Eighty Year old Canadian Man Needs Your Help Minister Sinckler

BU continues to receive several inquiries to the whereabouts of Barbadians Andrew Murray who duped many Canadian investors. The blog was first posted in 2008.

12 thoughts on “Eighty Year old Canadian Man Needs Your Help Minister Sinckler

  1. David

    You won’t get any luck here as he busy trying to hatch a plan on how he can engineer a deal where Sagicor get all the BAMC estates/plantations and factories.

    I smell money.

  2. In one corner we have Miller, Sinckler & Worrell and in the other corner we have Estwick.

    Estwick don’t lose fights.

  3. @ Back in Time Jack | January 16, 2014 at 8:59 PM |
    “Estwick don’t lose fights.”

    Oh yeah! How come he is not the MoF his ultimate political goal? How come he allowed a total ignoramus of a jackass beat him to the post?
    Dr. D is just one muted cocker spaniel pretending to be a barking bulldog whose tongue has been “neutered”. He should have been expelled for beating up on one of his former school teachers.

    This private war between Estwick and Sinckler with the Fumbler the blind referee looking on is generating tremendous collateral flack on the country’s fiscal recovery process and impacting heavily on the administration’s project implementation capacity.
    Thank goodness a third umpire is to the rescue in the form of the IMF who will remove all vestiges of ministerial firepower from the buffoon in the finance corner allowing the other tired looking combatant to withdraw and play the role of undertaker to a dead sugar industry.

    Dr, D would be a real country johnny to take over the MoF at this stage after Sinckler and his partner in stupidity Worrell have effectively destroyed the country’s financial integrity with the “D” word staring them in the face.

    • Is it not amazing how a Barbadian can be associated with such a matter and nothing is heard or read about it in Barbados?

      It describes very well the nature of our society?

  4. @ David
    We appreciate the intent of this piece. While we support the need for justice here, we have always considered that the popular moral stances of most Bajans do not generally represents the ordinary working of capitalism. We have existed in a space where people are allowed to die although empty hospital beds are nearby. Where people will take your eyeballs for a pittance. Where criminal banker make all of us suffer for annual bonuses. If we are to maintain a capitalism we will require to make these kinds of trade-offs. We are sure that the eighty year old man is well used to the brutishness of the most popular organizing principle known to man. In short, we can’t stop with this man we need to go beyond and find the many cases of brutishness that we condone. I’ll bet you, for example, if you go to the QEH right now you will find a child whose parents paid taxes to educate doctors and yet that child would have been waiting in an emergency department for more than 12 hours.

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