a contract dated July 3, 2015, for CDN$6,800,000, with an expiry date of December 15, 2015, Toronto Real Estate Board # C3250784

    Apparently $6,388,000 did not attract any buyers, so about 10 days ago she further reduced the listing price to $5,998,000.

    Assuming it sells for about $6,000.000, after the any property taxes and maintenance fees, the $4,000,000 first, the $1,600.00 owing on the second and real estate fees are paid, there will be little if anything left to repay money owing to Liz (Spencer?), or Taylor Wessing; and no equity for MECC.


  • And the Prime Minister is probably up in New York, telling the Bajan Yankee, who wonderful Barbados has become under his watch.
    The PM has perfected the art of telling people, mainly DLPites ,what he thinks that they want to hear.


  • Do we have investigated journalist in Barbados. We demand the Opposition and Government address the issue NOW. This is a crisis of governance. Kammie, Mia, Donville????

    This is where BU focus will be next.


  • @DD
    She is bankrupt
    Trading insolvent
    Continuing to trade and incurr further debt all of which is ilegal and as directors both MECC John Robilliard and Mary M are open to prosecution.
    Of the 3 Robilliard and Mahabir are at highest risk of falling foul of directors Responsibility’s
    I suggest they take independent legal advice on their risks
    MECC is bankrupt so there is nothing to regain from her.
    She even sold off her RRSP’s to live
    In the words of the great Waldo pepper “she is F**ked”


  • @David,

    The investigative reporters have to check with the bosses in Trinidad.


  • David

    What more can BU do?


  • Didn’t David Ellis boldly state on public radio last week that there is more happening in Barbados than Cahill?

    This Cahill issue exposes a fault line in our governance if addressed will resolve several other issues we continue to battle.


  • @DD

    We will have to think of something.


  • This whole saga would be funny if it weren’t so serious. The four ministers or the government as a whole need to be held to account for this sorry mess. The fact the BDS mainstream press are not running with this, demonstrates the level of control government exercises over the supposedly free press which in turn gives the government a freehand to do what they want. The papers BU has released, suggests something underhand has gone on to the detriment of Barbados. At its highest level it amounts to fraud and corruption at its lowest level, incompetence, as clearly no thorough due diligence was conducted whilst four government ministers went ahead and signed an MOU which has the potential impact of not only endangering the environment and the health and well being of Bajans but potentially putting Barbados in debt for many years to come. If in fact this all occurred without the prime minister being aware is incredulous. Either way, the trust and confidence in this current administration has been eroded and, unfortunately the BLP with its current silence on this matter and internal wranglings, is not demonstrating that it has sufficient leadership qualities to do any better. Perhaps its time to follow the examples of some of the other Caribbean communities and come up with an amalgamated people’s party.

    Investment confidence in Barbados is already low and its reduced financial status and ranking in the ease of doing business index won’t boost confidence but will leave most potential investors running for the hills. What will happen when / if the international media get hold of this latest demonstration of political incompetence?

    This is all very sad and unfortunate. Less than a decade ago Barbados was perceived as ‘up there’ with the best – now…..

    Congratulation though BU, a sound piece of investigative journalism that puts your mainstream counterparts to shame.

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  • I’ve talked to a Canada revenue agent
    Who tells me that accrued income must be declared for the period /year it was earned and that includes world wide income
    Clearly MECC under declared her income to the revenue ..
    The $1millon from Cahill international is also a taxable income

    Even if the income was fiction she clearly used these letters from Blenheim’s to falsify applications for mortsges and security’s to fund this big fraud.


  • We need Mia to validate to continue her prosecution of this matter.


  • What is Infra, laying pipes, to do with Infrastar?Any connection?Was lowedown
    at BWA(when a pipe burstes)when this contract was entered into.Just asking..


  • @David, the Cahill problem shows a weakness in our governance model which neither the DLP or BLP will seek to fix for reasons best know to politicians.
    We all need to be reminded corruption erodes economic freedom by introducing insecurity and uncertainty into economic relationships. The Future Centre Trust thru its advocacy will speak to Greenwashing and Corruption thru a lecture series.


  • The minister of Finance should open his mouth and speak on this matter. We do not expect Darcy Boyce to say a word………….he wheels and deals behind the scenes and he would probably say he is not elected………that is why he should not have been able to put this deal together.

    Lets face it……………..neither Lowe or Stinkiar has the intellect of Darcy Boyce.

    With all of this information in the open, one would think that the PM would address the nation on this……………….but no, he will do just what he usually does, keep quiet until we stop talking.

    Lowe waited until people are caught up with this foolishness in the BLP Christ Church West constituency and put out a lied statement and he thinks that will make it alright.

    If anyone is willing to come out and demonstrate against this blatant corruption, I will be there all the way! Enough of this crap!


  • @Kammie

    Continue the good fight.


  • RastaR

    She certainly appears to be insolvent – unable to pay debts as they fall due in the usual course of business – i.e. can’t pay her Rogers phone bill.

    But I have not seen anything that says she is bankrupt.

    BTW – do you know the date the $800,000 second mortgage was registered?


  • Prodigal Son September 29, 2015 at 5:02 PM #

    With all of this information in the open, one would think that the PM would address the nation on this……………….but no, he will do just what he usually does, keep quiet until we stop talking.

    The PM does not act like a PM
    What is sad is that there are persons who make excuses for him and his nonsense.
    His refusal to engage the media is explain away as he having his own style
    He cannot even name a Deputy Prime Minister
    The DLP should not win three seats in the next election
    Parties win third terms if they deserve if they deserve them
    This Government is the worst Government in the history of this country
    Expect folly from them all the time and nothing but excuses and throwing blame around
    We are still at Junk Bond status
    The Cabinet is still the largest
    The Lies about Integrity Legislation
    Tuition Fees
    Busfares etc still remain


  • @Prodigal Son September 29, 2015 at 5:02 PM

    “The minister of Finance should open his mouth and speak on this matter.”

    A BGIS release dated March 15, 2014 included this

    “At the signing last Saturday, March 15, at Government Headquarters, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, said: “This investment by Cahill Energy represents a ‘game changer’ for the island and truly belies any doubt that Barbados is still a preferred destination for solid and impactful foreign direct investment.””

    Do you really think he will admit he was wrong?

    But he did have one thing correct. This “Investment” will be a “game changer”; but will regrettably in the words of Josh above “will leave most potential investors running for the hills”


  • Imagine the above scenario, and the Governor of the Central Bank and the Prime Minister up here begging Bajans left, right and centre, to invest in Barbados. To buy its bonds, to buy land, build homes and build up the country. Why? That kind of skulduggery does not happen in Canada with politicians taking kickbacks, bribes, fees and commissions. They get paid a salary for the work they do, no extra is expected.

    Of course, there was the case of Mulroney and the envelopes of cash from Hans Karl Schrieber(?). There was an inquiry or court case (cant clearly recall) but there was no proof of kickbacks, so he got off. We all have our opinions on that. That was a one-off that I recall in my 48 years in this land.

    Then there are the tiefing lawyers, so if you wanted to do business in Barbados who would you approach? Not the government, not the lawyers. Its best to keep our dollars stuffed in the duvet.


  • We must hear from the Prime Minister and from the Leader of the Opposition on this Cahill fiasco.Recall when the Four Seasons matter was being thrown around,it was said that the LOO was retained.


  • How can Mia or any MP make any comments in the House about this or any major issue that may come up when it has been in recess since late August – about a month ago – and will not be convening again until October 20th – another 3 weeks from now. Some 7-8 weeks on vacation … WITH PAY.

    Do any of you check out what is going on in Parliament – its just a couple clicks away.


  • So, Bajan Yankee – “Bajans need to picket parliament.” – we have 3 weeks to organise it. Will it happen with Bajans – Ha Ha Ha – LMAO … yeah, right.


  • We focus a lot on the elected politicians. What about others holding high office in Barbados who can resign on principle to deliver a message. What about the Independent Senators for example. What about those sitting on Boards etc.


  • If not willing to resign at least add their voices to the massive outcry against this misuse of power and corruption.

    The deafening silence of all these so called public figures is indicative of the ethics and ethos of these people
    Self serving individuals without morals or civic pride!!!


  • Strike a match and close the door.I turn off the lights long time.


  • Frustrated Businessman

    If the St. Joseph Hospital inquiry didn’t result in resignations and prosecutions, how could any other corrupt activity end any differently? That outcome was the signal to all to teef more!


  • A big part of our problem in Barbados is that we live in a world of hypocrisy. How should we define a respectable Barbadian? The MPs, media practitioners, Senators et al. Why should we target our anger at the politicians only, why can’t others take a principled stand to demonstrate disgust.


  • @ David
    What about others holding high office in Barbados
    ….like who ??

    It is MOST TELLING that not a single public official has been able to come on BU and last for more than a week or two. Did Justin Robinson respond to your question recently…?
    What happened to Irene? Kellman? Bobby Morris?
    NONE of these people can operate in a forum where HONESTY is the only way out.

    Almost everyone ‘holding high office’ in Barbados is a political lacky, a has-been or a pooch-licker …they have no balls; live pay-check to pay-check; and depend on bribes for extras perks.

    The public servants are largely actors, mostly women, mostly pathetic, who rubber stamp the politicians’ whims and fancies… and most in the private sector are parasites whose ‘success’ depends on politicians facilitating the transfer of taxes into their business or giving them exclusive access to markets in exchange for ‘gifts’.

    What will such persons do? .What CAN they do?
    These people have been waiting throughout the BLP years for ‘their turn’ to come, and are looking to maximise their few years at the nipples.

    Meanwhile, the other set of brass bowls are scrunting until their turn comes again by default.

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  • @Bushie

    And the traditional media…


  • Here bush shit goes again running his mouth with his usual daily dose of criticism
    My question for you Dr.Brass bowl what can You Do?


  • What traditional media what…??!!

    We have NOT had a media in Barbados in the true sense of the word since the shutdown of the TRUTH.
    We have a bunch of second rate jokers who can barely articulate their thoughts clearly and who DARE NOT offend anyone of significance.
    The fact that BU can come along and so effectively make such a dramatic impact on REAL information in Barbados speaks volumes. All these media people do is reproduce what has been stated publicly by others (where they cannot be sued for saying it).
    LOL … their reluctance to reference BU as a source is only because it would show the extent to which they are just following your lead and reproducing BU’s initiatives….

    Don’t even count CBC…
    ha ha ha
    whaloss … if yuh not fat step back….


  • @ AC
    You take it easy…
    Step 1, phase 1 will be that coming earthquake…..


  • Look !DrBrassbowl just for the record you have taken up the role as one of spokesperson with a an infusion of fire and baptism to be critical of All govts past and present and for that you should be applauded as well as having your feet held to fire


  • That’s exactly what the fraudster MECC wants to see us all bickering among ourselves and not focusing on the real issues
    1 the government messed up and need to reverse the bad decisions made
    2 Clare Cowan is a fraud and a scammer and needs to be further exposed
    3 this plasma gassifer is unproven and is totally not suited to this island and work needs to begin on viable alternatives
    4 the contract is unconstitutional and needs to be voided
    Oh and 5 AC is an ass and needs to be ignored its the only way to deal with his BS

    Let’s refocus !!!!!¡!!


  • Bushie,

    You continue to remark on the women in the public service. The biggest “pooch licker” I ever worked with was a man. The men are NO different. It is not a gender thing. It is a people thing. Give it a rest, nuh!


  • @Miller,
    What you calling my name for? I thought I had gotten rid of you since last year.
    Wasn’t it your government that first posited the idea of a Waste to Energy Plant…different form, but after being sued ( have the Arch Hall People gotten their money yet?) came to the conclusion that something had to be done about landfills? Why was your government looking at Greenland? Money spent on that pursuit? Oh what a tangled web we weave when trying to deceive.
    By the way…RastaR.. Gaul was the name of a country..The word you are seeking is “Gall”.

    Yard ducks, Christ church West..Remember what happened when Kerrie Simmons was proposed by one faction, William Duguid, by another faction, Jessica Odle by another group? The snow job that is being done on Dr, Agard, is not right. She is a decent lady. And you people talk about decency in politics??? As Bushie would say…Brass bowlery!!!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ RastaR

    This is the problem that I have with people like you and the Kevins who blog here

    You come and post something and because you have posted it there must be no variance to what you have posted (which character trait suggests that you are a woman and/or myopic)

    David the Blogmaster has given no less than 10 focused articles on the Clare Cowan article AND, as a strategist of note, when an article was flailing in its content (some would even say tangible animosity) has done many a “refresh” with additional material on behalf of the RastaR agendas.

    And believe me, it is evident that you and your group have your agenda which for the time being, since it speaks to safeguarding Barbados, is congruent with our own.

    EXHALE woman exhale.

    You do not own Barbados UnderGround and you do not control the minds of the bloggers here, so tek your nasty place and respect the dynamic of posters to “focus” as you say and allow us to “breathe” to take time “to look beneath the boughs and stare as long as sheep or cows”

    Even the greatest contractor muscles in the human body have complimentary extensor muscles and that focus of which you speak seems decidedly like the “anal retentive” syndrome that a few attribute to your modus operandi in other areas.



  • @Alvin

    You have repeatedly demonstrated your head is hard. Many here may not have issue with the technology, it is the lack of transparency with the Cahill transaction that is the issue. Why don’t you absorb this into your extremely thick skull!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Apologies to all females regarding de ole man remarks bout “characteristics being those of a woman”

    Donna (especially) and SSS (my sweet lady), IslandGal (my past lady), Simple Simon (miss whatever) and the rest to many to mention I spoke in the vein of the male chauvanist pig about a constant nagging mode that I unfortunately attributed to a gender.

    Octogenarians can be quite opinionated but we have daughters and grand-daughters who (because of our bias?) we make no derogatory remarks about.

    Years of encounters calcify our beliefs and complexion our statements.

    The male equivalent to nag is stalker and time and proxy experience have brought the ole man to understand why we have these individual “positions” and opinions


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  • @Donna, how can he or anyone else ” Give it a rest”. Like any good politician, motivational speaker or charismatic preacher the road to success is to speak clearly and eloquently about the fundamental wrongs that infuriate and incite and then to rework those fundamentals as talking points over and over again.

    Ensure that you are known and respected as the paragon on those principals even as you personally slip and slide around them over your lifetime and that generally will establish you are a man of the people or similar lofty accolade.

    So there is really no problem with Bushie or others voicing their fundamental truths continually with different flavors on different days. As you said “It is a people thing”.

    @David, on this matter of the media surely there is a lot more to mortar than the pestle being floated here.

    Accepting all that was said above re “A big part of our problem in Barbados is that we live in a world of hypocrisy”. True dat.

    And also what was said re media houses treading carefully and even the suggestion that we “… DARE NOT offend anyone of significance” . All true.

    Is it not still just as hypocritical for BU to lambaste the local media as lacking all investigative intent because they have not jumped all over the trove of documents exposed here on BU.

    Surely YOU appreciate even if others refuse to do so that any established media house would have a ton of legal suits gumming up their operations if they publish some of the stuff you have here.

    You are much more insulated from that. Not because of any lack of desire to shut you down by those being attacked but because they realize it’s futile.

    Bring an injunction to cease and desist against you and a week after you shutter the site, whapplax! Another site pops up from a server in Timbuktu called ‘We Bajans Love It So’ or wherever with its motto: “Kiss my grits, shut this down”!

    The Nation published a picture of kids fornicating after said pic was all over social media. Their backsides are STILL in court for that years after the fact and you want them to go out there releasing private correspondence, calling people names in possibly libelous ways and ting just so!!!

    The media deservedly can be criticized but some of the comments from your BU bloggers definitely defines your point that “in Barbados … we live in a world of hypocrisy”.


  • @Dee Word

    You can’t be serious. What do you think investigative journalism is defined as? The documents are there to assist media, they don’t have to public, they can seek interviews, request documents from entities mentioned etc. So often the media retreats to the cop out you mentioned. The other is sub judice.


  • David stop being a liar you are misrepresenting the truth going by your last response to Alvin .let me break the truth as it should be stated one being of Technology! Environmental issues and not having fu
    Ll disclosure to what transpired in the early stages of govt involvement with the project.All of the above was part and parcel the outcry from those who opposed the WTE project inclusive of having their own personal and business agenda attached.


  • @Bush Tea September 30, 2015 at 8:38 AM “at CBC…ha ha ha whaloss … if yuh not fat step back…”

    You mean morbidly obese don’t you?


  • Pieces,

    We women do tend to nag. I have no problem with that remark. The only nagging men do is when they want sex. Equally annoying to a woman who is exhausted from picking up the slack she has been nagging the man to help her with.


  • And David, you are assuming that they did not “seek interviews, request documents from entities mentioned etc”. Of course, The only way to validate real proper investigative journalism is to see the exposes.

    I have articles in the media re Cahill and to some extent there have been one of two that hit hard even if they did not necessarily blow the lids off something. An expose.

    Personally I believe that local journalist want that big scoop as any international journalist but I also realize that they are often restricted and cannot get people on record as they might or even get the type of late night deliveries you get.

    So I can’t t simply blast them as just callow, cowardly mice of no investigative skill or intent. I’ll give them the benefit of doubt that they try but then often the thing called life gets in the way…like how that sub judice matter did!!

    But anyhow if they were so good at investigating den what good why BU be (LOL).

    Enjoy your position as the source of investigative details; you do a lot of damn good work to be #1


  • That should read: “I have SEEN articles…”


  • @Dee Word

    The issue here is the need to shine a light on the lack of governance that the Cahill issue has exposed. The ease with which ministers of government who are trusted by the public to do its business enter agreements with nufinarians by ignoring financial rules and other laws. We should have learned a lesson from Greenland.


  • Dee Ingrunt Word,

    I have sat down around the table with many men who allowed foolishness to go on and kept their mouths shut because they “got a mortgage to pay”. The three persons who stood up to this idiot pooch licking male boss were three women including myself who also had mortgages to pay. After he tried to bribe me with offers of friendship he wasn’t satisfied with my version of friendship, which entailed telling him the truth “as a friend”. It was a fight after that which saw him winning the battle but me winning the war.

    Bushie needs to let go of that particular “truth”.


  • The Cahill project treats to sustainable development and sustainable progress includes road and transport infrastructure. The Town Hall meeting at Queens College tonight on the IADB loan puts the road network under the spotlight. Living and working in Glenburnie , St. John rules out attendance at the Town Hall meeting . Having said that there are spots of bother attendees are reminded to point out to Minister Lashley’s team.

    The meeting agenda lists the ABC Highway as down for discussion. A question to be tabled is when is the Warren’s to Redman Village section of the ABC to be finished. Then there are the outages and poor street lighting along the entire stretches of the ABC and Spring Garden Highways often the causes of accidents and near misses. These are problems to be fixed.

    Bridgetown cries out for a sustainable street lighting plan. Its laughable the repeated promises by the city merchants organization to brighten up the dimly lit streets of Bridgetown. Not unlike the public sector the private sector promises have turned out to be empty promises. The public awaits the LED and solar street lights much ballyhooed as a plank of the energy saving and sustainable development agenda.

    The sidelining of the Ministry of Transport vehicles is a worry. The Minister is duty bound to return the call to the media on this vexing matter. A workman lacking tools is an exercise in futility. The MOT with broken and idle equipment is the same thing. Whoever stole the $80,000 repairs budget must be brought to justice. The memo for the Town Hall meeting.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright
    September 30, 2015 at 9:33 AM
    Point taken
    Unfortunately I don’t have time to meander and like to get to the point .
    It’s not about word count it’s about content.
    Will try harder lol

    Liked by 1 person

  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ De Ingrunt Word

    I just thought I would give you a smattering of the “Investigative reporting” that the nation News posts.

    Take a look at

    There as a part of their Investigative Journalism you will see the quality of that IJ

    By the way effing we needs to unnerstand whu investigative journalism is “Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report.”

    Now as all uh wunna know de ole man is a plagiarist of great renown.

    I did nevah had an original idea of my own ovah all dese years and probably will nevah have one pun dis side uh de “beatuful shores” so I, since de granson show me how to copy and paste, get to copying nuff tings

    Anyway de article in part states “His wife Zoe arrived just before dark and broke into tears when she saw all the parked vehicles, investigators and reporters. She attempted to hide her face with a handbag to shield herself from the clicking cameras. (YB)”

    Now tell de ole man dis…

    Whu sorta dogshyte Investigative Reporting is “…She attempted to hide her face with a handbag to shield herself from the clicking cameras…”

    A woman husband get kill and she crying like shyte and de same lascivious publishers of school children having sex in a class room, get to reporting pun a violent crime and meking dis sort uh shyte statement.

    Now you unnerstand whu IJ is in light uh dis sorta shyte, right?

    Who is this YB doah? De ole man gine bet it is some wannabe wuman reporter dat got a big botsie (dat is de requirement to wuk at de nation, Harold tell me so) and an empty head


  • It seems that black folks always have the wool pulled over their eyes by white folks. Our leadership in this country is cause of serious concern. Imagine what 350 million dollars can do. The government should try to get Clico to pay the people they robbed. Stop spending money so foolishly. The political leaders need to open their eyes.


  • i saw her fully dressed . please dont show this woman exposed i beg u.


  • @Pieces, you a real octogenarian fah truth? I can’t believe that any respectful gentleman born back in the 30’s and who talks with pride and joy about he granddaughters and other female fam members cud get bout de place and and bad talk the fair sex like dat : ” … wuman reporter … got [to have] a big botsie … and an empty head”. Oh lawd!

    The reporter appeared most intent on just reporting the facts of the lady’s predicament and trying to give readers a direct perspective of the pain and suffering being experienced. No investigative work there…straight up news.

    But of course I was myself a bit taken aback when I originally read in the Nation “she attempted to hide her face with a handbag to shield herself from the clicking cameras” because it seemed to me that the reporter was in some way trying to suggest that the distraught wife of a man so brutally and senselessly murdered had something to hide.

    The words didn’t seem very compassionate to me. So yes I though that it was real pissy reporting too.

    Anyhow, that is still no reason to lambaste the female reporters at the Nation like that.

    I can see that you were a man who administered corporal punishment to instill discipline…and I ain’t talking about to your children!!! LOL.

    Your granddaughters gine tek way that tablet from you and make you go outside to work with the flowers and garden as punishment!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @de Ingrunt Word

    That is “prezactly” the point compassion and that nuance and realization that the wife was not hiding.

    You are unfortunately an anachronism DIW someone who reads between the lines and is not swayed by populist thought but directed by reason.

    It is proposed that, the longer we remain here, on this side, we are supposed to get an inkling of wisdom, unfortunately de ole man ent get dat memo and AC will tell you that as part of the geriatric population, de ole man does doan unnerstan nuffin bout dese tings

    The sad thing about this Cowan Cahill matter lies not in the graft and kickbacks that these ministers sought at the detriment of our nation but that, in the face of their glaring inability to change the economic avalanche into the doldrums, they DO NOT KNOW HOE TO ASK FOR HELP,!!

    Their hearts have been hardened by a power that is greater than all the BU literati for a purpose that you and I have yet to see but would seem to be creating a new bajan citizen who finally understands that when dem bring dogshyte to our door and ask us to vote, we CANNOT PUT THAT POWER IN THE HANDS OF BRASS BOWLS NUH MORE


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright September 30, 2015 at 6:26 PM #

    “………. in the face of their glaring inability to change the economic avalanche into the doldrums, they DO NOT KNOW HOE TO ASK FOR HELP,!!”

    The PM is/was just up in North America pleading with Bajans to send money, and the Guv up there trying to sell Barbados Savings Bonds. And the PM was begging the UN to give Barbados LDC financing concessions. So they are asking expats for help.

    Donville and Chris said Would Bank don’t know what they are talking about. And, of course IMF had nothing to do with the home-grown restructuring programme.

    So, who they gonna to ask for help?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Due Diligence

    The help they need is not solely the monetary type

    They need help with ideas and HR with the skill to make something happen.

    And let de ole man show you how dem trying a ting again to get peeple ideas fuh $10,000

    De Blogmaster is a real sharp fellow/community

    He jes post an article dat de Central Bank and de Minister uh Finants think up to get peeple ideas fuh nuffin

    Billion Dollar dreams!! Or something like it.

    Go en check out de requirements and whu documents dem axing you fuh and you gine see how desperate dem fellows is and how dem got up a picture uh some Brafwit feller dat I hope ent related to Adriel Nitwit we Attorney General

    Even now, in de face uh all de shyte dat going on dem using a crooked rod to draw a straight line.

    You mean dat you seeking billion dollar ideas and offering shyte money of $10,000!!!

    Of course de cvunts called Bajans gine submit all dem business plans tuh de guvner uh de Central Bank fuh Stinkliar and he peeples tuh gi way tuh dem friends en ting

    Even now dem still putting out tricks dem


  • Barbados governments have always made overseas Bajans aware of their duty to send back remittances and to Invest in those fields and hills.

    Unfortunately it is not a good time for those of us living in Canada to invest in Barbados because of the low value of the Canadian dollar. $1cad = $1.50bds.

    Alot of Bajans will continue to send goods and cash to their families to “help them out”.


  • Does that mean you won’t be a $,5000.00 Platinum Sponsor of the Billion Dollar Dream.

    Just think about the opportunities to promote the CIM (not CUM) for your Assification WTF, and the Sponsor benefits

    You could

    Display the CIM’s banners at all Billion Dollar dreams events
    Speak to the five (5) shortlisted entrants during the workshop
    Be mentioned in advertisements, on the Bank’s website and be acknowledged during the Forum
    Receive invitations for two (2) Company Executives to attend the Forum
    Take a photo with Mr. Nicholas Brathwaite
    Receive invitations for two (2) to the Closing Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture Dinner in honour of Mr. Nicholas Brathwaite

    With that kind of exposure you are sure to sell out the WTF offering.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Due Dilligence

    I will await the IPO details at the hotel.

    I see that you have been studying my WTF offerings very closely. Do not stand to close to the rear of the Assification plants because the noxious fumes are known to be harmful if inhaled directly


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Hahaha Alvin ”the Donkey” Cummins you are one piece of washed up work. One yard fowl pointing out all the wrong to another yard fowl about what their party did. Yet this yard fowl with a twist of donkey, want all to believe he is a truth bearer, when he is nasty piece of wrapped up pretense hiding behind a few English words and trying to convince everyone that he is omnipotent as he is omnipresent (because he can be in Canada and Barbados all at the same time). Alvi babes you know you have not washed all your dirty linen clean or remove all the skeletons from the closet. You should remember that you cannot burn the papers that are in the hands of the others. Someone does not like you and they certainly providing a topsy of information about your nastiness. Ewwww I want to vomit…Clock ticking Alvi..tick tock tick tock..please make your move. The SSS is waiiiiiiting hun

    Liked by 1 person

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