Government's Concessions to SANDALS Barbados

Read about the concessions government has given to CPH Property Holdings (Barbados) Limited and Grande Cass Management (Barbados) Limited together known as SANDALS – Click image

Read about the concessions government has given to CPH Property Holdings (Barbados) Limited and Grande Cass Management (Barbados) Limited together known as SANDALS – Click image

132 thoughts on “Government's Concessions to SANDALS Barbados

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    David | November 9, 2013 at 12:38 PM |


    Which sector do you think Barbados has had to rely in the last 30 years?@

    Land Fraud , by lawyers and BLP and NOW DLP on the backs of Violet Beckles and her family as they sell free land too sell land and do as they please ,, where no where else so far in the World is legal by any of English Law ,,
    Fraud is out side the LAW but can be seen by LAW and Fixed by Law ,,
    Good Luck Sandals , We hope your agreement with Crooks Liars and Scumbags is a clean and clear deal.


  3. @ Donald Smith | November 13, 2013 at 6:55 PM |
    “Your criticism i have noted, but when all parties are not privy to all the facts suspicion will abound,…”

    So why don’t you allay the fears and suspicions of the naively simple uninformed Bajans and tell us was is the estimated size of the financial outlay planned for Sandals Barbados (Casuarina at Dover)? How much would the upgrade and makeover cost and would it be coming from Sandals? Is it US $5 million, $25 million, $50 million, $100 million or what?

    As it stands, it looks as if Barbados is being taken for a ride at the expense of your existing competitor hotels giving Sandals an unfair advantage and head start especially in the areas of food and drink supplied to the hotel.
    Would you agree Donald, a fair minded man of love?

  4. Caswell Franklyn | November 13, 2013 at 8:30 PM |
    you have a job on your hands trying to repair that reputation in order to get locals on board.
    Caswell which locals? You don’t speak for me you poor excuse for a trade unionist. I’ve got a large family none buy into the garbage the likes of you ,miller and ADRIAN spill on here. What locals on board what.

    The Sandals move is a master stroke. ITS brought freshness and global reach to a product plagued with mustiness and old fogies AND their run down premises like Peach and Quiet. Now that is a tired hotel if you want to see one.

    The hoteliers need to start listening to the market and not themselves. Nobody wants to hear a bunch of gripers and chronic complainers year in year out. Get up off yall rich asses and invest. Travel and promote. Stop being cheap trying to milk the government of every cent. Be like Butch get creative. Stop the negative outlook and things would turn around. Paul Doyle is a good example to follow Adrian Loveridge and a lot of the local hotel owners are not.

  5. Should I comment on this, certainly not, this is a comment among locals which we have no business with, our job is to employ and train people, offer excellent service, treat our team members well, expand our brand making all our team members proud, and grow the local Barbadian economy.
    The word is love.

    Don Smith
    Sandals Resorts Int.

  6. “this is a comment among locals which we have no business with,”

    So who exactly is Sandals going to employ? What many here are asking for is transparency by both the government and Sandals regarding their business arrangement. As long as our tax dollars are being used to fund this project we have a right to know.

  7. Death Sentence to Local ownership of the Tourism Industry in Barbados

    While the humble, honest Barbadian makes his way to work early every morning and comes back tired, yet happy after a long day’s work, he is unknowing of a serious potential threat to his lifestyle that demands immediate attention.

    Other than the Civil Service, the tourism sector is by far the largest employer in Barbados, generating the majority of foreign exchange used by local businesses to purchase goods and services abroad.

    For several years the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) has been relentlessly pleading with the government to lower duties on certain items that would ease the cost of doing business in such a competitive industry (after all it is one of the only industries in Barbados that competes internationally, not domestically and imports foreign exchange). The reasons for this are due to such harsh competition with islands such as Aruba, Dominican Republic etc it is very hard to compete price-wise when we are being taxed on goods and services, which attract little or no duties in other destinations. This is detrimental to the Barbados economy as a whole, and when the economy is affected- every single person in Barbados is affected. There is less foreign capital flowing into the economy thereby hindering growth. Therefore, in due course, the BHTA formulated a conservative ten-point plan which they expected the Barbados government would grant them. The downturn in the economy placed Barbados in the top ten countries in debt in the world with public debt at 102.1% of GDP. As a result, many people hoped Mr. Sinclair, Minister of Finance would grant these duty and tax cuts. Unfortunately, all hopes were dashed after the budget was announced in September. The only thing Mr. Sinclair did for the hotel industry apart from returning VAT to 7.5% from 8.5%, was to lower duty on heavy cream from 160% to 40%, a slap in the face to the people who have been so eagerly fighting to survive in such a tough global economy. Heavy cream is used minimally in hotels and the overall saving would be infinitesimal to the industry. Meanwhile duties on wooden furniture which must be imported continue at 60% plus VAT. To protect whom? The hotels have to be furnished attractively enough to compete in a global market and many items are simply not available here.

    Obviously, when companies suffer in Barbados, so too do the locals working hard for their lifestyle. People are laid off, companies shut down, increasing unemployment rates; and crime and theft increase- making life hard for everyone. (We do not aspire to live in conditions such as Jamaica and Trinidad).

    This is where we introduce the problem. Recently Sandals struck a deal with the Barbados government and was invited into Barbados and given a large list of concessions including: no duty or tax on any item used for building and OPERATING the hotel including all Food & Beverages, watercraft and cars for senior management. Even duty free furniture for foreign managers’ homes. It is rumored that no tax on profits and no land tax is also included.
    These concessions were granted and signed off in a matter of days by the Barbados government to a FOREIGN company. How did this occur? Without the details we are left to speculate the many possibilities.

    Is Sandals good for Barbados?
    Conditionally it is – they have plenty of marketing power and ability to bring tourists to the island.(Although an icon such as Rihanna has a much broader reach young future visitors and has put Barbados on the map)-but most certainly not beneficial under these conditions, where local competitiveness is extinguished. Therefore the ONLY WAY Sandals is beneficial to Barbados, is if all hotels are playing on a level playing field with the rest of Barbados, after all the Sandals chain already has more spending power than any hotel in Barbados!

    Let me be clear- Sandals Resorts Ltd IS NOT the problem. The concessions granted to Sandals are NOT the problem. The problem is that we are promoting self-destruction of LOCAL businesses by making it IMPOSSIBLE for them to compete, not only in the Caribbean, but in our OWN country! Local businesses CANNOT survive if we have to play with one hand tied behind our back! Does this mean that tomorrow all businesses in Barbados will go bankrupt? No, but it means a long, slow and painful death for ALL local businesses competing in the tourism sector- which is the major driver of the economy! Furthermore, the 150 work permits we are told have been granted to Sandals means 150 foreigners coming and taking Bajan jobs. These kind of grants have never occurred in the HISTORY of Barbados or to the writers knowledge in any sector, far less the tourism sector.

    What next? Once concessions are granted to a huge international chain like Sandals, they (the Barbados government) have no grounds on which to reject any other large hotel chain that decides to enter our country or for that matter any other large tourism related company? Where is the line and where does this bloody rollercoaster ride end? The way it is going – the future may very well end up in the hands of foreign billionaires, taking the occasional trip over in their private jets to see how their empire is going. These people will not care intimately about Barbados the way we locals do. They won’t treasure what we treasure and they won’t care. They will be seeking new ways to make bigger year end profits. This is unlike local Bajan owners who care for our island. (This is not pointing a finger at Sandals. Simply pointing out where we may be heading.)

    What steps does the Barbados Government need to take to soften the matter and put Bajan hearts at ease? They need to give ALL these concessions to ALL local hotel businesses. This will invigorate and promote local growth from within, keeping our jobs and profits LOCAL.

    We as a people have been very conservative in relation to political matters in the past. This is a time when we ALL need to take a stand for the people of Barbados, for our jobs, our families and our lifestyles. There is NO line we shouldn’t be willing to cross. We DESERVE these concessions and we DESERVE a level playing field. Being relentless in our demand is the only way we will achieve justice for the Barbadian people.

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