Integrity Reflections – the background


“…legislation must be followed or driven by will. Laws are just what they are, convoluted and meaningless blocks of text until they are made alive/and relevant by human effort, human with a reasonable degree of collective/societal rectitude…”

—Quote from one of the several FaceBook convos emerging from last week’s column.

It was alleged, in a 2006 lawsuit (CV 2006-0817), that the Integrity Commission wrote to the Directors of TSTT to exempt them from filing declarations as required under the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA). The existence of that letter was never denied and that litigation ended by compromise at an Appeal Court Hearing on 28 October 2013.

It seems improper for any Public Authority to issue a letter which negates the law. I have on several occasions requested that the Commission publish the 2006 letter, but to no avail. Given…

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  • The trick here is trying to get Bajan politicians to understand this well written piece by Afra.

    Worldwide, laws have been made up as they go along for too many centuries and they should not but are seen by those in positions of authority and power as tools to be circumvented for their own gains; everyone else is expected to adhere to these laws and go to jail if they do not comply, everyone else that is except those who are in a position of power and whom they deem above the law.

    I understood it fully after living for many years in the US, it’s all just made up. In saying that there must be some form of laws to keep things in perspective, but it’s all starting to look like a farce, particularly in some Caribbean countries, the leaders are most often the culprits.


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