M.I.A. Must Go

Submitted by Douglas
Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition

Barbados’ social and economic livelihood is currently under threat from infestation by an insidious phage which is more devastating than Ebola, SARS or Chikungunya.  This deadly pathogen is M.I.A. – Megalomaniacal Insidious Amoeba.  MIA must go!

The MIA phage had tried to over run and corrupt Barbados in the period 2008 to 2010 but its growth was quickly halted by a swift and effective political decapitation which rendered the the amoeba innocuous.  However, an unprecedented turn of events in 2013 created the right environment for the Megalomaniacal Insidious Amoeba to spawn and again spread its tentacles into dangerous territory.  To those who provide this amoeba with a power source it is time to rein it in.  Barbados can no longer bare the damage which this political creature is creating.  If left untapped the path of destruction which would be left will be irreparable.  MIA must go!

The country witnessed first hand the potentially damaging impact which the leader of the opposition can have on the social and economic gains of Barbados all in her attempt to pull the reins of government from the current administration by derailing the train.  When Henry Forde,  David Thompson, Clyde Mascoll and Owen Arthur sat in the seat of Leader of the Opposition none of them used their office to potentially rob the Barbados economy of significant financial investments.  However, we witnessed it first hand in the House of Assembly on Monday, 17th March 2014 in the Estimates debate.  Opposition politics was taken to an all time low by the Leader of the Opposition in her 5 hour rambling reply to the Estimates.

The length of her presentation is not the issue.  What burned the most was the un statesman like attack against the reputation of a company which had announced its intention to invest US$240 million in the Barbados economy to build a state of the art Waste-to-Energy Plant.  If left unchecked, the information given by the Leader of the Opposition could have been potentially damaging to Barbados securing the much needed investment and could have put a halt on a project which would contribute significantly to turning the countries economic fortunes around.  This project has the potential to reduce the countries expenditure, provide a cheaper source of energy, increase the revenue earning potential of the country, create jobs and make Barbados environmentally sound.

On Monday, Cahill Energy, a Guernsey-based developer of clean-power plants, announced to the world its intention to build a $241 million facility in Barbados which would use waste to produce energy.  The news created a positive stir in the international media and clean energy sector.  It was carried on the websites of Bloomberg, EnergyDigital, Stockhouse, Waste Management World, PR Newswire and Business News Americas to name a few.  The news was so economically potent that the stock price of Alter NRG rose by 5.5% on announcement of the signing of the 30 year deal.  Everyone spoke favourably of the announcement of the Waste to Energy Plant for Barbados.  Everyone except the Leader of the Opposition. 

The Leader of the Opposition in her presentation gave the impression that the government had entered into a deal with a non-existent company, did not do due-diligence on the company, invested in a technology which was not tested across the world.  Actually she did say that she had based her decision on information provided to her by a self trained environmentalist in Kammie Holder, Infact she even insinuated that the government was brining some toxin to pollute Barbados.  She apparently “googled” the company  Cahill and only found a website with a single webpage with a note indicating, “For more information, please revisit this site in the Spring of 2014”.  That was sufficient to satisfy the trained lawyer, former Attorney General, Minister of Economic Affairs and Q.C that some form of skulduggery was afoot.  The Leader of the Opposition unleashed her fury on the deal in a most unstatesman like manner.  This is a classic example of how the Leader of the Opposition has been using her position to derail any attempts which the Government of Barbados has put on the table to remedy the failing economic fortunes of the country. 

We were made aware of this sinister action.  What we must consider is what else has been done to hinder progress in this country by the Leader of the Opposition. This is a classic example of the negative impact of the prophesy of doom and gloom which is constantly preached  by the Leader of the Opposition.  She has been possessed by this spirit of negativity that it has clouded her judgment.  She stands alone on a burning deck being the only person who can see doom and gloom in what is nothing more than an exceptional investment package for Barbados.

Thankfully, The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Environment and Drainage were able to set the record straight and remove all fear and panic which the Leader of the Opposition had tried to seed in the minds of Barbadians and the international community.

Barbados cannot survive the proliferation of the Megalomaniacal Insidious Amoeba across this country.  We are asking the ones who have placed it in a position of power to cause pain and destruction in Barbados to spare the people of the raft of M.I.A. 

MIA must go!




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59 thoughts on “M.I.A. Must Go

  1. When a government supporter suggests that the leader of the Opposition must go I would have thought most reasonable people would conclude she must be on to something and wonder quite what it is the Government is afraid of.


    Douglas@ Love the heading , Its long over due, PLANTATION DEEDS need help for JUSTICE FOR BARBADOS to remove this bed stain out of the People House and into the People Jail.
    Charges needs to be filed by the Weak DPP,,
    As AG this Fraud went after Violet Beckles Estate and cover up Massive Land Fraud that have Barbados in this Mess , With the Other PIMP title Lawyer , Crooks ,Liars and Scumbags, MIA get the hell out the Peoples House and Lives, We Will ride this Bull till she is gone,
    We will never stand for her to sit as PM , There have to be other Woman that can move to that Level.
    Murder charges need to be filed on Brittons Hill , For Violet Beckles not Beatrice Henry never sold you no land over a cave where people died and leave homeless,Where is your Clear Title Deed and building Permission to built behind the Backs of the owners?


    robert ross | March 20, 2014 at 7:01 PM .. Government is afraid of@

    This is it Ross
    , Beatrice Henry, Violet Beckles ,Plantation Deeds
    Clear Titles to land , and not FRAUD titles,
    Truth of the NHC and UDC
    Truth Of Sir COW and Sir HAM
    Archives , Land Registry, UDC , Water company, Land Tax , Inland Rev, Barbados Library , MOF, Clear Title of Land going back 70 years for Clear titles, but Acts and rules made up to set up and so-called GOOD title after 20 years,These Fraud titles is why 60Million was pulled ,

    more to come on request. MIA Have to Go,

    • It is really hard to listen to the estimates debate.

      So Symmonds ask the minister of health to answer a few questions about his ministry posted by an MP from the Opposition side about the St. John polyclinic.

      Here is Dennis Lowe’s response: the BLP refused to complete the polyclinic and therefore has no right to ask the government any question.

      Bear in mind the BLP was voted out and the DLP is holding government with a promise to be transparent in how it governs.

      The more things change the more things remain the same.

  4. A Whole bunch of bull this is!
    DOUGLAS and his LOUSY PARTY are heart and dream killers.
    They are Deliberate Lesions Parading!
    They have placed people’s lives on hold and at ransom.
    Passing an Employment Bill and being the first to break the rules.
    Sending home people like dogs without a bone.
    What about the Drainage Workers and their severance? Have you paid these people yet? I doubt it very much!
    They will face the X-teminators sooner rather than later.

  5. Well from what I am reading it seems like a good process to get ride of our garbage. There appears to be no harmful emissions of toxic waste / synthetic gas is produced that can be used / there are metals that can be resold after the process is completed / production of materials that can be used in construction etc etc.

    My main concern would be to find out more about why is it that our Governemnt has signed on a company that has big and bold on it’s website to check back later when it will be launched. That is suspicious!

    Also, at what price do we claim fame of being an environmentally friendly country??? We have serious fiscal problems at home and all this government is doing is borrowing more and more money that will have to be repaid at some time by our children.

    We are on a trajectory for a failure / major collapse our government thinks we can spend our way out of it.

  6. How much longer can we allow this nonsense to go on?

    Let Dennis Lowe be his ghetto self. He would do well to remember he is not a well man and should not be so nasty.

    The people of Barbados voted for the BLP and they do not have a right to ask questions? How ignorant can these gutter Dems be? St John polyclinic what? $119,000 plus cannot finish the ugly monstrosity.

    Sick of Dems!

  7. David; re. your 7.45 pm post. That response must have been well rehearsed as John Boyce rose on a point of order to give the same explanation when Maria Agard mentioned the St John Polyclinic.

  8. In addition, John Boyce sees nothing wrong in taking funds from the other polyclinic to finish the St John one.

  9. @Douglas or whoever you are Mia ,is very right in her concerns. YOUR UNPATRIOTIC SELFISH POLITICAL SLIP IS CLEARLY SHOWING.Why not ask Denis Lower the man who spoke about transparency, corruption in government and the need for civil society to engage government resign. This WTE is a big scam and in the fullness of time the whole world will be laughing at Barbados for getting duped. None of these plants are in Europe,North America or South America.


    The Roots of all things is in the land , the money is what the crooks are fighting over, Walk backwards in time and see the start of this Massive fraud upon the people,
    To put out a fire you must aim the hose at the fire not the smoke ,
    You all looking at the smoke and aiming at the smoke and you wounder why Barbados still burning

    People Focus, more will be lost based on Fraud titles, and no cleat titles ,
    All work on the land needs clear title , dont be fooled by lawyers with pimp titles, This is real life , no jokes , Use your heads and please think,

  11. Somethimg is fundamentally wrong with the DLP as even the kids are complaing at the school I teach at. Heard the PM saying he does not read the newspaper, oh how sad

  12. Douglas, Oh Douglas. Mi lass or lassie, you exercise your fingers and block your brain if it still work to write a roll of excretion stating that Mia must go. Where de hell you want she to go. Is she the Prime Minister? Is she the Minister of Finance? Is she the Gov of the CB? I cannot believe you could think up so much nonsense. Let me state emphatically, that the Leader of the Opposition is to shadow the Government and inform the public about any improprieties within the running of the country. Yes, an opposition leader can give ideas but it would not be prudent to give your ideas that will cut your backsides since no minister will give praise to an opposition that is doing the work that the minister was elected to do, So Douglas, the person(s) who you should be kicking out is your leaders Did you listen to the speech from your PM. Repeating himself over and over again since he was lost in economical matters. However, he drive the nail further in the party by stating that he has full confidence in his Minister of Finance. He is acting like the Pipe Piper leading all the ministerial mice into the sea and I must say these obese mice (excluding an active Minister of Sports) with all enlarge bellies will be led to a watery demise. So Douglas, wheel and come again. The people are suffering and we are being entertained by poorakey, uncouth display by people where we placed an “X” to deliver us from the economic problems confronting th nation.

  13. @ Douglas are you serious? Perhaps you should share the below info with Chris Sinckler and Denis Lowe as it seems they they take to snake oil salesmen.easy. The Future Centre Trust sent three letters of concern on behalf of the residents of Arch Hall who still don`t know of the plant to the MOE. Do find time to read the below after crunching the figures from Cahill using the non partisan part of your brain.

    Human toxicity is a measure of the potential risk to health from a plant. Like incineration,
    pyrolysis and gasification are likely to produce emissions, for example:
     Air emissions include acid gases, dioxins and furans, nitrogen oxides, sulphur
    dioxide, particulates, cadmium, mercury, lead and hydrogen sulphide;
     Solid residues include inert mineral ash, inorganic compounds, and any remaining
    unreformed carbon (which is also inert) – these can be between 8 and 15 per cent of
    the original volume of waste;
     Other emissions include treated water – used to wash the waste in the pre-treatment
    stage, and clean the gas.
    The actual quantity and nature of emissions will be different from different technologies, but
    (as with other issues) most of the information available comes from the companies
    themselves. It is therefore very difficult to make general statements about the emissions of
    these technologies.

  14. The docile peaceful residents of Arch Hall will share the same or worst fate. Flyash and toxic particulates impact the residents of Checker Hall. It is often unclear exactly what emissions will be involved, and what sort of ash or other residue will be produced again, in most cases this information comes from these companies.

    I am against incineration of residual waste because it destroys natural resources; it undermines recycling by demanding a steady stream of waste; Japan , closed down one of its plants due to insufficient waste. These plants adds to climate change; and it causes pollution from air emissions, acid rain and toxic ash. Cheaper and cleaner energy generation methods exist so why the government of Barbados opts for a high maintenance, high capital project prone to constant breakdown. Baffling.

  15. Did I hear right that the Government is still planning to go ahead with a $15 million feasibility study with regards to building a new hospital, when it would appear they can’t afford to stock and supply the existing one?


    Oh , We see you all still dont get it as yet , You all who read and vote still in the Dark about what really is going on in BIM and what is really hidden behind door number 1,2 and 3,
    Crooks , liars and Scumbags, , We cant wait till the day you know the truth and changed your minds , They not listen to Noah either , So all will be wash away,, Thy Kingdom come ,
    At least the rest of the World still know better than most Bajan who have there head stuck up the ass of the DBLP lies , We told you so ,
    Go get a Phd from UWI from Sir Crooks Beckles , keep spending your money on books filled with lies, The truth is a short book,

  17. Wait!!!!!. Douglas( Leopold Philips) could tell somebody they should go!!!!!!!. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!. If Fumble Sport and Chris Stinkler can’t and will not go as the worst PM and MOF in Barbados’ history DEM could tell anybody else in this country that is totally incompetent in their jobs to go!!! Don’t make me laugh Douglas Leopold Phillps.

  18. stupssssssssss. freaky lesbian she is.? can not see her running anything but to Kentucky to get a bucket of chicken.? that is all we got?
    just pick a woman off the street at random and would be better than this
    freak show.!yes i said that.


    Westinghouse Plasma Corp. Gasification Technology is used in three commercial operating facilities.  It is being installed at two further facilities. A more detailed explanation of each plant is given below.

    Projects under Construction

    Commercial Operating Facilities

    Demonstration Plant


  20. look ah dat kammie holder brings his incoherent arm chair knowledge and expertise on WTE plants,,,,,,,,,leaving a foul stench of political bile and rabble rousing in the atmosphere ,,,kammie oh kammie what can the matter be,,,,

    • @ac

      You continue to be hardheaded, he issue has morphed to what is *Plasma gasification, and who is Cahill.*


    M.I.A. Must Go
    Posted on March 20, 2014 by David | 27 Comments
    M.I A Must and Will go to Hell, You Will feel the Hell you gave Violet Beckles
    We now can see , that there is at least 5 lawless People that think or feel that fraud and death is okay with them , That to do as you please or will is good, The 5 that voted , your turn will come and lets hope that some one some time stand up for you and family when evil comes against you. Do not seek a church and the Lord God when you are in need, Look down and ask the Devil for help. It shows why Barbados is going the wrong way in Gods eyes and it will let you all know the kind of people you are. To take, to do , to kill others for greed is just fine with you . Keep voting your greed for this Ex AG who wants to be the first PM of Barbados with a record like that,
    E.D M must be rolling over in his grave that MAM would do the things she would look to move as a man in a woman’s body. You 5 so far need to know the Animal you are dealing with.Let the record reflect her side kick PM Owen his role he played at town and country,Mark Cummins nasty ways at the UDC . Now to HAVE HIS EYES ON OPEN LOTS.
    We hope that so far 3 of 5 people up hold the CROOK, LIARS AND SCUMBAGS in Barbados , God made the Earth Moved as stated by the KGB and the State Funeral, We shall wait for the waters to come to wash away the rest of those who sit back in there nasty ways. Be whole the Pale Horse. The Internet is alive and know who you are , even as ou hide and vote for injustice. It would be god to see what you 5 would do in the case of King David and the 2 babies with their Mothers.

  22. David

    That is exactly the order of questions to be asked. The link between Cahill and Westinghouse & Anor was not obvious to me. Moreover I found the links to the news item on the Westinghouse site a bit odd too. ‘Clare whoever’ said she got her inspiration from a tip from a property development company. You what? Why would it be necessary for the link to say who their lawyers were? And why, anyway, is it that we have to wait for spring to come for Cahill to emerge from its chrysalis? I don’t get it.

  23. Oh yes – and Guernsey based? But Guernsey is a tax haven isn’t it???


    A $15 ml FEASABILITY study? JC You will remember the CO Will feature in the Nation a few weeks back when, with regard to the hospital, he knocked Sir H Frazer and suggested that what was need were men of vision – like himself presumably – who divined all the benefits to be had from a new structure. Yeah right.

  24. In the old days Companies had their own salesmen who would sell the company’s expertise and “bring in” projects.
    Governments used to put projects out to tender.

    Now there is a new “order of things” with many layers.

    Consultants hire consultants to lobby Governments for projects like this WTE project.There could be several layers of “fees” before you get the true cost of the project.
    The “fees” can be “very high” and this is why it is important to have transparency when using Taxpayers money.

    Due diligence and transparency = good governance.

    eff yuh doan believeme ask Bushie an Caswell.

  25. PLANTATION DEEDS: You would realise that I never, ever intervened with your constant harping of deeds regarding Violet Beckles. I am sorry if it did happened, but I am questioning the validity of your arguments. Suppose the Crown return every piece of land that you said is owned by the said Beckles and you are asked to pay back taxes from 1926. PLANTATION DEEDS, will you be able to present any receipts of tax payments? This constant griping on every issue will get you no where. You blame every Attorney General and leading Lawyers and politicians about stealing. If that is true, we have a court system, we have a Caricom court system, you can involve international courts but you keep repeating yourself. Bring the deeds with tax clearance or accept the behaviour of compulsory acquisition.

  26. All the world-wide big banks hide their money in Guernsey Channel Islands, it is a tax haven and not for the squeamish, if they are doing business with a company based in Guernsey, the taxpayers are screwed. AGAIN.

    feasibility studies = more taxpayers money for politicians to skim off the top for their lying, thieving selves.

  27. And just what answers do you expect from these jokers in charge, David?
    When a joker like Dennis Lowe-life can get up at Parliament and say, ”the opposition cannot ask questions about the polyclnic because they did not finish it” or another one threatening to slap the LOTO, what do you really hope to hear other than more crap?


    Tell me Why | March 21, 2014 at 10:42 AM@
    Good post if Fraud was not the order of the Day. Let Us help you again to know and overstand,
    PLANTATION DEEDS: You would realise that I never, ever intervened with your constant harping of deeds regarding Violet Beckles. I am sorry if it did happened.@ Violet Beckles and Her Family thank you for the sorry ,But need not be the one to say sorry ,For you did nothing to her,

    , but I am questioning the validity of your arguments@ You can question and ask questions for the Police Fraud Squad Station Sgt .Mark White have the signed statements of 40 pages by Violet Beckles in his Office ,

    . Suppose the Crown return every piece of land that you said is owned by the said Beckles @ That would be good but they will have to admit guilt of crimes.
    and you are asked to pay back taxes from 1926@ All taxes were paid and books and records up to date until the WILL was written by Sir Sleepy Smith , who had to Call Beatrice Henry Aunt.

    . PLANTATION DEEDS, will you be able to present any receipts of tax payments?None needed 1st All records were remove from the High Court when records were being moved from the old court to the New High Court .
    The Only records that remain in the court to this date to be seen are Her Will and probate a woman that lived from 1892 DEC13 -1985, Probate in 1986.To her a lady who have to call her Aunt by Blood Violet Beckles

    This constant griping on every issue will get you no where @ This griping on the issue is why Barbados is in this mess and we are Billion in debt and MIA as AG had the truth in her hands from Caswell in 2002 , her word were to say let lying dogs lay ,

    . You blame every Attorney General and leading Lawyers and politicians about stealing@ Yes , We blame the AG under color of law acting as the Crown crook , with out payment for nothing.Sir Cheltheman lawyer phd crook and Sir COW are the to front men in this,

    . If that is true, we have a court system,@ We have a court system that is also a fraud , The land in which the court sits we also have the deed for that ,Where Sir C-Ham is to be leasing the land to the high court , that he do not own nor is Agent for the owner Violet Beckles. EX CJ Simmons also an AG in 1995 saw the papers and records is also part of the Massive Fraud, Many of the Judges were lawyers at that time and part of what they did ,

    we have a Caricom court system,@ Most can not believe that such can happen and refuse to take the case , After seeing what we have they run , for the deeds they did are also bad DEEDS.

    you can involve international courts but you keep repeating yourself.@
    we have to repeat for the people seem to be the best to remove them and see them in a better light, No freedom of information not the press, all control by the DBLP government , Morris is under stress to keep him in line as he fight for the rights to report the truth.

    Bring the deeds with tax clearance @
    Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles names were remove from all tax rolls, Until PN David took office and we made noise Only Violet Beckles name was return to the Rolls,We went in Person and by reg,mail wit no reply for the head of Inland.
    or accept the behaviour of compulsory acquisition.@

    What are the steps in your head needed for :”compulsory acquisition”?
    those steps were not followed , The government DO NOT OWN ANY LAND,
    they must FIND the owner /s , bring to the House to be bought for the people of Barbados ,, Not behind the back of the people or the owners for pvt use ,By NHC and UDC fraud business ,

    Or Google Violet Beckles and see what the out side world know .
    Always ask for CLEAR TITLES when dealing with land all over the World,
    We have more info to show than the government who is TO HAVE AND TO HOLD , The records of Our Nation till God Comes and of All who came before Us.

  29. Thanks for your concise view, However, I am still of the view that problem could/might have been problematic when the title holder didn’t involved others when she was in a better frame of mind and unfortunately, pass over documentation within a will too late for any person to challenge the legal rights of ownership. BTW, you must agree that the Crown owns all the land, we are just temporary holders renting through the means of taxes.. I am sorry, but any fight against the state will break you before it make you.

  30. While the rest of the world move ahead stiff neck bajans insist on lagging behind. Uncomprehensible to belive that a socalled intelligent people would be so

  31. @Douglas – Why must Mia go, is it because she has the government on their toes, what are they so afraid of, she has a right to let the man in the street know what is going on since we hear nothing from the PM. You sound like the group of people who is blaming Mia fro bringing down CLICO, she exposed them for what they are. You go Mia!!!!


    Tell me Why | March 21, 2014 at 12:53 PM@
    No time limit on fraud, they will be removed by law or Vote and they will see the real law put upon them . If this means they can do what ever the crooks want to, then all need to shut down the and take what we get with out There is more to this than meets the eye or the news , Telling and showing the foundation of todays events ..



    Pretty Blue Eyes | March 21, 2014 at 1:12 PM@
    MIA have a lot more to worry about, She is part of the problems of the events we see today, She want to be PM to help cover this up even more ,MIA is a crook ,point blank .

  34. Peter Gilkes, you got de balls to write shite after causing Shawn Weekes to drink himself to death.

  35. to say Mia performance in her presentation of the debate was embarrassing would be an understatement…here again was an opportunity for her to shine but (rather than)..relied on the same ole script of fear mongering and demonizing,, and a lack of credible information to support the issues,one came away with a feeling that if MiA wants to be a PM she must first learned the art of diplomacy and not underestimate an audience whom she perceives is unaware,

  36. Mia must go to the top of the class.Mia must go to Government house and be sworn in as Prime Minister and must go on to kick the DLP out of Government. That is the only Must Go -Mia Must Go

    Keep on doing what you doing Mia–Yuh got them good–They are bothered by your actions. They are uncomfortable with the pressure you are putting on them.

    You are doing a good job Mia, a very good job and we out here are impressed that if you have that energy to fight dem , very impressed.

  37. Mia Must Go – isn’t that what Owen Arthur is constantly telling Bajans.
    Isn’t that what Kerrie Symmonds, George Payne and Dale Marshall believe?
    Many in the BLP also share that opinion that Mia must go but the Mottley mafia will attack anyone who dares to suggest this.
    Mottley is oversestimating her popularity. She will get a rude awakening.


  38. Mottley’s exit may just have been hastened by her very inept and poor showing in the just concluded Estimates Debate 2014/ 2015 .
    What is even more pungent for her is the fact that even though Mr Arthur was there present in the Parliament he utterly refused to go into the Chamber to vote against the Estimates as laid by the Minister of Finance.
    It is now high time that Arthur takes Mottley out of her misery and get the Muttley Beast away from the corridors of the BLP, either he Arthur, Boolani Symmonds or Gail Marshall are all better and more mature BLP Politicians and either of them would do 200 % better job as Leader of HM LOYAL Opposition,
    Mottley is too reckless and careless as a want to be leaded to be left in charge, her boycott of the 375 th of a free parliament was simply very disgusting and then to make an even bigger idiot and ass of herself by trying chase away investors almost on a daily basis most recently the investors of the WTE project with some of the most simple minded and childish arguments, based on advice given to her by a Self Trained environmentalist, what breed of nonsense is this falling out of the mouth of a so call intelligent (?????????) and leader of the Opposition person????
    Surely we have been privileged to have persons of deeper intellectual abilities and more serious people on offer to lead the Opposition as opposed to this rambling jack ass and idiot we have in Mottley.

    Why if her former leader has lost confidence in her why do es the Nation need to suffer her?

    Guys do the Nation a great favour, relieve us of this vile beast of Mottley, that as Arthur said if you had girl children you would not want them to grow up like her, can you think of any reason her former Boss should be ignored?

    I certainly cannot. !!!!!!!!!!!

  39. “What is even more pungent for her is the fact that even though Mr Arthur was there present in the Parliament he utterly refused to go into the Chamber to vote against the Estimates as laid by the Minister of Finance.”

    Did the Minister of Agriculture vote for the Estimates presented by the Minister of Finance ? observed as well that the Minister of finance used the Estimates presentation to introduce two of the measures outlined in Mr Estwick’s proposals. Taxes on the assets of banks and fuel.

  40. He most certainly voted in favour of the estimates as presented, but Arthur was present but refused to go into the Chamber when the voting was being done.
    The so called Drilling Down of the Estimates never saw the light of the day as Arthur refused to join Mottley in her gutter politics he steered himself well clear of that low life Beast of Mottley.
    I expect by next week there will be an announcement from the BLP about their installation of a new leader of the Opposition.

  41. “Thought War” and propaganda have long been the tools of armies throughout mankind’s conflicts.

    So it is part of HUMINT (Human Intelligence) assisted by SIGINT (Signal Intelligence e.g. Radio/t.v./internet/pamphlets) to demoralize the enemy using various strategies mostly based on misinformation.

    For the easily swayed, the emotive speeches and writings can often achieve their objective easily and get the rank and file so in tune with and clones as neophytes of the realm.

    In all of this mudslinging at MIA, Owen, Fumble, Stinkliar, we are missing the jist of these issues namely on either side of this DLP/BLP divide, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GUILTY of choosing these incompetents to represent us in the HoA.

    THe fault is not in them, it lies in us.

    Let me show you a simple example of how Mia, LIKE THE REST OF THEM, continues to dupe US.


    A part of the article reads “The loan was the largest the IDB had made to a Caribbean country at that time and marked the Bank’s first large-scale collaborative project with the Caribbean Development Bank.”

    And here the propaganda continues “Teachers who assisted in developing the new curriculum were later re-assigned to schools to assist in its implementation. This paved the way for rapid implementation of this component of the program. Today, all schools follow the new curriculum, which contains attainment targets for students at every level.”

    Even no in the face of the absolute failure of the over US$300 Millio investment in Bulbados, the lie continues perpetuated by the SIGINT of the IDB!

    Of course, very few realise, or even care that, “Initially, the civil works planned for schools involved providing the necessary infrastructure to support computers in classrooms…” meant that about US$40M of that money went to line the pockets of none other than M.I.A and her faithful supporter(s) Hose and Hose etc.

    People like the blinds followers like AC (DLP’s most ardent supporter in blogland) and Jason Price (BLP) need to STOP a while during the ill reasoned “contrary rancour” and THINK

    If I take a job as a clerk at Ms. Ram selling cheap mats out of her, one door, fire hazard, post Campus Trendz disaster waiting to happen, Furniture Limited store.

    It is a store that which not even the Chief Fire Officer, Marshall nor the Minister in charge of Home Affairs? Fumble? have been able to muzzle or demand that they conform to any safety standards.

    In the course of working there for the $175/wk that i agreed to work for i decide that Ms. Ram cheating me and every evening i does teif a box of nails worth $25 which i does sell to Quimby in Bush HAll for $20.

    If i get caught teifing, and de baccu dat Ms. Ram got gine see me and tell she, will either you AC or Mr. Price be part of the “cuh-dear group” and excuse me for the crime of thievery or will you agree that i want senning to Dodds?

    If it is the latter, what wunna feel should happen when you and I, taxpayers dat paying Mia, Darcy Boyce of the recent Guersey scam, Pornville, Dale Smiley teets Marshall, Owen Seethru of the Zone 1 to Zone 3 Sandy Lane land conversion and the list continues

    What wunna feel should happen to dese ministers dat we paying $15,000 a munt to do dis cvnt to we?

    I jes asking wunna avowed DLP or BLP supporters whu is de right ting to do causing I los and ent got no direction right now

  42. Its just politics once again. The “Opposition” may be of the opinion that their only job is to “oppose” everything the government does. It is the no wonder we have such an inept and dis-functional Public Service.
    Barbados, and by extension, many Barbadians don’t want anything called progress unless it falls into their collective laps ad possibly in the fall, breaks their thighs. Progress comes through planing, execution and more importantly sacrifice. We can plan, but cant execute. If we take into account the many projects that have been started by government, both D and BLP, we can see a host of un-finished initiatives. Take EduTech for example. Ad what a fitting example while we are on the MIA topic. Where is it today? what has been gained by its existence? what value has been passed down to the Barbadian public? And most importantly, since it can be classified a failure seeing that its “public” value apparently cant be measured, what are the lessons learned?
    Parties and their leaders, just like lowing smoke up the backsides of the pubic for brownie points which they will try to cash in at election time. But when critical examined, none of them can clearly demonstrate the value of their works to us.
    I like the piece, I really do, but with her departure, who replaces her? Another politician? If we cant see that this Wesminister model is a failure then we all should go. some who are supporters of the model, and by extension, who benefit from the existence of this model will ask, ” and do what?
    Their challenge is to force us into thinking that while its not perfect, it works and those who are dis-advantaged by it, just aren’t “team players” But I would proposed the governance model used by Singapore, a model that incidentally had its conceptual roots right here in the Caribbean.
    With this model, its less likely to have people being successful that are parasites or “phages” as the authour of this contribution to which I am responding writes. In this model, your success is largely, not totally dependent on your effort and sacrifices, not who your friends are and who you can consort with.
    So, before we remove MIA, or any other politician or PS or for that matter, any other Post-Turtle that’s hindering and hampering progress in Barbados, let have a plan of action and a willingness to implement that plan, else, we can al just as well go too!


    MIA must go to Jail. She knowing , what she was doing when she dismiss evidence leading the arrest and conviction of know Master of fraud upon the Nation of Barbados, MIA covered up for Well know crooks like her self and join the wrong side of the Law, Violate DUE process of the law, Sold out her Office as AG , AND now want to be PM ,to keep her crimes covered up, MIA this is Message from Violet Beckles from the grave ,You will never rest in hell, The fire of Hell will burn much Brighter when you reach,
    All who think this is a Joke, Tell yourself how today events is so funny.
    Root title to know fraud is with MIA the Crook, Liar and Scumbag,
    The Last Election was your last.Never support MIA just because she is to be a woman , Violet Beckles was also a woman , More Woman than you will ever be,

  44. Yep even Arthur is of that belief and has stepped up his energy levels to remove Mottley from continuing to a public nuisance

  45. Nobody is worthy of leading Barbados. No one ! Not Owen; Not Freundel; Not Mia; Not Donvile ; Not Sinckler-No one is good enough for you Bajans who just complain and criticize.

    Get a Life !

  46. MIA must go right to jail 5 dead in Britton’s Hill cave in , She is to be the land owner by fraud , Where is your deed MIA, did you record it as a rental? Who gave you permission to build over a cave , Was it Mark Cummins ? or Owen ? All you need to be charged,
    Fraud Fraud Fraud show up every Day , PONZI takes 30 years to show up when there is no law looking or acting,DPP and COP was helping you ,

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