Submitted by Pachamama

The late Zbignew Brzezinski’s greatest fear, others too, was the control of Eurasia by non-Western forces. Meaning any actors other than the Atlanticists, specifically not Russia and certainly not in an alliance with China or other Eurasian actors. And they had ‘just’ cause in reaching this determination. For history has clearly shown that “she who controls Eurasia, controls the world.”

The beckoned formation may even be grander than that most feared by Brzezinski on his geo-political, geo-strategic, chessboard. Brzezinski himself always carried an abiding loathing of all things Russian, as most Poles do. Divide and rule – Slav against Slav in Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere.

Our master narratives are three (3). Firstly, we have determined that White people, and we refer to Whiteness as a political construction, are highly unlikely to surrender “supremacy” or “exceptionalism” or ‘great again’ absent a cataclysmic event, or series of events. For Western forces have never seen the Slavic people as White and have signaled to the Chinese that there shall have no tolerance for the rise and fall of empires as a long cyclical phenomenon. Meaning, the West must rule forever as divined by their god.

Secondly, that the acili of the Atlanticists has always been that the total destruction of the world is preferable to Chinese or Slavic domination, as constituents of a real multi-polarity, or a world where power is equitably distributed. There is much evidence for this. We would however suggest that the rejection of Gorbachev’s entreaties to Reagan that ALL nuclear weapons be destroyed, banned, ‘disinvented’, absolutely points in that general direction.

Thirdly, there SHALL be no retreating from the actions taken by Russia on February 24, 2022. There has been an irreparable decoupling from the West by Russia. It’s clear to the Chinese that they are next on the West’s hit-list, as well. All the preparations have been painstakingly put into place over decades and now the Eurasian Bloc moves in for the kill as, Joseph Biden, bedeviled by cognitive decline, is hardly able to deal with his own and his son’s malfeasance far less the dire warnings from Vladimir Putin.

The military intervention of the Russian Federation into Ukraine has had multiple affects. The West has widened and deepened its most ‘reliable’ power projection source – economic sanctions. It has declared a heightened propaganda war on Russia. Diplomacy, which has always been war by other means sees NATO leaders/members, as satraps of empire, dutifully on the front lines, prepared to put their own survival on the line in the furtherance of an Anglo-Saxon continued domination of the world.

A calculus which means that 10 percent of the peoples of the world are to forever control the 90 percent. Then there is another war, cultural war, on all Russians, alive or dead, whether they they have links with President Putin or not, whether they own a football club, a yacht, or was a great composer, like Tchaikovsky, long dead.

We call this a ‘woke-ist’, ‘cancel culture’ war within the traditions and thinking of the much deified Winston Churchill who along with Harry Truman, even after Russia (the then USSR) in The Great Patriotic War of 1939 to 1945, had just given twenty seven million (27,000,000) lives to defeat Nazi Germany (Russia itself offering 12,000,000), bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima to send a message to the Soviets, and then sought to invade Leningrad as an expression of their hatred for the Slavic people and to gain control of Russia’s vast resources at the very time when it was at its weakest.

The West never learns from its history, someone once said. The same Nazis they have always supported like Deash, Isis, al Nusra, al Queda more recently, evinces a Churchillian wickedness. Slavs in Ukraine today, divided against themselves, again seeking to do the bidding of a dead Churchill.

The Military War
In the military war and unlike the American/NATO axis whose doctrine of warfare starts and continues with the ‘shock and awe’ of Iraq, Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Panama and many others, represents the opposite of Russian military strategy. In the last 100 years alone we’ve had more than ninety (90) Anglo-Saxon led war. What the wall-to-wall propaganda in the West continues to not even minimally inform their ‘sheeple’ about are the stark differences in military doctrines.

Russian military strategy has long been guided by the thinking of Carl Von Clausewitz. Clausewitz saw war “as the continuation of politics by other means”. And for him, in war ‘political objectives are sought when diplomacy fails.’ Clausewitz sophisticated strategy, unlike Western militarism, would prefer the surrender of the belligerent forces as opposed to their destruction and goes to great lengths to achieve this. It cares not about the capture of territory and cities, as necessarily preconditions for victory. And continues the application of diplomacy even as the military campaign rages.

An understanding of Clausewitz best explains the conduct of the Russians thus far. The cities have not been obliterated except for parts of Mariupol, Vonlnoyakna, Kharkov and few other places as minimally as possible, only in cases where the Nazis and other Ukrainian forces forwent surrender, or removal to the west of Kiev. Electricity, the internet, water and other services remain largely functioning. None of these were possible under any American/NATO war. Russians have all kinds of familial connections to Ukrainians and as such are determined on a just war even though troop loses could be higher viz a viz American/NATO military campaigns 30 days in. A comparison could be made once reliable war dead are revealed.

Russian’s main military objectives have been listed. To achieve them they have successfully surrounded, on all sides, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops in what they call cauldrons. To the west of The Donbass, 60,000 or more elite Ukrainian fighters have been surrounded by Russian and separatists fighter of the Lugansk and Donetsk newly minted republics, as recognized by Russia alone, so far. Today, it has been announced that coalition forces have reached the centre of Mariupol which was stoutly defended by a collection of Aidar, Azov, Right Sector and other Nazi battalions operating within the military of Ukraine, and as Western proxies.

We estimate that Russia will achieve its overall objections by the end of April, Scott Ritter agrees, barring, and maybe in spite of externalities, the flooding of the battlefield with a mountains of weapons aimed at fueling an enduring conflict in Ukraine, on Russia’s borders, like in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the pending false flag attacks, or even worse, the intervention of third parties which will represent an enormous escalation. An escalation which Russia will never countenance. These tactics by America/NATO are those of weaklings. We deem America/NATO as weaker than a spider’s web.

The Russian discovery of up to thirty (30) bio-weapons laboratories in Ukraine is only a part of a wider network of three hundred and sixty-five (365) around the globe, all illegal as funded by the Pentagon through Hunter Biden.

The Economic War

Sanctions and secondary sanctions don’t work, have never worked! However, an army of professional sanctions busters are beating a path to the Kremlin but they are unlikely to find much work as the web of sanctions are boomeranging and effecting the Western economies in unprecedented ways, this will deepen. Amongst these are the proscribing of many Russian banks and the reserves of the Russian Central Bank held abroad. Such attacks on sovereign central banking institutions have never happened before to a G20 country.

For example, official monthly inflation in Atlanticist countries currently range between 7 and 10 percent, monthly. However, when measured using 1980s metrics it’s really between 16 and 20 percent. Not all due to sanctions of course, merely exacerbated by them as the pivotal nature of Russia and Ukraine as suppliers of wheat, both of them, and in the case of Russia, unique competencies in the supply of oil, gas, and a wide range of minerals irreplaceable from other sources in either the short, medium or long term.

Those who have their eyes set on the coming new world order represented by a Eurasian super-bloc are refusing to take dictation from Biden. We speak of China, India, Iran, Venezuela, the countries of Afrika, even countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE see the writing on the wall. China has very close relations with Russia. Indeed, it is fair to say that they are more than strategic allies, according to them – de-facto not yet de-jury. This is easily seen in the recent, some time in February 2022, Joint Russia-China Statement Articulating Opposition to Western Alliance.

In that statement a large part of the Eurasian architecture is on full display, not the military component though. It’s littered with organizations, some of which, few people in the West know anything about. These include but are not limited to The Belt & Road Initiative, APEC, ASEAN, Russia-India-China Format, BRICS, G20 and the Greater Eurasia Partnership. On the other hand the statement spurned the Western military alliances NATO and AUKUS with specifically projected at China for war.

In addition, we can boldly state that within a few days the Russians and the Chinese will announce, in full bloom, a holistic Eurasian financial/economic architecture to replace SWIFT, The World Bank, a new international reserve currency backed by minerals, a competitor to the IMF. They have long declared economic war via sanctions on a third of the nations of the earth. Russia February 24th well planned and timely intervention into Ukraine has heralded the demise of the West and the possible peaceful rise of the East. As the West played checkers the East played Go or in Chinese -Weiqi.

To shorten this section permit us to list a wide range of problems American/NATO sanctions are going to cause within Western financial systems as the Putin-Xi pair of martial artist absorbs American/NATO punches and as expert Judokas, in the case of Putin at least, ready themselves to deliver 10 times the force back at the West. But first, an example of the hurt coming our way.

President Putin’s announcement, a simple determination by The State Duma or the Federal Assembly, that Russian oil and gas sold to ‘unfriendly countries’ must now be paid for in rubles has set the cat amongst the Western pigeons. American/NATO responses beg the question, why would Russia continue receiving payments in Euros or USD when Western countries will simple freeze them in their banks. Are the Atlanticists silly? Or are they so self-centered that even agency is to be denied the perceived non-Europeans. If this riles them so, we need to wait and see what the coming announcement of the new Eurasian financial architecture, as if a nuclear bomb, does to them.

The problems the Western financial systems are likely to face within the short and medium terms and as a result of their own sanctions plus the Jujutsu of Putin and Xi will relate to off-the-book European market transactions for which there were Russian counter-parties; losing control over close-out arrangements; general risks associated with counter-parties for completed deals; too large systemic risksand liquidity strains.

We should expect too large and un-repayable debts within the system, debts so large that they can never be re-paid; risks associated with a possible Russian 150 billion dollar default triggering a Lehman’s Brothers 2.0 scenario; the trigger of insolvency contagion; risks as the East tries to minimize damage to itself while replacing the USD as reserve currency; an accelerated move away from the USD; an increased lack of confidence in a system which sanctions a central bank; the increased printing of money as a driver of double digit inflation; the slaughter of over-leveraged financial institutions. Add the spectre of 3 billion people within a system already built and being readied for roll out, then there will be more pain for the West. We’ve already seen UnionPay, of China, seamlessly and in association with Russia’s Mir card replaced Master Card and Visa, overnight.

The Propaganda War

We must concede that in the propaganda war of words Russia will never be able to compete. With tens of thousands of channels telling the same lies 24/7 not even the Creator Herself could compete with that. With over 150 public relations firms and tens of thousand of lobbyists sitting in Western capitals making sure elected officials adhere to the commands of the militarists, funders, we must await a nuclear weapons in Iraq moment. And that may yet take a decade or more. One half-point to the most evil entities known to man.

The Cultural Wars Against Russians

What can be said about how the Anglo-Saxons systematically create whole cadres of ignorant people ready to see President Putin as some villain, a man worthy of death. They are yet to know that Putin waited and watched for eight years as14,000 Russians in Ukraine were being slaughtered by Nazis, after a coup sponsored by the USA and NATO which violently removed a duly elected government and replaced it with a regime totally controlled Neo-Nazis.

Of which the comic Zelensky, a Jew, is currently its titular head. Even having been shown by the Pandora’s Papers to have amassed over a billion dollars from a benefactor who is the richest man in Ukraine. Zelensky as collateral damage, for all these releases really are intelligence projects trying to expose people they presume have some connection to Putin because the lie of currency is that he’s the richest man in the world.

But the ignorant peoples of the West who presume that it’s fair game to harass, harry, hate, harangue Russians, whether they are the owner of Chelsea FC; Russian restaurant owners in the West; performers of classical Russian ballet, like Swan Lake; or long dead classical composers like Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, for there are so many; or Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, the first human to venture into outer space. Once you are Russian it is now assumed, in a West, where ‘cancel culture’ and ‘woke-ism’ reign supreme that unless you renounce President Putin you are guilty of his perceived crime. This writer sides with Vladimir Putin and Russia unreservedly while trusting that he might find it possible to stop playing around with minions in Ukraine and strive to cut off the head of the snake.


A clean break has been made from the West by The Russian Federation, and there shall be no way back. Long and hidden hatreds of Slavs have re-emerged in the most visceral manner.

In the military war the Russians have already destroys thousands of elite Ukrainian troops, encircled west of the Donbass, within the most substantial of its network of strategically located military ‘cauldrons’. Even as the propagandists in the West continue to wax poetically about Kiev, as if that was the centre of gravity, it never was. The Russians never gave Kiev any priority, as yet. Why should they, when Ukrainian best soldiers were, before the intervention, amassed along the Donbass region (Clausewitz), poised to genocide the people of Lugansk and Donetsk. Propaganda fails every time, once confronted with reality.

As the Europeans now see the pictures of thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers emerging we sense an awakening is surfacing about the orders of magnitude, the gravamen, the real meanings of the misguidance, which a cabal of Neo-cons in Washington has led them to.

Those Neo-cons which include people like Victoria Nulands, Anthony Blinken and Jake Sullivan never needed their anti-Putin dissertations to enmesh a senile Joseph Biden into a world of trouble at home and abroad. Are these people so ignorant that no lessons could be learnt from Russia-gate? And they are doubling down. For these wars are existential for the paper-tiger of an empire as globalization, especially its financialized structures, comes screeching to a halt thus threatening the world with another recession and maybe even an extended depression. But these monsters care not, once there is a slim chance Russia can be destroyed, balkanized and plundered. A project the Anglo-Saxons have long dreamed of.

Certainly, it was Obama who is on record as saying that ‘one should not underestimate the extent to which Jo Biden could mess thing up’, and he has. The Democrats will be slaughtered in the midterms and maybe, just maybe, we could be looking at another ‘Trumpesque’ presidency but with brains to do more wickedness. His speech in Poland over the weekend could only give comfort to fools. Talking about regime change when The Russian Federation is currently winning the war by a country mile.

Indeed, it must be the absolute highest moral failing for Biden and the Neo-cons who wrote his Poland speak to allow this slaughter to continue in circumstances, when he has all the satellite and other communications intelligence which are showing that this war will descend into a bloodbath for Ukrainian soldiers when a diplomatic settlement on Russia’s terms is available.

The longer the military war, and this is the real war, goes on Russia may well increase its demands, this is standard in warfare, and instead of asking that the Donbass be recognized as independent states, that NATO membership will never be possible, the ‘denazification’ of and demilitarization of Ukraine, all these are currently being achieved in all theatres that matter, it may complete its total conquest, as it already has, what’s currently left of Ukraine, totally landlocked and entirely cut off from the Black Sea, as Russia has constructed a land bridge from its border in the north-east to the east to the south to the south east to the west, joining up with Crimea, all Russian territory.

Lastly, it may be well nigh for astute readers of global events to come to see that that river of blood which runs through everything given us by the West as evil and should therefore be utterly and totally rejected. Those structures carrying the mark of blood must include, but not limited to – Christianity, capitalism, Neo-capitalism, chattel slavery, colonialism, Neo-colonialism, globalization, exceptionalism, White supremacy and democracy. Unfortunately it has taken Vladimir Putin thirty (30) years to find out that the Slavic people with never be considered Europeans, will never be including in the artificiality of Whiteness. That once a Slav, always a slave, in their minds!


  1. Seems like the “Great Satan” is intent on staging a series of false flag operations in Ukraine just like it did many times in Syria precisely at the times when Damascus and it’s allies were on the brink of significant victories. They even gave an Oscar to the White Helmets which helped to stage those events under the direction of MI6, the CIA and French Intelligence.

    Psaki, today in her press conference highlighted, felt encouraged to state that chemical protective gear was thus being delivered to America’s foot soldiers in Ukraine.

    This is disgraceful. How has the mighty so fallen? That the once great America has to sink to the lowest levels of depravity in seeking propaganda victories where real military triumphs have long been elusive.

    This represents an absolute admission that the USA is a toothless tiger as it depends of Nazis to create an elusive quagmire in Ukraine for Russia so that a second pivot is made to the east. But these calculations are elusive when the American economy is going to hell.

    Knowing the nature of the criminal minds in Washington, such false flag chemical attacks will serve well to deflect, attempt to equalize, the damning and gilt edged physical evidence, discovered by the Russians, that the Pentagon and the Nazis in Ukraine were funding and developing all manner of pathogens designed specifically to kill Russians. This is a real war crime, genocide. Psaki and Biden et al should be drawn, quartered and sent to the Haque as the war criminals they are.

    Only the total destruction of these people could reverse such disrespect for the laws of war.

  2. @ Pacha
    It is only obvious that Psaki would be in a panic.
    Unlike most, she will be aware that the worst nightmare of the USA has formally commenced on April 1, 2022.
    After 50 years of global petrodollar hegemony they are now fully aware that the end is here – and that the consequences will be dire. You can EXPECT the dirty tactics to fly…

    This inevitable ending had been delayed by some dastardly acts….against whole countries…
    Many, (even here on BU) continue to miss the elephant in the room, and seriously think that this is some kind of ‘Ukraine’ issue. Presumable such persons ALSO thought that Saddam had ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and that Qaddafi was a wicked vicious leader…(since he had previously surrendered all his big weapons WMDs could not be the excuse )

    Anyway …. as Bob Marley prophesied…
    “Me nah know how we and them ah go work this out, BUT SOMEONE WILL HAVE TO PAY …
    for the innocent blood. That they spilled (for hundreds of years – generation after generation…)

    Bob may not have known, but now we do….
    REPARATIONS are at hand. The mighty hands of justice.

  3. Clinton and the DNC fined for breaching Federal Law in 2016.

    Better late than never!!

    Signs are Biden in trouble if they will go after these elites.

  4. Pacha…happy to see you posting your opinions again..

    “Many, (even here on BU) continue to miss the elephant in the room, and seriously think that this is some kind of ‘Ukraine’ issue. ”

    BU also has a whole squadron of useless breathers….terminal non-thinkers, only fit for regurgitating indoctrination.

  5. ​Messrs @Bush Tea et al, your opinions are as worthy for review as those of the others here who are missing the elephant in the room. … so based on this complete distrust of the empire which ‘spilled innocent blood for centuries’ I wonder if it’s possible for you to get behind the ideological sounding verbiage and PRACTICALLY affirm that a world under the hegemony of a Soviet/Russian power would have managed affairs absolutely better! Simple query.

    In our modern space knowledgeable folks skillfully use language with widespread acceptance (as seen on the Fox and MSNBCs and above) with the SAME absurdly partisan talking points in defense and attack: it would be deeply humorous to see these word dances if it was not so divisive and inciteful of death and destruction!

    Here the attack is “This represents an absolute admission that the USA is a toothless tiger as it depends of Nazis to create an elusive quagmire in Ukraine for Russia so that a second pivot is made to the east. But these calculations are elusive when the American economy is going to hell.

    Yet, for years into the 60s through 80s the Russian economy was doing poorly … very poorly in some instances. It certainly improved undoubtedly (before perestroika) and then in these later years … so with no attempted deep dive on the whys and wherefores one can simply state that Vlad Putin was in charge of the expansion of the economy and all the fatted oligarchs with their billions in wealth taken from the coffers of the state run enterprises they were hand-picked to control! …. Yet in some amazingly interesting way he is still a savior from “the criminal minds in Washington” and the hegemonic western evil of entitled political brands -Clinton, Trump, Biden – and their perfidy. Go figure that one!

    Saddam was a powerful tribal war-lord who managed his country as well as could be expected in the face of any person leading the minority ‘sect’ and the grasp on control … that he decided to expand HIS domain with wars and invasions and met his death as a result is on HIM. Had he remained comfortable as a powerful potentate in his space he very well would still be alive! Similarly Qaddafi … that we would seek to wash these gents in the blood of the lamb, so to speak, is remarkable revisionist folly … the geographic power plays of the day cannot be so simply ‘revised’.

    So I go back to my original point … if you are going to agree with the sentiment that “Only the total destruction of these people could reverse such disrespect for the laws of war” and you CAN be practical then I would ask WHICH people are we referring to who ‘disrespected the laws of war’: those who invaded Afghanistan in 1979 or those who did in 2001; those who brazenly kidnapped Manuel Noriega from Panama or those who used banned chemical nerve agents WMD like polonium 20 and the novichok to assassinate dissidents in the UK and basically blatantly said ‘yes, it’s me what are you going to do’.

    Enjoy your opinions … but they seem so very untethered to reality. None of us can really be right or wrong every time but we can aim for some semblance of reason surely!

  6. Jesus… Just came to the realization that it is still above my paygrade. I am not even going to try.

  7. Well @David, would you want YOUR koolaid with novichok or polonium … either option has just the right amount of ‘sucrose’ content to very effectively control all troublesome ‘life’ issues.

    Let me know bro… as I will have to do much back channel connections … that type of euro ‘sweetener’ is only available from singular suppliers.

    But soon come.

  8. Waru thanks. But will be gone again soon, extended period.

    We have always tried to avoid the “Dee Words” of this blog.

    Such people seem only to be linear, largely unread. So one has to be either a capitalist or a communist. We demand to be neither.

    In any way, communism is long dead and Vladimir Putin is an oligarch.. In some ways more capitalist than Biden.

    But Putin is rightly unwilling to surrender the history and culture of Russia to neo-liberalism in the same way some academicians contend that communism was merely a project to ensnare the Russians into a system which would remove their power from global markets.

    As we read current events, this is fundamentally a fight between two branches of capitalism. When one adds China to the equation it’s ever more clear.

    Therefore, our support for Russia and President Putin can only be located within the propaganda that has much currency in the West.

    That the fall of the USSR was the worst thing for Russians as Putin is always reported to have said, was correct. Try reading the dearly and recently departed Stephen Cohen. Arguably, the greatest Russian expert of the last 50 years.

    And Putin did. But theirs is the propaganda for such idiots to spew.

    Putin in making that statement immediately went on to say “because it left the Russian people scattered around the Soviet empire” sic. That was and is a tragedy which he must face. We wish Afrikan leaders were strong enough to so contend about the diaspora.

    This writer certainly would not want to see the rise of communism or chattel slavery or any other organizing system which has failed.

    But capitalism has long failed too. It’s just that people like Dee Word remain so indoctrinated by it that they prefer not to envision an organizing set of principles that could serve all the people all the time.

    This writer happens to be at the very centre of global financial capitalism and know first hand that it too is going the way of the dodo bird. There is good company as well.

    People like “Dee Word” are merely sheep dogs acting as conservators for the inequities of capitalism, its rapacious greed, its White supremacist bedrock, its determination that the many must be slaves for the few, etc

    How many more times must this writer lay claim to being an unrepentant anarchist? That it matters not to us “which colour the cat is once it catches mice.” And capitalism was never intended to serve all the people all the time.

    You may have the last word.

  9. .David
    Do you have a problem with this betrayal of the private property bedrock upon which capitalism is said to be based?

    Is it possible, in your mind, that after this, White people and capitalism, as their agent, could get this toothpaste back into the tube?

    • @Pacha

      The blogmaster’s perspective is one that locates this ongoing challenge by Putin of Western establishment as his desire to ensure Russia is perceived and accepted as a legitimate global player while seeking to sustain its rich culture. Allowing former states of the federation to openly court NATO and the growing use of Western systems to undermine Russia’s footing was not sustainable. China’s role in this matter will be seen as critical to outcomes.

  10. David
    You are not alone. For all the real Russian experts, academicians, have been so arguing for 30 years. Even former ambassadors etc. The current CIA director, a former Russian ambassador himself, william burns wrote a memo “Ynet means Ynet”. No means No.

    On civil forfeiture s though this has been happening for years in the USA. Where police officers and other cease people’s property under spurious circumstances.

  11. David

    This writer has been fighting with Hedges. West, Solomon and others on scheerpost for a while. These are people highly considered. However?

    The problem we have with pacifists is that they have failed miserably to constrain Western militarism. And yet when others do what their country does all the time they equalize these actions. For them there is never a just war.

    This is irrational!

    • @Pacha

      It is a perspective that agrees to a point Russia was made a caged animal but in the end the author blames Putin for lashing out.

  12. David
    We’ve read everything he’s written, followed him closely for decades.

    But that is the very point on which we disagree. It’s the pacifist notion that violence under any set of circumstances is “irrational”.

  13. What White and Black liberals end up doing is supporting their countries’ militarism by persuading others not to confront a range of violent action they subject others to. These may include economic, political, and other forms of violence as well. Pacifists have no rejoinder to this argument.


    • @Pacha

      The rejoinder is that all military actions by hegemonists located in the West are considered justified when the ‘enemy’ is from a non western place.

  14. David
    Both Hedges and West come at this from a Judea Christian perspectives. Both close friends and ordained ministers.

    Then there is the fundamental issue of the bible as a book replete with violence. Again there is no rejoinder.

    • @Pacha

      Again the rejoinder is that the good books describe violence prevalent in medieval society and before.

  15. To the blogger @Pacha, I bow to your more informed readings and analysis as clearly you are NOT indoctrinated but surely I am. SMH.

    Anyone with any discerning reality who reads what I wrote above today and over previous days and can so facilely offer that I am indoctrinated to capitalist thought has to be purposefully disingenuous… why is difficult to understand.

    I have repeatedly said that Putin is a sociopathic type leader to a degree that raises HIS ambition above all else … is he alone…. . of course not.

    I have also condemned Trump and to a lesser degree this president and others in the capitalist realm …the issue is one of preference: I prefer the infelicities of democratic tinged capitalism to Putin or Xi’s democratically flavored autocratic rule.

    For that I am indoctrinated. SMH.

    I asked ‘which leader disrespected rulese of war’ and cited measures for both East and West of despicable acts: Putin’s was gravely more despicable.

    I have NEVER faulted the man for fighting to reclaim Russian ascendant power … but I have always condemned HOW he does it.

    Yet bloggers like yourself can step on your intellectual soap box and berate the West’s perfidy and somehow embrace Putin’s worst acts.

    Absolutely I am indoctrinated beyond measure.

    But this is the era of point – alternative counter point. Putin and his mode of kleptomanical theft from the state with his hand picked oligarchs is good for the world because the western empire and their world governing industrial complex elite is evil.


    • @Dee Word

      Who are you to decree Putin and Xi’s approaches are not fit for purpose in the lands they lead? So far all you have offered to support your preference is based on a fanciful and idealistic whim that infelicities of our democratic system are more palatable.

  16. @ Dribbles wrote…
    “Messrs @Bush Tea et al, your opinions are as worthy for review as those of the others here who are missing the elephant in the room. … so based on this complete distrust of the empire which ‘spilled innocent blood for centuries’ I wonder if it’s possible for you to get behind the ideological sounding verbiage and PRACTICALLY affirm that a world under the hegemony of a Soviet/Russian power would have managed affairs absolutely better! Simple query.”
    Bushie has undertaken to NOT argue wit specific categories of persons for reasons of sanity. So no argument here.
    But people who grew up on Marvel comics tend to see the world as
    black or white
    Super hero and super villain
    cowboys and Indians
    and good vs evil.
    Unfortunately, our world is MUCH more complex than this, and hence may be a bridge too far for many of us.

    Now at which point did Bushie suggest that Putin offered a ‘better option’ than the West in global leadership?
    Shiite man, this in high school debate basis 101.
    Indeed, Bushie on more than one occasion likened the situation to “bad boy arriving at bad man’s door” for his comeuppance.

    Steupsss … so lukewarm, …so pedestrian….!!! LOL

    The complex requirements of Karma, that those who perpetrated the most dastardly acts of genocide and depravation against God’s people, for continuous CENTURIES, .. MUST suffer appropriate reparations, appears to be BEYOND your lukewarm capacity.
    You are probably one of those jokers like Sir Cave Hilary, who INSULTS us with the very suggestion- that such reparations can be contemplated in DOLLARS.
    But you will soon see how God exacts true justice, because REPARATIONS ARE A MUST!!

    The bad man Putin will ALSO meet his fate in due and appropriate course…

    One thing that is quite OBVIOUS, is that if Mother Karma waited for black people to be the instruments of reparative justice – even SHE would be forced to give up in despair at the brassbowlery… Cause we are too busy trying to be successful albino-centrics.

  17. Were is the evidence that Putin or anyone else is a psychopath. Don’t you know that there is not a single test which has ever been able to confirm ANY perceived psychiatric or psychological claim.

    None of the serious people who have studied Putin characterizes him as primarily self interested. Only you. Wonder why? If he were an American stooge, like Yeltsin, people like you will love him because you’ll be told to.

    What is democracy. This writer, unlike you, sees it as having vastly more to do with economy, more precisely resource allocation and distribution, than with politics and voting periodically. This is the scientific definition. Yours is an inverted depiction.

    Given that definition, this writer will contend that a country like Libya, under Qadaffi, was vastly more democratic than Canada. That China, a titularly Communist country, is vastly more democratic than the USA, having brought 800 million people out of poverty in 20 years on about.

    That Russia, seeking to protect its people by the application of war, when all else failed, is vastly more democratic than your good old USA.

    Only those indoctrinated with a subservience to capitalism and the paramountcy of Whiteness are making these propagandistic arguments. And if you read not critical literature Western misinformation media must be doing its job.

    It’s a good thing you’re not a capitalist stooge, as you say. How then is the juxtaposition of democracy and autocracy so conveniently lifted from Biden.

    On balance, there are no real difference between these two notions otherwise America would have demanded that the Saudis and other Gulf monarchs, their friends for nearly a century, end their medieval systems.

    Ask yourself why most of the dictatorships in the world are America’s friends.

    You regurgitate mainstream media nonsense. You say Putin is a kleptocrat. How would you know this otherwise? For by your own admission critical reading is limited. Do you also know that Putin has for years tried to convince the West that the oligarchs they now seek to disgourch should have returned they ill gotten wealth to Russia? Do you know that it was your much favoured and undemocratic USA, under the then Yelsin, with the assistance of the IMF which imposed this spectre of oligarchy on Russia?

    None of your non-points can withstand a rigorous scrutiny.

    Got to go. Last is yours this time.

  18. @David, you have a tendency at times to make some obscure remarks which suggest you SKIM what is written rather than properly digest what is said… I cut u slack as I suspect you can’t read ALL posts properly.

    What u wrote at 3:23 has NO connection to my sentiments.

    I said I PREFER the ‘infelicities’ of the democratic capitalist systems and NOT those of Putin or Xi … where or when did I say that “Putin and Xi’s approaches are not fit for purpose in the lands they lead

    If that’s what u interpreted then please revisit YOUR biases brother.

    I clearly said ‘I have NEVER faulted the man for fighting to reclaim Russian ascendant power … but I have always condemned HOW he does it

    There should be no problem in UNDERSTANDING that. when read in CONTEXT of my assertion of his sociopathic behaviour which I directly and repeatedly noted in the denunciations of assassinations of the dissident Russians, opposition leader imprisonment etc that he very clearly authored.

    That’s not the type of infelicities from any leader I can accept. I am happy for all the Russians and Chinese who readily accept that style … and never said otherwise.

    Please READ with understanding. I beg yah!

    This is RISIBLE brother…”
    “So far all you have offered to support your preference is based on a fanciful and idealistic whim that infelicities of our democratic system are more palatable”

    FANCIFUL and IDEALISTIC … u clearly miss ur stand up comedic days.

    I have never been fanciful and much, much too old to be caught up in idealist BS.

    As I said recently u are a source of great math often.

  19. @Pacha, I’ll leave it there. Don’t misinterpret my remarks about how read I am as compared to your obvious ravenous reading appetite… suffice to say I read Hedges and Luria off Consortium and others also.

    I tend to stay away from too much ‘red’ meat these days -to try a bad analogy- but I still enjoy a very varied and ‘meaty’ buffet.

    If you as widely read as u are and yet will assert that I am the only one to call Putin a sociopath … this man who recklessly used radioactive nerve agents to kill in another sovereign nation; the man who took out (as in had killed) the Yeltsin successor he supplanted; the man who has brazely killed Russian journalists; imprisoned critics and opposition leaders etc etc … then again I bow to your more enlightened analysis.

    Long may the Czar reign.

  20. BTW, to all informed analysis I can interpret I believe Russian history will give Yeltsin a bad rap as essentially his rule ended in ignominy.

    No sir I would not rate him as good in the least if his country SUFFERED due to his actions. He forestalled the Gorbackez coup which (from a Russian perspective) one can debate if that was a good thing.

    Anyhow enough of this… remember I really am not well read-in on this stuff so I done wid this.

    I am a capitalist realist with these five year contrivances we call elections … yes sir.. The flavor of governance offered by Putin (and Xi) makes too much of a sham of our election contrivances and those guys stay in power for as long as they want … remember that old ditty: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts (the leader) absolutely!

    Enjoy. And as I said to all my Russian brethren : long may the absolute Czar rule.

  21. The battle for Kiev is over. The descendants of the high lords from the north, the Vikings, have triumphed over the Mongol hordes. Now the next step is to achieve final victory with the utmost determination in order to demonstrate the supremacy of the West.

    After that, the West will go after those African and Asian countries that remained neutral in the UN vote. Total economic sanctions or starvation campaigns are conceivable, for example.

    The world must learn again who is lord and master.

  22. What about Russiagate? The canard your ilk have long charge Putin for.

    Indeed, they spent 5 years accusing Putin.of election interference only to finally concede that the dodgy dossier was just that. The truth is that America always projects their own crimes onto their enemies.. It is America and the West which perpetrates the most crimes, the most wickedness, on earth.

    Yes, we’ve seen Hedges and others accuse Putin of being a psychopath. But he has made that grand charge against all political leaders. His master narrative is that the current political system everywhere is fatally corrupt. Our counter is that not even Hedges could mount evidence to say for certain that anybody is a psychopath as medically defined.

    For us Hedges is no intellectual prop. We have deep, respectful and enduring differences with him.. For example, he still argues from a Greco-Roman point of departure when he’s lived through the greatest period of ancient Afrikan intellectual renaissance since the fall of Kemet, arguably.. But this is what White liberalism means, has always meant.

    The poisoning allegations you raised were just that – allegations. Certainly, if the intelligence agencies in the West had hard evidence, which the Russians kept asking for, it would have been forwarded to an international court. We can’t say the same for the Saudi crown prince. Cause he’s one of your blue eyed boys.

    Nor the most wicked government on the face of the earth which has killed Black leaders for centuries from Gabriel Prosser to Denmark Vesey to MLK to Fred Hampton – by the hundreds. Killed journalists, right there in America and abroad who would exposed them. Killed their own presidents. Committed genocide against many peoples, use bio-warfare agents against the Native populations and Black people.

    Have Russians or Putin ever enslaved anybody as chattel? Does Russia have any colonies in Afrika or elsewhere? Has Russia ever used nuclear bombs on any country? Does Putin steal the resources of sovereign states like Biden is doing in broad daylight cutrently?

    If you really knew Hedges’ work you would also know that he has taught prisoners for decades. Some of these are Black and Indian-American political prisoners still rotting in American jails for up to 50 years.

    And we could go on and on. Putin and Russia, regardless of their perceived crimes are babes compared to the hardened criminals for which you act as supplicant, and we emphasize the last sound.

    Lastly, Putin never bragged about killing Ghadaffi and laughed about it likr an old hen, a leader of a sovereign country. He never bragged about killing Soleimani as he was on an official visit to see a world leader and off the battlefield.

    Given all these circumstances, the deployment of nuclear weapons is eminently justifiable.


  23. PachamamaApril 2, 2022 4:01 PM

    Were is the evidence that Putin or anyone else is a psychopath. Don’t you know that there is not a single test which has ever been able to confirm ANY perceived psychiatric or psychological claim.


    Why not ask a psychiatrist!!!

  24. Only one? if you asked a million they would say the same things taught to them. But where is the test which prove these claims. Just like how christians claim there was a man called jesus on this earth. Purely, accepted dogma. No science.

  25. re “What about Russiagate? The canard your ilk have long charge Putin for.” This is a maddening and rather ingenious counter-narrative. Writ large there is NO Russiagate canard… The Steele dossier was replete with unproven ‘raw intel’ (or in Bajan ’nuff Sousie gossip’ – some of which was so ridiculous like the golden shower stuff – that frankly it must have had some semblance of truth) … but alas as you suggest much from that salacious political oppo document has remained unproven. However, writ large that does NOT dismiss or deny Russian interference.

    ***The expansive efforts by online Russian and related actors to create online mayhem was REAL.
    ***The efforts by Cambridge Analytica were REAL.
    ***The work by the Russian Buttina with the NRA was REAL… etc etc.

    Yes Clinton and DNC have been fined for the campaign issues related to that dossier … and lawyers were WORKING for them who misled the FBI, Also true the involvements noted above, not so!

    No one denies the culpability of US and UK and others in suppression or atrocities around the world …but here we are talking about Vlad Putin’s current atrocities and whether he had proper justification to so act …not whether past wrongs give him a ridiculous excuse to start a war!

    And one other BTW re Crown Prince MBS … he is a KILLER. I do not support such brazen murder and mayhem! …. Anyhow, I had actually forgotten that you are an avowed anarchist… so no more arguments over Putin … your summation says it all re “Given all these circumstances, the deployment of nuclear weapons is eminently justifiable.

    I gone hear…I’ll leave you to your destructive intent. Tarry well, brother.

    PS: You are studied enough to know that a dossier like that Steele stuff must be vetted and cross checked carefully before it can be accepted as valid … good gosh – the entire spy industry is about subterfuge and false flags misdirection. That was salacious BS that should NOT have been ventilated as it was … oppo research like that is a drip, drip… it backfired big time. But again I say it does NOT change the realities of what happened!

  26. “with the assistance of the IMF which imposed this spectre of oligarchy on Russia?”

    i remember when the sycophants for the crooks in Barbados were calling them oligarch…..i called them oligosh…..would bet anything they don’t want to be associated with any such title anymore, not when the freezing of bank accounts and other assets of oligarch is now the in thing….lol

    “One thing that is quite OBVIOUS, is that if Mother Karma waited for black people to be the instruments of reparative justice – even SHE would be forced to give up in despair at the brassbowlery… Cause we are too busy trying to be successful albino-centrics.”

    while speaking, in their minds only, perfect english…

  27. “Reuters was unable to obtain comment from Wenham Overseas Limited or Abramovich, who on Tuesday made a surprise appearance at peace talks in Istanbul meant to end Russia’s war in Ukraine”

    why would this be a surprise…his mother is Ukranian…

  28. True to form, the American Nazis in Bukka have staged a false flag operation, like the White Helmets in Syria.

    Suggesting that the Russians committed the war crime of killing 300 civilians, as questionable video purports to show bodies, graves.

    However, the Russians withdrew over 4 days ago. As corroner examining the video is suggesting that the deaths seemed to have occurred less than 4 days ago.

    So the only battlefield on which the fascist Americans could win anything, within the propaganda war, will be given pride of place amongst the illiterati.

    Already today one writer has already suggested that American stooges had expelled Russian forces from Kiev when in fact the Russians withdrew as agreed at the last negotiations. Lies!

    • When American and other Western forces accidentally killed civilians in Vietnam, Iraq and other places we heard the term collateral damage.

  29. David
    We have to wait until all the stories come out. However, there has been an unreserved denial by the Russian Federation while the Ukranians are “acting” the part, as though well rehearsed.

    So this is not even a claim of collateral damage, per se, as the Russians totally deny blame and the Ukrainians are not even charging any particular misguided military actions by the Russians. They seem to be suggesting the slaughter of the 300 dead.

    Dead bodies and graves on film instead.

  30. The Russians are good!!

    They have veto power at the UN Security Council and that’s who decides who gets prosecuted if my reading is right.

    So all sorts of barbarities can be practiced by the Russians to send their message worldwide.

    For the Ukraine it appears as though the watchword has to be victory …. “Victory at all costs—Victory in spite of all terror—Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.”.

  31. So what have we learnt from The Great Debate?

    Pick your poison and drink it!

    Human leaders are mostly like floaters that rise to the top. Some are stinker than others but they are all the ambitious ones obviously, with some lust for power.

    No system man, in his current beastly state devises is going to work to the benefit of all because man will be involved in its administration.

    So…”bun um down an’ start from scratch” will end us back at square one.

    Evolution is a very slow process.

    Mixed metaphor madness!

  32. And again I say….no God has to lift a proverbial finger to bring down decadent empires.

    They simply implode.

  33. @David, the reports of civilians with hands bound in mass graves is very troubling. Clearly, one can ask several questions and make questioning inferences like the comment: “True to form, the American Nazis in Bukka have staged a false flag operation“.

    BUT Why would the Russians commit such acts and leave the bodies as they did when clearly all would be exposed when they withdrew (now or later)??? …..or why too would Ukrainians behave in such a wretched, evil way to slaughter their brethren like that???

    So yes the matter is very troubling, thus a robust and intensive investigation is required immediately to bring whoever are the war criminals to justice. But let’s not use irrelevant narratives or false facts to build a case … for EITHER side.

    It is disingenuous to suggest that “the Russians withdrew over 4 days ago. As corroner examining the video is suggesting that the deaths seemed to have occurred less than 4 days ago.” Assuming the coroners’ analysis of the time of death is accurate there is really no significance to cite when the main Russian forces left. NONE. Any small mercenary crew (of RUSSIANS or other) could have carried out the killings at ANY time!

    It’s also incomprehensible to read “When American and other Western forces accidentally killed civilians in Vietnam, Iraq and other places we heard the term collateral damage.” So are these deaths ‘ACCIDENTAL’ is your comparative suggestion!!! SMH.

    When the Americans massacred villagers in Mai Lai back in the Vietnam war or recently killed children and civilians during their drone missions across the various mid-east conflicts or pursued retaliatory killings for their comrades’ IED deaths in Afghanistan there was some reckoning — eventually. Surely the punishments were not as severe, nor were all the atrocities indicted as they should have been but soldiers and leaders were HELD to account for some murderous behavior … as it should be here.

    No ‘Whataboutism’ is applicable!

  34. The Apotheosis Aphthosis of Western White Boy Propaganda antithesis is the epitome thesis of all their lies and fears
    when economies are light
    they rob others assets
    pretending to be anti-war peace makers
    secretly stirring up the fights
    making use of crises for profits
    perpetuating arms scams
    making up war crimes stories
    such as rape murder of civilians
    against agreements to cease war
    dragging out conflict for years
    for military industry complex profits

    A Year Shy of Three

  35. The Apotheosis of False Hypothesis allows false leaders heads of governments to impose sanctions without compunction like conjunction junction what’s your function nursery rhyme reasoning game playing I spy with my little eye something beginning with there are reds under your beds watching us watching them watching us
    Bobby D

  36. Johnny Clot
    Dream on. The West is closer to the Dark Ages than ever before.

    Your racist, supremacist, proclivities for Whiteness repleteevery word.

    Sooner or later the unavoidable determination will be reached – the use of nucleur weapons in your centres. That’s the only solution, regardless of cost.

  37. “Dream on. The West is closer to the Dark Ages than ever before.”
    Without ANY doubt Pacha…
    Those who have ears to hear, (like Hants) would heed the words of Jah Messenger in the warning below

  38. Everything is good today but we don’t know about tomorrow
    There are different degrees of War such as War! and More War!
    Putin says War is just about to begin now

  39. Bushie
    Malcolm X was right, when he had his first mind. When he said that White people are devils.

    For certainly, if there is a devil it must be them.

    That such a wicked force could still command all these Bajan “baccras” like Johnny, who still think that Whiteness gives supremacy. And a larger horde of ignorant Blacks seeking “closeness to thee” inspite of clear wickedness which is worthy of death.

    America now has economic sanctions on half the populations of the world.

    At the same time they have their satraps in Europe sanctioning Russia these demons are lifting their bans on Russian fertilizer to appease large farmers in the mid-west of the USA, with an eye tobthe coming mid-terms.

    They have just increased oil imports from Russia by 43 percent but still calling for more sanctions.

    If there is to be a devil, this is it! And there is only one option in confronting such a Great Satan.

  40. And there is only one option in confronting such a Great Satan.
    …and that is imminent.
    However you may be surprised at the nature of that option. That GREAT SATAN is not a simple minded entity who walks around with horns and a trident, but a brilliant strategist fighting a spiritual battle that makes our puny concerns pale into insignificance.
    That ‘Evil’ has managed to ’taint’ all of the avenues of truth with brilliant subterfuge.
    – Associating the Bible with slavery and with a brutal history of church malfeasance
    – redefining ’success’ as materialism and greed
    – Getting us to see selflessness as weakness and Godliness as uneducated.
    – Even getting us to hear the messages of contemporary Prophets as nonsense
    Satan is a BOSS!!! …and his albino-centric philosophy currently RUNS things on this earth

    So we are but minor pawns in the game. Our existence, (except for our unmeasurable potential that remains unknown to almost everyone,) is no more than a piece of jobby.

    The ‘option’ that WILL resolve this ‘Evil’ once and for all, will DEFINITELY NOT be human.

  41. Bushie
    Well, the heat at the centre of the Sun is as inhumane as can be.

    And that is the only corrective we see. For nothing could have existed with Her.

    And as exceptional as She is, as a blessing to the Great Mother, when made to kiss us from up near, everything is at lost.

    Nucleur weapons must have been invented for this Divine purpose, no?

  42. David
    Did the US impose sanctions on itself for killing a million Iraqis based on a lie.

    Or millions of Vietnamese, and on and on.

    Did anybody else in the world ever impose sanctions on the USA. How come?

  43. On Public Radio it was stated that the US was freezing Putin and his relative assets in the US.

    Putin may not have heard of the impending demise of the US. If you all think things are bad, I can promise you it will be a lot worse if the Great Satan falls.
    No need to reply.not buying anything.

  44. @ John April 8, 2022 7:33 AM
    “Oh Lawdy, looka de Pope going to the Ukraine.”

    Maybe St. Francis (not of Assisi) is going there to fulfil Baba Vanga’s prophecy.

    It is ‘predicted’ that the same Pope will be the last to perpetuate the Biggest Lie ever told.

    Don’t be surprised if the ‘dying’ Pope loses his mitre as the Age of the Fish(es) slowly fades away.

  45. Can China and India get the oil and gas from Russia Europe refuses?

    Sounds like it is a matter of infrastructure and they will rely on the US Navy.

  46. The empire strikes back.

    “Russia’s navy has fired cruise missiles into Ukraine and its Black Sea activities are crucial to supporting land operations in the south and east, where it is battling to seize full control of the port of Mariupol, its main target in the Donbas.”

    If Ukraine has the ability to take out Russian ships in the Black Sea it could spell delay for Putin’s new push along the Black Sea Coast.

  47. Here is Putin using the term Euro Atlantic (vs Euro Asian) when countries with populations totaling close to 200 million are in fact like Ukraine, Euro Atlantic in focus.

    Should Putin have the right to determine the futures of so many people and force them to become Euro Asian in outlook?

    It is completely stupid to think they will all sit idly by and let him as Ukraine has shown and no doubt they are readying themselves for the fight.

    It isn’t that NATO has expanded since the fall of the USSR, it is that Russia’s satellites have adopted a more Euro Atlantic posture.

    Tough for Putin to accept but unless he is prepared to plunge the world into WWII and risk annihilation of Russia, he should retire gracefully.

    Give Pachamama’s dumb thinking a miss.

  48. This is a good listen.

    The guy may be wrong but he is logical.

    Not a good future for Eurasia but people will be flocking across the Atlantic to the US.

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