Arresting Crime @Source

In the Friday Nation newspaper of October 23, 2020 Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith AGAIN revealed to the public that “guns are still coming”. His comment comes in response to public concerns about gun crime. The COP remains adamant that although there has been a tightening of the security at the Barbados Port, unfortunately it has not arrested the problem. The blogmaster understands that a system is only as good as the integrity of the operators of said system. We also have other ports of entry where the security is questionable and there is the additional headache that Barbados is an island with many many areas that allow those willing to take the risk to land contraband. This is an enforcement issue BUT there is the systemic issue we have also failed as a society to even scratch the service..

Listen to the following exchange between Social Scientist Corey Layne and Community Practitioner and Veteran Journalist David Ellis from 4 minutes into the clip.

Veteran journalist David Ellis and Social Scientist Corey Layne



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  1. @ Crusoe October 29, 2020 2:52 AM

    “Either that or simply legalise all and have the pharmacies distribute, it will remove the black market, the corruption and the government will get taxes.”

    “You cannot eliminate crime without eliminating the raison d’etre and that is money.”

    “Implement social training and thinking in every primary school, such that practical life choices are made, instead of the mumbo jumbo that has been taught, re false religious propaganda, designed to deeply embed guilt thinking and inferiority in every child. That traditional method is a tool of the coloniser and control megalomaniac.”

    “Teach about cultures, the Africans, the Romans, the Greeks, the Native Americans and ALL religions.”

    I must confess to a ‘secret’ admiration of your deep intellectual thought and the food for the mind you share on BU.

    You are demonstrating clearly that no man can be an island in an ocean of wisdom.

    “It is never too late to be wise.”― Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe.

    • @Crusoe@Miller

      Crusoe’s suggestion maybe the only option if all agree the same ole same ole approach is not working by ALL indicators. Let us try a new approach. It seems the logical path to take as we attempt to disrupt.

  2. “Perhaps my devotion to the origins of the Nation , does entail some nostalgia.”
    it can be a weakness…

    “No White man going to make me stop supporting a newspaper that was started by Al Gilles, Trevor Clarke , Harold Hoyte and other Black poor Black people like me ”

    i remember those days, for the brief time i knew some things, but as many know, some type of crab like play happened there and others were disenfranchised, as a government mouth piece the newpaper is useless anyway and does not serve the needs of the BLACK POPULATION WHO KEEP IT IN BUSINESS…as long as its role is primarily to enable racists to disparage Black people and run propaganda from the government of the day, it’s better off out of business.

    they are yet to cover governent corruption, lawyer thefts, minority thefts from the black population….they are not on par with international newpapers and the service they provide to educate the people and make significant changes. to benefit the people…

  3. Ooops! How did I miss Crusoe’s early morning clarity?

    Seems simple enough to do. I have always thought so.

    We must begin at the very beginning. It’s still a very good place to start.

    “Free your mind and the rest will follow.”

    Our problems begin in our minds. They can be solved once we are made aware of them and take the necessary steps in a co-ordinated and sustained manner. It calls for an overarching vision and an understanding of the connected parts of our society and economy. It really is not that complex if the powers that be really want it.

    Right now is an opportune time for our rebirth. Or we could just curl up and die!

  4. @ Mr. Skinner

    After reading your 7:30 AM contribution, ‘Poonka’s’ calypso, ‘All Over De Place,’ immediately came to mind.

    You keep missing the point. All I’m saying [a] could be done UNTIL [b] is achieved. ‘UNTIL’ is the key word here.

    However, it seems as though you’re ‘saying’ it does not make any sense protesting against Hoad, because “his column is perhaps one of the most popular” and “the newspaper was started by poor Black people like you.” If we do, tomorrow, we would purchase cars, building materials, fancy brandy and food and beverages, from establishments most likely owned by “the same people who look and think like him.”

    It doesn’t matter how you ‘sugar coat’ it, that, my friend, is a ‘cop out.’

    But, how about buying a car from QV Motors, Bargain Motors Inc. or MJA Car Services? We could purchase our building materials from Barbados Lumber Company Ltd. and fancy brandy from either Eddie’s, Jordan’s, Popular Discounts, Carlton, Channell’s or Cherish. You also asked, “at whose hotel bars and restaurants having fancy dinners??” What’s wrong with ‘wining and dining’ at Golden Sands Hotel?

    Oh, I forgot, you “don’t get too hyped when (you) hear about supporting black businesses because we have always supported each other.”

    Anyhow, enough of that. Although I agree with some of your opinions, it does not mean I’ll disrespect those opinions I disagree with.

  5. There is one little item that always catches my attention.

    How come we are aware that sex tourism is part of the industry in Asia, but always seem surprisee when it appears to rear its ugly head in the Caribbean.

    More interested in an explanation for the increase than in the actual story

  6. @ Artax
    I still say we are are in the same book. Quite frankly at least, you did not compare me with any of the bogus intellectuals in Bim. I’ll stick with Poonka.
    We’ll shake hands like gentlemen and try our best to do the best we can. We are not that far apart.
    We are both patriots!

  7. @ Mr. Skinner

    I DID NOT compare you with ‘Poonka.’ What is wrote was, how you were switching between topics, REMINDED me of his calypso, ‘All over the place.’

  8. I have to stop. All I am seeing is smoke and mirrors; pissing on people and saying it is raining.

    I am just going to take things at face value. No independent thought. But I am NOT going to drink the rain water.

  9. I have to stop. All I am seeing is smoke and mirrors; pissing on people and saying it is raining.

    I am just going to take things at face value. No independent thought. But I am NOT going to drink the rain water.

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