CARICOM Prepares to Offer Our Sacred Ancestors as Instruments for Imperialism, Again

Submitted by Pachamama
Caricom moving ahead with reparation initiative

Caricom reparation initiative

May you rise on the wings of Ra!

One hundred and seventy six (176) years after the formal emancipation of African slaves in the British colonies and one hundred and forty-nine (149) years after the current Anglo-American empire was able to follow suit, Caribbean elites are again seeking to disrespect our African ancestors by selling out their descendant and sullying their sacred memory. Other White imperial nation have other time lines. The Portuguese, as the initiators of global chattel slavery as a viable business model, had slaving outposts on the west coast of Africa and had developed trading activities along the coastal area long before all others. The involvement of the other nations, which we today see as justice-seeking people, proceeded with no less determination. Countries like Norway and Sweden played significant roles in the global business for the purposeful destruction of African peoples. These are the people who today are confident enough to issue ‘peace prizes’ and otherwise project themselves as advance civilizations as African peoples continue to suffer from their crimes against humanity.

The ‘Jewish’ people gave entrepreneurial ‘leadership’ to the global African enslavement project. Christopher Columbus, himself, was an Italian Jew. When we study the histories of this period, the establishment of synagogues in Barbados and Brazil, the two oldest in the Western hemisphere and a wider number of kinds of evidence, it is still starling how this central truism could be airbrushed from the historiographies. Nobody wants to say why these so-called places of worship were built and the wider purposes they served. And if this is written about, it largely remains out the popular narratives. Indeed, we have had professional historians, not only at the University of the West Indies (UWI), but globally, who have conspired and continue to conspire to avoid this obvious conclusion, that whether it was the Dutch, the Portuguese, the British, the Spanish, the Nordics, the Arab nations, it was the Jews who developed and financially anchored this global holocaust of African peoples as a commercial project.

Even today, the tens of millions of Africans and their descendants in neither Barbados nor Brazil have any deep understanding about the presence of synagogues in their countries. These lies which continue to receive institutional support at the Cave Hill Campus of the UWI by a Karl Watson are part of a global campaign to hide the wide and deep involvement of Jews in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. They hide Jewish involvement in writing a bible with their own hands and then telling the people it is the ‘words of god’. And these two historical events are intimately connected. Without the plagiarism of the Kemetic story there would not have been a Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade or any other religion anywhere on earth. And we will never get the rid of the vestiges of chattel slavery unless we first get the rid of the pernicious, institutional, religious, indoctrination that was a necessary precondition. These are the same people who stole a Kemetic story, for an allegory was all it was in the first place, and the ancient Egyptians themselves knew that is all their story was, but it remains currently misrepresented to us as truth. Money or more Becklesesque mis-education can’t repair this!

This main anchor of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was the thief of the distinctly African Kemetic story about spiritualism and re-presenting it to the same Africans from whom it was stolen, as religion – Judaism-Christianity-Islam. Unless this central truism is recognized and appropriate actions taken to reverse this foundational malady the ten point plan of Caricom for reparations would only succeed in providing resources for the modern institutions in the Caribbean which have always served imperialism, especially when these very organs pretend to be working in our interests or those of our ancestors. They may, at best, give White people cover for their unspeakable crimes. And the destruction of African peoples will continue at the hands of Caribbean elites acting for their masters elsewhere, under this new guise. We speak of Caricom itself, the University of the West Indies (UWI), every single Caribbean government, the churches which continue to this day to sell a gospel specifically developed for the enslavement of Africans. From a bible which is replete, from Genesis to Revelation, was provable lies. Not one word in it is true or ever has been! A book, where absolutely no evidence could be mustered to prove the existence of any of the characters in this diatribe of lies. In fact, there is a mountain of evidence to prove that the bible is a pack of lies and that not a single person mentioned in it ever existed, not one! We can go on writing about the abysmal school systems and so on, as agents for a continuation of the slave project, in today’s world. But unless this Judea-Christian-Islamic acili is removed from the African mind no among of reparations, no amount of ‘education’ and no amount of begging the criminals who committed the most grotesque violations against humanity in more than 140 million years, by the leading pimps in the Caribbean, will work. These are and were crimes against Pachamama herself, for there can never be a distinction between our collective African ancestors and Pachamama, for we are One! So all of these institutions of slavery must be destroyed, as a point of departure. If we are serious about reparations. But CARICOM is not serious, cannot be serious. Theirs is to merely justify the outreach of their begging bowl.

We are particularly dismayed that Hilary Beckles, as an old boy of the British empire (OBE), could have his fingerprints all over this most perverse of projects. We were inclined to the view that he had earlier sold his soul to the masters of a capitalism which points our people back to slavery. It was Beckles who beats his chest about mis-educating our people with a set of dated Euro-centric ideals. How can some one who has made a living fortifying the ideas of the slave master, even when pretending to be interrogating same, now present himself as the mythical Moses? How can such a person now seek to act in the interests of our ancestors? The flippant amongst us may tend to say that this is a dead issue. These apologists for slavery even refuse to recognize that African peoples were enslaved in the West for many more years before ’emancipation’ than have passed since  ’emancipation’. They like to think that these are long passed events. For us, there can never be a difference or distinction between our ancestors and ourselves. There can be no African empowerment, of any kind, when the natural connections to our ancestors remains severed. There can be no reconnection to ourselves when the bible, the Koran, churches, synagogues, mosques remain part of our existence and landscapes.

We are not entirely unsympathetic to the economic forces driving these events. However, we must stand in defense of our ancestors and this defense must to total and our first priority. Without them we are nothing, we will be nothing and remain prey for imperial forces at home or abroad. The ten point plan for reparations as issued by Caricom is no more that the sophisticated selling-out of our ancestors for hush money, by the Caribbean elites. These are the same people who have done this before. These are the same people who have failed to present a self-sustainable development model for the region. The same people who after religiously following their Trans-Atlantic masters for the past 70 years would now seek to en-cash the sacred memory of our ancestors for a bowl of porridge. Caribbean elites are now seeking to build a Holocaust industrial complex not unlike the founders of the global slave business have been doing since World War Two, this time on the bones of our African ancestors.  Our ancestors are under attack from all sides. We must launch the total defense of them, forever! Hotep!

121 thoughts on “CARICOM Prepares to Offer Our Sacred Ancestors as Instruments for Imperialism, Again

  1. Ac
    “Is it not possible that man is equipped with a built in moral code?”

    Question: show me the empirical evidence to validate your claim. Because all you have alluded to is mere metaphysical speculate. And I am sure you have heard the perennial – dictum: “ That an extraordinary claims, requires extraordinary evidence.

  2. @ Bushie
    Yes it is a bad thing and everything associated with it should be remove, forcefully, if necessary. Bushie boy, we can’t buy the nuevo-social justifications you brings. They reminds be of other justifications used by more pernicious people at other times. Humans have existed for hundreds of thousands of years without this imposition. And now we are to believe that this less than 2000 year intervention must be normalized and made permanent. We shall resist, forever.

    But your normally sound intellectual consistency has taken a holiday. Do you really believe that an instrument that has destroyed African people should be again captivating our minds and running rampant on the continent. That is the saddest spectacles in our frequent sojourns.

  3. ‘should again be captivating our minds’

    But it does and will as with everyone else – for good or ill. As I tried to suggest to BT – it’s all about fear and greed and even he acknowledges the latter. I couldn’t give a toss either way – so perhaps we have something in common.

  4. dompey there is np emperical evidence that a god exist. let me put this to you in order to boost the metaphysical. what if there was no bible or any source from which man can turn to in respect to what religious teachings taught us to be our moral guidline you believe that all of mankind would be unable to present our charter a way forward towards that which is moral or be unaware of not knowing the difference between right or wrong

  5. Lemuel | May 2, 2014 at 12:56 PM |


    Sorry, that was not intended for you.

    No sweat ….. you had me going there for a moment … thought I might have gone nuts!!

  6. John | May 2, 2014 at 4:51 PM |

    Lemuel | May 2, 2014 at 12:56 PM |


    Sorry, that was not intended for you.

    No sweat ….. you had me going there for a moment … thought I might have gone nuts!!

    Oh France

    Nuts = Monkeys

    Next thing I will be accused of being racist!!!

  7. @ John
    “….Next thing I will be accused of being racist!!!”
    That would be like accusing Freundel of being slow…. 🙂

  8. @ Pacha
    You accuse Bushie of being illogical, but you need to REALLY check your logic…. 🙂
    Humans may have existed for “hundreds of thousands of years” without the imposition of religion (presumably you have evidence to support this assertion), but you MUST know that the complex social construct that is modern society CANNOT exists without certain fundamental basics being established.
    …among them…
    – there must be some kind of central authority with the power to establish and enforce rules (the Laws of the society)
    – there must be some kind of moral guidelines which guide the definition of “right and wrong” in that society.
    – there must be some kind of common vision of a long-term future.

    In the absence of these basics, only small autonomous tribal groups could exist without constant conflict.
    “Religion” is simply a commonly accepted societal moral guideline.
    The Anglican religion for example was created and configured so that ‘the rules’ would be adjusted to allow a King to access some proper sex….
    The point is that no one should be surprised that religion has evolved into the chaotic nonsense that now exists – or that it was used in propaganda to justify wars, slavery, racism etc….it is simply a tool and a NECESSITY in large human organizations.

    Your call for “everything associated with it to be removed” is therefore illogical…. The result would be a human jungle…..and be VERY much worse even than our current mess.

    What is needed is a proper understanding of what religion IS, and why it is flawed.
    Quite simply, in order for civilizations to succeed, their various ‘religions’ need to reflect the rules and guidelines that have been established by the original designers of our world….BBE.

  9. @ Bush Tea | May 3, 2014 at 7:06 AM |
    “What is needed is a proper understanding of what religion IS, and why it is flawed.
    Quite simply, in order for civilizations to succeed, their various ‘religions’ need to reflect the rules and guidelines that have been established by the original designers of our world….BBE.”

    On the face of it no one can argue sociologically against your reasoning. However, you are suggesting there is no difference for mankind between the worship of Ra, Baal, Ishtar, a river god, Khrisna, Amaterasu, Yahweh, or even the Anunnaki (LOL). If so, I agree with you.

    What you would find rather difficult to get across to the likes of Lemuel and, unfortunately, to Zoe and his religious incarnation of a spectre called “Dompey” is your assertive use of the plural in referring to your “BBE”; unless you are using it in ‘Trinity’ format.

    Bushie, are you saying unequivocally there is more than one supreme God in the Universe, or to be more conceptually feasible, in the Milky Way?
    But then again your use of the plural in referring to your BBE has a very sound biblical foundation; a supporting reference you might be surprised to hear from a ‘theocratic’ solar atheist like Miller.

  10. @ Miller
    YOU are too formidable an opponent yuh….Bushie better retire now too… 🙂
    First of all you misled the audience with….”you are suggesting there is no difference for mankind between the worship of Ra, Baal, Ishtar, a river god, Khrisna, Amaterasu, Yahweh, or even the Anunnaki (LOL). If so, I agree with you.”
    …agree with WHO?!? BUSHIE?!
    No bozie…..

    Bushie said that the sociological necessity called ‘religion’ needs to be built around the laws and guidelines of BBE.
    ….wuh even ac probably got that…. LOL

    Of course BBE is plural….and will soon become EVEN more plural – when this project called “Life on Earth” is finished and some more of BBE’s boys join up…. LOL Ha Ha

    Wuh Boss man….THAT is the whole point of the exercise……
    ….if you were a true Anunnaki you would know that……even though you may not like um….

  11. “Of course BBE is plural….and will soon become EVEN more plural – when this project called “Life on Earth” is finished and some more of BBE’s boys join up…. LOL Ha Ha”

    SMH…there you go again you sexist piece of Bushshite. Why not women and how do you know that your BBE is not a woman foolish Bushman!

  12. @ Islandgal
    …mean it ain’t obvious…?
    BBE -:-
    – not miserable,
    – not irrationally emotional,
    – not illogical,
    – not prone to talking a lotta shiite

    ….what woman what?!?!
    LOL…some things are intuitive Islandgal… 🙂

  13. “- not miserable,
    – not irrationally emotional,
    – not illogical,
    – not prone to talking a lotta shiite”

    Sure sounds like you Bushie. Go and cut yuh bush, that will cool yuh down.

  14. on the face of all of it one can dispute the fact that religion is man made and therefore it would be subjected to many flaws,,some which are shrouded in inconsistencies half truths and controversy,,,,,,,another fact one which is indisputable and bears no controversy is that all humans on arrival on this earth never knew of an existence of a god theory or concept,,,,,,having said that over time that is from birth until we have a better understanding of communication..most of what were have heard or been taugh about a god t has been so done by the a method of indoctrination, and writings of theologians or interrupters of scriptural teachings , which our minds have endorsed and accepted as fact or truth with out substantial proof or fact,,,,,the real truth is that without such teaching ( or) now what can be termed a full blow theory of indoctrination….mankind ability to function would have been about the same ..our ability to differentiate what is right from wrong would have remain intact,,,for as a living species we were given the necessary tools e,g eyes ears mouth a brain all which function as navigators to guide and direct and even to protect as we traveled through this mystery called life,,,,,,

  15. As religions go, I am not keen on monotheism, embodying as it does the fatal idea that God is good, anything else is bad. In monotheistic religions God tends to be male so therefore….female as opposite to male must be bad, viz Adam and Eve. If God is goodness personified, then there must be another force to represent evil, ie the Devil. So now we have a bad guy, to be blamed for anything that goes wrong. By imagining the Devil, he exists. Ancestor worship is quite an intriguing proposal. Respect for elders and the past, admiration for accumulated wisdom, that works for me. Yet see how that turns out! To become an “ancestor” so that your spiritual benefits can be passed on to the next generation requires not only an exemplary life but avoidance of mishaps in your life. Through no fault of your own you might fall from a tree and boom! No longer eligible. Or an animal might attack you. Same, out of the running for ancestorship. I like that there is no difference between the past present and future, all is one continuum, that’s a relaxing idea and one that prompts a consciousness of responsibility in the way one conducts one’s life, always considering respect for ancestors and concern for descendants. Also, rather than thinking forward to annihilation upon death, or hoping for some kind of heaven, there is a comforting sense that your spirit will never die, yet live on in this world – unless you fall from a tree etc. I’m simplifying here but my point is that all religions build up a set of rules, not all of them helpful to society. People have to avoid certain foods, wear certain clothes, avoid sex at certain times and loads more onerous duties which are counter-productive and can even lead to death punishments.
    Though I am not a proponent of the Old Testament for reasons mentioned above, I can’t find much fault with most of the things Jesus (no proof he existed though) was purported to have said. Generally kind, considerate, loved the poor, children, was forgiving to prostitutes, told people not to throw stones, could perform miracles forgave everyone. My only problem is that insistence that he was the son of God. Yet in that time frame, I guess his compatriots had already accepted that concept, God the Father, etc. so he was just generalising. He did state that he was, in fact, God though didn’t he, in a way? Or did his followers spread that idea? We have to look at what Christianity has inflicted upon us though. An enormous sense of guilt, to start with. All children are born in a state of sin? It seems mad yet many other religions believe the same, as in Ancient Greece a child was laid in a small ditch at birth to connect it to the earth and family instead of that weird other world it had come from.
    People try to find ways of explaining their existence upon this earth, they develop an idea about a deity or a host of deities. They then give these deities characteristics. In the meantime they try to create a set of rules to live by and by a chicken and egg leger de main, the deities get to be in charge of the rules. Obviously it works otherwise it would not have been happening throughout human history. Equally obviously, it can go badly wrong and people get burned at the stake, taken up pyramids to be sacrificed, put in prison, stoned to death or even eaten. have their hands chopped off, be blinded or anathamised, be enslaved or get blown up on the way to work. Or just forced to walk around covered in a black shroud all the time, for the rest of their lives.
    All in the name of religion. In the NAME of religion. Luckily today we have a new social construct, democracy, not always perfect, true, but a set of rules though heavily influenced by Christianity, not theocratic. Very unlike its original version from Ancient Greece where only a few were allowed to vote and theocracy played a big part. If you are lucky enough to live in a democratic society, you can vote. Not always a guarantee of fairness, under regimes such as Zimbabwe but generally speaking, it works.
    Hindus in India believe in an amazing set of deities and run their lives on that construct yet they have a democracy, though betrayed by the caste system.
    I say, don’t despair, keep voting!

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