vobThe Voice of Barbados (VOB) is the host of Barbados’s popular afternoon talk show. Over the years many moderators of the show have made a mark – Frank Pardo, Miles Rothwell, Reverend Andrew Hatch, Dr. Delph, Phillip Pilgrim, […]

Elombe Mottley, our own Walter Blackman, from the current crop, David Ellis, Dennis Johnson et al. Of the lot the one who has tried his hardest, it seems to BU, to bridge talk and action is one of the youngest Corey Layne. Although young he appears to have his heart in the right place and always on enthusiasm to do right for Barbados.

There is a rumour making the rounds Corey was fired or disciplined in some way by Starcom Network. The BU household follows the VOB talk show and we have missed his interactions with callers for about three weeks. BU hopes what we have heard is a rumour. If it is Corey has been censored because he has rustled feathers, we leave it to a passive Barbadians public to reflect on it.

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  1. If true, this would be a surprise. Corey toes the Ellis VOB line and holds back criticism on this government and would always give the “other side”.

    Hope this is only a rumour as I like Corey’s style of moderating!

  2. is this supposed to be newsworthy, or the usual rabble rousing
    Btw there was once a rumor making the rounds saying he was dead but alas he arose and made his way to the airwaves to issue a disclaimer,.

  3. Dennis Johnson has a good following as does Peter Wickham.Peter allows himself to be sidetracked too often on issues of religion and lifestyle.There are those who engage him on these topics so as to divert his attention away from things political in Barbados as his views on this administration are more often scathing and on the ball no doubt due to his chosen profession.Whatever became of moderators Hoyos and Comissiong?

  4. Bottom line with VOB is that they are afraid to allow too much criticism of these bunch of morons. I guess he who pays the piper, calls the tune. Look how quick they got rid of Nefertari Caddle.

    Gabs, I heard Hoyos said that Ellis wanted him to control his criticism of the government so he was not about all that censoring………..so he baled out.

    VOB had no problem during OSA’s government with the likes of moderators like Maxine McClean, Harry Husbands, Atulalove Corbin, Tony Marshall and the rest of the DLP operatives but now they are afraid to entertain criticism of a standing government.

    We had “Wesley” from St Thomas, Mr P, Mr Awesome and the Taximan who bombarded the airwaves daily to lambaste the BLP. When the Dems won, Wesley took full credit for their victory by boasting to Ellis that he used the airwaves pushed the DLP agenda.

    Look how it turned out for him…………he was soon disillusioned with the corrupt ways of the loweman and these days he sings the praises of MAM! What a thing!

  5. Sad if this is true as I always found him as one who always sought balance. Mr Layne, if this is true it’s hoped that you use the experience gained to continue the fight for balance, good governance and empowerment of your fellow man.

  6. Wesley has matured into a bit of an idiot ,,, Pity.

    The truth is, like Prodigal says, Corey does have his head firmly shoved up David Ellils’ ass. He recently had a child so it is possible he took some time off away from his part time engagements to be with his family

  7. The whole brass tacks thing should be renamed ‘brass bowlery’…or the Williams show.

    Bushie is not sure if he is a SOB as per Baffy, but he SURELY is one bitch of a son. Ellis is a living demonstration that a little learning is a dangerous thing…
    Last week he was advancing some idiotic argument about not supporting strong action against praedial larceny ….and genuflecting to COW …all at the same damn time.

    ….not to mention the unmannerly Watson woman…..shiite boss… she ‘carry long’ a caller like a dog last week because he DARED to present an argument that 300 people losing their jobs in one fell swoop was probably a more critical NATIONAL issue to be adjudicated than one of her shiite clients who probably deserved to be fired….

    Dennis Johnson is half decent, but only probably cause he is not a FULL Bajan and may have missed the national brass bowl injections….

    All the damn moderators would do well to give fresh callers a chance to make their points rather than pamper those who agree with them…and talk over the ones who challenge them…

    • @Baffy

      Are you not being a little harsh on young Corey? He is/was a creature of Ellis who is responsible for the program. He is/was obviously straddling a loyalty to a mentor and his own strong views.There was a program recently when both of them hosted the program and Ellis was heard to say “wuh you doan lemme talk nuh”.

  8. Bushie,

    When you does get them brass bowl injections? I frighten cause though I wasn’t here at birth my poor son was. Maybe he inherited my immunity. LOL

    Thanks for the laughter. It is indeed the best medicine.

  9. For creativity score one for Bushie. Brass Bowl Injections. Perhaps through naivety I was thinking that Corey was on vacation. I still hope so, and I still love me some Brass Tacks.

  10. @ Donna
    If your son was born here and went to school here, therefore…his ass is grass …. UNLESS you are able to transfer some immunity – but that ain’t easy to do, cause there are plenty REAL brass bowl influences out there waiting to exploit the injections that he got….

    VOB and the whole OCM shiite is just one big scam…designed to bring Barbados in line for Trinidadian ownership. Bushie has to admit that they have succeeded in this regard, thanks to lackies like Gollop, Hoyte, Ellis and Fernandes who would not understand patriotism if you were to stuff it up their nostrils….

    As Caswell said, Brass Tacks is PURELY a gimmick designed to attract advertisements and to gain market-share. ANY broadcaster really worth his shit could convert that into a MEANINGFUL developmental asset (like 60 minutes / Crossfire etc) where SERIOUS national issues are explored, investigated and EXPOSED as we seek to IMPROVE our society.
    Instead, we have a gossip session with lotta shiite talk every day …mostly dominated by Peter Wickham promoting the joys of bulling….
    …while ANY moderator who tries to be DEVELOPMENTAL soon disappears from the scene as the lackies stamp their authority….

    Dennis is so outta place there that it puts strain on his health. Wunna ain’t see that when he was off both Brass Tacks and Fireworks were disasters?

    steupssss …Barbados is the brass bowl capital of the world.

  11. Bushie,

    When he was born I asked the BBE to help me to raise him. Right now, the way I see it, the BBE is his greatest influence. BBE wukking, den!

  12. @ Donna
    The BBE ‘are’….. (Um is an Engineering group wid nuff uh dum….) …and dat is the ONLY immunity to such brass bowlery.
    Some shiite funny bout you yuh!!! you know too much fuh yuh own good…. 🙂

  13. Bushie,

    Those who have no vision and understanding “have not because they ask not”. When I used to “lean on my own understanding” even though I wasn’t an out and out brass bowl my judgment was not always good. These things were revealed to me over time and hence my transformation. The BBE ensure that I get the information on a need to know basis as well as any refresher course.

    Why just last Sunday Alvin Cummins had me counting to one hundred. Then I fell asleep watching The Peoples’ Business and had to watch the rebroadcast. I tuned in early just in time to catch the whole message from a preacher I used to watch but had given up. I was about to walk away when he launched into a message on Christians and love and how love is patience (not just patient) and how love does not need to count to ten. And there I was counting to ONE HUNDRED!

    And you can imagine Alvin Cummins got me and you on a list o’ people who believe in ‘Nancy stories. Wuh had not fuh my Imaginary Friend I wun be able to send he this kiss!

    Alvin Cummins,

    Kiss, kiss! And there’s plenty more where that came from.

  14. Ellis sure does know from where to pull his moderators.

    Soon after he got rid of Nefertari, he brought in this Tricia Watson………………..she is so boring and one sided. I like when she is on, I turn off my radio and conserve some energy.

    She does little to hide her bias. One day I heard her telling the guy who presents his statistics………..” Has this DLP ever done any thing right in your eyes? Can you name one good thing they have done?” The fellow said no………she then told him goodbye, thanks for your call!

  15. I think VOB did Dennis Johnson a great injustice this year.

    Fireworks was the brain child of Dennis Johnson and this year after the man took his holiday early, it would seem as if when he came back, he was told by VOB that Carol was going to be the host this year. There seemed to be some backlash as a result of this decision……….next thing you know… Carol back out of hosting the show and Dennis got sick…………and fireworks bombed this year!

    At least this is what I was told……wuhloss!

  16. Prodigal what is wrong with Tricia Watson? To me she is an excellent moderator, she is no nonsense and this seems to be a problem for you and those who believes that she should follow the flow of the other moderators and just bash the government for the sake of doing so? Well i like her style she sets her own dictates and does not pander to those with certain agendas that is why some regulars who espouse gloom and doom every day think twice about calling when she is on the show.I see her as a strong young woman and one who is to be admired, she brings logic to the table and she also shows that she is not one to be trifled with, a brilliant and refreshing young woman whom i deeply admire,Tricia i say to you keep up the good work.

  17. I like Corey. Hope he is back soon.

    I like Carol. But really she and or the station should leave Fireworks to Dennis Johnson. I listened to Carol hosting Fireworks once and truly I was not inspired to listen again even though I like Carol on other shows a lot. Nobody does Fireworks like Dennis.

    I like Peter Wickham too.

    I can take or leave David.

    I am still trying to figure out Tricia, but I think that she is improving. VOB should retain her.

  18. Ellis to Corey “wuh you doan lemme talk nuh” … Yup, heard him mek that comment too .. and coming from a man that started out advertising his voice for 80% of the program’s air time, and after 28 years has managed to reduce that time by about 5%.

    Hants, good to know you still ’bout the place .. ha ha .. Keep good.

    Bush Tea pretty much nailed it, particularly with Ellis’s ability to hold two opposing sides of a point of view with equal amounts of conviction. BTW Dennis is pretty damned good at that too. Miss Watson is a bore … straight up.

    But Corey … nah when it comes to holding the OCM course, he can really sing for his supper.

  19. I am convinced VOB and the Nation newspaper are going down hill fast.I have seen the Nation highlighting crime on their front page whenever the circumstances permit.I know major hotels do not let a Nation newspaper near their premises and our political class do not see the harm the Nation is doing to the image of Barbados.Its like OCM is envious of the good reputation the country has compared to their twin island republic,and so they flog the crime and violence like its the only thing happening in Barbados.Its the same story with VOB.Stetson Babb is always on hand 24/7 to bring Bajans breaking news of the latest street fight in the jungle(nelson st for the uninitiated)or on the block.I say the Nation and VOB must be reined in.I am not advocating a disregard for the crime and violence thing but why must it always be the major story.Is that all that sells advertising?We were better off with Rediffusion programming.There was a sense of dignity and decorum in that Barbados.Nowadays we have morons in Parliament and in the newsrooms of the media.I have stopped buying the Nation,Saturday Sun and the Sunday Sun for close to 2 years now.I stopped buying the Advocate for over 5 years.CBC is in a word ‘pisspoor’ and unworthy of further comment.

    • David Ellis has become comfortable with the knowledge he has the who is who of Barbados in his contact list. It will swell the biggest head.

  20. Gabriel you are spot on in some areas,the Nation news paper is doing serious damage to this country i cannot see for the life of me why they go into certain areas to report drivel from the criminal element giving these clowns who have no regard for themselves or ordinary law abiding citizens interviews is down right ignorance,imagine going into these areas and reporting on what these persons are saying, and the thing is they blatantly glorify their criminal acts and then talk about unemployment is the cause of their lawless and senseless behavior,and that there is a need for a change of government and so called responsible journalist is feeding this crap to the public, a bunch of people who do not want to work but believe their destiny is the thug life.To you reporters understand this when you give these morons a stage they believe it is their right to wreak havoc on society cant you all see the way they they behave in the court yards as soon as you all are there with cameras treating them as though they are celebrities, shut them out and see how fast it will hit home to them that crime is not to be glorified.I listened to one Stetson Babb conduct an interview with someone concerning the crime situation in one of these troubled areas and i cried shame to hear him asking what is known in the realm of investigations as leading questions can you imagine how poor that was to me,the lady was speaking about the lawless behavior and making some strong points,but it was not good enough for him so he had to interject with “Do you think unemployment is the cause of all of this crime ” poor lady now side tracked said yes i think so.Well news flash stetson we all know what it is to be unemployed but must we resort to crime? In this country they are many unemployed persons who have determined that regardless they will not become criminals preying on the citizenry,when it is constantly mooted that unemployment is the cause of crime, you give those who subscribe to that view the notion that being unemployed is someones fault and therefore i have a right to commit crime.It is time those in the media see the importance of being responsible, and those disc jockeys who play all of the genres of music that glorify thug life and gun crime need to take stock as well, and also the so called bigging up of those associated with the criminal element on air also needs to be checked,crime now seems to be at the door steps of everyone.

  21. Gabriel August 29, 2015 at 5:07 PM
    Added to that, the Nation published photos showing accused persons on their way to or from court, appear to give prominence to the accompanying Police officer,whether they are in uniform or plain clothes,as well as prison officers, moreso than the accused. Prompting one to wonder which side are they on.

  22. @ Gabriel
    Bushie been long been preaching the danger to Barbados of this OCM shiite. But in true brass bowl form, we placed the ‘harl hites’, gollups, ellises, viviannes and other traitors on high pedestals even while they set up the Trojan Horse called OCM.
    Your main man ‘Owing’ was also complacent – with his Caricom idiocy, and we now have what we have…. or rather what we ‘NO LONGER have’…

    The records will show that the bushman has been whacking this shiite now from the time it was conceived… wuh only an idiot makes his home available for purchase to strangers … who don’t even allow you to loiter to long on THEIR damn premises… but true to form, Bajan brass bowls see no problem with such national policies…

    A brass bowl and his birthrights are soon parted….

  23. David,

    Did you see that the minister of health brought a supplementary to the House on Friday for an additional 7,231.831 million dollars to finish the St John Polyclinic?

    Maria Agard took issue with the minister’s claim that the Polyclinic was 90-95% finished.

    She said:

    “What the Minister of Health just stated as the requirement for $7million was stated at the beginning of the project. Not only was it stated at the beginning of the project but when you came to these chambers and asked for a supplemental of $1.2 million, you cited that that money at the time was used to facilitate those developments.

    When he came back and asked for a supplemental of $4.5 million and subsequently a supplemental for $5million, you again repeated all of these things here.”

    “How sir, that after several supplementals and several months past the completion date that the facility could still be 90-95% completed? This is unacceptable!”

    So, David it does look as if the September date is unrealistic right now!

    • @Prodigal Son

      If they throw some more money at it it is possible but it will be touch and go. The government appears to be transitioning to election mode therefore expect some urgency.

    • @Bushie

      You must have heard the news Anthony Shaw, former banker, is Publisher in waiting? He is a Jamaican who has been ling in Barbados for a few years. Looks like after being fired he needed a job.

  24. @ Colonel B
    Boss, if you are still wondering which side OCM is on then you disappoint Bushie badly.
    They are on the side of the Trini cartel mobsters who have bribed and manoeuvred their way into the control of everything that used to be Bajan.

    How is it any wonder that every shiite bout here is becoming just like their homeland? crooked politicians, A judiciary of jokers and players, a mock church, and a country of semi-literate people living for the next party and the next carnival….

    Barrow was right about waking up one day to find ourselves loitering on land that belongs to strangers…
    BB JAs….

  25. so much negative cah be said about the nation newspaper. The Nation can take valuable information and spin it in the gutter making the information seems meaning less and not invaluable ,i remember a few years back every morning the nation would carry a story about families being put on the streets and the homes being bulldozed the article could have been a moment of consciousness raising but the spin was a horrible depiction of inhumanity and downright degrading to the family, nevertheless i took a couple looks and decided something got to be done about this despicable type of reporting well to say the least i havent seen those pictures for quite some time,

  26. Why is it that CBCTV must always have these ghetto like Jamaican characters from the garrison towns of West Kingston and from Harbour View parading on CBCTV all the time.And the AG,PM,MoE,CoP wondering why the young people so?You guys are brainwashing them with the ghetto culture….you all are what Bushie refer to as BB’s.

  27. @ Prodigal son. ..Fireworks was around for quite some time before Dennis J, who by the way is my favorite broadcaster. I remember calling on a nightly basis and interacting with Larry Mayers many moons ago on Fireworks. …..@Gabriel. …Whether or not Stetson Babb reports on breaking news stories from the hood or the heights ours is a world where sensationalism sells, so that will always be the angle of approach. We must take our heads out of the sand and recognize that we all have a part to play in returning Barbados to top shelf status..Take for instance the fact that a squad of idiotic goons on motorcycles, some without the proper license or registration could threaten the safety of other road users by doing stunts on our highways, and the authorities can get no assistance from the public in curbing this nuisance. Why is that? It ain’t my problem. We know nothing about who has an unlicensed firearm until direct impact comes our way. We bring tourists to Barbados every August and permit the misguided amongst us to masquerade partially nude in the most outlandish and disgusting of ways, and tell them”dat is we culture””.We sit back and enjoy the show cause those young people acting like animals in heat ain’t family. Rot shows itself in more ways than one, and it is upon us be it the hood or the heights.

  28. Prodigal Son August 29, 2015 at 2:05 PM #
    …….Soon after he got rid of Nefertari, he brought in this Tricia Watson………………..she is so boring and one sided. I like when she is on, I turn off my radio and conserve some energy. She does little to hide her bias. One day I heard her telling the guy who presents his statistics………..” Has this DLP ever done any thing right in your eyes? Can you name one good thing they have done?” The fellow said no………she then told him goodbye, thanks for your call!…….

    I remember that call and question, she was talking to ‘The Statsman’. However the ending was not like you stated. Stop lying.

  29. Correct about Larry Mayers.He was the one who started Fireworks on Reddifusion.The name came about when having fireworks to signal the end of Crop Over shooting over the Flour Mill as very novel and new.

    The moderators on Brasstacks are neither here or there in my view but but cogs in a bigger wheel.Corey shines when left alone to speak outside the political hogwash.He is an issues man and should be encouraged to pursue that to the hilt.Unfortunately the real criminals in Brasstacks , the sponsors, allow for very little wiggle room.Howbeit Cow and Bizzy Williams can call in and spew alot lies and talk endless shite with total disregard for the intellect of Barbadian people?

    Ironically the best program was hosted by Corey on a Williams sponsored show a Sunday when he had two regular callers in the studio as guests.It was totally devoid of politics and geared towards the technical minded.Funny enough there were few callers and was more of a robust in house debate.

    Brasstacks like alot of things in Barbados and Barbados itself can shine and bring a substance but the hidden hand always make sure we the public stay in a mass on confusion.

    I hope Brasstacks does live on and Corey, keep fighting the good fight!

    • @SuckaBubby

      Agree with you, the talk show is going to the dogs in much the same way the BU forum has deteriorated over the years. Commenters seem bullheaded to highlight trivial issues and denigrate all discussions to partisan political dribble. We are mindful of the political trolls who have contributed.

  30. While we lament about the call in program/s, we should note the decline of journalism in general. Recently I was reading an article in the Nation newspapers where a 53 year old gentleman commenting on the crime in his community, was referred to as an “elderly” citizen !

  31. William Skinner you showing your age besides that you are accurate the standard of journalism and broadcasting has dropped appreciably. Listening to self acclaimed radio and TV personalities with rare exception is an assault on ears ,eyes and intelligence. The call in programs border on the theatre of the absurd with stale boring callers pushing the party line day in day out . The exercise in mouth exhaust takes us nowhere as a people. The moderators are poor rakey in the main. Their strengths are the love of their own voices and rush to show off how informed they are. The reality is they are annoying and ill informed. Native son has a list of notes he wants addressed by the moderators and blog subscribers:

    The ZR operators uniforms are non existent the regular stinking below the ass pants exposing soiled underwear continue to be worn by ZR conductors and drivers. Get on a Wanstead ZR to verify. Nasty flip flops are the work shoes. Smelly arm hole shirts remain the norm. The lawless driving and behavior persists. Where is Pandor’s Transport Authority?
    -The Commissioner of Police is within his right to call out Customs for the wittingly or unwittingly slipping in of guns. Native knows there are upright Customs officers he knows there are bad apples. The RBPF and customs professionals must cull the bad eggs in the system
    -Cameras must be installed in Customs immediately. The tail is wagging the dog. Caswell Franklyn and his ilk don’t care if guns come in or not. They must be overruled and taken before the law courts if they break legal orders from Government.
    -The Police have reinstituted road blocks at night a ploy long overdue its obvious the criminals transport weapons by vehicles, in young bad girls hand bags and otherwise. The road blocks will make them think twice and catch some of them who are bent on destroying Barbados.
    Is the case bewtween Edmund Hinckson and George Payne settled? That file disappeared?
    -When will the 4 lane highway from Warrens to Redman Village be completed its a dangerous confusion at the Redman Village junction. When will the one lane stretch by the hill to Robinson’ house become 4 lanes. Minister Lasley?
    Roy Morris wrote a piece on the malfunctioning of street lights surely the most defective street lights or incompetents who install them are in Barbados. A stretch of lights are installed, replaced or repaired one day the next day those lights are out again. Which
    governemnet department handles street lighting? That’s a department that needs a shake up.

  32. William skinner August 31, 2015 at 7:28 AM #

    Recently I was reading an article in the Nation newspapers where a 53 year old gentleman commenting on the crime in his community, was referred to as an “elderly” citizen
    While at times a 25 year old hard back man is labelled a Youth.

  33. Commander in Chief aka -Prankster the Mankster eating Mangoes sunnyside up and egging off while Alfing around to the Max on said:

    The COMMENT BELOW IS UTTER RUBBISH from an uninformed JA

    There should be a law against this type of uninformed nonsense

    -The Commissioner of Police is within his right to call out Customs for the wittingly or unwittingly slipping in of guns. Native knows there are upright Customs officers he knows there are bad apples. The RBPF and customs professionals must cull the bad eggs in the system
    -Cameras must be installed in Customs immediately. The tail is wagging the dog. Caswell Franklyn and his ilk don’t care if guns come in or not. They must be overruled and taken before the law courts if they break legal orders from Government.

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