Barbados Losing the War

Of recent North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un has become the focal point of USA’s foreign policy.

Not long ago it was Saddam Hussein of Iraq, a country that was invaded based on a lie. There were no weapons of mass destruction stupid!  The wonton destruction of property dated  to the  period of Babylonia is enough to challenge those with the strongest faith that there is a God.

We should not forget General Muammar Gaddafi of Libya who was ‘taken out’ because he dared to buck the establishment. All knowledgeable observers agree that Gaddafi was no saint if  a Western definition is applied, the BU counter is that leading a country in the Middle East requires an alternative approach to governing in much the same way the West appears to have accepted a communist system of government in China.

Another ‘bad man’ is Syria’s Bashar Hafez al-Assad reported by the Western media as using chemical weapons on his people. Up until 2010 Assad was viewed as a respectable leader in the ME until he took a contrary position on Arab Spring protesters. The world community slammed the door on Syria and a civil war has been fought since that time. We weep at the thousands of civilians killed, the destruction of ancient cities and relic. However, one has to wonder to what extent the decimation of a country mentioned in the Bible is as a result of an ME foreign policy by the West gone bad.

Many Barbadians live lifes oblivious to the inter-connectivity of global economies and the immediate effect caused by the blurring of national boundaries. Although one has to ‘wonder’ at the thought of the only superpower proposing to go to war with North Korea, a lilliputian nation in comparative terms. Barbadians should be concerned that should a military event occur it would have catastrophic implications for Barbados and the region.  The impact on our economies as a result of 911 and the Iraq war are recent examples.

A key concern would be the disruption to international shipping lanes and the impact on the delivery of food and other essentials by a country that imports almost 700 million dollars worth. Not to mention the uncertainty caused by a significant military event on leisure travel.  No need to remind that Barbados must earn foreign exchange to pay its bills. Last check foreign reserves dipped to less than 10 weeks of import cover as at June 2017 or a smidgen over 300 million, the lowest since 2000.

Instead of promoting a national discussion about how we mobilize our people to tackle food security, we have to listen to head of the Barbados Agriculture Society (BAS) James Paul mouthing about gangs in his constituency, a prime minister attacking a spent force in Arthur and last but not to be forgotten, the deafening silence of David Estwick, minister of agriculture.

If after eight years of witnessing an economy struggling to achieve anemic economic growth and the social decay that has taken root evidenced by lawless members of the criminal underworld waving high-powered weapons in crowed areas is not enough to shape a more relevant narrative by civil society (including our political class), then may God have mercy on our souls..


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  1. “A key concern would be the disruption to international shipping lanes and the impact on the delivery of food and other essentials by a country that imports almost 700 million dollars worth”

    That would be a blessing in disguise for Barbados and will finally open the population’s eyes that they alone are responsible for their own food security….

    …..I bet other Caribbean islanders will be fully prepared because they never stopped growing their own food….never, not in the last 50 years and replace it by importing toxic garbage.

  2. David

    When you talk about the ‘world community’ or the international community you mean the Americans and the Europeans.

    This nomenclature covers the hegemonic American Empire with a plurality, undeserving. The group think of the few nations operating under duress.

    But these are the kinds of things one can get away with when you are White, have nuclear weapons to threaten non-nuclear states and possess an ability to print money endlessly to bribe the world or finance wars upon it.

    Nobody wants to remember that this Great Satan, as Khomeini (PBUH) called it, has over 1000 military bases around the planet constantly threatening world nations.

    A nation with boast of its ability to torture prisoners of war. Not that torture is not a lived experience in America’s prison industrial complex, as well.

    And of course such a great satan could make hegemonic ‘mistakes’ over and over again by invading, destabilizing, making war on, the peoples of Mother Earth without consequence – they believe.

    Amid this maelstrom of evil, the protected observer will never guess that the same forces which brought down the British empire are at advance stages within the united states, the home front. For it has never been possible to run an empire abroad and a democracy at home, never! And no amount of Hollywood movies or propaganda can changed that dynamic.

    If Karma is the *itch, which we believe to be the case, it would not be an over-estimation to see this pernicious American Empire collapsing overnight, any night now!

    There was a time when people were afraid of America’s military might and bowed to its industrial ingenuity. These days the USA can only survive as a world power entirely based on its war making economy – it’s a futility.

    Except for Grenada, the USA has lost every conflict in 75 years.

    They have recently lost the terrorist supported war on the people of Syria. Their pipe dream is to be able to use the British strategy of divide and rule by holding on to Raqqah as a beach head to for annexation, breaking of Syria, Iraq, into several mini-states. This will not happen either.

    For a so-called great power, like the Americans, to have to continue to get others to do their bidding suggest weakness. Russia and China are to convince Pyongyang to denuclearize, while Trump and Maddog Maddux resort to the only effective threat they have.

    In all this nobody takes the time to try to understand why Kim Jong-Un believes confrontation is impossible to avoid.

    As far as he is concerned the Korean War has not ended, and he is right. There are many US military bases surrounding the DPRK as part of the greater battle to come with China. The America client state in the south of the Korean peninsular has outsourced its defense to Washington. America is constantly threatening the DPRK with military drills – rumours of war, as ‘the book’ says.

    The DPRK is a country which lost more than 20% of its population in the Korean War. Was bombed to smithereens in the 1950s by the Americans and their allies. It was invaded by Japan during WW2.

    Jong-Un is now looking at more great powers war scenarios in the wider region – the South China Sea and so on. He has long faced threats from the USA. He sees what America has done to Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Czechoslovakia and others.

    He rationally believes that possession of thermal nuclear weapons would act as a guarantor against American aggression – and he is right. These people only invade those without an ability to deliver death in their cities, on their homeland.

    So as bellicose as Kim Jong-Un maybe, there is a method to his madness.

    We wonder why, as default, most people can sleep comfortably knowing that Donald Trump has 10,000 nuclear war heads, some on trigger alert, while for Kim Jong-Un, not one is to be in his hands.

    Surely, any nuclear weapons held by anyone must be totally unacceptable. This state of affairs only exists because the western powers continue to deceive the real ‘international community’ after 50 years.

    • @Pacha

      You are giving a pass to those countries in the West who meekly acquiesce to the geopolitics of the Americans at the Security Council is one example and so on?

      This nomenclature covers the hegemonic American Empire with a plurality, undeserving. The group think of the few nations operating under duress.

  3. David

    We see the UN as an extension of American power, no more could be expected of it. This was always the case.

    For example, in the case of the Iraq War, though the UN itself deemed it to be ‘illegal’, this toothless tiger could do nothing to stop such an illegal enterprise.

    John Bolton was right about the UN.

    • @Pacha

      We have agreement.

      It will be interesting to observe how #45 and his neophyte ME advisor et al counter the challenge North Korea poses with China an unwilling player.

  4. David

    It is because of the complicity of the UN with empire nations like the DPRK will have to seek their own protection with nuclear weapons.

    Outside of the Security Council, the non-permanent nations nor general council you referred to have no real power to contain empire, no alternative consciousness.

  5. Blogmaster David, I suggest that you are grammatically inaccurate: Lost the war… not losing.

    Unfortunately, we have performed in this manner for too many yesrs for any current mobilisation to save us from dire circumstances, and even more important any outright war in the Korean Peninsula will be too large a global castastrophe from which to overcome with anything we have in place.

    It would be dire and dark for many years.

    One can equate this to the recent devastation in Texas multiplied 10 fold….

    Consider many years where…

    *Buildings were allowed in areas suited historically as flood plain catchment areas
    *Then there was a proliferation of such construction
    *And all that was followed by an event that tho considered possible had not been seen in the lifetime of many residents

    Major conniption.

    If we consider that same hurricane and multi day drenching of rain on Bim then no amount of planning could alleviate the dire pain… and the devastation of places like Sandy Lane and other hotel properties, our airport and general infrastructure.

    Or consider if current hurricane Irma had taken a similar path … no amount of planning would save south-east Texas and towns like Rockport from being wiped off the map….

    Take all that and double it… and only then would we approach this DPRK folly.

    Can anyone be ever really prepared for such!

    • @Dee World

      In the face of abject hopelessness the construct of the human spirit is to project hope.

      In the scenario you raised were it to occur in Barbados we remind you of the fable of the Phoenix and the ashes.

  6. As Putin observed,Kim has seen what happened to Gaddaffi when he gave up his plans for WMD.He was hanged like a common criminal.Kim knows the US will only respect bullies like itself.The irony of it all,is that Trump,a 70+ mental case,has met his match a 30+ mental case.
    Meanwhile a massive category 4 Irma barrels towards the USA as a reminder that man is not always in control of his destiny and that the best man made plans are subject to the laws of the universe.

  7. David, you noted “China an unwilling player”. Is she really.

    This is the most insidious con job ever perpetuated for years and now the perfect patsy can be finally played and the con won.

    China literally owns the US economy… to the tune of a $200 plus Bil US export trade, $600+ overall… and too overwhelming purchases of US paper and more.

    One would think war is the last thing they can accept. Yet they have aided and abetted DPRK for generations.

    One simple context.

    War also sets China quicker on the path as the world’s dominant economy. No need to be prolix as the evidence is clear on how the US would be severely impacted if hostilities actually begin.

    Regardless of their devastating response to Kim the cyber attacks (many initiated by the same China) and other various atracks on US homeland would be catastrophic.

    And into the breach up steps China…not Russia.

    So an “uwilling China” who will take some serious border pain for some major geographic gain.

    • @Dee Word

      You must factor the refugee problem that will erupt if there is a war. The variable of a compromise DMZ and of course Sino Russia relations. The issue is bigger than you suggest.

  8. @ Pacha
    As usual, you have an expert grasp of the global strategic situation.

    Bushie will make a prediction that the next coming thermo-nuclear conflagration will not be in NK, but in a much more familiar locale….

    He who diggers a well….

  9. Yes, but of course David it’s a very big issue….thus my query: can we ever truly prepare.

    I focused purely on your China remark. But to the larger geographical gains obviously at play they would be grave conniption. No room to debate that in depth and bore folks to tears…so simple it is to portend the complex.

    David, for all REAL terms what ‘ compromise DMZ’ what! That is pure war theory punditry chatter. You yourself noted (or was it Pacha) that North and South Korea NEVER signed a peace treaty… they are technically still ‘at war’.

    So do you really believe that if the madman starts firing nukes at Guam that he will not immediately take incoming from US forces in the South and will then IMMEDIATELY obliterate South Korea (or as much as he can)…DMZ and all else before his country is toasted.

    Of course Russia and China immediately go into ‘defcon 1’ as well in their war readiness but do you really, really think they will be so asinine as too become direct participants.

    But I must add that DPRK’s Kim likely has a few US made and branded armaments in his repertoire … and when hostilities start he surely willl fire them from their southern border into China and Russia. That’s subterfuge that would start true conniption.

    But back to the point, with the devastation of South Korea of course the entire world changes.

    As Pacha notes the type of Bolton rhetoric on the ineffective, uselessness of the UN would be made clear. And I repeat, into the large breech steps China with its Reminbi reserve currency.

    Yes, of course Russia also steps up, just as too the others on the US permanent security council…but alas that club would have to change…if a nuclear cat is able to jump out the bag despite them then surely all bets are null n void.

    And close the circle…who is a power player on the Security Council who shares a border with this madman and will be intractable intertwined with his madness.

    Should I delve into war games planning which stipulates the acceptable collateral damage from any hostility…

    ….Last I checked China could lose an entire volume of people equal to the US population and still be the third or fourth largest country in the world… nonsense to think such simplistic piffle of course… but hopefully you get my point: this is a China con to win…not Russia.

    But I gone…until.

  10. America has designs of entering DRPK and China is ensuring that the USA doesn’t have a bridgehead on its borders.There’s more in what China sees as its survival and its goal of becoming a super power,displacing the USA.

  11. David

    The Americans would like to destroy the DPRK to be better able to surround China, destabilize it as a prelude to a conventional war.

    That is what the Americans would like. This serves their aims.

    They don’t care about the DPRK, per se. or nuclear weapons in particular. They see the DPRK as a buffer state protection China’s NE flank.

    They would prefer to use other means of course. Cultural infiltration, the evangelical-dominionists, the issue of Tibet, the issue of Uighur – Muslims in the restive west, you should expect the Daesh-Al-Queda-Isis terrorists to be transported on China’s or Russia’s borders next, to try to destroy them from within.

    Of course, at some point we will be hearing something about democracy.

    Even the banker to the US needs ‘democracy’. Especially when you don’t want to or cannot pay trillions in debt. War is always a good option to destroy your creditors.

    Well this is nothing new they tried it before, Tienanmen Square, 1989

  12. I gotta step off….but really.

    How can it make sense to desire to go to war with the nation that owns your financial paper in a big way and is your largest trading partner for imports by a proverbial country mile.

    In which economic or conventional sense does that make SENSE other than left and right wing talk shops.

    After the US encircles China then what… will obliterate their 1 million strong arms forces with their superior tech…which the Chinese have replicated from all the hacking they have done and all the US corps eager to tap into their vast market.

    This US -China war argument makes as much sense as Trump’s threat to end trade with all those who abet DPRK – or whatever the UN Ambassdor said. It is the US citizens that will be decimated in the short, middle and long terms.


  13. Hardly a week goes by that Pachamama does not predict the imminent collapse of the American Empire. He is like the lunatic preachers of the Christian evangelical movement who are forever predicting that the End is near.

    Then there is the drivel about China “owning” the US economy, which is the dead giveaway that his understanding of the international economic system is as superficial as cocktail party chatter.

    The problem with the education of most middle class professionals is that it is hopelessly narrow. A man who spends a few years in medical school or law school, and has no formal or systematic understanding of macroeconomics, finance, management, sociology, anthropology, political science or international relations feels himself superbly qualified to make grand pronouncements about the organization and governance of society.

    • It would be for you for two reasons, it is critical of your party, you have always struggled with comprehension therefore connecting dots will be your challenge. The thesis of the article i.e. focusing on food security given a a turbulent global place and our high import bill. Of course an article just focusing on food security OR the rising tension in Asia without linking the two would have been up your alley.

  14. @ David

    Perhaps Kevin is confusing your article with the shiite Freundel Stuart spoke at the DLP’s annual conference. Stuart’s speech “was all over the place and a total waste” as well.

  15. I already said my piece on the crap with which Stuart polluted my TV screen and which forced me to switch to MSNBC.Peter Wickham gave a proper alanysis today of the said pukish offering by Stuart,another clear example of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.Stuart was also dressed down by none other Owen Arthur himself who said he had no such discussion with this lying specimen of humanity out of Marley Vale ,St Philip.Stuart,jackass extraordinaire,never mind Barbados in dire economic distress,can find time to waste, making up a story lapped up by his adoring fans of misguided Dems.

    • It is clear Stuart and his band of strategist plan to attack Mia on the issue of class which aligns with the view of Payne, Arthur and co.

  16. Just give South Korea, and Japan nuclear weapons they can respond with. They don’t have to conduct tests, etc. Then put the real squeeze on the economic barricade. Starve North Korea so that the people will revolt. If Kim kills everyone there won’t be anyone left to defend it.

    “The Korean War

    After five years of simmering tensions on the Korean peninsula, the Korean War began on June 25, 1950, when the Northern Korean People’s Army invaded South Korea in a coordinated general attack at several strategic points along the 38th parallel, the line dividing communist North Korea from the non-communist Republic of Korea in the south. North Korea aimed to militarily conquer South Korea and therefore unify Korea under the communist North Korean regime. Concerned that the Soviet Union and Communist China might have encouraged this invasion, President Harry S. Truman committed United States air, ground, and naval forces to the combined United Nations forces assisting the Republic of Korea in its defense. President Truman designated General Douglas MacArthur as Commanding General of the United Nations Command (UNC).”

    One thing about Bajans, we have answers to everyone’s problems except our own!

  17. And Lowedown the corrupt appears to have morality, read laws supporting same sex unions, as his mantra.The gall of this specimen talking of morality.

  18. Look when Owen was still PM he was trying to get us to plant more food. We laughed. Agriculture for some reason is not attractive to Bajans. There is money and jobs in it. When the Guyanese was bout here thick, the industry picked up, but we run them away, now its back on its downward spiral.

  19. Was it not the DLP who ran the Guyanese out of Barbados?

    Remember David Thompson went down to Guyana and told them…………ever so welcome, wait for a call!

    Maxine McClean and Dennis Kellman were on Brasstacks telling Barbadians that 30,000 Guyanese were in Barbados and then it was revealed that this was all a lie………….

    • Let us not make this an issue. The records will show that very few Guyanese were deported and in fact the exodus from Barbados was because the Guyana economy started to improve.

  20. The following sent to BU’s inbox.

    It was extremely disheartening we did not hear from the Pan Africanist not the government of Barbados. However, Barbados Prime Minister publicly offered condolence and sympathy to the person’s suffering in Texas. We just so not appreciate our own.

    Below is an extract:


    In response to the passionate appeal made by the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Ethiopia to all African Member States as well as to the international partners, following the devastating flood and mudslides that claimed the lives of hundreds of people, the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba has sent a Note to the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Addis Ababa, on Monday 4th September, 2017 informing that the Government of Cuba has decided to respond to the request for international assistance to help reduce the devastation caused by the heavy rains and mudslides that have resulted to hundreds of fatalities and substantial material losses.

    In light of the above, the Government of Cuba will be sending an emergency medical team to Sierra Leone for three months. The team will be comprised of 11 personnel: four (4) specialists in comprehensive internal medicine; two (2) specialists in epidemiology; three (3) nurses; one (1) Coordinator and the Head of the Cuban Medical Team who will be assisted by a Specialist for logistical issues.

    Presenting the Note to Ambassador Osman Keh Kamara, Sierra Leone’s Permanent Representative to the African Union, H.E. Juan Manuel Rodriguez Vazquez, Ambassador of Cuba to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia informed that his Government would appreciate receiving an immediate response from the Government of Sierra Leone regarding the acceptance of the offer made by the Republic of Cuba.

    The official Note, which was received by Ambassador Keh Kamara from the Ambassador of Cuba in respect of the above offer, has been transmitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Sierra Leone for necessary action.

    Abdul Karim Koroma

    Information Attaché

    Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone

    Addis Ababa"

  21. What do you expect from Fruendel and his useless goons, they will quicker run to suck up to scum like trump, who can’t stand them…who will shortly set his sights to destroy the Caribbean, just a matter of time.

    These negros with damaged minds…… identify more closely with racist, fraudulent british and american societies, whose future plans for them and their people bears them illwill and misery for centuries to come …. rather than to identify or commiserate with their suffering brothers and sisters in Africa, suffering caused by floods and mudslides.

  22. “The records will show that very few Guyanese were deported……………”

    I don’t want to make it an issue either…………….

    ……………….. but there were conflicting reports relative to how many Guyanese were deported from Barbados when former PM Thompson announced government’s new immigration policy on May 5, 2009.

    Thompson acknowledged early morning raids, but said only four (4) Guyanese had been deported. He also revealed that from June 1 to 26, visits were made to 15 residences on June 9, 11 and 13 between 3 am and 6 am.

    Conversely, then Foreign Affairs Minister of Guyana, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, disclosed that, according to their immigration statistics, 29 Guyanese were deported from Barbados in May 2009, while 24 were deported in June 2009.

    We must also take into consideration those Guyanese who left Barbados voluntarily (i.e. paid their passage).

    However, based on information received and what I saw, I am more inclined to believe Guyana’s immigration statistics.

  23. Wasn’t London-born David Thompson partly of Guyanese heritage? Was his grandfather not a former pan-boiler at Buckley in the days when pan-boilers came from Guyana?

  24. Bulkeley is the proper spelling.A seasoned journalist ought to know better.Buckley is a well known cough syrup and mentholated rub of Canadian origin.

  25. Chronic deficit of a lack of vision among those entrusted to lead. Just a bunch of seat warmers devoid of vision loitering at the expense of docile steeple.

  26. @David King, Mr Stuart as Prime Minister and leader of Barbados has been a total failure. To Mr Stuart’s credit he is an excellent manager of his men and history will show he was able to quell any potential dissent

    • @Kammie

      Not really, he is a PM with a short political coat tail and therefore has to accede to the wishes of ALL who surround him hence the chaos.

  27. Neither the BLP or DLP are fit to lead Barbados for both have failed to be transparent in governance practices and show no desire to inact ITAL.

    It seems our politics is more about finders fees. Interestingly none of the so called third parties speak to Asset Disclosure or ITAL. Is it a Barbados disease among our political class?
    The minority willing to speak out must speak out for the majority who behave in a sheeplike manner. Sorry to those who may be offended, but no one wants to call a spade a spade thus why we in so much hobby after independence.

  28. @ Hal Austin September 6, 2017 at 7:31 AM
    “Wasn’t London-born David Thompson partly of Guyanese heritage? Was his grandfather not a former pan-boiler at Buckley in the days when pan-boilers came from Guyana?

    There you go again with you blowing your trumpet of xenophobic fury and jingoistic blast.
    Yeah, just like the Guyana-born now deceased DPP Charles Leacock whom you vilified, quite unjustifiably on this blog.

    Both have gone to the great beyond and you still have not learnt your earthly lesson that the birthplace of a person has no determinant impact on his moral compass.

    If you really knew your Bajan history of migration you would have been intellectually equipped with the fact that most Guyanese of African ancestry have a genealogical link to the 19th and early 20th century waves of migration from the dying sugar plantation and agrarian system in Barbados to the more industrialized/commercialized type operations in the then British Guyana aka BG.

    Both aided and abetted your morally innocent dear loving pal Leroy Greenverbs in not only executing the biggest scam on policyholders seen in Barbados but also allowed the law to be recalcitrant in bringing retributive justice to the same innocent suckers whom, through the rule of Law, ought to have been protected.

    But Lady Karma is a bitch and it is only a matter of time before those who have been involved in this massive abuse of the law and justice be brought before the court of retribution just like the two cut down as revengeful marks of the inevitable visit by the Angel of Vengeance.

    Just make sure you are on the right side of the road which leads to that court.
    But before you undertake your journey to seek enlightenment you must first remove your xenophobic blinkers and shed your skin of rabid jingoism.

    Just remember you, Hal Austin, are a black Bajan-born immigrant who is barely tolerated, in your false belief, by a white mother country and will always be treated as just another apish wog.

  29. This event tonight (Wed Sep, 6) might be of interest to some:

    On Wednesday Sep 6th at 8pm EDT in a public address (which will also be  web cast for audiences worldwide) from the University of Alaska, forensic engineer Dr. Leroy Hulsey (head of the civil engineering dept. at U of A) will issue a report into his investigation and analysis of WTC building 7’s complete collapse into its own footprint on 9/11/2001.  This collapse has been attributed by the official National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) investigators to thermal expansion from a localized fire on one or two floors of Building 7 causing a structural failure at the location of the fire. NIST alleges that, in spite of high rise buildings being designed in a fail-safe manner whereby the increased load from the failure of any one connection is supposed to be automatically distributed and supported by the adjoining structure, this first failure of a beam shifting off a column seat/support initiated a cascading chain reaction of structural failures which brought the whole building down with a rapidity and in a manner that seemed remarkably similar to that of an intentional controlled demolition using explosives. 

    From an email sent out today by AE911Truth(DOT)org:

    Don’t Miss Dr. Leroy Hulsey – TONIGHT!

    Tonight, from the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Schaibel Auditorium, Dr. Leroy Hulsey will present the findings and conclusions detailed in his team’s September 2017 progress report, which will also be issued today.

    The presentation will be livestreamed at so that viewers across the U.S. and around the world can watch.

    The draft report of the study will then be published later in the fall. A six-week public comment period will follow the release of the draft report, allowing for input from the public and the engineering community. The final report, which will incorporate constructive comments and will be vetted by peer reviewers, will then be published in early 2018.

  30. @ David
    ….he is a PM with a short political coat tail and therefore has to accede to the wishes of ALL who surround him
    A VERY simple matter.
    Like Sandi, the correct and proper thing to do when he realised that he was in NO position to perform the TRUE role of PM …. was to call elections and / or to resign.

    That is what a MAN would have done.

    It is only a parasite that hangs on to the neck of an animal – sucking its substinance, while contributing NOTHING positive.

    Parasites need to be pruned…. or the dog dead.

  31. He could only survive in a weak team.A few others feeding off each other’s frustration would make him want to go home in a jiffy.If there were 3 or 4 others like the pit bull,he would be gone long time.

  32. Heard the PM addressing th party faithful in George Street where he is comfortable talking about explaining /Ms Mottley a lady who has been in public life for over 25 years and about Mr Arthur who has since rebuked him.there are so many topics to discuss like Crime and the economy and this is topic to discuss?No wonder the Pm stays inGeorge Street away from serious questioning.Heard a lady criticizing the moderator Maureen Holder today for being biased as she normally is and afterwards she calling the ladyunschooled etc and some of her yardfowl supporters like Anne and Patsy calling to rebuke the lady for her opinion which she is entitled to butit did not suit the choir on Talk Ya Talk as Ms Holder is so fair and balanced,i me give me a break.I heard her say that Ms Mottley should have kept quiet about the Carifeta issue really ,if Ms Mottley was misquoted why should she not clear the air?Ms Holder you cannot be serious.

  33. BabaElombe Elton Mottley

    Yesterday at 21:30 ·

    Roger Gibbs Ken Jones The extravagant costs for CARIFESTA 1981 stemmed for a number of issues. My only involvement was to record all performances and discussions for CBC. I operated 5 remote audio tape recorders from CBC Studios.

    Here is where the money went.

    1. The purchase of 3 minibuses which ended up at the Defence force and the Police

    2. The co-ordinator for transport paid minibus owners by the trip every hour whether hey carried passengers or not. There was no negotiation about price. The co-ordinatwho made that decision did not even know the commercial rates for transpotation and took no advice. One minibus owner confided to me years later that he was able to buy 6 new mini-buses.

    3. Purchase of an abundance of sound and lightinequipment, much of it was stolen. Men were walking about after with their own microphones which they carried around in their pockets like torchlights.

    4. There was no proper inventory on the use of hotels and many visitors who were not artists got free accomodation [paid for by the Barbados government to top hotels like – Paradise Beach Club and several other hotels on the West and South Coasts. In addition to the artist and the visitors food was availble to take away by other invited guests.

    5. This inluded the 4 or 5 useless tents that were installed at West Terrace.

    6. Many a "fisherman" was hired to do "mason" and "carpenter" work.

    7. Movement of stages back and forth each day by truckers and no one to monitor distances.

    To cut a long story short, I was appointed Director of Culture and given the task of salvaging what was left. When I did the inventory, so much equipment was missing that I had to get permission from the tombs at Gun Hill which was used to store dynamite and explosives. My task was to build a Culture Division and develop a policy of Cultural Develoment. I was reluctant to do so even tho several consultants keep coming to me on the recommendations of other people.

    I produced and redesigned Cropover Festival 1982. Because we had to deal with the production thru Public Service rules, it was impossible to pay artistes for their performances. When Potato Mout came to Culloden Farm for his money and was told that he would have to wait, he went home and came back with a cutlas and ran everybody from the building. The next meeting of Cabinet, the decision was taken to set up the National Cultural Foundation. That is why when I set up the NCF, every performer was given his check when he came off the stage

    This last Festival was removed from the NCF and the Ministry of Culture and its minions. Please note also that all the persons who were Bajan members of the regional committees were not involved. So far the criticisms here in Jamaica are too caustic for me to say in public.

    So Ken and Roger all I am willing to say is I was not there.

    One final point, why was there no promotion for the Festival across the region…. or in Barbados?

    At least one thing coming out of CARIFESTA, is that Queen’s Park Gallery and Queen’s Park Theatre are functioning again after a failure to refurbish the facilities for over a decade.

  34. Hal needs to do an ancestry genetic test and see which tree his ancestors fell out from in Africa, i get this feeling this fool thinks he is british and anything else but an immigrant….

    … he needs a dose of reality, which will tell him which village in west africa his ancestors were captured from…before being transported across the atlantic, transhipped to one of the other Caribbean islands, and more than likely returned to Barbados as one of the docile slaves…..or where in subsaharan Africa, their ancestors originated..

  35. DNA tests cannot tell you which village in Africa your ancestors came from. They can’t tell you much more than that they came from West Africa, or Southwest Africa.

    We already know that. Sort of. The ancestry tracing industry is 90% fraud.

  36. “But a new DNA test can locate where your relatives lived over 1,000 years ago, and in some cases, even pinpoint the specific village or island your ancestors came from. The new DNA test was over 80 percent successful in tracing people from around the world back to their ancestral origins.May 2, 2014.”

    Chadster..I take it you did not get the genetic test results ya were hoping for…lol..ya in good company, so many, neo nazis, racists, KKK and white supremacists were so shocked at the amount of black blood boiling inside them…they all went straight into denial…lol

    I saw their posts, they were heart warming and hilarious. .I laughed all night,..

  37. Freundel Stuart addressed the party faithful at the Democratic Labour Party’s 63rd annual conference, NOT as Prime Minister, but as the PRESIDENT of that political party.

    As a tax paying citizen of Barbados, I would like George Pilgrim or any representative of the DLP to tell Barbadians if the DLP paid CBC for broadcasting Stuart’s speech live on channel 8.

    If not, it would be FAIR if CBC afford similar courtesy to the presidents/party leaders of BLP, BIM, CAP, Solutions Barbados or UPP.

  38. You explained it with “which tree his ancestor fell from…”. The anestor landed on his head and none of the subsequent generations have recovered….

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