Minister Richard Sealy is a Pedigree JA

Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy

Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy

To bloggers who listened to the radio clip (compliments of VOB) today which featured Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy defending governments washpan of concessions to CPH Property Holdings (Barbados) Limited and Grande Cass Management (Barbados) Limited together known as SANDALS – see Government’s Concessions to SANDALS Barbados, they would have been offended. He made reference to the front page of the Nation newspaper which carried a a story highly critical of the concessions given to Butch Stewart’s companies. And here is what some bloggers may deem to be offensive, he stated he expected what the Nation published to be posted on the blogs or discussed under a tamarind tree.

Minister Sealy is free to have his opinion afterall we boast of living in a democracy. However, when he feels bold enough to disparage what we do on the blogs, he invites a response from BU albeit a reluctant one.

Minister Sealy should bear in mind that BU is used prolifically by his colleagues to disseminate information which the traditional media is not geared to facilitate. Have we not had the pleasure of Minister Donville Inniss venturing into this forum to interact with BU bloggers when he sought to defend his choice of Kingsland as a possible location for a new hospital? Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner has posted to BU on several occasions. BU will not mention all the DLP politicos who post to BU using monikers. What does he make of his colleagues who post and read BU? Perhaps one day BU will be persuaded to post some of the comments posted to BU by the late Prime Minister David Thompson.

Is he upset because BU has been relentless in calling for the operationalizing of the Tourism Master Plan which remains outstanding after six years of a Democratic Labour Party government? So that we be clear, Minister Richard Sealy has been the Minister of Tourism for the full 6 year reign of the DLP government, a ministry why has suffered a precipitous decline in the period.

Is he upset because bloggers have challenged him about his inability to implement the 10 point plan which he hurriedly announced on the eve of another downgrade?

Is he upset because bloggers have asked him why Barbados has been unable to gain Category I status  in the event Barbados wants to entertain the decision to relocate LIAT headquarters to Barbados? Bear in mind the OECS Region has achieved this designation for several years now.

Is he upset because we have asked why tourism advertising by Barbados has gone dark in our key tourist markets, especially Canada whose economy remains buoyant despite a global economic recession of global magnitude?

Is he upset because we have questioned the strategy of using Rihanna to promote Barbados?

If one listens to the clip carefully, Sealy expresses exasperation with those who question the level of concessions given to Butch Stewart. In fact he blurts out in an arrogant and unprofessional manner if the government should allow rats to take residence in the two properties. Clear evidence of the defensive negotiating posture which he and government entered discussions with the veteran hotelier Butch Stewart.

Whose money is it Minister, yours? We have a right to ask the basis for allowing Butch Stewart to import tax free food, because we know this will happen. Why a 40 year holiday? And for the record please tell us what will be the level of Butch Stewart’s investment in this deal. What is the ROI on this deal given government’s investment. Does it matter that these concessions have been given in the past? Decisions we take now must be anchored in a vision for the future and not in an obsolete paradigm.

Does it come as a surprise that Sealy, who has firmly secure the reputation for being the second most taciturn minister in government, finds himself in a battle of credibility with many Barbadians over this matter? And this he has been able to achieve while being in charge of the most important and visible sector in our economy. What transparency what!?!

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  1. Gabriel | November 13, 2013 at 5:36 PM |

    I must confess that these UWI graduates who make up the primeministership of many Anglophone Caribbean countries are making a booboo of governance.

  2. “The results of the audit are known but they are waiting until after Christmas to break the bad news. My information is that 5,000 temporary officers won’t have a job come January 1, 2014”

    you trying to be a thorn in sinckler’s side; every time you let the cat out of the bag, the administration is forced to reverse its decisions

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