Minister Richard Sealy Promised Barbadians the Tourism Master Plan Will be Delivered by Midnight Tonight

Richard Sealy, Minister of Tourism

Richard Sealy, Minister of Tourism

The compilation and research for this submission was done by BU family member Due Diligence with minor edits by BU.

The long-awaited Tourism Master Plan for Barbados is expected to be ready by September this year [2013] Saying he recognized the plan had been promised for a long time now, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy revealed to the annual general meeting Barbados Today

The author joins with Barbadians who want to see a growing, profitable and sustainable tourism industry; I do not want to be negative; but I have to be blunt. As I see it, there is no way to sugar coat the current state of tourism in Barbados. Some time in 2010, the Government of Barbados (Ministry of Tourism) issued an Invitation for Expressions of Interest for the Development of a  Tourism Master Plan for Barbados for the Period 2012-2021. The Expressions of Interest were to be delivered not later than 4:30 pm on June 30, 2010.  Full details of the Invitation can be read here on the Barbados Tourism website. Also here is a Press Release which notified Barbadians and others about what to expect from the Tourism Master Plan.It is September 18, ( 3+ years after Expressions were to be tendered and 3 months after the Plan was to be completed). Unless I have missed it there is still no Barbados Tourism Master Plan which Minister Sealy announced in April would be completed by June (2013).

The Plan may, in fact, have been completed; but if so why has this open, transparent and full disclosure Government not released the completed Plan, if only to invite public discussion.  The Minister is reported to be in London [last month], doing what? at the taxpayers’ expense, while Rome burns. Even by Barbados government standards this is shocking.  If the Plan is not released and deemed to be viable, the IMF will supply a plan.

For the moment though, lets forget about the Plan for 2021, and ask the question  – What is being done to promote visitor arrival numbers in what is left of 2013 and 2014, to reverse the downward spiral of the past two years? The last evidence of promotion that I have seen in Toronto in 2013 was the 26 year-old Breakfast in Barbados giveaway promotion, apparently a joint promotion of BTA and radio station 104.5 CHUM-FM.  In this promotion BTA/CHUM brings 60 lucky listeners (plus BTA/CHUM entourage) each year for a week of sea and sun in April.

There are obviously some in the tourism business in the Caribbean who believe there is value in advertising. Recently there was a full page joint St. Lucia Tourism/Air Canada Vacations ad promoting 12 properties on the back page of first section of The Globe and Mail .  There is a half page St. Lucia Tourism/Westjet Vacations ad promoting 12 promoting 12 properties on the back page of the Business section of the Toronto Star.

In the April 2013 Budget the MOF said:

Government proposes over the next eighteen months to expend an additional US50 million dollars in marketing and promotional activities of the BTA starting with our traditional source markets and working our way into some of the newer growth areas. US $13 million of this will go immediately to settle all liabilities of the Authority with the balance earmarked for a new aggressive marketing and airlift support programme to be unveiled by the BTA in the coming weeks. These funds will be sourced from a proposed US$100 million fiscal Policy Based Loan to be negotiated with the IADB later this year.

That $13 million of the additional $50 million was to go to immediately to settle all liabilities of the Authority suggests the Authority had not been paying its accounts payable.  If this the case, it may be that the Authority has been cut off by suppliers; including by the carriers and the media used for promotions. This could account for the absence of advertising; which could at least in part account for the downward spiral of arrivals from Canada and elsewhere. It may also be that, after carrying past due receivables, the carriers and media have put the Authority on C.O.D. payment terms.  It may be the case that the funds to pay the bills have not been received from the proposed IADB loan (to be negotiated), have not been received.  While much of the promotion and advertising cost may have been borne by BTA in the past; all of the responsibility cannot be laid at the feet of the taxpayers.  Where are the hotels own advertising?  They are virtually invisible in Toronto newspapers.

On the other hand, Sandals/Beaches advertises properties in St. Lucia, Turks &Caicos, Antigua and Grenada at least weekly, and often more than once a week in Toronto newspapers. Today there are half page ads for Sandals La Source (Grenada) in both the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star. I have to assume that the same is the case with advertising in New York, Chicago, Miami and London. It is almost like the Barbados government and hotel operators are just waiting for guests of past years to call to make a reservation for this year.  But the numbers confirm that strategy is not working.  They simply must advertise.

The reality is that every consumer who responds to the ads of competitors is one less potential consumer to spend a vacation in Barbados.  People who have had less than a stellar experience in Barbados, will look for other places to spend their next vacation.  And they will return to those other places if they have a good experience.  They will be lost to Barbados. They will return to Jamaica, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antigua, Turks & Caicos, Grenada, and to Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Belize and Panama. The train is hurtling down the hill and the speed of the downward trip will only accelerate if something is not done to reverse it course.

The solution is beyond DD’s pay grade, but clearly a solution must be found NOW.

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  1. The minister is I believe going to take a page out of the country of Samoa;s play book…….he is going to charge large people for two airline seats so that all flights to Barbados will be flying full.

  2. I saw on another thread that Bus fares are going up

    It is quite funny though that with less money around, people are asked to pay more. Could not this have been done when there was more money around ?

    Then again the banks are liquid ie liquidity is high. So money is somewhere and somebody knows how to dig for it. They know that just because you do not see it, does not mean it is not there.

  3. @DD most of us on BU have been lamenting the disappearance of “BARBADOS” from the Newspaper and Television advertising space in major cities in Canada.

    It really became “just beyond your imagination”.

    As you have stated our competitors have filled the void.

  4. I just do not know what to say about this MOT……he who had all the answers to what ailed Barbados tourism during the BLP years….has not a clue how to get our tourism product out of the doldrums on to a growth path.

    We would like to know what is the status with the voucher program… many have been discharged and the value so far and what has been the response. I posed these questions to the Senator who is being paid by my tax dollars and she has refused to answer referring to BU’s writers as goat writers.

    Alas, senator, methinks it is the government of which you are a part that have the goat parts. One only has to look at what is being passed as governance and one has to conclude that we are up the creek without a paddle!

    Let’s wait and see if this MOT will deliver this master plan. It was more or less finalised months before the election but the minister and this goat government refused to implement the plan as it will result in major job losses and they could not have this happening……..remember the idle boast….not one worker has been laid off?

    That was and is still the reason for the delay. The government cannot enforce this now…it is going to result in major job losses and in light of the constant denials that they are not laying off anybody, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place!

    • @Prodigal Son

      Vice President Susan Springer commented last week that the tourism players are thankful for the voucher program because they are being spent by visitors although at this stage it is difficult to ascertain if it is new business.

  5. @ Due Diligence:

    A masterpiece of an analysis of what is going wrong with tourism in Bim.
    But don’t expect suggestions to improve the situation from the likes of ac or Cadogan.
    If they do make any contributions expect vile attacks and be labeled a BLP yardfowl.
    What you have written is the truth and indeed out of the league of the apologists.
    Your brain and heart are in sync. Please pray for Bim.

  6. Thanks for the info, David.

    I truly wanted to know if is working as I was the one on BU who raised the idea of a rebate to UK visitors to off set the APD when it was clear that the British were adamant that it was here to stay.

    This idea was floated during the time when the BTA was saying that they were looking at using taxi drivers to promote Barbados. I thought this was a dumb idea because anyone who has visited England would know that London taxi drivers are cold and uncouth especially since many are from Pakistan and that area and now Eastern Europe………..many of whom don’t know a word in English so I don’t know how they would be able to push Barbados.

    We know that the PM’s hands are tied but Sealy and Jones in particular should have been given different ministries after the last election. They have both been ineffective. To say that though, is an understatement!

  7. David,
    Please permit me to post this………….I thought it would be an interesting read for BU family members! We could say…Cost You Less….we told you so!
    The millions of dollars in concessions it received from Government have not spared Canadian warehouse retailer Cost-U-Less from a “tough” Barbados debut.

    It has been a hard first six months for the Welches,
    St. Thomas company, whose entry here was associated with promises of more affordable food prices, and its overseas bosses are blaming the “big challenges” partly on unmet promises related to the expansion of the Ronald Mapp Highway and an adjacent shopping centre – both
    still unfinished.

    Additionally, parent company The North West Company Inc., while promising the operation was here to stay, said it was finding it difficult to lure customers away from established competitors and might have misjudged Barbadian consumer tastes.

    Barbados TODAY investigations revealed that news of the CUL challenges here was communicated to investors and market analysts in a conference call about three
    weeks ago.

    In that interaction The North West Company’s President and CEO Edward Kennedy informed participants that
    two “tough” quarters in Barbados caused “a flattish” outcome, blaming this partly on “strong competitive reaction” on the island.

    That, however, was not the end of the story, as Vice-President and General Manager, CUL, Tom Kallio, said the difficulties his company faced here were largely due
    to unexpected infrastructural issues.

    Speaking to Barbados TODAY from CUL, St. Maarten, the official said his company was promised that by the time its Barbados branch opened, expansion of the Ronald Mapp Highway into four lanes between Warrens and Bagatelle would have been completed.

    He also said developers of the Welches Plaza, next to the CUL warehouse, had also given an assurance the complex would have been finished by now, but this had not yet materialised.

    “We really believe that [highway] would have been completed by the time we opened. It’s still not, so that’s a challenge for us and then also the shopping centre that we are located in we believed that it would have been opened at the time that we opened and it’s not,” he said.

    “These are in the hands of other people and hopefully the other people, the Government and the private investor, will live up to their agreements. We know the shopping centre is going to open up so that should happen.

    “It’s difficult, it’s not as smooth as how we planned it out. We had nice drawings of how it was all going to go, people were going to come in and it was going to be an easy flow and it’s a little bit of a restricted flow and Highway 2A was supposed to have been done. Obviously the rotary that’s there is a big help, but being able to have that four lane
    road running from Warrens all the way to us would have been the ideal situation.”

    Kallio also said another “major challenge” was
    staff training.

    “When you open up a new business you have got a lot of new people to train, you have a lot of work to do, it’s hard work. We are very pleased with the people we have but it takes time to build that culture, to build that learning, but it’s moving along . . . .That’s a challenge that we knew we would have and it’s a challenge that we are continuing to work with,” he stated.

    Despite these issues, the CUL boss said he and other officials were working to turn things around heading into 2014 and that they had “absolutely” made the right decision in coming to Barbados.

    “We did a lot of research before we entered into the market. We knew what we were getting into and we did
    feel it was the right move at this stage and its positioning
    us for the future, which is what we are about and we are very happy with the decision we made and what’s going on,” he said.

    “We are positioning ourselves for the future. This isn’t something we were looking at for today, we are looking at where we are going to be tomorrow and we believe that the Barbados market is the right market for us to be in and we are going to do very well there.”

    Kallio also conceded that the company would have to work hard to win Barbadian consumers.

    “The most important point that we have to remember is that just because you open up doesn’t mean that everybody’s going to come to you and love you and just mob you and take care of you,” he noted.

    “You have to earn that business and you have to earn that trust and it takes time and you have to work hard at it, you have to develop and we went into it with that type of a plan, that we were going to earn the Barbados customer, we are going to earn their trust.

    “But you are not just going to steal them away, so we are going to work very hard, every day we are going to earn those customers.”

  8. Prodigal thank you for the above info. Cost u less thought that the Barbadian consumers are fools and that they were an easy walk over. I still shop at Pricemart, I visited CUL a few weeks ago to purchase a printer and a cordless phone set. Food wise they are a waste of time. The layout is unattractive, the staff not very helpful and the overall ambience of the place insipid. Don’t try to park in their car park without feeling squashed in a very narrow space. I thought it was me because I had to fight to get my car into the parking space. So as I exited my car I mentioned it to another driver and she had the same feeling when parking. The spaces are too narrow and I won’t be going back there in a hurry. We the consumers will not be tricked nor coerced as to where we will shop. We showed Pine Hill Dairy who was the boss.
    A pity we can’t do the same with other businesses and utilities.

  9. …you vex with the parking space?!?!
    Perhaps you need to learn to drive Islandgal… 🙂

    Cost U less always was a stupid simplistic idea….it was as if to avoid being killed by the snakes previously in the retail trade, we brought in alligators to eat us before the snakes got us.. ,

    What we REALLY need is a retail outlet OWNED by the damn credit unions….But this will NEVER happen because brass bowls in charge of dat now too…

    How ya like this one Islandgal….?
    “Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.”

  10. Goodnight Bushie….. I can drive if you please perhaps even better than you!

    You said “Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.”

    Sometimes it is best to leave these politicians in their own shitty diapers. Let them eat their shit! Like how we watching the present GOB dive deeper into their shitty diapers.

  11. And together we stand at life’s crossroads
    And view what we think is the end,
    But God has a much bigger vision
    And he tells us it’s only a bend–

    For the road goes on and is smoother,
    And the “pause in the song” is a “rest,”
    And the part that’s unsung and unfinished
    Is the sweetest and richest and best–

    So rest and relax and grow stronger,
    Let go and let God share your load,
    Your work is not finished or ended,
    You’ve just come to “a bend in the road.”
    Helen Rice

    Cross-roads or roads of plummet? Time all DEM who made this dream (nightmare) a reality, ask Bushie for ona dem diapers…..GOOSE DUN COOK! Shiite tandoori all ready for the serve……Master plan my talcum powder butt…

  12. Onions do you listen to yourself?
    You think that DLP gooses will get cooked and not BLP ganders?
    Only fools wish evil upon themselves….. We all pon ONE boat, admittedly the captain is a joke, the first mate is a idjut and the fellow in charge of the engine room clueless….but when um sink ALL o we gun have to drink the same seawater….

    The people win the damn election. THAT means that Bajans preferred their team of brass bowls to wunna team of morons.

    GET over it! THAT pass….
    leff out the B/D foolishness till next election nuh! If you haffa cuss the leaders cuss them as BAJANS who need to do better ….not as D’s who should not have won.

    No doubt they want cussing….the only MOT worser than Sealy was one Lynch…..and NOTHING beats Cricket World Cup for tourism nonsense and wastage…

    LOL…and the same BOYCE who was Arthur’s right hand man is ALSO Frundy’s …..

    Man let us come up with ways to beat this thing (or die trying)….not commit national suicide.

    WAIT…..where you now come back from though…? 🙂

    • If we cast our attention to Washington it seems that we have the same political divisiveness at play.q

  13. Bush T
    Granmudda used to say..”half past the cows ass….a quarter of his balls”
    DEY lost their way, admit it .Like I hit a nerve?.Like you is ona DEM wanabee racoons who initiated this fait accompli….and now would rather attack Onions for sayin” I tell unna so”.You welcomed TOO.. to join the line…Carson and ac glad for company…

    This is PISS POOR masonry friend ….time somebody say so…..they in a Abyss waning and staining eva thing people work so hard for …it is a travesty. JOIN WHO ? Who could work wid minions that believe “is we turn now” and would listen to nobody but the IMF.

    Whay I went?…..the Motherland breds……went and reactivate the roots…Got a boarder now too (she nice)…..but that ent no invite..LOL

  14. The only thing they have not DONE ..yet ..that they say they WONT…it privatization……but that soon coming.How can you work with such idle Bush? Dun kno Onions is a true patriot….man hold ya tongue do..

  15. @ Onions
    “half past the cows ass…??!…” What the hell that mean….?
    …so you tek after the grandmudda den ?!

    So you went all the way back to the motherland to find a boarder? …what wrong wid ac? 🙂 …don’t answer dat!

    LOOK onions,
    WHAT is it EXACTLY you suggests the government should do (short of handing over to your set of brass bowls) to take us to a better place? …or put another way, what would YOUR set of misfits do differently to the incumbent set of Brass…?

    If you don’t know, see if Miller, Prodigal or Enuff would help you…

    • @Bush Tea

      The government is making some elementary mistakes. See today’s Nation which highlights the problem with implementing the 7.5% VAT on accommodation. We still have the issue of the Municipal tax which Minister Inniss promised the MoF would have clarified. It seems as citizens we have to select a government based on the ability to make less mistakes…lol.

      Seriously Bushie it is all a matter of promoting confidence.

  16. Balance you asked …” We showed Pine Hill Dairy who was the boss.”
    in what way; enlighten me”

    Why do you think they have a glut of milk in their warehouses? Why is it they are now on the slippery edge of the precipice? I am just waiting to hear that they are going to close their doors very soon. Financially they are bleeding.

  17. IG
    Is that not cutting our nose to spite our face?
    PHD want trekking over by REAL REAL farmers…..ideally as a coop…

  18. @ David
    So were the previous lot.
    Bushie wants to hear IDEAS of how we can do better?
    I D E A S ……not just calls for change from six to half dozen…

    man David! the NADIR for Bushie is this shiite about
    – buying Almond for $100M
    – knocking it down ($5M)
    – building a new hotel ($ 500m)
    ….and then GIVING it to the man who @#%^? Up Paradise Hotel.

    THAT my friend is the ULTIMATE brass bowl….

    …shiite man, that even better that the lease of the cruise ship for WCC.

    • @Bush Tea

      We need to morph to a system which encourages better quality people to offer themselves to public life. History shows though that existing systems have to collapse first to disrupt the establishment.

  19. Hon Bushire
    I find it hard to believe that you would want me to take that backward step again……besides we no longer on the cow balls but probably in ‘deep shit well'( grass even eating we)…..Timing was of essence and wasted wasted thru greenhornism, Result: today we in real can be fixed…(1).Do you honestly believe that more taxation back then…more so now, is the answer? Cheeson ….i just can hear Ryan + the umpty calls coming from all bout ….that we have an expenditure problem… repeated time and time again{Mr.Min ya hold a cut nah)…..How much more we gine tax these poor souls nah Bushire?(2)Man look they got so much Vat out there that was collected on behalf of the guvverment by summa these businessmen …which could plug this abyss hole in a flash…FSC say they have all the info[( banks statements-linked-Vat filing-NIS-Inland rev.)]….it would be simple ( if you ah onion fella) to dig out these criminals and get them to pay up or else serve some Dodds time. When last your hear bout a Vat Audit?They say they aint got no man power- BULL nuff Cave Hill grads out there only too willing and able..Man they really mekkin sport…Look I would bet your there is a billion dollars EASY in Vat receivable out there that just begging to be collected, but nobody ent calling…$1,000,000,000…Do some homework….dun kno I right..we ent gotta tax no barrells.

  20. Onions…………don’t you see they do not want to collect the vat that is owed…..which do you think they believe is easier and more profitable for them, taking a bribe NOT to collect the vat or trying to collect the vat for the treasury. You are dealing with self-serving ‘patriots’.

    • How will our inability to implement the budget measures impact the objective of managing the deficit.

  21. Well Well
    The whole of bubbadoes by now hear about this $ 5 million in Vat owed by one business place yet no action….thing is I referred to nuff smaller enterprises….imagine one whose nett assets total $(75,000) and owed Govt to the tune of $265,000 in Vat…. there are nuff of them….all they need to do is run a program whereby the Co. bank deposits in a period can be compared to Vat paid and hold nuff culprits….they have the technology….but some DEM friends go get hold in the net.

  22. @ David
    You ask how….man I doan think it is inability….mo like in-agility. People need to get up off their ass and wukk and stop playin games wid peoples lives…

  23. @ David
    So you REALLY feel that a bunch of clowns who could not manage to keep their expenses within their income could somehow actually erase a deficit of $400M in 18 months?
    ….without laying off a single “worker” (most of whom do squat)
    ….without the ability to communicate BASIC ideas
    ….without ANY kind of overall plan or end game?
    ….these jokers (BOTH sets) could not run a coconut stand at Kadooment.

    The deficit will be “handled” when the white people from the IMF come and do it for us. (LOL….or better yet they could send back “Living in Barbados”)
    They will….
    – Devalue the $ to its true value of 5 to 1 against the US$
    – remove all controls on the prices of food, medicines etc
    – end the lotta freeness shiite in education, bus fares, reverse tax credits etc
    We will quickly come to understand the term ‘sucking salt’…

    Brass bowls!…..even jackasses would have figured out by now that it would be FAR better to institute OUR OWN harsh measures rather than wait for others to do it TO us…..
    …instead of collaborating on that goal, we here talking bout ‘B’ dis and ‘D’ dat and pointing fingers at one another …..

    • @Bush Tea

      Agree but then there is the fear of being unpopular and the DLP being catapulted into the political wilderness for another 15 years.

  24. @ Bush Tea…

    THANK YOU! Ijits that fowling & braying about parties are NOT realizing that EVERYBODY gonna sink…WORLDWIDE.

    The US is shutting down. Our dollar is tied to theirs. WHAT are we gonna do when that happens? How is the economy going to survive?

    And look at other areas of the world as well. Everybody is going to Hell in a handbasket. Does that mean that we have to follow?

    People. If we work within our means, and work together, we can survive. Greed means nothing now. In the end, you can’t take it with you.

  25. David, if the IMF come in that will happen anyway. The front page of the Guardian Online today features “Tobago – Island Paradise”, and “Small Stays in St Kitts”. That doesn’t happen by chance.

  26. To think that i voted for this pathetic bunch of useless lieing cut throat pricks after i decided not to cast my vote for that bunch of thieviing, arrogant and lieing 14 years of blundering sons of a bitches. Which of the two are the better liars? Useless lieing lot they all are. Totally useless. And all their lackies and beneficiaries living large are a useless crooked lot.

  27. @Sunshine,
    If you could do a better job run for office. On the other hand you can do your bit by!. cutting back on the importede stuff you are buying every day in the supermarket, 2 Patronize local businesses that produce local stuff 3 “big up” your country all the time (even if you have to lie about it, the Jamaicans do it all the time, the Americans do it all the time, and the Jews do it all the time) Bajans seem to be the only ones that want to tell their version of the truth even if it means their own demise. In this world you meet all kinds. You think the U.S. got to where it is by being truthful? You think they got where they are by having honest politicians?What is the matter with us?
    Why do we seem to be willing to havaae the IMF come in? They don’t have to ane will not have to come in if every bajan pulls his weight and supports his country. Plantation owners are Bajans too, do your part to persuade them to plant more crops for the use of the people.All the useful land that they are making useless can be put to work; plant sugar cane, plant peas, plant fruit, do something with it.

  28. @Bush Tea:
    As far as I know, the same advisers who used to work for the BLP in the civil service are still working. How is it that their advice is now different, or is it? We as a people are to critical and hypocritical, and don’t care on fig about their own country, otherwise they would do the things necessary to get it back on its feet.

  29. @David, How many people working for the U.S. government are going to be without pay checks this month? Tell me if the same thing is happening in Barbados, and if it did what would be the reaction here? Tell me how bad things are in Barbados, in reality not in what is rumour.

  30. Hush Do Alvin
    We made a mint with VAT in our rule… swallow some humble pie.Problem wid this lot, they dont know what to do…they like Thompo expected a coney island ride while the merchants had odder plans…You got to go after them…swallow ur Pride man…its not about PR Donville only but wukky wukky

  31. @ alvin cummins | October 1, 2013 at 4:47 PM |
    “2 Patronize local businesses that produce local stuff 3 “big up” your country all the time (even if you have to lie about it, the Jamaicans do it all the time, the Americans do it all the time, and the Jews do it all the time).”

    The Jews are the biggest liars in the world and have been for a long long time going way back to “Biblical” times.
    So let us see you Alvin try to “out-lie” them by telling us that the DLP manifestoes were printed by a local Printer.
    While you are trying to concoct a lying response tell us who has the most plantation lands under their control. Say it Alvin it is Dem white people who own all the plantations.

    BTW, the problem with the USA Federal Government workers is not one of the federal Government not having cash but one related to the budgetary procedures enshrined in the Constitutional arrangements between the Executive and Congressional law makers.
    No such problems could exist in Bim unless the government of the day is unable to have the annual Appropriation Bill passed through the Lower House before the 31st March of each year. Barbados’s problem would be one of its inability to find the cash flow to meet its payroll obligations.

  32. @ Alvin
    Bushie is on board with ordinary Bajans being proud of their country and actively looking for ways to support the national effort, but anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that fundamental to such national pride is some kind of leadership vision and courage.
    Organizations rise and fall on leadership.
    Your trying to shift the blame to ordinary brass bowls buying local and telling lies is beneath even an ac…… WE NEED A LEADER… Which, by the way, is why Bajans voted against the BLP.

    You need to lecture your party not BU family….

  33. Alvin Cummins
    Either you are living in a dream world or you are downright stupid. First of all I do not give a rats ass about lieing politicians in other countries. I gave a rats ass about the ones on my little island that have nothing in the way of resources to fall back on. What little we had was plundered by two administrations bent on getting themselves rich first and all other things come after. You telling me a bunch of shite about buy local. Buy local only mean produced local; the majority of raw material is still imported causing prices at the local level to be not so attractive. As for me doing a better job, I certainly won’t thief tax payers money in underhand deals for drawbacks. I certainly will not let my loan health institution run into ruin nor pump wasted money into projects that do not bring back any returns for my country. I certainly would not give a way the genetic rights of my black belly sheep to a foreign country for them to sell back to me as New Zealand black belly lamb. I certainly would not sit back on my laurels and trumpet tourism tourism tourism as the main when I would be busy looking at other alternatives of foreign income earning in a possible sea island cotton venture, potential export of our flying fish instead of letting half million go to waste, or looking at ways of bottling our water for export potential. I would be busy looking at what we could do instead of saying we cannot do because we do not have the space or the do. I certainly would not have waited at the crisis to recognize the importance of agriculture and growing our own food instead of importing every shite we all now enjoy and love. That is the vision of both political parties. Wait to the shit hit the fan and then want to go into ventures that others have been telling them to get involve in years ago. You sir are only a talker you are certainly not looking at what these two political party clowns have been doing for years,

  34. These two intellectually politically bankrupt and discredited DLP and BLP factions MUST BE PERMANENTLY TOTALLY REMOVED by the broad masses and middle classes of people of Barbados from the political governmental landscape of this country, within the next five years and be replaced by the “right” people centered coalitional building nationalist parties in the political executive government of the country, or else within the next 9 to 14 years Barbados will – in many more regards – become like how Jamaica was in the late 70s, 80s, 90s, and how it has been right up to this point.

    Right now, it has become a case of “it being either they or we (the broad masses and middle classes) that will have to be vanquished in Barbados” in the not too distant future.

    Well, for sure the broad masses and middle classes are not going anywhere, so both these backward, regressive stupid parties MUST GO, and at ALL logical costs and to themselves mainly.

    Remove the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP!!


    • What is disappointing about the SILENCE of the government concerning the implementation of the Tourism Master Plan is that WE the people refuse to hold it accountable. The government is suppose to serve US. Yes the times are tough but why do we need to make it harder by weak policy implementation.

      On 2 October 2013 06:06, Barbados Underground

  35. This is no time for any persons in Barbados to settle – for whatever reasons – for holding any government of the country to account.

    That time passed many years ago.

    That is small talk!

    The fact of the matter is that there must be a gigantic thrust by the broad masses and middle classes of this country to PERMANENTLY TOTALLY REMOVE these two older parties from the political governmental landscape of this country.



    • @PDC

      Why are you quibbling over nonsense. If the masses are to be motivated to remove a party does it not have something with holding said government accountable. And if the government is removed what?

  36. David,

    There appears to be a huge communications problem within the tourism industry. While addressing eighty one representatives from 65 tour operators last week, the BTA Chairman said ‘Acknowledging fierce competition in the marketplace, the BTA Chairman pointed to measures such as the reduction of VAT on accommodations, attractions and dining’.

    This just 4 days before the reduction of VAT to 7.5 per cent on ‘accommodations’ and Direct Tourism Services should have been implemented. The MOF and MOT has yet to decide which DTD services are eligible. Does this send a message that WE are in control?

  37. David, ABSOLUTELY and many of these mistakes are totally needless. It’s almost as if there is a self-destruct policy in place.

  38. @ Adrian Loveridge | October 2, 2013 at 7:25 AM |
    “The MOF and MOT has yet to decide which DTD services are eligible. Does this send a message that WE are in control?”

    This recent case of implementation deficit is another stark reinforcement that the current administration is totally lost at sea and ought to be relieved of its position of steering the ship of state before SS Barbados flounders on the rocks like the Costa Concordia.

    Any MoF worth his salt would have requested his mandarins carry out a pre-budget analysis on the tax effects such a measure would have. The analysis would certainly involved an identification of those areas expected to be affected by a reduction in rates and their potential fiscal implications for the deficit and weighed against the potential spinoff benefits to the wider industry in terms of business turnover.

    We wonder what the apologists have to say. Are they going to blame the international recession or the BLP creating strife by rubbing shoulders with the same tourism players? Is this the DLP administration’s way of punishing the sector since they cannot ‘crack heads and shoot people’ who own and control the sector.

    But we would be more rational and stick to the initial position of the proposal being poorly thought out without taking into consideration the real factor the rate would have to apply to residents with unexpected revenue loss unless the Act is amended to reflect this gross discrimination and create a whole set of new bureaucratic procedures to implement such a two-rail tax system.

  39. This BU blogsite should have been in the forefront of helping to bring about this said gigantic thrust that we referred to just now.

    And it does have the capacity to do so!

    To help restore the confidence of the broad sectors of people in realizing and being part of social political changes for the better for the country – rather than reaching back to any expectations that either the Damned DLP or Blasted BLP will perform according to what they have promised, when it is clear that too many times they will not perform according to their words, and that such is a case of many people witnessing history, the illogical too often repeat themselves, with some of these same people chancing with imprecision and uncertainty and incredulity as to what these two older stupid parties are really going to do.

    For instance, both the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP have long been talking about accountability, transparency, and integrity in public life.

    Yet, what is their bloody record on such issues? What?

    These jackasses (political principals in these two older ramshackled parties) can hardly account to the broad sectors of people, and can little be responsible to them, yet you are talking about holding government accountable. Where are the clear and very effective means for doing so, without some process that should be functioning to help bring about such accountability being impugned?

    How much longer is this otiose ineffectual outdated principle going to be held up by persons like you, whilst these jackasses continue to primarily look after their own interests, some of their friends, some of their families interests, their business, financial, corporate, and foreign affairs interests? Rather than primarily the public’s, the country’s, the nation’s? As the country bleeds? Huh?

    The answer must be an emphatic no longer!!

    The right and disciplined people centered coalition building progressive nationalist parties must be in the not to distant future installed in this country to, et al, help bring a greater level of decency civility to the affairs of government of this country, to help bring greater levels of empowerment, greater enfranchisement, greater responsibility to the vast majority of people of this country, to devolve genuine sovereignty to the people of this country, and to properly reposition and resuscitate the commercial business sectors of this country.

    That has NOTHING to do with continuing to fecklessly flimsily expect these two corrupt stupid parties to perform to their words (one must now greater expect them to greater default on their words), especially when it is clear that their record of doing so is so miserably poor and that for those and numerous other reasons they must be got the rid of by the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY PERMANENTLY from the political governmental landscape of this country for the greater benefit of the country’s future good.

    Such will form part of a newly desired evolved social political material financial dispensation for this country, under a certain future coalition government of which the PDC will be a part of.


  40. @Sunshine,
    I am not living in a dream world. It is a real world when I can see a truck exiting the port with sweet poataoes imported from St. Lucia, when hundreds of acres of prime land ios allowed to go to grass and bush. Check the lands at Vaucluse. Who imported and/ or why was the sweet potatoes imported.? Why would we need to import lamb (whateer kind) from New Zealand?Nothing to do with the trade mark or rights. Just don’t import the damned thing. Talk about politicians trying to get rich, what about the daamned distributors?There is NOTHING can convince me that we need to import 700 million dollards of foodstuffs.

  41. The figures are out for the last quarter and Tourism is down as well as retail. Bizzy Williams now pleading to Barbadians to come together and help pull this country out of the mess it is in. BU has been saying especially Adrian that our Tourism numbers are down and something must be done to stop that downward spiral. Miller, Hants, myself, the Colonel Buggy, and many others have been saying that the island needs cleaning up especially Bridgetown and the Garrison. Bizzy sounds like he is fighting for the survival of his businesses.

    Miss Irene I hope that you are reading this post and I do hope that you understand what we are speaking about. We love this piece of rock and don’t want to see our own destroy it. I know you can’t do anything about that idiot you have as your MOT but please whisper in the right ears that he must be removed as soon as possible. The problem is that you might be whispering in another fool’s ear so it might not make a difference. You see there is a saying that one fool makes many. That is certainly the case with your present colleagues. If you really love this island you and Donville along with Dr Estwick should make a move and distant yourselves from the crop of fools.

    With a heavy heart,


  42. Alvin Cummins

    You see what I tell you about you. You are living in a dream world. You see any part of Barbados where sweet potatoes are dominating the land. Lets go a little further. You see any part of Barbados where corn is dominating the land. Let us go even further you see any part of Barbados where pigeon peas, peppers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions are dominating the land. Agriculture is seen in Barbados as a poor man occupation for which slaves laboured for the plantocracy. Stupid ass bajans do not see the wealth in Agriculture because they do not want to involve themselves in the adventures of the soil or in animal shite. The few who see the lucrativeness in farming are stymied by crooked merchant class who practice discrimination and unfair price control on the people”s produce. Government do not give two whoops and a wuk-up about agriculture until now. So what is the crooked merchant class to do; wait for the farmers to produce who struggle to meet their demand quotas? What are the merchants to do when its easier to import and inflate prices and use the excuse that duties and import taxes are the reason why they have up their mark ups. Them just as crooked as well and are in cahoots with their political buddies. Tell me Alvin “Buy Local Eat Local” Cummins you think that we got enough farmers producing quality local foods that can meet the food needs of Barbados, with the type of prevailing mentalities. Every other country has sought to preserve agriculture and make it better. . Barbados on the other was trying its utmost best to erase there’s and push a UWI graduate in every household but no inclusion of an agriculture progressive model.. How on Gods earth you expect a backward thinking people, with tunnel vision and small- island- shrink- the brain- operate at a higher level of conscious thinking. We f….up and loss sugar because we had to many PhD and highfoluted qualified thinkers to busy to come up with additional ideas to add value to sugar or some super duper specialty by product of sugar. The battle for articulative supremacy is what we are about bout here. A lot of educated talkers but not enough think tanks for action and implementation.

  43. Alvin Cummins | October 2, 2013 at 6:42 PM |
    I am not living in a dream world. It is a real world when I can see a truck exiting the port with sweet potatoes imported from St. Lucia, when hundreds of acres of prime land is allowed to go to grass and bush. Check the lands at Vaucluse.
    Perhaps this will all change when UWI students start working the 40 acres of prime agricultural land given to them.

  44. @ Alvin Cummins:

    We want you to respond to “Sunshine Sunny Shine | October 2, 2013 at 8:06 PM | “.

    BTW, Alvin C., what do you mean by the statement “when hundreds of acres of prime land (is) allowed to go to grass and bush”?
    Are you aware that the majority of the same acres of prime land (excluding the CLICO vast holdings) is owned and controlled by the BADMC & BSIL?
    Are you also aware that the DLP administration has been in control of the reins of government for the past 5 years and almost 10 months and could have influenced the size of the food importation bill whether it is sweet potatoes from St. Lucia, frozen lamb meat from New Zealand used in food for dog and zoo carnivores and dipped in formaldehyde for long distance storage, sugar from Guyana, molasses from Brazil or even bottled coconut water from Indonesia or tamarinds from Thailand?

  45. @Miller;I agree the DLP has had “control of the reins of government for the past 5 years” and could have controlled the size of the food importation bill. They should have become very positive and confiscated lands that are not being fully utilized in what land is for…food production. They should have BANNED the importation of crops that could have been grown here: tomatoes, onions, sweet potqatos, Yams, etc etc. The should BAN the importation of Lamb forthwith and if people want to eat lamb let them buy local black belly sheep. They should BAN the importation of bottled water; if people want bottled water let them buy Bomanston Liqueurs (local water). I don’t have to tell you shere the hundreds of acres are, you were part of the last government that was in the business of buying land for a “land bank”, you were in cahoots with the plantation owners who were waiting expectantly for change of use of agricultural land to build houses (expensive ones at that). Your government was in control of the same lands controlled by the BADMC and BSIL and did NOTHING with them. Barbados needs to take a leaf out of Cuba’s book.

  46. Alvin my friend, i gotta tell ya, the DLP, your party…………….coulda, woulda, shoulda……they had more than 5 years to get it right.

  47. YOu see what I tell you about this man. Either he is in a glass case or he really does not understand what is going on in my littlle island. This man seems to think that the problem will be solve if we start buying local. I mean how many local products are they on the market that we can choose from. We do not produce a bajan brand of cereal so therefore must we resort to corn meal pap and rice tea just because I would like some Kellogs.. If Agriculture was vibrant and well developedm we could cut down on some of the essentials that I believe we can grow here. But agriculture was on the back burner for years and now that the two party clowns is seeing its worth, the political lackies wants to jump on its bandwagon and proclamate buy local. Ok where should i start to buy my locally made cornflakes from….

  48. When we signed all those fancy “free trade” agreements is when the noose was placed around our necks. All the white people had to do was call it “free” trade and everyone was signing its praises…
    Lotta shiite!
    Local agriculture CANNOT compete with outsiders who pay starvation wages; who exploit migrant labour; who prop up their farmers with grants under various guises; who use prisoners for free labour.
    Since we CANT compete! there is NO opportunity to export! and we are dumped with cheap, often unhealthy imports – which then become expensive, unhealthy imports once we are hooked.

    Can we restrict some of these imports? OF COURSE WE COULD…if our leaders had the balls to convince local importers to CHOOSE not to do so….

    If they had the skills to communicate with the public about the real situation we face….and to win their confidence…to choose LOCAL.

    If they could stimulate local agriculture to be competitive by INGENUITY and PRODUCTIVITY and HIGH QUALITY rather than cheap mass production….

    Our leadership does NOT have such skills.
    SSSunny is correct….Alvin is a fossil who is representative of our politicians. LOL…they think that HOPE is a strategy.

  49. @ SSunnyS
    Ok where should i start to buy my locally made cornflakes from…
    If you REALLY knew what was good for you you would not buy ANY damn cornflakes….too much gluten and sugar… and MUCH too expensive for what you are eating…
    What you got against some fried plantain, roast corn, and local vegetables washed down with little bush tea? 🙂

  50. Bust Tea
    I do not want cornflakes I am drawing a covert point. We cannot even produce cornflakes so if we are not producing we therefore have to import. If you produce you do not have to import and if you are importing then it means that you might be producing but not enough to sustain the demands and needs of the local populace. What little Barbados produce is not consistent and sustainable because if it was we would not need to import now would we.

  51. Bushie asked….”Can we restrict some of these imports? OF COURSE WE COULD…if our leaders had the balls to convince local importers to CHOOSE not to do so….”

    Bushie it will come to past that there will be no other choice than to buy locally because there will be no forex to pay for these goods. The local population palates will quickly adjust to farine(dried cassava) grilled plantains and Guyanese salt fish or local bacon and eggs for brekfus. I am waiting for my farine to set with a swirl of mango jam on the top. Or a likkle salt fish and green bananas. I made some delicious sweet potato pudding/pone and it was taken to Canada last week. Dem Caribs in Dominica does mek a sweet potato bread dem does cook pon the coal pot dat nuff people like. I gine try to replicate the recipe if I can’t get it from someone.

    Well dem brassbowls who feel dem cahn do widout certain tings at Christmas time better start their reprogramming now because it ent gine get better.

  52. @ Islandgal
    You going let GP, Pieceuhderock, and dem fellows find out why the bushman had his chops licking out pon Islandgal now…? That lunch invitation still on…? 🙂

    You are correct that we WILL adjust our taste REAL soon….when we CANNOT afford to pay for the imported junk.

    ..would it not be WISE to make such adjustments PROACTIVELY – when we still have a few dollars in we pockets to buy the CRITICAL stuff like medicines and little fuel….?

    @ SSunnyS
    Have you considered that we only need to import cornflakes because idiots INSISTS on buying it – and in so doing, making others rich -while making themselves ill?
    It is not a case of IMPORT or PRODUCE. It is one of FALSE and unnecessary DEMAND.

  53. “Barbados needs to take a leaf out of Cuba’s book”

    IN WHAT AREA- Everything in Cuba is down, down, down, where there is no vision, the people perish. Cubans would love to live in Barbados but Barbadians would only want to visit Cuba enjoy the beauty of the country and the warmth and hospitality of the resilient Cuban people.

  54. Balance said “IN WHAT AREA- Everything in Cuba is down, down, down, where there is no vision, the people perish. Cubans would love to live in Barbados”

    Balance you better get off the scale because your lopsided views about Cuba says that you are very BIASED. Cuba can feed itself….Can we? Cuba has made medical research history…Have we? Cuban peoples do not have the frills we have BUT they are not known as the amputation capital in the Caribbean. I bet you that the average Cuban is more healthy than the average Bajan. I bet you that the average Cuban is more educated than the average Bajan. Because you live in a big concrete house and drive a fancy motor car does not make you any better than Cubans. You are a perfect example of a BRASS BOWL Bushie speaks about!

    • Talking about Cuba, why does the US still impose an embargo on that Caribbean country? Interesting to hear Senator McClean calling for its dismantling this week at the qUN.

  55. Yesterday a caller (the Trinidadian Lady – real name Mary Sargeant) said on VOB’s Brass Tacks that the opposition BLP is the genesis of talk of devaluation which, once heard, could undermine investor confidence in both the domestic and international spheres for Barbados. Consider the following two questions, and I urge you to arrive at a fair conclusion.
    1. Can any of you remember a Governor of the Central Bank becoming embroiled in an argument with the lady boss of the IMF in which the Governor sought to defend Barbados’ peculiar position against devaluation?
    2. Can someone please tell me who wrote: “Following the June 27th
    Economic Consultation, Government is in discussion with the social partners on measures that will be introduced to reduce the fiscal deficit. The required adjustment is considerable, about 4.5% of GDP, but not sufficient to cause major social disruption … The adjustment will protect the value of our currency, which is vital to Barbados’ economic prosperity.”

    • The fact that the government has withdrawn its recent offer in the Capital market needs explanation. BU recalls that MAM’s request for an explanation why the rate was greater than existing drew an arrogant dismissal from the MoF at the wind up of the Budget debate. In today’s newspaper leading US investment houses echoed the same concerns.

  56. And then we allow tourism to be in a FREE FALL FOR 17 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS AND NOT 12 AS EARLIER ALLUDED TO, and wonder how will Barbados escape the clutches of the IMF? Leadership is about solving problems, and the fact that Barbados has been unable to avert this downward fast fall in tourism but the same Cabinet Minister with responsibility remains in place, says more about the incompetence of Stuart.

  57. Here we have the MOF going abroad and showing his INCOMPETENCE to the whole world. We already know of it here BUT he mek us real shame. TIME FOR HIM TO GO! Donville and Estwick wunna still backing these fools? Wunna don’t know that one fool makes many?

  58. When will these hard headed government ministers start listening to others for a change, even at my age i listen to other people, whether they are older or younger than i am, there is always something new to learn,

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