cahill energy Barbados WtE Project – Confidential Information Memorandum March 2015

The Cahill Energy Waste to Energy project continues to feature in the news. The Facebook page Waste To Energy Plant has attracted 6157 members to date and is a source of valuable information for Bajans to educate themselves about plasma gasification technology and related matters. All should become members of the page to show solidarity with the cause.

If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything!

Cahill Energy

Cahill Energy


  • @willie’s

    Where is the GIS acting announcement link?


  • @ Miller
    What’s up Doc? long time no see…. or cussed… 🙂
    Good to see you back and hitting hard as usual…

    This woman is just a convenient blonde who was used by OUR crooked ministers as a front (pun intended) for yet another money grab from the treasury….

    But this shiite has become so routine in Barbados that the DLP recruited the mastermind Darcy from the BLP to fast-track their education in this Art ….thus saving them years in coming up to speed….

    Presumably EVERYBODY, except Bajans, can see that Barbados is the home of brass bowls – from CLICO, to MASSY (Massa), EMERA, s_LIME /f_LOW, Butch(er), among others ….. so now CAHILL is probably the BIGGIE…..
    …at least until the New SUGAR FACTORY begins to produce some sweets for the schemers.

    BTW David
    Even if the PM was at the Cabinet meeting it may not mean squat.
    Were you ever in a meeting with him?
    Last time Bushie was…. the man was present in body only….


  • An address to the nation on the Cahill Plasma Gasification as well as alternatives will be made within the next 14 days. The Future Centre Trust will not be sidetracked from its role as espoused under Rio 1992 Declaration Principle 10 for disclosure and dialogue!


  • DD thinks today’s BT editorial says what BU has been saying since the March 2014 announcements.

    “Fuller insight into Cahill project needed

    Added by Barbados Today on September 15, 2015.
    Saved under Editorial

    Before a partisan audience at a meeting of the St James South Constituency branch of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) last Sunday evening, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart finally broke his silence on the controversial Cahill waste-to-energy project, against which there seems to be considerable public opposition.

    However, Mr Stuart’s response, coming after months of raging debate on the suitability of this waste management solution for Barbados and repeated calls for him to set the record straight as Prime Minister, raises further questions instead of causing the controversy to settle down –– despite his emphatic statement that “no decisions have been taken on this issue. None”.

    In the first place, the language of a news release issued by Cahill Energy on March 17, 2014, conveyed the impression the project was a done deal. The news release, containing comments attributed to three ministers of the Stuart Cabinet, was issued following what it said was the signing, two days earlier, of a “historic agreement” with the Government to build the controversial waste-to-energy plant.

    The release said: “Cahill Energy Limited will contribute to solving both the waste and energy security challenges that Barbados faces by financing and overseeing the construction and management of a plasma gasification plant using plasma technology in a specialized gasification system already proven and patented by Westinghouse Plasma Corporation.”

    The language here speaks with a particular certainty about the project, and the reason seems quite obvious. On its website, which provides a fair amount of information about the project, Cahill is saying that the agreement was “unanimously approved by Cabinet”. In other words, everyone who was present when Cabinet considered the matter consented or agreed to the project.

    In light of Mr Stuart’s comments last Sunday, a question that arises is: what made the company feel sufficiently comfortable to make such an emphatic statement? Cahill says it has an agreement with the Government of Barbados. Another questions which arises is: what kind of agreement?
    The dictionary definition of agreement speaks of an arrangement which is accepted by all parties to a transaction. Does that obtain in this particular case?

    The news release put out by Cahill does imply that the Government of Barbados accepted the arrangement it brought. Comments attributed to Minister of the Environment Dr Dennis Lowe also conveyed this impression.

    “Cahill Energy has brought a waste-to-energy option to the Government of Barbados that is far superior to any other we have examined,” he reportedly said. “We believe that our country will be changed forever as a result.”

    Dr Lowe’s language also suggests a certainty about the project, specifically the remark that Barbados “will be changed forever as a result”.

    Comments attributed to Minister of Energy Senator Darcy Boyce have a similar effect. He spoke of the Cahill project “helping Barbados significantly to reach . . . ten years earlier than planned” its target of producing, by 2029, 29 per cent of its electricity needs from renewable and alternative energy.

    Given Mr Stuart’s promise on Sunday that Government intends to seek public buy-in in the search for solutions to the island’s waste management problem, there is definitely a need for him to come back to the country to provide full clarification on questions his statement has naturally triggered.
    For example, if no decision has been taken on the project, why then was it necessary for the Government to enter an agreement with Cahill? Couldn’t signing the agreement have waited until a decision was taken?

    Interestingly, Government has never challenged the accuracy of the statement put out by Cahill, and it has been in the public domain for more than one year. A situation now clearly exists where Mr Stuart is saying that no decision has been taken, but Cahill is suggesting it is a done deal. The question is: who is the public to believe?

    That is why the country needs to receive a more comprehensive statement from the Prime Minister clarifying all the relevant issues. Ultimately, it is Barbadian taxpayers who have to foot the bill for any agreement. This being the case, they have a right to expect full disclosure of the details of this multimillion-dollar project which the Government has handled terribly from a public communication perspective”.

    Cahill’s Press Release is not the only one speaking with “certainty” and conveyed the impression the project was a done deal.

    See BGIS MEDIA (DLPMEDIA?) release dated March 18, 2014, $240 Million Investment In Clean Energy Plant, at:

    “Government has signed an agreement with the Guernsey based Cahill Energy for the construction and operation of a Waste to Energy Plant which is capable of providing up to 25 per cent of the island’s energy needs.” certainly conveyed the impression the project was a done deal.

    Surely someone must have told the PM about the News Release on” A Website of the Barbados Government Information Service”, in which Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, bragged that “This investment by Cahill Energy represents a ‘game changer’ for the island and truly belies any doubt that Barbados is still a preferred destination for solid and impactful foreign direct investment.”

    Better check the BGIS link before the PM orders that it be taken down.


  • @DD

    Check out the Nation editorial as well. They are getting it!


  • Thanks David

    Comment by Carl Harper to the Nation editorial is I think not unlike that which you posted @ September 15, 2015 at 4:24 PM quoting a statement by Dale Marshall which included the following

    “In a sense, either way we turn, we cannot win. If we honour the contract entered into by these rogue Ministers, we are likely doomed. On the other hand, if we wiggle out of it following this feeble argument/stance of the Prime Minister, our sovereign reputation becomes worthless.”

    Apart from China, which has its own agenda, what investor will invest in Barbados or sign an agreement with this GOB whose sovereign reputation is worthless.

    BTW – What is the latest on the new Sam Lords hotel project, which an article on the
    on the BIBA website in January said “A Chinese contingent is expected in Barbados “very soon” to carry out a final assessment of Sam Lord’s Castle ahead of construction on the 58-acre site.”

    Monday January 19 2015 | 01:28 PM

    A Chinese contingent is expected in Barbados “very soon” to carry out a final assessment of Sam Lord’s Castle ahead of construction on the 58-acre site.

    Word of this has come from Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Barbados Wang Ke, who also disclosed that a number of Chinese funded projects were to be carried out in the region over the coming years.

    She made the comments at a media briefing with Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Maxine McClean to report on the outcome of the first Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (CELAC)/China Forum in Beijing, People’s Republic of China earlier this month.

    The Sam Lord’s Castle project, which is expected to employ 60 per cent Chinese labour, will be funded by China Exim Bank to the tune of about US$200 million.
    “As far as I know a team from the China Exim Bank is going to visit Barbados very soon. They are going to have an on-the-spot inspection and interact with relevant shareholders for them to make a final assessment,” Wang said.

    “If it is approved they will submit the whole project to the government for it to be ratified . . . . So we are looking forward [for] the project [to] proceed very smoothly and we are expecting an early start of construction of this project which will be very conducive to the tourism in this country and further to the improvement of economic financial status of this country,” she added.

    As part of the project, which is expected to last about 18 months, the nine-bedroom castle will be restored and a 450-room hotel will be constructed and then operated by international hotel chain Wyndham.
    The ambassador said there were other major projects which the region would benefit from.

    “Those are mainly infrastructure projects like expressways, roads and seaports,” she said.


  • Clearly the jurisdiction of Ontario scares the crazy woman as seen by the exchanges on the claim against her for non payment of a substantial $$$$$ second mortgage.
    The PPA and the IA contracts signed by our numpty mindless ministers what jurisdictions are the contracts drawn up and signed under??? As Taylor Wessing was and I assume still is her legal adviser they would have pushed for England and Wales ????
    Our numpty reps probably didn’t challenge this so now that the condo of cards is falling down and if we do have to go to court assuming she can afford the continuing adventure we will have to pay for the numptys and their flunkys to travel to the courts in London to fight the bitch.

    If the Chinese buy her out we fight in Beijing???
    If Infrastar buy it it could be California or new Jersey?????
    If I was buying the penny stock company I would insist on the jurisdiction that suits me
    What a mess we have created for ourselves.


  • Another reason the sooner we can lay our hands on copies of the Agreements, the better…


  • We must demand no less than jail for these rogue ministers. The Prime Minister is just an intelligent person who is dumb!


  • @Glennk September 16, 2015 at 1:11 PM “If the Chinese buy her out we fight in Beijing???”

    No we will NOT fight Beijing.

    Nobody fights Beijing…not even the Americans..and you know why?

    The grand ole Duke of Beijing he has 2,285,000 men.


    No, no, no. We won’t fight Beijing.


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  • EMERA INC. THE MAJORITY shareholder in the corporation which owns the Barbados Light & Power Company (BL&P), is expanding its presence in the United States (US).

    It is achieving that goal by acquiring a large energy company in Tampa, Florida for the equivalent of US$6.5 billion”



  • Just saw this while researching environmental issues Barbados. Imagine 4 years ago this was raised and no one listed. Says a lot about Bajans.


    Took a look at Cahill’s website again just now and it’s absolutely amazing that the quotes and information this woman uses with impunity in her efforts to impress / convince us that Cahill is a real company with real people .
    The people and companies referenced should be contacted and asked if they gave her permission to use their copyrighted materials and gave her permission to publish their materials / quotes.


  • @Glennik

    For example?

    On 20 September 2015 at 18:00, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • Air products / Alter NRG BP&L minister Lowe and even Barack Obama the website is loaded with quotes and photos plagiarised from other people and sites
    If she was submitting a university paper she would never pass the plagiarism software test.
    Just goes to show her audacity


  • Paul Bynoe - Banker's Letter

    Paul Bynoe – Banker’s Letter


  • First casualty of a contract that should never have been signed


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    And we spent years trying to develop our nation’s people and our nation only to produce corrupt nitwits like this with a vision only to strike a lucrative deal. Then we got a Prime Minister that is just horrible, I mean absolutely horrible. All he does is condone wrong doings and condemn all others who dare to speak out. He is all about party and faithfuls; not country and its people. This entire mess should be enough for all Barbadians to march swiftly at the removal of these incompetent lot. The four ministers should be fired and the Prime Minister resign completely from politics. The entire island is in turmoil and all you get from these lot is more of nothing.


  • Today is a watershed for this corrupt Cahill woman ….
    Hopefully the judge see her for what she is and award possession of the condo to the people who rightfully own it. The mortgage holders
    Once that is done maybe these numpty ministers will do the right thing and terminate this contract for cause.
    If the motion is granted this could take 2 to 3 months to sort through the courts .
    We can’t afford this fraudster to be in our lives any longer.
    Let’s get this done people…..


  • @SSS

    What we have is a SYSTEM that is horrible.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    The system was established to work effectively; what we have is a set of horrible people who have created the type of connections and synergy to make the system work in their favour. The perfect set up that can only be changed through force or exposure. And, since force has been subdued by years of intimidation and bribes, the only weapon left is exposure, which when presented seems to produce a nothing result.


  • RastaR
    how much money does she own wunna boys down in the North of Barbados?


  • @SSS

    The system is a man made construct and will have to be modified based on its effectiveness today.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Who or what will modify the man-made construct as you put it? Which man will change it? Two things, throughout history, are used repeatedly to conquer evil: a few good men and war. Since, it seems like the few good men are in hiding then the only alternative would be to turn to war in the form of protest marches.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Sultry Suzanne

    Your statement of uncustomary pessimism ended with “the only weapon left is exposure, which when presented seems to produce a nothing result…” is not true

    “Every pig got a Saturday”

    You and i, the common man and woman of Barbados are the people who are suffering through the incompetencies of this (and the previous) government.

    We all would want to see immediate results preferable in our lifetimes but it will not always be like that.

    Mandela saw some changes while he was yet alive but Martin Luther King as important as he was to the American Scene, did not.

    You are looking at the outward manifestation but for us older menses in the departure lounge for over a decade we can see the impact of the effort in the places that matter most ‘The Situation Rooms” of the respective international funding agencies.

    The monies are drying up and the same way that we are hurting, they are hurting.

    Oh yes they are getting $15,000 a month but at what cost?

    When they go traipsing across the world gallivanting on the tax payers money, they do not only encounter themselves in the international boardrooms, they do so and encounter the respective bilateral partners and international agency facilitators WHO ARE COGNISANT OF their infelicities BECAUSE OF THE CALIBRE OF THE INTELLIGENCE PROVIDED by people like the Walter Blackman’s, the David King’s, the Hants’, MillertheAnunnaki’s, Artaxerxes’ and of late DIW and the Bush Tea’s who comment here.

    Do you know what “Follow the Drinking Gourd” means? it is reminiscent of intelligence gathering through means which while not conventional, leads one to the unmistakable determination that we do, as you said earlier at 8,13 a.m “have is a set of horrible people who have created the type of connections and (synergy?) (I think you meant incestuousness) to make the system work? (vomit) in their favour.

    If they could block the WordPress site from operating they would…both parties would.

    Sometimes the infrequency of the arrow from the besieged city signals that the siege is working but until the surrender flag goes up, do not venture too close to the range of the catapults behind the walls


  • @SSS

    Agree it will call for citizen protest of the serious kind.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My sweet Piece

    You said all of that to tell me that Rome was not made in a day. I know this, but I am not in Rome and this certainly is not the era of Martin Luther or Mandela. What may appear to be working to you is not for me. I want you to know that though Martin Luter fought and died, and probably did not live long to see the fruits of his labour, he was at the forefront protesting and agitating for that change. I want you to know that Mandela did the same thing. Both did not sit on their royals writing on the blogs hoping that what happens here would bring a small percentage of that change. I am sure both had also their paper protests running amok during the overt show of white supremacy. Nonetheless, these men understood the effectiveness of the protest and led from the front. Yes, my sweet piece I want to see it happen now. I do not have the patience like you or Job, to wait.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    My Darling Suzanne,

    I was not speaking to the construction of Rome but rather to the fact that BU as a blog has effected the very thing that you and others might not be seeing, IN OUR LIFETIMES!!

    DEM is hurting now not tomorrow or in de future and the power of the pen is what is hurting them!!

    I is an ole man and de onliest fight dat is left in dese bones is whu de fingers is capable of my dear, even my tongue does sometimes fail me and de ole man does dribble en ting when I does be eating.

    We Too Were Once Young and vibrant like you with a spring in the walk and all legs working.

    Then the eyes could see far and one could throw stick(s) and have many a jostle with cute nubian princess riding our back as in horsie or elsehow…

    You are the new generation who we look to, to leave Murica and Kenada en fly home and say to the rest of your generation, “This is enough of that rape and destruction” we want back our politics, our parliament, our communities and our homes.

    Would you ask the ole menses to lead the Charge of the Light Brigade? why the very movementation of the vigourous horses under our brittle bones would easily dislocate a hip joint causing us to topple from the faithful steed to be crushed in the passage of your horse.

    “and so, without even firing a shot, the battle to take back the palace ruled by the despot(s) died while neither old veteran nor young Joan of Arc got into a speed wobble and their chariot of fire overturned….”


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My sweet Piece

    You cannot depend on Barbadians. They will only fight when there is nothing left to fight for. I am a firm believer in stirring up chaos to bring about change; but trying to do so with Barbadians is like pulling teeth. So the blogs may serve a useful purpose but it is not enough to put fire under the ass of this bombastic arrogant Prime Minister and his band of would be’s. How can one tolerate the fact that they went into a deal with a woman that does not know the meaning of potable. How can one continue to stomach this insipid prick parading as Prime Minister with his condescending tones and disrespectful behaviour to the non-DLP citizenry. I am sorry my sweet Piece, but I need to see the backs of these people now.Because I know none of them will never see the inside of a jail and none of them deserves the pensions they are trying so hard to get before they demit office.


  • @Mocking bird September 14, 2015 at 12:03 PM

    “Looks like she survived the motion hearing this morning
    I had an old buddy of mine sit in at the hearing
    She wasn’t there but a lawyer called Tim Gleason defended her.
    Another Bajan attended the hearing
    So it will be interesting to see what he has to sayon the matter.”

    Did your old buddy sit in at the hearing today?

    Any thing to report?


  • Arc21 EfW plant refused planning permission

    24 September 2015 by Luke Walsh

    UK: The €290m facility is not needed, according to the environment minister

    An artist's impression of the facility

    An artist’s impression of the facility

    A group of local authorities in Northern Ireland are considering what steps to take next after plans for an energy-from-waste plant were turned down.

    Environment minister, Mark H Durkan, refused planning consent for the proposed 14MW plant on the basis of need and human health on 23 September.

    Arc21, an umbrella organisation of 11 local authorities, had wanted the facility to process about 211,000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel per year, produced by an on-site mechanical biological treatment plant.

    The body deals with roughly 50% of all of Northern Ireland’s waste, around 518,000 tonnes per year.

    A spokesman said: "Arc21 is very disappointed by the notification. Given the importance and complexity of the issues involved Arc21 will take time to consider the notification in detail before making further comment."

    The £240m (€290m) facility would have been a grate incineration plant. It was planned to be built at the Hightown Quarry near Newtownabbey, 7.5 kilometres north-west of Belfast.


  • EfW plant closed after breaching emissions

    24 September 2015 by Luke Walsh

    ITALY: Facility was found to be exceeding ammonia levels, but has since been allowed to restart

    Regional environmental protection agency (ARPAT) temporarily ordered a 150 tonne per day waste incinerator to close.

    Operator Ladurner was told on 22 September to shut down its Montale-Pistoia facility after it broke emissions levels around the amount of ammonia it released into the atmosphere.

    A spokesman said the breach was discovered by ARPAT in a follow up visit this week after an inspection found "anomalous" emissions from the plant between July and August this year. The summer results are due to be released to the public next week.

    After shutting down the plant it was discovered a piece of equipment was not operating correctly, leading to the ammonia breach. The equipment was replaced and the plant resumed operating that evening.

    ARPAT is still conducting investigations and has yet to decide if further action will be taken.

    The facility, which produces 33,000MWh a year of electricity, has been managed by Ladurner, the company which also built it, since 2011.

    The company has a contract from the local authority until 2017, with the possibility of a one-year extension.


  • @ David
    These countries have well developed industrial standards which they are well versed in
    Who on the island of Barbados is suitably qualified and FUNDed to monitor the proposed plasma gasifer and all its scrubbing and environmental standards
    It’s a joke
    In not denagrading our technical folks but we are not equiped to handle this monster which is being forced on us….!!!!!


  • @mockingbird

    It is the reason we posted the two links. Bear in mind Puerto Rico took many months to build a framework to monitor/report on environmental quality. Barbados is very far from assuring Barbadians we can perform world standard air quality management.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I have worked in PR and the standards they use are US based and well funded and executed they take their time and don’t always report correctly but for the most part the US based companies there play fair as exposure impacts their stateside reputations and stats .
    We are not that sophisticated and the sharks will eat us alive
    Do we want a Bhopal on our hands

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  • The PM and the ministers have had the weekend to mull this over
    Are they seriously still thinking of working with this fraudster ????
    Wouldn’t it be better at this stage to come clean and start afresh with local companies that have our economic benefits in mind
    We all have had enough of this crazy person
    I look forward to the day when her mugshot appears in the post office not on BU


  • Where is BIZZY and COW in all ah dis? Surely they cannot be to far?


  • Cahill fiasco as an albatross around the necks of Bajans is about to enter another phase as Clare Cowan of Cahill Energy Barbados wants to collect on her $700 Million annuity by November 2015.

    Denis Lowe underestimated the power of the internet and the ability of the Future Centre Trust to galvanize support on an issue I personally raised in 2011.

    Clare Cowan, was led to believe Bajans are docile and will only keep noise for 7 days then go quiet. Perhaps, the investors by now would have realized duping politicians is one thing but awaking sleeping dogs is another for no other issue has ever galvanized bajans like this illconceived project. Expect a fight from partisans and the apolitical!

    Dr Denis Lowe was able to convince some colleagues how lucrative the Cahill deal could be for Barbados but has failed to discuss the potential environmental fallout with the country.

    Darcy Boyce, David Estwick, Phillip Tempro, Denis Lowe, Bjorn Bjerkham, Chris Sinckler, Glyne Bannister, Alvin Cummins and Denis Kellman must tell the Prime Minister as well as the country if you know of Cahill Energy Barbados?

    Who other than the FBI and RCMP by now would be taking a keen interest in the Cahill issue to ascertain if any laws are being broken.

    Finally, the Cahill Energy Barbados Plasma Gasification project is not a sustainable project for Barbados when other cheaper environmentally sound solutions exist locally.
    Sorry Ms Cowan. the cart is before the horse, you should have done better due diligence before signing the MOU, PPA and IA. Nothing personal Ms Cowan, but the 166sq mile rock for a paradise is the only place I can call home.

    “Dulce et decorum pro patria mori”


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  • No one in barbados does recycle. Dem does sort and ship to other shores.

    who done real work to see if this plant will work? oNly seeing negative yet cannot find anyting but positive on web?


  • @draggon

    interesting comment;

    What projects they up to now?

    Mia and she band of bandit dont want 700 milion come to shore. She want to kill dis ting

    Who benifts the most from Garbage in bim?

    Who benitits the most from building landfills?

    What happenign to the ground water that we trying to drink?


  • @Upset Bajan, are you blind or just dumb. Show us a plant 1000 tons daily and so much under hand deals. Perhaps you are another dotish person blinded by party politics. The DLP corrupt storm wrecking havoc cannot you see


  • @Susan

    Jamaica has cheap labour.


  • I started by searching the name of the CEO on LinkedIn
    and found other possible connections being:
    • CCO Cahill Energy – Liz Spencer
    • Jr Associate at Cahill International – Robert Cowan-Poirier
    • Barry Cahill – MD at Cahill International and owner

    These connections that were found on linked in may be other avenues to research.
    The major red flag is that the company Cahill Energy Limited is registered in Guernsey one of the offshore jurisdictions offers little transparency. Please see link below

    You can request a statement of the register which will cost £10.00 this should provide you with further background information on the company.
    Full transparency is required in a deal of this nature.
    We need to know:
    • Who the beneficial owners and ultimate beneficial owners (the people) are behind this company so that all potential conflicts of interest can be assessed and ruled out etc.
    • We must confirm that the beneficial owners/entities involved are not sanctioned individuals and are not Politically Exposed Persons who generally have a vulnerability to bribery and corruption.
    • Ensure that there are no criminal connections.
    • They must be able to demonstrate that they have examined and evidenced the management experience/track record of the directors and senior management of this company.
    • What is their record of success in this sector? Where is the evidence?
    • Evidence of (concrete) projects that have been successfully completed
    • Most importantly where is the $240M coming from have we gained adequate assurance and examined the documentary evidence that the source of these funds is legitimate?
    • Are we comfortable that there is no reputational/legal risk for Barbados from the acceptance of these funds and what did we do to gain this assurance?
    • Who are the directors? Have they been screened as well as the beneficial owners for sanctions and illicit criminal connections?
    • Have we visited Cahill Energy’s premises in Guernsey to ensure that it is really a physical office and not just a front?

    7th Heaven Properties appointed to source site for Caribbean Clean Energy Plant
    Who are they who are their beneficial owners?
    We need to screen them for conflicts and inappropriate connections with Cahill Energy as they both seem to endorse each other.
    Does the company really have a physical presence in London?
    7th Heaven properties
    51 Clarendon Walk
    Notting Hill
    W11 1SN
    These are the people behind 7th Heaven Properties
    AlterNRG owns 100% of Westinghouse Plasma Corporation, a world leader in plasma gasification technology, which is expected to supply the plasma gasification technology

    Click to access March-17-2014-Cahill-Energy-to-Invest-240-Million-in-Barbados-Clean-Energy-Plant.pdf
    It would be interesting to find out if AlterNRG has actually done business with Cahill Energy before and who AlterNRG is and the same for Westinghouse Plasma Corporation.

    i hope this help.



  • Michael/Boris

    Thanks for your post, and reminding me of Liz Spencer’s LinkedIn profile

    Good questions

    AlterNRG is a Calgary, Canada, based company acquired in March 2015 by Harvest International New Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation owned by “multibillion-dollar company” Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group Co. of China.

    I believe that AlterNRG is no longer to be the supplier of the Plasma Gasification component of the WtE plant.

    If you have not already done so, you may wish to visit and join in the discussion at the blog Cahill Waste-to-Energy-Project is the Biggest Scam Levelled on Barbados by any Government Post-Independence.


  • Michael/Boris

    DD is correct in that AlterNRG is no longer to be the supplier of the Plasma Gasification component of the WtE scam….I mean plant. You will note that all references to AlterNRG and Westinghouse have been taken off Cahill’s website. Might I add that this was removed at the demand of AlterNRG and Westinghouse.


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  • It is instructive no mention is made of why, cannot be good.


  • David September 16, 2015 at 7:00 AM #
    “What would be interesting to establish is whether PM Stuart presided over Cabinet when the Cahill matter was discussed. In the recent budget debate the frontbench took responsibility for acknowledging the agreement. If the PM was present why would have allowed the country to become embroiled in the Cahill discussion without intervening in the way he did this weekend to a DLP audience. ”

    Just a flashback to mid-September.

    To be honest with you, I wish I did not know now, what you did not know then.


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