War – When Cowards and Mad Men Take Powah

Submitted by Pachamama

Source: Latuffcartoons

While Bajans wait with baited breath for manna from the mouth of the preeminent national coward, of all times, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

And while that manna is destined to leave those with a Pavlovian palate as intellectually starved as before, a constellation of global forces are driving us to the final war.

Of course, none of this has the potential to demonstrate the basis truism that anything which can happen, or not happen, in Barbados cannot make local circumstances much better, any time soon.

Conversely, what’s happening in the global environment could easily make the anticipated pronouncement of this PM moot, at best. And at worst, alter all sets of calculations.

In the USA we have ‘deep state’ forces running two (2) major national security projects simultaneously. First, and most importantly, there has been a determination that Russia must be brought to heel, at any and all cost. What madness!

There are big lies about interference in all manner of elections by Russia. That the United States has rigged, stolen, derailed more elections than can be recalled seems to be of no import.

Secondly, these same interests have long decided that Trump, under the real threat of impeachment charges, maybe death for treason as well, whether real or trumped-up, must be made to do their bidding – as was every other president of the USA before.

War has always given meaning by the American military industrial security complex. The whole economy is based in war. Without the war industries there is no empire.

Given these circumstances, neither Trump nor Putin, as much as they would want to propose entente, notwithstanding or because of a belief, that Putin may be holding a trump card on Trump.

But war or rumours of war is the order of the day. American and Russian military forces are engaged in the Syrian theatre. One mistake could lead to Armageddon in the place from whence this name comes.

Trump appears to have finally found the last two pieces for his war cabinet with the appointments of John Bolton as national security adviser and Mike Pompeo as secretary of state. Both as hawkish as can be possible.

He has promised a May 2018 withdrawal from BarJam, as known by the Iranians. The JCPOA, as called by the West. It is an agreement with the five permanent members of the UNSC and Germany – the ‘Five plus One’ – to limit the Iranian nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief. For Trump and Trump alone, this is the worst deal ever made.

When we add the rabid Zionist Bolton to the mix, big trouble cannot be too far away, even when the deep state forces themselves see no reason for a war on Iran. Pompeo is no less a Zionist though he is not known for supporting the anti-Iran terrorist, the MEK, like Bolton long has.

Trump was a genuine coward when his time came to go to war. So was Bolton. Bolton has called, for years, for the bombing of Iranian nuclear sites. For years he has called for regime change in Iran. None of these internal and competing forces have any problems with real terrorist states like Saudi Arabia and Israel. Indeed the USA itself is the foremost terrorist state on earth. War is terror! America is a warlike nation.

It is American, British and French weapons, planes, refueling aircrafts, satellites targeting, missiles which are illegally bombing the poor people of Yemen for three (3) years, without just cause, killing over 14000 Yemenis, destroying critical infrastructures, causing cholera, mass starvation and holding 26 million Yemenis hostage under an illegal blockade, while the world keeps silent. Barbados has nothing to say about this.

The United Kingdom and Theresa May, with the help of MI5, seem to be making their contribution to the coming Great War. What a pitiful former empire. The Sripal incident was concocted to add weight to the irrational Russiaphobia being galvanized through popular media as controlled by the deep state forces of the Five Eyes countries – USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. CNN, MSNBC, BBC etc are mouthpieces for the global security state.

Western actions against Russia do not make sense to those who have no desire to ‘march unto war with the cross of western Christianity going on before’. Why not let the OPCW – the internationally renowned Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – test the samples, make the chemical agent available to the agency, follow its established protocols.

Jeremy Corbin is again under pressure. This time for his refusal to blindly follow Theresa May down a war path, not dissimilar to Iraq, but based no evidence at all. No evidence has been provided, only grand charges. And the world must take the word of professional liars like Theresa May.

Up to today deep state forces have succeeded in getting more than 30 world nations to expel over 150 Russian diplomats – a euphemism for spies, they say. All based on a flimsy case, in which not even the accused has seen the evidence, if there is any.

The deep state forces make their case through their talking heads and placemen. But neither the Iranians nor the Russians are afraid of them. And that is a problem. The aggressors are not known for confronting and defeating strong countries, only broken back ones.

It was the Soviets who loss 26 million of their citizens in defeating the Western built and strengthened Nazi regime. In this some measure of credit must also go to Churchill. Before the Americans joined the Second World War, around 1943, on the side of the ‘allies’, it was Churchill who defied Hitler.

There is no way to win a hot war against Russia, but the deep state forces are not deterred. A better estimate would be the total annihilation of us all. In addition, the Russian have just given a strategic response to nearly 30 years of Western (NATO) encroachment on its boundaries, encirclement.

In his recent New Year’s speech Putin exhibited a dazzling array of new weapon systems to counter the expansionism by the West. Before Obama left he committed over one trillion in nuclear weapons ‘development’. Trump has substantially increased the military budget. They are making ready for the Malhama!

The Iranians have foiled all kinds of Western plots against them. This writer has met them and we can attest that they are unafraid of their enemies. Iran has defeated Israel three (3) times, without credit. A defeat of Israel is also a defeat of the United States, for the Zionist regime is merely a cat’s-paw of empire although it still harbours hopes of a Yinon Plan, as a stepping stone towards Pax-Judaeca. In the Iran-Iraq War all the global forces, and most of its neighbors, supported Saddam Hussain, but the Iranian prevailed.

There are reports that the al-Saud regime has recently agreed to pay the United States of America hundreds of billions to defray the cost of a war against the Islamic Republic of Iran. This seems credible in light of the fact that the terrorist war on the Syrian Arab Republic was largely bankrolled by the al-Sauds. That global terrorism has its genesis in Riyadh. And from Riyadh the funding goes to propagate terrorism around the globe. State terrorism is about to become real. We already know that Trump believes in taking over the resources of countries as a consequence of war. So why would he not pimp-out the security service of the USA to defeat the perceived arch enemy of the al-Saud regime, especial when a buck can come to his pocket. He’s said as much.

Another obvious hot spot is no doubt the Korean Peninsula, though with Trump, China or Venezuela could easily be added to the mix. If he has any real courage. In spite of the entente provided by the Winter Olympics, more engagement of the Chinese and the absence of bombast by the belligerents, we fail to see the circumstances where the DPRK will surrender its nuclear capabilities even with Korean reunification and the withdrawal of American military bases.

Not when Supreme Leader Jong-Un has seen what happened to Saddam Hussein. What happened to Maummar Gaddafi. What Trump is threatening to do with the JCPOA signed with the Islamic Republic. It is difficult for us to see these China-led negotiations leading to the grand bargain, in the near term, an overly optimistic Trump presumes possible.

The American empire is prepared to destroy us all in its quest to maintain supremacy. The Chinese are holding on to notions of a long game. It is a logic which rests on the mistaken assumption that the American project will run out of steam and make room for them sometime soon. Like Russia they are fighting for the space to play a greater role. At the end of the day it will only be Russia and her allies willing to confront a fading hyper power and deal it a death blow. The response of the West then means total annihilation.

AmeriKKKan ‘Independence’ In An Age of Trumpism – An Inside-Outside Approach

Submitted by Pachamama

For months, if not years, we’ve been bombarded with claims that Russia interfered in the American ‘democracy’. Of course, this has been shocking to us because we were not aware that there was any tradition approaching ‘democracy’ within the USA.

We were not even aware that such a claim could be viably maintained, with a straight face, for any extended period of time. So they must be some seriousness there, or at least a determination to keep some elements of structural propaganda campaigns alive.

Of course, ‘democracy’ is best defined as having to do with equity in the distribution of resources. Sometimes is could be helpful if notions of ‘independence’ are liberally imbued. The best conditions for democracy cannot be said to exist when Trump himself represents the quintessential elements of oligarchy and domination, by less than one percent of one percenters.

Inside the United States such radical, rightist, racist, tendencies were well-established at Plymouth Rock. The Nobel Laureate, James McGill Buchanan (1919-2013) and a list of renowned academicians, largely from the Chicago School, since the 1960’s, laid the most recent foundations for today’s equivalent of White supremacy at its heyday, for cultural domination, at the strategic level, which Michele Alexander calls, ‘The New Jim Crow” as an internal phenomenon.

For Buchanan and his ilk, democracy and liberty could not mutually exist. For them, ‘liberty’ meant the unquestioned right of the few to own everything, including other human beings, as chattel. There were to be none of the so-called popular or meaningful ‘freedoms’ Americans and those so-socialized generally make grandiose claims about.

Buchanan and company made the affirmative argument that ‘democracy’ had to be ‘gagged’. They sought through stealth to establish this currently, dominant, American worldview. They contended that it was impossible for full ‘liberty’, meaning the ‘right’ of White men, mainly, to own ‘all’ the wealth in circumstances where ‘democracy’ was anything more than a mere platitude, a fiction, a cover for other more brutal political formations.

His work was international in scope, scale. Buchanan even more so than Milton Friedman and the other ‘Chicago Boys’ went into Chile and laid the foundations for a constitution aimed at foisting unpopular views on the majority of the population. Ideas hostile to ‘democracy’ within the Chilean constitution, in the hands of a military junta.

Buchanan was instrumental in arguing that ‘democracy’ had to be in chains for the America of Donald Trump to emerge. And yes, we have these ‘babes’ on TV, hour after hour, seeking to preserve the emptiness of a non-existent democracy which Buchanan and company have so stealthily bequeathed to us all.

The ‘money men’ who support these ideas have established networks of universities, think tanks and foundations to ensure their undemocratic traditions live forever. The Cato Institute, The Ford Foundation, The Koch Foundation. These institutions of oppression are even given pride of place within the wider culture. Such is the remarkable success of this ideology.

The America of Donald Trump sees every cabinet secretary appointed, as an agent of the moneyed interests, from the billionaire class. The far rightward, radical impulse now being given expression, exceeds the excesses of the Gilded Age. They aim is nothing less that the tearing down of the social welfare state and handing the savings to the billionaire class, themselves.

Trump’s cabinet secretaries are only the tip of the rightward lurch. Unlike most ‘pooraky’ countries, the USA has a relatively large number of wealthy citizens. Amongst these, the billionaire Koch brothers, have heavily funded the political-economy ideals of James Buchanan in ways that even Buchanan, himself, found objectionable, on his death bed.

These modern White supremacists maintain that even though 65% of the American people would favour a single-payer medical system and while the plans supported by the Republicans could, at best, gain 17% support amongst the electorate, Trumpism is determined to convince Americans that such a calculation is in their interests. These are the Buchanan ideals at work. The radical imposition of minority ideas on the vast majority using a popular party as the executing instrument of choice.

The Koch brothers and their acolytes have also funded voter suppression campaigns, promoted systems which imprison non-Whites disproportionately, funded the gerrymandering of constituencies, forcibly removed people of colour from places like the City of Chicago, Harlem; gutted budgets for public schools. These donor networks deploy their resources to exert extreme pressures on politicians, thanks to a supine supreme court, and have laid the foundations for the rise of Trumpism as the dominant governing system.
They have funded Republican and Democratic efforts internationally to interfere in the elections of governments they dislike. These ‘soft’ efforts to bring about coups have often been followed by direct or ‘hard’ attempts to overthrows other governments and put their lackeys in office. This has been going on for centuries.

That has been on the inside. On the outside. The decades old rise of Trumpism has manifested in the global organization, they say globalization, in which these far-rightist tendencies appear. It is the same side of the same political coin.

So while western central banks are not only bailing out commercial banks but more problematically subsidizing them, buying their bad debts and propping up the financial markets by trading in questionable bonds, countries like Barbados are to have no place in their world unless there are real assets to be taken.

Trump talks plainly about taking Iraqi oil. He is currently attempting to partition eastern Syria, this is already failing. He has already convinced the stupid Saudis to pay hundreds of billions for American protection of their medieval regime. This represents a level of gangsterism, crassness, unseen in recent times. American capitalism has reached the highest level of depravity imaginably. To the point where there is no difference between Trump, as president, and the presidency as an institution.

The events around 1776 and ‘victory’ in WW2 have led to scores of ‘independent’ countries over 70 years. Maybe it is time for the cautionary tale of Deng Xiaoping be put aside. Maybe it is not too soon to make the judgement that the rise of Americanism has not made the world a better place. A judgement that our world is no better than before or …. after.

Indeed, a close examination of the what is most likely to follow the age of Anglo-Americanism is likely to deliver a multi-polar world no less oligarchic than what we’ve had, as judged by elite Chinese and Russian behaviours in academia and commerce. The exception being their militaries, still fostering a completely different, distinctly anti-western orientation.

T&T Extreme Prejudice For Citizens Fighting with ISIS –Never Happen!

Submitted by Tony Humphrey

Major General (Ret’d) Edmund Dillon, Minister of National Security

Is this a reality check for PM Dr. Rowley or is this absolutely unacceptable, unconstitutional and flat out wrong. I can hear the Bajan progressives screaming bloody murder even as those who sit in the conservative seats raise their eyebrows with a smirk.

The headline read: French Special Forces Targeting French Citizens Fighting for ISIS in Iraq. The story quoted: “The motive for the secret operation is to ensure that French nationals with allegiance to Islamic State never return home to threaten France with a terror attack [….] France has been the target of several deadly attacks either inspired by Islamic State or orchestrated from the militants’ Middle East strongholds, including the November 2015 Paris strikes.”

The mother of a Trinidad & Tobago ISIS combatant said about her son, “This is his choice. Nobody is going to love him less for his decision.”

Would we condemn the government and love them less if they help him truly fulfill his choice like the French. Ideally not. Would Bajans accept our government doing similar? Ideally, yes.

But no progressive or law-abiding conservative would ever abide ex-judicial state sponsored execution so the Trinis would have to tread very carefully if they ever adopted that extreme measure of the French (the Americans and others).

If you are suffering continuous terrorist attacks on your home soil is it unacceptable to target one possible source of those attacks and sever it close to the root. Or are these heads of a Hydra!

In every democratic environment it is expressly forbidden under the law to execute/condemn a citizen without trial for a crime they ‘may’ commit.

When that citizen engages in warfare and training – in a foreign land – directly contra the express directions and regulations of the country of which he is a citizen do circumstances change?

Cautiously we tread, because as we have seen under draconian ‘Patriot Act’ styled national security regulations that in periods of national terror disarray actions are implemented impetuously and almost imperially.

After the November 2016 attacks in Paris then President Hollande directed a state of emergency and it was common to have warrantless raids of homes to root out possible terrorists. This period of official ‘ex-judicial’ state supremacy was as severe as it was vital and necessary.

Even then after various extensions were issued there were loud voices from UN human rights panels, AI (Amnesty) and others which harshly denounced Hollande’s directives; but these human rights appeals were rejected by the French courts with the admonishment that there was still ‘imminent peril’ in the country.

The president and some lawmakers have also pushed for citizenship to be stripped from any convicted terrorist who is a dual citizen. And others in Europe has gone one step further and demanded that citizenship be denied any terror convict who gained citizenship via birth-right – ‘jus soli’- or via naturalization.

Bluntly stated this would seek to deny the international law which asserts that a person cannot be rendered stateless. But accordingly and with grave irony, the French Special Forces actions does appear to consider rendering them lifeless for the same offence as more acceptable and definitive!

Now, surely the disaffection in the region driving the Islamist radicalism does not have the same deep seated hatred that is evident in France and her sister countries but still our youth are attracted to the ISIS appeal.

They too go forth to become soldiers in this deadly war and on their return they too recruit others to the cause and indoctrinate more youth like themselves. Their threat is still grave. Only those who studied the T&T disaffection of the 1980s could have fore-seen that the T&T Red House would be under siege by force of arms from Islamist Jamaat-al-Muslimeen extremists.

A reminder that nothing is impossible.

It’s worth noting also as experts have highlighted, that to this day Trinidad & Tobago is the only western nation that has endured an Islamic insurrection. The infamy of that 1990 coup attempt cannot be forgotten as we dissect possible future actions by any of the reported 50 plus ISIS mercenaries of T&T birth fighting in Syria.

Thus the Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister is very much aware of this threat. He said that his government has “very serious decisions” to make about the “several nationals now linked to the [ISIS] group” regarding the return to their homeland. Rather innocuously he also said that they were “looking at the formation of a counter-terrorism unit to deal especially with these matters”.

Considering that T&T has a long history of establishing specialized units to deal with serious national security issues his remarks are rather understated.

We must also recall that some of these ISIS fighters were implicated in the T&T 2011 plot to foment assassination and terror even as other T&T nationals were implicated in allegations of extremism terror activities in 2014 in a plot in Venezuela.

Regardless of these past affiliations, however, the laser focus must be the possible future terror and mayhem to rule of law in the region.

The ‘imminent peril’ remains with us as a very foreboding and realistic eventuality.


Submitted by David Comissiong, Clement Payne Movement

Alleged chemical attack on the Syrian people

Who or what gave US President Donald Trump and the Government of the USA the right to set themselves up as the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner of the Government of Syria? The short and simple answer is that neither President Trump nor the US Government possessed any such right!

International Law stipulates that it is the United Nations Security Council — a body that represents the Will of the entire community of nations — that possesses the right and responsibility to determine whether a breach of the peace or an act of aggression has been carried out by any nation or regime, and whether a punitive armed response is required.

Thus, if it is being alleged that the Assad governmental administration of Syria carried out an inherently illegal chemical weapons attack on the people of Syria, it is the responsibility of the UN Security Council to investigate the matter; to make a determination of innocence or guilt; and if guilt is established, to decide upon the appropriate response and punishment.

Virtually the entire World Community accepts that this is the settled International Law position.  But not the USA!  No, not a country that has wedded itself to the delusional and manifestly fraudulent doctrine of American Exceptionalism”.  President Trump and virtually every other member of the US Establishment is capable of casually dismissing out-of-hand the settled, positive logic and rationality of International Law by engaging in a form of delusional “pseudo – logic” that goes something like this:-

“The USA is a special and inherently ‘good’ nation. And since the USA is an inherently “good” nation, it means that its actions and policies will always be based on and for “the good”.  Thus, the ordinary rules of International Law do not apply to the USA, and the USA is therefore at liberty to take unilateral action to impose its inherently “good” policies on a backward and wicked world”.

This is the kind of warped “logic” that President Obama used to justify his sending of drones half-way around the world to assassinate men and women who have never been tried and convicted in any Court of law, and to do so even if it means killing dozens of totally innocent children, women and men who simply happen to be in the locality of the assassination target when the missiles come raining down. No doubt,this is also the kind of warped “logic” that Trump used to justify last night’s “punitive” missile strike on Syria. And mind you, this kind of “logic” comes from a nation that has committed genocide against its native people; that enslaved Africans for almost 250 years; that inflicted segregation and lynching on black Americans for over 100 years; that is the only nation on earth to drop atomic bombs on human beings; that used chemical weapons against the Vietnamese and other Asians; and that has illegally intervened in and invaded scores of countries, among a host of other crimes.

As much as we may dislike President Assad of Syria and his Administration we all still need to say loudly and firmly to US President Donald Trump that the USA  is NOT an exceptional country, and that like every other country in the world, the rules of International Law apply to it too! If we fail to do so, we will actually be promoting the “Law of the Jungle” where “might makes right” and small nations like ours have no rights that need be respected.

By  unilaterally launching a missile attack on Syria Donald Trump has actually committed a crime under International Law. And if International Law is to have any meaning or validity all responsible governments of the world must now call upon the United Nations Security Council and the International Criminal Court to launch  War Crimes investigations against both Presidents Trump and Assad and their Administrations.

Mr. President, There is a Certifiable Madman In The Presidency

Submitted by Pachamama

donald-trumpDuring the Nixon administration John Dean walked into the Oval Office and told the president of a cancer on his presidency. The long-laboured elevation of the madman, Donald Trump, puts us in a far worse position. For it comes at a time when all the indicators, in all environments, suggest a nearing collapse of human civilization. The Executive Order is the main instrument of this madman, would-be-dictator.

We have here a man who has hardly been able to hire the thousands of political appointees needed to run government. In additional, thousands of civil servants have opted not to work under him or have retired early. What is clear is that Trump never had a plan if he won, gave no consideration to what winning was to mean. As a result the greatest country in the world, so-called, is currently being run like a one-door shop while the Doomsday Clock advances to two and a half minutes to midnight.

Trump talks about a ‘wall’. Building a wall on the Mexican border and having the Mexicans pay for it. Not the Canadian border. Not to keep out illegal Europeans, but Mexicans. Only a racist madman could process the thought of building a defensive wall, 2000 miles long, in 2017. Up to 1200 miles of which would have to be in the middle of the Rio Grande.

The Rio Grande, a river shared by both countries. Normal thinking would suggest that such a border can never be so protected and not since the Great Wall of China, constructed over many years and in parts, has such a feat been attempted. Moreover, environmental conditions may soon be driving Americans to Mexico and beyond, in their droves. If Trump were not insane he could be best advised to leave the ‘back door’ opened for this exit strategy.

He characterizes himself as a builder. He is not. He is better described as a developer. A developer who has no engineering skills. What he does, is to employ others (project managers, engineers, RE agents, general contractors, architects, etc) with a range of skills and he provides the funding to achieve project objectives. Most structural engineers agree that such a wall could be possible but give no guarantees that it would be fit for Trump’s purposes – effectively keeping out Mexicans and others coming from South America.

Trump has threatened executive action to hinder transfers from the federal government to major ‘sanctuary cities’. Cities which have clearly indicated they non-cooperation with his ‘undocumented resident’ policy. The truth is that major cities benefit greatly from the cheap labour of the undocumented. Even Germany tried this recently viz-a-viz Syrian ‘refugees’. Capitalism must have a pool of slave or cheap labour.

His policies will disrupt too many families containing both documented and undocumented members. What’s more, sanctuary cities transfer up to 20% more to the federal government than the feds return to them. They carry (financially) the mainly Republican, largely White, southern, central, mid-western states. Only a madman, power drunken as he clearly is, would challenge from such a position of relative weakness. Trump can only hurt his master race.

As the Economist’s Democracy Index downgrades the USA’s rating, Trump feels able to contend that 4 to 5 million people voted illegally for his opponent. Trump’s madness will not allow him to accept that most Americans did not vote for him, even in his electoral college victory. How could it not be possible for a man who could rise to the highest office in the land not know that 2 million people die between election cycles? What kind of narcissism would preclude Trump from empathizing with a human circumstance where deceased persons are not effectively removed from voters’ lists?

Trump’s executive orders seek to effectuate a promise to create a Muslim ban or registry. Even Madeline Albright, a woman who thought the illegal killing of 500K Iraqi children was ‘worth it’, has offered to be listed as a Muslim on this Schindler’s List. Trump’s order will selectively list the same Islamic majority countries disliked by Obama and Bush regimes.

The executive order does not list Saudi Arabia, the singular country from whence the Wahhabi/Takfiri/terrorist ideology flows. Instead we have countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen serving as stand-ins for the real enemy of us all. The madman, Trump, also leaves off countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. Could this be the capriciousness of a lone madman or is the system itself insane? How can a country deliver this man to the highest office if that country is not as he is?

These impulsive, unpredictable madmen/women, and we must include his closest advisers and enablers who seem to believe that they can play with fire without consequences. We are especially thinking about Jared Kushner, the Zionist Jew, who has placed in the mind of the principle madman the idea that East Jerusalem could be formally annexed without consequences. They must know that even a madman with his finger on the nuclear codes could be made to see sense. That action may be seen as minor and as a favour for Jared Kushner’s Zionist friends in the Likud but will instead lead to the final battle of Armageddon, we guarantee you. And Pax-Judaica will not emerge as the world power you seek. Instead the work of Adolf may be properly completed.

We also must take umbrage at some people for whom we’ve had a modicum of respect. People who, with generally just cause, have been supportive of Trump. People like Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), Charles Ortel (CO) and others who seek to maintain a narrative that Trump is somehow the innocent one here.

We are to believe that Trump is the one who comes to give us freedom from an over-bearing government. Yet, especially White men like PCR and CO (both Republicans) would seek to have Black people exchange a history of the deprivations of White supremacy to blindly buy into some newfangled narrative having a madman at its centre. We say to PCR, CO and their White friends, F**k-off!

Today Dr. Guy McPherson masterfully condensed all the climate changes that have been occurring, largely unnoticed, and has concluded that we may have less than 10 years left. Most times, we are too focused on singular climate events but McPherson has estimated what these changes, together, mean for life on planet earth.

He postulates that climate changes will severely impede our ability to grow grains, enough to feed ourselves. Grains have been central in the development of mankind. And instead of facing up to this terrible possibility, we are to deal with a madman who is more confident in his own ability to complete the task of the annihilation of humans sooner than the induced consequences of climate change.

The Law of Unintended Consequences: Political Jousting, Military Sabre-Rattling and “Denial-Phobia” Regarding Nuclear Brinkmanship

Submitted by Terence Blackett
eintein“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing nothing” – Albert Einstein

17th century French philosopher, mathematician and social theorist Blaise Pascal in ‘Pensees’ (Thoughts on Religion) given his understanding of time & space opined: “When I consider the short duration of life, swallowed up in the eternity before and after, the little space which I fill, and even can see, engulfed in the infinite immensity of spaces of which I am ignorant, and which know me not, I am frightened, and am astonished at being here rather than there; for there is no reason why here rather than there, why now rather than then.”

Sobering thoughts for those willing to face their own inevitable mortality!

Never before has it been possible, in the almost 6000 years of recorded human history, did mankind possess the wherewithal to completely annihilate both himself and the entire planetary epigenesis with the touch of a button. The existential morbidity of such fearful possibilities and seminal terror we currently face have now come full circle!

Arguably, apocalyptic literature runs throughout the gamut of human civilization with some believing that the time-dated 2800 BC Assyrian Tablet from Nineveh, N. Iraq, housed in the British Museum was inscribed with the first known recorded prophecy of the end of the world and most notably, the Mesopotamian account of the Flood found in the Epic of Gilgamesh (Tigay 1982:214-240).

The historiography is replete with an ancient Norse mythological doomsday apocalypse, Meso-American Mayan prophecies, Tetrad of the Blood Moons and a sleuth of end of days, mesmerizing, Hollywood Blockbusters, (including Tom Hanks’ latest movie as Professor Robert Langdon in the new release “Inferno”) that pivots and posits a Dantesque type blood-curdling, earth-scorching narrative which many believe is housed in “FEARMONGERING” – used as a tool for social control of the masses – coughed up from the bowels of Jesuits in the Vatican.

Kabbalists, astro-physicists, astro-biologists, cosmologists & astronomers all believe that metaphysical as well as the metaphorical teachings regarding astronomical cycles explain the antediluvian disaster (i.e. The Flood) given that in the 1920’s & 30’s, Milutin Milankovitch, a geophysicist, showed that the amount of heat received from the sun varied, and that this was related to cyclical changes in the Earth’s orbit. He further showed that this variation was linked to whether the Earth was in a glacial (colder) or interglacial (warmer) period – hence today, earth scientists believe we are entering another such cycle – creating the conditions for massive fluctuations in climate change. According to some, another Jesuit ploy of mass perception deception!

Creationists however, on a simpler praxis, believe emphatically what the Bible says regarding the antediluvian destruction of this world in (Gen 9:11) – “And I will establish My Covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a Flood; neither shall there anymore be a Flood to destroy the earth…” (and the penultimate destruction): “for the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up…” (2 Pet 3:10)

The divide has never been clearer – one believes the evidence or one chooses to disbelieve – there is no middle ground!

Our world is on tenterhooks. Most human beings alive today believe we are facing down the barrel of a gun – both literally and metaphorically. The law of unintended consequences is at work across the board as purported by American sociologist Robert Merton. The belief that outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action – Merton in his influential piece entitled “The Unanticipated Consequences of Purposive Social Action” believed that IGNORANCE” and ERROR” were at the heart of much of our human mindset and in his own words, he coined the term – “the imperious immediacy of interest.” Merton was alluding to periods in which the majority wants the intended consequence of an action so much that he purposefully chooses to ‘ignore’ any unintended effects – a classic example being the bloated military spending by most 1st world’s governments, on the “tools of death” – yet that type of wilful ignorance is very different from true ignorance.

We live in an increasing age of amnesia and paranoia – where those who have chosen blissful “IGNORANCE” will seek to even “UNREAD” this eye-opening discourse on our current reality or as expected, most will simply either “IGNORE” what’s written in plain view or be completely dismissive, choosing no-engagement because they lack the mental toughness & emotional rigidity to face their own reticent fears or are simply, in a state of spiritual paralysis due to a lack of living, active faith.

Most sceptical voyeurs reading this piece are already cognizant of the lessons of “The Cold War” – yet far too many are blissful unaware that those lessons have not funnelled down to our current brothers in Arab nations, where it seems the gates of hell have been unleashed. Since the (so-called) “Arab Spring”, we have witnessed the rise of militant, political Islam – geo-engineered by Western Elites as a ‘bogeyman’ in the same way that Soviet Russia was labelled during the ‘Cold War’ period and still remains so today.

We are witnessing in a supposed “Schengen-FREE” Europe (infiltrated by almost 3 million Arabs), the rise of ‘Cold War’ type metal walls & fences. NATO has just stationed 4000 troops in Poland and Lithuania as part of what is called the “European Reassurance Initiative” – a £4 billion program that seeks to assuage EU gov’ts that they will be protected given what has transpired in Ukraine and any/all future threats from infiltrated Islamic extremists. The USA GOV has also sent in a missile-class destroyer armoured carrier to be stationed about 50 miles from Kaliningrad – a Black Sea Russian port between Poland & Lithuania as an act of provocation to unnerve the Kremlin.

As more heavy weaponry makes its way into Europe, political scientists see harbingers of WW2 in the making – the difference being a multi-dimensional combative threat that hides in plain sight. The US continues to stockpile the latest generation of stealth bombers (F-22) to places like the Romanian Base on the Black Sea just 400 miles away from Sevastopol (in Crimean Peninsula) in the event of possible “FIRST STRIKE” options based on Russian aggression.

The US Airforce has also deployed F-15 jets to both Iceland & Holland and we are seeing where once peaceful Northern European nations like Finland (who recently called up 900,000 reservists) as well as the US sale of [40] Multiple Launch Rocket Systems worth some $150 million deepening the NATO stockpiles of heavy armoured vehicles in Norway (aptly called “pre-positioned gear” i.e. A1 Tanks, Amphibious Assault Vehicles & Logistic Support Technologies) and as Sweden ramp up military exercises in Estonia as a deterrent to Russian provocation with other EU actors such as Belgium, Spain and other non-EU participants – the US has also been practicing a nuclear attack on Russia in Norway using three B-52 bombers.

To further exasperate the Russian president given the 4000 cruise missiles pointed at Russia – all deliverable within an hour, plans have been formulated by the CIA at assassinating those closest to Mr Putin. Meantime, Obama has had Missile Defense Systems deployed in Poland and in other strategic locations around the world (Israel, Europe, South Korea etc.) to intercept North Korean, Chinese, Iranian & Russian missiles. So in response, Mr Putin has had as part of his “Invincible Shield” S-400 Systems put in place as a counter deterrent.

If these reverberations around the world are not “SIGNS” of an impending apocalypse – then we should look further down the rabbit-hole for more tell-tale perturbations.

According to the ACLU creeping #AmeriKKKan militarization have now hit the steps of the homes of every family in the United States of Amnesia & Paranoia – where the blurred lines between police & military are now almost gone. Stockpiles left over from the Iraq & Afghanistan theatres of war have also gone to state & federal agencies (i.e. the police & other agencies). In one report, the equipment cache involved some 435 Humvees, 45,000 night vision specs, 533 helicopters, 94,000 AR-15 Rifles & some 180, 718 weapon magazines while in Europe, Breitbart London reported that 600 members of various EU police & military forces have combined their training exercises in the event of mass population uprisings due to war protest. At the same time, Chinese police in concert with Italian police patrol Rome in the event of war, as China will protect Vatican City & Pope Francis from potential fallout.

Any enlightened student of military history will see that the political jousting that took place in WW2 is once again taking centre-stage, with virtually the same actors, just more clearly defined but with even greater angst and provocation.

The nefarious trade in the “SOULS” of men (Rev 18:13) using war as a pretext harps back to a time when there was “WAR IN HEAVEN” (Rev 12:7). The crucible of this looming “Inferno” before us should rattle the cages of all men but few are even “AWAKE” to the realization of what is before us, given that the tectonic denudations of war and strife in the last so-called “GREAT WAR” left in its wake 22 million Russians dead; 12 million Chinese, 8 million Germans, 7 million Poles, 2 million Japs, 2 million Slavs, 1 million Romanians & almost a million French… And the numbers do not end there!

Closer to home, according to the Memorial Gates Trust, in the British Commonwealth of the Caribbean of the time, with some “14 million souls during the war years, about 16,000 West Indians volunteered for service alongside the British during WW2. 100 women or more also volunteered. Some 6,000 West Indians served with both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force, in roles from fighter pilots to bomb aimers, air gunners to ground staff and administration. Thousands of West Indian seamen made their contributions in one of WW2 most dangerous services, the Merchant Navy – one-third of all merchant seamen were to die during the war. One 1000 volunteers for army service were formed into the Caribbean Regiment. Upwards of 40,000 West Indians opted to join the various branches of the civilian war effort in the United States. 236 Caribbean volunteers were killed or reported missing during the war; 265 were wounded.”

Britain just recently unveiled a honorary statue in front of St Thomas’ Hospital, London of Jamaican–Brit Mary Seacole – for what some are calling the nemesis of Florence Nightingale given her work as a nurse during the Crimean War.

As the grandson of one those West Indians who were given military honours for bravery during WW2 – I saw “FIRST HAND” what the rigours of war did to my own grandfather who was a tall man of 6ft 8ins – a gentle giant with a “dark-side” caused in part if not the whole to what he saw on the battle fields of Europe.

If in 2016, the sabre-rattling we are witnessing between multiple nations, kindred, tongue & people are indicative of an approaching WW3, where clearly (WEST v EAST), ISLAM v CHRISTIANITY; WHITE v BLACK; RICH v POOR, HAVES v HAVENOTS will make both previous wars looks like a mud-fight given the cost in human suffering and the carnage that will ensue.

War on any major scale in Europe involving the rest of the world will be cataclysmic without “DIVINE INTERVENTION” – for we know that a nuclear holocaust would be inevitable. In Europe alone we have 185 nuclear power plants. America has within her arsenal, hypersonic weaponry capable of taking out satellites above the earth while Russia’s SATAN 2 intercontinental ballistic missile which can carry a payload of a dozen nuclear warheads and can travel in stealth mode bedevils the worst of provocateurs.

Cyberwar is another major tool in the arsenal of countries like Russia & China who can make X-BOX games look like an episode of Sesame Street. Just in May of this year Obama warned the citizens of the US that they must “Be Ready For EMP Attacks, Engineered Pandemics, Massive Earthquakes, and Martial Law…” Again, the question must be asked: is this FEARMONGERING* or what is it that this guy knows that the rest of us are oblivious to? Notwithstanding, the amount of stockpiles the Dept. of Homeland Security have allocated in recent years – enough to fight a 100 year war! Surely, something ominous is lurking on the horizon?

Warnings are coming thick and fast! The Scriptures also warns us: “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18) The house of cards that is this world economic system is nearing implosion and all the pundits & soothsayers are all saying the same thing. From billionaire Eric Sprott to Gerald Celente to Yanis Varoufakis et al are all saying that we have reached critical mass both politically, ideologically, militarily, economically – as a planet on the brink.

In Ernest Becker’s 1973 para-philosophical work, he cites from his book entitled – “The Denial of Death”, a eulogised concept called “Terror Management Theory” by stating some obvious truisms. For example, he opines that postmodern man walk around in this daze – a kind of distanciated stupor, almost in complete abject denial of his own mortality, with the added variant distractions of culture, entertainment and religion misgivings. For most to even conjure up the idea that their lives could be suddenly shattered out of all proportions would cause them (as the Bible puts it) to have their “hearts fail them for fear” but this is the “HANDWRITING” on the wall – regardless of obfuscation, denial-phobia or dismissiveness.

If truth is stranger than fiction, Hollywood’s portrayal of brinkmanship seems to write an ongoing apocalyptic script of intrigue and in one of its latest blockbusters “Amerigeddon” exposes the fault lines in the last remaining Empire on the earth. Anyone watching #POTUS2016 elections can see the Barnum & Bailey Circus of ‘Clowns’ (rich Elites who have gravitated to the lowest common denominator of ‘gutter politics’) know something truly evil is at work in our world. Daniel 11:45 reminds us that the “king of the North” will come to his end (suddenly) and they will be no one to help him.

May God help us in these end times!!!

Turkey – Game Changer in the ‘Middle East’ – Central Asia?

Submitted by Pachamama

TurkeyThe critical thing about intrigues is that you never know who’s on whose side until the music stops. The music stopped for the globalist party goers in Turkey about a week ago.

On 15th July 2016, in the late evening, Caribbean Time, American government deep state forces, operating in Turkey activated a planned coup to remove the duly elected coalition government of Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Erdogan and Putin had planned a summit in Moscow for the first two weeks of August. Ahead of the summit Erdogan had already apologized to Russia for downing its fighter jets and killing a pilot over Syrian territory and had offered compensation to the families in compliance with Russian demands.

At that summit, amongst another agenda items, will be The South Stream Gas Pipeline, running from Russia to Western Europe through Turkey. If the Americans cannot control Turkey, they cannot do what hegemons like best – have control over the resources going to Western Europe as a lever to ensure European compliance to the-every demand of Washington. Erdogan, at the same time, moved to normalize relationships with Israel. Israel will come to play a role in natural gas geo-politics, they hope.

In return, Russia had loosened some of the sanctions on Turkey whose annual revenues of over 10 billion dollars derived from Russians holidaying in Turkey had virtually disappeared.

At home, he removed prime minister Ahmed Davutoglu, a Gulenist having close ties with the American intelligence, and replaced him with an ally and leader of the ruling coalition in Parliament, Binali Yildirim.

Erdogan had also started to withhold support for the terrorists operating in Syria. He had come to see that mission as the failure of his misguided foreign policy. He now knows well that the current battle in Aleppo and that in Manbij will cut off supply lines and render the terrorists supported by the Americans and himself, defeated. American policy is to double down.

Erdogan was also concerned that the continued American military support for the YPK in northern Syria would extend their presence and lead to calls for a Kurdish homeland in Syria, as part of the American plot to divide and conquer.

With such a presence next to Turkish territory and under conditions where of Kurds within Turkey already are seeking autonomy, the best way out of this morass, he had been to led to, was no longer the revival of the Ottoman Empire, as he had hoped, but seeking some kind of peace with Syria. And by extension Syria’s allies.

These moves represented a 180-degree reversal of established policy. The ‘foreign affairs community’ in Washington watched in amazement, apoplectic, as all its Middle Eastern policy, developed over decades was crumbling before their very eyes.

In their minds an asymmetric response was warranted. It was felt necessary to remind Erdogan and his new found friends who was the indispensable nation. Who was hegemon. Who set the global agenda. It has been suggested that the events in Nice were to serve as a distraction and to lay the table for the real action elsewhere.

All war is about deception, says Sun Tzu.

The wars that Turkey had helped the USA to plan for the destruction of the Middle East, to break up countries for better control, was backfiring with catastrophic consequences at the nadir of a less than average president who though he could succeed with his ‘smart wars’, done on the cheap. The Americans then proceeded to take a reckless gamble, the costs of which, is too early to assess.

We will suggest the actors involved and the roles likely played; how they were set up; analyze the geo-strategic interests at stake. None of the forces we will implicate are nice people. There are however, several interests and counter-interests. We will argue that the orders of magnitude are large and will determined the distribution of global power for the foreseeable future. This is great game theory, in practice. Interests, and interests alone, served as primary guidance for all parties.

Before we roll out the cast of characters it is important to describe the pivotal nature of Turkey as the land bridge between Europe and Asia and how it would be impossible for the American imperium to control access to any of Central Asia and its resources without Turkey.

Turkey serves as the ‘key’ if empire is to disrupt or to seek to control the massive development plans which China, Russia and Iran have in the works. These projects will decisively and economically shift the balance of global dominance away from the West and towards the East unless they are brought under Washington’s control. It will mean that the whole post war international economic infrastructure on which America’s global supremacy lies will be no more.

Turkey’s airbase at Incirlik houses up to 100 American nuclear weapons, placed there, to threaten Russia, China and Iran away from planning such a seismic shift. Turkey has a high percentage of NATO troops under arms. NATO’s main fighting force, over 500,000 soldiers. What is at stake is what Brzezinski called the ‘stupendous prize’- the resources of Central Asia. They have the capacity to energize the global economy and thrust us into a new era of expansion – maybe the greatest of all times. We refer to the New Silk Road Project, the industrialization of Central Asian countries generally, massive gas pipelines to Western Europe for which Turkey is the indispensable pivot. Without these pipelines Western Europe will enter a Dark Age.

The above briefly summaries the environments in which the cast of characters are operating.

Muhammed Fethullah Gulen is the titular head of a CIA- sponsored chain of schools operating internationally but with concentration in Turkey. He is a 75-year-old man with a meagre 5th grade education who over 30 years ago was inserted as an ‘Islamic scholar’ by a cabal which includes the likes of George Soros and David Rockefeller. These are but a few of the business people who back such projects. They form the nexus between intelligence operations and imperial or corporate hegemony.

Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, until recently, was a close allay to Gulen and the Gulenist Movement. They were (are) both in the same hegemonic structure built by the Americans. He has been well aware of the shadow government the Gulen Movement was (is), the spy networks, the terrorist networks, the funding networks. They supported Erdogan for years, until a falling out. The tens of thousands of people, over 50,000, Erdogan is now rounding up in his purges are all Gulen educated, Gulen affiliated, CIA sleeper cells, agents and networks.

They operate like lodges, with private communication systems, secret signs and so on.

Vladimir Putin is reported to have been the one whose intelligence gathering station in Syria first picked up an intercepted communication about the planned coup and informed Erdogan what was happening. And yes, Erdogan infiltrated the coup to make sure it would fail but also give himself the pretext to engage in the purges he’s currently conducting, further the restructuring of his foreign policy.

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, who also has military advisers in Syria, made a similar report, to Erdogan, before the plot was activated.

There are also reports that senior officials in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE played roles in the coup. None of these countries are listed as providing intelligence to Erdogan but there are other reports that money has been offered in exchange for forgiveness, by them. We judge that their own natural gas interests and the fear of being sidelined in this great game could explain tacit involvement, at least.

In war, Sun Tzu, foreknowledge must be obtained from the people who know the conditions of the enemy. The American empire has been overthrowing governments for hundreds of years. They are very good at this. More than expecting them to do such, the only things that can stop them is foreknowledge, planning, preparation.

Who benefits? The best evidence lies in the responses of parties after the attempted coup.

That Erdogan had signal, publicly, that the Americans should extradite Gulen must be interpreted as pointing an accusatory finger at the American intelligence agencies, the American government and Obama himself. We hardly think such a thing could have happened without Obama being informed, though presidents are often left in the dark. In these circumstances, we doubt any of the many intelligence agencies would, on their own, take such large risks.

The Americans themselves issued a delayed first statement. A statement which clearly withheld strong support for Erdogan’s government, it was nuanced. Only when it became clear that the coup had failed did the Americans make what could be called a statement of strong support. This has not gone unnoticed by Erdogan. It suggests guilt.

Turkey’s minister of labour, last Saturday, pointed directly to American involvement.

The initial diplomatic language from Turkey’s NATO allies followed the same course. When the purges started both the Americans and NATO sought to threaten Turkey about membership in the EU, human rights and the illegality of the death penalty. Actions aimed at protecting their spies, coup plotters in Turkey, these must be read as.

On the other hand, Turkey’s ‘new’ best friends Russia, Iran and China from first reports made strong diplomatic statements and condemned unconstitutional means of removing Erdogan. They all knew that this was an American plot.

Hassan Rouhani, Iranian president, assured Erdogan that despite differences, Iran could not support coups under any pretext and pledged support.

In the midst of the party atmosphere in the USA, as Hillary Clinton announces Tim Kane as her running-mate and as a madman, Donald Trump, seeks to get his hands on the nuclear button, conditions might have so changed by the 20th of January 2017 that an existential crisis could confronts the next president on his/her first day on the job.

We judge that the Americans are incapable to relinquishing hyper power status and are prepared to go to any lengths to so maintain. On the other hand, it is only a matter of time before the Russians and the Chinese come to the unavoidable conclusions, that they cannot coexist with a singular superpower constantly seeking to dominate every square inch of land, sea and space, that there is only one route to global dominance.

When this immovable object meets an irresistible force all parties will stop. The CIA sponsored coup in Turkey may not be the end of the beginning but the beginning of the end.

Propagating ISIL Through Wahhabism or Salafism

Submitted by Charles Knighton

Wahhabism1We continue to hear from those who should know better that the destruction of Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS by military force would put an end to the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

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Global Affairs – The American Empire of Chaos

Submitted by Pachamama

As Obama steps up his concentration on the part of government where he still holds relative influence, he and his allies are taking a beating in Ukraine. As commodity prices leap into a deflationary death spiral, American internal pressures mount on the Venezuelan government to curb its influence in the region, with a serious threat to the Maduro regime. With the ’empire of chaos’ becoming more and more unpredictable, by the day, foreign policy thinkers are seeking to make sense of what appears to be a monumental nonsense – they must come to see it as characteristic of empire’s end. With the rise of Syreza, in Greece, Europhiles are waiting for an anti-austerity backlash that could change the political landscape of the community and deliver a mixture of socialists and far right elements into the seat of several governments.

This represents but a snapshot of the global political-economic-military environment. It is an environment in which interests, not friendship nor sentimentality, inform national decision making in a largely callous manner. There is no loyalty amongst nation states as there is none amongst thieves. So the ‘peace’ president has traveled to Indian where he signed significant agreements with Narendra Modi, an ultra right wing, Hindu, zealot. Those agreements included the transfer of nuclear technology in a potentially volatile arena. The trade dimensions would suggest to observers that Indian is now being groomed to challenge or create a rift in relations with China. It is however remarkable that at the military parade, of which Obama was invited to observe, nearly 100% of the equipment on display was Russian.

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Submitted by Pachamama

Russian Federation President, His Excellency, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has emerged as the most important person, not only for 2014, but maybe for the past decade or so. Indeed, we will argue that Putin’s agenda has the capacity to radically transform all geo-political, geo-strategic equations. Putin’s real problem with the west is that he would not obey the dictates of the New World Order (NWO), on any war front. This is World War Three we are witnessing!

That agenda is the anti-thesis of the western inspired New World Order (NWO). As the West sees it there should be one world government, taking orders from western elites, an absence of any forms of political pluralism, a new enslavement of the peoples of the world, the absence of any challengers to western orthodoxies and with the  domination of global corporations, at its centre.

Of course, corporate elites cannot rule the people and markets with mere platitudes about fairness and freedom. For markets were never neither free nor fair. So corporate governance of us all must of necessity be inlayed within a wider security architecture. It has always been this way, though lacking universal diffusion. For them, nothing less than total acceptance of elite rule will suffice.

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Obama – The Case for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

Submitted by Pachamama
Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud - Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud – Credit: The Wall Street Journal

The failure of Saudi intelligence chief, Bandar Bush, to convince President Putin to withdraw political and other support from Syria in a visit to Moscow over two weeks ago was the trigger for the Western-backed false flag operation that may have led to the deaths of over 1400 Syrians in eastern Damascus. This is the same Bandar Bush who spent all day on 9/11 in the company of his brother George Bush, as POTUS. Bandar has been working surreptitiously for the past two years to topple the government of President Assad. This work was not unlike the skulduggery of 9/11, but grander. This time one of the PNAC objectives that inspired the self-inflicted wound was at work in the MENA countries known as the Clean Break Strategy. Bandar’s offer to Putin for economic and political concessions and corporation if he were to turn his back of Iran and Syria represented a final hurdle in widening the instability in the region in a cynical game of the exertion of power from Riyadh but given cover in the name of the hapless American people led by the serial war criminal, Barack Obama, for the first victim of war is the truth.

Base on their history, the proximity to events and very words of Bandar bin Sultan himself we are certain that this massacre of the innocent Syrian people was to construct a caucus beli for military action against a sovereign nation. But this does not represent a singular event. Obama has cold-bloodedly murdered 243 children by drone strikes in several countries; he is certainly complicit in the murder of tens of thousands of Syrians as he supports the Saudi and Qatari sponsored Al-Queda, Takfiris terrorist groups in Syria. The planned, criminal, humanitarian, intervention he is now implementing will likely kill many more Syrians. He has already murdered thousands of Libyans and even a head of state, leaving that country in a deepening chaos. This is a continuing war crime. He has been complicit in the deaths of 1400 Palestinians during December 2008. This is the same Obama who refuses to call what is happening in Egypt a military coup and supports a regime that has slaughtered thousands of Brotherhood supporters. With Bandar’s help he removed a legitimate government, democratically elected but who were guilty only of a gross misreading of the geo-political circumstance. This is a military which is using weapons supplied by Obama to murder Egyptians daily, but there will not be any action against this junta, for these are empire’s henchmen.

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Will a Western Led Coalition Attack Syria: What Will be the Likely Consequences?

Submitted by Yardbroom
 Allegations continue to swirl that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people

Allegations continue to swirl that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people

It would appear that the United States of America will lead a coalition, which will attack Syria because of allegations that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people.  US Secretary of State John Kerry in an emotional speech has said it is undeniable that there was large scale indiscriminate use of chemical weapons in Syria by the Assad regime and for this there must be accountability.

As I write a definite decision has not been taken or if it has the public has not been told – we can no doubt expect President Obama to have his say in a matter of days.  However, if I have read the mood music correctly, the record is now playing to a logical conclusion.

How will Russia, China and most importantly Iran, allies of Syria in this “situation” up to now, respond?

This action if taken has the potential to launch a fire-ball in the Middle East and we should also note that this action is not dependent on a UN sanction.

How will this action play out and where will it lead?  On BU (Barbados Underground) we are often ahead of the game.  On this one at least when it blows,  it will be in our sights.

Syria and the Western Led Conspiracy to Dismember a Nation – The Deafening Silence of Christians

Submitted by Pachamama
Takfiri said to have killed prominent Egyptian Shia in Gaza Province - Click image to get details

Takfiri said to have killed prominent Egyptian Shia in Gaza Province – Click image to get details

Somebody once said that silence is consent. In the case of the western conspiracy to break up the sovereign state of Syria the West, which likes to trumpet its superior moral values, finds itself aligned with rabidly radical Takfaiis. These hand chopping, head severing, grave robbing, organ eating cannibals have come to be representative of the ‘best’ expressions of western civilization, such as it is. This coalition of forces includes the USA, most NATO members; Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, the Zionists, a potpourri of madmen and mercenaries representing the leading edge in an illegal, undeclared, proxy war of aggression against the Syrian people. That these ‘highly moral’ western countries could find themselves in such ‘illustrious’ company can only be understood within the context of the collapse of what they like to call ‘western civilization’. The internal contradictions therein will make Nero look like a Sunday school boy. It is Obama who is the Nero, on steroids, of our time.

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Another Strategic Defeat for Global Arrogance

Submitted by Pachamama
War in Syria continues

War in Syria continues

While Caribbean peoples are deeply engaged in an ever increasing battle for meagre economic survival, events half way around the world may have more to do with outcomes than any expected amelioration in the steadily deteriorating circumstances of Western capitalism. As we write the Syrian army and their Hezbollah counterparts, buttressed by support of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Russia and to a lesser extent China are completing mopping up operations not far from the Lebanese border (al-Qusayr) and elsewhere. Even Obama and his ‘international community’ are less vocal with their illegitimate but central demand that the prospective victor in this Western led conspiracy against a sovereign state, Bashar Assad, be removed from office – logic turned on its head.  The West is on the verge of losing all influence in what they have called the ‘Middle East’. We are persuaded that America’s decline in the Middle East has accelerated since 9/11 and the influence of other actors, like the IRI, China and Russia has markedly increased.  On the other hand the Americans and Europeans have loss several of their clients states and will in short order loose Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and more. This will mean not only a loss of strategic control of the regions oil reserves but will extend to the removal of America’s cat’s paw (Israel) from the region. These will represent a seismic shift in Great Game politics. The events in Syria can be seen as an historical moment. This is a moment not dissimilar to the period after World War Two when as a ‘presumed’ victor, the USA, through the CIA, pressured the British out of the Caribbean and elsewhere. So Caribbean ‘independence’ was and is merely a function of Great Game politics. The same will happened again, in reverse.

In the war on Syria the West has been revealed as an ally of al-Qaeda, a group they sometimes call a terrorist organization. It is this very USA government which gave birth to al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was from the beginning a CIA/Saudi/Zionist project. The evidence presented by Sibel Edmond is unassailable. Recent USA actions in Syria confirm her findings.  They have armed them, given them chemical weapons and diplomatic coverage for more than two (2) years in spite of a long list of war crimes committed by their terrorist proxies. Obama has long decided that the USA is only able to fight ‘smart wars’.

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