Minister Michael Lashley Needs to Respond to Conflict of Interest Questions

The political spin doctors are out in numbers and if we listen to them the Barbados economy is on the bounce. We sure hope so!

However, while the country debates whether there will be about 1% growth or greater than 1%, a reminder economies in our key source tourist markets have been improving and therefore increasing has led to improving economies in the region. Not to forget international reserves appear healthy because of unprecedented low world oil prices.

BU will NOT be distracted and prefer to focus on the root cause of many of our societal challenges; one of governance. Take for example the repeated revelation the Transport Board has been sending buses to be repaired to private suppliers L&M and Tran-tech Inc and not UCAL. And that the minister is driving a vehicle registered to one of the suppliers of services to the Transport Board. Why has the government and the minister not feel the urgent need to respond to the accusation which if true is an obvious conflict of interest. Why is UCAL being starved of work to the point it is owed several million dollars by government?

We wait for the traditional media to engage in what is referred to as investigative journalism to find out more.

See comment submitted by Artaxerxes on the Transport Board Strike Conspiracy to Deceive blog.

But how can the DLP boldly face Barbadians on the issue of integrity when the integrities of their Speaker and Deputy Speaker have been compromised?

Transport Board employees staged a “strike” this morning citing supersession, unfair hiring practices and a myriad of other issues as their reason for the industrial action.

And UCAL also joined into the fray, claiming the TB owes them approximately $23M, which has presented UCAL’s management with some difficulty in paying employees their salaries/wages as well as their accrued bonuses.

Ironically, yesterday I was in the company of 2 UCAL employees who were complaining that they are not receiving any buses to fix, to the extent that they were given only one bus yesterday morning.
I asked where are the buses being sent for repairs; their reply was L & M in Cane Garden, St. Thomas and Trans Tech Inc. in Kendal Hill, Christ Church.
One guy argued that it was obvious the TB management and certain other individuals must be the recipients of some sort of ex gratia payments for ensuring all the work was being distributed between these two businesses, while an individual has had the fortune to be using a BMW SUV owned by Trans Tech.

What can we expect when politicians from both sides continue to breach integrity? The DLP must be held to scrutiny since they presently form the government.

How can the DEMS talk about integrity when they employed a former bank employee as the Manager of the Transport Board, just to say that this government created history by employing the first female manager of TB, especially when her only qualification for the job is being a member of the Democratic Labour Party.

The situation at TB has become worse since Sandra Forde became its general manager.

So, “it is truly (not) dumbfounding that the DLP yardies would give their party a free pass on integrity legislation as they sit on their backsides” and defend their position on this issue. “However, most knows the reason why.”

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  1. here is a sample of what jamaicans are saying about the CCJ approval by the House

    There is nothing to applaud here, the people of Jamaica will be expected to fund this club for retired politicians whilst the Privy council cost us absolutely nothing and guaranteed neutral decisions. The money which is going to be spent to keep this homage to a pretence of independence, considering every year we traverse the world with our begging bowl, would be better spent bolstering our local courts which are in dire need of resources.

  2. The Omar Watson matter has been adjourned three times, because the file has not been most likely completed by the investigating officers, however rest assured it will be submitted to the prosecutor and all parties will be summoned and OMAR WATSON will have his day in court,will he like the outcome? That’s another story he very well might not have the chance to blog about.

  3. Has anyone, by the way, has been following the case brought against Sanka Price and the nation newspaper, re the publication of the sex act between two minors? Some interesting reading,seems like Mr. PRICE has bungled himself with the email issue, i have noticed since this incident the email address to the column i confess has changed,interesting, i am sure the investigators have also made this observation. I wish him well, though it is clear that the publication of such a story was somewhat ill advised.

  4. @ D Ingrunt Word
    Yes, all public servants must be held to a high standard of integrity etc but they cannot be expected to deal with all types of innuendo and gossip. He may be as guilty as sin itself but that does not mean that he must respond to what is currently no more than a stupid rumor
    How exactly do YOU know it is just a ‘stupid rumour’ bozie?
    CLICO was ‘just a stupid rumour’ too …. until it was too late for thousands of losers…
    Four Seasons was just a stupid rumour too….until Persaud extracted his personal fortune..

    YOU must be the one smoking something funny…
    …here we are talking about a Bajan POLITICIAN…. a damn fella who goes all over the country at election time spreading rumours about his opponents, about himself, his backers, his sponsors and his character….
    These people RELISH the back and forth of throwing dirty linen water at each other ..and in having their PERSONAL business details explored for all to see…

    Now that this fella has got himself the keys to the national treasury, and all sorts of questionable actions and painful rumours have surfaced… you come round Bushie talking shiite about privacy….

    Man why the hell you don’t stick with cricket and leave the whacking business to Bushie nuh? ….Boss man… the cricket analogy yuh put down on Bushie above sweet as shiite… but your feeble attempt to justify yet another Parliamentary scamp REFUSING to be accountable to the people who put them …there is a different kinda shiite….

  5. @David “Take for example the repeated revelation the Transport Board has been sending buses to be repaired to private suppliers L&M and Tran-tech Inc and not UCAL. And that the minister is driving a vehicle registered to one of the suppliers of services to the Transport Board. ”

    We pay our Ministers how much again in salary and fringe benefits…$15,000 or so per month? Surely out of that any Minister can find a little $1,000 or so a month to buy himself/herself a half decent vehicle.


  6. @Caswell Franklyn May 10, 2015 at 7:50 AM “However, there is one rumour that would not go away which to my mind is far more serious that is calling out for the Minister to make a statement to clear his good name. And that is the allegations surrounding a suitcase of money that was seized from him in the USA.”

    Dear Caswell: Surely this rumor can’t be true. Because after all if the money is the Minister’s the Americans can’t sieze people’s money just so…and if they did all the Minister had to do was to say to the seizing officer “gimme back my money, please.”

    And another thing I know that we pay our Minister’s well…but surely not so well that they can accumalate money by the sitcase full? Can they?

    • Simple Simon

      I do not know one way or the other if the Minister went to Miami with a suitcase of US dollars; did not declare it; had the money seized; was escorted under guard back to Barbados minus the money; and his passport handed over to the authorities at the airport.

      All I am saying is that the Minister has a duty to come to the country and clear his good name. It is not good enough that he would sit down and allow his reputation to be savaged, probably by BLP operatives, not yardfowls. If he does not care about his good name that is one thing but this persistent rumour is helping to ruin the good name of Barbados because he is a minister of the Crown.

      I would be very happy to hear that there was no truth to the rumour but I want to hear that from the Minister. He owes the country that much.

      Sent from my iPad


  7. @ac May 10, 2015 at 8:16 AM ” instead of being goaded and guided by yardfowl politics.”

    ac what is the matter with you? You didn’t hear that our Prime Minister does not like us using the term yard fowl

  8. ac May 10, 2015 at 8:23 AM “how is it that theses issues being hashed out in the public arena remains dormant or “off hands” by the opposition. inquiring minds wants to know.”

    Sadly ac perhaps the opposition is as bad as the government.

  9. D Ingrunt Word May 10, 2015 at 10:42 AM “The other comment about suitcase full of money is also well past it’s 15 minutes of notice. Certainly if someone was so ‘smart’ to get caught like that then the US customs would have confiscated the money AND arrested him. Or is this to say he was traveling under diplomatic cover and was thus released.”

    The U.S. does not arrest sitting Cabinet Ministers…but they can refuse visas. Ministers may not mind being refused a visa…but if their wives are also refused visas and can’t shop in Miami or New York..then is cat piss and peppa for the Minister at home.”

  10. @Caswell

    I have told you many times that I like you bad. I have told you that if you run for office I would come home and help in your campaign but you said you are not interested. What is your obsession with Lashley having to clear his good name base on a rumour, unless you are in possession of documented proof that it is not a rumour. Why is it so important and how will it help change the shite. For me I see no reason for Michael Lashley to come out and clear the air on a rumour just because it will impact his reputation and that of Barbados. What this administration has been doing and are accused to be doing seems not to be a bother to their reputations. In other words I do not think that these people give a hoot about reputatons.Did anyone ask him to clear the air on the allege that he was getting for every house Jada was contracted to build, 5 or 10 grand? That was circulating, did he clear the air because it was tarnishing his reputation? What is the difference between that rumour and this one that he must clear his good name. Why not ask him to clear the air on that unless it was proven.

    Also why not let us ask the PM what is the extent of his relationship with Leroy Parris that he is willing to put his reputation on the line by declaring in parliament, he has a list of all those who lap up the Parris fraud deal without ever once referencing the contents of the forensic report that says Parris and Thompson were lying and stealing. This to me is a serious revelation that can harness its fair share of speculation and rumour mongering for this PM. Yet why are we not asking him to clear the air on why he attack those who lap up the deal and not the one who created the fraud.

    Also why not let us ask the PM come out and clear the air on why he has done nothing about the vote buying he said he witnessed. Imagine a Prime Minister of a land saying he witness a criminal act and leave it at that.

    I would think what is more interesting to the Michael Lashley situation is the relationship with this new contractor and the SUV they gave him, failing not to mention the hiring of a family member without any consideration to austerity they set in motion. By the way are these proven?If he is indeed the crook people are saying he is, then he cannot resist a deal and would have to be in the money with this new contractor if he could be so foolish, after the rumour of the suitcase of money, the JADA deal rumour and what ever else, to accept a SUV as a gift thinking its all business as usual and no one should get upset if he just accepts a gift. Let us ask him to clear his name on all these as well as the PM doing the same.

    • We should add to the list of questions the circumstances under which the Adopt -a-Kilometre project was awarded to Maloney and the Clarkes.

  11. Mere allegations that are not founded, the united states of America has very stringent laws that are in place for anyone who is engaged in money laundering, and a minister of any government from any where in the world found with the alleged amount of money that has been attributed to Mr.Lashley would have been arrested on the spot,i give absolutely no credence to this vile rumor , further more i have seen the said minister Lashley in the united states of America on several occasions since this rumor of the confiscation of his visa was was also mooted,it is time that the persons who seems to get the satisfaction of tarnishing peoples character desist from this wicked practice.

  12. Which part of this Lashes ting we cant seem to unnerstand?

    I. A fact, before it becomes a fact, can sometimes be a rumour. June 12th, 1972, the Watergate Scandal was a rumour that President Nixon categorically denied with the famous “I am not a crook statement. History records well his exit from the White House.

    II. Rumour has it that Michael Lashes was caught with a briefcase full of cash, the suitcase seized etc. etc. The action of arresting a person, PRIOR TO KNOWING that they are a diplomat, OR A PARTY COVERED BY DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY is not impossible. do a google of it and you see what is normally done when the person is identified as such.

    III. So that it is understood the extent to which parties are accorded diplomatic immunity i give the following.

    “The Burmese ambassador to Sri Lanka, found out in 1979 that his wife was having an affair, so he shot her.

    Then he built a funeral pyre in his yard — which was legally Burmese soil — and burned his wife’s body in full view of the press and the police, who were unable to do anything because of his immunity.

    Not only was the man never convicted of the crime, but he actually remained the Burmese ambassador”

    Are we starting to get a picture here of WHAT DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY MEANS?

    @ Brother Bush Tea

    I would seem that you have committed a serious sin here on BU to be asking for “one of your duly appointed Parliamentary Representatives (PIMPs), one who may have, according to the other two PIMPs Adriel Nitwith and President Fumbles, sorry PM, been in a constituency where there were instances of vote buying, to indicate whether the rumours of him transporting money are true.

    This attitude to castigate you on wanting accountability and the right thing seems to be one led by, and/or disturbingly in keeping with the AC sentiment that “all we ole peeple want killing”.

    I had feared this but it is an attitude that seems to have suddenly become the norm here.

    Before there was a time when people would put their name under your comment but now, because of the Omar case with Lashes, peeple does only like you.

    Dont stop speaking out about what is wrong or what you feel is wrong.

  13. Bushie “How exactly do YOU know it is just a ‘stupid rumour’ bozie?”

    Well according to Mr. Webster the Dick. ru·mor: a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.

    I stand corrected because it is not ‘stupid” as that is defined as lacking intelligence or common sense and it was harsh to label this as such.

    But please proceed to whack at this stupid windmill. And windmill here seen of course re the Don Quixote context. Ok.

  14. Ms Sweet Piece

    You of all people should know that there is no one, absolutely, no one that can influence the SSS. Not even my die hard loving DLP father. I assert my opinion on the basis as to why must Lashely clear his reputation concerning a suitcase of money at this stage if it is all just rumour. Surely you should know that I have no support whatsoever for liars, thieves, people who take bribes and those who take advantage of the poor. I do not hold this administration in any type of esteem though I am DLP supporter but not for this deceitful wicked bunch. If diplomatic immunity afforded Lashley to get away with this allege crime of money laundering, I would like simply to know how others found out about it and at which port did it occur. We have two accounts: one says confiscation at an American airport. The other is saying at our Barbados Airport. We also had account that says that Lashley was barred from coming into the states. Now we have an account that says after this confiscation he was seen several times in the states. Are you saying that the immunity afforded him the return of his visa and thus he was free to travel again. You provided supporting information to back your diplomatic immunity claim. Tell me sweet piece, the only man I respect on here along with David, Tea Bush and a few others, how is one to dicifer the truth from the lie, the reality from the created fiction.

  15. @ D Ingrunt Word
    …so then, according to your logic, as long as someone remains ignorant, even the most obvious FACTS are really “ru-mors” to that person…?

    What is REALLY funny here, is that those who are ignorant are making a case to REMAIN IN IGNORANCE…….whereas Caswell (and Bushie) are merely calling for clarification from the one person who surely KNOWS the facts….so that NO one remains ignorant….and the rumours go away…

    You may wish to reconsider WHO is joisting at windmills…..

    @ David
    Clarification? ha ha ha LOL
    You are so easy to please….
    …that verbiage says nothing… sounds like one of the ACs using another pen name….
    Lotta shiite, all general statements that are mostly incorrect (what the US authorities would do depends on the status of the suspect) and the rest about what credence the writer would give…and what they think others should refrain from doing…

    A comment worthy of a good flush….

  16. Any one heard Denis Kellman on Brasstacks recently?I haven’t heard him since he called in to “clarify” that Sagicor had some “assistance” from Government funds resulting in Doddridge blasting his ass out of the water and clearly the into Paris Primate taking action to ensure there will be no recurrence,hence Kellman like he get ban’.And what about the “threats” on the life of the sinkler man overheard by two unknown persons and which was told to the assembled members of the Poor Rakey Parliament on public TV in full view of the bajan citizens.And hear this same man yesterday giving the citizens “my assurance” that the BRA etc etc.Your assurance sir?It ent worth shoite nigga…..

  17. Would it not be a simple act for the esteemed gentleman and/or his government to have published in local media and covered on government TV, images of said person performing government sanctioned duties in the USA and without mention to any allegation, as an effective method of dispelling rumor?

  18. @ Bushie

    Yes, David is much too kind, sometimes.

    On the basis that the US laws are so stringent beggars the assumption that that modern Rome is some light to the world.

    The opposite is in fact true.

    To the uninitiated, it may certainly appear thus. However, once a critical examination is undergone the true nature of that experiment comes to the fore.

    An examination which stripes the system of its marketing propagandists, it will be clear to a blind man that the American system is indeed the epitome of the opposite of law and justice………………..from top to bottom. no exceptions!

    That’s exceptionalism for you.

    David stop being too kind, too Bajan! LOL

  19. ac May 12, 2015 at 8:20 AM #
    The fact that an allegation lodged against a person without proof and deemed to be “atruth” shoud be punished with laughter.. accusations and allegations are like assholes every body has one even the professor brass bowl

    I know someone else who loves to allude to the above, I have always considered them just as dumb, just as ignorant and viper-ish as the AC consortium. It’s just a matter of time before Lashley gets his ass in a sling because of his greed.

    When people cannot see and the lawyers, doctors and politicians refuse to acknowledge that conflict of interest is not in the best interest of the island but only serves self-interests, then they too will realize the reason why everything that is bad and unhealthy about Barbados’ society and the people who call themselves it’s leaders are now in the public domain worldwide so everyone can see what the average bajan has to contend with on a daily basis, many never believed that all of this information would come to light….come out things.

    FYI….people who have claims against Beacon Insurance are asked to do their investigations when searching for an attorney to represent their interests in court. Mia Mottley, her father Elton Mottley and all the lawyers in their respective law offices work for Beacon Insurance.

    As usual neither Mottleys or the lawyers who work for them would think twice about taking a claimant’s case although they know it represents a direct CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

    The claimant would be left for years wondering why he/she never gets a court date and if they do, why they never get any money in compensation; not realizing that politicians, lawyers and doctors on the island see nothing wrong with working both sides against the middle, as long as they get paid, they are amoral and disgusting.

  20. @ SSS

    You said “You of all people should know that there is no one, absolutely, no one that can influence the SSS.”

    Yes over the course of the time here I realise that you hold no brief for anyone and have a dislike euphemism for hatred for liars, charlatans and those PIMPs on both sides of the political spectrum who would seek to destroy Barbados as this group called the DLP are doing singlehandedly.

    I have come to an appreciation of the Bush Man based on a “resignation” as to the inevitable results that he has already ascribed to a situation even though he would seem to be saying or asking one question.

    When the Bush Tea asks the question ” AC, are you a female rabbit?” it is not because he has a reservation in his mind as to the possible answer to that question. He has moved beyond query, past the state of “incredulity which we mortals grapple with to a place “beyond”

    I will call that place “the Azimuth of Rhetorical Affirmation”

    When you understand that term you would arrive at the point where the Bush Tea is really not asking a question nor is he amazed and the patented stupidity of the subject.

    No he is seeking to say, for the benefit of us slow learners “here are the facts”

    He has only stated these facts in question form so that readers coming to peruse the information AFTER HIM could skip to the crux of the matter.

    So in this matter of Michael Lashes, Bush Tea long ago has arrived at the clear understanding that Michael Lashes (i) DOES NOT HAVE to say a pang anywhere on this matter (ii) WILL NOT SAY anything on this issue anywhere (iii) CANNOT Say anything on this matter and (iv) even though he may be as dumb as shyte SHOULD NOT SAY anything on this matter because, depending on the objectives of the Government of the USA, they can let slip the full details of the stoppage, interrogation, seizure and subsequent release of the currently diplomatically immune Minister of Cabinet, a person whom IT IS NOT IN THEIR INTEREST, at this time, to estrange the PIMPS in the country where their regional CIA HQ is domiciled.

    Let me simplify it for you.

    To express outrage as to the act etc and to have him chastized in one thing. But to debar him is to risk an incident where the tenuous PUP (Party Up in Parliament) might, because of the impact of such a revelation would have on the public of Barbados, put the said PUP in an “embarrassing” situation.

    Ok so let us go then a little further on this ole man conjecture.

    Let us say the US were to say we (i) exposing Lashes’ indiscretion. They dont even have to go the next step re barring Lashes fuh this contravention.

    Once in the public domain this money laundering attempt will be an embarrassment that the DLP WILL NEVER LIVE DOWN.

    The US is rightfully concerned about “if it escalated” and if it were to go to “an untenable situation” it could mean that the US Embassy could be asked to withdraw its Class A Marine Corps Embassy Security Group and CIA Field Division stationed in the Latin American theatre.

    So here is the response.

    We quietly make known our concerns over this incident. The GoB assures us it wont happen again and Lashes gets some verbal lashes. All of the current PIMPS pensions remain intact.

    But retribution from the government of the USofA is like the memory of an elephant, they will not forget

    WUNNA TINK dat as we get ole we does get foolish nuh?

  21. Tell them Piece……that information has more power than anyone on BU can relate to, hell if I had the energy to use it, I would too….lol

  22. The BWA moved into spanking new headquarters in 1978 at the Pine,St Michael.Immediately the Minister ,Sleepy Smith announced a steep increase in “Water Rates”.Leaks continued and Canon Hatch on Brasstacks lamented the fact that reports reaching him indicated that BWA was losing over 50% of the water owing to leaks in the old mains.
    In 1989/90 or thereabout,PM Erskine Sandiford took away a nest egg Mr Sealy was accumulating to replace those leaking mains.Rumour has it that Sandiford arbitrarly removed that nest egg and transferred it to the Consolidated Fund.Sandiford,then Minister of Finance, had given enormous increases in salaries to senior civil servants,and this resulted in shortfalls in the Treasury.The fact that maids and other low income public workers got little or no increase was neither here nor there for Sandiford.The upshot of these sleight of hand events resulted in the DLP being returned to Government in 1991.
    Fast forward to 2015.The leaks continue and the BWA has built another concrete monster headquarters for the BWA.
    Whither the priorities of the DLP?What a sorry bunch of JA’s.Definitely not Errol Barrow style.

  23. LT.Haratio Caine. ac salute you for the truth and honesty you have brought to this forum in your commentary words to the effect which would be foreign to riftrafts and schizophrenic dictators like bush sh..te

  24. @pieceuhderockyeahright May 13, 2015 at 6:43 AM “The Burmese ambassador to Sri Lanka, found out in 1979 that his wife was having an affair, so he shot her. Then he built a funeral pyre in his yard — which was legally Burmese soil — and burned his wife’s body in full view of the press and the police, who were unable to do anything because of his immunity. Not only was the man never convicted of the crime, but he actually remained the Burmese ambassador”

    Off topic but this shows how little value the Burmese government of the day placed on the lives of horner women.

    The Burmese government could have revoked the diplomatic status of their ambassador and could have permitted the Sri Lanka government to try him for murder and if found guilty to execute him.

    Question: Has the Barbados government ever been asked to waive the diplomatic immunity of any money carrying//money laundering cabinet ministers and if so has the government agreed to waive the diplomatic immunity, or does the Barbados government (all parties) always refuse such requests.

    And if a foreign government has “something” on a sitting Cabinet Minister is that foreign government then is a position to exert pressure on that government?

  25. @LT. HORATIO CAINE. May 13, 2015 at 6:26 AM “Mere allegations that are not founded, the united states of America has very stringent laws that are in place for anyone who is engaged in money laundering, and a minister of any government from any where in the world found with the alleged amount of money that has been attributed to Mr.Lashley would have been arrested on the spot.”

    Dear Lt. Caine:

    Has the United States ever arrested a sitting Cabinet Minister from any country?

    If so can you tell us when the arrest took place?

    Where the arrest took place?

    What was the outcome?

  26. Dear Lt. Caine:

    I think that you are being disingenuous in your defense of the Minister.

    You know as well as I do that the United States does not arrest sitting Cabinet members.

  27. Anthony May 13, 2015 at 7:05 AM ‘… Khamraj Lall…”

    Lall was NOT a diplomat or a Cabinet Minister. He was just a pilot. The U.S. arrests drug trafficking pilots all the time.

    Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
    Diplomatic immunity is a form of legal immunity that ensures diplomats are given safe passage and are considered not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution under the host country’s laws, although they can still be expelled. It was agreed as international law in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), though the concept and custom have a much longer history. Many principles of diplomatic immunity are now considered to be customary law. Diplomatic immunity as an institution developed to allow for the maintenance of government relations, including during periods of difficulties and even armed conflict. When receiving diplomats—who formally represent the sovereign—the receiving head of state grants certain privileges and immunities to ensure they may effectively carry out their duties, on the understanding that these are provided on a reciprocal basis.

    Originally, these privileges and immunities were granted on a bilateral, ad hoc basis, which led to misunderstandings and conflict, pressure on weaker states, and an inability for other states to judge which party was at fault. An international agreement known as the Vienna Conventions codified the rules and agreements, providing standards and privileges to all states.

    It is possible for the official’s home country to waive immunity; this tends to happen only when the individual has committed a serious crime, unconnected with their diplomatic role (as opposed to, say, allegations of spying), or has witnessed such a crime. However, many countries refuse to waive immunity as a matter of course; individuals have no authority to waive their own immunity (except perhaps in cases of defection). Alternatively, the home country may prosecute the individual. If immunity is waived by a government so that a diplomat (or their family members) can be prosecuted, it must be because there is a case to answer and it is in the public interest to prosecute them. For instance, in 2002, a Colombian diplomat in London was prosecuted for manslaughter, once diplomatic immunity was waived by the Colombian governmen

  29. Bushie kind of justice.

    “He immediately took his position on the bench and declared in the voice that oozed annoyance and misery, that he was tired of having to interrupt his Saturday morning gardening to come to court, and he was therefore in no mood for time-wasting. He further announced he would be lenient with anyone who pleaded guilty, but anybody who pleaded not guilty and then he found them guilty, he was sending them straight to Glendairy Prison, regardless of the offence.””

  30. @Caswell Franklyn “there is one rumour that would not go away which to my mind is far more serious that is calling out for the Minister to make a statement to clear his good name. And that is the allegations surrounding a suitcase of money that was seized from him in the USA.”

    Caswell if the Minister will not talk to you surely the U.S. Embassy knows the answer. If you ask maybe their Public Affairs Officer Yolonda Kerney will tell you:

  31. Ambrose ‘Dick’ Walcott,a fee paid graduate of Oxford,son of the fearless,hard talking EK Walcott,famed AG. of Barbados in the good ole days of law and order Buhbaydus,told a story of a certain young upstart who took over part of his father’s big business.This upstart fellow named Brian had done repairs to Lill’s(his madam)computer and refused to give it back until the bill was paid in full.Dick said Ok Brian,I got some former prisoners that owe me a favor.If you don’t send the computer by 10 o’clock tomorrow morning,tell your father why all the show windows glass get break up.
    The computer was returned by Brian ‘eself cos he wasn’t gine tfek no chances wid Dick Walcott,the barefoot magistrate who wore his gown when on the bench and held court at night too!

  32. @ Gabriel
    If you don’t send the computer by 10 o’clock tomorrow morning,tell your father why all the show windows glass get break up.
    Oh shiite …. YOU!!! Bushie like he in truth yuh….

  33. DEAR simple simon can you tell me how many elected officials in these united states of America have been arrested and criminally prosecuted for Offences ranging from prostitution,to simply spending funds on secret girlfriends etc. Do you believe that a cabinet minister from a perceived third world country with a suitcase of money which would afford evidence to suggest money laundering would be given a slap on the wrist? I think not dear simple simon,i think not.

  34. Bushie
    An old lady brought an old man into Walcott’s court and the old guy was shuffling like he had St Vitus dance.Walcott done know how Bajans can put on an act in court and must have seen through what the two were doing.Hear Walcott “look dis en no coroners court.get he out a hay rite now.Get he outta my court constable”on another occasion,Walcott refuse to hear further cases saying”My Union,the NUPW pun strike,so I am strike.All cases adjourned”

  35. Is there any truth that a certain Minister of Government has bought Easy Hall Great House? The one which was previously owned by a multi millionaire, the same one who, I believed, had gifted the sugar industry some $1/4 Million some years ago to start the sugar harvest.

  36. Why are we straying so far away from the topic. I have raised some questions concerning the same minister as well as the doings of the PM that I think are all disturbing developments that have enough nasty to tarnish reputations. I want to know why we are not interested in the PM’s complete ignore of the findings of the forensic report. How people can sit back and accept his trumped up shite about a list of those who bought into the sweet real estate deal and has not once reference the lies from two liars concerning 3.33 million and the other lie that saw a crooked dead PM giving CLICO a 10 million dollar injection into a company he had foreknowledge had already sunk. The current PM has esteemed Leroy Parris and call him friend. These are reputation tarnishing develoments and yet the persons at the centre of these controversies seem not to be bothered about what is being said about them, regardless if it is damaging to their reputations or not. I see nothing coming from these people that say they are bothered by rumours, all except Donville Inniss, who is trying to turn a moral leaf but you people keep on bringing back up his pass immoralities.

  37. So Mr Denis Lowe has promised to “deal sternly” with anyone found dumping garbage illegally.Whatanass.I did not know that Lowe is a policeman,further that he is a magistrate or judge.The foolish,sick JA.
    Next he invokes patriotism when he suggests that the truckers are holding the citizens to ransom.Patriotism,the last refuge of scoundrels like Lowe.

  38. LOL @ Gabriel
    Skippa, the way you are hitting of late …Bushie is seriously looking at retirement from this whacking shiite yuh…. Wuh you got the damn bushes round the place so neat and lowe …. not a damn thing left fuh Bushie to whack…
    …’cept for a few Ants and Centepedes (ACs) 🙂

    Until Lowe comes clean with his mother’s fortune ..and his reluctance to share it with his siblings …NOBODY of worth will want to hear one shiite from him….
    If his siblings were smart they would keep FAR from that tainted fortune anyway…

    In any case, Bushie dissed him since the Allard emails showed him to be nothing more than a high price prostitute selling off citizen’s asses to the highest bidders….

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