The World At War – Thermal Nuclear War!

Submitted by Pachamama
Saudi Arabia staged its largest ever military exercise in a show of strength towards its northern Shiite neighbors, Iran and Iraq.

Saudi Arabia staged its largest ever military exercise in a show of strength towards its northern Shiite neighbors, Iran and Iraq” – RT News

We expect to face the grand charge of fatalism and we plead guilty as charged, a priori. As humans, we have lost control and an acute and convenient dementia permits the false recasting of current events in ways that make wrongs right and rights wrong, in a few ‘news’ cycles. The creeping tribal warfare amongst White tribes in Europe threatens a global cataclysm. This maybe the most dangerous problem in the world but the burgeoning genocide amongst Black tribes in “South Sudan” is no less blood curdling, unremitting. This week alone, we’ve had the kleptocratic regime in Arabia parading nuclear capable missiles, built in China, but within an arsenal that adds up to 60 billion US dollars per year to the coffers of western armament companies. What kind of a world would have these reckless criminals in Arabia with their finger on a nuclear button? Is this the kind of a world that can still pretend to exist?

In case your mind was reset by western propaganda media recently, we would like to remind you that the Ukrainian crisis was deliberately engineered by the West. Now the shoe is on the other foot western politicians put their hands in the air, claiming innocence and blame the big bad Russian bear for the same world ending problems they callously created. The recent escalation in Slavyansk, Donetsk, Odessa and other eastern and south-eastern regions has been judged by Paul Craig Roberts as a game by the West to goad Russia into taking actions to protect up to 8 million Russian speakers. Roberts persuasively argues that Russia is being engineered into a place where it will have no good policy options – in other words checkmate! The checkmated wants to checkmate from a very weakened position. The West itself also has no real military option either, but perceive themselves as acting in self defense of empire. A ‘logic’, as it is, that is to deliver Russia as a colonial outpost and protect western economic dominance and more. These are matters about which we wrote earlier.

The madman in Washington has persuaded the colonial satellite states in Europe that this highly irrational escalation in the risks of nuclear war is worth it. Angela Merkel from her perch in the American White House is intent to fight Obama’s proxy war on Russia with the blood of western Europeans. She publicly states that she seeks no further sanctions against Russia, to satisfy her powerful commercial constituencies at home, while our reading suggests that she has been ordered to Washington to be brought ‘on side’. On the side of the war hawks in Washington. She has already been made an American slave by virtue of Germany being a member of NATO – is she even Slavic? These are the worst of times, an author said, but hardly the best of times. With all the problems this world faces, the controllers of western politicians have decided, for us, that the World Order must risk total destruction of all living things to maintain and extend supremacy – White, corporate supremacy. So any tribe or nation state which refuses to toe the line will be treated no differently than the ‘other’. They are now prepared to risk everything in the defense of a useless US dollar!

The people of the earth have long assumed a position of total impotency. We watch as all kinds of problems are created or made worse. In South Sudan, a fake country created by the West to economically destroy Sudan, we now see continued and intractable warfare amongst different national groups. It maybe a blessing that all sides are much too poor and neither has thermal nuclear weapons but Rwanda should have thought us that determined warmongers can do massive damage with simple tools, given time, space and political cover. In Arabia, we have a feudal system where one family gave a country their name. Within a ‘country’ if one even says the world democracy, you will die by sundown! But this country is armed, particularly by the West, and others. This maximum war of the world is no less unremitting in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Xinjiang China, Venezuela, Columbia, Libya, amongst others. In all these cases the causes of war go beyond national boundaries and cumulatively constitute World War Three. Ukraine may now give the West the opportunity they have actively sought to achieve either total global hegemony or total destruction of all life. These are the highest of stakes.

In the case of Ukraine, we have posited that one scenario for nuclear war may by accident. Indeed, they have been dozens of near  nuclear wars in the past. These circumstances may drive us over the brink, unwittingly. In the past only the good sense of individuals has prevented this scenario. This game of gotyuh as played to a supine Obama may get out of hand. Well, if you are unsure about the strategic intent of your enemy and you witness aggressive forces surrounding your territory it maybe a wise course to exercise a first strike capability. For nuclear missiles when launched at New York or Washington, the head of the snake, there will be no recall. And there will be immediate retaliation before the missiles even hit targets in the  West. Then! All bets are off. Last weekend the propagandists on ‘sixty minutes’ highlighted the decaying nuclear armaments of the USA as part of the war on Russia. They however neglected to inventory the more modern and deadly weapons the Americans have been moving heaven and earth to developed. The war on truth has already been won. Next, will be the endgame.

Obama has slavishly continued the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). All the projects that Cheney and Bush were mandated to achieve are no less applicable to Obama. But he is a smooth talker with a forked tongue to charm a gullible population.  A personality which his masters felt was useful, therefore giving him the job of making them supreme over all of this earth – god. He has tried to carry out this hideous mandate largely through sheath, a slippery character, but there is no movement within the American population to have him immediately removed. Obama has ensured we’ll stumble into nuclear war by carrying out all manner of low intensity wars on the peoples of the world. Drones strikes in up to 20 countries, support for terrorist organizations, support for ultra-rightist, support for neo-Nazis, breaking up of nation states and spying on an industrial scale. Every facet of American foreign policy in the last 25 years was about the destruction of all possible challengers, at home and abroad. It is a national mindset that suggests the American empire must be the only and last the world will see. These gargantuan delusions of grandeur are so breathtaking they have surpassed the collective efforts of all that came before. That is no mean feat.

The massacre in Odessa last night may very well be the straw that has broken the camel’s back – an illegal, fascist, government acting against its own people ahead of an ‘election’. What a sick joke! We have now moved from fatalism to hyper-fatalism. Something has to give. We say if the West is as callous to suborn these events. We say if the West wants a fight to bring us all to an end, let it be! Let the war of all wars start. For the thousands of years of wars humans have faces is no less harmful. Let us end this nonsense once and for all times.

12 thoughts on “The World At War – Thermal Nuclear War!

  1. “The West actively seeks……the destruction of all life….”

    Boy that’s mind boggling. Right on…”let us end this nonsense”.

  2. Pachamama and I clearly live in different worlds.
    In his world the West is on a mission to take over Ukraine.
    At the UN Security Council 13 states voted against Russia taking over parts of Ukraine with just Russia against (China abstained).
    I agree with the rest of the world in believing that Russia is on a mission to annex territory which does not belong to it.
    This looks to me like a re-run of Nazi Germany’s annexation of Austria. Whether the West can get its act together to stop the Russian take-over is not clear. Personally, I doubt it. If it doesn’t, I don’t believe Russia will stop in Ukraine.

  3. @ St George
    You do live in a different world to Pacha Unfortunately, Pacha lives in the real world.
    The West’s pushing for Ukraine to be part of NATO is the same as Russia making serious moves for Puerto Rico to join the Warsaw Pact….lotta arrogant shiite…..which has now backfired because Putin is clear bully and not a sissy as some seem to have thought.

    This shiite puts the whole of Europe (and the world) at serious risk precisely because of the fragile global economies and attendant political and social instability.

    What is your world like…? The CNN version?

    • If you listen to CNN’s analysis mention is not made of a possible fear by Putin that NATO is a threat.

  4. There are 2 responses here yet over 200 on old man Sterling and nuff more on Sir COWs wife Hoagie.

    What is that indicative of?

    I, like you, do not believe that Russian is going to stop there but you know what, If I use Ross’s words and fashion a question, “what can Buldos do to affect this Armagedon at our gates?

    We only need one fool at a nuke console, and in one glorious moment this world as we know it will blaze splendidly and die (well sort of cause i am reliably informed that some Chinese going survive) so i should say blaze for a few moments and carry some us back to stone age implements

    If Pachamama I am a condoms saleman you will not see me advocating that people have unprotected sex.

    So too with the USA and the other countries that arm the world with weapons, the purveyors of death, they invest trillions of dollars in warfare, do you think that they will sell hoes, sickles and weed wackers?

    • @PODRYR

      None of us know how we connect and affect the environment and ecosystem we live. We cannot speak about the unknown and we know that as time passes we discover more therefore we have freedom to make reasonable assumptions. Therefore Let all positions contend.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  5. @ pieceuhderockyeahright | May 4, 2014 at 7:37 AM |
    “We only need one fool at a nuke console, and in one glorious moment this world as we know it will blaze splendidly and die (well sort of cause i am reliably informed that some Chinese going survive) so i should say blaze for a few moments and carry some us back to stone age implements.”

    We have been this way before. Just one of the many dates with destiny on the long count calendar. Birth, achievement, destruction, death and renewal seem to be all part of the 26,000 Great year cycle. There is always a greater chance of survival the larger the number in the species.

    Your wager is on the Chinese. Based on Pascal’s theory I would wager the Asian Indian; the more universal (widespread), the greater the chances of adaptation and survival.

  6. St. George….I advise you to google, 200 countries that are not recognized by the western world, some are in Africa, some in Europe, some are………………..some of these countries actually make weapons, but they (countries) are not listed anywhere in the western world,……….welcome to the REAL WORLD, yall live in LaLa land in Barbados.

  7. @There are 2 responses here yet over 200 on old man Sterling and nuff more on Sir COWs wife Hoagie.What is that indicative of?

    This indicates that sex is more interesting than war. Even the feeble attempts by old men to sex with young women elicits our interest.

    Make love not war.

  8. May I add that it is thermo nuclear war.

    Not thermal.

    Thermal is the nice cosy warmy pajamas that people in the great white north (including Russia and Ukraine) wear in the winter.

  9. @Pacha “In South Sudan, a fake country created by the West to economically destroy Sudan”

    You know very well that South Sudan is NOT a fake country.

    The people of South Sudan want nothing to do with Islam.

    They want to practise their own religions that pre-date both Islam and Christianity.

    But Islamists like you would want to force Islam, a Middle Eastern religion on black Africans.

    What good has Islam or Christianity or Judaism done to the Middle East?

    Except to create the most miserable region on the face of the earth.

  10. One of the biggest fears by the West during Cold War 1, was that Russia in all likelihood would launch an attack against the West, not foremost to gain territory, but to secure food ,if a bad winter had decimated its food crops. And for this reason, when the NATO member countries in the EU, amassed, what was termed “butter mountains, beef mountains” and other commodities in vast warehouses in Europe, mainly to create an artificial shortage of these goods so to allow the EU farmers a decent price of whats been permitted on the market, Russia ,or as it were, the Soviet Union was the benefactors of these goods that were literally handed to them on a plate. Not impoverished allies,who would have been “asked” to join in any conflict between the two powers.
    This threat of food security , by Russia, is still there, and made easier as the West / EU is now on its door steps, in the form of Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,Poland, Czech Republic,Romania and Bulgaria. All countries that Russia will be able to overrun with a few Divisions of Infantry ,Tanks and Artillery, and just as swiftly as the USSR did in 1968 to the Czech Republic.

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