Putin – The Theory of the Big Lie

Submitted by Pachamama
Vladímir Putin - President of Russia

Vladímir Putin – President of Russia

Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it – Lysander Spooner

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act  – George Orwell

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truthJoseph Goebbels

All warfare is based on deceptionSun Tzu

Our central point of departure rests on the truism that we live within a tapestry of lies. But when it comes to Geo-politics, the theory of the big lie was always necessary in the maintenance of empire. Notwithstanding this centuries old adage, the big lie remains a potent weapon in the quiver of the powers as they seek to conduct war, by any means necessary, against their foes. In recent years we’ve had big lies serving to instigate illegal wars against Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Gaza, Yugoslavia and others. However, the recent war propaganda against Putin’s Russia take the big lie to new and staggering levels of acceptability. Indeed, the very existence of the Anglo-American Empire has come to rest on the acceptance of these big lies as truisms.

We have never been persuaded that any country commands any high level of innocence. Indeed, we see countries as impersonal entities without any enduring friendships but with perennial interests. These national interests guide countries and blocks as they tussle for advantage and ascendancy. In this pursuit countries may try a combination of diplomacy, politics and other cultural and economic levers to change the balance of power, gain strategic advantage. In the event where there is a failure, militarism, including sanctions, maybe employed by belligerents to achieve, through violence, that which could not be so done by ‘peaceful’ means.

In the case of Russia the big lie theory has proven to be a worthy and reliable stand-in for logic and reason. It was Goebbels who argued that given control of media, it was easy to determined what the population believed. And the populations of the world is largely under the control of this Goebbels injunction. In the propaganda war on Russia such a global propaganda ministry has trotted out a number of baldfaced lies to violently overthrow the government of Ukraine as a sovereign state and then proceeded to institute a coup government made up of neo-Nazi elements while blaming Russia for the ‘mistakes’ of the West. This is the nature of war – the big lie style. The government they established was to be a mere servant of colonialism, to create confusion on Russia’s borders and was aimed at breaking up Ukraine in the interests of long-run destabilization that could spill over into Russia itself. This is only the most recent in the American led NATO expansion eastward in violation of promises made to Gorbachev. They miscalculated Russia was never to become a competitor for dominance, challenging the USD and realigning countries against empire.

In the case of Crimea there were many lies told by the West, and a few by Russia too. It was once said that when a lie gets a head start on the truth, the truth will never catch up. Sometimes a lie can defeat another lie, but not always. However, in the case of eastern Ukraine – Kharkov, Luhansk and Donetsk – east of the Dnieper River – no effort has been spared in the West in the magnitude of big lies told to achieve their hideous objectives. Lies so pervasive that they represent truth for most. Some narratives about Ukraine are totally informed by lies. Big lies mouthed over and over again in all media especially network television, global newspapers of record and mindless stenographers for empire like the Nation Newspaper in Barbados. But the lies are not working anymore, we had wondered how many times must the West peddle lies to get us into war and we like sheeple meekly comply. The end to the effectiveness of Western lies surely signals the end of their reign as well, no?

The most recent big lie was that Russian troops has invaded eastern Ukraine. The people of the world are not to know that most of the military equipment of Ukraine comes from Russia. So we are shown convoys of Russian military vehicle and told that there is an invasion. And we have these ‘babes’ on television forming our opinions absent of other possible explanations. Could these vehicles not to under the control of Ukrainians troops? Could there not be captured vehicles from the regime in Kiev? Could this parade not be part of an exercise that happened sometime ago? Could there not be an alternative explanation? This narrative is absent of a realistic understanding of the military might of Russia, its recent involvements, etc. We suggest, given the military might of Russia that should Putin have made to decision to invade Ukraine, Kiev itself would have fallen months ago and there would not be one darn thing the West (NATO) could have done, except stupid talk about self defeating sanctions.

Indeed, Orlov has argued that should Russia have invaded Ukraine, Ukrainian artillery would have fell silent immediately; the appearance of the war theater would have changed immediately; the Ukrainian military would have instantly vanished; Russian checkpoints would be everywhere; Ukrainian border crossings would have been under the control of Russia; a no-fly zone would have been established over all of Ukrainian skies; the Western puppets like Poroskeno would not be available to media; 800 thousand Ukrainians currently in Russia would be going back home; there would have been an intensification of diplomatic and military  activity around the world; the surrender of Kiev. None of these are happening or have happened. On the contrary Russian has taken significant actions to de-escalate a possible and wider confrontation with the West. These include the reversal of a law giving Putin the power to declare war, and others. None of this will help the situation when America and its European colonies are fighting for imperial survival. A war is necessary! A war the American want others to fight for it. On the other hand the Americans intend on the push for an extended dominance by lying to the Europeans about their ability to supply them with alternative energy resources and compromising their dependence on Russian gas. So Europe is to pay the price for empire!

Before this most recent spectacular series of lies there was the PNAC-like national security event of Malaysian flight MH17. The liars in Washington seem still convinced that airplane crashes have the ability to solicit irrational and emotional calls for war from the American people. Again there were a number of big lies surrounding this event which failed to stick so they were soon abandoned. They had asked us to believe that the Novorussians (the rebels) had shot down the aircraft. When it became clear that the rebels had no such capabilities we were then asked to accept that Russians were operating such anti-aircraft batteries in their stead. When that failed the liars shifted to the ill-conceived argument that MH17 was downed from Russian territory. Even in the face of satellite evidence produced by the Russians showing a Ukrainian air force jet in the vicinity of flight MH17 seconds before its downing, the Americans and their new neo-fascist friends failed to provide any evidence to the contrary. They ignored that the Ukrainian military had done this before, 10 years prior, by accident. That is the problem with the big lie theory, you see, a modicum of truth, given some media can defeat a universe of big lies. The imperfect attempts by both the Novorussians and Russians to cooperate with international agencies and governments, particularly the government of Malaysia, has prevented the use of this 9/11 type false flag attach as a cause cilibre – a cause for war! Nobody, but idiots, have any confidence in anything the Americans say about anything. Diplomacy defeated militarism and the destruction of truth as necessary pre-conditions for war but the big liars will not quit. Right now more lies are being hatched, even about Syria. Anything to make a war possible.

Whereas the West and NATO would like to characterize Vladimir Putin as a tyrant, the new Hitler and a warmonger. And whereas the propagandized minds in the West are imminently susceptible to these big lies. We must conclude that the reverse is true. It is the West that are the tyrants. It is the West that are the supporters of the neo-Nazi and are themselves fascists. It is the West, and the Americans in particular, who have lost their way and see war as their only hope of extending empire. It is the West which covets other peoples’ things and intend to take them by any means necessary, like they have always done. Thinking people should not see the Ukrainian situation in isolation. They must connect it to recent, similar, imperial American – NATO behaviors in Libya, Syria, Egypt, South Sudan, Yugoslavia, Palestine, Iraq and Iran. Of course, there is a wider berth of imperial excesses even within Europe itself, like Operation Gladio. So for the West there are to be no friends, per-say, only to  the extent to which such relationships serve their interests. In this vicious game for power everybody lies to everybody else and the West have been the biggest liars of all. The bigger the lie …………………… the better!


  • The 50,000 member Ukrainian army has been destroyed by 15,000 rebels. Except for Mariupol in the south the Ukrainians and NATO are dead. Now the rebels are seeking war reparations for the destruction of the industrial heartland of what was once eastern Ukraine. This is a spectacular military defeat not unlike the Russian/Cuban backed military victory at Quito Carnavale. That victory led to the demise of South African Apartheid. This one is the beginning of the end for American empire!


  • @ Pachamama

    We know you hate the United States. You’re not secretive about it either. Surely there is a reason (s). Please, would you please tell us about it. Are you somehow related to Victor Bourne and or Andrew J. Watts. Both you know were convicted and sentenced to prison “in the United States” and both are from Barbados.


  • http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2014/January/Oil-Boom-North-Dakota-Sees-Black-Gold-Rush/


    @ Pachamama

    The United States has its problems, not as healthy as it could be or has been but unlike Barbabos, It (United States) has natural resources, not terminally ill and not on its knees, but you live there (Barbados), likely because you have no choice. North Dakota, Pachamama did you know is just flooded with oil. It no longer needs oil from Venezuala or the Middle East oil. Russia is desperate for money and its side kick China is desperate for oil, likewise Venezuela because the United States no longer needs Venezuela. Russia isn’t hurting the United States by protecting Edward Snowden but the United States is surely hurting Russia with sanctions.


  • Pachamama doesn’t live in Bim. Are you kidding?

    Smiley face, smiley face. Exlclamation, exclamation, exclamation.


  • @Look

    And pray tell us how much of the US oil comes from Canada? If we closed the pipelines, where would the US be? Shut up woman and go cuddle with my cast-off French Canadian. steupse.


  • COLD WAR Part 2.
    From BAOR, British Army of the Rhine to BAOD – British Army on the Danube


  • LOL @ Pat
    Look, LOOK….
    The real problem that the USA face is not about oil…..(not that this isn’t an issue,) but the problem of your (and our de facto) dollar’s relevance -and hence its VALUE, THIS is a CRITICAL one.

    Problem number one is that yours has become a completely FALSE economy. One where the value of your currency is based NOT ON real assets or real productivity, but largely on the (growingly reluctant) world having been forced to agree to it being the standard international currency for international business…especially oil.
    This is why wunna could print um as wunna like…

    Many powerful forces have questioned this in the past…and mostly ended up as dead “terrorists”
    However it looks like Putin and BRICS may be too big to fail…

    Many that claim to hate the USA are simply disappointed and fed up with the hypocrisy reflected in the gulf between the constitutional ideals and the realty on the ground…..or should that be “the shit in the trenches”…?


  • http://bigstory.ap.org/article/many-left-behind-silicon-valley-rebounds


    @ Bushtea

    The United States in previous years took a hard hit from the recession as did so many other countries. The United States though Bushtea has almost fully recovered. Barbados in previous years has been hit quite hard and still hit. Bush Tea, watch your mouth. Put a sock in it.


  • Easy Squeeze (Make No Riot)



  • overseasbajanyankee


    It is clear that America and the west did not understand the monster they were creating in the middle east. prior to 2001 that region was a relatively peaceful place with dictators keeping the various tribes under control. Low and behold, usa and its nato puppy decided that they must invade the region and have installed leaders who accept the western values. Was the Europeans fooled or were they taken for a ride. They now have to return to the middle east to counter the isis threat. if they had an exit strategy why now do they have to return. It must be recognized no amount of superior weapons can change and ideology. Israel has superior military technology and it has not been able to rid hamas of its thinking. An ideology is a belief, just like the Europeans believe that they were to colonise the heathen world and enslave them and exploit them, Putin believes that nato at its door step is a danger to its geo influence and he will ensure that its doesn’t achieve its objectives.

    This world is a funny place, clearly if nato had a proper exit strategy for the middle east, it would have no have had to return. Clearly it did not control the minds of those persons who are now forcing they return. When nato and America leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will return and this will demonstrate that it had a failed strategy.


  • @overseasbajanyankee

    Nothing to disagree in your comment.


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