No Thanks Jeremy Clarkson

Local authorities including the media remain  understandably silent about the the racist comment uttered by Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson. He was recorded muttering the nursery rhyme ‘’eeny, meeny, miny moe catch a nigger by he toe’.  After  vigorously denying he used the nigger word lo and behold he was persuaded to publish an apology. The reason for the silence in Little England is explained by tourism officials expecting great things having contracted to host the Top Gear Festival in Barbados on May 17 and 18. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton of Grenadian parentage is billed to participate. No way the Barbados government wants the festival to be cancelled.

One of many reports in the UK media suggest Jeremy Clarkson is feeling the heat amid calls for the BBC to fire him. Clarkson must feel unlucky at the timing of his indiscretion which collides with that of Donald Sterling’s racist comment.

There is the saying if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Barbados is a predominantly Black country and the Barbados government must know it cannot ignore this matter. Barbadians are known to be very forgiving of their politicians but in this case the world is watching.   Surely we deserve a response from our elected government? Does the government of Barbados a Black country believe this is mock sport? Barbadians continue to pontificate about Donald Sterling in the USA but appear to be giving Clarkson a pass just as he is about to pack his bags to travel to Barbados for the Top Gear Festival? Is this the kind of publicity we want to generate?

BU holds the firm view Jeremy Clarkson should NOT take the flight out to Barbados in a couple of weeks. There is a price he must pay for his indiscretion. His contrived apology is not enough to remove the insult to Blacks and sensible human beings everywhere. If Barbados – a 90 plus percent Black country – were to welcome Jeremy Clarkson to Barbados it would be a compromise to self which our Black forefathers should rightfully not forgive us.

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  1. Ross……by his silence we now know he did not know that……and i dare him to bluff me on it see if i don’t bring down their whole slimy racist show…

    Ross……not only Slope, Tonto, Injun, slant eyes, Chink, white trash are all inventions of whites to belittle others including their own, not unlike the bajan whites who are considered garbage by whites who consider themselves superior, by the way whatever you call a white with a superiority complex does not phase him/her because they don’t think themselves anything other than that they are superior, i am talking about the real sick ones with diseases of the mind like Clarkson, no cure available for that lot, waste of time thinking you can be racist against them, that’s for sure.

  2. Ross

    “It is racist to refer to white trash”

    I don’t know if I’ll would call it racist because the term is use more so as a joke than anything else.

  3. So what’s new. We live with it every day especially in the work place. We blacks and we whites tolerate each other. For example the owner of the air conditioning firm in Christ Church, the TEK place hates black people. He’s always saying that he makes the blacks work hard but they will never get anything from him and pays them pittance.
    Just imagine a boss commenting that the place now brighter because a clear skin person is amomg the black staff?
    Therefore, what’s new.

  4. ……..the believability of the apology is now at stake and it would take action on CLARKSON part to receive forgiveness by those whom he have offended, those whom he surrounds himself by should call him aside and explained to him that going forward to remove any doubt as you david as hinted in your comment in regards to the apology he should not particip[ate in the rally in any way shape or form….very insightful observation on your part david,,

  5. ross why are you so drawn to highlighting the term white trash which you have determined to racist,,,,,,,,,but distant your self from history and racism and racist attitudes and crimes administered to blacks by whites,,,i donot really understand your ongoing need to question and ask to define whether a term which describe whites as trash is necessary,,,,,, what if the amswer is yes..does that excuse or nullify racism which was perpetrated on blacks for centuries going as far back to biblical times ,,,the term only came about as a response to blacks being called niggers by whites,,,,,,fuh god sake go learn yuh history and stop using tit for tat scenarios as an excuse for a serious and volatile issue issue as racisim ,,get serious enuff,,,,,i almost called you a closet racist,,,u meking me mad,,stop the nonsense,, but i know better.


    robert ross | May 4, 2014 at 6:38 PM |@

    It is racist to refer to white trash?”@

    Living to me in the most racist place on Earth US of A , and living there from the 70s , Never did i hear nor anyone took it as that, Its the status of the so called ‘White” Person that look more to live on welfare , poor, and rude at the same time, looking down on so called ‘Black’ that is living better then they were , who then still because of their Skin color feel they are better then you ,
    2nd , A So called white person living well and not acting the part , stupid and nasty because they are so called White , Feel that they are better than another , rude , nasty, dont know how to behave ,
    3rd, A white person that feel other white person just done add up to his level ,
    these are when i see the word come out of people mouth.

  7. As I expected. Deeds, are you saying that the expression is in practice defined in the way you suggest – whites living on welfare, poor and rude with a chip on their shoulder – a pejorative term? And that it follows that ‘black trash’ are those who live similarly and equally pejorative? Or is it one-way traffic?

    What does that square with Dompey’s ‘joke’?


    “Very insightful observation on your part David” – your DC is showing.

    OK – so let’s get this straight.

    First, only whites are guilty of racism. OR, blacks are never guilty of racism. Yes?

    Second, only non-whites can say authoritatively what is or is not racist – and by non-white we mean any person who has suffered slavery so that in practice we mean blacks.. Yes?

  8. And right under our noses, we read in today’s paper , that an English man slapped in the face ,a woman, (assumed to be black, other wise they would not have described the assailant as Caucasian) . I must have missed it, but I cannot recall anyone commenting on it here.
    Shouldn’t action, the slap, speak louder than the word (s) of Jeremy Clarkson ?


    @@@Ross you are right. a pejorative term

    ‘black trash’ is never used , but it can be, the word is just called Nigger , a behavior ,,. for every thing is off the white power base as normal, Nigger is applied to all person acting wrong, Example , toss trash out the window, loud music after hours, fighting in the street, pants hanging off the ass, pissing in public, riding bike reckless, disturbing the peace and so on. Things that you will never do to gather attention in the wrong way.

  10. Deeds

    Thank you. So ‘white trash’ is not racist and is simply a pejorative descriptive term. ‘Nigger’ is also descriptive and is the black equivalent of ‘white trash’ though it can be applied to persons of either colour. Yes?
    If yes, it does get complicated doesn’t it?

  11. Ross

    White trash is use more of term to describe a lower class white person. It is also comparable to calling a white person trailer trash.

  12. Ross

    White – trash is also comparable to calling a black person a hood-rat. There isn’t anything racist about the term white – trash because it is also use jokingly by white as well as black people.

  13. Ross

    Claudette M. Williams wrote a book called Charcoal and Cinnamon: The politics of Color In Spanish Caribbean Literature. The book gives a historical account of racist literature written about blacks in Spanish as well as the English. And I was quite surprised to have learned that prior to the European chattel – Slavery, a lot of the literature written about black people was quite positive. It was only after the enslavement of the people of African descent, that the literature was infused with racist descriptions of black people. Dr. Arthur Lewis, always wrote a book in which he described his encountered with geographical- racist, while he taught at Stanford University.

    • Extracted from BBC website:

      “Match of the Day presenter and former England striker Gary Lineker, who had a spell at Barcelona, tweeted (external): “Spanish football must face up to the fact that they have a serious racist problem. They can’t continue to bury their heads in the sand”

  14. Ross

    This is the final point I’ll make on the subject of racism. Racism takes many forms here in America:
    1) Statistical-Racism
    2) Geographical-Racism
    3) Environmental-Racism
    4) Racism based on skin colour etc.


    robert ross | May 5, 2014 at 12:18 AM |


    Thank you. So ‘white trash’ is not racist and is simply a pejorative descriptive term. ‘Nigger’ is also descriptive and is the black equivalent of ‘white trash’ though it can be applied to persons of either colour. Yes?
    If yes, it does get complicated doesn’t it?@@@

    YES, Nigger can be applied to both Black and White
    But when Nigger is used by whites in America , the Roots of Slavery Pain gives the Blacks Flash Backs in to mind and DNA to give instant Hateful feelings,To know so many died and was killed and those maybe the last words heard before they were murdered by hanging , beating or burning still alive..
    Nigger is a an adjective which indicates lack of knowledge. So in south Africa when two miners black and white are making four hundred and eight hundred respectively for doing the same work. The black who is unaware of the difference in pay is called a nigger by the white because of his ignorance. When he finds out and does not take action then he is a true nigger. If he responds with resistance then he elevates himself from being a nigger but he then behaves niggardly to get the response from the powers that be. So the nigger is the one who has ignorance of his condition no matter what his color.

  16. Thanks Deeds and Dompey and others.

    What this discussion shows, I think, is the ‘sophistication’ of language relating to colour and confirms my Wildean remark above that nothing in life is “easy”.

    I’m sure that Well Well noticed my response to Lawson about ‘camel toes’. I said something like “I don’t think I want to go there”. When I wrote that I immediately realized the ambiguity in it and commented on the ambiguity. What I was intending to say was that I didn’t want to discuss whether Well Well’s remarks were sexist etc as Lawson analysed it. But, of course, when I saw the ambiguity I realised that Well Well may have thought I didn’t fancy her like crazy. But I left the remark quite deliberately to show the ambiguity in things in general – the idea of there always being two sides of a story. Just recently I met a fella who had a problem about a very close family member. He came over as very hard and dismissive. But the more I talked to him the more I realized he was simply hiding the pain he felt for his loved one.

    This morning, travelling to the office earlier than usual I was privileged in a way to notice the little children on their way to school. Oh they were so beautiful, innocent and earnest and ready to get on with it. The word ‘slavery’ and ‘race’ had never entered their vocabulary and I simply do not believe that for now, at least, they carry any scars never mind wounds.

    But with us adults it’s different. We carry all sorts of personal scars and hurts from so many things, like everyone else, leaving aside the scars we’re TOLD we carry and the all the programming and conditioning we’re all subject to. It’s not easy being an adult. I see racial scars as no different from any other. It’s a bit like sin, a nasty lump we carry around with us – again much of it a consequence of our conditioning and much of it quite unnecessary. We don’t do ourselves any favours.

    What to do? The line of tried to take (and I suppose get across) is that we first have to see this lump for what it is – something which holds us back, something which strangles some rich part of ourselves which prevents us from being whole people not half people. But for that to take place we have to see, standing back from ourselves, what is happening – and to stop thinking in slogans. And that’s why I’ve tried to explore what it is to be racist ‘on the ground’ in the hope that we will see it for what it is, the narrowness of it, the self-inflicted wounds we give ourselves from it. the way we look at other people as a result of it. That way, I think, the lump will get smaller. Of course, it doesn’t really exist any more than our egos exist. We’ve manufactured it all for ourselves or others have manufactured it for us.

    And that’s why I reject totally the Beckles programming of us, the Beckles who tells us we’re all third rate – no matter how we got there. I don’t see why he should seek to diminish any of us no matter the cause he ascribes to it. I hold that to be wicked, and not least because it’s untrue.

    What the various posts have shown, I think, is the wide variety of views in all this and, as I say, the complexity of it. I admire enormously the contributions of Pieceuh and BT because they suggest to me that they have taken the discussion to a higher level, well, as I suppose old men should. For the purpose of BU sloganizing, of course, no-one is really listening. In fact I’m trying to think if at any time on BU someone has said ‘Yes you are right and I was wrong’. But then, the important thing is that we’re not really speaking to each other, or if we are, we’re not hearing each other. Really what we’re doing is ranting to the world – and that is the beauty of it. For what we’ve said is written in fire in the sky and it reflects some part of the human condition for all to see. And maybe, just maybe, in that emptying of ourselves we begin the business of becoming whole.

  17. Ross

    I agree Ross. If there is to be any change in this race issue, it has to start with the younger generation, but that’s the IDEALIST position. The REALITY is there are those elements in the white community, who are bent of perpetuate this racial hatred towards black people. We have a younger generation of Skin- Heads, Aryan- Brotherhood, as well as the White- Supremacist groups throughout the Midwestern part of the United States, who would jump at the opportunity to kill a brother if given the chance. Now, show me one black group in America that indoctrinates its young people to perpetuate hatred again white people? Yes, we have the Young Black- Panthers Movement, but this group serves as a counterpoise to this white racism.

  18. Ross

    The Trinidadian born Stokely Carmichael was a Civil- Right Leader and well as a Black –Panther who fought vehemently against racism in America during the 1960’s. This man emigrated to America at the age of five and became a naturalized – citizen five years after. Unfortunately, his passport was revoked by the United States government because he visited Cuba and Vietnam; two countries the American government restricted its citizens from visiting at the time. This West Indian played a crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement, during the 1960’s and sadly not much it known about him in West Indian History.

  19. Looking on… why is all of this ill-treating by the Tek guy tolerated by blacks in Barbados, for a job? they can well survive without working for the fool…….oh how i am waiting for the PM and other DLP members to once against try comparing themselves to President Obama who has the balls in a country as racist as the US to stand up as a man and speak out for the world to hear against racism in the US, but these shitheads that form the government of Barbados along with their tag team partners in the BLP, have no balls to stand up and speak out against the ifew diots comprising the minorities, who are not even deemed white in the outside world who are in Barbados who practice racism against blacks……..disgraceful lot.

    Ross…..I agree with what you say but it’s no use allowing the people who practice racism to sit comfortably in their comfort zone and gloat while telling their kids it’s okay to do so, no one will do them anything, condoning the practice and the cycle continues for more generations, then the victims of racism will accept and tolerate the evil practice while their children watch and believe it’s acceptable……just look how uncomfortable i made some of the racists yesterday who believe they can already dictate without any racist/discriminatory laws in place in Barbados, what constitutes racists slurs and in their ignorance believe I should and would accept their stupidity, so you see, it’s time to stop letting them believe the practice of racism is okay, just continue to light fires on their impostor backsides.

    For all who don’t know the origin of the slur/racist term white trash, i advise you to read the book…The History of the Guinnesses…..of guinness stoute fame………… and see the term was used to described all the Irish who immigrated to the US, some settled in Boston and were called white trash, very derogatory and was meant to demean and demoralize them, the ones who were flushed out of England and barbadosed were also deemed white trash under the Eugenics program….please read some history and not just modern day slang interpretation….it’s no use making up interpretations of slurs if you do not know their history

  20. White trash, round eye ,pale face, heathen, haoli etc doesn’t bother me at all. Would I try and get someone fired for referring to me like that …no..They don’t want my business fine they don’t want my help great, they don’t want my friendship so what. This new phenomena where someone says how they feel, or a slip of the tongue and the mob goes into attack mode I find stupid. How long do you think this will go on before there will be a push back.not by racists …but by people who are just tired of being painted that way.

  21. Phil Robertson for instance when there was a push back A and E reinstated him GLAAD be damned

  22. Lawson…….whites are not discriminated against in any way in Barbados, the local whites are nasty and always want their own way while only having the same blacks as their bread and butter, but still pretend otherwise, I wish for one year blacks would stop shop with the minorities on the island and teach them a valuable lesson on who is their bread and butter in Barbados, black people.

    By the way, whites are not discriminated against anywhere including the US, those who like to flap their holes are just plain stupid, but, it’s like a disease so it’s not a good idea to let it spread.

    • The BTA’s response is no surprise, a larve investment up to now, Top Gear is Jeremy Clarkson, the show goes on. We wait to see if all will proceed business as usual. Then we don’t have to wait.

  23. Lawson

    Lawson, it doesn’t matter what you think about the racial epithets some use to describe the man of European extraction. What matters most it how the collective conscience of the white race feels about its historical record of mistreating black people. The noted psychotherapist and Dr. Carl Jung said these words: ” The white man must think about about the manner in which he mistreated the people of colour; in this respect, the white man has a heavy burden to bear.”

  24. a couple of things have crossed my mind, my father fought for peoples rights in the 2nd world war, my grandfather in the 1st they didn’t particularly like the people they fought to help . Are they racists if they are willing to die for these peoples freedom but do not want to associate with them?
    A bunch of people just abducted a bunch of girls to sell or marry, they are not white, slavery is everywhere. historical records will show blacks are also slavers

  25. Lawson……..Only one senator i am aware of by the name of Fraser, that’s why it’s so mind numbing that in 2014, bajan whites practice racism and are allowed to by a black government, black parliament and not one black minister or senator/MP speaks out against the practice, it is very glaring now since the racist countries are fighting the blight that is racism….what disgusts me is the same bajan whites will be no where without the black majority on the island, most of them would be by the side of the road with their begging bowls or have to hot foot it to the US, Canada, England or Australia and work their asses off like everyone else, no more pretending to be superior and showing how racist and stupid they can be……they are invisible in those countries.

    What you say is true regarding realities of the world, but these things are happening without any type of provocation……suppose blacks in Barbados wake up tomorrow and decide they do not want the few minorities in their presence anymore and also decide that they are not pretending to like them anymore, what do you think will happen.

    By the way, that despicable muslim group that kidnapped those little girls in Nigeria should all be hung from the highest trees, these crimes are still very prevalent in Africa and the Middle East also India……personally, i dislike religion, it is also a blight on the earth……..there is this fanatical sicko called Joseph Kony been doing it for years in the countries surrounding the Congo and also inside the Congo, there are still savages in the world, but we are talking about unnecessary racist behavior in the West. Whites also died trying to free blacks from slavery, i am sure they were not many in love with the race, but that did not stop them from showing their human side.

  26. Lawson

    Yes, a bunch of Islamic terrorist abducted three – hundred school girls in Nigeria because their repudiate the Western/ white man style education. Watson, but when a reporter at the White House ask if the US is helping in the search for these girl. The White House spokesman said that the Nigerian government didn’t ask.

  27. Yes dompey those little girls deserved it because they wanted a western education… have hit a new despicable low.

  28. Lawson

    You had forgotten to mention that your grandfather as well as your father fought in very segregated Arms. But my great grandfather fought for others freedom, when he himself had little freedom.

  29. You are the reason that it is very easy to be a racist, you do a disservice to your kind, I am sure your family are very proud of you

  30. Well Well

    Yes of course light fires. Become pyros. I have no problem with that. It’s why I would have marched and would now stick up two bananas to the world but, and this is the point for me, I would not discriminate between the colour of the noses I would stick them up – and not least on the principle that all shit is the SAME colour.

    Now you talk about eugenics. What you refer to in fact is shipping off rogues and vagabonds as defined in the various vagrancy-type statutes post 1600.

    On ‘white trash’ – from everything that’s been said it’s clear the phrase doesn’t have one meaning only; rather it’s an expression, like all our concepts, that’s been used in a variety of contexts and senses. And to that extent, at the least, the discussion has been useful, interesting and informative don’t you think?


    Yours last remark to Lawson was unnecessary and missed the point anyway. As for the “collective conscience” – I’m not sure I know what that entails and how you establish it exists.. It’s a nice phrase and you can see it at work, I suppose, in the UK Race Relations Act. But I suspect that in reality most people are too busy trying to live well, do their incompetent best and pay the mortgage, with a vague hope that ‘everything will be OK’. In short – the Anglican at prayer.

  31. I heard on the evening news on VOB that there is some concern that Bajans may boycott Clarkson’s event. The so called organizers are in contact with the management of the show.

    We all know that if the BLack Bajans boycott the show that up at Bushy Park shall be lily white with the playing white gang and the expat crowd. Clarkson is coming if it is over the dead bodies of our economic masters.

  32. Lemuel

    Find the Welsh hymn ‘Calon Lan’. There it refers to the ‘lily white’ heart in the sense of ‘having a pure heart, an honest heart, a heart that’s true’. The lily is also the flower which is associated with the Blessed Virgin. So be careful (lol)

  33. Robert Ross

    I never said what the economic masters of Barbados shall do is sinister. All I am saying is that the attendance shall be lily white. If there is that purity there then sing some psalms when you are in attendance.

  34. Ross:

    Just as you know exactly what you want to say in the same way I know exactly what I want to say. Do not try to put words of purity in my mouth. There shall be nothing pure about that lily white crowd who shall attend.

  35. Ross
    Perhaps, I overreacted bit with respect to the last comment but you ought know that the issue of racism is an emotional one. In any event, it is funny how some people try to justify the historical injustice committed by others. But I read, lived and understand what the people of African descent have been through in this country. Ross, a few weeks ago a fellow Barbadian told me that he was walking on the streets of New York and when he passed this middle age white woman, she clutched her bag tightly under her arm. The woman had reasoned in her mind that this fellow Barbadian was a criminal based on her sweeping generalization of black people. I can assure that every black man as well as woman had at some point experienced this same thing. This the finally thing I’ll say on the issue of racism: I read sometime ago that the state of North Carolina implemented a law in the 1770’s that prohibited black from entering the state. Ross, have you read Dred Scott vs Stanford as of yet? If you haven’t do so brother.

  36. Well Well | May 5, 2014 at 6:57 PM |

    Lawson……..Only one senator i am aware of by the name of Fraser, that’s why it’s so mind numbing that in 2014, bajan whites practice racism and are allowed to by a black government, black parliament and not one black minister or senator/MP speaks out against the practice.
    It is a simple matter of He who pays the Piper, calls the tune,and we have seen this paraded so blatantly before our eyes.
    The Sanitation Service Department, failed to maintain its fleet of Tractors, preferring to pay COW Williams millions for the rental of their tractors.
    This Government knocked down part of the LLoyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (Sherbourne) to make way for a car park, preferring to pay Bizzie Williams millions in rental fees for offices at the back of Sky Mall, formerly, Julie N, Haggatt Hall. And the list goes on.
    We Barbadians are still in the plantation mode where we shine Massa’s car like the proverbial Bucky dog stones, while allowing our very own car to drop to bits.
    Or cooking the most sumptuous meals at the great, house, while feasting our own family on a quick rustle up of breadfruit and stew potatoes.
    This inferiority complex is imbedded in the minds of many Barbadians of all walks of life from an early age.

  37. Lemuel

    You are NOT getting it and I’m not getting at you. But since you’re being sensitive let me just say that by referring to ‘Lily white’ you’re saying the opposite – in one interpretation – of what you intend. You intend sarcasm by reference to lily-colour. Fine. I was simply saying that you are, despite your intention, putting ‘purity into your own mouth’ if not in thought – all rather like the nuances of ‘white trash’.


    Yes. That was generous. I guess that we all respond to the subject in different ways and yet we’re in the same team. I’m not a big hitter. Hence No 2. Well Well is. Hence No 5. Piece and BT, 3 and 4. You No 1…a stroke player with a sound defence. And that includes beloved Lawson – and that was precisely the point he was making about his forbears (in the same team despite plus or minus reactions) – a No 8 swashbuckling pirate who can also bowl googlies..

  38. Ross

    I think I’ve said more than enough of the issue of racism, so it is only fitting to end on this note: It only when one gets to live for sometime in this country, that he or she understands the true dynamics of relations in America and his or her place as a black person within the wide context of the American society . And as my pastor said last Sunday: ” The KKK no long wear long white sheets anymore …. their wear suits today.”

  39. Lemuel saidl:
    We all know that if the BLack Bajans boycott the show that up at Bushy Park shall be lily white with the playing white gang and the expat crowd. Clarkson is coming if it is over the dead bodies of our economic masters.”

    Lem…..first of all if most to all blacks decide they are not turning up at Bushy Park and are not spending their money with a racist, which is left to be seen……the program will flop why? there are not enough bajan whites or expats on the island to make the show an economic success, they will have to import people for that……again, they need the majority blacks on the island, don’ care how they feel..

    Ross…….I love trees, plants etc, i consider trees superior to people, why? of course they live longer and we need them more than they need us……if we look at plants we see various colors, varieties, etc…..humans are the only a**holes to attach hate to that type of creativity…….

    With regards England and their flushing of their toilets to Barbados, their own kind, those days were horrible, it was Henry the dirtbag, Cromwell the a**wipe and a whole lot of garbage deciding who should live, who should die, who should be exiled etc…..similar to today, but much more brutal, they passed that crap on from generation to generation so that by the time the 16th century rolled around the Scottish, Irish and Welsh descendants did not stand a chance, they were chased out of England for one thing or another, real or imagined…….the usual lowlifes believing they owned the earth, the countries and all the people within.

  40. Colonel said:
    “We Barbadians are still in the plantation mode where we shine Massa’s car like the proverbial Bucky dog stones, while allowing our very own car to drop to bits”

    Tell it like it really is Buggy, the black Ministers of the DLP government and black members of the Opposition are still in slave minded plantation mode and encourage the masses to do likewise, they do not even have the balls, nerves, stomach to stand up publicly and speak out against racism practiced on their own people…their only ambition is to align themselves with and act like they can do no better.

    Dompey……you can take this how you want but when i am in North America or Europe and I see a white male, teenager some white females, i grab my handbag a whole lot tighter…….why? fear of being robbed, this little chinese gal in Chin town Toronto was trying her best to pick pocket me one day, this little hispanic chick was also trying to pickpocket me on 45th and Avenue of the Americas in New York City years ago.

  41. OK err…hmm…..a white was trying to pick my pocket, a Chinese girl, a Hispanic. My point exactly – all shit is brown.

  42. Rober……rest assured that none of the pick pockets wannebe was black…everyone love to exclaim loudly when a black tries to or commits a crime, that i should say one was chinese and one was hispanic is a welcome change in the same color of shit.

    The word racism is misinterpreted in Barbados continually so is the word conservative……..bajans love to justify the racism and shit practiced in Barbados by stating rather loudly that “you know the english had we so now we conservative” whatever the hell that means….lol….now all the idiots who misuse the word can grab have a look at this link and see the true meaning to the world conservative and conservatism as it’s practiced in the US, it would do well for the idiots who call themselves high yellow in Barbados (whatever that is… to read and understand…and whoever believes that clown did not know to whom he was twittering slurs, i got two bridges to sell you in New York, Brooklyn Bridge and the 59th Street Bridge that straddles Queens, i think it was renamed the Ed Koch bridge….lol

  43. BTW Well Well

    I love trees too. They don’t go around judging people. It’s 12.17 here. In one hour let’s go out and hug a tree together. OK?

  44. Ross……you are late, i already hugged a tree, i do so every morning, the feeling in indescribable as you know……now you can advocate for the bajan white racists on the island to start hugging trees since they hate people and stop judging the very people who butter their bread and without whom they would be just another social security number in the metropolis’, they would feel much better about themselves and would not need to display so much hatred.

  45. Ross:

    Sorry I missed that last thread to me.

    Let me be very clear again; you know exactly what you want to say and I have said exactly what I want to say. Do not come ascribing intent to my thoughts, only I can do that.

    You are left to think exactly what you want to think. If you are possessed by the term “white trash” that is your business.

    There is no skin to get under, my friend. That approach shall be lost on me.

    Neither do I suffer fools who are bent on straying from the straight and narrow. That my friend too is time wasting.

  46. Lawson, we knew from the start that the Republicans obstructionist as well as narrow – minded politics, were due primarily to Mr. Obama’s skin colour. Since Mr. Obama election, there has been a litany of racist epithets level at Mr. Obama, as well as members of the black community. The worse I heard thus far, is when this white guy called black folk subhuman.

  47. Well Well

    You know I don’t know any Bajan whites other than very casually and I have no idea whether they’re racist or not. I have no reason to think so. The only Bajan white I know well is my vet and he certainly isn’t. He’s far too busy.

  48. Ross

    I knew a lot of Bajan whites, during my years in Barbados. I know I’ve said this a million times, my mother worked for the: Edgehill, Sergeant and Toppin families, who used to own Toppin Supermarket on Roebuck Street. My mother took me to work with her at the massive home the Toppin’s used owned in Cave hill at the time. Lawson, should know some these white Bajans: Rachel Dean, Barbara Sheloff, Charyl Sergeant who is or used to be a secretary at Brighton Limited and her brother Peter Sergeant who is now dead etc. Ross, the only white I knew in Barbados, used to run the RSPCA in the 1980’s but he was from Scotland..

  49. Remember now Ross, a lot of Bajan White kept their dog and horse shows at District A Mounted paddock in the 1970’s when I was a kid. I thought these Bajan whites were separatist because the adults hardly spoke to my friend I at the time. But their kids were much friendlier, especially this girl Bajan name Rachel Dean. Her father was one of the richest white men in Barbados during 1970’s.

  50. In those days Ross, their dogs and horses eat better than the black Bajans. And that’s no joke…..


  51. boy do i love trees …they come in every shade and color they live in the same environment and seem to get along very my next life( if that be so)…i want to be a tree,

    but ross i tried covring fuh yuh a,ss,,,, i even intentionally tried my best to get yuh to dig yuhself out of the hole that you were burying yuhself in ,,but yuh stiff neck and stubborn attitude,,was having it,,,,,,,, now today i see the wrath of pachma has rained down on you,,,,,,boy ross i hate to say i told u so..devil;s advocate or what ,,,,maybe provocateur

  52. ross ,,they were a family of whites who lived at the top of the street where i once lived,,,but there were from england and own plenty acres of land where they built several houses including a great house for themselves and several houses for other family members, they land was massive ,,,stayed kinda a to themselves except for the occasional pass by on their way to town….i believe they had a couple nuns in the family,,,but listen to this they were situated on private property adjacent to and butt and bounding surrounding areas,,,so the children on their way to school would cut across their property for short cuts,,,,and the story would be that these people had guns and if they see the children on the private property they might shoot…well offcourse they never did,,,now i don;t know what you would make of that story ,,,but knowing how yuh like to stir the pot ,,,,yuh might do plenty stirring,, have fun,,,,

  53. ac

    LOL You really don’t need to worry about me. In fact I wish I had a more worthy opponent than someone whose originality extends no further than a single phrase which, as a child, he repeats over and over as if he’s discovered something really clever..

    You’ll have to watch this “butting and bounding” stuff.

    Your ‘history’ does indeed raise interesting questions – but forgive me if I don’t explore them with you. One day maybe when we’re on the same circuit.

  54. ross if i were you i would avoid using intelluctual snobbery to defused a situation,,,,, as one who profess to be a highly skilled lawyer you have demonstrated that you can be arrogant cockeyed one sided .confuse… and malicious,,,, butting and bounding on every side of an argument,,,,with the uttermost contempt of things real fueled by classism racism and propelled by sick humour,,,,

  55. AC:

    Robert Ross is no skilled lawyer. he is a buffoon that the white people make fun at when he attends their get togethers. He is tolerated and treated like “white trash”; that is why he is so caught up with the term.

    He by extension has incorporated the whites fear of rape by a black man who is well hung into his psyche.

    Pity him; he needs a lot of psychological support. And yes, tell him to take his medication!! Yes, I know you have had psychiatric counselling! I have told that he is working on the thesis that ALL Blacks are racists. Poor Robert!!

  56. Gutless Wimp

    “Tell him to make his medication’

    Gee…that is so well worked it’s pitiful.


    I’m sorry you have that view.

    So far as intellectual snobbery is concerned IF I suffer from it I cannot for a moment think it’s any more virulent than many on here. But with the exception of tweedledum and tweedledee, who turn fiction into fact, I certainly don’t go out to try it on.

    How many on here call you an ‘idiot”? How many do you call ‘idiot”? So if it’s a virus it is shared by many.

    Now in your case, I know that you can be as intrepid in your views as any other. That is self-evident from reading your posts. My own view of you is that you are playing a character part and that you have a legal training. Indeed, I would go as far as saying that you’re a BU stooge put there to iiven things up.

    Now: I don’t know whether your goal is the pursuit of prejudice, intolerance, hate, superstition, lies and all the rest. Mine is the pursuit of truth – which is why I absolutely refuse to toe the BU party line because someone says so. Of course that means I tread on toes – but so what?

    As I said somewhere, probably here, what we say on here goes out to the world. I wonder what the world thinks of us reading people like Pacha and now this Pacaha look-alike. YOU are apparently quite content to let him utter hjs death threat. What does that make you? Well, other than a BU stooge? Any reasonable person would be horrified by the filth that came from his mouth. So far as I can make out two people on here were. But whether one, two or a hundred it makes no matter. His stuff is there for all to see.

    Indeed I noticed that despite your views, uttered often enough on gayness, you did not open your mouth to condemn. So then, you are a hypocrite. But then, as I say, though you sometimes utter your own views, for the most part you’re just there to amuse.

  57. We see Bullen Robert Ross at it again. He is a known defender of institutions that promote the penetration of the anus of young boys and deflower young girts. A registered pervert. A racist who is unceasing in blaming Black people for the racism of his ilk.

  58. Gutless Wimp

    IF I was a racist I would say you are a very poor specimen, black trash, and that IF you are a typical black person (which you’re not) the black race deserved everything you say it suffered. As it is, you’re a one off – a piss-pants who would never actually do anything other than mouth. And the reason is quite simple – you are a coward who has neither the brain nor the brawn,

  59. Bullen Robert Ross is an ardent supporter of the anul rape of boys and the deflowering of pre-puberty girls by institutions. That institution promote agape sex. Agape is when a grown man has ‘sex’ with a male child. He is a devout racist of the Bajan typology.

  60. Pacha:

    You are correct about Ross. He is a bufoon and has the overwhelming desire for people to call him “white trash”. He needs his psychiatric medication.

  61. Took a very close look of a recent photo of Clarkson and he too is looking like a melted candle, no wonder the idiocy coming out of his mouth is hot wax….lol

  62. This blog has been hijacked by the lemuel ross pacha “street fight” but for those of us who prefer to discuss the posted issue……
    Jeremy Clarkson should not participate in the Top Gear Festival in Barbados.

    The BBC should do the right thing and save the clown from himself.

    He might see Minister Sealy and say “hay what’s up my n..word!

    I hope my CanadianBajan friends have been seeing the reports and discussions on TV about racism.


  63. Hants:
    You seem to be throwing gas on this BU fire. I have not hijacked any thing; my thoughts on the post are they for all to see.

    • @Hants

      Like you following the issue very closely. Interesting to note local media continues to aggresively push the festival, nothing much about the Clarkson story. Expected.

  64. what more can be said about clarkson.long term contractual restraints might be impediments in how the situation is handle.the self inflicted damage is done.the black community has in no uncertain terms let their voices it is up to the white establishment those for whom he works to do the right thing releasing him of all contractual obligations regarding this upcoming event..but we that wil never happen as in the face of all it the powerful tool called money trumps race ..color or creed..and if blacks don,t like or accept an apology then too .

  65. David I am following the issue closely.

    I think the festival should be pushed/promoted but Jeremy Clarkson should not be part of it.

    I have a feeling that the majority of Bajans would still welcome him.

    One thing I am sure of is that Bushy Park will be a sea of black faces during the festival. Motor sport fans tend to be fanatical and they all want to see the great one Lewis Hamilton.

  66. @ ac | May 7, 2014 at 1:07 PM |

    What the “FCUK” are you saying here, ac?
    Are you going to be a part of the ac/dc contingent eagerly welcoming the arrival of J C and his Top Gear team?

    Will you be rubbing shoulders with Richard (not Hammond) Sealy and Little Hitler with a possible guest appearance of Fumble the perfect negro to prove who is in charge and who holds the match to the woodpile?

    Why not be a good Christian country and turn the other cheek just for the equivalent of 30 pieces of silver in today’s money denominated in pound sterling (£)?
    Better be careful here. Lewis Hamilton might just be enticed by the Grenadian Government to visit Sandals Grenada (La Source) and say rather strange things about poor little Bim.

    After all, you would not condemn a girl on Bush Hill for ‘doing it’ to feed her hungry children, would you?

    Here is a possible solution to all of this backlash crap which Hants seems to be enjoying.
    Why not entertain Jeremy Clarkson but on the grounds he pays reparations in the form of cleaning up around the statue of your beloved Bussa and the establishment of the “Ba Ba Black Sheep Jeremy Clarkson” charity for the promotion of diversity and respect among Bajan people which will be funded by his personal income from his Top Gear shows for the next two years.

  67. Miller:

    This event is bringing 4,000 British people. Even if Clarkson had cuss Freundel’s mother and father, this event would still be on!!

  68. Miller…..why do you even bother, don’t worry I also ask myself the same would think AC had the clout to tell that idiot Elcock that the BBC did it’s job re Clarkson IN ENGLAND, what kind of balls does the Barbadian authorities have in BARBADOS to tell him he is not needed there…..would it kill the little negroes, borrowing from Miller’s perfect negro…….to take a stand re racism for once in their miserable lives and tell Clarkson, sorry, next time? it would do nothing to hurt their as yet not filed case re reparations and it would not stop the race from surging ahead since people already bought their tickets………wonder if says Clarkson slips, as according to him it is a herculean feat not to, and calls one of them the N word in Bim, now what would the ministers do?…probably smile and still kiss his ass, AC included……sickos.

  69. @Millertheannakui wrote “Here is a possible solution to all of this backlash crap which Hants seems to be enjoying.”


  70. miller this comment was too sweet ac had to re post it with a completion .,,,,,,What ,,more can be said about clarkson.long term contractual restraints might be impediments in how the situation is handle.the self inflicted damage is done.the black community has in no uncertain terms let their voices it is up to the white establishment those for whom he works to do the right thing releasing him of all contractual obligations regarding this upcoming event..but we that would never happen as in the face of all it the powerful tool called money trumps race ..color or creed..and if blacks don,t like or accept an apology then too bad as far as the white establishment is concerned..
    ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Now miller i knew you ar v biting at bthe bit to drag this govt into this debacle,,,,,,however this is not just a black and white issue,,,they are vshades of grey in between calledv MONEY…..unless those who hired him feels that an apology is not enough for clarkson to give to the black community and further action is necessary to show good faith ,then it ain’t a god damn thing that clarkson can do to prevent him from landing on the shores of barbados,,,,,,however having said that ,,theblack community in barbados and any or all whites can join hands with the same goal in mind to boycott the event,,,, that would send a message to the sponsors and his employers that more than an apology is needed but the need for Clarkson to withdraw from the event is being called for out of total respect for the black race …the action coming out of barbados and barbadians is what would remove Clarkson visit on this soil .
    BTW miller listen up mr negroman…..i couldn’t give two flying shits about car racing too uppity and lily white for me,,,,,,,i rather visit a local rumshop and support my black counterparts,,,

  71. @ Ross
    now to you mr .ross,,,i do belive i met u in a past life ….you were a humbug then and you are a humbug now,,,,leave me alone ……get loss.

    • Clarkson and others will have to learn there is a different way they have to use language in the context of how history has treated minorities. NOT Acceptable!

  72. It is unfair to the people who spent their money buying tickets for the car racing to ask them to boycott, it’s more prudent to ask Clarkson to go to another country that is not majority black, since he cannot contain himself.

  73. @ ac | May 7, 2014 at 6:00 PM |
    “BTW miller listen up mr negroman…..i couldn’t give two flying shits about car racing too uppity and lily white for me,,,,,,,i rather visit a local rumshop and support my black counterparts”

    Ac, I am not a “negroman”.
    The word nigger or niggra is a corruption of the word negro from the Spanish (possibly Portuguese) word for ‘black’ and initially used by uncultured illiterate rednecks living south of the Mason/Dixon line.
    Would you find it acceptable if Jeremy had said
    “eeny, meeny, miny moe catch a ‘negro’ by (his) toe”?

    Maybe J C (like his local counterpart Maloney) is merely reflective of his poorer cousins transported as riffraff to ‘colonise’ America and socially rule over the slaves and natives.

    BTW, you should watch the “Top Gear Africa” special and you might just give two flying shits with your uppity blackness except when in the presence of your white masters.
    Now ac who is getting the big contracts under the DLP if not the same uppity coloureds passing for lily whites?
    Certainly not the blacks like you who were promised their 40% share instead of 40 acres and an imported steel donkey!

  74. The word nigger or niggra is a corruption of the word negro from the Spanish (possibly Portuguese) word for ‘black’ and initially used by uncultured illiterate rednecks living south of the Mason/Dixon line.
    And over in Germany ,the German for Negro is “Neger”, pronounced “Nay-gur” , I was well aware of the translation,and paid no attention to it , the few times that I was described as such, but it irritated my British colleagues, who assumed it was the American and Clarkson’s version.
    BTW , Do you realise that the famous movie star and ex Governor, Mr Schwarzennegger’s name when translated into english, means Black negro?

  75. miller how much rum and coke did u consume before yuh posted that comedic response to me……steupse ………..

  76. Colonel………with schwartzastupidnegger anything is possible and he is one useless racist to besides, lol.

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