Barbados Labour Party to File Motion of No Confidence in Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition to file motion of no confidence against Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler - CLICK on image to listen to press conference

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition to file motion of No Confidence against Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler – CLICK on image to listen to press conference

218 thoughts on “Barbados Labour Party to File Motion of No Confidence in Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

  1. If MIA as you pointed out is so good at goverance… then tell me Why is it so hard for her to get her party members united. You speak of leadership as it is she cannot command the support and respect of all her members how then would she be able to garner full support when and if she is PM. She must demonstrate the ability of leadership from within a task which she has failed at which in turn proves that her leadership skills are muted

  2. Tell me why

    The rent-a-vote also was from the BLP side. The BLP gave away so much money to buy votes that I can understand how despondent they felt when they were not returned to office.

  3. ac. How can you have a frank discussion when gutter talk was espouse of being naked in Broad Street. When the Hon Erskine Sandiford had a no confidence motion against him, he remained a statesman and never used any insulting remarks to his attackers. ac ease off the loyalty issue.

  4. “@Loveridge
    To engage you in a dialogue in reading and understanding statistical data is an exercise in futility. Anyhow let me see if I can make sense of your most recent rant.

    From 2007 all cruise lines which visit Barbados have included St. Lucia in their itinerary. Prior to 2007 there was a 200,000-visitor differential as was the case in 2006 when Barbados attracted 539,092 and st Lucia 359,593 visitors. Should the Barbados Board of Tourism tell the cruise lines not to include St. Lucia in their itinerary?

    Barbados is part of what is called the ‘’Caribbean South’’ cruise packages . On the other hand St. Lucia because of its geographical location , enjoys visits from ships doing the ‘Caribbean East and Caribbean South’’ packages. Take Holland America as an example.
    Caribbean East :- Starting in Tampa with stops in Key West, San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Johns, Castries, Soufriere, Willemstad, Oranjestad, Georgetown.
    Caribbean South :-Starting in Fort Lauderdale with stops in Half Moon Cay, St. John, St. Johns, Terre-de-Haut, Castries, Soufriere, Bridgetown, Port Elizabeth, Samana, Grand Turks

    What should the Barbados Board of Tourism do? Should they change the geographic coordinates of Barbados ? You were a director of the Board of Tourism in 2008 when Barbados attracted 595,523 cruise visitors and St. Lucia 611,680. It was the first year that St. Lucia overtook Barbados in cruise tourism. What did you do about it then? What is breaking news about St. Lucia numbers being greater than Barbados’ for the first six months of this year?. It has been like this ever since 2008 when you were appointed as a tourism guru to the Board of Tourism. No wonder you were kicked off the Board of Tourism. You just didn’t have a clue. You couldn’t answer questions at Board meetings.

    This is the third time I am asking you to attend evening classes in statistics at the Springer Memorial or St. Leonard’s School . If the problems is memory loss, I can’t make a recommendation. That is something personal.”

    Antoinette Sealy

  5. Tell me why

    Don’t misunderstand me, when I said that the “rent-a-vote was also from the BLP side” I meant in addition to the rent-a-crowds that they had.

    Our side don’t engage in foolishness at election time.

  6. I read your submission loud and clear and will never disagree when facts are in black and white. Re: your post on the below date.
    Carson C. Cadogan | October 17, 2013 at 12:56 PM |

  7. I know this is off the topic of a very serious discussion; but thought I would lighten things up for just a moment.

    There were two articles in the October 14 edition of Barbados Today, which appear to be at odds.

    In the first, “More BK Outlets Coming” we see a picture of Bizzy and Shelly, and the Minister of Industry cutting the ribbon for the opening of the second (with many more to come) Burger King fast food outlet.

    In the second “Promoting Healthy Living” we see picture of Half Moon Fort students in activities to promote healthy eating as well as locally grown fruits and vegetables.

    Also, in an interview in the Nation on December 5, 2010, Shelly Williams is quoted as saying:

    “I started working out and eating properly. I started with the gym and that didn’t work for me. I bought three Jillian Michaels DVDs and I started working out with her and watching everything that I ate. It was in my living room everyday for the first two to three months, twice a day. Now I only do it every evening for about 45 minutes . . . . Going dining with me now is no fun . . . only water, and I don’t use sugar or eat any processed meats.”

    I guess that means Shelly will not be having Whoppers and Shakes at Bizzy’s BK.

  8. [youtube=]

    The hypocrite & crook, Mottley has done nothing that will hurt him, Sinckler. The DLP knows this. Senator Irene, otherwise would not have appeared on this site with boast and arrogance.

  9. Well Well

    “…….llike a true black woman of African ancestry Caroline Herbert held her age well, she was closer to 80 i believe.”

    If that is true In the photo in the Sunday Nation she didn’t look a day over fifty. Is her husband still Chairman of the CBC board?

  10. It was hilarious when Peter Wickham told David Ellis today that Chris Sinckler would not make a pretty site himself walking naked down Broad Street! Those in glass houses should not throw stones!

  11. Tell me why! speaking of “guttertalk” did not the RGT HON accused YOUR LEADER of what can be more deamening and disgusting and literally straight from the gutter to accused openly YOUR leadership of such illegalities.YET none of U yardfowls in as much as peek teet . However Sincklair remarks are now food for fodder how hypocrtical can u yardfowls be.

  12. Barbados is miles ahead of Haiti, St. Lucia and many others in the IMF “forecast”. When last I checked a forecast is a what I think will happen. They key for Barbados is to get some of the projects which are ready to be rolled out facilitated and implemented.
    We can and will overcome any challenges but simply cursing the finance minister or encouraging Mottley in stirring up unrest will not help anyone, It is Barbados first and not Mottley’s arrogant grab for attention and power.

  13. I have a St. Lucian friend and she is amazed to hear some saying how good St. Lucia is supposed to be doing compared to Barbados. What nonsense. Ask the people at Fortress Property Fund about how poor the real estate market is in St. Lucia. Her sister in St. Lucia is looking to get out of there as the crime situation is worse than Barbados.
    The BLP seems to want all Bajans to feel that the rest of the Caribbean is booming but that is another Mottley lie.The reality on the ground in amny of these Caribbean islands is a lot harder than Barbados.Keep the proper perspective.

  14. If only you knew
    the DLP has lots to do.
    Barbados problems are monsterous and not few,
    all left behind from the BLP crew.

    Bajans should be sad
    and mad.
    BIM is just that bad,
    but Arthur running the country was no lad.

    Don’t forget, just don’t forget, Bajans let the BLP go
    Letting too many things grow,
    Twice has said no, HELL NO
    can’t tolerate them no more.

  15. Bajanfuhlife

    I hope you have better luck telling the BLP including ADRIAN LOVERIDGE about the real situation in St. Lucia.

    I have many friends in St. Lucia who tell me different to what these jokers keep saying.

    Don’t talk about the crime situation. You can follow it daily

    and on Facebook

    Everyday the Police are having to shoot people in St. Lucia in an effort to maintain Law and Order.

    About three people shot over the last 24 hours.
    but these jokers trying to make everyone in Barbados believe that they are living in Hell while St. Lucians are living in Heaven.

  16. Could this be the beginning of our own “Arab Spring” here in Barbados? Any successful change must come from the people.

    The no-confidence motion will force every MP in the House to declare their support or disapproval of the job that the Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler, is doing, and vote their conscience on the resolution.

    Whether or not the motion is successful, it will be especially damaging to Sinckler’s political aspirations. Hence those MPs on the government side with ambitions of becoming finance minister, and who have been publicly and privately critical of his many blunders, have the opportunity to speak (and vote) now or forever hold thy peace.

    After all the public rumblings on call-in programs, blogs and social media over the DLP’s poor performance, it will be interesting to see if the public will support the Opposition by overwhelmingly signing the petition calling for the removal of the finance minister.

    It is now becoming increasingly clear that for Sinckler’s role in the Eager 11, the no-confidence motion could be the “consequences” to which PM Stuart was referring. This makes one wonder if Sinckler was retained as MOF by the PM after the elections to self-destruct, especially since the failure of the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy. In other words, the PM kept him there to fix the mess he created.

    The PM also went against Sinckler on several occasions, in a “good cop, bad cop” tactic, potraying the finance minister as an evil police officer, and bluntly refusing to layoff public workers to achieve the deficit-reduction targets. Stuart exposed Sincker for not first conducting an analysis of how the budget cuts would have impacted employment.

    Sinckler does not have his finger on the financial and economic pulse of the nation and was more interested in politicking, even when times called for being forthcoming with the Barbadian people.

    Sinckler’s greatest misstep was his announcement of a $600 million stimulus package right after the elections which was quickly abandoned in favor of a $400 million deficit-reduction program. In more recent times we have seen blunders in the implementation of the Consolidation Tax, Solid Waste Tax, and new VAT rate on tourism services. Then last week his failure to raise US$250 million on the international money market which he blamed on the US government shutdown was the last straw.

    It may be possible that the Minister of Finance could muster courage and dignity and resign quietly, saving his colleagues the embarrassment of having to defend his record of incompetence and failures.

    • @Carl

      Sinckler became damage post-E11. The DLP was able to retain power (just barely) because of an unappealing Opposition.

  17. David

    Everyone wins here. Mia looks good challenging her good friend Chris. Chris gets out of the MOF portfolio, some thing he wants terribly. Fruendel does not have to fire his MOF and risk him running into the arms of the BLP and bringing down Stuart as a consequence.

    I smell a Grand Bargain.

    • @C4

      And if you were to judge by Peter Wickham’s contribution today he seems to be ‘jettisoning’ Sinckler as well, his buddy.


    Vote for what , Just kick him crook self out one time ,,We have more proof than we needed , just look at the price of sweet bread and milk,

    Out with his well fed self, MoF more like P.I.G

  19. I have been as critical (if not more so)as anyone on BU in relation to the Nation Publishing Co.However in response to the post at 4:45am submitted by Nation blp newspapers,it is difficult to fault the Nation in this instance.The talking points are the same simply because they are based on the most obvious of blunders made by the circus of a cabinet that seems bent on bringing Barbados to it’s knees.How does one of sound mind,with a clear conscience continue to support this road show?

  20. Carson C. Cadogan | October 17, 2013 at 2:42 PM |

    Well Well

    “…….llike a true black woman of African ancestry Caroline Herbert held her age well, she was closer to 80 i ”

    If that is true In the photo in the Sunday Nation she didn’t look a day over fifty. Is her husband still Chairman of the CBC board?

    Carson…….trust me, that was a really old photo of Caroline Herbert in her obits……….with regard to if her husband is still GM at CBC, you may want to ask your government that, last i heard it was Leroy Parris, that is presuming they have not since changed the GM>

  21. Appears no one on BU has seen the photo of a naked Chris Sinckler running past the Parliament Building on Broad Street, it’s been all over the internet from morning…

  22. whenever i hear peter wickham make a political comment i steupse…he is the only pollster known to create a twoheaded poll……now to think that nine months later he has once again been anointed and appointed a political guru,,, ,,,,annuda thing his influence or lack thereof cause the blp to lose the election… yet wunna continue to rub sholders wid he.

  23. Peter Wickham is a peddler and broker of political influence so his recent stance on his good ‘friend’ Sinckler is not surprising.

    Busy now trying to make Donville into an alternative to Stuart. Stupse, anybody does still pay attention to Wickham tho?

  24. more like a meddler… his claim to fame would be ” ,,, his mischievious and meddlesome poll…which was to sway public.opinion in favour of the BLP, hi peter still eating pmpkin. i wondr if he could pull that tric off in 2018… nuh, too dumb ….

  25. Well Well. | October 17, 2013 at 8:16 PM |
    Appears no one on BU has seen the photo of a naked Chris Sinckler running past the Parliament Building on Broad Street, it’s been all over the internet from morning…”
    You gotta be kidding. Do we really want to see that? Not!

    Maybe he can do it by proxy…pay a young nubile lass to do it… at least that would give some relief , as we aint getting none on the tax side.

  26. @ C4”Busy now trying to make Donville into an alternative to Stuart. ”
    Have you paid attenshun? De buoy at de back, listen tuh me, yuh pay attenshun?

    You ent see dat Donville been in de news every two weeks, buh, Stuart ent say nutting ceptin when he appear afore de elexshun (like new de bye-elexshun due)?

    You is shuppid or what boay?

  27. @Carl,

    Excellent analysis, except ”In other words, the PM kept him there to fix the mess he created”.

    No, Stuart needed a fall guy, he ent tekking blame (especially as if he does nothing, he remains distant from any result).

    Except, a leader should lead from in front, not snooze at the back.

  28. No one is mentioning the Almond Bailout, millions being given to Almond owners, but nada, zilch for the Clico poliyholders.

    WHY would anyone bailout a private entity.


  29. The BLP mouthpiece “The Nationnewspaper” and the BLP public relations consultant Sanka Price are at it again.

    Has there ever in the history of Barbados a more obvious example of a newspaper being in bed with an opposition party?

  30. Crusoe,
    Who would have ever thought that after criticising the BLP over the Gems project for ever that a DLP government would get similarly involved in the hotel industry? Buying Almond at a cost over the real value and soon the Silver Sands Hotel.

    This government is strapped for foreign exchange. Mr Doyle from Crane wanted this property badly as well as the Jada Group. What does this inept incompetent government do to block Mr Doyle who would have had to be bringing foreign exchange to buy Almond? They buy Almond!

    Why no one can understand how a cash strapped government who cannot pay its bills can find money to buy Almond.The NIS will soon run into trouble! Mark my words, this is a front for Jada as they did not want Mr Doyle to get it. You watch and see that it will be Jada who will be the contractors. And this PM says he is not in anyone’s pocket? Yeh, right!!

  31. Crusoe,

    Yeah…………I stupid. Not too stupid to know that Donville is only the most recent politician to hire Peter Wickham to improve his image, promote him as an alternative Prime Minister and fork out nuff money, week after week to make sure he does be in the headlines every day.

    Donville can be/is a PM, a Porn Magnet…………….but NOT a Prime Minister.

  32. David

    I don’t really care because after to Bridgetown Embassy cables were leaked by Wikileaks I knew what Peter Wickham was capable of. Based on those cables a mere conflict of interest as you suggest is just a joke to him.

  33. Mottley said at her press pow wow that some Bajans are eating Ramin everyday.

    I am wondering if she is aware of the fact that in Jamaica some people are eating mongoose.

  34. A Promise & A Rose | October 18, 2013 at 9:43 AM

    Do you recall Owen saying that the people of Barbados will never accept Mia as a Prime Minister?

  35. Taken from Facebook:

    “I wonder why the females of the Barbados Labour Party did not demand an apology from Owen Arthur for calling Mia a thief and a person of no character. George Payne repeated the accusation of Mia’s dishonesty and not a word from the same group that posing in Today’s Nation Newspaper . Chris you spoke from your heart just like Owen. Not a word of apology. The recent affidavit in the case Hinkson vs Payne speaks volumes of the woman’s character. You said nothing out of place. Refresh your memory.”

  36. CCC
    mia has made the classic political mistake, for the second time. she has assumed that her enemy is finished and the hatchet is buried.

    before this non-fidence motion is played out owen arthur and his worker bees are going find a way to make the people of Barbados want him, not mia.

  37. Taken from Facebook:

    “Mia sight is only set on becoming Prime Minister of this country . I am sure she does not have a clue or plan how to get this Country out the current crisis . She does not put the interest of the people first . Calling out people to Queens Park to sign a petition is the best she can do . First she call out the public to Independence Square after the Budget ,that was a failed plot ,now here comes another one of her Mission Impossible failures again . I wonder how many of her Colleagues are backing her on this Shameful Act . Does she plan before she runs to the public threatening the Government .She needs to wake up and realize her hopes of becoming PM of this country are sickening Barbadians with her moves . The same no confidence motions she wants to bring just for her own beneficial gains we can look forward very soon for her Colleagues on her side to bring one against her .Pulling down the country is not the answer Ms Mottley .”

  38. “A sub-machine gun was among three firearms and a quantity of ammunition recovered by police during an operation in Sarrot, Bexon early this morning.

    About 12 persons have been taken into custody.

    Reports are that the operation was carried out at a bar in the area some time between 2:00 am and 3:00 am.”

    St. Lucianewsonline

    I am wondering if this is the same type found on Guyanese recently.

  39. There are a multiplicity of serious and fundamental social material and financial issues and problems facing hordes of people on a daily basis in Barbados and the most that can be seen being served up on this blog site, the Daily Nation editions, Brass tacks, etc is emotional hype of a political sort – the latest of which surrounds a proposed no-confidence motion in a clearly long failed Minister of Finance.

    Well, all Ministers of Finance – even the late great Errol W Barrow – have been failures; in the sense that they have been continuing to pursue and implement inappropriate, decrepit policies and measures that have been based on an essentially patently long failed westernist oligarchic exploitative dependency model of development.

    For, it is this same model of development that these wicked corrupt intellectually politically bankrupt DLP and BLP have been unflinchingly idealizing and practicing for an inordinately long period of time, and that will use to help make sure that Barbados becomes a second rate Third World developing country in 9 to 14 years, if these pathological sicknesses called the DLP and the BLP are not PERMANENTLY removed from the Parliament of this country by the broad masses and middle classes of people within just less than 5 years.

    Hence, from Barrow down to Sinckler there has been NOTHING produced by them (or among themselves) to suggest replacing, furthermore, to actively help upend this present essentially destructive model of development, with a view of the installment of a proper indigenized, egalitarianist participatory people-centered model of development.

    So, yet another political buffoon and political lightweight of this newer generation in Barbados – in Mottley this time – will come and ride on waves of useless emotionalism whipped up by especially some retarded portions of the traditional modern media from across the small sea of denizens within this country, and there will be produced yet AGAIN NOTHING by her to help remove or counter this dastard model of development and the very adverse effects of such upon the people of this country, just as she did NOTHING to help do so whilst serving in the Cabinets of Mr Owen Arthur.

    What ignorant rubbish!!


  40. @CCC
    Speaking to the BLP old guard , they are not in agreement with MIA tactics , her naked greed for power but there are no alternatives.
    @Crystal Ball
    MIA is doing her moon walk before the BLP conference next weekend
    You are reading it right about Jada and the DLP, next it will be SOL and BNOCL

  41. AS usual but not surprisingb the BLP yardfowls would jump at another straw trying to find any issue.Really Sinckler comment about MIA is so overblown everybodyknows MIA is a publicity hog so much that minutes before midday she makes sure that whatever propaganda she has makes it to the airwaves by 12.00 PM. NO confidence MIA!

    • @ Code Name Octopussy

      How is the blogmaster making money?

      What about those calling the talk show?

      Why target BU only?

      Are you aware that 7 thousand votes and two seats separated the parties?

      Go an manage the country and take you licks like men and women.

  42. @Carson
    You think that the 3 sub machine guns might be related to the two that they found in a TV here last week, or that the importers are related to the guys they arrested 2 weeks ago here with 18 guns?

  43. Peltdown………..what about all that cocaine and marijuana found on a boat in Barbados’ port a 2 days ago, is it all related, those crew members on the boat had to have known someone in Barbados…..some border security.

  44. [youtube=]

    Poor woman, Mottley, her minds confused, been misused so so long – those in her own party: Owen Arthur, George Payne and Dale Marshall. She has to win something, something. . . . LOL

  45. You all take yourselves too serious
    Nobody is paying any of you any attention. You come here everyday as though you have nothing better to do. The blog master is making money off of you all and he is not even sharing 5 cents with you
    Your rantings and raving mean nothing to the politicians. You all need to find something better to do with your time. There was an election in February 2013.

  46. Peltdownman | October 18, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    There are always links and they need to be explored.

    There was a Bajan connection to the Murderous Roger Khan in Guyana.

  47. What purpose does Pat Hoyos have in Barbados other than to curse Chris Sinckler every Sunday ?
    He is paid by the Nation newspaper – What does that say about the Nation? Connect the dots Barbados.

    Why is Clyde Mascoll who was a spokesman for the BLP and now an advisor being paid by the Nation newspaper every week when his agenda is obvious ?
    Connect the dots Barbados.

    The Nation is behaving as the BLP’s cheerleader.

  48. Look for Saturday Sun editor Sanka Price to show his BLP covers in his coverage on Saturday.
    He is behaving like Mia Mottley’s public relations adviser.

  49. so chris says mottley the publicity hound would just about do everything to be in the spotlight …. like running butt naked in bridgetow,,,,,,,,,,which broght out the BLP yardfowl bridgade and the politically intellectuallyt inccorrect to wage a war on Cris,,………..
    Now lets s access the damage vi via OSA ….who says that MIA mismanaged the funds of the BLP which began with half a million dollars and having and ending balance of about one hundred thousand in less than a year. then he goes on .to questions her honesty and goes as far indrectly accusing her of theft, as if that is not enough he further implies that her lifestyle (whatever that supposes to mean)is :Unacceptable,,, ,,
    The BLP yardfowls have never once find those comments to be offensive about their leader coming from the mouth of OSA but welcomed such crap with jubilance and almost in agreement with his every word, however in the instant where truth be known . Mia never one to shy away from media spotlight or run away from free publicity.The very suggestion or an off the cuff remark that MIA would bring attraction to self through nudity has created a manufactured :firestorm”” How is it that MIA being call a thief and a person who demonstrates unacceptable behavior by the RGTH hon was acceptable by the BLP yarfowls you guys think people foolish not to be able to detect honesty from a bunch of lowlife hypocrtical misfitsWHO just enjoyed every moment when OSA used his razor sharp tongue to deride MIA at every chance he got .What Chris said was childsplay in comparision to the disgusting and offensive public remark poking fun at MIA in the most replusive and insensitive the RGT HON that woman had to be miserable when all this smut was being said about her by the now defunct leader the Rgt Hon. How about the Rgth HON apologising to MIA Wunna ought to be ashamed of WUNNA SELVES,,Think people fughet,,,

  50. whether the two are friends are not, the truth is that MIA is under pressure to say or do something that would define and demonstrate good and strong . . leadership for the BLP. So then! wherelse could she go but like a raving wolf attack the nestling of the DLP. THe BLP had six years to formulate and present hardened proof by way of presenting to the country alternatives to the proposals of the DLP so far the BLP has been unable to complete this monumental task, Now they are pretending to present Sinckler as the bogeyman who must be sacrificed at the hands of BLP political opportunism for them Sinckler is the Cause and the reason for all that is wrong with the economy using him as a catalyst to unweave and disconnect a unified party(,something which the BLP cannot achieve for themselves)from within, this is quiet noticeable fom their daily mouthings and rants and tireless efforts to sway public opinion . . the only problem with such a tactic is that it shortlived the public steupse goes on with their business and the BLP is handed an empty bag with nothing to offer, this circle of deceit would continue and as always with the BLP it would be back to the same ole same ole of percetion, Propaganda and illusion, SOLUTIONS NO! too hard for them figure out,

  51. ac, i was just about to call you stupid when i realize from your comments you don’t have a clue what is going on in the DLP. For the record. what you need to do is find out who Chris is speaking to in the cabinet and who he is not speaking with my friend.

    and ac, stop running off your trap like a duck backside when you don’t know what is going on.

  52. and ac, stop running off your trap like a duck backside when you don’t know what is going on.
    Cud dear Doc,
    Ya wanna kill she…?
    THAT is what ac is all about.

  53. SAy what uu like DOC the political medical report states that the BLP is a fractured party in need of crtical health care, Using CHRIS is another quick fix to helping them bring the PARTY together in agreement on one issues, BTW this is my mout ac does not rent or lease it from You. it is privately owned do not owe YOU or anybody for use of it, Mind YOH BUSINESS YARDFOWL> ,

  54. this is Mia talking about a disjointed and disconnected fractured BLP party four years ago. same rings true today ………….. WATCH

  55. As President Obama said to the Republicans the other night after they caved in and approved the budget, ” If you guys want change policy….go out there and canvass and win an election ”

    The same holds true for the BLP !

    The only problem for the BEEs is that they missed the boat on 21 Feb, 2013 !

    Too bad….the next cruise is anytime in 2018.

    So the BEEs have a long time lingering on the harbour….enjoying a view of Mia half naked on a jet ski till then.


    Carson C. Cadogan | October 17, 2013 at 2:42 PM |@
    “…….llike a true black woman of African ancestry Caroline Herbert held her age well, she was closer to 80 i believe.”@

    She was a dam crook, and if they dont go to jail for how they lived , then let them rot in HELL. Caroline Hurbert gave Violet Beckles hell, is she was 80 then she knew the truth , We are happy to see stress put off the people of Barbados is was a liar, crook and scumbag,
    More of her kind is still there that need to walk away or remove by God,

    Lets see what probate she will have in court with no deeds.Another on bites and eat the dust ,
    Keep feeding the MoF , he will eat himself to the grave for P.I.GS dont know when to stop eating..

    You all need to do your home work before you get on the net and feel bag for crooks going to hell…


    Bajanfuhlife | October 17, 2013 at 3:30 PM | @ by the way you write i can tell you dont know nothing about MIA or MAM, she is a crooks and if they run to the POLLS get ready to hear the news on them all first hand,
    We will let you know all they are hiding , when you see our heading its real and not a joke ,
    Affidavits were written and signed, None cant fix what wrong with Barbados until , unless some one tell you all the truth , We know lies and jokes feel better until they hit you in your pockets,
    time for both parties with all the lawyers in each just sucking the people like pimps and whores,
    IMF and WB are masters of sucking pimp BLP and DLP scumbags up and down the net , All in the NEWS now know who there are in Barbados and run to print junk
    A news paper now is looking into the crooks of barbados and we will see if they are like CARIBNEWS in NEW YORK and BRASStacts radio pimps
    CBC is another Bitch same she-it, Soon they will make the papers from out side ,, vote truth not party,,,if you done know ask ,,

  58. The hypocrisy being displayed by the BLP women folk is quite astounding.

    Where were their protsestations and call for apologies when William Duguid let go his ‘scud ‘ missile on all women in the House Assembly last November ?

    Where was Cynthia Forde’ howls of protest when OSA referred to her as CHATTEL ?

    Where was the Barbados Labour Party Women League howls of protests when OSA undressed Mia Mottley in his now famous UWI public lecture ?

    The BLP rejects really believe reasonable thinking Barbadians do not take note of such hypocrisy ??

    Well it will be Deja Vu 2018 again….as it was in Feb 2013 .

    Jokers !

  59. Has anyone in Barbados besides me noticed that the latest addition to the Starcom / Nation “moderator” NEXUS is a lady called NEFETARI.

    David Ellis says that moderators are expected to have opinions. That is fine but should all the moderators have the same opinions ?
    It seems that once you lambaste the DLP you will get the inside track on a job as a moderator on VOB or writer in the Nation.
    I have listened to the lady Nefetari especially on political matters and she is right in sync with Peter Wickham.
    This lady is now the darling of the most partisan BLP callers on Brass Tacks like Tall Boy and Senator Linton.

    I however am not surprised. The quickest way to get a column in the Nation newspaper or a job as a moderator on VOB in recent years is to develop a reputation as a strong DLP critic.
    Example : Peter Wickham, Pat Hoyos. Caswell Franklyn .The trend continues!
    Which newspaper owns Starcom again? Oh yes, the Nation BLP newspaper..

  60. “Do you recall Owen saying that the people of Barbados will never accept Mia as a Prime Minister?”

    Do you recall Mr Stuart saying that Mr Thompson was not fit to lead The DLP?

  61. Balance be reminded that your G S Dennis Clarke has been begging this government for Medical assistance for one of his family members
    and that your NUPW and CTUSAB has pass resolution begging government for money to run CTUSAB –the same organisation that has been using the subvention to pay wages ,allowances to executive members ,rental at Jemmotts Lane and others and most of all no financial statement was presented last month at its general meeting

  62. [youtube=]

    The Republicans will continually menace the Obama Administration just because they can likewise Mottley and the BLP will continuously menace the DLP just because they can.

    The BLP embarrasses Barbados. Proof of this is Kerrie Symmonds, George Payne v Hendrickson and Rommel Marshall resigns hours before his expulsion. All should be persecuted and convicted: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, George Payne, and Gline Clark – all those crooks.

    Should find themselves a rabbit hole and stay in it – all BLP members.

  63. balance | October 19, 2013 at 3:22 AM |

    Do you recall Mr Stuart saying that Mr Thompson was not fit to lead The DLP?

    but when all was said and done the DLP became a united force rallying and giving their full support to Thompson including stuart …So much so that Thompson was able to forgive and forget what was said exemplifying such an effort by handed the role of PM to Now PM STUART. A stricking difference in comparison to the hypocritical defunct RGT HON who handed leadership to MIA MOTTLEY then as if having to prove how meanspirted he was publicly humiliated her and decapitated her as leader with the help of the gang of four to regain leadership for himself……..

  64. Everything has fallen apart. The hospital has family of patients patients going elsewhere to buy drugs that the doctors need for their family.

    The tourist sector has fallen apart, arrivals are down compared to other Caribbean islands.

    The economy is in a shambles and Government is scratching everywhere to get money, amidst a pathetic and ill delivered budget.

    The PM sleeps and only utters useless rhetoric.

    Inniss is acting a the Chief Whip and juts criticizing the BLP, claiming nonsense about them trying to destroy the economy, when the Minister of Finance is doing an excellent job of destroying it all by himself with the agreement of his Cabinet colleagues and the PM.

    A shambles. How Barrow must be turning in his grave at the atrocious management.

    For Shame. Time for a change.

    There will be, when the IMF comes to town, and on the current path…IT WILL.

    Sinckler does not have a clue, the PM does not have a clue.

    But maybe they can entertain the public with useless rhetoric from the PM (instead of addressing real issues) and Sinckler parading around uttering irrelevant nonsense catering to the comedy tents.

    By the way… why the $$$$$$$$$$$ bailout of the Almond owners???????

    That explanation is still forthcoming.

    Oh, also why was the COP fired???????????

    Will the PM take the time to answer those legitimate questions instead of uttering useless rhetoric?

  65. David

    No confidence motion, I smell Hartley Henry and Peter Wickham’s involvement. This is from their play book. I understand now………..the penny has dropped.
    So Mia, Hartley, Chris and Wickham conspired to put that second poll together to insense the electorate and guarantee that Owen got his second defeat. That was step one.
    Mia is working with Chris, Hartley and Wickham to put Stuart in the horns of dilemma. Forcing Stuart to have to react politically and keep he as MOF, that makes everyone happy. Chris happy, Hartley and Wickham, the puppet masters happy and of course Mia is happy cause she knows Chris is bad or the DLP, bad for the Barbados but good for the BLP and most of all Mia.

  66. And to think people gine leave home Sunday, a day of worship and go to Queens Park believing they fighting for the country by protesting against Sinckler.

    This is a big stupid game and they are all friends.

    • Even if it is a game the role of Opposition allows for such a strategy. It will be up to the government to squash it, if they can.

  67. Nope. Them fellows going to leave it off the order paper just long enough for the public to demand his removal. Then and only then can you say that DT is not leading from the grave. The end of that era…………..and time to move on.

  68. The concessions granted to Sandals Grenada included:

    29 year waiver of corporation taxes
    25 year waiver of property taxes
    25 year waiver of customs duties in capital goods
    25 year waiver on custom duty on consumables
    15 year waiver of VAT

    source: S Brian Samuel – now Grenada ‘The La Source Saga’

    • SHAME!! How can a good corporate citizen, noting the difficulties of an economy and the challenges being faced by a Government with an external debt of almost 700 Million US, in all good conscience,continue the wanton rape of a people…condoned by a Government obviously over a barrel. The basis of government historically is the management of the infrastructure required for conducting business.Sandals expect on Grenada Good ROADS,A POLICE FORCE, Regular Electricity, Tourism promotion, Maintenance of regular supply of water, An Educated work force, the expenditure of foreign exchange to purchase medication for its health care system and YET do nothing in the economy for almost 30 years. SHAME !!!SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!. What have we been REDUCED TOO….!!! When was slavery abolished AGAIN??? Imagine if every Hotel in the Caribbean was given the same concession…………..It shows how truly FOOLISH some governments are.


  69. Carson C. Cadogan | October 19, 2013 at 3:35 PM |


    I am wondering whats inside Caroline Hurbert ‘s will?

    Carson…………..i can tell you what will definitely not be there inside her will, it is that prime property down Mount Standfast, St. James that she spent many years trying to steal, when the people she was trying to steal it from heard she passed away, they jumped for joy…………ironic huh!!


    Carson C. Cadogan | October 19, 2013 at 3:35 PM |


    I am wondering whats inside Caroline Hurbert ‘s will?@

    Let me say what ever she try to claim better have a clear title,Her Will will be filled with evidence of her crimes when alive and running down people with legal letter , People on the street listen to lawyer more than history for they are deem to be truthful and most people dont have the money to fight the lies written on paper,
    We will see her side kick crook ass Ralph Thorn supported by his crook ass wife so call judge , looking to step shit deep in other things as getting rents.
    As said before no one need to pay those fraud people rent and to know and understand the 23rd of July is a date for all to know and remember, We will hold back the year for now,

    Well Well @ One day we will have to meet , to be on the outside of this estate and knowing what you seem to know and think and the way you write your post , It maybe good for you to see some papers,
    Faith and fair play is hard to get from the unknown,
    Most of your post stop me from writing for there is non need to repeat the same thing, So We and I just read you post and VOTE

    Carson C Cadogan seem to also to be getting the Picture JUST ASKING ,
    All the post on BU is just smaller parts of the bigger picture of FRAUD OF AND IN BARBADOS,
    All of which can be fixed, If the PM had any balls and finish PM David work to fine what role the government played in the Estate of Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles .
    The next election will be like no other for the C.U.P feet are now wet.
    They make no comments for they letting the people see for self who the crooks ,liars and scumbags are in the NEWS .

    22 more will be needed to a full 30 to run and that is on its way, People are already coming to join to PUSH them out

    1 , VAT will go back to what it was in 1996 to Zero none , as said by PDC
    2.UDC will play a small part and not to be there to launder land with layer Mayers and others like Richard Byer
    3.Mr Ford over at land tax gone and other inside there that love to call BOMB Threats when Plantation Deeds and other look to look for tax records.
    4.Mr Williams over at Archives , gone for cover up and fraud upon the Bajans
    6.MARK CUMMINS also remove for fraud and abuse office
    7.Inland revenue cleaned out top down ,, She has to go
    8.NHC dealing with so called CROWN LAND have to show what land were taken and who was paid what what was not theirs ,

  71. Plantation said:
    “Well Well @ One day we will have to meet , to be on the outside of this estate and knowing what you seem to know and think and the way you write your post , It maybe good for you to see some papers,
    Faith and fair play is hard to get from the unknown,
    Most of your post stop me from writing for there is non need to repeat the same thing, So We and I just read you post and VOTE”


    Plantation………when i am in the island again for any significant amount of time, that can be arranged.

  72. Well what a sad day in the Parliamentary life of Mia Amor Mottley.

    Her rantings in the House today have shown very clearly that Owen Arthur, Dale Marshall and George Payne have – NO CONFIDENCE MOTION in Mia’s leadership of the BLP. And as such those 3 MP’s mentioned above failed to remain in the House and to speak in support of Mia’s ‘No Confidence motion’

    What a vote of CONFIDENCE in Mia’s leadership !!!

  73. i as a young lady was totally shocked and embarrassed today while listening to the debate, i never once heard chris sincker addressed the issues raised by the opposition but my horror became a nightmare when he actually told a mature audience that someone wants to kill him and the police is not taking him seriously…SMH SMH SMH 🙁

  74. It amazes and disappoints me to see how Bajans allow themselves to be so easily distracted be the drama and theatrics of these politicians and forget to focus on the facts, issues and problems actually in front of us.
    Who cares who is friends with whom; on an island this small it means very little.

    What is clear is that there is a very serious challenge to find a way to keep the economy going and to give hope and optimism to people who live here. Are they doing that??

    Is there anyone there with a good understanding of how the economy works?

    If the economy were very strong now and even too hot… the right thing to do would be to cool it down a bit… yes? How? Usually by raising taxes and raising interest rates. So how can it be that at at time when the economy is near death that raising taxes and not lowering interest rates is the right move???

    Remember, your spending is my income. So cut spending, cut investment, cut ability to borrow and you basically shrink the economy, give your citizen less opportunity, less hope for improvement…. and prime it for inflation later.

    Spend more wisely, yes… but stay in the game!

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