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Altruistic China?

The following article is reproduced from the Canadian press at the request of Money Brain. Is China as altruistic as some would have us believe? Across the globe, especially in the great motherland Africa, there are horror stories being recorded about this new marauding. What insights are there to be learned by impoverished states of the Caribbean? Besides fueling our

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A Nobel Peace Prize for Caricom

The 30th Inter-sessional CARICOM Heads of Government Conference ended in St. Kitts last Wednesday – the 27thof February 2019 – with the staging of a Press Conference. And guess what was the very first question posed to the head table comprising Prime Minister Timothy Harris, CARICOM Secretary General Irwin La Roche, and Jamaican Foreign Minister Kamina Johnson Smith by the

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Lead, CARICOM, Lead!

  The following article submitted by Ambassador to CARICOM David Comisiong If one compares the work effort of Ambassador Comissiong to his predecessors Denis Kelman and Bobby Morris one must give Comissiong higher markes – David, Blogmaster Read Ambassador Comissiong artcile which was published elsewhere. Lead, CARICOM, Lead!

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Juan Guaidó, Venezuela AND Caricom

Several countries including the USA and and Canada have recently supported the claim of Juan Guaido as the president of Venezuela. We already know who Russia backs, do we have another Syria in the making only this time within the Caribbean region? Who Is Juan Guaidó? Venezuela’s Young Opposition Leader   By Ana Vanessa Herrero and Nicholas Casey   Jan.

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Errol Barrow — Architect of a Collective CARICOM Foreign Policy

This coming Monday, the 21st of January 2019, is the 99th anniversary of the birth of Barbadian national hero Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, and will be celebrated in Barbados as “Errol Barrow  Day” – a national public holiday. In light of the recent happenings in the Organization of American States (OAS) when, on having to deal with a Resolution

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