Golliwog Type Dolls on Sale

Submitted by Cassy
Golliwog doll

Golliwog doll

It was Easter Holiday so I took the opportunity to take my children around Barbados, not only cultural events and historical places but also to listen to some political views of the Caribbean people.

It was at the Barbados museum bookshop while buying some books that one of my children asked me if it was still legal to sell golliwog type dolls. My reply was that it was in Barbados because clearly those type of dolls are right there for sale next to the books on Slavery and the effects of the slave trade.

A week later and my children are still upset that those dolls are for sale with  ” Barbados” printed on the front.

The sales lady too said that it upsets her to sell them but the white tourist love to buy them so in that case the dolls bring in money.

Anywhere else and there would have been an outcry!

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    • @Vincent

      What about those who don’t have your capacity?

      And what about the public morality obligation of society to protect them?

  1. David….looking after the disenfranchised,dispossesed and the poor,irrespective of melanin content is what civil society has been doing for eons,with from time to time some help from government.

  2. Vincent

    Racism exist because those on the opposite spectrum perpetuates it and it has real and concrete consequences for those on the receiving end. Why do think Affirmative Action was instituted in the first place? Well, let me inform your thinking: it was implemented to addressed the racial as well as the gender disparities in work place, brought about by institutional racism.

    • @Vincent

      Good, we agree on something, there is hope.

      Now tell President Obama, a Black president, to tell the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers to kiss his Black ass so that a clear message is sent to White bigots who make money from the sweat of mainly Black players where the country stand and what will be tolerated. An eery similarity here.

  3. Vincent
    Racism is NOT about people talking shiite-talk like “golliwog or nigga or honky”… Racism is the culture of using state powers to unfairly enforce racial bias…
    How does one “pay that no mind…?” …..except of course for us Bajan BBs, who by “paying it no mind” allows the unique situation where the majority (holders of political power) operate and endorse a default racist system that is biased against them, and towards the minority…..

    It is therefore a double slap in the face when such a minority, in addition to enjoying the spoils of this default racism, would promote such symbols as the golliwog doll…..and worse, when the victims can “see nothing wrong with this…”
    Obviously the golliwog proponents have come to the conclusion that we are such brass bowls that we don’t even know when we are being pissed on…

    There is none so blind as he who would not see…

  4. Vincent

    Racism is allowed to flourish because those on opposite spectrum, have the power and economic means, to deny those on the receiving end. So it is time to push this economic empowerment agenda, if we hope to undermine the racist agenda.

  5. Bush Tea | April 26, 2014 at 7:53 PM |

    Racism is NOT about people talking shiite-talk like “golliwog or nigga or honky”… Racism is the culture of using state powers to unfairly enforce racial bias…
    How does one “pay that no mind…?” …..except of course for us Bajan BBs, who by “paying it no mind” allows the unique situation where the majority (holders of political power) operate and endorse a default racist system that is biased against them, and towards the minority…..


    Is that happening here,if so how,where and why???

  6. Dompey….Chuckle…..you will note that I have avoided you and the reason is simple it takes a highly intelligent human being to play the part of an idiot/fool….Have fun.

  7. Vincent

    You’re speaking to someone who has lived, read and understands the dynamics of racism. I have lived in America prior to the Profiling- Laws brother. This is where the racist police use the (Law) to keep the negro in his place. This is how the power aspect of racism is expressed in America.

  8. @ Well well,

    That you have come to this surprises me and hurts me ….you MUST HAVE contrived that article in an attempt to discredit the mighty Amurica

    Things like that do not happen in this forward thinking, advanced society not according to what i have been seeing by post by my new comrade who graciously likened me to Nietzsche recently.

    There is a law against falsifying websites like how the Nation Newspaper falsified the polls and results prior to the 2008 elections

    You must take it back immediately or i will beg David[BU] to ban you for compiling spurious information regarding the peace loving (war mongering against smaller sovereign countries) fair playing (teifing other peoples technologies, downing plane and blanketing transponder signals) democracy supporting ( purveyors of coups and sanctioned assassinations) United States of America – Bless all 52 stars and stripes

    I going get my friend from the US Army come for you in the cool of the night and waterboard you hmmmph….10 more minutes to the dope up wid de insulin….

    • @Pieceuhderochyeahright

      Did you say CHADS, Florida?

      On Sunday, 27 April 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  9. CHAD Florida or St Michael South it is all the same for where could one have a PM see vote buying with his own eyes and mention it in a victory speech and leave it untouched?

    Just like the golliwog dolls, show that people are lacking in sensitivity, and much like said golliwogs are devoid of hands, so too are our Prime Ministers men without balls!!

    • It is amazing that in USA which promotes itself as the land of the free and the greatest democracy on earth the owner of a bssket team can say what he said and the team plays. Some things transcend money.

  10. in a way david you are right.. however the team is shackled to contracts ,,,,,,,,,no and buts about it…. which might make for play power by the owners when this all blows away…..nevertheless some team members and other influential basket ball players like lebraun has spoken out…… the most they can do………. the laws are there to protect and defend the rich …freedom for the rich is different for freedom for the poor,,, the right to free speech gave that ignoramus a ground on which he could spout his bile,,,,,,the right for the players to speak out although governed by the same laws can make sh,,t for the team members if they ventured to cross the line between their owner and their job,,,

    • @ac

      This is the problem with the world today, money.

      What better stage for a whole team plus management to make an unequivocal statement that there is no place for racism in this world?


  11. @ David…..Just heard Obama say this ““When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk,”

    That is the slick way of using “clean” language to tell Sterling ” to kiss his Black ass “

    • @Hants

      Yes he was nice about it. It just goes to show when we compromise on principles read doing the correct thing it will come back to bite you in the posterior. Because this guy slushed his money around he was able to weasel his way around the corporate and social scene in Amercia.

  12. racism might never go away but who cares, blacks can get pass that and not give a rat’s ass who thinks what.. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, is racist, no black person should ever again support his games as much as they might love basketball.

    they are very wicked people in this world who are bent on showing the black man that they want him to think he is less than them. for instance look at our girl Rihanna with her lastest photoshoot. she is totally naked while down on her knees with her vagina exposed , the man next to her has a mike. her body was spayed with some kind of spray giving her a chocolate look in one pic and olive in the other. why i do not like the pictures is due to the fact that even tho she has a beautiful body, she allows mainstream media to purposely portray the black woman as a slut and not a chaste female.

    rihanna and Katy Perry are good friends, with similar talents yet i have NEVER seen Kary Perry in those kinds of controversial poses, in fact she she more beautiful than Rihanna and white yet somehow Rihanna is the one degrading herself for the world. when those agencies approach her with their sleazy offers, ‘complimenting’ her on her looks etc, she has every right to stand up for the black woman. Wendy Williams spoke on her show recently that even with that show Dancing with the Stars, she was kicked off pretty early because, even tho it was reality TV, they were still given scripts and her script was that she should talk and act like the ‘angry black woman’, with the silly hand movements and slange talk. she of course refused and spoke in her natural accent and did not say what the producers expected her, so she was kicked off during her second appearance on the pretext that she and her partner scorned the lowest scores.

    Rihanna is mature enough now to realise that people out there are bent on pushing out the black female entertainer as a slut and she should not put herself in the way to confirm it

  13. @ Smooth Chocolate

    Before i even start writing this I want to make a plea to you all, ignore me as messenger here and look dispassionatley at what i am saying just for a few moments please

    Unfortunately what you smooth chocolate are saying seems so true, while some of us would have wanted to have (i) someone black (ii) someone beautiful (iii) someone Barbadiense / Bajan to be the ambassador and hold that title proud and continue to be the envy and idol of the world, we are where we are at today

    Soon, if she continues on this pathway, her UN ambassadorship will be revoked.

    Even Baffy or the most avowed Rihanna supporter cant gainsay the sluttish behaviour, which being the former imbiber of strange things in my youthful days, am sure is drug induced.

    It comes over like a cry for help as in an obvious “something-is-seriously-wrong-since-i-have-all-the-money-and-all -the-fame-and-adulationa-person-could-want-but-i am-suffering-something-real-serious-right-now-and-i-am-not-coping-well”

    I dont know if de ole man reading dis ting right but all of this wild abandon seems to me like if she is in so much pain right now and the hallucinogens are controlling her and thee is no one to pull her back either.

    So sad really so very sad….so much talent and potential… so wasted..so soon

  14. ….with the advent of the blacks being portrayed as golliwogs and monkeys and less than human…..we have now come full circle and have introduced a new form of acceptable intellectual racism which is portraying blacks as angry and worthless sluts and whores,,, suttle as it maybe,,,,, this kind of introduction is slowly being weaned into the human mind with an effect of changing the way blacks see themselves one of being proud and dignified,,,, this type of mass reconditioning of the black psyche has now reduced blacks to a level so low that even the devil himself might be offended,,,

  15. @David
    It is amazing that in USA which promotes itself as the land of the free and the greatest democracy on earth the owner of a bssket team can say what he said and the team plays.
    Yuh know I’ve been around so long that comments from people like Donald Sterling don’t bother me, I don’t lose any sleep over these type of people. The man has a history of making racist statements about Blacks, Mexicans and other minorities and if anyone should be blamed for his holding on to that franchise so long it is the former NBA Commish David Stern who left the job at the beginning of the year. Stern knew about Sterling’s history and never called him on the carpet

    However I save my greatest ire for the NAACP an organisation that has clearly lost its way, why was what one of the most important institutions in the history of Black America about to give the man a lifetime achievement? I understand that he has already received on lifetime achievement from them and they were about to give him another, how many lifetime achievements does one man get?

    Given his history he should be as welcome at an NAACP gathering as a skunk at a garden party. The people who donate money to the NAACP should ask for their money back, recently they were complaining about the US Supreme Court decision upholding Michigan’s decision to ban affirmative action. With organisations like this representing Black people is it any wonder that we are taken for fools?

  16. @ Simple Simon

    Thank you for the link, if i should ever grow bored and or have a moment where seeing a white penis will be the panacea, i shall make use of your link and follow the advice of island girl 246.

    It would appear that I, having not seen a white doggie, am likened to some type of pariah, and you, young black woman are probably going to be dubbed an anachronism as well, since we seem to have missed out on what our black brothers and sisters do as an unwritten rite of passage for which we did not get the memo.

    As to the question about the young woman/old man encounter I being old can answer that with some certitude.

    Generally, for the young woman it is the comfort of “comfort (translated here as wealth) by proxy” since, of her own, she may not have the resources to take care of herself and may have grown tired of the games that men of her age play with women of such pulchritude

    For him it is a series of things

    (i) the potentiometer of the “essence of life” – a type of vampiricism that youth brings to us ole farts coupled with
    (ii) the “no baggage” syndrome, for at her age while one accepts that she will hot have allot of the life experiences of a woman that is his “counterpart in years” would have, she also does not have the other baggage that they do, the menopause, the hot flashed, the irrational moments
    (iii) unlike the older women she is very capable of the “movementations” that we ole men oft times have stuck in our minds, stasis in what we used to be in our glory days
    (iii) we are rich enough to afford our desires

    He is not alone, it is the nature of “things male” that thorn in the flesh that Peter the Apostle seems to allude to and the Berscoloni’s and the Sir COW’s of this world fall victim to.

    It is the nature of man, Just calling it like it is young one

  17. Piece

    I do not know why you and the rest of them here cussing Sterling. The man does not like too many blacks around his girl; what is bad about that. Most of you here behave as if the black american is some angel. The man has the right to prefer who he sees around his girl. Sterling and the white establishment in the US also know that Blacks shall fall in line in a month or two. We Black people cuss Chinese, Indians, white , Jews, Coolies, Trip on this blog, but get vex because a man is bold enough to cuss we in public. Sterling has a right to his opinion.

  18. I denounce racism and segregation in all forms, especially when it is done within our society by Black people against other Black people. We see racism and segregation playing out in every aspect of our daily lives. For example, how about those individuals who take comfort in being insulting and abusive because their complexion may be lighter or hair curlier than that of their friends, and it is those persons who refer to their darker, “knotty haired” friends (or strangers) as “golliwogs” or “navy blue boys”. In my opinion this is worse than coming from a white man.
    In this society we have individuals, who because they are what we call “clear skin”, see themselves as being superior to persons of darker complexion and always try to associate with white people.

    When you go into a store, more often than not you have to go looking for a clerk for help, and when you approach them, you get that “why you humbugging for now” reaction, as opposed to their running to the white man with “Good morning sir, may I help you”.

    What about the secretary who snubs the maid although they were best of friends growing up in the same district or at school. Or the Harrison’s College student being skeptical of associating with a colleague on finding out he went to Ellerslie Secondary.

    Do any of you ever notice how Black people tend to change their accents when talking to, or suddenly developing a subservient demeanor when interacting with white people?

  19. @ Lemuel

    I think you have accused me of an act that I did not do.

    No where in my text did I cuss Sterling.

    In fact one ole fart spoke of the nature of our attraction to young flesh, being the lecherous ole fogey that i expect to be called for my post of | April 28, 2014 at 8:04 AM |

    I am trying to find the exact conversations to form my own opinion but like you tend to err on the side of the alpha male marking out his territory for his beauteous companion

    You gots to be old to understand the pressure that he is under, if you dont live it, it is an alien concept to understand that when the old rich buck, see the younger rick buck close to his “territory” if his affection is only one that is returned because of his gifting, he becomes threatened and will sometimes speak out and say some stupid things, that can be misinterpreted. (notwithstanding any racists remarks)

    Alot of us forget when Mel Gibson of Die Hard(er) fame was inflamed with his (much younger?? by 15 years) escort Oksana Grigorieva.

    Some of us mark territory in the most stupid of ways Lemuel.

    Some of us rant and rave, say stupid things, kill or have our significant others killed, and just don’t walk away

  20. @Lemuel April 28, 2014 at 8:23 AM “I do not know why you and the rest of them here cussing Sterling. The man does not like too many blacks around his girl”

    But the young woman is herself black.

    And why did Sterling believe that he could bad talk black people with a black person and have his dirty confidences kept?

    Is the man a fool as well as a racist?

    • Would be interesting to find out from when his Latino girlfriend knew about his bigoted inclination.

      On Monday, 28 April 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  21. @ Artaxerxes April 28, 2014 at 9:24 AM In this society we have individuals, who because they are what we call “clear skin”, see themselves as being superior to persons of darker complexion”

    Then these people are clearly idiots, and you have nothing to lose by not being their friend.

    Anybody who believes that white/light skin colour signifies anything except the body’s attempt to get enough sunlight (Vitamin D) for survival is so stupid that they are unworthy/incapable of serious conversation.

    All white means is that at some point in recent human history (50,000 years or less) your ancestors lived in a place of scare sunshine.

  22. @Piece ” that thorn in the flesh that Peter the Apostle”

    It was Paul, not Peter that had a thorn in the flesh.

    Some scholars believe that Paul’s “thorn” was lust for young men (not women)

  23. Piece…….those of us who know the history of how US showbiz live to degrade black people knew that it was just a matter of time that Rihanna if she showed no strength of character would degrade herself to the point of no return, when we voiced that prediction, we were soundly cussed on BU, alas, it is coming to pass, let’s hope she finds herself one day.

  24. David it would be nice to hear all of the tape, not to say he is not a racist, but a few questions came to my mind when I heard the snippets on cnn.
    The first was the difference in age and is it possible his jewish peers are at him about his wife playing around with black men her own age because she is always posting pictures of them, as I thought I heard him say play around with the guys if you want but dont post the pictures.
    It sounded like she was baiting him is there a money battle going on? was she paid for the tapes?
    He was to be given a lifetime achievement from the naacp isnt that weird
    Is there a right to privacy on a phone call can she be sued



  25. The women of Barbados are always jealously attacking Rihanna
    Dont know if Well Well is a woman or not but I suspect so.
    From the start, women in Barbados had ‘things to say about that girl–JEALOUS BITCHES !! -From her first appearance, the slaves thought that she was getting too much attention , more attention than them and we know that black slaves self hate. Rihanna is not your Sunday School little girl who needs your advice or who you think needs your advice. People like Well Well want to tell Rihanna what to do, what not to sing , who to talk to etc like if she Rihanna is not a woman-her own woman.

  26. Do any of you ever notice how Black people tend to change their accents when talking to, or suddenly developing a subservient demeanor when interacting with white people?

    I have seen people of all kinds do the same thing. Ask my Jamaican brothers and sistas

  27. Buttman……Rihanna has NOTHING that would make me jealous, NOTHING, maybe there is something she has that you worship, but I don’t hero worship flesh and blood, I have seen too many RIhannas come and go to be impressed……as i said she is debasing herself and what she does is a mirror image of women in Barbados, when the fame and money are gone,…..THEN WHAT……i still will not be impressed……seen them, done that, nothing new, I am just glad it was not my tax dollars paying her for nothing……I have self-respect and I hold myself to a much higher standard…could give two shits how Rihanna looks at herself, she give people something to talk about, so everyone man, woman and child is free to talk about her and the image she is projecting. Maybe you can make her one of Barbados’ heroes. for Heroes Day, that should make you feel better.

  28. @ Batman and Robin Culture 007 to the 5th power eating Rice

    “Ask my Jamaican brothers and sistas”

    So you’re saying that your “Jamaican brothers and sistas” who do so are not Black? Did you interpret :Black people changing their accents as referring only to Black Barbadians?

    What exactly is your point?

  29. @ Well, Well

    Point well made, delivered and taken. I will bet anything that if Rihanna was Batman & Robin’s mother or sister, he would have a completely different perspective on the issue. Especially when his friends see his mother or sister butt naked, and tell him about it. Maybe he will say to them “JEALOUS BITCHES”.

  30. look i have nothing personal against rhiaana reaching a statis to be recognized world wide especially being a black sis …i have no doubt that she might be one of the most likeable people if one gets to know her on a personnellevel…….however the the problem lies in how her image is being portrayed worldwide ..slutty and whore like… no one can deny that,,,,maybe acceptable to those whom she works for,,,,but not to a larger audience who see images of a black woman who is being abused with racist agendas attached ,,,,,,,,, her music i like ,,,,,, especially the diamond hit,,,,,,,,,but one can;t help but be concerned that her handlers and business partners for whom she works could not give a good god damn about rhianna character or image ,,a image and a protrait ;which in fact would not benefit black woman who is striving and struggling hard to make it in the music industry. those who have a respect of woman of colour and wants to have as clean as an image as those whites in the business… not to mention the negative effect or fall out on black women,,,,,,,no one can question her success but it the way in which she has achieved it,,,,,,,,i hope for her sake when all is said and done and her beauty fades she would not be remembered by her slutty images but by her music,,,,,,the jury is out,,,,,

  31. @the cunt AC

    Did you read the piece concerning the Doll Pimpy.? Do you not find it ironic that Barbados is trying its utmost best to erase slavery from its history pages by bulldozing what little of the slave huts that remain along with other historical buildings but still embrace the Golliwog doll that is an insult to black people. Kind of remind me of you AC, Your DLP insults people, making laughing sport at their standard of living whilst plummeting thousands back into abstract poverty. You are so politically blind that you will destroy one aspect of your dignity whilst justifying another. Take for instance you say the image of Rihanna is portrayed as slutty and whore like yet you choose to be blind to all that your puppet master in the DLP camp is doing. What could be more slutty and whore like then a political pimp who is willing to kiss ass at any cost for her loyalty to party…Oh by the way pumpkin you never told me if u want to have that lesbian relationship with me. Still waiting peaches

  32. Vincent darling
    How are you. You miss me Mr. Handsome…Been away getting that life the PIMP AC told me I need and boy was it fun…

  33. Art……that’s the problem with the hero worshippers, they would never want to see their daughter, mother, wife, sister, cousins etc, spread-eagled in such a demeaning ass up position but want to defend Rihanna specifically because she is not related to them, in true hypocrite mode, and no one else must say a thing, I feel for the child seeing how easily she was misled and hope one day she truly finds herself, but these useless assholes with low to no morals could care less, i heard someone say that when “the tourist see up inside Rihanna’s p****y and hear she is from Barbados they will want to go to the island” and that was a stupid ass black female talking that crap, and she has a daughter, now how much worse could this get…….exactly what is happening on the island that people are so blind and dumb?


    So Much for a ‘Post-racial’ America
    Rev. Al Sharpton
    President, National Action Network
    In 2009 U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke candidly about race relations when he said, “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.” He was criticized, he was ridiculed, and he was attacked by many who love to proclaim that we are somehow “post-racial.” Well, if the events of the past week have proved anything, it’s that Holder was 100-percent correct. We as a country are far from a post-racial society, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to simply open their eyes.
    Last Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s ban on affirmative action at state universities and colleges. This “voter-approved” ban transpired in 2006, when Michigan residents decided that they wanted the consideration of race barred from the admissions process. In other words, a state acted on free will to change practices that were created at the federal level to protect minorities. And now the highest court in the land has decided to side with the state — dealing another setback to civil rights and reversing progress. To quote Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who wrote a tremendous dissenting opinion, the decision is a blow to historically marginalized groups, which rely on the federal courts to protect their constitutional rights.
    After days and days of propping up Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy as some sort of hero, many pundits were quick to run away from him when his reprehensible, racist comments were revealed last week. According to reports, Bundy stated that African Americans “abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy?” His vile, insulting and outrageous words have no place in our discourse. Perhaps next time people will do a little more background research before they affiliate themselves with someone and hold him or her up as some sort of hero.
    And finally we learned this past week of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist comments, where he reportedly told his girlfriend that he doesn’t want her to take pictures with African Americans or bring them to his games. “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” he said, according to reports by TMZ. Sterling must speak up and clear the air. He must say whether the voice on these tapes is his or not; he must come clean, because this kind of inexcusable behavior has no place in the NBA or in our society. If he said it, then he must go. And the NBA must investigate and take action immediately.
    Over the weekend National Action Network (NAN) and I went after this issue because intolerance, especially at the highest levels, cannot be allowed to continue. Tomorrow the L.A. chapter of NAN will be conducting a vigil in front of the Clippers game. When people are making millions — and billions — off the talent of black athletes, we cannot allow them to be demonized in this way. It is unacceptable, just as it is unacceptable to allow the Supreme Court to uphold a ban on affirmative action. The court cannot say that race consideration can be determined by a referendum.
    We might not be in the back of the bus, and we might not drink from separate water fountains, but racial discrimination is very much alive in 2014. Anyone who ever doubted that reality can look at these three incidents alone. A national, federal government was designed to protect the rights of minorities against the state’s individual wishes. We must not allow that protection to be stripped away.
    Some like to throw around the term “post-racial,” but I like to say that we came a long way because we were not cowards. But if we do not speak up when we see these sorts of injustices taking place, then we will be — in the words of Attorney General Holder — a nation of cowards.
    Follow Rev. Al Sharpton on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheRevAl

  35. @ David
    How is that different from making a movie like 12 Years a Slave?

    Racism is a nasty reality of human life…..like murder, slavery, prostitution and MANY other perversions.
    Life is about understanding and dealing with these perversions while personally learning to operate ABOVE this level.
    It is pointless to be getting all emotional and punitive against the perpetrators of such dastardly perversions…..because if you REALLY look carefully, you will probably find yourself being someone else’s legitimate target as a result of YOUR own perversion…..
    ….you know ….”he who is without sin….”

    Of course, if you are already perfect – and have successfully cast the beam out of your own eyes, then you are perfectly entitled to deal with the mote that is so obviously impeding others….”
    LOL…as long as Islandgal is around, ..Bushie’s beam is still in…..

    Don’t you read John’s contributions? They are priceless…..
    According to him, white people, out of the loving kindness of their hearts, did us a huge favour by rescuing us from dark Africa and setting us up in these lovely islands….
    Some kind others then lovingly ensured that we had our freedom and now they even allow us to vote for our own politicians and everything…..
    Shiite man….why you so ungrateful? Suppose these people REALLY think that they have been doing us a great favor? Don’t you see that Bizzy goes so far as to allow his black employees to buy shares? …..to even MENTION THAT as an accomplishment should tell you something….

    David, these are people that are hugely misguided and confused. All their social, cultural, sporting and financial systems have failed….
    ….OUR ROLE is not to seek to mimic their failed HATE-BASED approach, but to demonstrate that there is a MUCH BETTER way….based not on hate and vindictiveness, but on love, forgiveness, and equality.

    Let them have the exhibit, perhaps it is what they need to stand back ans see themselves for what they really are…..or perhaps not….

    • @Bush Tea

      Understand your position but BU reconciles our position which some believe to be intransigent as simply playing a different role. We all have to be comfortable in our role and the purpose we live.

  36. Bush Tea | April 29, 2014 at 7:58 AM |

    Your above is an excellent post…..cannot understand why a bunch on BU want to follow ignorance,argue about it,quantify it,regurgitate it ad infinitum…….as opposed to realising ignorance is plain and simple ignorance,no amount of huffing and puffing will change it…..just move on with your life and leave the ignoramuses behind.

    • @Vincent

      Some of us give thanks that MLK, Malcom X, Biko and others were not sumilarly disposed. If racism will always be with us then logically it means the struggle to shine a light on it will also ne always with us.

  37. The way Vincent analyzes racism it will never end, it has to stopped because ignoring it will NOT make it go away.

  38. Well Well……
    If we would call things by their old time names we would have a better understanding as to what to do…..What we are discussing is called prejudice….each and every one of us has it to a lesser or greater degree….it is based on a number of factors of which ones melanin content is the most talked about one,whilst we ignore

    class,poverty,religion,attire,physical attributes,intelligence,etc,etc

    At the end of the day,it will always be with us…..all you can do is to identify yours and try to curb them and if prejudice affects you to your disadvantage,then take legal redress…..learn to live with it and understand that the lotta long talk will do nothing other than allow you to vent mans inhumanity to man…..ah dun

  39. Vincent……as long as racism exists, ya cahn dun, cause if it don’t affect you it will affect yours one way or the next, you can dress it up and call it prejudice but as long as one group of people believe they are superior to the next, because of the divisions created on skin color and ra ra ra, it is called and will always be called racism…..as long as it exposed, people will haul and pull back, don’t expect them to behave themselves unless exposed AND i bet you would not want to be walking in Sterling’s shoes today, no way would you like to him at this point, not even with all his billions….lol

  40. Vincent…….i could swear it was something else i commented on in reply to you, i just can’t find it..

  41. @ Well Well | April 28, 2014 at 1:44 PM |
    “Back to that Michael Angelo rendition of 11 disciples plus 1 female….lol”

    Be careful here WW. You might just attract the anti-renaissance
    attention of Zoe. It was Leonardo da Vinci who painted the Last Supper with Mary Magdalene playing footsy-footsy with her lover the exiled Essene freedom fighter laying claim to David’s kingdom. Hence the plot behind Dan Brown’s fictitiously misleading “Da Vinci Code”.

    BTW, WW, there might just be more than one female in the painting. Just look a bit more perceptively and you might just find the ‘beardless’ clue.
    Look also for the knife in Peter ‘s hand ready to cut the throat of his biggest threat to his political ambition.

  42. @ Well Well
    You are as predictable as the sunset….unfortunately, your emotional posturing about “getting rid” of racism will achieve all that it has over the past 6000 years of mankind’s history….ZILCH….

    Why would you even want to get rid of it? …..It is what it is.
    Just like some people are disposed to sail the oceans, some jump from buildings planes and cliffs, some explore caves and some keep snakes as pets….
    Some people are racists
    Others are murderers
    Some are thieves
    Some wife beaters
    Many are liers and cheats…
    Some are idiots……
    ….and then we have Dompey and ac…..

    What do you plan to do then….draw up an extermination list and start with the top of the list?….you know of course that one Adolph Hitker tried that….and HE ended up at the top of another big shot’s list….

    Shit happens!
    Your mission in life (should you accept it) is to rise yourself above the crap, to learn to keep a true perspective, and MOST importantly, to avoid JUDGING others – since you do not know the hand that they have been dealt.
    …if you can reach out a hand and help another to pull themselves up to your standard….so much the better…

  43. Bush Tea | April 29, 2014 at 7:58 AM |

    It is pointless to be getting all emotional and punitive against the perpetrators of such dastardly perversions…..because if you REALLY look carefully, you will probably find yourself being someone else’s legitimate target as a result of YOUR own perversion……
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. i wonder how Rosa Parks,,, would respond to her being call emotional in 2014,,,i could imagine back when she sat on that bus and said NO MORE some of the above comment was used to describe her,,,,,,however history has since proven that the “well ” from where she drew that emotionalism has brought liberty and justice for many blacks,,,,,,,bush tea please go away,,,,,,, you sounding like a psychological jerk.

  44. @the cunt AC

    Wow where the heck you found that commonsense from to make and objective statement from lips filled with bias political views to express clarity in thought with an analysis that presents qvclear understand of the Rosa Parks stance, which was a statement in – If you do not stand for something you fall for anything. AC my sweet cunt how did you manage to do that without being a Pimpy Political….Ass kisser..I am impress

  45. Bushie wait Yuh doan believe john? But Yuh believe that the religion that was brought by the slave masters was good for our kind so you said why throw out the good with the bad. But skipper Yuh got me confused. If your god did not send us over here as slaves who did? The same god that ‘said that it is OK to own slaves and has kept us further enslaved to this day? Then you pontificating that your same god will come and end our present day suffering ? The same god that freed us 300 years ago? The same god that as john says, sent Wilberforce to assist in our freedom ? Hmmn that white god got wanna real good!

  46. Sunny. Lawd Yuh got me blushing with the description of my friend AC. Leff she out please she can’t ‘help herself at all. She is doing what she has been sent here to do on BU.

  47. Wait…where you been Islandgal? …missed you!!
    Never mind you does make the Bush man sin his soul with wicked thoughts….
    Wish Bushie could say the same for ac!!……she would not go away long enough for shiite…..

    Wunna women would not get it….wunna tend to remain focused on emotions rather than logic….
    Wunna probably feel that there is some rule written somewhere that life was meant to be fair….BUT THERE IS NO SUCH RULE….
    Life sucks…..and then you die.

    The only meaningful OBJECTIVE in living this life…. is to use the experience of the crucible called life to mold yourself a special RIGHTEOUS character…..and this world has been DESIGNED to be absolutely PERFECT for that objective.
    ….It has the good, the bad, the ugly, the peaceful, the crazy and the serene. If everyone and everything was perfect and sweet and fair – all we would have is one long Sunday school session…. Why would BBE have wasted their time to do that…?
    Diamonds are NOT created in cotton wool.

    Now if someone is intelligent enough to grasp the real point of being alive, you can perhaps begin to understand why they may say that it REALLY done not matter if you are a slave… Indeed, a slave may well be BETTER placed to succeed in the REAL purpose of life than some “racist slave owner” who actually (foolishly) thinks that he is better than any other temporary, fragile brass bowl human being….

    In the final analysis, if your only “purpose in life” is to eat, drink and be merry for a few years – then fine….but some of us actually UNDERSTAND the phenomenal potentialities inherent in the BBE design for mankind…..and as a result, we tend to see things a bit differently.

    No need to be haters…..wunna just eat drink and be merry….even if um is only mauby wunna will soon be able to afford…. 🙂

  48. @ Islandgal246

    I have no problem with the cunt AC all except that she wants others to believe that I am a male posing as a woman. So she disrespected the SSS and her curves, my athleticism and my tendencies. I asked her if she wants to see my body but the PIMP tried to ignore me.. But other than that i am a good girl gone bitch.

    So who are you Islandgal. The Tea BUSH seems to be interested in you…

  49. so ac…called the drag queen SSS a man so whatt…..seems like the old farts BT and Vincent like yuh type can’t keep yuh name out dem mout….maybe i did yuh black ass a favour..now kneel ova and let me kick yuh arse one more time slimy mout pervert,,,disgusting….

  50. @the cunt AC

    My dearest Pimp on a mission. Nothing would please me more than to engage your scrawny ass in physical combat. It would be a lesson in licks and how to kick your pimply political pooch to thy kingdom come you false teeth bitch.Complimenting me by calling me a pervert like if that suppose to hurt me,. Geezer come on Pimp you can do better than that, I paid you a compliment because you presented a Rosa Parks view from a non bias perspective. I am accustom to calling you a cunt…you should be glad i left off the hole…Now go and fetch your masters bone..and whilst you are at it clean up your shit.

  51. BITCH SSS( HERMAPHRODITE) don;t need your slimy perverted compliments,,,, go get a fucking life ………. so what if you a go between sex partners ,,who the f care,,,,, make fuh a good f,,ing life ,,,,see how it turns on BT and vincent,,,,,,,yu one lucky guy /gal,,,,,,lokk at dat i just pay yuh dead a,ss a compliment,,,,,now go wipe yuh botsie wid it or whatever floats yuh boat ,,double dick….

  52. @the cunt AC
    Now learning the profane i see. So pathetic the way you try so hard to be bad ass. You so not with the times. Just a pretensive ass kisser trying to be play wannabe-important or better yet…follow the leader leader leader follow the leader. Now you always harping about getting a life. Slut its obvious who needs to get a life. Seems like my last comment really ruffle your feathers. is ugly and you not ‘greeing’ today pumpkin? Doan worry pimpy, when you see me it won’t be a dark night but when we engage in our perversion just make sure you wash the fanny before the plunge. Won’t want none of your coagulated yeast chronics to get caught up in the oral action. And pumpkin if you want to know if I am bi…cupcakes come find out with me. But put on your mask first, after all your face is the face of political frolic and fun.. Catch my drift Cunty

  53. If this ole fart might interject some words to focus our discussion and not let us get distracted by the fray, I would wish to ask you to take a look at this site http://neurosciencenews.com/neurochip-computational-neuroscience-robotics-993/

    Just for a few minutes i would invite you to view the evidence and beauty of what GOD hat wrought” in this carcass that we call a body that soon will leave us to climes unknown and now unfathomable.

    We collectively spend a long time in expresing our displeasure with things around us, and rightfully so, for even the robin cannot spread its wings and soar in the expansive heavens if it is hungry and like we are, downpressed by the economics of a country gone astray, notwithstanding all of the mesa-issues of life – racism and global recession induced by sub-prime markets.

    THe duel between you two was nice, when you began, but now, it brings you both passionate ladies to the border of being blackguardish and, so as to be politically correct in my use of the prefix black, i append to say you are behaving like white, hunkie trash.

    If wunna behave like this for too long wunna gine get ban like my friend get excommunicate from dat udder place which name i will not mention here….and such would be a loss.

    Say what you will about alternating current such total support and application is in the echelon of application of Roman soldiers’ salutation “morituri te salutant” we who are about to die, salute thee and even though her caesars are leading us headlong to destruction, she is unflinching…let it rest…

    • @ac and SSS

      Let it be said you have not been given the latitude to relieve of yourselves. There comes a time to build bridges and move on all the time respecting the views of others whether in a agreement or not.

  54. i hear your message David.but ac had refrained from engaging or responding to any of sss comments for more than a week and a half out of respect for othert however..however there comes a point when enough is enough and a response no matter the effect is called for..however i put equaly as much responsibilty on you david for allowing the verbal attacks between myself and sss for going on for such a long period of time.you have the technology at hand to filter and you refused…

    • @ac aka bushbaf

      It is not totally surprising you would blame others for your rapscallion behaviour. The only reason BU is reluctant to intervene is the writing of any individual (SSS included here) over time reveals the true character of the writer and helps onlookers to form opinions good or bad.

  55. And some of wanna wanted me to be banned for my good behaviour. Sunny take it easy on AC, I don’t want you to be banned.

    The tea bush trying to whack the bushes around my yard for some time but his Wacker needs some stronger string but like all Bajan men they don’t listen.

    I have just seen some black stuffed rats on sale and wondered if I buy one it might offend some people. It is not a pretty sight . The golliwog looks so much nicer and more cuddlesome. Bushie I will let you be my golliwog if you want. 🙂

  56. david i am placing the blame where it belongs also note how quick you are to reveal the moniker which was unintionally used in this instance..however when an unnamed source tried to use it yesteday and bufferr between me and sss you dis allowed the comment…however your belief that my responses are reflectiveof my character wouldn.t be further from the truth ..however the daily and persistant attacks gave ac sufficient right to respond and first and foremost in your mind should have been preserving the integrity of your forum imstead of circumventing a stage on which a fictional character ac would be judge

    character gave ac sufficient reason to respond.furthermore you knew that sss had made her known that she would attack ac any and every moment possible.

  57. YES indeed ac will have the last word ..as there is nothing that you can defend on your part,,,this issue started on april 19 th when ac was ambushed and attacked in the most salacious of ways,,,,,yes after a 8 responses on my part to counter attack the viciuoness of those attaks,,,,i felt it best to retreat on april 21st two days later thinking best out of respect of the BU, household,,,,,,, well to say the very least,,, SSS continued her daily bile of outlandish behavior atack after attack and ac remained in a civil state not wanting to further inflamed an almost out of control situation nor inject want can be called antisocial behavior after being attacked relentlessly on the same thread for more than 34 times within a two day period,,,,,,,
    however with in the days and the weeks ahead ac continued to ignore as SSS continued to rage and throw her temper tantrums and ac did uttermost to keep silent and to control which in my mind would have been a longer than expected silicious vindictive rebuttals coming from both sides
    now twelve days later and ac not paying any or showing interest in SSS comments,,,some of of the household decided for good measure they would stir the pot ;;;;;;maybe out of ignorance ,,,well,,,after days of silence in which i can unequivocally state that more than fifty vinditive attacks were launced on ac from SSS ,,i responded… and justifiably so,,,,

    to YOU DAVID i ask ,,where were you when this all started,,, Why are YOU NOW PLAYING the ROLE of PONTITUS PILATE,,,,knowing what have been taking place right before your eyes for more than 12 long days,,,,,and said nothing until i responded as of today,,,,what latitude ..who gave such latitude,,,,,it was your call to dismiss or step in at a timely manner,,, not wait to see how one or the other reputation would be dismantled,,,,,, If any one should be ashamed it is YOU DAVID for looking into the lions den and watching the tigers mauled at each and did not intervene now by slight of hand pretending as if you did not know or see,, it is your blog ..it was your calll ;;;;;deal with it,

  58. @ David

    As was indicated in previous comments on here concerning the cunt AC, I indicate to you David that the only thing that will stop the SSS from attacking the PIMP AC is if Jesus tell me to stop or your finger hits the button that places a ban on the SSS. I did not attack this political pimp, she made references to my gender as being male or gender spliced.. I do not care if you ban me or not.I will expose this political pimp for what she is. The moment that the TEA BUSH said she was female I did not allude to her femininity except to malign her character as explicitly politically promiscuous. You may do what you wish as moderator of this site but let me reiterate – the only thing that will stop the onslaught on this distasteful creature is an intervention of Divine Power; a ban from you or an apology from this cock sucker. Such is the nature of the SSS. I am a bitch but no bodies bitch. The choice is yours David.

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