A Call for Leadership

Submission by Barnabas Collins

“In our country’s present economic situation we need decisive leadership”

In our country’s present economic situation we need decisive leadership. We need leadership from some or any quarter. We are not getting any leadership from government, the central bank, the trade unions, the opposition or the private sector. Our government continues to tax and spend at our expense and just when one thinks that they can’t possibly tax you anymore, gasoline and Financial Institutions are taxed. We all know how this movie will end because we KNOW that these taxes will pass on to the consumer. Therefore, the people are again being taxed. When will it end.

But we are silent because we don’t want to be victimized. I am beginning to appreciate how people like Bussa may have felt back in the days of slavery. The house slaves were not interested in causing any unrest because they were getting meals, housing and all the cushy jobs from those in charge. While the field slaves are being whipped, violated and are thinking about revolting but will not because unity of persons in Barbados only goes as far as whisperings or private mutterings. Now before someone runs off and say that I am advocating a march in the streets or something similar to the 1937 riots, I am not. I am saying we need some leadership, someone who is genuinely looking after the welfare of our citizens because at present it is about wealth and power in our parliament.

It will pretend to become about the people in 4 years time or whenever is the next election. Until then, are we going to have discussions in our houses and at water coolers about our current situation? Can someone emerge who can lead us in an economic revolt? Where are the independent economists? Where are the independent business men or is being impartial only figments of our collective imaginations and that all people come down on one side or the other? Where are the substantial public debates on our future economic health? It is frustrating to see that we cannot muster an intelligible discussion without it descending into a mudslinging act. How long are we going to be saying “I know this is not right but” this is my party.

Maybe I am asking for too much from my Barbadian brothers and sisters because in 1937, it was Clement Payne who galvanized the imaginations of the people but he was Trinidadian by birth if memories serves me correctly. Where is our next real leader? I contend he/she does not lie in our parliament. It took Rosa Parks an ordinary citizen not to sit in the back of the bus. And that sparked a somewhat peaceful revolution of change. I don’t want anyone to lose their lives or livelihood but we need a voice that is heard and be acted upon and not vilified because we have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what we believe. Based on our current system of governance, I don’t know how forcing our leaders to hear our people will work but I want the conversation to commence. A solution to be sought. We cannot continue like how we are because even a calmest volcano possesses one violent eruption. And we can’t afford until an eruption to react because by then it will be too late.

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  1. Hal Austin | March 28, 2014 at 2:57 PM |
    @ Balance

    I have lived in Britain for a large number of years, approaching 50, and am still called a Barbadian, which I am.’

    You know quite well what I mean.

  2. Gabriel

    I recall when the late PM Barrow, lived up to his campaign promised to rid the government of those top of the line Mercedes, the BLP ministers drove at the expensed of the poor taxpayers of Barbados.

    And big deal, Barrow met with Castro in the 1970’s. Who gives a shite? Castro in my mind and I know in the minds of countless millions, is that symbol who stood up and fought again EUROPEAN – ECONOMIC- COLONIALISM and won. And despite Castro’s human rights record in Cuba, he has done much to lift the hopes of the marginalized masses during his time. Now with that being said: it is best that you’re circumspect with respect to your reiterated endeavors to muddy the Reputation of the our late PM Barrow. Barrow as well as Castro shall also live in the collective conscience of the marginalized and downtrodden masses in our world. Now, piss off Gabriel….

  3. @ islandgal246 | March 28, 2014 at 10:16 AM |

    I am humbled that you follow me. As a proud man of African descent I do not want to see another “Black country” brought to its knees.

    “…..The political system created the monsters who defile our country. It has created a nation of lazy people who are only capable of theft and corruption.”

    I cannot agree with you entirely on the above statement. I don’t think that Barbadians are lazy people. I just think that that they are extremely complacent people. For example, the cost of food is very high in Barbados; yet many people still source their ground provisions/food from the predominantly foreign owned supermarkets. Barbados is blessed with fertile soil, sun and reasonable high levels of rainfall. It does not take much effort to grow ones’ own.

    I believe that it is this complacency that has emboldened our political leaders to run amok. We all know that when a fish rots it rots from the head first. The rotten fish head is the political system: the two main political parties, its fellow band of financiers and the elite business community. For this group corruption pays; corruption is good; corruption is considered to be normal “best practice”.

    We both know that a dead fish has a limited shelf-life. In the meantime I will leave you with a clip of one of your compatriots discussing whether or not corruption is an issue in Barbados.


  4. it is quite impressive how Mr futile Stewart has handled all this barbados
    problems .he has held his head high and said nothing ,making the impression that barbados is secure and doing well.
    it is a brilliant strategy and the man should be congratulated on that .
    what he is doing is best not speaking on all little rumors and standing firm.
    if he ran around looking worried or begging your dollar would already be devalued.
    dont you all realize the strategy.
    he smarter than wunna think.he standing tall and representing.
    not running here and there like a jackass.

  5. the problem for those who can’t figure stuart is one of not being able to trap or honed in on a man …..a man who is a trained legal scholar and who does not act like a typical yardfowl politician pecking at scratch grain, maybe something which the blp leadership ought to think about in profiling her image,,,,her style is one of quarrelsome and an approach which goes back to the days of corned beef and biscuits…..

  6. take stuart approach in the handling of the estwick issue,,,,,,nothing said! no fanfare,,,everybody waiting to see estwick take control……but stuart as always show strength in silence,,,,, never fails,,,,,,walks away with party intact ,,while OSA leaves his party and leader dumfounded with his one man boycott at the no show estimate vote,

  7. fact under the fourteen year reign of the BLP govt corrupt run rampant…….friends and families were the norm handed jobs that were best suited to people with better credentials and more expertise,,,,money flowed like water with unbridled accountability. and supervision,. the govt now have find itself fighting for both people and the lifeblood of an economy and families and households struggling hard to make ends meet,,,,,,the question where did this all begin ,,,,,and are we as a people more interested in keeping old things old or are we willing to wipe the slate clean and begin a fresh…

  8. Israel has just convicted one of their ex- Prime Ministers – Olmert, for corruption. He may face a spell in the “nick” (prison).

    He was convicted on two counts of bribery, making him the first former premier to be convicted of the offence and of perjury.


    The judges have sent out a clear message to the Israeli populace that corruption amongst politicians (when discovered) will never be accepted. Do we have a similar parallel here in Barbados? I find it difficult to believe that we have yet to find one of past /current Prime Ministers or politicians guilty of corruption.

    It is time for the media and the Barbadian judicial system to wake up.

    Off message: Pakistan: 13-4 (6 overs)
    West Indies: 166-6 (20.0 overs)

    Badree is running riot!

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