Submitted by Pachamama

Russian Federation President, His Excellency, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has emerged as the most important person, not only for 2014, but maybe for the past decade or so. Indeed, we will argue that Putin’s agenda has the capacity to radically transform all geo-political, geo-strategic equations. Putin’s real problem with the west is that he would not obey the dictates of the New World Order (NWO), on any war front. This is World War Three we are witnessing!

That agenda is the anti-thesis of the western inspired New World Order (NWO). As the West sees it there should be one world government, taking orders from western elites, an absence of any forms of political pluralism, a new enslavement of the peoples of the world, the absence of any challengers to western orthodoxies and with the  domination of global corporations, at its centre.

Of course, corporate elites cannot rule the people and markets with mere platitudes about fairness and freedom. For markets were never neither free nor fair. So corporate governance of us all must of necessity be inlayed within a wider security architecture. It has always been this way, though lacking universal diffusion. For them, nothing less than total acceptance of elite rule will suffice.

Indeed, the Western architecture for a one world corporate governance of the lives of the peoples of Mother Earth is almost entirely in place. For the west already completed, by stealth, the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP) trade agreement and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), at least, and on the economy side alone. Of course they have other structures in place within other critical environments.

WikiLeaks in April 2014 disclosed a secret plan, as part of this western NWO, by 50 countries, titularly, for a Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). The beneficiary global corporations control 68% of the of world’s trade in services. This remained a highly classified document during complex negotiations and for the six years after actual enactment, as treaty legislation, until release by WikiLeaks. Yes, and we believe we live in western democracies, yes?

The financial services addendum of the TISA forbids countries from improving regulation. It promotes the removal of all financial obstacles for multi-nationals and penalizes countries for erecting  barriers to entry. There will be no preferences or protections for local financial institutions from global giants. Is there any wonder that Obama would have recently agreed to sign legislation which reverses all the measures enacted after the economic calamity of 2008. This surprised many. After being an early proponent for renewed Glass-Steagall measures, this could only be explained by the NWO agenda.

We have to see the TISA as part of the wider plan to rule the world by under a new form of serfdom. The TPP will have a court presided over by judges appointed by corporations and this non-governmental, non-elected, institution will have rights to sanction countries for breaches to TPP corporate laws. In other words we’ll have corporations overriding the collective will of populations, as a norm. Elected officials are and shall be, let’s say………….. quaint. Leaving the people vulnerable to corporate will. See why these Williams boys in Barbados could send Stuart to parliament to direct public money to their hands. And these are merely small time players.

But we are merely laying the foundation for the importance of Putin. We’ve just touched on the economy. And there are far more egregious shit coming down the pike just now. Of course, when we talk about a global architecture we would normally have to discuss all the environments, not only economy. For we must posit the western mindset to properly locate our subject, Putin, in a particular context. We are arguing that Russian and its President  Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin represents a final barrier to the brutal, global rule of the elites.

And yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been the leading force in building out an alternative architecture to confront western global arrogance. He has played a leading role the development of the BRICS; the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO); the setting of a global bank to replace the IMF/World Bank; Putin has built significant alliances with China and other Eurasian countries; he has renewed relations with many western hemispheric countries; Africa and so on. So there is some semblance of another new world order. A multipolar world where English speakers do not dominate others. This is the work of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!

Of course we could easily go to military matters and readers maybe able to get a better sense of the peril our world is in. Why it is so important for us to defeat western attempts to enslave mankind. And the Herculean mantle Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and the Russian peoples have again assumed, like they did during WW2, to save us from an even greater, more sinister danger than the Third Reich itself – this western New World Order of the elites.

It was Putin who single-handedly prevented the NWO from taking over Syria. Putin knew that had Syria fall, Iran would have been next, then Russia, then China – not necessarily in that order. His actions riled the NWO fundamentalists in the west and they went for Ukraine as the first in a number of steps to smash Russia. Either by guile by internal destabilization or war – hot or cold. Even now the NWO may think that they have created economic chaos by collapsing oil prices and igniting devaluations in the ruble. But this is only the first salvo. The Russian bear has a response, and is not perturbed.

As we see it the west is again walking into a trap set by the Great Vladimir Putin. When that trap flies Putin will executive a pincer manoeuvre which will result in him buying back over 600 billion ruble at rock bottom prices as help by the west. While at the same time flooding the markets with US dollars, maybe along with his Chinese counterparts.

Unlike the US dollar the ruble is backed by gold and Russia owns vast reserves of oil and gas. The west should be careful! Do not play with the Bear. This Putin of a bear could swipe off the head of the western snakes with one swing.

At the recent Valdai Conference, Putin conceded that his country was under western assault. He has been arguing along these line for several years. Even while he was Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Continuing on the military front. And we know there are some social misfits here on the Barbados Underground who have no ability to think in these issues but would presume to have opinions. You will call Putin a communist. Even this writer is, for you, to be thought of as a communist. As if communism is not a presumed-to-be-dead political philosophy. These are the types of one-liners the western presstitutes school you in. That is why your world is collapsing and you will never have a response.

These BU misfits believe that the world should revolve around the English language as though speakers of none of the other 5000 languages in this earth could have a language which could save us, as a specie. We are not hiding! We are saving in straight terms that if Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin fails in his attempt to save us from this Western pushed one world government cum NWO, which passes in polite conversation for globalization, we are all doomed.

He has to be the man of the century because he did not invade Iraq. He was against it from the beginning. He never sponsored terrorist organizations to fight dirty wars on Russia’s behalf. Russia suffered from their terrorism. He does not seek to change the basis of life by supporting ‘unnatural’ cleavages. He openly opposes that. He has not been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The war monger-in-chief has. He has never supported the infliction of crimpling sanctions on innocent peoples – an act of war. He opposes them.

At home, Putin has succeeded in transforming Russia from the basket case it was under the Western puppet Yelsin. Making it a better country for the Russian peoples. He was, when forced by the West, rightly reclaimed Crimea as part of Russia. His lack of fear for Obama and his NWO may indicate that similar and rightful actions are warranted in eastern regions as well.

Had not for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin the madness of Bush, the insanity of Obama and the misguidance of the western NWO would have covered the whole globe by now. Surely, there cannot be a more important man alive today. Surely, the people of the world themselves, in their majority see Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin as the most important, the most powerful man on earth. He has no peer. And so shall it be!

The people of the world need a strong Russia, as led by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. And the NWO people have not yet stop trying to kill him. On a recent visit to the UK he was forced to carry every drop of water he drank and every morsel of bread to be eaten. There are suggestions that the downing of the Malaysian Flight 17 shot down over Ukraine was to be the aircraft carrying Putin back home from the World Cup Soccer tournament, in Brazil. And we know that the vicious Americans have, for decades, been surreptitiously infiltrating coup plotters under all kinds of guises including USAID and other so-called non-governmental organizations. For the West when logic fails them violence is their only resort. Western government are no more than hand maidens for the New World Order! There is no alternative explanation of their behaviors.

Long live Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! Long live mother Russia! Our man of the year!


  • Someone should WikiLeak on this.

    Now if you wanted to make Chaliapin Man of the Century, or St Seraphim of Sarov Man of the Moment or even Gregori R, whose feast day approaches, Man of the Four Winds, I might have understood.

    But then I suppose the reality is that Pacha is actually turned on by P’s naked torso horseback. Yeah. Welcome. Out at last.


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  • First of all David I applaud you for accepting and allowing all views to the blog even those that are plainly a thin veneer of half-truths and outright fantasy.

    This presentation is very similar to the one presented to the Fergusson grand jury: then the DA presented what he termed was ALL the evidence available. Although he knew witnesses who were never there made statements and were simply parroting others.

    They really had NO IDEA what they were talking about but liked what they heard and became a vocal proponent.

    Same here.

    Well I wasn’t in Russia either but I get wary of a leader (former KGB – Russia’s CIA- operative) who rules his for over 15 years (1999 to present) by excellent sleight of hand; clearly they are dictatorial.

    They are dictatorial and maniacal when they imprison political foes who happen to be very wealthy antagonist .

    They are dictatorial, maniacal and murderous when they approve the death of those who disagree with them: killing of former Russia operative in England, death of journalists in Russia.

    But then, I am merely parroting what others have said too so my remarks are no better than the Pacha diatribe really!

    My Father, the stuff that passes on this blog as intelligent comments. O me miserum!


  • To quote former parliamentarian Philip Greaves,a lot of “hogwash”passing for informed comment.Putin?gimme a break!


  • @DeeWord

    Sometimes we in the West believe Russia and other countries rule their countries without process. Here is a link by a lawyer who is Senior Lecturer at the University of East London and Vice Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the General Council of the Bar. We are left to form conclusions, especially who those who perceive Russia is ruled by the bullet and the wild wild west approaches.



  • oh no David, Russia is not ruled by the bullet at all. I am not lost in that line of thought. It’s very clear it is ruled by Putin. And he does it all by the book. Simply his book.

    He has ruled for 15+ years first as President. When term limits precluded him from another term as President he ‘legally’ and correctly stepped down and SIMPLY had himself appointed Prime Minister and continued to be the real power broker.

    Then when enough time had elapsed he ran again for the Presidency. Very simple and above board.

    When he imprisons his opponents it’s always with well conceived and ‘legal’ sanctions.

    Dave, sir, I will read your link but based on the reams of evidence over the last several years Russia under Putin is as legitimate about process as Mr. Putin decrees. It’s as simple as that.

    We condemn the US political operatives vigorously (and often rightly so) but yet allow ourselves to get bamboozled by other politicians with toothless checks and balances.

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  • @DeeWord

    Agree, not dissimilar to the Wiki Leaks exposition AND the enhanced interviewing techniques of the CIA.


  • @ Dee Word
    Boss man….why don’t you just enjoy your kool-aid and leave Pacha alone nuh? It must be quite clear to all by now that Pachamama operates at a level above the ordinary, and this should thus suggest that some level of enlightenment will be required if anyone intends to dispute the mama’s positions….

    Having said that, Pacha has not quite grasped the complete picture as yet, and as a result tends to display a level of aggression towards brass bowlery that is really not needed… However, for a human who has not been yet been granted the key to understanding that is VITAL to proper comprehension, Bushie has to tell you that Pacha has to be some kind of special and uniquely brilliant genius…..

    Putin is being used to execute a global role that will shortly bring shock waves across our whole world…
    He has been putting some serious spokes into the wheels of those who have been working tirelessly for the elusive “one world government” …and Chechnya, as well as the current assault of fuel prices (and the Russian economy) are clearly intended to make him pay for his obstructiveness….

    For those for whom CNN and BBC do their thinking, Putin could never be man of the year; ….but for those of us who are able to think BEYOND the PR and the mirrors, the man has to be seen as a giant…. (No one said a saint…)

    @ Dee
    …so Putin locked up a billionaire and sent some clowns to Siberia…

    ..if you were asked to take over Barbados next month would you not lock up a millionaire with the initials LP….?
    ..would you not send AC to Arizona?

    TRUE leaders HAVE to make tough decisions..
    …that is why we carry whackers… 🙂

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  • @ Dee Word

    The view of An Ant Eating Sugar on a Tile on my Kitchen Floor

    I read Pachamama ‘s perspective and your response, and Ross’ unexpected and uncustomary Brokeback Mountain goad and gave some pause to his hypothesis as such relates to this relentless New World Order and my concept of the mighty United States of Amurica the embodiment of Revelation 13:17 ” And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

    What the ole man has found over the years is that to the victors go the spoils and the task of writing the history books.

    No one will recall the fervor and nobility of the SS Storm Troopers at The Battle of Westerplatte for, like that ant, the extent of our vision is (purposely?) limited by the space in time we (choose to) occupy

    You are a man who customarily will be accommodating of another viewpoint.

    Yet, you in one breath, seem to be expressing a bias when you said and I quote “They are dictatorial, maniacal and murderous when they approve the death of those who disagree with them:….”

    When Lyndon Johnson (and others of the western world you seem, in juxtaposition to be championing, approved the death of Kennedy or the government of the United States, United Kingdom et al funded the Contras, assassinated third world presidents, undermined economies of “non club members” I am wondering if you see them as maniacal, murderous dictators.

    Would the Norwood project or the multiple attempts to kill Fidel Castro be seen in similar context or is it because the hands of the scribe are those of the victors?

    I would humbly suggest that, even though Pachamama is not one who accepts ” The Word” , in examining his submission like I would look at all the tiles in my kitchen, inclusive of ant and spilled sugar, this Putin stand, against the inexorable passage of the Mark of the Beast and the purveyor of war (that many of us have grown to love) does seem to present one state that is quaintly pushing back against the great whore.


  • @ De Word

    I was writing that long winded submission on the iPad when you made your comment about the “US political operatives” so I recant my remark and its imputation of your support of things western…

    @ Bush Tea

    It would seem like you are firmly of the belief, as are a few of us, that all this is The Word being manifest. Selah.


  • Pieces how eloquently you scribe, and thank you: I do try to be accommodating of the other view.

    And for that reason sir, I have always enjoyed politics from afar because I realized that to get real up close and personal, so to speak, may cause me to say or do things that would make me unpopular.

    Some examples.

    I loved Barrow for what he did for Barbados but thought that up close and personal he was an arrogant SOB who was absolutely too disrespectful to those who he did not like.

    Tom, was great too. Superior orator, witty, charming et al. But a nasty piece of work up close.

    My point sir is that I try real hard to separate the policy from the person.

    So yes the US perpetuated assassinations on world leaders who didn’t sing their hymns, they even rendered one leader from his own country put him on trial and jailed him when he stopped signing their hymns (Noriega). And yes of course approved hit after hit on Fidel and all the other stuff you highlighted.

    Even carried out assassinations of their own citizens when it was necessary.

    Dastardly job, running a country and trying to fight off the other side.

    We can clearly agree that every country has acted outside the law to commit dastardly acts. EVERY ONE.

    But western democracies like the US, Canada, countries in Europe and so on have followed a basic policy path to correct known wrongs when these acts are unearthed whether due to leaks, the freedom of info statute or other processes .

    Some folks were held accountable and yes in some cases not a damn thing was done.

    The socialist and communist nations have absolutely not generally followed that policy path sir. They acted with impunity then and now.

    To live in any country is to endure some hardships. Under the Putins of this world there is also a trampling of an individual’s rights added to the standard hardships.

    That sir can be a hard road to hoe.

    When you can be killed simply because you do some possibly damning investigative journalism about the leader of a country or jailed because you are a Pussy (Riot, that is) and perform some antagonistic lyrics about that same leader.

    Vladamir, what a savior of the free world; shouldn’t we all be eternally thankful that we have such a macho man’s man to lead us from the awful hegemony of the US…if you don’t mind having your personal rights squeezed, that is!

    No gents. I love his macho swagger but up close…look out!


  • Ha ha, @ Pieces: I was writing that response and then saw your follow-up after it posted.

    No harm. no foul. All good.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    It’s the people who challenge Governments who are the heroes and intellectuals

    Eagle and the Bear have been playing same game and neither is better


  • @ Pieceuhderock

    It would seem like you are firmly of the belief, as are a few of us, that all this is The Word being manifest. Selah.

    It is unbelievable that persons can claim to be “enlightened” and not see such a great and brilliant plan coming together.

    Of course the word is being fulfilled…..EXACTLY as designed, exactly as predicted, (prophesied) and exactly on schedule.

    People like Putin are raised up to execute specific actions, to affect time frames and to keep the plan on track. (Many are called, but there are a few who are CHOSEN) for specific roles…..

    Brilliant engineering design…..with the absolute ultimate outcome to be achieved at the end of the process…

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  • @Bush Tea

    It is obvious if we are all ‘members’ of the ecosystem there must be a purpose to the existence of individual who are a part.


  • Bushie

    Thanks for your always prescient comments.

    As you are well aware we are not convinced and cannot be persuaded about your central conclusion.

    That conclusion can only be reached based on what you call faith. Though we’ve long known that our analysis of happenings are very similar, it is your conclusion which will continue to separate us.

    It’s amazing! Our thinking does not come from the main source which guides you. Yet, we are of similar minds.


  • @ Pacha
    Our thinking does not come from the main source which guides you. Yet, we are of similar minds
    What does that tell you Pacha….?

    The difference between you and Bushie is that you are bright as shiite. You somehow seem to have the ability to make some kind of LOGICAL sense out of very complex data….
    A former blogger called MME, (Micro Mock Engineer), as well as some others like “Not Saved”, “Pieceurderock” etc ….indeed a surprising number of the BU clan …are similarly impressive in their natural brilliance.

    Bushie was never that bright. Took too much damn effort, and required too much time doing homework… LOL..
    ..so the bushman too the easy way out and just ASKed…..

    Ask and it shall be given
    Seek, and ye shall find
    Knock and the door will be opened…

    Wuh there is only ONE absolute truth…
    …so if bushie got the scoop fuh free ….um is only obvious that there will be lots of convergence with REALLY BRIGHT people like you, who are able to truly rationalize the facts around them…


    If you feel that YOUR brilliant brain is better than Bushie’s FREE source ….then that is your bizness bozie…. LOL ha ha ha


  • St George's Dragon

    I don’t agree Putin should get the nomination. It should go to Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Now there’s a leader who knows how to govern in the interests of his family, sorry, I mean people


  • Congratulations Pachamama you have written an excellent article which I found challenging, provocative and mischievous.

    The Guardian wrote “In dealing with Putin, the German chancellor has united Europe. She is the stateswoman of the year”.



  • @ Exclaimer
    Thanks much!
    But we disagree about Merkel. Not that that is your view, however.
    To us she’s a mere vassal for the Americans
    In this she acts against German interests.
    Should Putin, exercise another option in response to sanctions, and cuts off gas supplies, Europe will return to the Dark Ages.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    All Religions are ultimately same source but races and nations have made it out to favour themselves and inflict laws of control. Biggest Dictators are Western Nations that have inflicted race exclusion racism. Spirituality is your awakening consciousness to rise above the brainwashing to dumb down the stupid masses, and to see infinite life possibilities for yourself and all


  • ThE traditional framework for selecting man of the year will not recognize a Putin unless he is A Gorbie.


  • @Pacha

    You have taken not the ruble and stocks in Moscow are trending in the right direction? Putin’s main concern is what is happening with oil price.


  • @ David

    Sensible people see your Gorbie as a failure, for Russia.

    Everything the West promised him they reneged on. But there is never an accounting, in the West, about these matters. Not in Russian academia, wider society, though!

    That paradigm of exceptionalism, that the godless West is some final arbiter of all things is what has to go.

    It is the same thinking which awards a Noble Prize to Obama for who goes on to mass murder civilians and there will never be any talk about the return of this dubious honour.


  • @ David

    Putin already knows what’s happening with oil prices – manipulation by the derivatives merchants and the Saudis, at the insistence of various anti-Russian interests. And all of the American fracking industry will go belly up. So they will suffer more than Russia, by far.

    Putin also knows the fundamentals of the market. He also knows that fossils have long passed their peak. Demand and supply conditions guarantee ever higher oil and gas prices, in the short term.

    Putin also knows that within 60 days oil prices are likely to be $150 per barrel. This is winter in most western countries.


  • @Pacha

    It makes no sense why the Sudia Arabia is being stubborn about cutting back production and prefer to absorb the impact of a low price point In their reserves. It is an obvious tactic being played out.


  • @ Pacha

    I agree with you that Putin with souse is great any time of the year


  • @ Bush Tea, your piece above re Pacha’s intellectual heft is excruciatingly clear or as a famed English teacher would say: pellucidly accurate, lad.

    The writings of the Pachamama blogger are indeed well above my mental capacities – I now get the drift from your earlier post.

    So I will gracefully defer and admit that any analysis I attempt will barely scratch the surface and surely will not be able to grasp his insightful interpretations whether it be the Putin regime’s masterful geo-political machinations or other topic.

    I will yet offer my 2-cents of course because cockroach still like to come to big people party!

    Oh, Putin as man of the year, absolutely if you are Russian.

    On the more positive side of life’s world ledger I give my vote to the Alibaba CEO, Ma and his team.

    Incidentally, from a Russian point of view Vladimir is undoubtedly awesome.

    Truth be he is the man of the Decade. He certainly has taken his nation forward in a manner that Yeltsin before him didn’t and reclaimed its supremacy of the pre-Gorbachev days. A man for his people surely.

    The little issue of him being a modern day Czar or rather the oxymoronic concept of being a democratic-dictator is of no real significance at all to many.

    But as great as he is I am elated that he governs a country in which I am not a citizen. Let me admire him from real far.

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  • I am surely not skilled or schooled enough to pontificate on what’s happening in the oil market but interpretations of comments of those who seem to know what they are talking about suggests that oil prices could stay a bit stagnant into the new year despite the winter and will not drive back to the super heated values of $150.

    First up, David Saudia Arabia are keen to retain their overall market share dominance re oil supply so yes it is a tactical ploy to maintain production level, They can ride out this period.

    The argument that the US shale production will simply go belly-up is short sighted.

    It will be a business decision surely but the costs and infrastructure are already done and literally buried so you eke out an operation until the price is to far below break-even and you run out of cash. You moth-ball and come back when prices go back up.

    The other fact is that the US is no longer a net importer of oil. They now produce more than enough oil to fulfill their needs and some are actually fighting to be allowed to export oil.

    So the impact of world wide oil values carries a very different perspective than it did before.

    Just my 2-cents.


  • @DeeWord

    The not losing market share is the stuff coolaide is made.


  • Comments below from a Yahoo blog today:

    My friend’s great-aunt (her grandmother’s sister) came for a visit from Russia to the US. Her great-aunt was fascinated by our grocery stores and the amount of food we have available on a daily basis. She didn’t want to go home, but had to because the Russian government had not let her husband come over with her (he had to journey over to America alone later in the year), and if she did not return they would have arrested him. The Russians used them as “hostages” for each other to ensure their separate returns from the U.S.


  • David is the oil industry a business or is it not.

    This price issue has its internal global geo-political dynamic surely (as all price wars do) but when it’s all said and done sir, it’s about budgeting your national expenditure based on a production of X million barrels/day.

    That drives all these decisions: how much revenue are we making.

    And oh BTW if country A (aka Venezuela or Syria) is disadvantaged as a result of any price war, ahem refer back to point 1: how much MORE revenue will we make when we increase our share.

    If you perceive that basic business aspect which has driven OPEC always as kool-aid, then I recommend you imbibe!

    My kool-aid brand is called BACKTOBASICS, its organic, no artificial sweeteners and gluten free too; I recommend it to all.

    Put aside that overly sweet brand called RHETORICALGYMNASTICS!

    Just saying, senor (LOL)

    Start from the base and move out.


  • Useful idiots like ANTHONY are always available as vessels for filth.

    I wonder why a government would demand that ‘breck’, old people stay in a country but allows billionaires to leave with the countries wealth.

    Also 99.999% of all the food you speak about is really only ‘edible substances’ – fool!


  • Where we part is that there is considerably more weight to be placed on the geopolitical side of the argument.


  • @ David

    Come to the front of the class. Too many people watch the details and forget the big picture.


  • @DeeWord

    Here is an example of what we mean. Obama ran on a platform of change, building out a new economy on the back of new energy (RE). Now it appears with fracking and god knows what else the U.S.A is currently producing more oil than in recent history. Do you know why Obama has stepped back from his platform promise?


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    My Man of The Year
    Lee “Scratch” Perry


  • @ Pacha

    You placed an argument out there and because others may disagree; you react like a spoilt child with silly name calling and a tantrum.


    There are always two sides to a any debate.

    Being mature means that not everyone will agree with one’s opinions.

    I could stoop to your level however it would not be worth the energy or satisfaction.


  • No, we’ve not lived in Russia, but have visited several times, over decades.
    We have not lived on the moon either by have fairly clear ideas about the environment there. as well. So what that has to do with our question to you.

    That questions was, why would a country hold on to old people but let young billionaires leave with all the wealth? You are to tell us that.


  • ‘Putin is destroying Russia. Why base his regime on corruption?’ asks Navalny
    Russia’s opposition leader and anti-corruption campaigner, held under house arrest, says president is using war to stay in power



  • You will not get an unbiased view of Russia by reading the guardian or Yahoo,,,lol.


  • @ David
    You will not get an unbiased view of Russia by reading the guardian or Yahoo,,,lol.

    And your point being what?

    Just because one of your blog’s commentator’s article is published does not mean he may not be unbiased.

    After all the article on your blog is only an opinion.

    I would have more confidence in what the house arrest political activist party leader in Russia has to say that someone who has ‘visited a number of times’.



  • @David December 22, 2014 at 1:12 PM -re platform of energy change—-

    Quick big picture remark.

    In many regards he has not changed on his fundamental views as he continues to push back, for example, on the Keystone pipeline from Canada despite heavy pressure even within his party; his administration has pushed forward to get climate change legislation signed as well.

    And other similar steps.

    But at the margins he has had to play the political give and take and appears to be giving in on some previously strong positions.

    The debate re oil and other carbon based fuels vrs renewable energy sources is not a cut and dried term paper for college grading; but has to be played out in the real world of local job dependent economic dynamics.

    That is the type of real politics the President has played since sitting in that Oval office. So I would not see his ‘change’ as anything more than a practical re-set.

    I think you know very well that it’s easy for us paper tigers to talk a lotta about what should be done but when you sitting in the chair the time for esoteric decisions dun wid!


  • @Anthony

    Try to examine the logic in your response.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Hants should be a DJ playing originals chunes that get sampled


  • @DeeWorld

    The reality:Obama is a politician who have to peddle their business underpinned by promises. The fact he has had to veer away from several promises to woo the voter is consistent with the path politicians are manipulated into trodding.


  • @ David:December 22, 2014 at 4:28 PM …

    Very correct sir, your words are in essence what my deceased English teacher might refer to as a tautology as you have defined or identified the exact nature of the thing called politics.

    It’s all about give and take: we say one thing or plan one thing and the persons whose opinions shape our behavior cause us to do something related to what we want but not exactly that thing.

    I think you had a wonderful political dynamic on display as you went about the reset of this site just recently, not so!

    You surely did most of what you intended but I suspect you also accepted the some remarks from your opinion shapers in the current look.

    All good!


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    BU may seemt radical when analysing and coming up with hidden meanings (which maybe were not intended), it is because it is radical (or some people make effort to be so)


  • The main thrust of the article is to me fair. i.e. to have a Yin and a Yang, every force must have an opposing one and indeed, a lone force is extremely dangerous.

    That said, it is indeed sad that ‘the West’ has not settled on a more balanced status, and made the need for a strong opposition, as necessary.

    Why, in 2014 , the stock market level is more important than a family’s well being.

    Why, when in 2014, because a major conglomerate does not make the intended level of profits, although making a barrel load of cash, it must fire a huge number of employees, to ‘compensate for not making as much money as the management wanted.

    Mainly, because the large expected profits are to boost an ailing stock market and support pension plans, much of which will never be called on, because retirement age has been increased worldwide.

    Why, a country is assessed as successful, due to raising stock markets, when a family must suffer, due to enormous medical bills, for some, even small, operation that costs so much.

    We have become beholden to the ‘Mighty Market’, at the cost of PEOPLE.

    But say, WHO actually operates the countries? The PEOPLE that is who.

    So, the West is sowing the seeds of discontent all by themselves, don’t need much help from Putin for that.

    The individual, the family, is no longer important to the leaders and those who control purse strings. It is the stock market level.

    Bet the last fall gave them a nasty shock.

    People are working to repay unpayable mortgages, due to inflated house prices, inflated medical costs, inflated everything.

    But, a string stretched taut will eventually break.

    So, in summary I think that the writer has a very good point. That Yin and Yang, by nature, must both be, must co-exist.

    Whether the Yin to the Yang is at home or external, both must exist.


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Harder Soldier
    Soldiering is what a young girl want
    you should never say that you can’t

    Solder Harder
    When it comes to the feminine gender let me tell you I am no pretender

    Counter Punch
    State of Emergency


  • @ Pachamama,

    The Author of this report – merely – reconfirms the reasons why the world needs a strong independent Russia.

    How oil’s become the world’s most potent weapon: Forget nuclear arms. The U.S. and Saudis are behind an oil price crash that could topple regimes in Russia and Iran



  • Interesting to read today the Saudis will stay with their decision not to cut production even if the price drops to 20.00.


  • Current Russian government has an interesting structure, Putin is the hidden oligarch in the mix, the country is rule by capitalist oligarchs, orthodox Christianity, and old KGB military and security doctrine. This is a very different Russia with the vastness and resource availability of the USSR but with the economic strategic planning of geopolitical grandmasters. The nightmare scenario for the west is playing out as we speak. This is the economic and military Sino-Russian alliance… Collapsing oil prices is a trap, because greedy wall street cannot clobber black gold without clobbering the price of gold bullion. Russia thus exploits the coupling by off loading all dollars for gold….instead of defending the ruble….while simultaneously doing more trade with China for yuan….this is a set up, Russia and China are in the process of killing the dollar. Saudis don’t care how low oil goes as long as the relationship with gold is maintained…..this will end very badly for the US-UK.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Russia’s government has pushed the country into an economic crisis by not tackling its financial problems fast enough, former finance minister Alexei Kudrin has said



  • Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled the extended New Year holiday for government ministers because of the ongoing financial crisis, informing the agencies they must work to help strengthen the economy and take protectionary measures in the face of a combination of governmental mismanagement, dropping oil prices, and economic sanctions that have caused considerable panic in Moscow in recent weeks.



  • @Pacha

    You have taken note that Lithuania has gone the route of the EU? Putin must not be a happy camper.


  • David
    They still seeking to surround the Bear. That must now mean, they have all The Baltic States. Let them gather.


  • St George's Dragon

    @ Pachamama December 22, 2014 at 10:55 AM
    “Putin also knows that within 60 days oil prices are likely to be $150 per barrel. This is winter in most western countries.”
    Got that one wrong then.


  • Dee Ingrunt Word

    @St George’s Dragon at 10:46 PM…“Putin also knows that within 60 days oil prices are likely to be $150 per barrel. This is winter in most western countries.”==============

    Oh lawd, LOL. One wonders what prompted your recap of this.

    At the time five months ago, all the available evidence pointed quite clearly to the inaccuracy of the statement, as the situational dynamics of the winter season were irrelevant to the big outlier called fracking.

    It was a supply and a Saudia Arabia driven play.

    None of the pundits of the day except this one predicted such a return price bounce.

    So wrong yes but moreso completely misguided.

    But heh, he will be proven right eventually though. When exactly maybe he can say, because at the moment it still seems a few more winters away,


  • St George's Dragon

    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” – Bertrand Russell.


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