Holding Politicians Accountable!

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Surviving Our Harsh Economic Environment

  • Maria Agard No this is absolutely NOT TRUE!!!! And we need to stop peddling this form of defeatist thinking. […] […]There are consequences. Anyone can be held accountable for their actions if these actions are inimical to the advancement of the country. The electorate simply refuses to pursue their options. We have THE most aware, educated, technologically connected electorate EVER, also the most apathetic and passive. If you want to see REAL change, the time to act is NOW.20 hrs · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant Please outline a SINGLE INSTANT over the last 48 yrs where any politician has had to face the music for his/ her actions for accepting bribes, kick backs, over ruling the advice of highly trained technocrats, etc… Succeeding governments PROMISE THE WORLD when it comes to going after the corrupt elements in the previous administration, besides the rhetoric, which one has followed through COMPLETELY to the end…20 hrs · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant David King I would love to have your thoughts on this one…20 hrs · Edited · Like
  • Maria Agard Barbados has been a signatory to the UN Convention Against Corruption since December 10th 2003. Signatory, but we have NOT ratified the convention even after ELEVEN years!!! We have had two elections since then, not a boy or season has stood firm to declare that this convention MUST be ratified. No we are happy to vote for politicians who feed us BS, go to funerals and share out iPads. If you want to know about the UNCAC you will see that provision has been made, not only for penalties against politicians found guilty of corruption, but also recovery of resources taken form the public purse.20 hrs · Like
  • Marcus Day “”In fact, the Commission observed a real hunger for constitutional change. It discerned restlessness with the status quo, which manifests itself in a pervasive, near universal discontent with politicians and politics alike. At the heart of this cynicism, we detected a widespread belief that our Constitution condemns us to a situation in which, our Governments, once elected, seem beyond
    our ability to restrain or to influence”. St Lucia reform report

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  • C. Malcolm Grant Why is this type of action by the Belizean AG not more common place in our neck of the woods… How cam the “electorate” pursue such an option, without the Government of the day’s support…20 hrs · Edited · Like
  • Maria Agard C. Malcolm Grant is this comment material to this topic? I am not following you and can’t access the link you have posted.20 hrs · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant http://jamaica-gleaner.com/…/business/business71.htmlCCJ hands down landmark ruling – Gives go-ahead for AG to sue former gov’t…jamaica-gleaner.com

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  • Maria Agard Thanks20 hrs · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant Sorry… My bad…20 hrs · Like · 1
  • Marcus Day ” Anyone can be held accountable for their actions” you say BUT WILL they, its clear the entrenched cover for each other and use small boys to sacrifice20 hrs · Like
  • Maria Agard I am yet to see a protest outside the walls of Parliament, even for the most egregious infraction, so you can answer your own question C. Malcolm Grant. There were 248,000 people on the register of electors last election. You mean that ALL were happy with the status quo of the country? If you are not personally and individually invested in fighting for what you want, who do you think will do it for you? And if you are not lifting a finger to do it for yourself, why complain that others have not?20 hrs · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant Maria Agard let us be practical here, are you suggesting that the ONLY person(s) who is capable to bringing an end to this “revolving door” of the corruption cycle is the “small man” on the street… Where are the offices of the AG, DPP and Commissioner of Police in on all of this… Or is it that such a HISTORIC undertaking would be so POLITICALLY CHARGED, no one wants to touch it, even with the proverbial 10 ft pole… If the POLITICAL WILL existed to pursue such matters, they would be pursued beyond some HEADLINE making statement (on BOTH sides of the aisle), which is essentially designed to placate the general public… The more things change, the more they remain the same…19 hrs · Like
  • Maria Agard Yes Malcolm I am prepared to say that, because I am not giving anyone, including the small man, a pass for inertia. We all have to stand up and be held accountable. If our government(S) are not satisfying our needs, then they need to hear from us, in the most impactful and aggressive of ways.
    And I am not leaving it up to the politicians to police themselves. Why should they? This political will that you speak of does not exist in a vacuum. This political will is defined as the small man, the electorate letting the politicians know that a specific course of action is what they, the small man demands. And in most countries it is revolutionary as well as progressive. Are you prepared to challenge the status quo beyond being a keyboard warrior?


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  • C. Malcolm Grant The politicians have SYSTEMATICALLY cultivated a culture of learned helplessness in the electorate over the years, yet they now expect those very same people to turn around and hold them accountable… Admittedly, I’m having great difficulty reconciling this dichotomy… “Keyboard Warrior” I’ll accept as a compliment, for the clever use of social media allows you to reach a far greater audience that someone standing at some street corner (even on a busy street), with a placard in the their hands… Obama’s electioneering team in 2007 used this to their candidate’s winning advantage… Ignore social media and you perish as a politician… And I suspect that this fact has not been ,lost on our current crop of politicians, seeing that most have active FB pages… Getting back to the original topic: I can see why so many in the public domain have lost faith in politics and politicians, consequentially there is little likelihood of ANY ELECTED GOVERNMENT gaining 50% + 1 of the TOTAL REGISTERED electorate in any election on the horizon… Relatively low election turn outs will continue to be the norm, for this and other reasons… But, this “Keyboard Warrior” will continue to do his part, once I have life, clarity of thought and remain an independent thinker…18 hrs · Like
  • Dane Ian Christmas I think one of the problem we have in Caribbean politics is that our institutions are weak .. That’s why politicians are hardly held accountable … I am not for retaining the Privy Council as our final appellate courts but the concerns of those for are quite valid.. They fear the CCJ would go th eway of our other institutions and become weak and compromised .. The media has a role to play..They must be independent, but alas, they have gone the way of all flesh.. Contributing to the problem we have of accountability of governments..18 hrs · Like
  • Maria Agard You do realize C. Malcolm that the ‘you’ I refer to is generic, so no need for you to be personal.
    Secondly, the term keyboard warrior has its merit as an instrument of change. Those of us in the local political field advocated the use of social medi…See More


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  • Adrian Pinder I’m wondering if we can change this Westminster model and choose one that suits us. One that forces the electorate to become more active in the political process outside of elections.17 hrs · Like · 1
  • Adrian Pinder My thinking is that we vote in a Senate instead of it being chosen by the pm and this Senate be voted in by the electorate half way in the election cycle. That way halfway in and the electorate isn’t happy they can still have a voice. The lower house then should not be allowed to pass any bill or law no matter how many times it has been sent to the upper house.17 hrs · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant I have repeatedly lead the the SOHEE troops to water, and once time permits will continue to do so, but at the end of the day, I cannot make them drink… People have been so mind controlled by The System over the years, he/ she is often too timid to buck the status quo… MANY hold the view that without a politician as a primary benefactor, there is little chance of them achieving some of the fundamentals for existence… The process of enlightenment will take a while, but the key to ultimately broad based enlightenment via this forum, is to continue putting forward thought provoking/ jarring posts in order to set off few light bulbs within our members… PS: I did assume the “you” you were referring to above was directed at me… Obviously I was wrong… My apologies…17 hrs · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant We need to institute immediately the electorate’s ability to recall elected officials prior to a GE… Term limits of all elected officials needs to become a reality – Four terms as a parliamentary rep, two terms as PM…17 hrs · Like
  • Dane Ian Christmas I agree with Adrian Pinder, we have outgrown parts of our Bicameral Westminster System ” … It has outlived it’s usefullness .. Maybe we need a different model .. Maybe , like he suggested, a hybrid between the Bicameral and the first pass the line / winner takes all system..17 hrs · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant Campaign finance reform needs to be placed squarely on the table… No one individual/ company/ corporation should be able to buy an election…17 hrs · Like · 1
  • Adrian Pinder The problem is going to be enforcement.17 hrs · Like
  • Dane Ian Christmas That’;s where the media comes in … Investigative journalism .. Suppose political candidates are being funded by drug lords or criminal bosses? .. Suppose corporate bosses actually run the show and our elected leaders are no different to those murderous, corrupt, kleptocrats in Africa?17 hrs · Edited · Like
  • C. Malcolm Grant There is a problem before enforcement and that is getting such changes into Law… Our politicians are going to vehemently oppose any changes to the process which would limit their sphere or influence, or anything which may undermine his’ her “right” to become a multi millionaire…17 hrs · Like
  • Maria Agard Malcolm the ‘you’ in my thoughts will never be personal, always generic, because the same challenge I throw out to you, I do so to all others including and especially myself. I just believe that the time has come for us to make each other really uncomfortable with our position right now. Only then will we enforce change.16 hrs · Like · 1
  • Maria Agard Campaign finance reform is a must. People get elected not for their thoughts or policies or plans for development, they are elected because there is enough money to make others happy and that is wrong. But we like it so.16 hrs · Like · 1
  • David King C. Malcolm Grant you have posted all the discussion points that need to make it to a national discourse. The voter apathy you mentioned is a real concern. We need to teach civics in our schools. The average Barbadian does not understand the individual role required to participate in a democracy outside of voting every five years. Do you know there is concern in the USA also about how the PACs operate and are manipulated by politicians? Why would politicians with a vested interest in the status quo lead the change you want? To cap our concerns must be the passive role of media houses in Barbados. We have a problem and I am not sure what will have to occur to trigger the change we need t have.


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  1. Plantation Deeds, Well Well,Look,Caswell,Bush Tea and a few others have been posting about these crooks liars and scumbags,

    Media and some websites with government supporters and fears of freedom of information online, News papers, Radio shows have been paid off , bough off and even in bed and pocket of the DLP/BLP government,

    These group of low life Ministers will face the music under sec48 of the Barbados Constitution next election , More pain must be felt before the People see and act.

    More guns in the country means more shootings and even sooner till they are aimed at the right people.

  2. Will the Bees introduce ITAL or FOI?

    ““Sunlight is said to be the best of
    disinfectants; electric light is the most
    efficient policeman”.
    • It is an old quote from Louis Brandeis,
    Supreme court of justice in the context
    of Great depression 1933.
    • It demonstrates how financial
    transparency was the remedy for
    fraud and market manipulations in the
    1920s as it is now.”

  3. @Kammie,

    In everything money talks. Who is leading in the upcoming U.S. election? What is the function of super PACs in the U.S politics. Ask any Canadian what Harper did some weeks ago regarding the Child Allowance, with an election due in October. In the early days of our Democracy, it was corn beef and biscuits.
    Surely, Kammie you cannot be so naive.

    • @Alvin

      And what is wrong with putting tension on an issue to try to make better? Should all of us place blind loyalty in a system which the rich and powerful manipulate?

      On 22 August 2015 at 01:54, Barbados Underground wrote:


  4. @Kammie,
    I have no idea what experience you have in life. What I have learnt is that you can work within a system to make it better. It is no sense trying to change the direction of a train by standing in front of it or when it is moving. You have to get on board and get in the control cabin and learn how to operate it, and then you will know which levers to pul to get it to change direction. Otherwise you will end up frustrated and bitter. It may take time, but it can be done.

  5. @Kammie,
    I have no idea what experience you have in life. What I have learnt is that you can work within a system to make it better. It is no sense trying to change the direction of a train by standing in front of it or when it is moving. You have to get on board and get in the control cabin and learn how to operate it, and then you will know which levers to pul to get it to change direction. Otherwise you will end up frustrated and bitter. It may take time, but it can be done.
    IBM once had a payroll of 340,000; more than the entire population of Barbados. How do you battle against such a company?

    • @Alvin Why don’t you just say your position is live and live?

      Isn’t Kammie being an advocate from within the system?

      Yours is a defeatist approach. The essence of a democracy is the right of citizens to champion any cause.

  6. @ Alvin Cummins…. how do you battle against such a company? That battle starts with the adoption of a dismissive attitude towards the planted moles who troll social media in the name of preservation of the status quo. LIME, FLOW, MASSEY or any other company for that matter can only have that deleterious effect on our BARBADOS through the retention of corrupt politicians and their engagement of pimps/moles who permit their selfishness/ignorance to dwarf that sense of NATIONAL PRIDE. The shite you continue to write here on BU tells it all.

  7. The problem is, one ‘over the top’ arrogant group were voted out (remember when a certain lady attacked the presence of the blogs), to be replaced by another group of arrogant individuals.

    Who in their right mind would even bring a project such as Cahill to the Barbados public???

    A project even with a name similar to that of a major Canadian group, with the initial impression that this project is Canadian run, when it has nothing to do with that good Canadian group nor Canadian run.

    Co-incidence, or….

    Then, expenditures such as expensive and seeming unrestricted travel (fine to an extent normally), at a time when every bajan is fighting to pay high taxes and struggling to find a job?

    This latest conference is only a waste of money, aimed at a marketing effort that ‘they must be doing something’.

    Now we hear that they will spend 70million on Police stations. Not on vehicles that may be needed, not on communications or more officers, that may be needed, but on building.

    Why? Someone need ANOTHER contract?

    We know that both parties, when in, seem to have their favourite contractors.

    I really wonder if we should just let our youngsters become construction certified, so that they too can get lucrative contracts from the government they support.

    But then, only certain people seem to benefit.

    More of the same, whichever way, it seems.

    Sadly, Barbados is going nowhere fast.

    • @Crusoe

      The most interesting news coming out of the conference is that the government will seek ways to communicate better. How hilarious. But then the DLP is probably transitioning to pre-election mode.

  8. Ha! HA! now look at this on another thread speckled fowl David accuse ‘Others” of politicizing “everything” now here he comes with his own political version of why govt is pursuing a democratic policy to be more effective in their communication strategy

    • The other dimension to the debate about the governance setup in Barbados is the rising incidence of voter apathy and its consequences if left unchecked. Note this is not a discussion for yardfowls from the political parties.

  9. @ David…… With more precision than a Carpenter’s apprentice you have struck the nail squarely on the head. ELECTION MODE it is. The tea leaves say that unrest looms largely on the horizon so a change of heart supposedly wipes away all of blatant disrespect practiced since 2008. To the Freundel Stuart administration I say this. For the last two years you made the conscious decision to speak directly to a select constituency, as opposed to speaking to the country as a whole. As has always been the custom in Barbados advertising dollars were used to neuter and control the dissemination of news in the country, hence the pass largely given to Speaker Michael Carrington. Were it not for social media {save for selfish yardfowls like Alvin Cummins} KAHILL would have foisted upon us poor Barbadians. Election mode or not continue to preach to your choir. NO ONE ELSE.

  10. Two questions for Bajans who are willing and still able to think for themselves. Did you hear of the ridiculous amounts of money being thrown around to win office in T&T? Ask yourselves why. You who belong to the rapidly dwindling middle class and those at the very bottom of the totem pole, how far removed are you from the days of conservative rule in Barbados? Back then according to my Father some man named SWAIN mistook a little black boy for a monkey. Today a group of black men and a few women see us as nothing more than jack asses. Perhaps it boils down to choosing the lesser of two evils, but like Sam Cooke sung A CHANGE GOTTA COME.

    • @Hamilton

      You are an avid follower sometimes contributor to the talk show, the discussion about the lack of a philosophy among the major political parties who have retreated to doing what is pragmatic. Embedded in this approach it a great vulnerability to being manipulated by interest groups.

  11. Powerful song that one from Sam Cooke. How much more can we really take of politicians laughing at us? At some point we will say that enough is enough. I can’t wait to wipe those nauseating smiles off their faces.

  12. The question is how do we go about changing this mindset? Some have become so bold that they openly admit paying bribes, though referred to in coded language. It was nothing short of hilarity listening to the earth moving mogul dippsy doodle around the question as to whether the graph represented equality, or was it positioned so that black business men waited for crumbs from the table? None of us wants to do the heavy lifting so we continue to accept the garbage. Look at the corn KAMLA & CO pelting. Bake sales and Car washes a plenty! Common sense tells me that the stakes certainly worth the effort. The descriptive term docile is applied to Bajans. Give me one that accurately describes the politician that continues to sell the confidence reposed by persons with whom he grew up? Cash for gold caught our attention when it trickled down to some bum snatching a chain from around Granny’s neck somewhere cross Tudor Bridge, all the while it begun when these heifers started selling the Gold Coast to the highest bidders. Customs now take the blame for the upsurge in gun related violence since the airport and seaport is their responsibility. Who watching the other ports? Then again that lot can do no wrong.

  13. Anybody see the latest from Jonesey? He wants people to stop telling them how to do their jobs because they know how to do their jobs. He doesn’t want the unions to point out which schools need repairs because he already knows. Can you imagine that he now wants to deny the unions the right to speak out about the health and safety concerns of their members? Soooo…if you feel the building you are working in is unhealthy or unsafe don’t bother to point it out to the Minister because he already knows. Do you really think that they believe we have the right to speak at all? Every time somebody has the gall to do so they are met with abuse or condescension or accusations of being partisan or treasonous. Just vote for us and shut up is the message I’m receiving!

  14. As you know Dr. The Honourable has stayed away from this blog in protest against the obnoxious ac . It used to be Carson C Cadogan performing the role that ac is performing. Seems that the DLP operatives have a way of operating. Readers always wondered about ac and Carson because of their obnoxxxxiousness . Turns out that Carson Cadoagan blew his cover in the following comment taking from Barbados Today. Judge for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Also work out the permutations.

    Here is the comment from Barbados Today

    carson c cadogan
    July 1, 2015 at 7:29 pm
    For those who cant think,”On my mind? A lot. I have a simple question. There was a ruling made in DECEMBER 1984 whereby students who graduated from UWI Cave Hill Campus (or anywhere else) with a Law Degree were required to spend 6 months at either the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad or the Law School in Jamaica before being Called to the Bar in Barbados. My son, the late David Thompson, graduated from UWI Law School in 1984 and was required to attend the Hugh Wooding Law School, which he did. Ms. Mia Mottley gained a Law Degree at the London School of Economics in 1986 (pay attention, please. 1986, 2 years AFTER the ruling). She was NOT required to attend either the Law School in Trinidad or Jamaica. My question is simply … WHY? I think a lot of people want to know.”

    • Good to hear the AG and the Commissioner of Police will be on the People’s Business tomorrow night. Let us wish for some constructive discussion.

  15. @Hamilton Hill 9.44am post . Could not agree with you more. They damn well know where these guns coming from. Some untouchable no doubt. By the way, was the country informed that the price of gas at the pump was going to be increased last Monday by 6 cents per litre? Well if you didn’t know – you know now and this is inspite of the fact that world market oil prices are now below $47.00 per barrel. These effers just don’t care at all!

  16. Online link what? David. We are on the road to a Republic. The Germans once described the British Army as Lions led by donkeys. Here in Barbados ,jackasses are being led by bigger jackasses.

  17. @David,
    Kammie is NOT within the system. He is associated with a Non-governmental Organization. Unless the system of Government is changed, Constitutional changes have to come through resolutions by the Party in power, obtaining a two thirds majority of the elected members to make the necessary changes. This has nothing to do with defeatist or dismissive attitudes. It is reality. If you want to try any other way, go ahead and do it. As long as you are prepared to pay the costs and accept the consequences. I am old enough that it does not matter to me what takes place. However, because I love my country, because I have lived in other places and KNOW what to expect, and because I would not want the younger people to go through the “fire next time” I just point out the reality.

    @Bernie,, do you know the price of gasoline in Toronto is 1.11 per litre(Tonight) or over six dollars (Canadian) per gallon?) The world price quoted is for Crude oil, not gasoline which is refined from crude oil, making gasoline even more expensive to produce.. But you know this don’t you?

    @Hamilton Hill,
    Don’t the BLP operatives (BushieYard Duck tea, Donns,Bernie, yourself, Artra,Miller the Annanuki, and sundry others): also have a way of operating?

  18. @Hamilton Hill, you see how ludicrous it is trying to put sense in any of your heads? What did the buyout of Columbus (Parent company of Flow) BY Cable and Wireless, have to do with any moles, pimps, or bajan politicians?

    • @Alvin

      You are incredibly naive.

      Do you know when Karib Cable entered Barbados and when it was sold? Which company was it sole to?

  19. David, that’s just it. Ask your gas station attendant. There isn’t a link (not that I know about anyway.) Seems to have been done without the usual notification.But the question was asked of two different gas station attendants on two separate occasions.And needless to say, the same answer was received.

  20. Alvin Cummins,

    If that Donns in your list of BLP operatives is referring to me you have just proven yourself to be an idiot of the highest order! I have not ever and have still no intention of voting for the BLP. I have voted DLP since the 1981 elections. Nobody in my household has ever voted BLP. No DLP person has ever even thought it necessary to visit my house. I have only ever been visited by one BLP candidate since they erroneously assumed they weren’t welcome. The person who brought him knew me personally and therefore knew I was a rational person. I would have listened even though I had a bias towards the DLP. AND despite the fact that I knew Errol Barrow was human and by extension must have had his faults, as a young person I saw him as I saw country’s daddy and loved him accordingly (though from afar). I have not yet disowned him. I don’t see Grantley Adams as any hero and the only thing I admired about Tom Adams was his intelligence and debating skills. My father was in Tom’s black book. Definitely not a BLP operative of any kind. YOU SIR ARE JUST WHAT BUSHIE CALLS YOU. Tragic.

    You don’t see that your hand had to slip and press the “s” key instead of the “a”? There is a good reason for that.

  21. I was so angry that I made a mistake. That should have read “I saw Errol Barrow as my country’s daddy”. God, I am still fuming! What a JACKASS! Lord, it is people like that Alvin Cummins who still make me sin my soul! If he was here in front of me I feel somebody would have to hold me.

  22. Counting to one hundred………………..one hundred. It still amazes me that some people cannot conceive or believe the idea that a person could offer an opinion simply based on facts presented. I never joined the DLP but I was faithful at the polls. Even, I’m ashamed to admit, the last poll. I saw the party degenerate since the death of Errol Barrow but up until 2008 I still thought the BLP was worse. I changed my mind after that. I was not going to vote. My mother berated me for saying that there was no difference between the two parties and said that only idiots don’t vote. I found myself voting DLP at ten minutes to six. This will not happen again. Still I have knowledge of the BLP leader which would make it difficult for me to vote BLP. So I will not be voting in the next election.

    So cluck on DLP yard fowls! I guess that’s what bird brains do.

  23. David,

    Don’t hold your breath! I have to say I expected better performances from them both. Still I will watch and hope for better. Thanks for the information on the telecast.

  24. The CleanGovBiz Initiative supports governments to reinforce their fight against corruption and engage with civil society and the private sector to promote real change towards integrity.

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  26. @ Donna
    Don’t let Bah Idiot Alvin raise your blood pressure this good Sunday… He was a female rabbit from school days… LOL

  27. @ Donna…. Just like you with every fiber of my being I held onto the spoken word that came from GEORGE ST. For me there was none other. My Dad had taught me that there was a man who through the darkness of conservative oppression had shone his light of hope. A man whose efforts had presented the poor and down trodden working class with some semblance of fair play in a Barbados where opportunity was restricted to a certain manner of man. For the first time according to my Dad, hope represented more than just the given name of a school mate or neighbor. That chance to bring pride and dignity to one’s family was rewarded with a sense of eternal gratitude. That today people like you and I are expected to sit in silence while shiftless operatives of greed masquerade in the name of Errol Walton Barrow is nothing short of nauseating. The bottom line is clear for those driven by rational thought and not selfishness. Today’s DLP has nothing to do with the principles, policies nor practices of its founding Father. The education his efforts afforded us, much to the chagrin of the likes of ALVIN CUMMINS has led us to this discernment.

  28. SO what Donna let me tell you a secret well not really a secret . Every one has a right to change their mind on any issue be it politics religion or even the time of the day,,So your constant drum beat of repetitive ‘Never again” does not persuade but is a frightful revelation of a childlike mind who for many years relied on the directs of many including your mother to tell you what to do and think,
    Glad to know that after all these years who have reach adulthood and no longer requires the acts or actions of others to direct your every move.
    Now “move on”and let those who have the ability to behave and think on their own act and react as their please
    Have a GOOD DAY.

  29. ac,

    My mother would laugh at you. She always called me a rebellious child. We have always had a strained relationship. However, I unlike you, have been known to listen to what seemed like good advice at the time. I am such a free-spirited person that I never truly can belong anywhere including my church whose register I haven’t signed after twenty-four years of active participation. Though attending an Anglican Church I never christened my son because I don’t care about rituals. I have been known to tell my priest that he was only a priest and not God so he had no power over me. Went to Bishop Broomes on the advice of that same priest to explore the possibility of becoming a priest. Told Bishop Broomes I would like to become a priest but feared I was too unorthodox. A maverick if ever one lived. I am now about to watch Andy Stanley (non- denominational) on Up because I find him more useful than an Anglican preacher. Two Jehovah witnesses spent a hour with me yesterday because they enjoy our conversations. And I enjoy theirs.

    A childlike mind is still a mind unlike the mass of lemon Jello you have between your ears.
    If you take a poll on who this blog would vote to move on outta here who do you think they would choose? You want me to move on because my presence here is a threat. A genuine disillusioned thirty-year DLP voter. You want to discredit all opposition as being partisan and therefore suspect. With me you cannot do that because even you have NOW admitted that I AM NOT A BLP YARD FOWL. CHECKMATE!

  30. @Donna,
    If, in error, I put you in the same fowl pen as the BLP operatives, I apologize, profusely. I have no idea who you are and I have no desire to ruffle any feathers or increase your blood pressure. My purpose for writing my comments from time to time is to contribute to the understanding of various positions on topics. I am not infallible and will make mistakes from time to time, or even often. I, however, do not take any direction from anyone or any organizations. My thoughts are entirely my own.So references to George Street are erroneous. But I don’t let such comments affect me.

    What affects me is the constant drumbeat, with evidence, that the DLP supporters, and the politicians are mindless automatons, greedy, shiftless, criminal minded, criminally irresponsible, and wanting to trample their own people. I am less anxious to be judgemental than many folks. I am also of the view that the people who support the DLP are just as sane as those who support the BLP, are just as honest, but have a different opinion; to which they are entitled, and should be heard also

    David invites all readers to join the discussion, because you never know how expressing your view may make a difference. It is obvious that expressing your view is not acceptable to some people.

    Apologies again.

    • @Alvin et al

      Why not destroy the argument based on dispassionate responses and forget the labels. Wouldn’t this be an educated way to go? Because a government policy is challenged it does not mean the purveyor is B or D. The BU intelligentsia is very astute detecting disingenuous responses.

  31. Cummings, oh lawd, talk about Freudian slips!

    You were ABSOLUTELY right the first time: …”the constant drumbeat, WITH evidence, that the DLP supporters, and the politicians are mindless automatons, greedy, shiftless, criminal minded, criminally irresponsible, and wanting to trample their own people..”

    There was absolutely no reason to attempt to muddy the water with the afterthought correction.

    Please accept that moment of pure, unadulterated honesty as your moment of BU nirvana! My Buddist neighbor would be impressed.

  32. De Ingrunt Word,

    Glad I caught up with you. I wish to apologize for misconstruing your intentions a week or so ago. Your word is good enough for me. I’m sorry.

  33. Alvin Cummins,

    Your apology shows you to be a big man. I can do no more than respond as a big woman and accept it. Truce.

  34. Without the power of recall or a PAC with teeth much like the useless Fear Trading Commission, there is no way to hold any politician on the Barbados landscape accountable

  35. David,

    Some people have not progressed beyond the infants department and cannot read or write well. These people can only draw and interpret pictures. Sometimes these colourful labels paint word pictures and get the point across to such people where intelligent discourse cannot penetrate.

  36. I am glad that my revelations about myself have finally debunked the recurring theory that I am a BLP operative. This was my intention. It goes to credibility. Now that we have it straight maybe certain people can attempt to assess my contributions without their hackles rising like a mother whose baby has been called ugly.

  37. ac,

    I am still an Anglican. Just not an Anglican who believes my church gets everything right. When will you grow up and see that your precious party does not get everything right either. Then YOU would have some credibility.

  38. MEMO TO OUR SPINELESS FOURTH ESTATE: Now that your Masters have finally committed to the reopening of the lines of communication will anyone ask the leader of Cabinet to speak to the alleged conflict of interest surrounding Ministers Lowe and Lashley ? Would this not speak to the dictates of good governance as suggested by IMF intervention, or is it that they too are in the business of screwing poor people? Since he is now ready to talk, please ask him what is it that TRANS TEC does that UCAL can’t? The difference may well be that of a YARRIS as opposed to a BIMMA……but still ask E.

  39. “@Hamilton Hill 9.44am post . Could not agree with you more. They damn well know where these guns coming from. ”

    Course they know where the guns and drugs are coming from, they also know who own the drones that monitor the police/defense force and the coast guard. It’s now their turn to act on this blatant disregard for local authority.

    And if any customs people etc are involved, just make an example of 3 or 4 of them, that is all it will take.

  40. @ Well Well…this is Barbados where its not what you know but who you know. Lets not forget the unwritten but oft spoken mantra of ”One call will fix it all.” Can we call upon the 1983 RPB song when he sang that ”Drugs now move as a diplomat.” That related to drugs found in a diplomatic bag. Remind me if you will, where did that go? These heifers choose to train their focus on the airport. On the seaport. Anymore ports bout here? Why not look there? Oh yea ah faget! Those who frequent those areas CAN DO NO WRONG. Check and see who gets stopped and searched by the RBPF. Here in New York City it is called STOP & FRISK. In the land of my birth we choose to accept that very same indiscretion as merely a courtesy extended in the name of protection of the privileged who segregate themselves in these GATED COMMUNITIES.

    • @Gabriel

      What was he trying to communicate though, he was not clear. Does he expect children and parents will follow the ‘policy ‘?

  41. David
    You can never be sure what this minister means by his confusing ‘logic’.Why state the obvious that Kolig buildings are of coral stone.Given the age of the institution,is that not
    public knowledge?

    • @Gabriel

      After the AX affair when he sat on a report for one year why would he expect the unions to deposit trust in his office?

  42. @David
    Don’t you get it that some people are just DENSE?
    Man stop trying to make sense of nonsense,
    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  43. @ David [BU]

    “The chilrun are is reading well” and our Minister of Edukashun is NOT the brightest MoE the cuntry has had.

    Have you even sought to discourse with the indigent “Uncle Jerkoff” “Why is there all this stuff in the universe, and why is it governed by such exquisitely precise laws? And why should anything exist at all?”

    For the less philosophically inclined among us try contemplating “In the beginning there was GOD..” and then ask yourself what was there before the beginning?

    The state of the brain after that question leaves many of us quite kerfuffled and others of us dipshits and nimwits in the perpetual state of kerfufflement that we exist in

    The Proponent for the use of the ENTERNET cannot be blamed for his astronomical lack of grey brain matter.

    The fact remains though that “we” voted for him and therein lies the indictment, it is true that the “gatekeeper” is not too bright but what does that say for the citizens who gave him that job?

  44. @Donna August 23, 2015 at 3:58 AM “I never joined the DLP but I was faithful at the polls.”

    I never joined the BLP nor the DLP and I have ALWAYS BEEN UNFAITHFUL at the polls. I always vote. Sometimes I work for Electoral and Boundaries on election day. Just to ensure that there are some impartial people involved in the process. I go in at 6:00 a.m. and cast my vote for that party or individual who I think at the time will best represent my constituency and or the national interest.

  45. Simple Simon,

    I will resist the urge to respond to you in like manner and simply state that I was faithful to the party which I thought would best serve the national interest. Parties tend to have a philosophy and a culture to which its members conform. Sometimes one overlooks one’s preference for a particular candidate in one’s constituency when one sees the bigger picture of the party and often its leader. This makes more sense if you think about it. One needs the right party to be in office. Understood?

  46. It is a democratic process. You cast your vote as you see fit. I cast my vote as I see fit. Fortunately you don’t have to consult with me. Fortunately I don’t have to consult with you.

  47. @Donna “Parties tend to have a philosophy and a culture to which its members conform.”

    I’ve never been a party member so have never had any need nor any desire to conform.

  48. Simple Simon,

    Congratulations! Join me on the podium, sweetie.

    I see again you have misunderstood. I didn’t belong. I didn’t conform. The candidates are assumed to have signed on to the philosophy of the party and to conform. This is why they vote along party lines. It was that philosophy and culture which I voted for over the years. That philosophy has obviously been abandoned. The culture has changed. Therefore I have removed my support. Now how is that not impartial?

    And another thing – you were the one who felt the need to covertly criticize my method of choice whilst patting yourself on the back for your impartiality. (Don’t think you can slip that one past me.) But you didn’t stop to think that my way was also impartial if the bigger picture was examined.

    I doubt very much that you could be more of a free spirit than I am so don’t even go there, sweetie.

  49. @Well Well,
    Your cynicism is still evident. You see everyone as corrupt: Lawyers, Politicians (especially DLP Politicians), Policemen, or should I say police persons, Citizens who voted for the DLP; deluded, perhaps. Is there anyone else? Oh yes, members of the Defence Force and some Customs officers. We really do have a bad country, don’t we.

  50. Hmmm my sweetie Alvin accepting apologies. I told Alvi I am a die hard DLP voter and he ain’t write nothing like he wrote to Donna but out to get me lock up.Alvi what I do you sweet P? I support the DLP well not none of these stinking shady hoodwinkers ruling lot. Alvi you mad me or something?

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