No Thanks Jeremy Clarkson

Local authorities including the media remain  understandably silent about the the racist comment uttered by Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson. He was recorded muttering the nursery rhyme ‘’eeny, meeny, miny moe catch a nigger by he toe’.  After  vigorously denying he used the nigger word lo and behold he was persuaded to publish an apology. The reason for the silence in Little England is explained by tourism officials expecting great things having contracted to host the Top Gear Festival in Barbados on May 17 and 18. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton of Grenadian parentage is billed to participate. No way the Barbados government wants the festival to be cancelled.

One of many reports in the UK media suggest Jeremy Clarkson is feeling the heat amid calls for the BBC to fire him. Clarkson must feel unlucky at the timing of his indiscretion which collides with that of Donald Sterling’s racist comment.

There is the saying if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Barbados is a predominantly Black country and the Barbados government must know it cannot ignore this matter. Barbadians are known to be very forgiving of their politicians but in this case the world is watching.   Surely we deserve a response from our elected government? Does the government of Barbados a Black country believe this is mock sport? Barbadians continue to pontificate about Donald Sterling in the USA but appear to be giving Clarkson a pass just as he is about to pack his bags to travel to Barbados for the Top Gear Festival? Is this the kind of publicity we want to generate?

BU holds the firm view Jeremy Clarkson should NOT take the flight out to Barbados in a couple of weeks. There is a price he must pay for his indiscretion. His contrived apology is not enough to remove the insult to Blacks and sensible human beings everywhere. If Barbados – a 90 plus percent Black country – were to welcome Jeremy Clarkson to Barbados it would be a compromise to self which our Black forefathers should rightfully not forgive us.

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  1. I must say this with respect to our need to fight racism in all forms and fashions, at the rate that we are going we will soon find that “too far east is west”

    Let me explain.

    The Guyanese Director of Public Prosecutions has laid charges against me for conspiring to corrupt the morals of a child and i shall explain why.

    Last week our next door neighbour’s child 7 year old child Mary was over by our house visiting my Grandaughter Fern and sad to say after she rported what i said to her parents, her mother called District A and the police came for me and the DPP filed the charges forthwith.

    During the time Mary was in the room with us, I was repeating a less known version of the poem Mary had a little lamb to the older grandson to show him how the human mind is more likely to replace a msssing word with something bad than good.

    So i started the rhyme

    “Mary had a little lamb, she tied it with a twine,
    and everywhere that mary went you could see her bare … (pause)behind”

    The grandson understood what i was saying to him, but Mary went home and told her mother that “i had promised to tie her up (with) twine and wanted to see her behind” ergo the big ingrunt Royal police forece men at my house and the Guyanese DPP charging me

    I hope that you all will get how reallys stupid this is going to spin out of control, Imagine President Obama at the National Rifle Association Annual Fund raiser surrounded b over 1000 white attendees, whispering to his wife on the occasion of hime being introduced to tasting our Wibisco biscuits “Michelle you know that I hate these crackers, get them out of my sight!!!’

    This is going to get real foolish and we are going to have to vet every single word during our conversations or filter out the sounds, I will not be able to say that my favourite singer is Mantovani and that i hate that gaye guy, Margin Gaye, while in the presence of Allair Shepherd and the President of the Gay and Lesbian cause i going lose my pic.

    Ooops i forgot that I am retired so I dont wuk nuh where, but Fumble and Sinckliar could now ask de DPP to garnish my pension.

  2. Apology my a–! I read the text: it is not an apology, and even if the apology had sounded heart felt, he should still pay a price for his racist remark.

    I don’t believe that he should be welcomed in this country, but you know this Government has no pride and would prefer to err on the side of the money he can bring in.

  3. Seriously, Is Clarkson’s utterance, for which he has profusely apologized, really at the level to be considered the behavior of a racist bigot? Or aren’t the unapologetic utterances of Donald Sterling who has actually said worse in the past about blacks and was ignored by the NAACP (LA Chapter). Barbados may do better on this occasion to set aside their haphazard convenient morality!

  4. @ Island Girl246

    That is definitively banned.

    Things like three blind mice are insulting to the “visually challenged” including persons wearing glasses.

    Two little indians is also racist, London Bridge is falling down is a national insult to the cuntry of Englant, Ole Macdonald is a terrible insult to Alex McDonald and my personal favourite When (de) Johnny (ies) come marching homw again (after the 2018 general election must be shied away with a passion if you are at functions with Fumble and the DLPites, actually any political function

    We are moving quickly from the sublime to the ridiculous

  5. LOLL Piece some people are very thin skinned these days,many won’t go in the sun because dem gine get too tanned. I have two black dogs and now they are offended when I describe them. What can I call them hmmmn…any suggestions?

  6. Lotta shiite!!
    Some of Bushie’s closest friends are racist….until intimidated by the bushman…. 🙂

    Is he an equal opportunity employer?
    Does he pay equal wages and salaries regardless of race and gender?
    …these are the answers Bushie want….

    Some of the nicest talkers and most politically correct are the ones who are PRACTICING racist ….
    …most of us would be closet racist (if we had the power to exercise)

    …we should focus on the PRACTICIONERS not the shiite talkers, left the damn man do….a low level comedian talking shiite bout cars….!??!!
    Well said again old Peiceuhderrock…..

    ….besides, – that is the sweetest version of Ennie menie……
    …if he holla, let ‘e go.. 🙂

  7. We should send a petition to the BBC from “BU concerned bloggers” asking that Clarkson miss the Barbados Top Gear festival.

    I would be interested to hear what Lewis has to say.

    I have been watching Top Gear for the last two years and I am sure he can be replaced without negatively affecting the show.

  8. Hants I am sure you never called anyone a Black so and so in your life! Or never used any racial slur in your life. Mr goody two toes!

  9. So what are we going to do about our homegrown racists, and those that we have imported from T&T ,Asia and elsewhere. Are we going to ask for a boycott of their businesses and services?
    But we have no qualms about referring to some Asians among as Coolie Men . A just as derogatory label that they have been tagged with by the same English, who tagged us ‘niggers’.

  10. David;

    Clarkson only repeating what he heard his parents and his parents before his parents saying every day. Knowing this country Bim he will come be meet by the Governor General, have tea at Holders where he shall repeat the nigger thing in jest, lunch at the Yacht Club and dance the night away at the Harbour Lights, with a small supper at Brown Sugar. So this lota talk here is bare boo.

  11. @islandgal246,

    I am no Mr.Goody two shows but I have never called anyone a black so and so.
    I am not stupid. I value my life.

  12. Haunts not even when you lived in Barbados? What about the Indians? What did you refer to them as?

  13. Well then…what are we going to do about David’s “white trash”? Not racist according to David. OK – let me get this right. ‘Nigger’ is out but “black trash” is in?? And then again if David says “BU takes the firm view” I suppose he must speak for everyone and anyone dissenting must be racist??? And then again, I suppose the uttering of a word is what makes it racist without reference to the intent with which it was spoken????

    David oh lexicographer in the sky… us. Are there any simple rules about what is and what isn’t racist????? And David please tell us, don’t leave us in the dark night, can a black person ever make a racist remark against a white person in BU’s ‘Shorter Bridgetown’??????

  14. Clarkson is an idiot. This latest racist incident follows hard on the heels of the last one where he referred to a Vietnamese as a “Slope”. This is as offensive to them as Nigger is to us.
    BTW, why assume that only black Bajans are disgusted with Clarkson? Is it assumed that all whites are bigots? Is that not racist?

  15. Caswell Franklyn | May 3, 2014 at 8:42 PM |
    Apology my a–!

    Where were you when a manager at Bizzy store in Warrens force the shopper to grovel and Bizzy say he isn’t firing the manager. It was only when the one man protestor demonstrated with his placards that we knew it was a Bajan white that committed the racist act. What did Bizzy do? Bizzy say he receive calls of support and he is not firing the manager. The racist manager should have been fired and the guy he force to the ground should’ve have brought a law suit against him and Bizzy store. Where was your voice on that Caswell?

  16. No way do I defend Mr Clarkson because I totally hate the ‘n’ word but I think Barbados needs to take some of its local people to task on this one. Whilst on holiday I was speaking with the receptionist of my hotel when another local guy went by. The receptionist shouted ‘something’ to him that I hoped I’d misheard! When I asked what he’d said I realised I hadn’t misheard at all! He had used the ‘n’ word!! I was so shocked and told him he couldn’t say that! I was told “Why? He’s my n****r” I told him that would be a racist offence in my country and taken very seriously. I was just laughed at by the guy!! Barbados needs to correct some of their own people before showing ‘upset’ by what is done elsewhere. I love the Country but this is a case of double standards. IF Jeremy Clarkson is allowed to appear this month I am sure he will know, within the first few seconds of the commencement of Top Gear, whether Barbados is happy to have him there! People who have already bought tickets? Are they going to stay away in protest or will they still arrive to see the show anyway?

  17. The Top Gear Festival which Jeremy Clarkson is coming to host is at the newly upgraded Bushy Park.
    This would be the same Bushy Park renovation that BU and many others criticized Gline Clarke for making a racist statement about in Parliament when he said:
    “I am appalled …. that a Government in 2011 would be dealing with a group of white conservative rich people. I am saying Mr Speaker that the Barbados Rally Club is a group of White …. conservative people…”
    Clarkson at least had the sense to mumble. Clarke didn’t but was apparently tired at the time.
    You say above – “There is a price he must pay for his indiscretion. His contrived apology is not enough to remove the insult to Blacks and sensible human beings everywhere.”
    Remind me, did Clarke apologise and was his apology contrived?

  18. Yeah…imagine sayin a bridge sloped……and do you know that bloody man actually named his black dog after a black footballer? Christ the man is WORSE than Sterling. Gee I was soooooo shocked when I heard him DISTINCTLY say……….

  19. BUT to Island and Pieceuh on black sheep………I’m so glad you said that. It means no family can ever have a ‘black sheep’. Yeah…I’m home and dry. Does it mean I’ll go to heaven now?

  20. I am sure that 99% of us Bajans, white, black and in between have used this rhyme before.
    This is just sensationalist rubbish that you are bantering around here.
    I hope that no one will be stupid enough to make any scenes when Clarkson comes to Barbados as the bad press from something like that would be really detrimental to our tourist industry; fragile as it is at the moment.
    We need to be positive and move on. Nothing will be achieved by harping on about something as insignificant as this.

    • BU is encouraged that two White majority countries – a former colonizer – has reacted to the two incidents by banning Sterling for life from the NBA and the BBC has issued a final warning to Clarkson. They obviously view the two revelations as serious.

  21. @ Unhappy tourist | May 4, 2014 at 1:37 AM |
    “I love the Country but this is a case of double standards. IF Jeremy Clarkson is allowed to appear this month I am sure he will know, within the first few seconds of the commencement of Top Gear, whether Barbados is happy to have him there! People who have already bought tickets? Are they going to stay away in protest or will they still arrive to see the show anyway?”

    Wait and you shall surely see. The Minister of Sports will be the first to welcome Jeremy with his black doggie called Drogba at the GAIA. There will be a media frenzy scene like Jesse Owens meeting Hitler in reverse.
    Jeremy is quite familiar with Barbados and knows the culture of racial superiority and hypocrisy that favours his kind.

    Very few in Britain really cares what Jeremy would be up to in sunny Barbados. Would a few strong rum punches loosen his tongue and let the real Jeremy out to run stark naked on the beach off Sandy Lane? Then, not even Max Clifford would be able to save his sorry ass from the British tabloids.

  22. Unhappy Tourist

    I total agree with your analysis regarding the usage of the N word within the black social context these days. But what you have failed to understanding is the fact that every generation use the N word differently. Some twenty years ago when I was a young lad, the N word constituted permanented part of my generation vernacular, especially on the basket ball court. The guys would use terms such as: nigger pass the ball, nigger please, and nigger you’re stupid etc, and it was quite conducive to my generation at the time. So how comes all of a sudden it affronts our conscience because the black youth today use it in they own unique way? Unhappy Tourist, I could sure you, that you were talking about two young guys and you’re an older gentleman? So no need to get bent out of shape over the use of the N words these days because it has a totally different understanding from what you perceived it to mean in your generation. Do you remember during President Obama’s bid for office, Jessie Jackson was caught on tape describing President Obama by the use of the N word?

  23. first let me say this,,,to make a parody of the seriousness of an issue such as racism or racist attitudes is as close as one can get to being called a racist,,,,,,,which points to the innate and insipid and tasteless comments by one PDYR and endorsed by others ,,
    having said that,,,,,,, i did a little back ground check on Clarkson and from my readings ,,there is not enough evedience to suggest this person to be a racist,,unlike sterling who used his money and power to be openly racist and have had several law suits filed against him pertaining to discrimination even as much as attaching himself to black groups and organization in a pretense of hiding his true self,,,,, the clarkson tape on the heels of sterling might be feeling the effect or fall out from the sterling incident ,,,,however it is crucial and most important that incidents such as those be not swept under the rug ,,clarkson in my opinion made a poor and offensive error in judgement ,,,but does it means that he is a racist …..i need more proof,,,,,,as for the apology ,it was just as bumbling as the tape itself,

  24. Unhappy Tourist

    It is only because of the enslavement of the man of colour, that the use of the N word affronts the conscience some blacks, when it is use by anyone either than black.

    • Prominent people have to resign and apologize for making ignorant or insensitive statements everyday in this world. There is usually a consequence to doing or saying something stupid. In other words we don’t have to do research to establish if Clarkson is racist, we simply have to react to the fact he said something that was stupid and his employer has discipline him as a result. BU’s position is that coming so soon after the incident to come to Barbados, a Black Country, would be a case of adding to the insensitivity.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  25. Are we forgetting the good that Top Gear will do for Barbados in terms of world wide advertising just so that we can gain a few points by insisting that Clarkson not come.
    At this time, Clarkson IS Top Gear, if he does not come, what will be achieved? It will be an anti climax, like having Who’s Got talent without Simon Cowell. Rubbish.

    • @Sam Shank

      As usual we should be prepared to sacrifice anything and everything for the good that the economics can do.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • @David. Sacrifice what? The man used a rhyme that people use all the time without meaning any offense. Grow up.

    • @Sam Shank

      And why has his employer told him to apologize or else?

      Why has the UK Education minister admonished him as well?

      Yes we know the answer, he fund nothing wrong.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  26. @ AC

    For once you have made a counter that is worthy of a response.

    You have said (i) it was a poor and insensitive comment, (ii) that, (based on a context my append, remarks like these should not be swept under the carpet and (iii) that you would need more evidence to see that he is a racist.

    If I, a black man, call my dog Obama what does that make me?


    I have had dogs named Caesar, Goliath and other sterling (no pun intended) figures over these many years.

    So if i move from an anachronistic naming practice to a more contempory one and being white used the name obama to speak of tenacity and determination, or droga to speak of artfulness skill and alacrity, does that make me racist?

    The point that i am making with my insipid and tasteless comments (innate is not a word you can use here AC) is that we are moving from the sublime to the ridiculous.

    Let me give you an example for your edification.

    I have been in heated conversations with BLP and DLP avid supporters where, in support of our positions on the economy of Barbados, some of us, in putting forward positions that we genuinely believed in have said, when referring to “Chris Sinkliar” “you en know, He want killing”

    Now tell me this, someone gets that conversation on a video and carries it to the current Commissioner of Police or Chris heself and whaplax all uh we phvckers in a heated discussion on charges to kill a minister.

    The point oh wise one is NOT THAT ONE IS BEING INSIPID and TASTELESS but that if you really carry this to its logical conclusion, any 2 year old child recorded on a video saying that one person is a cvnt or another is a nigger WILL FIND THEMSELVES having to give some sort of excuse as to their spoken or written word, some time later in their lives, just depending on who the phreaking audience is and what cuntry we are in.

    I know that sometimes you can be a stickler for unreasonable support of the indefensible but pause here and put your mind in gear before you put your tongue in motion

  27. @David
    “And why has his employer told him to apologize or else?
    Why has the UK Education minister admonished him as well? ”

    Because nowadays everyone wants to be PC so that they are seen to be fair and in the case of the Minister to win the votes of the Black constituents

    • Right but remember if you say or do something stupid be prepared to take flack.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • Wow! Thanks for agreeing with me on that.
      Taking flack is one thing.
      Asking for the man to be fired or to not come to Barbados is taking it too far

    • @Hamilton

      The same can be said that Sterling has been known for years as an idiot and bigot and yet the NBA et al never went after him until now. They took the path of ignoring him or settling our of court. The bottomline, sometimes it takes the final load to break the donkey’s back. It will be a bold politician in Barbados who knowingly utter a comment construed as racist or stupid in these times a la Inniss and Brathwaite striking at Duguid’s manhood.

  28. St.George Dragon is on point here. While we are told that it is a smart man who chooses his battles, the moral compass does not allow such latitude. We gave an unconditional pass to Glyne Clarke. As I mentioned earlier a well connected indian woman said some of the most vile things right to the faces of some in her employ and we did nothing. Remember the company in St George that made pesticides? If memory serves correctly it was called Flick. It also made a product called Febtec.What took place there pales in comparison to the remarks of Jeremy Clarkson, and on more than one occasion the line was crossed where physicality came into play. What did the police at Boarded Hall do? NOT ONE ASS.What did the labour department do? NOT ONE ASS.

  29. @ Sam Shank | May 4, 2014 at 8:02 AM |

    You are omitting the Didier Drogba black dog incident.
    What are your views on that one? Why not call his dog Mr. Golliwog?
    Jeremy the tartan son of Clark should remember to buy one from the Barbados Museum curio shop to take back as a playmate to his canine friend.

  30. @ David [BU]

    Suddenly I now find that with every submission to the blog that I get the following message

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    What are we fighting for?

    Is this to make Bulbados better?

    Do we have to sit and let a set of ingrunt peoples lead us to our destruction in word or in deed?

    I dont really care if it is Owen Arthur or Mia Mottley or Fumble Stuart or Chris Sinkliar who is leading us down the road to perdition or if the ACs or other chap write anything that is patently stupid or just plain shite I will, if i feel so inclined rise and say so.

    I am starting to see a change and I have said so to you privately and now I say so publicly.

    Either we allow freedom of speech to surface here, as is done regarding the litany of invectives that of late are allowed to run for 20 or more consecutive submissions, or we come to that point where we have a statement that says “if you are going to blog on Tom Adams or David Thompson and those who are dead you allowed to say “a”.

    If you are going to blog about the living who come from the echelon of the rich in our society you can say “b”, if you are going to blog against the common man in the streets of barbados it is a free for all and “you are allowed to say anything at all” because they do not matter.

    All of our faeces stinks and therefore, as long and we are in the public eye, or we, to use your words ” POST A COMMENT AND JOIN IN THE DISCUSSION, YOU NEVER KNOW HOW EXPRESSING YOUR VIEW MAY MAKE A DIFFERENCE” we open ourselves to being remarked upon and cussed.

    But, as with all things finite, in this incarnation that we are privy to travail in, all things change and finally come to an end

    • @Sam Shank

      It is all in the definition of flack isn’t it. Asking for his resignation is part of the flack. The negative hashtags on Twitter is part of flack. You have your position we have ours.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  31. @ David …….
    rolling my eyes………….i don’t believe any one in their right mind would excuse what Clarkson said except for the few comments which took a racist matter and turned it into a satire playing on past nursery rhymes as what was acceptable in eras when racism was the norm…….for sure i for one have not excused his behavior,,,,,,even though i tried to find evidence as to how he is being perceived and to bloaster the point that he is a racist by looking into his background,,,,,,,,,a poor error of judgement yes,,,,a racist the jury is still out, that is my opinion..
    now whether he should comes to barbados and partake in the rally ,,,,,,i hope he would have the decency to decline,,,,,,,,as this could be a double whammy for him….and a real insult to blacks one which every bajan should take personally ,,,one which would smack of elitism and having no respect and (an) up in your face attitude with total disregard for blacks especially when he is asking forgiveness…. the test of his serenity would be whether he opts out of t top gear rally or if he shows up,, revealing whether clarkson is self interested or whether his apology was genuine,,

  32. Did Sir Roy apologise when he called someone an “Egyptian Jew”?
    Didn’t the PM say that he saw nothing wrong with what Sir Roy said?

    • @PODRYR

      Just updated BU’s filter to temper some of the base language which a few commenters started to feel comfortable using.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  33. PDYR says;

    The point oh wise one is NOT THAT ONE IS BEING INSIPID and TASTELESS but that if you really carry this to its logical conclusion, any 2 year old child recorded on a video saying that one person is a cvnt or another is a nigger WILL FIND THEMSELVES having to give some sort of excuse as to their spoken or written word, some time later in their lives, just depending on who the phreaking audience is and what cuntry we are in

    look you are losing point of what is causing the noise and outrage when comments or words of insensitivity racial or bigoted unintentional or intentional are being used,,,,,,WE now lived in a global society where all is being included ..race religion….gay straight u named it,,,the era where the world seem so large and people tried to sterilize or cover up does not longer exist,,,, the fact is in order for all of us to get along in this global and not so unreachable world,, we have to relearned or thinking… your above comments speak of a person who is out of touch and feels comfortable in living in a world which is being left behind,,,,,the reality is that with more exposure and condemnation of words that are used to demean and vilify,,there would be less two year old on video having to face the world in the future with such words which he or she might have to account for,,,,,,what is happening now is a civilization trying to catch up with time and looking for redemption…. doing the best to be less tolerant of the clarkson and sterlings of this world,,,,,a message that is being handed to two year olds all over the world,,,a message which would improve their sensitivity and move them far away from a world which once practiced racism and bigotry as the norm…maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all,,,don’t belive i am saying that,,,,

  34. david why is my comment awaiting moderation ..i never used profanity i replied to PDYR comment is the most civilised and salient way possible,,,,,

    • @ac

      The way wordpress works Peter pays for Paul. We should bear this in mind when we communicate in ways not civil.

  35. @ David

    Having read the other entry submitted by my nemesis, I can now see why…


  36. @ AC

    While it gives me some pain to write this, there is reason and profound logic in your submission of | May 4, 2014 at 8:46 AM |

    I am convinced that there are two of you at your house….lol

  37. @ David..I take your point as I hasten to say that I in no way condone the offensive remarks of Mr. Clarkson. I still hold fast to my point that like charity, the fight against this nonsense must begin at home….glad that BU has finally moved to restrict certain language on this site. For quite sometime now I felt that there were those who were unwittingly playing into the hands of the BAJAN INTELEGENTSIA who cannot wait to make their case why this and sites like this one should be shut down. Just ask the captain of the noise police if ya doubt me.

  38. PDYR……
    i hope you learned something from my comment,,,there is a nugget in it for you and all others who look at life through the rear view mirror and see the images of the past that are causing so much pain now as being relevant using them as excuses,,,, yes i am what people called an” ole soul”……..very much ahead of my time,,,,,,,, understandable of those who cannot accept my points of views,,,,,but would continue to say them……

  39. David

    Some questions following recent posts of yours.

    1. You say Sterling had been guilty of “idiocy and bigotry” for years. Is that the same as racist? Again, is racism “doing or saying something stupid”? Or what of making ‘insensitive” statements? And if so, is so much on BU ‘racist’?
    2. You want a man punished , apparently, because of your subjective perception – ‘construed” – of what is racist. I can fairly say “subjectively construed’ because of the range of opinions on this post. Since you refer to the definition of “flack” will you please define ‘racism’ as you understand it?

    3. Following on from that, when you refer to “our” position do you mean, in fact, YOU?

    4. For the avoidance of any doubt, will you please comment on your assertion that the expression “white trash” is not racist? Would you say that the use of that expression demonstrated “idiocy” or “bigotry” or “insensitivity”?

    5. Since you say “we should be prepared to sacrifice anything and everything for the good”, will you please tell us whether, if Clarkson comes. you will organize a march against him with a banner which says the “BU Team”?


    I also share your sentiments about ac’s first post and simply note your comments with the greatest respect.

  40. Case of ac-dc. The part of ac is exquisitely played and we should be grateful for the ingenuity.

  41. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on BU in the Barbados and the Caribbean and also the fathers who assume the role of mothers.

    It’s being pointed out that Mothers Day in England was a week or two ago, Mothers Day in the Caribbean is today, Mother’s Day is the US is next Sunday, I am still waiting to hear when Mothers day in Canada will be, if it’s today, next week or next month……

    Ross,…….if you think ac is ingenuity at it’s ‘best’ wait until you hear what ac did yesterday…

  42. “It was only when the one man protestor demonstrated with his placards that we knew it was a Bajan white that committed the racist act. ”

    Keeping it real……you see that is why no one takes Bajans seriously, everyone was led to believe that the manager in Bizzy’s store was black, now i am sorry the black male customer did not drop him on his ass with a kick……no one on BU corrected me when i too thought because i was led to believe the store manager was black, and nasty Bizzy had a nerve to get on radio condoning the act…….AND, black Bajans are still shopping at H & B Hardware?? again, that’s why no one takes Bajans seiously.

  43. St. George Dragon said:
    “I am appalled …. that a Government in 2011 would be dealing with a group of white conservative rich people. I am saying Mr Speaker that the Barbados Rally Club is a group of White …. conservative people…”

    I am no fan of Gline Clarke, but how does that statement translate to racism, yall over dong the statements attributed to racism, nigger is racist, jewish is NOT, Pigmy is racist bcause hey should be called BAKA, Eskimo is racist because they should be called INNUIT, the slave masters and colonizers created those words to demean the people of those days that they wanted to enslave, steal from and demoralize…….get with the program and stop talking crap….conservative, rich white is not a demeaning or racist characterization, yall making up nonsense as you go along

  44. How else do we judge a man except by his words and/or his actions. The Sterling case is more complex in it’s resolution. But, it drew immediate response by all interested parties. What have we heard from local officials re:Clarkson…..nil! The resolution in this case is much easier. Simply withdraw the invitation, or cancel the contract and make it known Barbados is not tolerant of these kind of racial slurs no matter who says them. To para phase this; someone needs to have the “balls” in this government to do so!

  45. I find this discussion hypocritical. BU is frequently racist.
    Clarkson cannot say the N***** word but it is ok for people posting on BU to say things like:
    “”Trash” or “Red Leg” or “Bumpkin” or “Hill Billy””
    “The White people from Guyana run and tek all there (sic) money with them. They were an exploitative tribe that needed to be reeled in.”
    “whites are involved in the drugs trade on many levels.”
    “Don’t you see the physiological damage the Sun has done to [the White] race not evolved to handle the Sun but the cold?”
    “…. i would definitely not marry a bajan white, most unattractive male i have come across, definitely not my cup of tea, i don’t deal with melting candles and because of the inbreeding they all look like melting candles.”
    “The bajan ‘white’ has to import females to stave of (sic) the destruction caused by the inbred bloodline, as Miller was stating if they don’t start practicing miscegenation, the couple bajan ‘whites’ on the island will effectively die out….”
    All from one thread.

  46. @ Well Well
    Go back and check out the fuss at the time. Clearly a lot of people thought Gline Clarke was making a racist comment or it would not have been such a big issue.

    • Say and debate what you want but here are a couple truths: Steerling banned for life from the NBA and will be forced to sell his team and Clarkson was forced to apologize and received a final notice from his employer the reputable BBC. In addition social media is abuzz. Thank goodness White America and the UK see the error of the ways here. Because we have given others a pass in Barbados is in no way related to the two matters at hand. What is says to us is we have to tidy up on the home front.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  47. David

    You are being disingenuous. You know very well it is called ‘political correctness’ – acting the hypocrite to keep the peace. And consider whether personal likes and dislikes are rationalized in ‘racist’ terms.

    Now: address the questions you were asked and stop fudging.

    As for “we have to tidy up on the home front” – let it begin with YOU/BU. Will you now repudiate “white trash”?.

    • Here is an extract from the BBC:

      Labour MP Jim Sheridan, who sits on Parliament’s culture, media and sport committee, also noted this was not Clarkson’s first offence, and called for him to be sacked.

      He said: “Already he’s insulted nations, he’s insulted disabled persons, he’s insulted people with mental illness. Every time he apologises, and every time the BBC say that they’ve told him to cut it out, and he’s not doing it.”

  48. I personally hate the ‘N’ word. I will never understand after all those years of the ‘N’ word being derogatory and associated with racism etc. how any black person could find it acceptable to use or be referred to as a ‘N”.

    I think black people need to decide once and for all whether the ‘N’ word is acceptable or not and not have all these foolish rules that is ok for a black person to say it and not a white.

    In my opinion Jeremy Clarkson was very wrong to use that word as he is supposed to be a professional but its probably a word is uses regularly in his vocabulary but not in the public ear as probably do many other people.

    Unfortunately I doubt there will be an end to racism in my time but in my opinion by allowing the ‘N’ word to be acceptable when used among black people, let alone other races is just wrong and degrading and should be banned.

  49. ST George……I do believe you, but just as with Bizzy et al putting lying, incorrect information out there about the manager of his store being black, so too would they encourage others to believe that these description of bajan whites are racist………Egyptian Jew could no way be deemed racist because it also describes black Egyptians that are jewish, it’s time to recognize that local bajan whites always have a nasty agenda and it’s always to the detriment of the black majority, they are creating confusion with these lies.

    As regards Clarkson, I am sure his employers would know and are at the end of their tether that he continues to practice his racist and idiotic statements without fail and does not plan to stop, let’s see if the Barbados government has any pride left and tell him to carry his ass…….i would be real surprised if they do, and if they do not i would not be surprised that they have no sense of pride, if the English do not plan to continue putting up with Clarkson’s stupidity, I am sure when Clarkson is among his own ilk, he is even more graphic about the blacks whom he carries much hatred for, and if the government of Barbados wants to welcome him, it will definitely send a message to the world that Bajans still condone racism just for the almighty dollar.

    By the way, now I am hearing that Mother’s Day in the Caribbean is next Sunday, so much confusion, no wonder nothing is going well.

  50. St. George……stating a FACT, is NOT PRACTICING RACISM……again, yall got the definition of racism all SCREWED UP.

  51. @ Well Well
    “it’s time to recognize that local bajan whites always have a nasty agenda and it’s always to the detriment of the black majority, they are creating confusion with these lies.”
    That’s racism, not fact.

  52. St. George……THAT IS FACT……not racism, told you yall screwing up the definition of racism on the island, how does that demean, demoralize and show hatred to the local bajan whites who ALWAYS have a nasty agenda as it pertains to the majority on the island??.

    By the way, a very female senior counsel (attorney) in Trinidad was killed this morning, some people think it was a hit.

  53. So David – when you say “we need to tidy up on the home front” please advise what you intend to do about Well Well’s racist comments above?
    I find it quite sad that a country like Barbados which places so much emphasis on its history of slavery and oppression can be so far behind the rest of the world in its position and attitudes to racism.

  54. I have been against the use of the ”N” word from as long as I can remember, firstly I don’t know anything about Clarkson as I am not a fan of motor racing so can’t even remember watching the show. I don’t know what his history is unlike Sterling’s who I was familiar with having read about the housing discrimination suit long before the recent news. My initial question what is the context? Was he replying to someone or was he mumbling something that popped up in his memory and odd things do pop up that have no bearing on the present and we would be loath to repeat these.

    Now my take, why are we so taken up with trying to put out these fires when we give a blanket pass to the “rappers” and associated entertainers whose use of the “N” word is endemic in our society? Why do say this is acceptable because it is “OK” for one black to say it to another but if a white says the word it is unacceptable? Why do we allow “entertainers” to promote the use of the word as part of their art? We don’t hear other races or cultures call each other by derogatory names and then try to justify it as a term of endearment. At this moment we can find CD’s and other paraphernalia by the same rappers who liberally use the “N” word for sale in the record stores, at this moment we can watch BET showcasing some of these entertainers who use the “N” word without repercussion. I haven’t heard any call for a boycott or ban or these individuals, I haven’t heard BU call for a boycott or ban of BET.

    Until we as black people learn to respect each other there is little hope that others will respect us so we can ban Clarkson and think we have accomplished something but a free Solomon Northup didn’t mean freedom for thousands of others.

  55. St. George……now tell me who started the anit-racism laws AND were/are you one of the architects of ANTI-RACISM LAWS? AND show me where what i said is racist, as i said idiots like you are making it up as you go along so you can keep the black majority in Barbados in the place that you want them to stay, those same words are used daily in the media and on blogs in the US and Canada AND are not deemed racist, you idiot….how did they get racist in Barbados, because you said so….ha!!

  56. No siree, say it ent so… you mean dat it did not a black man who did push dat fellow head down in de display glass tuh see de price uh de product?

    No siree wunna telling an ole man a lie, pun a Sunday, jes afta i get de insuling shot, man wunna ent got no shame?

    Ole peeple like we is tuh get a little respect doah, tell me dat it ent so and dat Bizzy didnt say dat it was a black man jes to get sympathy?

    Unna is lying, sho’ ting, strangers to de truff, i nearly call the lot of you words dat is now politically inappropriate and dat will get me loss me pick….

    Speaking uh pick, Vivianne Gittens get lock up yet for subverting the morals of the public when Sanka “at any” Price publish de lurid content of dem young chilren wukking up?

    I jes wants to know causing if she get fire maybe jes maybe i cudda did get a pic writing lies down deah …

    En a nex nudder ting.. I get to heah from a reliable source dat de reason Ronald We Jonesing Minister uh Educashon putting TVs at de schools is because dere is a certain school dat have alot of funny tings going on between de boys under dem Hall and in de surrounding canes, I ent calling no names, but apparently he did sharing wid a next fellow dat it is a joint strategy between de Ministry of Education and de Ministry of Culture.

    Apparently dem gine get alot uh Foreign Exchange by airing de Bulling pun a Pay per view basis in places where dat sorta ting is popular englant and ting en dat dis Jeremy fellow coming heah to discuss viewing rights en ting

    I is to axe AC bout it causing she gots de hook up with dem fellows…

  57. Piece…….we in North America are watching with mouths hanging open how Barbados is turning into a true disgrace, if they don’t roll back their crap, they will eventually be a pariah in the REAL WORLD cause America and England are trying really hard to stamp out racism.

    ST. George……..i suggest you cool it, since you have no anti-racism laws in Barbados or the harbour lights crowd would not be allowed to practice racism against blacks when they go to the night club OR lying Bizzy would not be allowed to condone racism in his store OR if that black male customer was me, that bajan white manager would now be looking for a lawyer for assault OR on a hospital bed with his ass broken in half OR Cow and his gang would not be able to have their little tea parties extolling how much they hate black people, who keep them in bread and butter on the island……so push me no further.

  58. Given what Jim Sheridan has said, why is this man still coming to Barbados. Someone just informed that he is bringing hundreds of British visitors so we are giving him a freebee for now. Barbados still continues cap in hand scraping and begging !

    Sir George Dragon:
    Are you the racist examiner on the BU blog? If the private conversations of the so called Bajan whites and the expatriates are play in public (like Sterling) you would catch a stroke! Remember what they were saying when Bizzy Williams married the black woman with having a prenuptial? When you go black you can never come back! Stop horsing around here like Kernel Buggy blowing pretentious steam about racism when you know that your dinner tables are laden with it!

  59. Thing is I should be well known on BU you by now for throwing massive boulders to shatter the biggest glass mansion, that comment by Cow Williams to Bizzy that black women are only to be f**ked not married to still boils my blood, so when shitheads like St George comes on here talking about what and what does not constitute racism when there are not anti-racism laws in barbados and i sit in North America and feel like wringing the idiot’s neck for nothing more than being an idiot, now people see why i stay out of Barbados as much as i can.

  60. I am going to the arrivals hall with my banner, Bajans Love Jeremy Clarkson but we hate ourselves.

  61. @ Well Well. And of course you heard COW tell Bizzy that?
    What a load of BS.
    Didn’t your parents teach you not to believe everything you hear and only 10% of what you see?

  62. @Sam Shank
    It is all in the definition of flack isn’t it. Asking for his resignation is part of the flack. The negative hashtags on Twitter is part of flack. You have your position we have ours.

    And on the position thing. I say vice versa. Because you are the administrator of this blog does not make you always correct.

  63. Correction

    @ David

    It is all in the definition of flack isn’t it. Asking for his resignation is part of the flack. The negative hashtags on Twitter is part of flack. You have your position we have ours.

    And on the position thing. I say vice versa. Because you are the administrator of this blog does not make you always correct.

  64. @ Sam Shank

    Man you didda had me frighten dere man writing a submission to youself man i did tinking dat you did also a diabetic but had miss you insulin inject like i does do sometimes but when i start rambling, which is most uh de time de madam does stick me quick and whaplax i back right, sort of…

    But jes a fooling question, it din seem strange when you did do dat @ youself befo’ you hit de send key?

    Dere is someting strange bout dat Sam Shank, Dat is de height uh self worship or you is smoking wacky tabaccy in a banana shank!!

    doan mind me doah, i is a druggie who does get off pun insulin… so to each his own

    • @sam shank

      You can’t try to obfuscate all you want White America and the BBC in White UK have ruled. You may have the last word.

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  65. Sam Shank………how do you know I was not there, another idiot trying to disprove what can be proven…… now i need you to prove that COW did not say that……….just prove it.

  66. Lemuel

    The parameters of ‘racism’ for the purpose of this blog have been set by David who yet perversely refuses to say whether he really regards “white trash” (and by extension ‘black trash’) as a racist expression.

  67. Well Well

    But my heart, maybe it’s a case of giving a dog a bad name in face of borderline language. I thought that in some eyes you really are a full-frontal star now?

  68. Oh and beloved, you know very well from your legal experience that you don’t have to prove a negative. He who avers must prove and all that…

  69. Ross

    Remember the term white trash came out of the black man’s response to nigger, nig nog and monkey. But Blacks only copied from the well off educated white racists who referred to their uneducated rural poor brothers and sisters as White trash.

  70. But Lemuel that won’t do. I don’t care WHERE it came from. The issue is whether it is or it isn’t.

  71. Or to make the point another way.

    We all know that Clarkson recited a nursery rhyme. A nursery rhyme. Despite the fact that he mumbled the key bit and so was conscious not to offend David is still saying he is racist. He has no regard for the pedigree of the statement.

  72. Ross

    I personally do not get caught up in labels. Real pernicious racism is about economic power. Letting the poor whites and black go after each other while the vagabonds control the entire economy.

  73. Lemuel

    Yes, we had that debate and I understand. I take the view that racism begins with me and you and you and you……..and so that’s where you start. For that purpose on this blog.

  74. the link David posted to shine light on clarkson supposedly previous rants is interesting… that the BBC had approved and allowed the road slope to be used in racing show in which clarkson was featured,,,,,,,,apparantly it was only brought to the attention of the BBC when asians said the word was derogatory ,,but given the context in which it was used ,,in referencing to a bridge and a structural defect ;;;;one side being higher than the other which made the man standing on the bridge slope,,,,it hard to understand the connection as being racist,,, ..the other incident made by another announcer quotes the announcer directing bigoted statements towards mexicans ……..however the statement was attributed to clarkson when he made a reply to what was said in jest,,, these stories do have a life of it’s own, and i sometimes become wary of other ethnic groups who are openly and blatantly racist against blacks raising the flag of racism only when it suits their purpose,,,,,,

  75. Ross

    Do you really believe that Clarkson did not know what he was saying? He thought it was funny, but Black people can not because those sayings are designed to belittle Negroes and attempt to make them think that they are worthless as a human being. Obviously, the folks here can not be amused with Clarkson.

    Do you understand that the catch him by the toe refers to those slaves who dared to run away and were caught and lynched, a word provided by a Barbadian White man. Lynch wrote a manual on how to control slaves by extreme violence. that is where the word lynching came from. It was effectively utilized in the southern part of the USA.

  76. Lemuel

    The pedigree of the nursery rhyme, which I did not know (so thank you) I don’t see as relevant since I can’t imagine anybody much knowing it. In that sense I simply can’t believe Clarkson knew it either. The rhyme provides a means of choosing between this and that, in this case one car from another car. Given what he subsequently said and the muffling of the offending word I simply don’t think that he intended to offend anyone.

    But that raises the issue I’ve been trying to get people to discuss, viz whether a word becomes ‘racist’ by reference only to itself or by reason of the intention with which it was used. As you know very well, that is all a question of interpretation – which is why, again, I’ve been trying to have David lead us by exploring the concept. So far as I understand him at all, he seems to be saying it’s all a subjective matter and it all depends, like Humpty Dumpty (God, I hope that’s not racist), on who is the master. That effectively means that a black person (David) can legislate for the rest of the world, which is his little world, what he regards as racist – and that that would exclude racial slurs uttered by black people against whites. I simply don’t accept that that can be right.

  77. ac

    For what it’s worth umpteen people on the other blog (including me) said that they didn’t know that ‘slope’ was offensive to orientals in general and Vietnamese in particular. The other expression discussed was ‘no. 9 iron’ as in golf. Now that one is manifestly going too far UNLESS referred to in the specific context of discussion of or reference to an oriental person, as in, eg, ‘all Asians are no 9 irons’ or ‘here he comes, a No 9 iron’.

  78. Ross

    In discussing intent we would have to know in detail what his state of mind was at the time and if he intended any malice by his choice of words. I certainly could not do that as I do not know the man. May be some people here know him well. But the point being made to him and Sterling is that as a public figure they should closet those thoughts and let them not be found in public.

    The Queen’s husband is more offensive than Clarkson, but we Bajans jump when he and the Queen come visiting.

  79. but ross….even…even….if u never heard the nursery rythme ,,,,a person of your intelligence would know by now that the word nigger is a highly explosive word which lends it roots way back into slavery to demean blacks and have no place in a world than is seeking change,,,,,com;;on ross your need to make excuses sometimes befuddles me,,,,,,the word is so highly inflammatory and its origins that it does not take not knowing a nursery rhyme to understand why such use of the word is wrong,,i cannot support you on this …..just step away from playing devils advocate which i hope you might be doing …..and focus on the history and make up of the word,,,

  80. Robert…. please help me..if I were to say eenie meany miney moe catch Well Well by the camel toe…..would that be…. racist…sexist….suicide….or a two man job

  81. Yes, but we would look at all the evidence, what was said, the circumstances in which it was said and what followed, to help sort that one (intent) out. Given the inevitable complexity of that one perhaps we would have to introduce an objective element and ask whether any reasonable person in Clarkson’s position would think that what was said in those circumstances was intended to be racist. The alternative is to say that ANY use of the word is ipso facto racist irrespective of intent – though I suppose that (subjectively) the word would have to be known as racist – so if I say ‘I had no idea that ‘slope’ is racist’ that absolves. But then you might want to confess and avoid, eg ‘Yes I know that that word is regarded by some as racist, but I hear it being used by young black people all the time without offence and I can’t believe that what’s sauce for one isn’t sauce for another.’

  82. Where is my Golliwog Bushie ? Whether yuh like it or not yuh is my Golliwog. I will hug yuh, squeeze yuh and might tek yuh home to meet mudder! Murda LOLL

  83. Dompney…… Thank you for your comments but just to set the record straight. It was an older generation speaking TO a younger generation and I am female NOT male. I noticed a comment elsewhere on this subject whereby it is ok for local people to use the ‘n’ word to each other but not for ‘outsiders’ to do the same. I can understand that to a point because it happens the world over within families where they say what they want to say to each other but protect them from other peoples remarks

  84. ac

    You assume that everyone knows not only the the origin of words like that (and I didn’t know the rhyme word or ‘slope’ or ‘No 9 iron) but are also obsessive about it. We go back to the question of intent or all-or-nothingness (say it at your peril) – and, no, I’m not playing devil’s advocate.


    LOL I don’t think I want to go there (consider the ambiguity of that) but, in any event, I’m with you.

  85. Ross

    You’re quite correct in you observation of the usage of the N word, as it relates to the social vernacular of the black youths in today’s society. But here in America, when the N word is utilized by any person either than black, it is viewed as highly offensive because of its historical connection to slavery, as AC has so clearly stated already.

  86. Ross

    As you well know: the Mens Rea can be established before or during the commission of a crime? And it is highly unlikely that this man hadn’t any prior knowledge of the negative connotation associated with the use of the N word, especially coming from someone who is Caucasian.

  87. Ross

    We have already established intent … unless this man lives in some remote corner of the globe? Ross, I fail to accept the view that anyone who lives within the western- hemisphere, would not have a general understanding of what the N word represents within the social context.

  88. black people does call each other nigga every dammn day ladies does call their girlfriends bitches whats the fuss about ,give me a break

  89. And how about the catch nursery rhyme that many of us still remember.
    Taffy was a Welchman, Taffy was a thief. Taffy came to my house and stole a leg of beef.
    Could you imagine the uproar that would have caused if it went,
    Limey was an Englishman, Limey was a Thief etc etc.
    Hank was an American, Hank was a thief etc etc

  90. Dompey

    I’m sure he did – which is why he tried to blot it out by mumbling it; and, yes, that consciousness that there was danger in the use of the rhyme might have been evident before he began it or after he started.

    Of course, I suppose some may know a word is offensive to others but may not realize HOW offensive it is. Others may be sick of political correctness and use a word to make a statement of defiance without any intent to offend anyone other than politically correct people whom they regard as humbugs. So I might say ‘Those stinking Pharisees’ because of Jesus but otherwise have prayed in Jerusalem, ridden a camel on the Mount of Olives, paddled in the Sea of Galilee and be able to say ‘Some of my best friends are Israelis’.

    As someone said, public figures have to be prepared to take the flack and we all need to learn from our mistakes – so I don’t regret the fuss. But I simply can’t go with the David point that he shouldn’t come to Barbados or that he should be sacked for the reasons I’ve stated – not, at least, till David comes clean on “white trash” and then does penance by handing over the reins of BU to ac.

    Indeed, what is so interesting is the similarity between Clarkson’s case and Sterling’s.

    Both robust ‘characters’
    Both with an alleged history
    Both said what they said in private (in Clarkson’s case the rhyme wasn’t ‘live’)
    Both were (seemingly) leaked
    Both redolent with ‘fudge’ factors -Sterling was jealous about his g/f’s antics and said ‘I love black people’; Clarkson said a rhyme which we all know, mumbled the offensive word; and then apologized and explained.

    In other words, as Lord Goring said to Phipps the butler in ‘An Ideal Husband’: ‘Nothing in life is ever easy, Phipps.’


    Clarkson and Sterling are old enough to know better , He knows how he gets paid, he knows their history better than most, He knows he is where He is because of what other people dont know, Now, People know what he knows and thinks , its time for him to go ,Like drugs, ZERO tolerance ,
    We are a race of People who are not to used to the word Nigga and the Pain that came with that word, Most dont know, most may not say it , But those in power is pay nigga wages , treat you as a nigga and never say the word,
    We are told not to use the word ,for most dont know the true meaning of the word, and if or when it need to be used and by who.
    Example BLACKS, We are not to use the word , but only in music to make Millions of dollars for who?
    The word nigga can only be used in Movies to make Millions in telling the truth, Example 12 years a Slave, How many time did they use the word Nigga ?and now they are to own the word and call it the N-word on the street , soon we will be at the B-word for black and the W- word for white, every letter will be a word and we will be using tapping as code.
    Noun , Person, PLACE or thing… which and how is it being used. American History can not be said,told or written with out the word Nigger.

  92. Ricardo

    What’s your point? Because what you have said has been already established here. And the issue isn’t whether or not blacks call each other nigga and women call each other bitches. Let me ask you this question: what kind of an emotional impact would it have if for example: a woman call a black woman bitch? Zero I would assume? Because the word has no really historical significant to slavery or the institutional -racism as well as the racial -apartheid blacks have been subjected to just after emancipation.

  93. but rosss on the issue of whether he should come to barbados ..that goes without questioning… to the intent of his apology ,,,by removing himself it would serve a cause to show remorse thereby making the apology more genuine and ironclad ,removing any doubt that the apology was given out of self interest ,,,the other reason for him not to come is one that clarkson( himself)should take seriously a realisation that the time for healing is necessary and him being in barbados directly on the heals of this unfortunate incident would only be a reminder and could easily stir up negativity and division among the fans or populace,,,which can easily be turned into a political football,,,,,,,looking at the full picture is necessary to understand the ripple effects from this issue,,,,NOT GOOD

  94. But Dompey…you are assuming that everyone that is not black knows the history as the rest of us do and carries the same scars. They don’t study it; they’re not reminded of it on BU four times a week; and by and large they get on with their black neighbours and otherwise give it neither thought nor interest. In short, they sit light to it.


    ‘Drugs: zero tolerance.’

    Then why are we having a Drugs’ Court? Is it called ‘to be enlightened’?

  95. A few years back i was in the company of some friends and i remember a newcomer to the group greeted one of the limers with the words, “you ole whore, you en dead yet?”

    Now to the responses.

    Those who knew the speaker chuckled knowingly
    Those who recently met him grinned but no sound came form their lips
    Those who did not know him and were new to the group had mouths ajar
    Those of the Christians amongst us mumbled and were quite upset.

    I call it Degrees of Familiarity that can be ascribed to any word or phrase based on the context of usage and it is a wise man who knows where to say what he is saying and where to refrain.

    Just remember to run like a bat out of that unspeakable place if you happen to be in a group of people commenting bout the economic malaise dat we experiencing nowadays and someone say, “that Chris Sinckler, you en know he want killing” because that is worse than treason and RBPF Special Branch men gine cum fuh all uh wunna and baygon bag wunna asses like dem do to that young boy from Ferniehurst and then get the government pathologist to say he dead from natural causes

    • @ac

      To your last comment note the chronology here, Clarkson first denied he used the N-word and when the Mirror newspaper posted the video then he hustled an apology.

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