Chris and Mia Welcome You to Club Barbados!

Submitted by William Skinner
Chris Sinckler, Minister off Finance (l) Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition (r)

Chris Sinckler, Minister off Finance (l) Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition (r)

The apologists, supporters, assorted scribes and defenders of the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party, should now hold their heads in collective shame, after the embarrassing and bizarre spectacle that took place in our parliament, on Tuesday 23rd, October 2013.

The pathetic spinners are trying to convince the public, that both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party take for granted, that each side has won. The unvarnished truth is that our parliament was the location, of a shameless, nauseating display of BLP/DLP political grand standing and showmanship that easily surpassed what the horse racing fraternity expects on Gold Cup Day! My sincere apologies to the horses for even mentioning them when speaking of this sorry group of political misfits.

For where else in the world could a no – confidence motion, so lacking in confidence, be foisted on the public? Where else could a government, strategize that to ignore the motion was the best way to treat an electorate that recently returned it to office? This administration has made a deliberate attempt to be arrogant while it bungles and fumbles.

The no-confidence motion revealed that both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party are supremely CONFIDENT, that Barbados belongs to them and they can do as they please. I recall most vividly, that about twenty years ago, I was told by one of the most prominent BLP/DLP politicians , that parliament is a “club” and he called the names of those from both sides who in his words: “belong in there”. He was absolutely correct. We once had the Bridgetown Club, where the mostly white Barbadians met to plot corporate strategy and network. We now have Club Parliament where the mostly black political managerial political class has it pow wows.

As my friend and cousin David “Joey” Harper recently stated: the meeting place of the “Magnificent 30”.

Welcome to Club Parliament; Chris and Mia always on the dance floor!

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  1. David Ellis did a program yesterday where he interviewed Minister Donville Inniss, Deputy Leader of the BLP Kerri Symmonds and Harold Hoyte to discuss the motion of no confidence. It seems ludicrous that the BLP and DLP people would be discussing who won the debate. Who cares about the politics when the economy is gasping for air. We continue to lose the plot.

  2. The system is broke by design.. and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Heap shame on those who abuse it, of course, but they will use it to their own ends none the less. In four years a hell of a lot of people will qualify for full Parliamentary pension, so they have every reason to be confident. They know how the game is played.

    My beef as always, is with the media, the Fraud Squad … and the way they hang onto every word that the “Honorable” members say, at the near exclusion of other citizens (who actually have to pay in order to get their message to the public). The media alone is responsible for perpetuating the grandiose image of relevance that these people enjoy.


    BAFBFP | October 25, 2013 at 6:07 AM | agree with your word , you get 5 stars from Us.”Honorable Fraud Member, or Just “CROOK Member”
    They sit and fight among each other and the so Call NEWS refuse to SLAM them for what they are, “CROOKS IN DELAYS”
    BAFBFP some thing cam be DONE , We just have to let them show the Nation and the World how JACK and ASS Parties can get nothing done as they look to get pensions, There is not time limit on Fraud ,, A 3rd Party Government will pull back all the money from them that they are planning on taking from the Bajans as they pretend to do the People Work , All of them are there for SELF., and not the Peoples Business ,


    David , Both parties on the same side ,
    WE need to focus on how to REMOVE THEM ALL.

  4. As I listened to Robert Bobby Morris yesterday on I believe it was sagicor’s early business,he spoke of the death of the garment industry and the mistake that caused it,and the method used to revamp WIBISCO. My thoughts immediately raced to the political system in Barbados. How do we as a peaceful people dismantle what has become an impediment for most,that works for only those with that special connection?While I do not in any way support violence of any kind,it becomes a fair question to ask how do we get the attention of a group that will not listen? Civil disobedience perhaps? Where is the tipping point ? Just how much can a deceived group stand?

  5. @ David
    “……BLP and DLP people would be discussing who won the debate.”

    No debate about the losers are though. The electorate and poor citizens of this country.

  6. The only honest man ever to enter the House of Parliament was Guy Fawkes.

    As I have types many times here, the Westminster system, evolved from the Feudal system, is inherently flawed.

    In 1776 the Commonwealth of Free States of America replaced the king with a president, the House of Lords with a Roman Senate and the House of Commons with the House of Representatives and put the people right back under subjugation the same as before.

    It was such a roaring success the French followed barely more than ten years later.

    Cromwell must have been laughing in his grave.

    We have a chance in a little country like ours to elect a single politician to lead and give him the authority to hire a non-partisan cabinet fit for the job. Until we do that we will never get government back to ‘legislation, regulation and facilitation’ for the good of the People.

  7. @ HH
    How do we as a peaceful people dismantle what has become an impediment for most,that works for only those with that special connection
    This is an excellent question that has been asked and answered already here on BU. ….All things are possible…if you can just believe (creatively conceptualize it)
    Baffy and Bushie offered a detailed, achievable, practical and democratic solution to this problem a year or two ago….

    It involves:
    1- an educational process that gets Bajans to see that the current process is flawed and useless. BU has already achieved this to the extent that, except for ac, CCC and about six other Bajans, this process is complete.

    2. An alternative arrangement, BUILT on the CO-OPERATIVE model must be formally created to compete in a general election.
    This body MUST reflect the interests of all major groupings and will take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for national governance.
    Bushie recommended the creation of a NATIONAL SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE (NSC) which would eventually replace the Senate, be comprised of VOLUNTEERS, and have the powers that Co-operative supervisory committees normally have.

    3. The NSC would then ADVERTISE for political representatives (open to ANY qualified Bajan) to fill the House of Assembly. These Ads would specify the QUALIFICATIONS required – most critical of which will be a RECORD of honesty, commitment! and SUCCESS in previous areas of occupation.

    4. After transparent interviews and screenings, the 30 successful candidates are selected by the NSC and put forward as electoral candidates in the next general elections.
    Prior to such selection however, EACH one will be required to sign an undated letter of resignation to be held and dated at the discretion of the NSC at any time during their appointment.

    5. Elections are called, and the NSC along with its constituent members (all major interest groups in the Island) campaign for the 30 selected candidates.

    6. QED…. if Bajans vote for the old political arrangement then we will deserve all that will result. If we support the new arrangement we get a competent government, democratic and transparent governance and a peaceful revolution.

    Then we will know for sure if Bajans are REALLY brass bowls or just idle pressure cookers.

  8. @bafbfp, i want you to check the pension plan for politician,it is not what you think it is.It goes by the years.

  9. Just remember……..

    “The heart [of man is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?”. …….. Jeremiah 17:9

  10. not only a club
    parliament is a
    calypso tent
    comedy revue
    a saloon -wild west style–
    guns are drawn-people threaten
    a dinery- eat as you like
    football field-for political football
    a liming spot-no work gets done
    Scene -for cussing yuh mudda
    yuh wife, yuh chilldren

    well what you expect
    a church ?
    and even church got drama
    so lay off of it
    Utopia has not shown itself
    people power lacking
    politicians got backing
    most need sacking
    electorate need educating
    yardfowlism /disabling
    SO Frick the Fack to the Mack
    elimination completed
    drones eliminated
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaagga -rules !

  11. @Frustrated Businessman
    “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” Quote- Winston Churchill

  12. We have a chance in a little country like ours to elect a single politician to lead and give him the authority to hire a non-partisan cabinet fit for the job. Until we do that we will never get government back to ‘legislation, regulation and facilitation’ for the good of the People.
    True and very forward thinking
    Yagga likes/ supports
    people power to change
    but people power lacking
    politicians got backing
    most need sacking
    electorate need educating
    yardfowlism /disabling
    SO Frick the Fack to the Mack
    elimination completed
    drones eliminated
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaagga -repeats for dramatic effect !!!!
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaagga -again -and again-no apologies

  13. @David
    There is a BIG difference between Private Enterprise Club and Club POl and that is that the Electorate did NOT vote the Priv Ent people in as their Leaders, to improve the Nation and act on behalf of the best interests of the populace.

    • @Moneybrain

      The overlapping of the two Clubs has give rise to the call for Integrity Legislation. See the nexus?

  14. @David
    Agreed, it is like the Crookedest Street in America is that which connects Wall St and Washington!
    Benevolent Dictatorship a la Singapore is Best BUT it is tough to be assured of the Benevolent part of that arrangement.

    Integrity Legislation MUST become the focal point! Bajans MUST DEMAND this! I believe the Pols should be paid very well BUT with stiff penalties for crooked actions! We must attrack the best, cleverest, most experienced Leaders of the highest Ethics and Morals.

    Bim has descended in to a Culture of Corruption! This was not true 50yrs ago! The calibre of Leaders, whether Adams or Barrow was significantly higher.The predators are now “leaders”

    • The corruption in Barbados is of the dangerous variety, covert. It explains why we continue to massage the Transparency International Corruption Index.

  15. We need to place limits on the proportion of Lawyers in Parliament! Too many are Evil bastards who speak so eloquently they totally con the populace. Broad representation of various backgrounds, careers should be required.

    • 38 lawyers were admitted last week. Us taxpayers can only wonder at the sense in it. People are free FREE to pursue what studies their heart hanker.

  16. Mash-up and Buy Back
    DLP mashes up
    who buys back
    DLP-epic fail !
    accusations accusations accusations
    salutations salutations saluations
    down a slippery slope
    I agree with those who suggest
    raise voter age to 25-30
    Only people with certain amount of wealth
    should run for Office
    Politicians should serve the people
    not use politics as avenue to get rich
    be ”somebody ‘ on taxpayers money
    DLP -worst offenders
    nobody benefits

    Lowering the voting age to 18
    was bad move by DLP
    rushing to Governor General and installing Sandy
    as opposed to Richie–bad move
    33 million dollars regrading exercise -91-94
    economy batting like Sobers
    decline in foreign exchange
    Chris /rantings -DLP ravings
    bad for country
    DLP /BLP

    Why DLP?

  17. @bushie ……..You got so much say so, and know how ,and competence question to You what de f u wasting it on BU like a car spinning its wheels . and the dog trying to catch its tail . Pity u might end up carrying that “grand Scheme” six ft. under. time fuh u to put up or shut up……Blah . Blah! BBE had enuff rabelrouser.

  18. Nostradamus, I am not suggesting we abolish democracy. I am saying that the Westminster system was created by warrior kings who appointed/gifted land and peasants to Lords to defend said kings and the realm who were succeeded by ‘commoners’ after the English Civil War who aren’t very common but who behave like lords.

    The system started rotten and still is rotten. Furthermore, popularity qualifies a person for nothing except maybe bar tending; the popular bar owners I’ve known over the years died as paupers.

    We need to limit the negative aspects of democracy by electing one man whose mandate is to hire the others. His re-election would be based on results and he wouldn’t have the excuse of saying his cabinet was contaminated with popular and corrupt fools.

  19. Tell me, when will it end? Yet another attempt by a true apologist to LINK by way of association the follies of an inept party that has lost its way, to one that had us “punching above our weight”. As a matter fact they never came to the ‘party’ but have forever remained on the sidelines. Give us a break man… is as clear as crystal, this administration needs help. Instead of admitting the obvious, we hearing of this crass. It is no rocket science now that they can’t get the job done and are not willing to take advice either. Instead the preference is grandstanding. We were told by GOCB, that the economy contracted by 0.7% Evidence is everywhere, just heard on the radio, more and more business places defaulting on their loans. Close to 100 stores in Bridgetown have closed by now and unemployment is surely higher than the reported 11.1%. Yet they have confidence in policies that have shown nothing reputable to date but a surety to continue on a spiral downward growth path.
    What Club Barbados what? We have foreign investment plunging from $471 million to $147 million and a GOCB iterating… have no fear he has confident all will be well. The billion dollar question is who else can emanates such confidence? Time we call a spade, Skinner, a spade

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    Posted on July 12, 2012 by David | 4 Comments
    Submitted by The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

    The BLP and DLP have governed Barbados in the post – Independence period
    The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) shall continue doing whatever it thinks that is politically legally possible to help the broad masses and middle classes of this country PERMANENTLY REMOVE the DLP and BLP from the parliament of this country within the next six years, and thereafter then, too, to help these said classes of people do the logically correct thing and ABSOLUTELY ELIMINATE these said DLP and BLP infidels once and for all from the political landscape of this country.

    The facts are that these factions have – within the last 25 years or so – become two monstrous, and, indeed, two national disgraces and scandals – of unseemly proportions – that have clearly overspent their time in Barbados!

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    4 Responses to Two Party System Failing The People
    balance | July 13, 2012 at 5:45 AM | I support you 110% and i have already posited on this forum that political parties have outlived their usefulness and to regain trust in our system of governance,the perception of accountibility, and transparency must be improved. To do this we have to take back Parliament from the politicians by having officials elected to parliament from the bowels of the constituencies to look after the interest of the constituents and not the party. Parliamentarians can be assigned certain responsibilties as members of various oversight commiitees or ministries selected from among the members of parliament. These oversight bodies suitably staffed by persons of varying disciplines would decide policy and forward to the technocrats in the relevant administrative departments for execution. In this way, it is hoped that the chances of parliamentarians getting involved in corruption would be limited if not fully eliminated and the characters of parliamentarians would not be open to abuse based on rumor and speculation.. The various independent public service selection bodies would be restored to select persons for employment and to head the various government agencies.Appointments to such critical and important posts like the Chief Justice will be free of bias and gossip.There will be no need for a primus interpares. The role of meeting dignataries and shaking hands can be assigned to the speaker of the parliament or rotated on an annual basis among the parliamentarians. In this system, the role of the governor general and term limits for parliamentarians

    • Interesting that Barbados popular moderator Netefari agrees with BU’s view that the political rhetoric has hardened in Barbados. Also it is BU’s observation that a growing segment of Bajan are moving to the Tipping Point.

  21. “………a growing segment of Bajan are moving to the Tipping Point.”

    It would appear to me that some misguided people keep talking about “the tipping point”, don’t forget that when Bajans crossed “the tipping point” the last time around plenty people were shot dead. Some are missing up to this day.

    The thing is the ones talking about crossing “the Tipping point” are going to be the ones hiding under their beds and who will emerge after the gun smoke has blown away.

    The idiots will be the ones who are dead, dying or missing.

    Who help you buy a big foot horse don’t help you feed him.

    A word to the wise is enough!!!!!

  22. @David
    ,The major difficulty with the dissatisfaction displayed by many of the writers is that they ignore one important factor. Human Nature!. It matters not what system is put in place Human Nature (and the psychology behind it) will determine the behaviour of those in charge.
    Had the BLP won the election I am sure there would be no backlash from the disgruntled bloggers; especially those calling for an overhaul of the system. Everyone wants instant gratification, and can only see corruption as the reason for things not happening as fast as they would like. For those calling for the Singapore model,, remember what took place before the country reached where it is now. Go back in history and read what type of government Lee Kwan instituted. It was very repressive at the begining, and I am sure Barbadians would not have been docile about it. There was a lot of suffering.
    I am confident in the future of Barbados. Maybe because of my age I know where we came from, and where we are now, that I can feel this way. I happen to know that it takes time. I also happen to have confidence in the people we have in parliament-BLP and DLP, to believe that they do have the interest of the people at heart. Of course the country is in difficulty but given the world wide situation that is to be expected. The suffering would be much worse if the government listened to, and followed, the advice of those know-it-alls who want government expenditure cut by layoffs of public servants, devaluation of the currency, and its accompanying headaches, and cutback on services provided by government. Where would that leave us? All hands have to be put to the plough, and each one has to do what is necessary to achieve the growth needed. For those with relatives or friends overseas, encourage them to invest in Barbados. If each Bajan living overseas invested in the island; maintaining an account here, buying government notes (bands or treasury bills, buying shares in companies listed on the stock exchange, buying property etc, sending home barrels so that the don’t have to buy frojm outside, etc, among other things we can build this country again. Stop being so critical of your country. Negativity does not help. Being positive is necessary, Nd it is catching..

  23. Ross
    The thing is when you are still dependent on the support of those who make up the nuts and bolts of the system, as is the case with most of the working population (even the self employed) it is not likely to get much support for the kind of activity that you would like to see … Myself, I ain’ retire yet … so can’ jump too high

    Thanks for the shout out. You know of course you could simplify matters and just have a stipend NSC that comprises of representatives of the special interest groups. The groups will decide the length of stay of its candidate. No national elections required, hence no great opportunity for Private Barbados to get involved at a corrupting level. The office Prime Minister (Head of the Civil Service) will be a contracted responsibility with applicants being vetted by the NSC and reviewed every four years. The same will be true for the Governor of the Central Bank, the Chief Justice, the Attorney General and the Auditor General. Policy will be determined by the NSC

    The make up of the NSC would make it a self correcting organism.. Labour vs Small Business vs Rural vs Manufacturers vs Big Retail Business vs Retail Banks vs Techers vs Student Body vs Public Workes vs Environmentalists vs Physically Challenged vs and so on

  24. Onions

    “point blank…..all you need to do now is Bray”

    Ask the people of Tivoli Gardens what happens when you try to defy Law and Order.

  25. Moneybrain said:

    “Integrity Legislation MUST become the focal point! Bajans MUST DEMAND this! I believe the Pols should be paid very well BUT with stiff penalties for crooked actions! We must attrack the best, cleverest, most experienced Leaders of the highest Ethics and Morals.”


    “We need to place limits on the proportion of Lawyers in Parliament! Too many are Evil bastards who speak so eloquently they totally con the populace. Broad representation of various backgrounds, careers should be required.”

    Integrity legislation is something the present gaggle of leaders do not wish materialize in Barbados…

    From what i am hearing from the island, people are sick of the lawyers, there are definitely too many of them in parliament, they are all too corrupt, so much so that i understand one female lawyer was nearly chopped within an inch of her life this week, one that is known to steal client’s money……..lawyers believe, and maybe rightfully so given so many of them in parliament, that they run things in Barbados, a vital change is needed in that corrupt profession.

    Carson………..even you should be man enough to admit that the games being played by both DLP and BLP against the taxpayers of Barbados are beyond criminal, in these instances karma always shows herself, i hope you are not standing close when she comes calling, remember your own words ala buying big foot horse and helping feed it.

  26. This article will clarify matters.

    “Pure Confusion

    From her first day on the job the Leader of the Opposition had promised to raise hell in Barbados. On the day she was sworn in she had sworn that she would be “sparing no punches”. So indeed Ms. Mottley came out of her corner fighting. She indicated that , “the Opposition was prepared to let Government introduce its new programmes free from ‘advice’ from the BLP, but once it was divulged her team would voice its concerns.” This indicates that the Leader of the Opposition never had any intention to work with the Government to take this country forward. Now what is all of this talk about, “For love of Country”?

    Opposition Leader Mia Mottley has sought every opportunity to paint the worse picture of Barbados possible. One would recall her use of the term, “Economic Terrorism”, in her response to the Estimates debate on March 18th 2013. Before the world and forever recorded in the most prestigious record of a country’s history the Leader of the Opposition chose to make political mileage from an unfortunate incident which had occurred the day before involving visitors to the country. Whenever she gets an opportunity to speak she speaks of a Barbados filled with suffering people and on the brink of collapse. One must agree with our Honourable Prime Minister that the BLP led by Opposition Leader Mia Mottley is out of touch with reality. “The Barbados filled with suffering people and on the brink of collapse is a figment of the opposition BLP’s imagination.”

    Every attempt to stir up fear, panic and confusion in Barbados the finger prints of Opposition Leader Mia Mottley are found on the scene. In April she accused the Governor of the Central Bank of confusing the public by issuing conflicting statements on the economy in his review of the economic performance of the country. We must bear in mind the weight which these reviews of the Central Bank place in the decision making process of investors and potential investors in Barbados. In June she moved on to trying to turn the Public Accounts Committee into the “kangaroo court” which former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Owen Arthur had warned about. Her attempts to abuse the functions of the Public Accounts Committee has resulted in the need to repeal the legislation which the previous BLP administration hastily brought to parliament.

    In July she was there with the confusing announcement of Kerrie Symmonds as the “Leader of Opposition Business in the House”. We still don’t know what this position is all about.

    She was back in full force at the end of August with her announcement of a “Budget creating pain, while Ministers disappear on Holiday”. She stated that, “Government’s prescription for fiscal success has turned out to a recipe for the “callous” retrenchment of civil servants and chaos in Barbados…Not only is the sending home of workers now being pursued as a first, rather than the last option as the Minister of Finance indicated in the Budget, but it is scandalous that junior public officers are being asked to break this news to workers…” Has anyone been sent home Ms. Mottley? We wonder if the order for “junior public servants” to stir up confusion came from the Leader of the Opposition.

    The confusion campaign continued with her press conference on September 4th calling for Parliament to be reconvened to deal with the “budget mess”. The focus of attention was the consolidation tax where she feared that employers did not know what was the appropriate deduction to be made. Well the deductions were made at the end of the month without the fear and panic which Ms. Mottley was trying to create. All of this happened without the need to reconvene parliament.

    The leader of the opposition has been a dismal failure at every turn shown most recently when she was unable to get no more than two of her members to support the winded no confidence motion. What was described by “political experts” as a useful and sound strategic move, fizzled into a public debate on gender issues. What was even more interesting and noteworthy was the fact that the Opposition Leader could not even muster the support of her senior parliamentarians to speak for thirty minutes in support of her motion, this can only imply that they too are tired of her attempts to stir up confusion. As a result, the no confidence motion diminished to an anticlimactic defeat on the floor of the House of Assembly. The public involvement has sense been silent; thankfully so, for the love of country.

    The Barbados Labour Party needs to reflect on its attempt to stir up confusion, fear and panic in Barbados if they intend to make any meaningful contribution to the nations growth and development.

    The Democratic Labour Party implores the Barbados Labour Party to wrap themselves in the flag and if they truly love this country and would like to see it prosper, we ask them to refrain from the attempts to pull it down in the eyes of the public and on the world stage. There is one Barbados and we all have to live in it, there is no need to outdo Stephen King by painting a horrifying story of Barbados which does not exist.”

  27. @Alvin
    You said the difficulty because of worldwide situation, it better to say because of the untimely and inadequate response to worldwide situations.

  28. @Carson….this should leave you chomping at the bit……

    Enough Said | October 24, 2013 at 9:17 PM |

    The reality of the situation is that the Democratic Labour Party cannot run the affairs of Barbados. They have tried and tried but they have failed miserably every time. If this were sports: cricket; football; basketball , Rounders – the DLP would have been dropped ever-since. The simple reality is that whenever the DLP is in Government , we struggle. Somebody said to give them a chance in 2008. Then somebody said we have to give them 5 years to finish what they started and true to form they are finishing what they started. They started to destroy Barbados, picking up from where they left off in 1994 and they were given 5 more years to finish the job.

    The simple fact of the matter is that things are easier for people under the Barbados Labour Party. Can anyone dispute this simple fact. it is Truth . It is empirical evidence. It is unchallenged . Barbadians have to stop voting for Party for party sake and vote for the best Party of individuals to run the affairs of Barbados. Stop playing the partisan political game and face reality.

    The DLP has consistently failed. Please stop giving them a chance , hoping that will come good. Their approach is wrong and they have tried and will continue to try and it will not work unless there is fundamental change there. Please Barbados please forget partisan politics and elect the persons who can get the job done. We are not interested in their Bedroom business. We dont care about the other extraneous matters. Nobody is perfect. We must employ those who have the greatest competency to do the job. Please Barbados I plead with you , stop voting for individuals because they belong to your x party or Y party . You do not owe them any thing. Elect those who can get the job done. We are gambling with the DLP. its a game of chance, but then again , we are a nation of lotteries sand one arm bandits They the DLP have proven time and time again that they cannot get the job done. They simply cannot get it done. It seems that they will never ever get it done. Please Barbados please. On this 24th day of October , I plead with you. I plead , I plead, I plead. Oh my people , lets save ourselves and the next generation.We cannot be so stupid as to give up our country to folly. The DLP would be glad to give up the Government. They were not sure about winning in 2013 and its a burden on them t

  29. The Opposition leader
    got the DLP on the run
    She doing good
    She not making fun
    Like a pitbull smelling blood
    No confidence motion
    Not a boy supported Sinckler with a good word
    The Prime Minister could have
    at least endorse his minister
    Sinckler getting real big’
    eating like a sow pig
    drinking like a camel
    Balls need a scapel
    Shame !!!!!

  30. @ONIONS
    The current recession is not as bad as 1991,the then PM Sandiford pull Bdos from the economic because he accepted and followed the directives of the IMF. In 1994, OSA inherited an economy that was stabilized and ready for growth.

  31. no one spoke on
    Sinckler’s behalf
    Not a boy
    The Prime Minister should have at least endorse his Minister of Finance.
    Shame on Stuart, Sinckler and Sackey

  32. Chaucer

    Sad nah…..but you all got a bigger problem than Sandi. Sandi has men who had an idea at least how to steer D ship….even when D captain dozed off…LOL

  33. I would have liked to have heard that edition of Early Business. Will there be a repeat.

    The revamping of WIBISCO of the passing of an icon into Trinidadian hands, which is one of the major problems facing Barbados right now.

  34. I believe that the now PM will now listen to his friends in New York. The MOF has not delivered and FS knows that Dr Estwick is too mercurial to be MOF. Darcy is best left alone and slippery. The PM has learned the hard way about international finance, the recent failure by Chris and Dr Worrell and Worrell tirade with Ms Lagarde.

  35. Any suggestions then from your end?The least that should be done is the obvious….a reshuffle ..been done before..even if just to ease pressure….what do you say?

    • There is an acute lack of confidence in the MOF and by extension the government, without market confidence nothing will work confidence does not happen because it is requested, it must be earned through actions/decisions.

  36. How about CCC Minister of Tourism. Kellman will love to be MOF but but but
    Donville all talk was poor in Health. Reshuffle with what! The best that can be done is for FS to apologize to MS Lagarde, and beg the IADB and IMF to come quickly .Its recession recession recession ACT NOW

  37. Donville for MOF..of course…he has the tact and the right business acumen……Don’t forget Donville is an international man long before Parliament…..Yes he is the right man for the job….Give Chrissy drainage as Lowe soon on his way out….

  38. @David
    International market confidence in Bdos to attract FDI ( foreign direct investment) may be regain if the Bdos economy is under the supervision of the IMFgiven that Bdos in a emerging market with a BB+ rating

  39. Confidence ratings would even SKYROCKET off the charts, i.e if the PM handed over the reins to another en camp~…..Donville most logical choice most probably. What is there to lose? Putting country first of course.

  40. Oops, MOT must be really disappointed. Rihanna concert postponed to next year. This concert was supposed to help the economy according to him. Wonder what the real reason is for postponement??

  41. @David 4.08pm
    I have been making that point of CONFIDENCE ad nauseam.No one but the members of the Fatted Calf Brigade,the gimme gimme sub culture nurtured by Cammie Tudor in the 60’s(viz DON’T PAY RENT FOR GOVT HOUSING, the legacy of the DLP,)repose any credo in this administration.They are not sufficiently schooled to understand their role and responsibilities.They are about scoring cheap political points.No serious businessman will invest his resources in this kind of climate of bravado,innuendo,uncertainty,visionless
    government,stumbling from one financial crisis to the other.These guys cannot even get the monthly account balanced….not ever, since they were named the Government in January 2008!!Who can have confidence in dunces.There is no ‘feel good’ factor in this country as a whole.It’s bloody embarrassing ennit.

  42. Some advice for BLP members and supporters:





  43. @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 25, 2013 at 6:33 PM |

    Here is a single piece of advice to you:
    Tell your cohorts to stop the lies and the blame game and you would be surprised how your “More Of” list could become a reality in a short time. “Trust” and “Confidence” can only be earned when people are honest with one another. Your MoF is a big blasted incompetent liar. Let him start with the truth and we will listen.

    Mr. Buffoon is taking himself so seriously he is even beginning to tell lies on himself.
    If the Municipal Solid Waste Tax is not a tax on ‘Land’ why levy it on the value of the land and not on consumption behaviours that generate waste and environmental hazards?
    Will the tax be levied on unoccupied but well maintained lots already penalized with a rather high rate of land tax? Who would be generating the waste?
    Would the stupidly ignorantly lying buffoon be taxing the faeces of the insects and worms that live on the land and under the soil?

    We don’t expect to see Darwin Dottin hauled before the Courts for breaking the law since he has already been criminally exonerated by his accusers. But certainly those who were “overheard” plotting to remove Stinkliar from his place of earthly refuge from his devils should be brought before the Courts tout de suite.
    NO action on this matter would be the straw that breaks the back of that black ugly gorilla called Stinkliar who -despite all rational instruction from a “higher” primate called Bonobo Inniss who has mastered the concept of “ZERO”- still can’t tell the difference between 0.7% and 0.07%.

  44. Some time in the past I read of the speculation that CCC was Mr R Eversley.Based on what I have read right here the name Ronald Jackass Jones comes to mind. @ Bushman…I like your plan but from what I have come to know about my people you may have to adopt the stance of CCC….ah mean jackass Jones,and crack some heads so as to achieve implementation.

  45. lol when you thought we could get a little boost wid de Rihanna show now this? Boy nothing going right for this govment atall!

  46. If it’s true ticket sales were not up to par her management team would yank the show, if it’s true that her containers were sized by Barbados’ customs, her management team would yank the show.

  47. “The media alone is responsible for perpetuating the grandiose image of relevance that these people enjoy.” – extracted from the above comment by BAFBFP, at 6.07 am on October 25, 2013.

    Although we would not go as far as to say the media ALONE is responsible for perpetuating the grandiose image of relevance that these people enjoy, we some what understand the point the person was trying to make.

    For, only a couple days ago in the evening we and some associates were involved in a discussion along those lines.

    What we were saying at the time – and are still saying now – is that they have been two essentially objectionable factors which have been driving some public political support for these two older ramgoat ramshackled political parties.

    These two essentially objectionable factors are the socio-political role of some sections of the media (like the same insulting rub salt in the wound program at Starcom that David wrote about above), and the financial role that some businesses play in financing many of the activities of these two intellectually politically bankrupt and discredited disorganizations.

    Without these two inherently gross and objectionable factors these two corrupt and wretched DLP and BLP disorganizations would not have been represented in wider government today (Parliament et al).

    So, when in wider government – as they have been for many years – they have been able to reinforce those two things and to create and draw upon and reinforce other supporting features too, like the evil criminal TAXATION system and the wicked despicable INSTITUTIONAL “REPAYABLE LOANS” system (we are not here in now dealing with the political and other supports these jack o lantern factions give to some others).

    Anyhow, by our asking the broad masses and middle classes of people to help create a POST-TAXATION society and a POST-PUBLIC DEBT society, does also speak most certainly to the ushering in of a period of necessary termination – and on a permanent basis too – of this very current and incorrigible dysfunctional and sick model of party political organization that the DLP and BLP emulate practice in Barbados.

    Such also speak very definitely too to the necessary ending of the type of patron client type of exploitative dependency relationship that exists between these same main practitioners of this model of party political organization (DLP/BLP) and those citizens who are sometimes forced some times not forced into that type of relationship in order to at least survive socially in an increasingly worsening state of dedevelopment ruin in the country at this juncture.

    For, these pathological psychological sicknesses called the DLP and BLP CANNOT continue indefinitely to believe that – whilst they and their versions of party paramountcy and other massive atrocities help to destroy this once well composed post independence country – they will continue to get enough of the broad masses and middle classes of this country to be even systematically complicitious in the latter supporting them in their further destruction of many of this country’s affairs.

    They will NOT!! Will NOT again!! For, they will get fewer and fewer people supporting them politically and otherwise as many other people become more and more aware of their vulgarities evils as time goes by, and as it becomes very clearer and clearer to those citizens that they – these monsters – are continuing on a path of wickedly destroying much of this country more and more.


  48. Hamiliton Hillah

    “…….mean jackass Jones,and crack some heads so as to achieve…….”

    It takes one to know one!

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