Cahill Energy Waste-to-Energy Scam Exposed by Mia Mottley

Has Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Has Mia Mottley, Opposition Leader

Barbadians listened with rap attention to the demolition job inflicted by Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley on the government to expose the Cahill Waste-to-Energy scam. It boggles the mind OUR government would be swayed […] by Minister of the Environment Denis Lowe to enter an arrangement with a company which has no track record to manufacture a plasma gasification plant in Barbados. Bear in mind this is nascent technology and commonsense should require the citizenry is invited by government to debate this issue and at the same time facilitate transparency.

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  1. The underlying assumption on this project is that we are actually going to be able to pick up garbage. We don’t seem to be able to get that organized so this waste to energy project can be nothing else but a boondoggle.

  2. The Leader of the Opposition was a bit tardy in divulging this particular mess. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she only just came upon this information or she was checking for accuracy. In the end I hope that someone gets prosecuted for this outrage. But while we are at it, I want the Leader of the Opposition to disclose the almost criminal, if not criminal conduct, in regard to the contract with SBRC.

    I might have missed it but I did not see the advertisement to bid on this contract. Why was Bizzy the only person allowed to bid. It is a steal when you are the only bidder. Consider that there was already a player in the garbage processing business and Bizzy only became a player after he was awarded the contract. Something smells fishy.

    • @Caswell

      Are you suggesting MAM owns an interest in SBRC? If yes why did the DLP go ahead with the contract?

    • I am making no such suggestion. Bizzy claimed that he contributes to both political parties. So I am wondering if that fact was the reason why there was no exposure of the SBRC deal. I am suggesting that Government broke the rules in awarding that contract.


    • Extracted from Facebook Page Bajans against the Denis Lowe $700M Waste to Energy Plant

      Read the summation of the High Court dismissal of Checker Hall residents civil suit against the pollution PM10 and PM2.5 aka Fugitive Dust. For three years I have been raising these concerns and only a few paid attention. Now the documents have been signed despite the Town Planning still awaits the EIAS bajans now realize the enormity of the Dr Denis Lowe Plasma Gasification Plant .

      Birch Court Judgment – Arawak Cement.pdf

      Portable Document Format

      DownloadPreviewUpload Revision

    • Bajan in NY

      Thank you. I will continue as long as God gives me strength.


  3. Well done MIA
    There more to uncover and reveal
    It’s a disgrace that needed to be exposed
    The Vultures are circling

  4. ac June 18, 2015 at 3:06 PM #

    “……… btw all of barbados waiting to receive their copies of the evedience/ documentation detailed in her scathing diatribe about govt ministers. i wonder what is taking her so long.”

    To the DLP pimps and yard-fowls known as the AC consortium:


    And you got it first from Barbados Underground. Read it and weep!!!!

    • @Crusoe

      UWI, Cave Hill is not a research university. If it was we would be further along in solar technology for example.

    • @Hants

      There is an attempt to mobile the thousands of Barbadians on Facebook around this issue. We will observe with interest.

  5. So sad.

    You know what is so sad? Within the recent past, Caribbean countries have been vilified and forced to destroy marijuana crop.

    A crop that is worth billions.

    Now, the US and Canada are growing that crop themselves, for medicinal purposes.

    And now, a Barbados Government is choosing to allow the set up of a toxic garbage burn facility, for cents…. compared to growing a valuable crop for medicinal purposes.

    One has to wonder, sleight of hand or simple blatant industry grab and dumping rubbish on us?

    You really think that the North authorities did not know 15 years ago where the medicinal marijuana crop was going?

    Would be hilarious if not so terrible and disturbing.

    My suggestion, stop the burn plant, stop the cane, and invest in an industry that is worth BILLIONS, medical marijuana.

    It is not rocket science, it is simple logic and economics.

    But no…’they’ say we should not…..

    But…..but…then they themselves grow it….???


    As P.T.Barnum said…..

  6. ps…. and on the above topic I just noted… where is the UWI, with all its campus expansion….. what research and what conclusions and assertions has UWI made on marijuana and its medicinal properties and by products of manufacture????

    Huh??? Where is the output???

  7. Here it first on Barbados underground .now the official launching ground for the bile and smut coming from the blp camp..Chris sinckler brought mia mouthings to a screeching halt.all that isleft to be said is that the blp need new leadership cause the leadership moral compass is broken beyond repair and is in no position to show or direct guidance to two hundred and eighty thousand people.


    Now most of you ARE ABOUT TO LIVE what we living , Crooks Liars and Scumbags from the top down,

    Its good that Barbados is waking up to the facts and the truth,

    More land fraud to come , You all did not see nothing as Yet,,,,WAAAAAAAA

    Oh Richard Byer that blasted crook looking like in in love with the Speaker,

    MIA was happy to have her woman there with her as the men sit way on the other side,

    Government is a dam Joke, VOTE CUP and see Justice, NO MORE VAT,

  9. If my memory serves me correctly tenders were invited for SBRC. A gasification plant however is another story and I believe Cahill pitched the idea to the government rather than they knew what they wanted and invited contractors.

    A meeting to tell residents what you plan to build is NOT public consultation!!! Proper consultation encompasses presenting detailed plans and drawings and supporting evidence ie EIAS, traffic, noise, air and water management for public scrutiny. It seems the DLP can only spell transparency. After all we’re not building a barber shop.

  10. The fact is that the govt went by the book .there are no “four horsemen” or bogeymen involved with the Cahill project as the immoral and corrupt leader of the blp would want all to believe. Mia has tied a long rope around her neck and has made a collosal error in judgement in line with the numerous ones she has made as leader. as of recent her calls for a no confidence vote against Sinckler and her off the cuff threats against the PM and to her now much last debacle of not showing up to do the job (of that which the people had placed her ) on the account of an I’ll advised boycott against the Speaker of the House. It really boggles the mind that with so many failures to her credit in small homegrown affairs how any one can have confidence in a person who has failed to deliver on small matters

  11. The problem with the DLP government is obvious.
    The damn people are simply DENSE……

    All the shiite that wunna talk, that 11+ exam WORKS!!!

    Those with inherent intelligence do well….while the Peter Wickhams, Chris Stinkliars and Froons show mediocre results….

    Common sense should tell us that success is more likely to come (even if not guaranteed) when BRIGHT, SHARP minds are in leadership …than when half wits are allowed to run things…

    Mia skilfully set up the idiot Stinkliar last night to rant and rave like the low life that he clearly is….and he fell for it…. with classic low class behaviour on National TV – while holding the purse of the National Treasury….
    …You can always get to the core of a class-less fool by getting them to lose their temper…. showing their true colours….
    Mia had NO NEED to intervene … The Joker DESTROYED any respect that anyone may have had left for him …all by himself in his rant.

    AC is the perfect example of ‘classless’ here on BU… just get her vex ..and watch the skirt come up over the shoulder ….. 🙂

  12. Just love the 5:31pm comment of Caswell Franklin. About two months ago David Ellis asked Sir Charles Williams this very simple question. ” There is the perception that all of the lucrative contracts are controlled by white contractors, and the smaller black contractors simply wait for the spin off, or the crumbs that fall from the table…so to speak. How do you respond? COW didn’t dipsidoodle, he didn’t waltz gracefully around it, he did what could only be referred to as the COW SHUFFLE. Believe it or not he told the listening public why there will never be another white captain of a Barbados cricket team. Right there we got our answer. As long as this present crop of criminals {both B and D} are permitted to conduct our affairs the shit will never stop. As educated as we are that streak of servility somehow forges its way to the fore of our thought process every time. Sad but true.

  13. Mia skillfully “set up” to have her ass exposed ..when she brings legitimate facts and proof of her allegations then and only then would she be taken seriously. Her account of what she knows are notes and stories hand written by idle and mischievous hands purporting to have information about government dealings.Mia emotionalism comes from a vexation of the spirit which has been denied access (for all the right reasons)to govt.facts on the forward movenent of projects because she is not trustworthy

  14. They are all a bunch of criminals and sell-outs posing as politicians representing and caring for the people, not an honest one anywhere in that crowd, they are all addressing a speaker of the house who should have been fired for elder abuse and stealing, they make a mockery of the taxpayers.

    The DLP should tell their fellow lawyers/politicians it’s not kosher to steal from the elderly, the BLP should tell their lawyers/politicians the same thing since they too steal from the elderly, none of them can be trusted around the properties or money of the elderly, that too is elder abuse.

  15. Putting aside the party bickering
    It’s time to cansel the Cahill contract and put it back in the hands of real EPC contractors
    The gob trusted this company they got it wrong it can be proved that Cahill was and continues to be a sham so let’s use this one as a ” change ” in the way we handle adversity

  16. Good for you Mia

    Don’t give up da fight. Dis hole cahill deal is a farce. All a these feel good stories about cahill and everytime them cum to town is disgustin.

    and sinckler defending cowen and cahill yet the ministers keep standin her up every time her and her big time lawyer cum to town.

    what does dat tell ya?

    Mia ya gotta throw a buket of water on this witch and melt her once and fer all so all us bajans can sing da song “da wicked witch is ded”

  17. Are four Ministers allowed and authorized to sign off on a contract of such magnitude and impact on society and environment, without the details even discussed in Parliament? That is sheer madness.Transparency and accountability…If I hear those two words mentioned again I think I might just throw up.

  18. This plant have me caffufle (1) where are we going to get the quantity of garbage from to burn daily? Bim dont produce that amount of garbage daily and if they do who collecting it? Since the people who suppose to collect it having difficulty now? Are we going to start to import garbage? (2) Does Cahill have a contract with BL&P to buy the electricity produced and who tell them BL&P want to buy it in any case. The BL&P own the infrastructure. How can Cahill use it without some contractual arrangement ? Does one exist?

  19. @ ac June 19, 2015 at 5:50 AM #

    Mia skillfully “set up” to have her ass exposed ..when she brings legitimate facts and proof of her allegations then and only then would she be taken seriously. Her account of what she knows are notes and stories hand written by idle and mischievous hands purporting to have information about government dealings.


    You are a liar as most dems are. Mia had a document signed by the gang of four. She even said the Stinkliar signed the document even though it was not dated. The moron that he is said in his response that it was not his responsibility to date it.

    What putz!

  20. Keep goin Mia. its about time sumone stood up for us bajans. dis hole deal stinks of corruption. the ministers and cowen have made der bed now let em lie in it. prove da good people of Barbados right in beleven in you.

    • Greg Cozier's photo.

      Greg CozierMovement of Concerned Citizens

      Since the tipping fee was imposed, St. Thomas has once again become a giant garbage dump. Gullies, cart roads, fields etc. are all filling up with rubbish once again as Bajans continue to demonstrate what a filthy race we are. There are some ‘entrepreneurs’, however, who are finding solutions to the ever-increasing cost of doing business in this country. This picture was taken today near to Vaucluse and shows how corruption thrives when livelihoods and basic survival are at stake.

  21. Last week the Engineers Association of Barbados placed the following notice in the local daily newspapers. Word has it that a Canadian/ Texan from EMERA is now managing both the Distribution Department,which was formerly headed by an Electrical Engineer, and the Generation Department ,formerly headed by a Mechanical Engineer. This EMERA man is not calling himself, an Engineer, but rather an Operating Officer. One wonders if he is registered according to the ‘Laws of Barbados ” .

  22. It’s been 2 weeks since the Cowan woman promised investors on the island
    Has anyone seen or heard from them,???
    She lies to us again.

  23. Rasta R

    Something else to read

    The Barbados Advocate

    10 • Monday July 14, 2014

    Forum on Solid Waste Tax clears the air

    THE air was cleared as to whether the Government of Barbados was impos- ing the Municipal Solid-Waste Tax to fund the construction of a new US$300 mil- lion Waste-to-Energy plant at Vaucluse, St. Thomas. The answer is “no” and according to Cahill Energy, the firm that will build and operate that plant, it has no inten- tion either to run any other recycler out of business.

    Still, Cahill will have to climb a mountain of scrutiny and uncertainty among the Barbadian population, as was evi- denced by many of the questions raised during an “Open House” forum held at the St. Thomas Parish Church on Thursday evening. Disappointingly, at least in the opinion of those who attended, there was no Government official present to speak on be- half of the State and bring any further clarity on the mega-project which is slated to reduce Government’s energy bill significantly.

    However, persons, from residents in the sur- rounding area of the pro- posed plant, to environ- ment protection activists and energy engineers were able to freely inter- act with the executive of Cahill and its partners Westinghouse Plasma Corporation and Otto Simon Limited.

    They said that their major concerns stemmed from a perceived lack of transparency on the part of both Government and the Cahill, as the Waste- to-energy project contin- ues to unfold. It did not help that on several oc- casions, Cahill CEO Clare Cowan, as well as Cahill’s legal represen- tative Dominic FitzPatrick, kept refer- ring to the fact that the terms of its contracts with Government were confidential and the company could not there- fore disclose certain in- formation.

    Other concerns sur- rounded how environ- mentally safe the tech- nology – not currently known to Barbados – was going to be, the ef- fect of Cahill’s business on others recyclers in the industry, notably B’s Recycling, and the verac- ity of Cahill’s claims of being able to sustainably produce and sell energy to Government at a cost more attractive that other offers by energy suppliers, using only lo- cally sourced waste.

    Despite skepticism, Cahill’s CEO reaffirmed that the deal struck be- tween Government and the energy company was to produce energy below the current price being paid by Government. “[We can do this because] we are not susceptible to the highs and lows of the costs of heavy fuel oil, we’ve got energy secu- rity, we’ve got the waste here, something happen- ing in Iraq is not going to effect us tomorrow” said Cohan, adding that the deal happened because what Cahill had to offer was very “worthwhile” to Government. “And if we put the $300 million in upfront and wait five years… then we will be able to get the return on investment, and we make a margin in be- tween what it costs us to make the energy and what we sell it to the Government”, was how she later explained the business model the en- ergy company was using.

    Cowan did clarify that the initiative was com- pletely private and being funded by Cahill’s in- vestors. Government, she assured, was footing none of the cost to build the estimated US $300 million plant, and any risk incurred would be full absorbed by the com- pany. The Cahill team es- timated that 75 per cent of that money would be spent within Barbados as labour and material, which could be sourced locally, would be given priority. The other 25 per cent would be attributed largely to specialised equipment which would need to be outsourced.

    Cohan also disclosed that Cahill approached the Government of Barbados to build the plant here after conduct- ing several assessments within the region. The decision to be based here was determined by the high energy insecurity of the country. Cowan said that the company had been searching for an ideal location for five years and that the plant was proposed to be up and running by the first half of 2016.

    The company also voiced plans on what it intended to do to ensure that it fulfilled its duty as a Corporate citizen of Barbados. (RS)

  24. Due Diligence;

    Thanks for reposting the Mia Mottley pdf.

    I re-read it and then started googling to get some independant facts on the process as a guide to seeing the other side to the seemingly wanton disregard for protection of the environment and the other resources of the Island, as exemplified by all that we have seen and heard so far about the Cahill _GOB WTE Plasma Gasification frolic on BU.

    The majority of the papers and information on Plasma gasification on the net are very positive re the benefits of this relatively new technology. Thus, they generally conclude that the Plasma gasification process and the plants using it (usually very small plants as compared with the Cahill-GOB proposed plant) are superior in efficiency of waste to energy conversion and production of harmful materials when compared to other incineration solutions for management of landfills. Indeed, the production of energy seems to be relegated to being a minor bye-product to efficient management of a landfill since volume of landfill material can be reduced to 1/100 through plasma gasification and the process uses huge amounts of electricity leaving relatively small amounts for distribution on the Grid.

    However, the other side to this matter is clearly laid out in the paper below (and a few others):-

    Read it, see what our Government is getting Barbados into, and weep.

    It is clear that the Cahill-GOB project could not possibly have passed a proper EIA for implementation in Barbados.

    It also seems clear that the Scientists in the Environmental Protection Department of Government are most unlikely to have recommended this project to the policy makers.

    Indeed, I wonder how much technical information on the project was passed on to the relevant scientific departments for vetting before the MoU was signed.

  25. If I may be allowed to digress for a moment and express disgust at the decision of the Supreme Court Of the Great Satan which effectively condemns life to death. Life is formed through the process of sexual activity between a man and woman and not a man and man or woman and woman. It is not therefore farfetched to suggest that if Bullers And wickers masquerading under the label as Gays continue to ride roughshod over establised practices that marriage as defined in the dictionary as a union between man and woman would be ridiculed and outlawed.

  26. @are-we-there-yet June 26, 2015 at 8:47 PM “Indeed, I wonder how much technical information on the project was passed on to the relevant scientific departments for vetting before the MoU was signed.”

    Probably none.

    Why would anybody want a bunch of scientists in there telling the truth and mashing up a good spree?

  27. @balance June 26, 2015 at 10:31 PM “If I may be allowed to digress for a moment and express disgust at the decision of the Supreme Court Of the Great Satan which effectively condemns life to death. Life is formed through the process of sexual activity between a man and woman and not a man and man or woman and woman. It is not therefore farfetched to suggest that if Bullers And wickers masquerading under the label as Gays continue to ride roughshod over establised practices that marriage as defined in the dictionary as a union between man and woman would be ridiculed and outlawed.”

    Dear balance:

    Nobody has ridiculed nor outlawed marriage. People are still free to marry or not to marry.
    Men and women in the United States and outside the United States are still free to have sex or not to have sex.
    People inside and outside the United States are still free to have children or not to have children.
    Americans make up a very small percentage of the world’s population and even if every American decided not to have children the world’s population would still continue to grow.
    The American Supreme Court can do as it pleases. Whatever the U.S. Supreme Court does or not not do is only binding on Americans and is not binding on the rest of the world. The rest of the world is free to follow or to ignore the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court.
    Why ya hafta go and call the people the Great Satan for? The U.S. Supreme Court like all courts everywhere is made up of men and of women (not of Gods) and men and women will err, and if they are sensible they (or another more sensible set of men and women) will correct those errors.
    I hope that you are not suggesting that sex is only for procreation? Because both you and I and all the rest of us have enjoyed and continue to enjoy a whole lot of sex just for the sheer pleasure of sexing. If every act of sex resulted in procreation we would all have fallen off the edge of our over crowded world by now.
    There are more than 8 billion people in the world. I don’t think that the world is going to run out of babies any time soon.
    If the gay people do not marry each other then whom should they marry? Are you willing to marry a gay person? Or have your son or daughter marry a gay person?
    Let the Americans do as they please in their own country, becausin’ as you well know we Bajans are not much into this marriage thing anyhow, not heterosexual marriage and not homosexual marriage.

  28. If I may be allowed to digress for a moment and express disgust at the decision of the Supreme Court Of the Great Satan which effectively condemns life to death. Life is formed through the process of sexual activity between a man and woman and not a man and man or woman and woman.

    On a point for accuracy ! let me digress here for a minute ,Life is formed between two partners of opposite sex which includes animal human or any species or form of life that have reproduction organs, interestingly enough homosexuals are known to have produce children (not by same sex contact ) however by engaing with partners of the opposite sex be them male or female,

  29. @ balance
    ..and to confirm the truth of your submission, Bushie now invites you to sit back and observe the consequences of such colossal idiocy in high places…..

    Watch in awe a ‘great’ society will collapse in disarray right before your eyes….

    Never mind the simple minded or the daft….
    There ARE spiritual laws in place…with INEVITABLE consequences attached. It is NOT POSSIBLE to do such high level shiite without suffering HIGH LEVEL consequences.

    In Barbados, we have not yet associated our institutionalised contempt for justice and honesty (CLICO, Cahill, CARSICOT, Greenland, Barrack, Carry-way-a-ton….etc) with our unprecedented decline into chaos…. cause Brass bowls don’t see such things.

    No doubt the USA will also fail to see the connections to the coming consequences…
    …but their asses will definitely FEEL it….(pun intended….)

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