The Final Collapse – Debt, Credit, Capital & Investment

Submitted by Pachamama
Ancient Chinese military philosopher Sun Tzu - should Bajans be located on death ground?

Ancient Chinese military philosopher Sun Tzu – should Bajans be located on “death ground”?

“There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved”. Ludwig von Mises 1881 – 1973

During the last administration Dr. Justin Robinson’s was the solitary voice in the Barbados intellectual wilderness that kept warning us about an aggressive national debt expansionism. Our interpretation then was that Robinson did not just mean the increasing debt of the central government and its statutory agencies but more importantly the growing debt of businesses and households. Maybe even the expansion of his primary employer. To us he was talking in the aggregates. Some of us get confused, sometimes, when this quartet of words – debt, credit, capital and investment, are used. In a number of cases and for simplification, all four could represent credit expansion at one or more points in the global, largely homogeneous, monetary systems.

We are disappointed that the ‘voice’ of Robinson seems not be generally available to the public, like before. We have three (3) reasons why we are persuaded that this will widened public understanding. This is what a public academician should be doing, no? First, the expansion of the national debt has continued to be now close to 100% of the GDP of Barbados, having been boosted by the off-balance sheet amounts, as incurred by the former administration to the tune of over I billion dollars, and as mandated by the IMF, was brought to book and the continuing and significant contractions in the economy, and so on. Secondly, Robinson’s own National Insurance Scheme (NIS) has been heavily called upon by this current government to play a larger role in the economy, providing funding to projects in which government believes it has an interest. Projects that would normally tend to attract external investment capital (FDI) – as based on the credit worthiness of foreign businesses and individuals. Thirdly, Robinson might want to speak to the public about the financial performance of the NIS and the impact additional demands from the central government are having on the integrity of the NIS. We are past the point where foreigners are becoming even less likely to use their own resources or mobilize capital to invest in Barbados and, as seen from the last attempt to raise capital on the international bond markets, will be more and more unlikely to risk their money in Barbados. This crisis is deeper than the mismanagement of any one administration. It is the collective misguidance of all the parties, not only political parties, business people too and others.

At the level of households, the credit expansion of previous years largely ended up on the country’s balance sheet and in real estate valuations, as aided by the commodification of land, a central government policy of the OSA regime. This as Barbados is not known to have the kind of housing markets that are responsive to changing demand/supply conditions. Meaning that when once valuations go up they tend to stay up. We are not aware of any instance where a downturn in the local economy was accompanied by a similar decline or any decline in property values. Given, there is some evidence of price stagnation on previous occasions. These forces make it difficult for the self-correcting nature that markets are supposed to be and their ability to attract new buyers at lower price points. But land taxes, water rates and other basic running costs also tend to remain the same as all these factors situate property owners in a vortex. On the one hand they have artificially high valuations supported by high debt-to-equity ratios and on the other, an inability to sell their properties in the near term for what have become, to some buyers, inflated valuations.

At the business level, things are no better. Enter, the Almond Beach entities. They properties had high valuations, were acquired or built/maintained on credit expansion. They suffered from dwindling revenues, working capital depletion and galloping operating costs, in an industry with a largely tired plant. Our suspicion is that the books of the other local majors are no better – high running costs, high property valuations, no access to additional credit, depleted working capital and dwindling revenues. Unlike the household property sector, above, government deemed it necessary to intervene into the hotel property markets to save Almond, for national security reasons, of course. And like the global mass transfer of social security funds and other public goods to private hands, government continues to expand credit to certain property owners. These are the new super citizens! Based on credit which represents the saving of Bajans. Credit which otherwise would represents payments to government for the provision of other social goods/services to the general population. Public goods and services that are to be now dependent on the relative success of people like Butch Stewart. Public goods and services which may be reduced in the short to medium term as a consequence of this re-allocation of capital or tax revenues of the central government.

Also at the national level, the Central Bank of Barbados (CBOB), as lender of last resort and as subject to the mandates by the IMF, would have, at least in the earlier stages, increased its credit to the central government through the printing of money. Justin Robinson also happens to be on the board of the CBOB and must have special real time insights. Insights which may differ from those of the Governor. We always wonder why people like Justin can’t talk to us and possibly give information or additional interpretations of the dominant narrative while still serving. That is a pipe dream in our culture, of course. So we’ll have to wait for a year after the fact to received dated information when real time info is needed most.

But contrary to the advice which Robinson was giving to the previous administration, the world nations that control the money supply policies of Barbados continued with their ‘quantitative easing’ for the last seven (7) years, sometimes by different names, but the printing of up to USD85 billion per month, in the case of the United States, was almost addictive. The banksters are currently trying out a ‘cold turkey’ withdrawal or a methadone clinic, we hear. Of course not a penny went to households, like Barbados, and was used by the big banks, like the Butch Stewart deal, to clean up their balance sheets, acquire other weaker banks, engage in high frequency trading and consolidate more and more wealth into the hands of the .001 ‘percenters’.

The boom that took place in Barbados and the rest of the world in recent decades was built on a mindless expansion of credit. Theoretically, predicated on a fractional reserve system but even the ‘rules’ of that dangerously based credit system were thrown through the window. The ‘banksters’ then gave us a portfolio of new financial instruments. These included, liar’s loans, CDOs and hundreds of trillions of dollars in all types of other worthless derivative instruments, which bore no relationships to standard mark-to-market requirements, discovery requirements or other standard credit requirements. This is the cesspool of credit from whence the capital was found to fuel the irrational spike in real estate property prices in Barbados over two decades.

Therefore the domestic credit of households, businesses and government in Barbados has grown exponentially. Some would say there has been a growth in savings as well but we will make the rejoinder that the inability to sell properties, for current values, added to currently high levels of debt being carried, locate most households under extreme pressures especially in circumstances where significant job cuts are in the air and where sever underemployment continues to effect household incomes. And the debt burdens are only better in few places in the Caribbean or the world, for that matter.

Aggregate debt in the UK is 1000% of GDP. In the USA total debt when considered as an accumulation of deficits, household debt, corporate debt, Medicare, social security and other entitlements pass the 200 trillion dollar mark or about 2500% of GDP. Most of Europe has gone in the same direction of an orgy of debt which Justin Robinson bravely warned about. But now his DLP comes into office and continues with a similar  policy as a devoutly neo-liberal, market fundamentalist, and avaricious debt seeking BLP regime of Owen Seymour Arthur.

We consider the real conversations that are happening in the inner circle of the government and within elite circles relate to the extent to which a numerical adjustment in the exchange rate of the country may be helpful. Regrettably, this policy option is an impossible conversation for any government to have with the public, for even an inkling that such an adjustment is in the offing will make mute any benefit which the government may seek. But the people are already voting with their feet and such an adjustment could be well anticipated anyhow. And Barbados is the perfect example of a country most likely to gain no benefit whatsoever from a ‘revaluation’. There is no real manufacturing sector to speak of and therefore no advantage viz s viz perceived competitive advantage. There are no real raw materials that can be exported either. There are already huge subsidies to the tourism sector which already represents a price advantage for foreign earners of hard currencies and investors seeking to come to Barbados. The country is already too disadvantaged by the international frameworks in the agriculture sector and given certain historical inabilities of the sector to sustainably provide for local demands, a ‘revaluation’ may more serve to pressurize the local population than earn significantly more hard currencies, even if room becomes available for some modest exports.

We are making a soft indictment of our friend Justin Robinson but our case against the prime minister, the minister of finance and the present administration is no less valid. For these are the ones who were ‘elected’. These are the people who misguided the masses. These are the ones who instead of coming clean with the Bajan people, they instead continue to seek the protection of bureaucratic excuses with an over reliance of historical political realities. These are the ones who are responsible for making wholly unrealistic promises to the mighty Bajan people, knowing very well that the trajectory of the global economy will not allow them to be kept such promises. Instead of coming clean, these are the ones who remain silent about the extent of the calamity we now face. In all this there is no real differences between Stuart, Mottley, Sinckler and Arthur. They are united in the maintenance of a dying system worldwide and are equally as guilty.

Ludwid von Mises makes the central argument that ‘sooner, or later’ there will be a total catastrophe as a result of a boom brought about by credit expansion. So Barbadians are in a position of deciding whether we want to die slowly or we want to die now. But we can’t die a little bit. Dead is dead. If we had our way we would follow the advice of the Great Chinese general, Sun Zhu, and locate the Bajan people on ‘death ground’ now. For it is on death ground that the powerful determination to exist will imbue 288 thousand Bajan soldiers, at home and many more abroad, with a will to fight. And we shall fight. Fight, like super humans, to save our country from the DLP, the BLP and economic catastrophe.

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  1. Pachamama Man !

    Pacha at it again
    How come Pacha can get a post and Bush Tea cant get none ?
    or BAFBFP or Islandgal246 or ac ??




    • @Pacha

      One does not have to be an academician to know that our woes begin and end with unbridled greed and consumption. We will not conquer the debt problem or make relevant or astute decisions until we wrestle this beast to the ground.


  4. Wrestle which beast to which ground David? GREED?!?!

    You making sport right?
    You know that our world is BUILT around greed?
    You know that economics is about the management of greed?
    You know that Law is about the management of greed?

    Skippa, we live in a world where greed trumps justice, fairness, rightness and even peace….

    …and you think we need to wrestle this beast to the ground? Ha Ha Ha

    You are talking about a change in the very NATURE of mankind. You art talking about a change that is NOT POSSIBLE without a fundamental change in personality, spirituality and character.

    You are actually now saying exactly what Jesus said two centuries ago, and what his mission was designed to enable…..

    …and you know that the men crucified him for that kinda talk….!?!

    But then there is the GOOD NEWS (Gospel) that such a change IS now possible and available… you may be on to something 🙂

  5. “And Barbados is the perfect example of a country most likely to gain no benefit whatsoever from a ‘revaluation’. There is no real manufacturing sector to speak of and therefore no advantage viz s viz perceived competitive advantage.”

    Nothing to gain from a devaluation. So if sending home 5000 (cuz we know it gine be more dan 3000), stinkliar still can’t balance de national budget, den it gine be…

    Riots in De Land!!!

  6. @ balance
    If you are saying that our financial problems were created in the last six years then any “balance” that you have cannot be mental.

    By “balance” you must mean “left overs” LOL Ha Ha

    We have been greedily spending more than we have been earning for much more than 6 years. Getting ourselves into deeper and deeper debt, …while becoming addicted to laziness.

    What happened in the last six years is that we discovered that we do not have the intellectual capacity, guts, or balls to take the VITAL steps needed to REVERSE this trend….even when the danger was pointed out (by no less than Arthur himself)

    If you spend your life eating shiite food and then present yourself to some inexperienced doctor named Fumble ….you really expect to be brought back to sound health in six years?


    …blame the poor fumbly doctor…..

    • @Bush Tea

      Yes BUT individuals are selfish by nature too but through the inculcation of a reasonable valueset we compensate for it.

  7. And Barbados is the perfect example of a country most likely to gain no benefit whatsoever from a ‘revaluation’.

    This is only true if we define “benefit” with a focus on GREED.
    ….meaning that there is no ECONOMIC GAIN to be had from re(de)valuation.

    What will flow from devaluation however is a REBALANCING of our consumption levels in real terms.

    Essentially, we as Bajans, are earning X dollars per month which is given a value of X/2 US $. However, the actual real value of what we produce for that salary is $Y, where Y is LESS than X/2……so we have a deficit, and have to BORROW money every month to close the gap…..creating a GROWING loan balance and GROWING interest charge.

    Revaluation will reduce the value of our earnings AND thus our spending (Imports) so that X/2 becomes GREATER than Y…..allowing us to pay for what we use from earnings, AND to repay our debtors for all the money stolen and wasted during the ‘boom’ years….

    If we had common sense, we would have engineered such a correction YEARS ago (OWEN), either by a NATIONAL wages re-adjustment, or by major productivity improvements.

    Arthur did NOT do it…although he understood the need
    Thompson died
    Stuart in incapable of even understanding what we talking about…
    Mia has no clue about even dealing with internal issues…

    So Pacha is right about an inevitable final collapse…

    • Bush Tea are you suggesting we don’t have other individuals like you who are able to fathom right from wrong?

  8. Indeed, the swaths of social political material financial degradation stagnation decline decay and ruin that are now being experienced in Barbados are primarily as a result of these intellectually and politically moribund, bankrupt, and discredited DLP and BLP factions’ use – especially when in government – of innumerable backward and inept economic and western financial policies and their consequent baleful deleterious effects upon the individual, household, private, productive and other relevant sectors of this country.

    There are also in existence these avalanches of misrepresentations of fact by some persons, in their really attempting to locate identify causality between these disgusting policies and their consequential effects, or between the very destructive effects of such policies that have been leading to, or that have been causing other negative adverse effects.

    Case in point, the egregious fallacy that the boom in Barbados and the rest of the world in recent decades was built on the mindless expansion of credit.

    This is mythical poetry at best and intellectual ignorance at worst.

    No boom can be built on credit – money or otherwise.

    To think so, is to exist in a vortex of what the main global regional local caretakers of economics and western finance would wish multitudes of people across the world to memorize to verbalize to regurgitate to act out, consistently with their own known or unknown detrimentality docility passivity present coming about – through the nature and incessancy of instruction indoctrination information of many of their false fictitious fraudulent ideologies philosophies and psychologies.

    No doubt they are succeeding with the joke central theme of the lead article.

    For, any boom that took place had to be built on the extensiveness and repetitiveness of the actuality and reality of physical activity of men/women, machines, resources usages that were similarly differently involved in it – and as well above the normal human material patterns – NOT any money/credit, etc.

    The reverse applies to busts as well.

    Money credit affairs take place in entirely different ways even when occurring in the same context of such ongoing repetitive human material circumstances.

    A proper understanding of narrow money affairs will be enough to show that money, and its real actual cost of use and its trending or multi-variate or directional movements are mainly INDICATORS of booms or busts or declines or surges or normalities in a certain sphere of human material activity in Barbados and beyond.

    Furthermore, money is the only measure of itself and its movements, nominal income, revenue, expenditure, cost, credit and debit (following along the path of how we have already defined such credit and debit – on here and elsewhere – in strictly money/nominal remuneration terms, or in the cost thereto).

    Therefore, it can measure nothing else other than those things. It can NEVER be a measure of the same sphere of human material activity, whether boom, bust, decline, surge, normal conditions exist at any time.

    It can NEVER be.

    For, money – by being itself a non-tradeable non-consumable, usable, measurable, socio-psychologically reactable to, physical financial commodity, cannot actually measure the movement of goods or services which themselves CANNOT actually contain money – are NOT made of money.

    So what boom activity being based of the mindless expansion of credit, what!


  9. @ Bush Tea | 11/01/2014 at 7:28 am |
    “You are actually now saying exactly what Jesus said two centuries ago, and what his mission was designed to enable…..”

    Don’t be so dogmatic , Bushie.
    we are waiting to see if your beloved nemesis, Jacko the Brass Bowl Bowman, allows you to get away with blue intellectual murder as encased in that ironclad statement of your fabricated truth. LOL!!!

    Let me preempt the fussy man Bowman- the brass bowl intellectual doorman and self –appointed executioner of those who dare to commit petty grammatical crimes- by encouraging you to rephrase the statement possibly along the following lines:

    ‘You are actually now saying exactly what Jesus, { is alleged to have said- as recorded by scholars of subsequent periods-} two centuries ago, and what his [concocted messianic] mission was designed to enable…..’

    Now Mr. Bowman, don’t be a clever Dick clit by pointing out the ‘clumsy’ use of the phrase “is alleged to have said as recorded by..”. Be nice to your teacher the miller even if you can’t be to your friend Bushie.

  10. @ David
    Let’s say there were 1000 such individuals…..then what?

    The very nature of democracy is that norms are determined by numbers.
    It is not as though our societies are LOOKING for such values and that they are not to be found….it is that their very values are defined by polls….
    …any such 1000 persons would immediately find themselves up shit street…
    – being sidelined and ignored like GP
    – being fired from every job like Caswell
    – an outcast like Lowdown
    – a comedian like Fingall
    – freezing one’s donkey in the cold like Hants
    – blogging incognito like you-know-who 🙂

    These people exists – they are the “salt of the earth”, but unfortunately, slugs don’t like salt…..and the slugs running things right now….

  11. Told you over and over Miller…..the fact that a concept is beyond your ability to grasp and comprehend does not in and of itself make that concept nonsense…..
    You are actually being more arrogant than Bushie in this regard.

    Bushie NEVER yet claimed to be bright, sharp or wise….. Wuh shiite man, if that was the case Bushie woulda gone to school with Hants and GP….
    …if Bushie was a “bright” spark, would he be aspiring to be a celestial drainage worker in BBE land – specializing in weed whacking?

    Bushie read something that said
    “Ask and it shall be given”
    “Seek and Ye shall find”
    “Knock and the door shall be opened unto you…”

    Wunna vex because a poor boy

    Wuh wrong wid wunna mouth, eyes and hands….?

  12. ….Time to tighten our belts…. Don’t sweat the small stuff….. focus on the bigger picture….. it’s going to be all right… pain no gain….the economic- vicissitudes last not forever……that which is common to one man….. is common to all men…..

  13. @ David

    We have to be willing to do some different types of things. The old play book aint wukking. And will not work anymore!

    On our friend Robinson
    I’ll bet you, unlike the past, that he would not contribute a word here. However, he remains our friend.

    On death ground
    We create super humans all the time, like COW. Why can’t the responsibility for our country not be shared equitably by all Bajans, at home and abroad. Making us all super humans.

  14. @ Bush Tea | 11/01/2014 at 9:04 am |

    Who could be more arrogant than you Bushie? A man that claims he is some BBE right hand man working assiduously with his “weed-wacker” in his god’s green acre.
    Are you implying that you personally know the BBE son Jesus and can therefore vouch for his birth, life and resurrection supremely embodied in the Bushman of today?

    But we want to agree with you Bushie. It is a mere concept we are dealing with and not facts except, of course, in your mind.
    How can we say to or argue against a man who wants to be in Heaven but still organizing a new system of redemption and happiness on Earth? Good luck with your BUP on Earth to replace your BBE system in the sky.
    Just one confused paranoid schizo!



    1971-76- DLP REGRESSION
    1986-91- DLP REGRESSION
    1991-94-DLP REGRESSION





    Everything that is being said now about Barbados was said during the period 1991-94 because the DLP created the same circumstances. Their policy advisers are the same and the mode of operating, the same –Results-The same !!!
    This is no Gimmick !!

  16. @ Miller
    It may come a s a shock and surprise to you….but you are not very much more intelligent than your friend ac …..LOL you fail to understand so many SIMPLE things….

    First the concept of FAITH / VISION
    Of course it is personal.
    Of course it is born of personal conviction, knowledge, hope, commitment and determination…and OF COURSE you cannot be expected to understand Bushie’s…… DUH!!!
    Bushie is not ‘implying’ a personal knowledge of BBE’s begotten son…the bushman has been stating that fact outright now for YEARS…. Shite man, are you daft?
    Unless you are as slow as ac, you must know that Bushie has been pushing the idea that this world of ours is approaching its deathbed and that our wisest objective would be to come to understand the next phase, and to act accordingly……. Not a boy has been interested in this …..wunna still talking shiite about ” better management” of a dying world…..
    Well alright den….. Bushie takes the trouble to outline the VERY BEST approach to maximize effectiveness of management in wunna dying world ….using available and existing resources….and you come talking shiite about Bushie being confused between BBE and BUP…

    Typical political jack donkey….. 🙂

  17. Bush Tea, don’t waste too much time explaining the faith thing to them….

    If you have faith, an explanation is not necessary. If you don’t, an explanation sometimes not possible. You have to find this on your own, brothers.

  18. Just highlighting one section of Pachamama’s excellent chapeau article.

    ” We are making a soft indictment of our friend Justin Robinson but our case against the prime minister, the minister of finance and the present administration is no less valid. For these are the ones who were ‘elected’. These are the people who misguided the masses. These are the ones who instead of coming clean with the Bajan people, they instead continue to seek the protection of bureaucratic excuses with an over reliance of historical political realities. These are the ones who are responsible for making wholly unrealistic promises to the mighty Bajan people, knowing very well that the trajectory of the global economy will not allow them to be kept such promises. Instead of coming clean, these are the ones who remain silent about the extent of the calamity we now face. “

    There are no truer words written on this issue.

    If this is so what is the solution? A total drastic revamping of the entire system?

  19. Bush tea u egotistical braying jackass u have a nasty attitude and callous attack on those who dare disagree with your off the cuff nonsenical diatribe this is an open forum and even the dull and ignorant have a say………which i must say put u bush tea in the highest level of ignorance as u seem to believe that u are the most intelligent of all beings sitting at the right hand of BBE. jerk.

    • Central Bank Governor Predicts Less Than One Percent Economic Growth



      Published on Saturday, 11 January 2014 10:41




      p>(Antigua Observer) BRIDGETOWN, Barbados– Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr. DeLisle Worrell says tourism- related investment will impart some stimulus to the local economy this year, but this effect will be largely eroded by the fiscal contraction, and the forecast is for growth of less than one per cent.


      p> In an opinion article commenting on the current status of the Barbados economy, Worrell said the recent economic performance has been commendable given the unprecedented recession in the markets for the island’s tourism and traded services.


      p>Read more


      p>- See more at:

  20. @ ac
    …specifically do you mean using you as a benchmark of ignorance by which to judge Miller…?
    LOL. Ha. Ha. …oH shirt!!!

  21. NO! jackass specifically using your dead as the original benchmark combined with your dictorial and judgemental attitude. your quick offensive and pointless meanderings which u think gives u the right to be down right Nasty dumbas….only a jerk would take or heed any of your advice even if your are right…..your are one dangerous intolerant specimen one that should be eradicated with speed dunderhead…

  22. AC threatening physical violence against BushT? Please don’t harm Bush T we don’t have a comedic source of his repute at the ready, the apprentices still have a way to go.

  23. BT….could you clarify this statement you made…..”this world of ours is approaching its deathbed”…..if you are suggesting that humanoids are about to extinguish themselves to the great happiness of Mother earth then I agree with you.


  25. @ Bush Tea | 11/01/2014 at 10:55 am |

    All that can be said, finally, to you, Bushie, is that if you were living in the UK you would have been “sectioned” long time ago under the Mental Health Act like many other Afro Caribbean people of your generation and earlier who under the mistaken belief of paranoia think that Jesus is God and the Saviour of the world including Chinese, Jews Hindus, Jains, Muslims and Hottentots of the Kalahari desert.

    Fortunately for you because of your inability to do physical harm to members of ‘normal’ society you would have been treated as an outpatient or qualified to receive outreach or community nursing care and given your medication to keep you on the straight and narrow. Ac would make an excellent care giver in that respect.

    We are sure a man like Jacko Bowman would find you a most interesting playmate since he can readily identify with your condition, although on opposite sides of the happy farm.

    By now you should realize the miller is not very keen on entertaining your shit.
    Let us discuss Freundel’s fitness for the highest office of the Land that, soon, only your BBE would recognize.

  26. @riots in the land

    you have to consider tourism as our “export” product. That is what we are selling to people outside of Barbados. That is what has to be made competitive.

    • @Sith

      Don’t we have a ready made domestic market if we design agricultural production to feed tourism? Minister Donville Inniss made the point a couple weeks ago that the owners of the food distribution and retail channels controlled by Trinis have no interest in supporting local. Your thoughts?

      On 11 January 2014 19:57, Barbados Underground

  27. Welll well ! u looking fuh trouble,,, CLOWN……mind uh own business……go buy some candles before the canadian govt keep uh a.sss freezing again wid out lights for over 48hrs, u get up here on BU and criticize this govt which doesn;t have the money or technology like the GREAT CANADA <<<YET the canadian govt with all the money and technology was unprepared for such a massive blackout,,,which left a great mass of the population without lights for over a four day period,, mind yuh own business u hear,,,,,,,.and go preach where uh a,ss is hurting the most,,,,,,,,,,, clown…….BTW when i write my post u Will be the starring CLOWN………..i bet uh not laughing now,,,,,,,,unless uh stupid,,,,,,,

  28. @David

    your comments on agriculture and tourism are 100% correct. That thinking should be extended into many other things such as supplies of rum, furniture and furnishings. You have to agree that the increased value of the Barbados dollar works In opposition to this type of logical planning. Bananas from Honduras are 59 cents retall in Florida. They are about $1.60 lb local grown in Barbados. .

  29. @AC
    YET the canadian govt with all the money and technology was unprepared for such a massive blackout,,,which left a great mass of the population without lights for over a four day period
    It was one are mainly GTA and parts of NB and my power was out for approx 12 hrs. so what’s your point? Be careful how you cast stones from those glass houses if a Cat 1 hurricane hit Bim (and I’m hoping that it doesn’t) yuh think Judy Thomas gwine save yuh? The mighty USA struggled with Sandy last year and we know what Katrina did to NO.

    Bottom line big and small countries experience difficulty when disasters strike so stick to the political diatribe.

  30. David, I haven’t any desire to take by gun -point the discussion beforehand? But I know that you would agree that an unrelated interjection is warranted at times?

  31. Sergeant, with respect to the Katrina crisis, the residences of Louisiana and especially New Orleans, had been given noticed. But many chose to stay resulting in a crisis of unspeakable horrors.

  32. The problem with Katrina was the federal government responsed to the crisis. And the governor of the state of Louisiana inability to effectively handle the crisis. It could have provented had things been done differently. The mayor treid his best but was handlicapped by his limited resources and his inexperience in handling a crisis of such magnitude.

  33. The Federal Government headed by George W. Bush at the time, dispatched the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division to KATRINA to quelled a nonexistent looting and riotious situation. Shamed on the Bush administration…

  34. So what,s my point it is govt responsibilty to be prepared for natural disater .how hard is it to have trees cut to a level which would not be a problem to power lines.i have seen such done in other countries even across the USA where there are trees that are too close to powerlines they are cut before hurricane season. katrina was a failure on govts part and everybody knows why. and the govt was blamed. so canadian gvot should take some blame for this failure Over the past week.

  35. And then again the people who built houses close to the shoreline beliving they were immune to hurricane if such magnitude can be blamed.. yes the govt response might have been slowed but that does not compare to the negligence by cAnadian govt who have experienced winter storms before and have not learned from similar occurences even though it might be on a smaller scale. …..

  36. @ Sargeant

    you are advised not to go near the “bottomless pit” of intellectual turpitude called AC.

    See how quick she was to resort to cyberspace violence on Bush Tea?

    Watch dis, you only have to speak the truth about her/him/whatever and whaplax, bruggadown, brax, Onomatopoeia personified!!

    Dem does get wind up like a jack-o-lantern and jump out the woodwork at you throat to defend the defenceless.

    Now look she ingrunt argument.

    Becausing you commenting pun Fumble incompetencies and posing points dat exceed she intellect IQ which by the way is less than room temperature, in the Artic, LOL, she sees to counter what you are saying by bringing down the power of the BBE that only she and her friend CCC have.

    She intones the Seven Words of Kaballastic Power upon your donkey and tells you that is why BBE out wunna lights in Canada for 4 days AND if you ent careful, and continue pun dis thread, she soon gine threaten to out you lights forever!!!!

    Robinson ent no idjit, he know whu side he bread butter pun and, like any good niggah, he gine keep he mouf shut when massah prancing bout wid de blunderbuss in he hand….

    And therein lies the real issue…men with balls who, in the face of pending doom of our country, will rise up and say, this $hite is wrong, for this and this reason and like Nathan rebuke the King David.

    2 Samuel 12: 6 – 8

    …6″He must make restitution for the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing and had no compassion.” 7Nathan then said to David, “You are the man! Thus says the LORD God of Israel, ‘It is I who anointed you king over Israel and it is I who delivered you from the hand of Saul. 8I also gave you your master’s house and your master’s wives into your care, and I gave you the house of Israel and Judah; and if that had been too little, I would have added to you many more things like these!

    The BU family wud recall how i did had goadies and how sister Headley did looking at me longingly.

    When i did in de horsepital i did ask de doctor a question bout what dem does do wid de goadies dem. He did say dat dere is a room where dem does get “dispose of” by incineration!!

    I was to did ask he how many uh dese operations does happen a year at QE horspital causing you know dat fuh we bajans to stan’ up to all uh dis $hite bout here one would have to have balls, and I, sincing my goadies operation, is come to believe dat alot more operations going on at QEH dan is published causing all uh we balls like dem is being cut off and burn…

  37. What the hell!!
    Bushie step away from the computer for a few hours and ac and her co-conspirer Miller run riot pun de blog… cussing like a bushman and calling for the URGENT ERADICATION of Bushie……and Miller looking to confine poor Bushie to Jenkins….
    If Bushie ever felt that ac understood the meaning of “eradicate”, then the bushman would be concerned….and of course, Miller only looking for some intellectually stimulating company…

    ….so Bushie is moved to ignore the barbs…

    Lucky thing too…
    As Bushie has been at pains to explain previously, while many folk may be offended by the truth, it is IMPORTANT to remember the maxim….TOUCH NOT THE LORDS ANOINTED

    LOL…threats against a bushman are stressful – in that it then requires much effort from Bushie …..through serious prayers and supplication… deflect the natural consequences that accrue to the “threat-mongers”…..a word to the wise is sufficient (not that that is helpful to ac…)

    BTW ac
    If you are going to be so intolerant of criticism as to call for the eradication of someone you consider a pest, should you not be a bit more careful with your own anonymity?
    ….suppose you go and threaten someone that real Igrunt….?

    ….but don’t feel any way…..better bushmen than Bush Tea were crucified for much less …LOL and Bushie probably deserves to have his donkey eradicated in truth….or confined with the Nooksie 🙂 ….for the lotta shiite he does write on BU…. LOL Ha Ha

  38. Earlier this year when the election farce was in full flight, some of us, myself included suggested that DLP/BLP if they really had the island of Barbados as their sole concern and care, would form a coalition to battle existing external as well as internal conditions that we all knew were unavoidable……some yardflowls told us unequivocally that we were talking shite…….those yardfowls will now have to live the shite we were talking….LOL…..some polititians ala Inniss et al voiced, and i quote, “Is we time now, wunna had 14 years, is we time now keep wunna ideas to wunna self” i still don’t believe that idiot went to Harrison college, they ought to close that school if that is the calibre of clowns they are now turning out, anyway……I am sure that many, the clowns included are now seeing the wisdom that would have initiated a coalition for the sake of the island and it’s people and not for the pockets of politicians, bizzys, cows, simpsons, seale’s and other parasitic vampires on the island………..NOW WHAT???.

  39. @David, &Well Well,
    If you people think that Barbados is the only place in the present position check this out:
    Jeff Smith, the Senator from Québec calls senior citizens the
    Greediest Generation as he compared “Social Security ” to a Milk Cow
    with over a million teats.

    Here's a response in a letter from PATTY JOHNSTONE in Ontario ... I think
    she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!
    Oh sooo true!
    "Hey Jeff, let's get a few things straight!!!!!
    1.    As a career politician, you have been on the public dole (tit)
    for FIFTY YEARS.
    2.    I have been paying CPP & OHIP for 48 YEARS (since I
    was 15 years old. I am now 63).
    3.    My Canada Pension payments, and those of millions of other
    Canadians, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing account for
    decades until you political pukes decided to raid the account and give
    OUR money to a bunch of zero losers in return for votes, thus
    bankrupting the system and turning Social Security into a Ponzi scheme
    that would make Bernie Madoff proud.
    4.    Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie Brown, you and "your ilk"
    pulled the proverbial football away  from millions of Canadian seniors
    nearing retirement and moved the
    goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age, 67. NOW, you and your
    "shill commission" are proposing to move the goalposts YET AGAIN.
    5.    I, and millions of other Canadians, have been paying into
    OHIP & CPP from Day One, and now "you morons" propose to change the rules
    of the game. Why? Because "you idiots" mismanaged other parts of the
    economy to such an extent that you need to steal our money from
    OHIP & CCP to pay the bills.
    6.    I, and millions of other Canadians, have been paying income taxes
    our entire lives, and now you propose to increase our taxes yet again.
    Why? Because you "incompetent bastards" spent our money so profligately
    that you just kept on spending even after you ran out of money. Now,
    you come to the Canadian taxpayers and say you need more to pay off
    YOUR debt.
    To add insult to injury, you label us "greedy" for calling "bullshit"
    to your incompetence. Well, Captain Bullshit, I have a few questions
    for YOU:
    1.    How much money have you earned from the Canadian taxpayers during
    your pathetic 50-year political career?
    2.    At what age did you retire from your pathetic political career,
    and how much are you receiving in annual retirement benefits from the
    Canadian taxpayers?
    3.    How much do you pay for YOUR government provided health insurance?
    4.    What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits are you
    proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction proposal, or as usual,
    have you exempted yourself and your political cronies?
    It is you, Captain Bullshit, and your political co-conspirators called
    Parliament  who are the "greedy" ones.  It is you and your fellow nutcase
    thieves who have bankrupted the Canadian Pension, OHIP and stolen the Canadian
    dream from millions of loyal, patriotic taxpayers.
    And for what? Votes and your job and retirement security at our
    expense, you lunk-headed, leech.
    That's right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted our benefits for the sole
    purpose of advancing your pathetic, political careers. You know it, we
    know it, and you know that we know it.
    And you can take that to the bank, you miserable son of a bitch. NO, I
    didn't stutter.
    P.S. And stop calling CPP & OHIP "entitlements". WHAT
    AN INSULT!!!!
    I have been paying in to the CPP system for 45 years "It's my
    money"-give it back to me the way the system was designed and stop
    patting yourself on the back like you are being generous by doling out
    these monthly check
    If you like the way things are in Canada delete this.
    If you agree with what an Ontario citizen, says, please
    PASS IT ON!!!!

    • The MoF in his interview with Carol Roberts today stated that the government did not make the decision to send home workers in 2010 because it did nit have to. The question therefore, wasn’t the government running a current account deficit along with the central bank printing money? If the government had responded aggressively then maybe just maybe…

  40. Alvin Cummins; Was it really you that penned that post at 6.36 pm tonight? If so, it seems that at last you are beginning to recognize one of the most inane policies of this DLP government. Keep it up as the scales are removed from your eyes you may yet be writing posts like Balance and Miller.

  41. David sending home workers is the easy solution to cut costs but is it fair to do this to a worker while the bosses continue to make salaries in excess of $100,000 a year?

  42. Caswell; re. your 6.26 pm post where you reported:
    This is the time for a trained economist to establish a model of austerity coupled with a plan that encompasses development. .

    That should have been done months or even perhaps a couple years ago as it became evident that the current situation was a strong probability. Indeed, it would be a bit surprising if the Central Bank and the MOF has not been using such models already. If they haven’t perhaps UWI has such a model and can be persuaded to use it to assist the Government in its hour of need.

    • @Hants

      The government has had a severe cadhflow issue for the last 3 years. The law does not allow for the government to cut salaries in the Public Sector.

  43. That is what has been happening in Canada to “increase dividends” to shareholders.

    The little guys always get beat up.

  44. David wrote “The law does not allow for the government to cut salaries in the Public Sector.”

    So I guess a few thousand have to go home while the majority continue to live large.

    wunna betta be careful. A hungry man is a angry man,

    • The BLP Spokesperson has emphatically stated that the BLP will not join any motion by government to amend the law. A two thirds majority us required,

  45. @ David
    Why would you think the unions (and the public) are not insisting on a minimum ratio of workers to management in any retrenchment exercise?

    Is it not logical that if we reduce workers there should be a commensurate reduction in supervisors, managers and ministers?

    The gall of the BLP in refusing to support the option of salary cuts across the board instead of mass layoffs is not at all surprising to Bushie…cause Passing that law in the first place was asinine at best….

    …and then for the jackass government to be walking about talking bout how they can’t cut salaries because “the Law says they can’t…”
    – Don’t the same LAW say they should not take BRIBES?
    – Don’t the same law say set guidelines for how contracts are awarded to their big-up bribery cohorts?
    – Did not the same brass bowl MOF cut our salaries with increased VAT, increased land Tax, increased environmental levies?….how they mean they can’t cut salaries…?

    Steupsss….but what else can be expected from brass bowls nuh…?

  46. Look at jimmy reid and the upper clydebank work=in , I wonder if the people who are not going to laid off are willing to share the pain

  47. The Mayor of NOLA at the time of Katrina was an bloody idiot. The “Mayor tried his best…” Bullshit. He was and will always be the biggest fool at the time.

  48. Alvin…….again, when these greedy pigs are caught in Canada, et al they GO TO JAIL, again, no politician in Barbados has ever gone to jail for crimes against the state or taxpayers.

    ac….it will hurt you to know that i did not lose power neither was i freezing…hydros problems did not extend to where i live, just let’s all pray that Bim never has any disaster cause Canada will be among the first to assist…..until then the man-made DLP problems you are currently experiencing is cutting your ass, so much so that you cannot stay off BU for one second due to fright, too much happening too fast…….lol

  49. I can for once agree with Well Well it was on the news …none of our mental institutions were affected by the freezing rain power outage.

  50. Lawson..of course our mental institutions were not affected by the blackout due to freezing rain, we both occupied the same bunk, i remember you were not even scared……tell that to ac, one little blackout in Barbados and there is not even be a canoe on the island to remove people for their safety…If anyone pisses on the island for 24 hours straight there is not even a canoe to rescue people or transport them anywhere else, the likes of ac will be scared shitless and dependent on the same Canada, US, etc, etc……….the DLP don’t even have a freaking canoe to rescue their own people………by the way Lawson, it was fun being in the same room as you during the freezing rain…lol

  51. I heard there can be disasters on the island if and when it ever rains, usually the men keep their women folk indoors because if they are let outside they may drown from looking up with their mouths open trying to figure out what that wet stuff is

  52. Well Well You must be having a ….there I told you so ……moment. In the news today leading archeologists think that Jesus was black after all . Having taken a more in-depth look at the ..Jesus son of joseph ossuary … that was said to be a fake just few years ago they have come to that very conclusion. Although they were still not able to get any DNA from the bones, other articles that were found in the box have come under closer scrutiny. they now believe that the briefcase full of coral necklaces and a bong first neglected mean something

  53. are way behind, most of the statutes in the churches in New York, regarding Mary, Jesus et all, are all black and have been for years, i could not make that up not even while medicated.

  54. sorry well well that is just grime from all that Franken scents that they burned …..but to throw you a bone….. it would not matter what color they are it is the if you believe you believe

  55. Lawson; re. your 8.49 post;
    Was it the Jesus son of Joseph ossuary the subject of the National Geographic documentary on the Jesus Tomb? or was it the other ossuary that has been cleared of a forgery charge, the james son of joseph brother of jesus ossuary?

  56. are we there yet …..I was just trying to get up well well’s nose…. I thought an ossuary was that eagle that built big nests along the rivers in canada

  57. Lawson……I don’t believe in worshipping idols and graven images, your own bible (history book) tells you it’s IDOLATRY.against the laws of the same damn bible… do you see how contradicting, misled and confused you christians are…..scary stuff.

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