The Military Invasion of Mecca

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...appearance of a schism between the Saudis and the Americans ...

…appearance of a schism between the Saudis and the Americans …

For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile

(William Shakespeare)

As part of the spoils of war and since the end of World War Two, the Saudis of Arabia have come under the military umbrella of a currently declining American Empire. In return for the protection of the kleptocratic satrapy, the Saudis were to provide Western oil companies with exclusive access to an abundance of petroleum resources and the vast royalties from this exploitation were to be largely reinvested into the economies of Western countries, effectively handing over ‘American’s oil’ under the sands of Arabia to the fit and proper owners, as ordained by the Christian God, himself. This gave us the ‘petro-dollar’ economy. Harry Truman led what was to become a line of presidents of the USA to, at first, protect the Saudis, from what they called ‘Soviet influence’. Since then the insidious relationships between the ‘House of Saud’ and the Americans was not unlike that of a pimp to a whore. So when America wants to fund, say, its Afghan guerrilla war against a USSR presence, the Saudis could provide off-the-books financing to avoid the Congressional approval process. When the USA wants to have a proxy war, say in Syria, the Saudis could be counted upon to bankroll this illegality – need we go on? Yes! This goose will be coming home to roost soon, a ‘la Iraq.

The beginning of the 21st century sees the Saudis emerge as the clear and undisputed centre of global terrorism. Anywhere in the world where terrorism is unremitting you can be sure to find the ubiquitous hand of the Saudis as the chief paymasters and philosophical anchor. The arms supplier. The brutal killer of Muslims of all currents. The killer of innocent people. The patsies and plotters for high profile national security events. On 9/11 it was said that as many as 15 of the 19 ‘hijackers’ were Saudis. This could not have been a mere accident of history. It is well known in diplomatic and intelligence circles that Saudi Arabia sponsors the Sunnis Baathists in Iraq for a number of reasons. These include, to prevent a majority Shiite country from establishing a ‘democracy’ while tilting the balance of power in the region away from the Western sponsored oil monarchies. We know well that the Saudis preferred outcome in Iraq, in the absence of another Saddam like figure, was for Iraq to be partitioned thus rendering it impotent in playing its historic role. So the Saudis sponsored Baathist elements are receiving oodles of Saudi money to create bedlam in the country, more than three years after the withdrawal of the western invaders. Need we say that the posture of the Saudis is diametrically opposed to the stated aims and objectives of the Americans themselves and their ‘coalition of the willing’?  This counter narrative is supposedly against the story we have heard for more than 10 years. So the Americans  appear, at some levels, in locked-step with the Wahhabi extremists in Riyadh.and Mecca.

The appearance of a schism between the Saudis and the Americans is said to relate to a number of issues for which these glorified ‘gas stations’ believe the Americans have balked at the prospect of engaging in another war in Syria and American led western attempts to find a negotiated settlement to the so-called nuclear issue with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Saudis, after decades of prostituting themselves to Empire, believe western countries are on the brink of dissing previous understandings with a bankrupt, backward, bloody and ruthless set of oil monarchies in an attempt to engage Iran hoping to open up Central Asia for western expansionism – a more tempting prize and as it tries to further surround China. Like a scorned women the fiefdoms in the Persian Gulf have finally come to recognize that the Americans see another, more attractive, former lover next door whose attentions, exiting President, Barrack Obama, wants to attract. In a tantrum, the jilted Saudis and Gulf-Arab mendicants have sought, unofficially, to find common cause with the number one enemies of all Muslims, the Zionists. These traitors to their own people now have nowhere to go and must give way to Obama’s attempt for this most important foreign policy “victory” – his legacy?

The Saudis, under US cover, were able to illegally invade Bahrain, subverting a popular revolution by a Shia majority ruled over by a minority Sunni court established by the wicked British. These are the kinds of contradictions the over-fed, vicious and puerile dependents in the Persian Gulf have come to expect from western powers and the US in particular. The Saudis have invaded Bahrain and are killing Shias daily to prop up a regime whose prime minister has been in office for more than 50 years. A ruling elite established by the pernicious British that has been in power for more than 200 years. An outpost for American military domination of the region in the name of its oil and gas companies and for control of the global spigot. All of this is fine and dandy to the West. There are our dictators and this makes them better than other dictators.

In more recent times the Saudis have increasing employed the wealth of Arabia to support malicious arms trade and a bankrupt foreign policy. Over the past few day they have offer 3 billion dollars of arms to the government of Lebanon. This is intended to (1) buy the political and diplomatic leverage of France (2) to interfere with the March 8 – March 14 balance of power in Lebanon (3) use the leverage of 3 billion dollars of French weapons over the Lebanese army to threated Syrian and Russian interest there (4) threaten the Resistance Axis of Hezbollah (5) create sectarian strife in Lebanon and (6) protect the wickedly great regime in Tel Aviv. We are surprised that the Lebanese President Suleiman, has come to this. Politics keep making stranger and stranger bedfellows.

As if all these atrocities by the seat of power of all of Islam were not enough the Saudis have just come up with the unmitigated gall to bomb Volgograd, Russia. Like an ignorant drunken mob they also had the temerity to twice threated President Putin that they will turn their Chechnyan, Takfiri, Al Qaeda fanatics on Russia in an aim to harm its prestige by tainting the Sochi Winter Olympics starting in February 2014. So Saudi sponsored terrorists have bombed two civilian installations in Russia. Putin is on record as instructing the Russian military to bomb Riyadh if there were any attacks on Russian. He recently repeated his orders to the military and the FSB.

All this is happening when its main sponsor is retreating from the region, losing its global hyper power status and riddled with up to 210 trillion in unrepayable debt. Even the Americans  are losing their appetite for allowing their military to be used to service the delusions of these mad men of Mecca. This Obama appearance of distancing from the Saudis and more generally the region may result in a ‘coalition of the willing’, which could include both the USA, Russia and Iran ‘cutting off the head of the snake’ of global terrorism in Mecca-Riyadh. For the collapse of the initiative to make a generalized war on the government of Syria has not led to a diminution in Saudi support for terrorists from 100 countries, mostly paid for by the Saudis.

It has been clear to observers, for decades, that the Saudis are the main tool in the hands of Western governments, especially the USA and Israel, in the construction and maintenance of what we now call a modern global terrorist network. The decline of American global power, the rise of China and what His Eminence Ayatollah Seyyed Khamenei first called ‘The Islamic Awakening’ have served to change the balance of power in the region and the world. The fear of this emerging dispensation appears to have presented the feudal monarchies of the Persian Gulf with little choice but fight or flight, for there can never, in their minds, be a truly democratic outcome for the peoples of the Ummah. Right now there are fighting a host of internecine or proxy wars in the Islamic World but global and Muslim attitudes towards the Saudis have long been changing. Their flight from the Holy City of Mecca shall be most unlike that of the Holy Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH).

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  1. Where ever you have so-called cHRISTIAN nATIONS exploiting their influence upon others you will always have termoil and strife!!!!!!How many wars have been fought and backed by the so-called ????CHRISTIAN????? nations??????? And how many millions of peop[le have been slattered in these wars……but the so-called cHRISTIANS of the world look out only for their own dominance of the world and look dowwn on the non cHRISTIAN nations and people as pawns to exploit with little or ne regaurd for the millions of lives lost……..

    Thanks to my god that I am not one of these heathens!!!!!!!

    • You obviously have never heard about the crusades or the 100 years of wars between the British and the French. Or the hideous inquisition of the Roman Empire. Or the crusades of Bush, Clinton and Obama. Or the invasions starting since 1492 which decimated indigenous peoples all over the world. Or the near permanent state of war for as long as we can remember. And before and after. Need we go on?

  2. PAC, man. After the ranting on the Lady Cow topic and now this, it is obvious that you need a holiday in Jenkins. Go straight there, do not pass Go, do not collect $100.

    Or get some serious pussy and cool out.

    • Or get some serious pussy and cool out.

      Probably the only shooting that he is able to do,is with a Glock.

  3. Then there is also the Blue on Blue. When devoid of others,Christians turn upon themselves. Since the year 1690 Catholics and Protestants in Ireland were at each others throats, fighting some bloody battles in recent years.

  4. @ PACHA – “effectively handing over ‘American’s oil’ under the sands of Arabia to the fit and proper owners, as ordained by the Christian God, himself.”

    I am disappointed in this statement!


  5. Men speak of GOD as if it were possible for them to pitch a star in the sky, create a world out of stardust, turn back the “HAND” of death or even make a solitary, feeble attempt to quell war, disease or suffering with the so-called power THEY think they have as human beings!


    We find it so easy to say the word “GOD” (and that’s all it is – a meaningless, baseless word) for not a single one of us have seen GOD – furthermore we are “CLUELESS” as to how to even explain the BASICS that pertain to “GOOD v EVIL”!

    Even those who claim MORAL GOODNESS are as wretched as the other person who have never seen a good thing in mundane and wretched life! Yet we philosophize, intellectualize and atomize about things we know absolutely nothing of!


    War & conquest have been fueled by man’s inability to live in peace and harmony! IS THAT THE FAULT OF SOME TOOTH-FAIRY WE CALL “god”? If we are looking for scapegoats – why not do as FLIP WILSON did in his sitcom of the 1980’s suggest that – “THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!”

    Does this OTHER “god” deserve some of the load?

    I have more respect for so-called “DEVIL WORSHIPERS” like #JAY-Z & CO; who blatantly mince no words as to who their “god” is – all the while, so-called CHRISTIAN, MUSLIM et al spew hatred, lies & rancor ALL in the name of some power they incessantly and vicariously call “god”!



  6. One would have to be living under a rockstone if he/ she believes America to be the Santacluse of the world. America like any other country in our world today has and continues to look out for her Self- Interest. So what if America in her efforts to protect the Saudis of Arabia from what it conceived to be Soviet influence, did so with an ulterior motive? We’re not Stupid. We understand quite clearly the psychology that is intricately interlaced with the American Foreign Policy. And that it is interweaved with Self – Interest but nonetheless masquerading as though it is the Gravy – Train of the world.

    • The Soviet interest?


      You obviously disagree with the submission? It would be useful to share what is it you disagree. It is hard to determine from your one liner.

      On 2 January 2014 10:50, Barbados Underground

  7. I am quite sure some here remembered Reagan’s: Caribbean Basin Initiative? It came with strings attached but initially, it felt as though we were finally getting some kinda of help. But some thirty years later, the Caribbean is still in the same economic condition it had been in thirty years ago.


    Keep the Focus on Barbados , There is much to be done here ,
    Need to write about the people who lied and put Barbados in this mess , the new DBLP Party .
    What is going on is right under your feet and out side your door ,

    • @Plantation You can chose to live in a fish bowl if you want. What we discuss in this forum is symbolic of the very freedoms you constantly ask for.

  9. @ plantation Deeds
    Why limit our discourse to the confines of what is taking place in Barbados. I would have thought that a more comprehensive approach would have added to a more interesting debate? But, I guess we all see the truth from different angles of vision right?

  10. @ Plantation Deeds

    It appears as if you want all of Barbados and the IMF and the World Bank only to focus on the plantations deeds that Simmonds aided by Mottley and the rest of the coven, stole from Beatrice and gave to COW

    If Kim Jong-Un with his youthful exuberance seeks to launch one nuclear missile or if the US dollars is devalued and such impact on the Bajan economy, it is of no import to you because “we must keep the focus on Barbados, there is much to be done here….

    Might i suggest this Plantation Deeds …=Fraud etc, ask David the BlogMaster to give you a page to air your concerns again.

    After all, it is 2014 and i am sure that in the spirit of according all men a happy new year, he may give it to you, but ask for a page and then you will have “ALL THE FOCUS” that you need and you may even ask Davi[BU] as i have to ban anyone that comes to your blog who is not focused.

    I did that, asked for a BAN ON AC, and i have not seen her since 2014!!

    I am working on my 2015 list and the nominees are …..

    But you do that and surely you will get the results that you deserve, soon

  11. @ Plantation Deeds
    We ought to be wide- range in our thinking, because it only add to the level of our comprehension. There is an old African proverb which tells us that, ” If we only eat our mother’s cooking, we often think that she is the best cook.” You need to employ the Sociological – Imagination, which simply means being able to situate yourself in the social reality of others. The outside the box approach helps us to challenges our fears and in the process it enables us to see things from others perspectives.

  12. There is an old adage which states that, ” A man fear the opinion he holds of things and not the things in of themselves.” Pensively contemplate this one because when I first heard it, I thought it made great sense.

  13. Martin Wolf, an Associate Editor and Chief Economic Commentator at the Financial Times. Wrote a very interesting book that is made for good reading called: “Why Globalization Works”. And in chapter 13 of that book, he deals in depth with the Truisms and Truths of the IMF.

  14. TEHRAN (FNA)- A grim memorandum circulating in the Kremlin written by Federal Security Services (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov to outline the new security measures throughout Russia, as ordered by President Putin after the deadly Volgograd terror attacks, warned that the Russian leader has, in effect, vowed to “destroy” Saudi Arabia as he is blaming Riyadh for this horrific crime against humanity.

  15. @ Pachamama

    Came across this recent posting discussing the current crisis in Syria and its environs which might be of interest. It suggests that the US has finally, woken up to the fact that their friends, the Saudis, by throwing their support behind the radical, terrorists factions in the Syrian opposition forces are going to create a massive problem for the future stability of the region. It seems increasingly likely that the moderate Syrian rebel forces will be left by the way side, and the country could end up under the control of Saudi backed, fanatical, terrorist forces. In other words, the region would end up in even more of a mess than it is today.

    Up to now the plan was to overthrow Assad and mop up the Al Quaida, terrorist types afterwards, but apparently some one in Washington woke up to the chaos that would ensue if the rebel factions were to succeed in overthrowing Assad as then the Saudi backed terrorist factions would likely be the ones with in power. Washington blinked and is now trying to cosy up to Iran to try to put a brake on the Saudis.

    “Security Arc” forms amidst Mideast terror
    By Sharmine Narwani


    It was, after all, the region’s western-backed Arab monarchies that launched the “counter-revolution” to thwart popular Arab uprisings and re-direct them at their regional adversaries, via Syria. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, the UAE and their Western allies threw money, weapons, training and resources at unseating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – in a bid to weaken Iran, isolate Hezbollah and take care of that “Shia threat” once and for all.

    But in their single-minded haste to cripple foes, Arab monarchies (supported by western allies) backed any co-religionist prepared to enter the fight and ignored the sectarian, extremist ideologies that these fighters embraced. They quite illogically calculated that the militancy could be controlled once the mission was accomplished.

    To quote Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Ed Husain in August 2012: “The unspoken political calculation among (US) policymakers is to get rid of Assad first—weakening Iran’s position in the region—and then deal with al-Qaeda later.”


    The Americans are in an extremely difficult position: to tackle the spread of extremists, they will have to support military and security solutions from old foes in the region – Iran, Syria, Hezbollah. For starters, this means that 30-plus years of “policy” will literally be flushed away and Washington risks alienating longtime regional allies. Moreover, a successful outcome, i.e. eliminating extremism, will almost certainly mean the ascendency of Iran and the downfall of US-ally Saudi Arabia – among the many other reverberations throughout the Mideast that this will entail.

    Washington’s conflicting signals on the Middle East are a result of this tortured decision. Actions, however, speak louder than words: the US just struck a nuclear deal with Iran in Geneva in record time, having secretly opened direct channels of communications first. Last month, US President Barack Obama asked to meet his Iraqi counterpart Nuri al-Maliki – soon after, the US began sharing intelligence for the first time since American troops withdrew from Iraq. That first piece of intel, according to Az-Zaman, was on the movement of militants in the Anbar desert. Today, the US-Saudi relationship has soured to the point that even officials question any real convergence of interests; European ambassadors are starting to trek back to Damascus, their intelligence officials lining up to meet with their Syrian counterparts to share information on jihadists; the formidable Israelis have been shunted aside on some major Mideast decisions; NATO-member Turkey is working overtime to ease relations with Iran and Iraq. The list goes on.

    These extraordinary developments would not have been feasible a mere six months ago when the blinkers were still on. The speed at which we have been ushered into a new “era of compromise” between adversaries is a testament to the extreme urgency of the jihadist/Salafist problem – and the lengths to which countries will go to address it.

    Even if this means bulldozing through entrenched policy and turning it on its head.

  16. There is a lot to agree with and some not to agree with in this submission. One point not touched on in explaining why there is an appearance of a schism between the Saudis and the Americans could be that the USA is well on the way to self sufficiency in gas and oil and certainly a much reduced dependency on Middle East and Saudi oil.

    “The fracking boom could be every bit as important as the gold rush. It is about to turn America into the world’s largest oil and gas producer, outstripping Russia and Saudi Arabia. ”

    • The US was never dependent on ME oil and gas. Most of of the oil and comes from the western hemisphere – the US itself, like you rightly said, Canada, Venezuela even African countries. For the US this is not about domestic consumption it is about a much larger issue. That is control of who gets what at what price. This gives them immense power over rivals and friends alike.

  17. America, has the largest Oil reserves in the world. And a lot more in the federal protective lands in Alaska as well as throughout the Native Americans lands.

  18. @ Nostradamus
    “….. could be that the USA is well on the way to self sufficiency in gas and oil…….”

    Maybe the USA is counting its chickens before they are hatched.

    When determining whether or not any country, region or the world in total is facing an energy crisis, how much total oil or gas you have underground is often the figure that many people tend to assume is the most important factor. What is often overlooked, but is just as important or even possibly more important, is the rate at which it can be produced and pumped out of the ground. It must be able to be produced on an ongoing basis at a rate at least high enough that it compensates for the ever present ongoing depletion and loss of production from the older, existing wells and fields if you just want to maintain your previous existing production numbers.

    However, the goal usually is not just to maintain existing production, but to increase overall production. So in addition, you want production high enough to compensate for depletion and still allow for an overall increase in total production. Ideally, this production should be at a price which covers the cost of exploration, development and extraction, but is still low enough to allow for growth in the economy, as in general, high oil/energy prices tend to stifle economic growth.

    The insurance industry actuary Gail Tverberg from her academic training and in her work is accustomed to dealing with money, statistics and risk analysis. In articles geared to laypersons (such as the one linked below) and interviews posted at her “Finite World” blog she examines how the physical and economic factors affecting oil production in the US and the rest of the world are having an impact on our economies today.

    Our Oil Problems are Not Over!
    By Gail Tverberg

    If a person reads US newspapers, it is easy to get the impression that all of the world’s oil problems are over. But this is not really the case.

    An Overlooked Part of the Problem: High Oil Prices

    A major piece of the world’s oil problem is high price. Prices continue to be far above historic levels, now in 2013.

    High oil prices disrupt economies around the world because when oil prices rise, the wages of the vast majority of workers do not rise to compensate. Workers find that they need to adjust their spending patterns because the higher price of oil leads to higher prices for many things, including the cost of commuting, the cost of food, and the cost of buying goods that have been shipped long distance.

    When workers adjust their spending patterns, discretionary spending is cut. This leads to patterns we associate with recession, or perhaps just slow growth. Unemployment rises, and there is less demand for new homes and cars.

    Governments are also affected, because many of their costs, such as building roads, are higher. They also have to pay benefits to workers who can’t find jobs, or who can only find only low-paying jobs. Governments find it increasingly difficult to collect enough taxes because of the low wages of workers. Problems with rising deficits and the debt ceiling become the order of the day. Does any of this sound familiar?


    It is true that United States oil production is now higher than it has been in the recent past. The rise in production relates primarily to “tight oil”—the kind of oil production that is enabled by very extensive hydraulic fracturing (also called fracking). (Figure 2)

    We are often told that this rise in production is because of the invention of fracking. This is not really true; fracking has been used for decades, but not in the quantity it is used today. Oil production is up because oil prices continue to be high. High oil prices allow producers to use fracking in the quantity it is used today, on sites that without the technique would not be able to produce oil. Even with recent improvements in techniques, fracking remains expensive. Continued extraction of tight oil depends on oil prices remaining high.

    There are other things besides high oil price that enable tight oil production. One of these things is plenty of credit, available at low interest rates. Tight oil by its nature requires considerable up front investment. Cash flow tends to be negative as production is ramped up. This means that there is a need for a lot of debt financing, so low rates are helpful. Ultra low interest rates, such as those provided by quantitative easing, also enable equity (stock) financing, because investors are so starved for reasonable returns that they will buy stocks of iffy companies, in the hope of capital gains.

    • Received the following comment via email on the submission.

      The P man need not travel so far to see the ubiquitous power of Saudi funding; just look in our own backyard in Barbados. In the last ten years there has been considerable growth of Islamic promotion and proselytizing here, funded chiefly through the Saudi controlled Medinah Fund. This has resulted in the development of the radical Waahibili Islam through their school and study centres. The Saudi aggressive influence (and money) has taken over from the traditional Asian muslim tradition (Kensington).

      In Barbados there are three mosques, a musallah (an open prayer centre) an Islamic Academy, one Muslim school (primary and secondary) and various other Islamic organisations. To name them Jumma Masjid, Madina Masjid (formerly City Masjid), Makki Masjid, Wanstead Musallah, The Islamic Academy of Barbados, The Barbados Muslim Association, The Islamic Teaching Center, The Institute of Islamic Propagation and Thought, The Medinah Foundation and The Al-Falah Muslim School. Enclosed you may find other information below. However the main Caribbean centre for vigorous Islamic promotion is Trinidad. (With its own history of Islamic violence.) With the substantial increase in T&T investment in Barbados there should be some cause for concern.

      1. Islam in Barbados – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎

      Statistics for Islam in Barbados estimate a Muslim population of over 4000, most of whom are immigrants or descendants of immigrants from the Indian state of …
      ‎Masjid & Musallah – ‎Islamic Organisations in Barbados – ‎References – ‎Sources

      Welcome to The Barbados Muslim Association’s website! Our website provides visitors with information about The Barbados Muslim Association and other Local …

      1. Barbados – › Our Region‎

      Slaves in Barbados opted to remain on the plantations and so these indentured … TheBarbados Muslim Association is an umbrella organization for Islamic …
      5. Islamic Academy of Barbados‎

      Resources for Daw’ah in Barbados; includes online articles and audio, with details of their activities and publications.
      6. Barbados Muslim Association | Facebook…/10578807950578…‎

      Barbados Muslim Association. 132 likes. The B.M.A was formed to represent theMuslim Community of Barbados at various levels and to service the collective …
      7. Barbados Accurate Prayer Times أوقات الصلاة … – Islamic Finder‎

      Add Here Islamic Organizations and Services … Barbados Association of MuslimTheologians, Barbados … Barbados Muslim Association, Bridgetown …
      8. RELIGIONS IN BARBADOS – Drawn to Islam – Nation Newspaper, The‎

      15 May 2011 – Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, many began to view the religion of Islam with suspicion and fear.
      9. Al Falah Muslim School Barbados – YouTube
      ► 1:13► 1:13‎

      9 Jun 2009 – Uploaded by Kammie Holder
      Al Falah Muslim School Barbados participated in a tree planting exercise as part of a Beach Clean up at Long …

      1. Barbados | Imam Johari Abdul Malik‎

    • Your point is well made and we generally concur. We were trying to look at the global or geo-strategic significance. Anywhere these fiefdoms inject money we should expect a backward world view that rides on the back of Islam but itself is anathema to most Muslims.

  19. It being a given that the Great Satan of the USA could — tomorrow morning, before breakfast, wtithout endangering a single “white trash” life — turn the entire Middle East into a car park, shouldn’t we applaud the restraint of the white trash?

    Or do we want to whinge some more on a blog expressly designed for semiliterate hate-mongering gobshites?

    We posit on the so-called call-in of that so-called ilk. And the so-called call-in of that so-called ilk goes on. Ya wid we on dat?

  20. Jack, your education is as small as your brain dude. And you’re beginning to piss me of with your lack of social decorum, you F..king douche -bag. You know, I don’t usually engage in gutter – language but I thought I reserve it for you, because you’re acting like a Stiff – Dick.

  21. Jack Bowman, you’re an ostentatious egotistical nincompoop, with the mental capacity of a school yard bully.

    • Jack Bowman must have gotten the drift by now so get back to the topic at hand please. Understand this is what trolls want to achieve therefore we need to exercise commonsense in the circumstances.

      On 3 January 2014 01:19, Barbados Underground

  22. .@ Jack Bowman
    Who do you think you are dude? And is there any conceivable limit to your impertinence? Your opinion matters little here, so it’s best you cease and desist from your smearing campaign brother.

  23. @Jack Bowman

    Not sure the US even really has that option that you suggest, i.e. to turn the Middle East into a car park – assuming, as seems to be implied, your method of parking lot creation would be to use the US military to drop nukes or depleted uranium tipped, bunker-busters etc to flatten the Middle East landscape.

    After all, plenty of Jews do live in the Middle East too. I am sure they would be pretty concerned about the carcinogenc, mutagenic, and teratogenic contamination from modern US weaponry that would no doubt spread into Israel too, even if Israel itself was not targeted directly. Nope, I am sure the AIPAC lobbyists, who have a reputation for having an ear to the ground and good sources “inside the Beltway”, would get wind of the plan and with their usual effective lobbying power put a stop to it in pretty quick order.

    • Greenie

      We have not suggested nuclear weapons. Yes in war, like in Iraq, battlefield nuclear weapons were used. Iraq is basically the center for Shia Islam. Karbala etc. This story will be better told soon.

      More importantly, and in spite of the behaviors of the House of Saud, most Muslims would likely reject the suggested that war, far less nuclear war, be wrought upon their Holiest places. Of course, this would not be the first or last time. And it may be inevitable, in the thinking of some.

  24. We see in the news today that Majed al-Majed, the Saudi agent behind the Lebanon bombing of the Iranian Mission, has been capture. Apparently, with help from the Americans. Iranian interrogators are in route to Beirut while the House of Saud has made the quickest appeal ever for al-Majed to be extradited.

    These events seem to play into our master narrative posited here. More importantly, we now see more clear ‘evidence’ of the CIA showing a clear departure from the Al-Saud terrorist involvements. This is really interesting. Something is afoot.

  25. Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, which planet did you beam down from? Are you sure he “has been capture”? Are you sure he hasn’t been captured? Are you sure you know what verbs are supposed to do?

    Apparently, sources say on the call-in of that ilk, with help from the North Koreans, Binny Netanyahu rode in on a CSME-financed, Trickydadian-sanctioned ZR driven by a lesbian immigrant joo-ish Illuminatus from de Lodge wid an IMF agenda to waste the sucka wid he polished Glock 17, a firearm favored by little pussies in countries whose capital cities are drenched in human waste.

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