REPARATIONS MADE SIMPLE or almost everybody’s guide to reparations

DAVID COMISSIONG, Chairman, Caribbean Pan-African Network (CPAN)

The campaign to secure “Reparations” for the multiplicity of genocides and crimes that have been committed against the sons and daughters of Africa during the centuries of Slavery and Colonization consists of  an “outwardly directed” process in which we level demands at the liable European and North American Governments and institutions for a comprehensive package of compensatory money payments, developmental programmes, transfers of resources, and national and international institutional reforms , as well as of an “inwardly directed” process that we African or African-descended people must engage in ourselves to repair those aspects of the damage that pertain most directly to our minds and psyches.

And deeply embedded in the concept of and campaign for Reparations are the following twelve fundamental principles :-


The campaign for Reparations sends a message to all and sundry that there will be no impunity for those who commit “crimes against humanity”. Who so ever  commits a “crime against humanity” must know and expect that justice will be demanded of them– even if it takes two hundred years, and even if it is their successors and beneficiaries who are ultimately required to make recompense !


If we Africans or African-descendants fail to demand that the present-day representatives and beneficiaries of those  institutions and nations that committed the most horrible crimes imaginable against our ancestors be held accountable and made to pay restitution, we would be implicitly sending a message to ourselves and to the world at large that we do not consider our ancestors (or ourselves) to be sacred beings invested with inalienable rights and deserving of respect and justice! And so, the very act of demanding Reparations constitutes a validation by us of our own precious humanity, and is a critical component of the process that we must engage in as individuals and as a collective of repairing ourselves!


The Reparations Campaign must be built upon a foundation of knowledge about who we African or African-descended people were before the criminal European impositions of slavery and colonialism — knowledge of the achievements and glories of our pre-slavery, pre-colonial African civilization; knowledge of the history of European orchestrated enslavement and its destructive effects on the civilization of Africa; and knowledge of the extent to which the present-day materially imposing Western industrial societies constitute agglomerations of wealth stolen from the sons and daughters of Africa over the centuries.


Of course, the point must also be made that the racist oppression of black or African people did not end with the formal abolition of slavery! Indeed, after the abolition of slavery in the 19th century our historical oppressors deliberately entrapped our ancestors in economic, political and social arrangements that were designed to handicap them and to serve the interests of the former enslavers– arrangements that have persisted (in modified form) down to the present day. The struggle for Reparations must therefore be– among other things– a struggle to expose and put an end to such arrangements and to complete the Emancipation process!


The demand for compensation from the present-day representatives of those who inflicted horrendous crimes on our ancestors and who damaged and disabled succeeding generations must consist of a demand for the transfer of material resources in an amount proportionate to the enormity of the crimes and their deleterious effects—resources to enable present-day African and African-descendant populations to counter the economic and social imbalances derived from those centuries of criminality.


The campaign for Reparations or for Reparative Justice must be designed to produce the “just society”, in that the demand for Reparations must be formulated as a demand for a fundamental transformation of the currently existing inequitable and exploitative economic and power relations that exist in the international arena and in many of our domestic societies. This principle has implications not only for the restructuring of such international entities and phenomena as the United Nations Security Council, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the terms of international trade and finance, but also for the manner in which our domestic African and Caribbean societies and Governments function. Implicit in the demand of our Caribbean and African Governments for Reparations must be a commitment to themselves deliver justice to their own people! And this is a commitment that the masses of African and Caribbean people must be prepared – through dynamic activism and advocacy– to hold our Governments to!


An integral strategy of the contemporary Reparations Movement is to present the demand for the payment of compensation (in financial and material resources as well as in developmental programmes) to the present-day representatives and beneficiaries of the evil system of slave trade and slavery and to invite their collaboration in addressing the tragic effects of this monumental historical crime. But even while adopting this approach, we Africans and African-descendants make it absolutely clear to all and sundry that even though we value the concept of collaboration, that the strategies and tasks to be implemented for our psychological repair and for our economic and social empowerment are our own responsibility and will be conceptualized, directed and controlled by us!


A critical component of the campaign for Reparations is the African’s and African-descendant’s own inwardly directed struggle for psychological, cultural and spiritual self-repair. Thus, African or Afro-descendant members of the Reparations Movement and their governments must be committed – as individuals and as collectives – to seek to identify all of the ways in which we have been and continue to be negatively affected by false notions of white supremacy and black inferiority, and to rigorously attack them and eradicate the negative effects that impact on our individual and collective psyches!


The effort to “prosecute” and hold accountable the present-day representatives and beneficiaries of the historical oppressors of the African and African-descendant people will require the widespread participation of Africans and African-descendants: and the attainment of such widespread popular participation will, in turn, be dependent on the inwardly directed struggle for self-repair and its capacity to persuade a critical mass of the African population to re-evaluate themselves and their history; to perceive the gravity of the injustice; to feel the tragic historical loss they have suffered; and to be sufficiently motivated to get involved or otherwise support the campaign for Reparations. The Reparations Movement and the African and Caribbean governments that lead it must therefore engage in a comprehensive mass education outreach programme to the community that is designed not only to educate about the relevant history, but to also help as many of our people as possible to emotionally connect with that history and the tragic loss and injustice suffered.


The campaign for Reparations must be designed, on the one hand, to bring on board with us all of our natural allies in Africa and the Diaspora, Latin America and Asia and to enlist the tremendous weight of world opinion on our side, and, on the other hand, to isolate and publicly hold up to international embarrassment and critique all those entities that perversely and unreasonably seek to deny and resist the manifest justice and righteousness of our claim to Reparations. This will call for a concerted effort in the field of international diplomacy by the Ambassadors, Embassies and foreign Missions of the nations of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the African Union (AU). It will also require consistent effort at the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the Commonwealth and in other relevant international organizations.


The masses of our African and African-descendant populations must be intimately involved in the campaign for Reparations: they must be permitted enough time and opportunity to thoroughly discuss and understand the issue; their right to have the final and decisive say on the concrete details of the Reparations claim must be respected; and they must have a say – through representatives specifically selected by them – as to how the compensatory resources are utilized. Furthermore, at a national level– within our many nation states–the Reparations Movement should systematically appeal to and challenge all of the relevant local and national organizations to put support for Reparations on their agenda and to include it in their programmes and Manifestos – political parties, trade unions, youth organizations, churches, women’s organizations, educational institutions, local government administrations, and the list goes on.


The successful pursuit of Reparations will require the establishment of a world-wide network of community, regional, national and international organizations. Indeed, at the grassroots level, the community based Reparations organization must be linked into a national network, while at the level of our African and Caribbean governments we should establish a trans-Atlantic international network that is preparing and engaging in legal, diplomatic and political strategies at the international level to achieve Reparations. The African and African-descendants Reparations Claim (s) will either be consensually negotiated between mutually respectful State parties gathered around an international negotiating table, or it will have to be litigated in a series of international law cases brought against the Governments of the liable nations.


The time has come for the African and African descendant people of the world and their Governments to finally present their Reparations Bill to the current day successor Governments of those national Governments of Europe and North America that organized, facilitated, legitimized, financed, and benefited from the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the associated system of racialized Chattel Slavery — the governments of Britain, Spain, France, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the United States of America (a former colony that perpetuated the enslavement of African people for nearly one hundred years after attaining its independence).

Onwards to the achievement of Reparations in this United Nations International Decade For People of African Descent!

287 thoughts on “REPARATIONS MADE SIMPLE or almost everybody’s guide to reparations

  1. MB

    I have always said…..mans inhumanity to his fellow man knows no boundaries,neither colour,class,religion,creed,size or gender.

    Their is only one race the human race out of which many tribes with the same basic genetic construct.

    The foolishness starts by trying to differentiate people according to colour as opposed to tribes……made even worse by simplistically believing that one colour is better than another…..this is held by many on both sides of this power play mainly between Northern European tribes and West African tribes.

    As a Pelau,I am interested in developing this part of the world and against the odds making it the best ever……let those who wish to join Dom Quixote feel free to enjoy their windmills……I will not be joining them.

  2. Yall are such frauds, neither UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand nor all the countries that practice wholesale racism can be found in Western Europe or West Africa…..

    Western Europe has always been racist.

    Ya think ya fooling somebody, everyone is now on the look out for white thieves and the house negros who enable and help them.

  3. Chuckle…..I know I should ignore those who lack comprehension skills and that I should really feel sorry for their natural ignorance and not laugh at their inability/disability…….but ah cant help but laugh at their puerile bovine excrement placed on offer here……as GP is want to describe it…..LOLOLOL

  4. WW pardon the pun but your people would still be living in the dark ages if it wasnst for white people dragging you along. Being the inventors of the four sided wheel is not enough in this day and age nobody is going to hand you something for free. So get that bony ass out there push your kids to succeed on their own and quit telling them if they fail its okay its the white mans fault.

  5. Vincent is an Ass Ho
    In days of segregation and apartheid
    European Only and Non-European Only Signs
    would stick his light black ass in same group as black

  6. Lawson…my kids are nearly as old as me….20 plus year gaps and 30 plus year gaps, they got children of their own., successful businesses and careers, ..i dont need to push anyone anywhere.

    it s killing yall ya feel so helpless…look at yall detractors, ya should be ashamed to have to invent lies…that will change nothing…it is what it is, accept and move on….after all the time ya spent on here wishing and wanting and hoping, all for nothing, it must be painful.

    good…hope it hurts real bad and for decades to come…lol

  7. WW,
    I have clearly stated that I would welcome a new Hospital in Bim. But you still cant comprehend that all Europeans are not the same, nor all Whites–so makes no sense to catagorise as such.

  8. MoneyB…you cant welcome anything in Bim, ya dont live there and its not your decision to make….and you cannot make decisions for a world court either…you still dont get that is an established system is the defendant…just let it play out..

    who cares about who is good or pretending to be or bad, its the facts that matter.

  9. All Europeans are the same!

    Them a Vampire

    A them a Bloodsucker

    A them a massacre


    Go wey Vampire

    Go wey Bloodsucker

    Stop your massacre


  10. Hmmmm……an interesting perspective…..

    December 22, 2015 by MansTruth
    Mr. Chang Addresses the concerns of Black people

    A leader of one of Asia’s leading peoples in an interview addresses the current condition of black people, and why “blacks” are in their current position, and continue to hold the status they’ve held onto for years.

    Asian Interviewer: “Can you address their concerns Mr.Chang?”

    MR. CHANG: “The concerns of Black people? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of White Supremacy. We Asian people look back at our long history of conflict with the European. We observe their strategies and develop our own, in response and in kind. There is no need for loud mass movements on our part, because we intend to overtake them in time, through action and personal sacrifice”.

    Asian INTERVIEWER: “And the Black man?”

    MR. CHANG: “He does not count into our situation. He is simply here. We do not hate the Black man. We just love the Asian man most. Real love–not cliche. We want to see Asian man happy, so we employ him. We eat together. We spend time with each other. We want his kids to be educated, so we invest in our own schools that offer our children the technical abilities to change the world’s power structure in our favor. We want to see the Asian man safe, so we purchase and organize our own communities. We want him to remain Asian, so we reduce the outside influence of others ideologies and cultures. While he fought to sniff behind the White man, the Black man has had the opportunity and every right in the world to do the same, but he chooses to indict people like me for not hiring him over my own brothers. For me to do this would be foolish and that would not be Asian love. In contrast, the Black man will fight for the right to be up under everyone else other than other Black people who he should feel the most love for. If our indifference to their situation make us racist, then what would you call the Black man’s indifference to his own situation?”


  11. Learn

    History is not no mystery

    Look how the heathen thief we

    History is not a mystery

    Look what the heathen teach we

    Them teach we ’bout Christopher Columbus

    and Sir Francis Drake

    them teach us ’bout John Hawkins

    but them make a mistake

    for them people were pirates

    great robbers of gold

    them people were pirates

    they stole our silver and gold

  12. “We want him to remain Asian, so we reduce the outside influence of others ideologies and cultures.”.

    And that is what escapes the Black man each and everytime, stick with your own culture, your African culture, stop sniffing behind the european bullshit, it’s destructive to Black people…look after your own Black child, bBack woman and Black man, build your own Black communities…in your country….

    ..keep white people and they fcked up white culture out of black lives and black business….stop allowing them to steal from you and your people

    If the Asians can do it, so could Blacks, what the hell is so hard about that, I understand the Asians and their heritage that they should be themselves.

  13. And that is what escapes the Black man each and everytime, stick with your own culture, your African culture, stop sniffing behind the european bullshit, it’s destructive to Black people…look after your own Black child, BLACK woman and Black man, build your own Black communities…in your country….

  14. WW are you agreeing with the klan, that sounds like what they have been advocating since the democrats started it
    I can understand your logic if you had your first child at 20 when they are 10 you are 30 and 2/3 older when they are 20 you are 40 and 1/2 older when they are 40 you are 60 and only 1/3 older having watched your posts for a while now and the forethought behind them I can see why you are saying they are almost as old as you but trust this old white man they will never catch up.

  15. Lol…..seems like they are trying hard to catch up and the grands are trying even harder to catch up to them…lol

  16. Dont mix things up Lawson….keeping ones culture does not mean you are segregating or separating from other groups of people…only white people do that..

    … are keeping your culture intact for your future generations and not adopting some crazy destructive culture from a bunch of savages. ….read what Vincent posted.

    …..there is nothing wrong with keeping your culture, it s not being racist or segregationist and you are not forcing your culture on any other groups of people….like whites love forcing their stupidity on Blacks and native indians.

  17. When you look at Earnest Cole’s photography of Apartheid South Africa and Jim Crow USA, or Gordon Parks and others works in Civil Rights fights, you don’t see inferior black people, you see oppressed poor people in our lifetime. Concessions for equal rights and justice are never given, they are fought for, tooth and nail.

    When you listen to Money and Vincent yakking you think what a pair of cunts

    • 555,
      A cunt is a very sweeet ting.

      555 you dont deserve any $$$$$$$$ in your pocket or anywhere else due to slavery as you were never a slave and have had plenty of opportunity. Your ancestors do deserve much BUT they are very unlikely to appear for collection or enjoyment of.

      I feel very comfortable just treating you as an equal, nothing more nothing less. Just note you will not be enjoying this cunt!

  18. Reparations is to end the legacy of white supremacy racism and inequality which you are a beneficiary of.

    White race have to admit they were evil and were never superior.

    Mindset of not wanting to pay reparations is the same mindset as condoning slavery, apartheid, segregation, racism, inequality.

  19. MB

    … you were never a slave……

    Thats the most annoying part for me of these reparationists….a bunch of sweetskin buckies,like vultures picking the bones of the blood,sweat and tears of their ancestors.

  20. Evil Humans live amongst us in every form of Race, Shade, Religion, size, gender—any category extant.

    White race does not have to admit anything as ALL whites did not get to vote on whether to have slavery or not and besides they are all dead.

    I have clearly stated that I would welcome a new Hospital in Bim. But you still cant comprehend that all Europeans are not the same, nor all Whites–so makes no sense to catagorise as such.

    Mindset—I have clearly stated to pay directly to the slaves when THEY come to collect.

    555, Reparations is to end the legacy of white supremacy racism and inequality which you are a beneficiary of.—so U feel unequal????????????? Gents who went to school with me in Bdos had every opportunity to succeed and my father was paying in the top 2% of Income Tax payers that helped educate all of us equally. No teacher nor Cambridge Uni Exams ever gave me a higher grade because my father was in the top Tax bracket. My classmate whose father sold oranges in the Bus stand and paid NO Taxes became a highly qualified scholar and Lawyer. He owns 9 houses now should he give me one because my Dad’s Tax payments provided for his education?

  21. “a bunch of sweetskin buckies,like vultures picking the bones of the blood,sweat and tears of their ancestors.”

    People calling for reparatory justice should not be attacked by racist whites or sellout blacks like you. Crimes of Slavery Racism Segregation Apartheid were biggest crimes to mankind.

    As racist whites comitted their crimes out of greed for money and building up assets stealing resources and people then there is a direct link to monetary compensation.

    Reparations is same as holding mass rapists to account.

  22. Slavery, Global White Supremacy and Institutional Racism were practised at National levels by Royalty and Heads of State.

    Colonialism and Slavery paid for British Empire and its Commonwealth and Americas vast wealth.

    Whites like Money are happy to be treated better than Blacks because of his European Blood and Pasty Face.

    • 555,
      Whites like MB demand to be treated fairly and therefore not to be charged or judged for crimes they did NOT commit.

      When I receive payments for my ancestors being ill treated by the Royal Whites I will gladly endorse said monies to you.

  23. You seem to think you are being charged

    If you were a fair minded white and not a paranoid white you would be standing up for reparatory justice for blacks who are victims of slavery living on a slave island like Barbados or slave colonies of USA

    Only reason blacks are in Barbados was to produce sugar, as property of whites their purpose in life was to serve whites

    • 555,
      Your understanding of history is very limited.
      Do you appreciate that Irish and Scottish people were sent to Bdos as POWs, prisoners of war. Others were sentenced for insurrection against brutal oppression as some of my ancestors in the Monmouth Rebellion.None of these types owned anybody. The slave owners were less than 10% of the population therefore why should I pay for their sins? African leaders who SOLD black people are far more liable than I ever could be! Beside I have never ill treated the poorest black person, who conducted the most menial jobs and I believe in fairness and equality for all.

  24. You are a waste of time to talk to. Who cares what you think or say.
    You are with the reparations cause or you are a nobody
    a busy fool who boasts about his wealth
    and don’t know self praise is no recommendation

  25. @MB
    nobody is saying YOU have to pay anybody for anything.
    Either you appreciate slavery was a crime against humanity or you don’t.
    At some point, an august international body will get to decide on reparations, or it will be negotiated.
    I would expect that all potential factors would be presented and discussed at such a time.
    If you believe your ancestors were treated criminally, then seek remedies.

    Precisely what tax bracket our ancestors were in, seems somewhat irrelevant? Under progressive income tax, those who earn more, pay more tax. If they were not earning more, they would not be paying more.

    • Northy,
      Naturally, I believe that slavery was a very evil institution. However, it was practiced by a small fraction of elite players and should not to be associated with All White people only, as some people try very hard to position in people’s minds. The concept is to HATE WHITEY. In today’s world I should not be saying anything as if Antifa finds out those enforcers will be over to my house or office to beat me up! Please note that on BU there are those who vent Racist rhetoric continuously and therefore someone should present the other side of the reality and restore some semblance of equilibrium.

      Historically, most people were treated poorly by those in power ( Irish were abused by the English)_ so in my opinion while we should be cognizant of this it makes more sense to solve today’s problems eg in the US the bottom quarter of the income stream are poorly served in terms of Education / Health Care etc there is no excuse for that so it must be changed immediately that is where our energy / money should be spent. We all could waste gargantuan amounts of time / money on Reparations and end up not solving anything. If all historical abuses were adequately addressed then the UK et al would have no money. Hence, it would be better for them to resist all, even to the point of war.

      It is better to identify and solve today’s problems.

  26. Hmmm…….The basis of the American dream??…….Why not the Caribbean???

    7 hrs ·

    White Supremacy and Class

    Part of the Christian colonizers’ outlook was a belief in white supremacy. As an 1878 US Protestant evangelical hymn suggests “Are your garments spotless? I Are they white as snow? I Are they washed in the blood of the lamb?”-whiteness as an ideology involves much more than skin color, although skin color has been and continues to be a key component of racism in the United States. White supremacy can be traced to the colonizing ventures of the Chris…
    Continue reading

  27. “Naturally, I believe that slavery was a very evil institution. However, it was practiced by a small fraction of elite players and should not to be associated with All White people only, as some people try very hard to position in people’s minds. The concept is to HATE WHITEY. ”

    Slavery economy funded Industrial Revolution
    Boosting Plantation Agricultural Commodities like Cotton Tobacco Sugar Rice
    Banking Shipping Manufacturing Industries

    Slaves were property and were traded in many transactions and were used as assets to purchase and secure loans land by banks and financial houses

    Slaves were used to pay outstanding debts

    When calculating value of estates estimated value of each slave was included
    This became the source of tax revenue for local and state governments.
    Taxes were also levied on slave transactions. (three fifths principle)

    Slaves were hired out to work as
    domestics butlers, waiters, maids, seamstresses, launderers.
    carriage drivers, hostlers, stable boys.
    carpenters, stonemasons, blacksmiths, millers, coopers, spinners, and weavers

    Slavery touched on all parts of economic and political life

    • 555,
      I fully appreciate these facts. However, since I was born in 1956, Barbados has been Independent and manged by the majority racial group. These politicians in the 1960s-1980s set a firm foundation in Education , Healthcare etc, the most recent bunch have not managed but Damaged. Everyone had an equal opportunity to become successful and those who set high objectives and followed through have succeeded.
      What every Govt should be trying to accomplish is raising the standard of living for everyone by creating a great atmosphere for entrepreneurial activity by reasonable Taxation, only essential Regulations that are not burdensome ie unleash innovation, encourage clever / hard work.
      NO one in this era deserves cash for something that took place 184 years ago for the simple reason that today’s people did not suffer through that period. Are you to be placed on Death Row because your family member committed murder in 1803?

  28. Slavery and the wealth generated gave birth to Capitalism where blacks were denied rights and pay and was replaced with an identical system where exploited blacks worked in identical slavery. As a beneficiary of white privilege you are either blinded in ignorance or deliberately misleading with your nonsense analysis. Blacks are still discriminated against in Trump era and you always show white bias in everything you say.

    • 555,
      You like to come aggressively to this blog,therefore I am forced to defend aggressively. What would be the point of my writing here if I agreed and conceded to everything you, WW et al write?
      Coming on here is for debate and enjoying being with Bajan people. There are several people that come on here that are very strong thinkers, that are very interesting to read and consider.

      The critical point is that Blacks were NOT the only group exploited. If you built a hotel for me today for $10mn and then 3 yrs later I sell it for $20mn you are not entitled to a penny more unless that is specifically contracted or you were paid in shares.

      Many peoples were exploited over history, including Africans enslaving over 1.25mn Europeans, Chinese over Vietnamese for 1000 years, English Elites over Commoners etc etc.

      555, your arguments are not perfect by any means. I know that you only like people that communicate how terrible the situation WAS. Living in this world has never been easy!

      We have a personal responsibility to develop ourselves and succeed.

  29. Preliminary part of Reparations claims or case is :-
    fact finding truth mission
    determining criminal and moral arguments against responsible parties and countries
    decision whether reparations are due

    Secondary part of Reparations case :-
    determination of financial compensation
    remedying fake historical accounts and setting up knowledge databases for future generations
    planning of investing and reimbursing compensations

    Your nonsense witterings are bog standard white trash alt-right nonsense and as insightful as hanging out with a lying parasitical toe rag

  30. *However, as the Reparations case is for Justice of Africans against Racist White Supremacy Countries throughout over 400 years of oppression which still manifests today as it’s legacy

    the case has to be conducted with effortless flow like a fountain of righteousness washing over the sins of nations

  31. MB

    How long will it take you to understand that you are discussing the slave and post slavery issue with persons not of the Caribbean experience.

    The Pelaus of the Caribbean were given control of their destiny over 50 years ago and in the case of Bim they also received by colonial grant the QEH hospital.

    My last post shows that the primarily Northern European tribes that control the USA(with or without the help of the Rotschilds) have no intention of ceding control of that land mass that vi et armis they conquered committing genocide,fratricide,murder,rape,etc,after which they then used slavery,forced labour and presently cheap labour.

    The Afro-American has had to bear the brunt of that hostility and brutality to this day,which is why I empathise with the postings of Afro-Americans and diasporic individuals but cannot agree with their efforts to draw us into their world.

  32. Africans taken to America by Brits were taken via Slave Port of Barbados

    the only difference between Bajan Africans and American Africans is Americans Africans were worth more money and were less servile

    Bajan Africans were held on a slave island and couldn’t get very far if they escaped

    UK gave a worthless piece of land away knowing that sugar was not a money maker

    Only stupid Bajans forget they are Africans

  33. A number of American slave progeny have decided that they are Afro-Americans a appellation that is neither fish,fowl or good red herring and have a need for equity and love from the progeny of their former masters.

    America was founded on blood for the possession of it by its present owners.

    The slaves that ended up in the USA were socialised with blood by their masters.

    Bim was not founded on blood and the colonialists left when they no longer could afford it,leaving it for the Pelaus to paddle their own canoe for more than 50 years.

    We are not involved in your fight though empathising with it.

    • 555 wrote,
      Your nonsense witterings are bog standard white trash alt-right nonsense and as insightful as hanging out with a lying parasitical toe rag.

      Dont worry be happy!

      You are tormented and demented reliving the life of your ancestors that you have chosen for yourself. I will not be reliving my ancestors lives, it is 2017.

      I watched Prof Henry Louis Gates the Black Historian of Harvard fame regarding the ancestors of some Bl celebs recently and a couple discovered by DNA and his research that they are 43% White. She was surprised and now does not know which half of herself to hate!
      It is indeed sad.

  34. Come Home To Zion High

    How could you say that this is my country
    When days are nothing like our future plan

  35. @ Vincent Haynes October 26, 2017 at 5:05 PM

    Your view about the blood-stained ‘ownership of America is supported by facts and modern-day realities. We shall see if the prophecies of the Hopi people will come true.

    However, your argument needs to go further to explain South Africa’s experiences with the white supremacy doctrine of apartheid, unequally separate but apart except for the visibly large presence of the ‘coloureds’.

    We will leave the Australasia’s event for another time as it only reinforces the Darwinian concept of the survival of the fittest; applicable to all , whether flora or fauna.

    Who is the next top dog in this conquering game? The more technologically adaptable Chinese or the more fecund Indians?

    • God help those conquered by the Chinese or Indians, they have no conscience like many White people these days who are not at all proud of the historical relationship of their ancestors to others.

      Remember how kind the Japanese were in WW2?

  36. Miller

    I am betting on the Chinese……their turn has come again.

    South Africa… interesting case post apartheid as we see the Zuma’s&Gupta’s head the rape the country list without any crumbs going to the masses.

    We saw in the works of Garvey that there really is no difference between white&black supremacists,as a matter of fact their is no difference between the European and African tribes as they are totally interchangeable with their thinking.

  37. Why people so fuc

    Money crying about whites being stereotyped typically stereotypes Indians and Chinese like whites do.

    Indians + Chinese = Half World’s population

    If Vincent is an example of the bajan mindset
    then bajans are petty bitches criticising and whinging

  38. Dub

    The only one winhgeing and whineing on here is you. You should take off those rose lenses and join the real world which has nothing to do with your lyrics and biased thinking.

  39. Possible ancestor tribe of Bimmers…….

    The Mandinka

    The Mandinka are part of the larger Mande group in West Africa. Speakers of Mandinka and the closely related Maninka claim descent from groups that were once a part of the Mali Empire. Their languages are two of the four mutually intelligible forms of the larger Mande group, which consists of 46 separate languages in all. Because they are understood by speakers of other Mande languages, Mandinka and Maninka have long been used as the lingua franca of trade and commerce across much of West Africa.

  40. Age of the Mystic

    Mystic Revolution

    In this dispensation
    The Children shall lead the elder ones
    In this age of Mystic Evolution
    We are going to a Spiritual Revolution

    To know the answer
    before the question is asked

    To know the future
    before you know the past

    To know the first
    and to know the last

    To make the bridge
    after you have crossed

    It’s a Mystic Mystic
    Age of Evolution

    A Spiritual Spiritual
    Spiritual Revolution

    In this dispensation
    we master telepathic communication
    to know ones thoughts and meditation
    has become a simple manifestation

    We are in the age of
    age of a Mystic Evolution

    We know the truth

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