Execute Prime Minister!

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Execution in it’s simplest sense is to: get things done. Period. But it’s more complex than those 3 words might suggest. It’s about getting the right people in place, building a strategy around the resources available, and finally implementing the strategy, linking the strategy with people.

David Lau

It is generally accepted that highly successful organizations achieve stated objectives because they execute with military like precision. And as Lau opines, it is about defining a strategy, accumulate and efficiently deploy resources and assemble people with the correct skillsets.   The theory is easy until we allow indiscipline to intervene.

Barbados like many countries in our region finds itself mired in an economic morass. While there is agreement from all quarters that the environment in which we have to manage is a challenging one, we remain divided as a people the path we should follow. It is a situation which cries out for leadership.

In the just concluded 2013 Budget and Financial Proposals the Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler outlined several projects which the government proposes to implement to spur economic activity. BU and Barbadians at large wish the government success. However, it is an open secret that successive governments have struggled mightily  with efficiently designing and implementing major projects. Scare financial resources currently at play will likely exacerbate the problem. Despite the public assurance from the Prime Minister that he will ensure projects mentioned in the budget are rolled out to plan, there is little if any confidence by BU that this promise will be kept.

Even if Barbadians were to believe that the grave economic situation Barbados finds itself would spur a change in the albatros moving culture which cloaks this government, we were presented with enough evidence after the delivery of 2013 Budget to be sceptical.  It was made clear that the projects to be rolled out supported by revenue and tax measures were critical to Barbados improving its economic performance.  Instead we have had confusion in the post budget period.

The Greening Levy was replaced with a Municipal Tax of .07%. A quick calculation however by a burdened and rapidly disillusioned middleclass quickly alerted government to an ERROR ERROR. Minister of International Business Donville Inniss to his credit came public to confirm that the Minister of Finance will have to speak to this matter because there is consensus that a clarification is required. Barbadians continue to wait.

The decision to pass on UWI  tuition cost has also created confusion. A few days after Minister Chris Sinckler informed Barbadians that ‘free education’ was to be abolished, Minister of Education Ronald Jones appeared on national TV to announce that the edict was not cast in stone. He indicated that suggestions would be welcomed by his office. Other issues have arisen which suggest that the 2013 Budget was not well crafted.

The point to be made is ever there was a time when flawless execution by our government is required the time is now. To have delivered a budget which is replete with errors which has provoked public hysteria and outcry does nothing to infuse confidence at a time when it is sorely needed. A confidence which is rapidly depleting given government’s decision to send home temporary officers last week with a promise of more to come. Before it is too late the government needs to send strong signals to Barbadians that they are an empathetic lot. They can do this by reducing the size of the Cabinet to 10 and slashing parliamentary secretaries by half. An immediate order to suspend all travel in the public sector for the next 12 months unless deemed urgent by a bipartisan committee of parliament. With immediate effect no wives to accompany ministers on overseas jaunts. All government vehicles to be parked by 5.30PM unless on official duty.

The Barbados economy and society cannot be sliding into the toilet and these jackasses wearing suits continue to operate business as usual. They were elected to serve us for crissakes.

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  1. @Formerly Middle Class | September 3, 2013 at 9:39 AM |
    But then again the howls of protest from the “animals” who are temporary public workers have reached you…

    I look at the anxious faces and wonder how many of them voted “Dems now Dems again” because you said you were not going to layoff any public sector workers.

    But then again no dictionaries were given away in those “Dems now Dems again” drawstring bags that were all over the place so that the people would know the difference between temporary and permanent public workers…………………………………….

    Excellent post! Well said

  2. miller,

    Excellent post, ours crossed.

    I can now agree with you, it was best that the BLP lost the election. The only problem is that they created the mess and do not know how to and shame got them.

    Stinkliar must be shaking, he don’t know what next to do and all the big talk he got, he is looking more like the idiot he is! He “powful” foolish and should have known that economics is not the same as being the most offensive person on a platform!

  3. Pinkie said:

    “Filing for bankruptcy should be the last option since it works to ur disadvantage…every cent u earn after is not urs…u have to publicize that u are bankrupt…u cannot get loans for a while etc and years later, who will want to do business with u, small or big, since they would be aware that u previously filed for bankruptcy. it is much better to negotiate with ur creditors a new way of paying back what is owed rather than go the route of filing for bankruptcy.”

    Pinkie, i am hearing that most people with huge responsibilities are reaching the last resort stage on the island, as things stand false pride should not deter people from protecting themselves from imprisonment because they have huge debts. This mess is not going away anytime soon if ever and everyone has to be practical and consider their future as well as their options. Hungary is trying to make sure the gangsta banksters don’t consume them, so is Greece, the trickle down effect has only now started in Bim.

  4. Selling citizenship is an idea Antigua is trying to cash in on due to the Syrian conflict, Stuart should be saying it is not his idea nor is it original, he will need a lot of time to consider since it could very well turn into a double edged sword for the majority on the island, given the mentality of the people on the island, the proof of this lies in the decades of wealth accumulation by the minorities that was wholeheartedly allowed, encouraged, aided and abetted by both BLP politician/lawyers and DLP politician/lawyers, when will these two political parties grow some balls and understand that they can also use their brains to create wealth for the island’s people without selling out.

    Without a significant change in the way business is done by government ministers and foreign or local minority investors who are allowed by government to do business on the island it will continue to be more of the same going forward another 4 wasted decades. Time to allow the majority on the island to conduct business themselves rather than just being consumers and workers for foreign investors, another thing, there has been a trading agreement between Canada and Barbados for decades, all you hear the ministers do is give lip service to that agreement, let the local people expand their horizons, learn that there is a new way forward for business and use that to build the existing business opportunities between the two countries.

    I bet my last buck that the ministers will once again be tricked by foreign crooks and scamsters, they always forget one simple rule when they see a white/other millionaire/billionaire, they neglect to do background checks, always too busy seeing dollar bills and ways to skim off the top.

  5. So does the fact that temporary workers pay the unemployment aspect of NIS deductions and can therefore potentially receive unemployment benefits (yet another drain on the NIS) play into the “decision” (even though no government minister knows about it) to let them go.

    Permanent public employees do not pay the unemployment and therefore cannot claim unemployment benefits.

    So is the grand plan to let NIS “pay them” for a few months while the government tries to get these projects (which they have been trying to start since forever)
    started to employ them,while at the same time hoping that Tourism and other sectors magically picks up.

    I mean its not like the temp workers can strike!!!!!

  6. @ Formerly Middle Class | September 3, 2013 at 12:08 PM |
    “So is the grand plan to let NIS “pay them” for a few months while the government tries to get these projects (which they have been trying to start since forever)
    started to employ them,while at the same time hoping that Tourism and other sectors magically picks up.”

    There are exogenous factors (developments) that can scuttle all these grandiose plans by a stroke of a pen.
    Should further hostilities break out in the ME involving America and some EU states all FDI and tourism expectations would be put on immediate hold.

    Moreover, the price of oil would rise astronomically and bring the local economy to a halt.
    Please let us hope that the Syrian problem would be resolved without the myopic militaristic approach being suggested by the likes of ac and LOOK.

  7. The electorate is suffering from battered spouse syndrome. They were beaten for five years by the DLP and had an opportunity to throw DEM out yet they still went back to DEM for another beating. Sounds familiar? We aiting for DEM to kill we now and the police can’t do a ting!

  8. islandgal246 | September 3, 2013 at 1:20 PM |
    Folks the next move to raise money by the administration will be to raid bank accounts. Hmmm

    @islandgal246 Even in doing that the government lost, most people no longer have any savings left for them to raid. Unless thy announce it one day before payday.

  9. Sorry if someone has already made the point and DD missed it, BUT

    An article in Barbados Today (Pages 8 & 9 today) has picture of PM receiving gift from Ralph Lauren’s store Director while on his walk-about at Limegrove with Altman and Senator Trevor.

    Is DD the only one to whom it seems a bad PR move for the PM to be accepting gift from a Limegrove vendor, while sending ordinary people home from work – whether they be temporary or full time workers.

    When the whole country is having trouble paying its bills; the whole walk-about at the lap of luxury just seems seems to be sending a strange message – and is just plain dumb.

  10. Due Diligence
    An article in Barbados Today (Pages 8 & 9 today) has picture of PM receiving gift from Ralph Lauren’s store Director while on his walk-about at Limegrove with Altman and Senator Trevor.
    We have always felt proud to proclaim that we in Barbados govern under the Westminster Model. In the UK, any gift presented to the Prime Minister whilst in office becomes the property of the Crown/State. On demitting office,if that Prime Minister has a personal need of any particular gift, he /she must apply for it through the right channels.

  11. One would not hear the end of this from the likes of ac,CCC, fractured BLP or the rest of the yardfowls if it was a BLP minister.

    This man Freundel Stuart prior to the DLP becoming government, if you really listened to him, I do no think he had much love for white people. His rhetoric always had racial overtones. So to see him last week at Ocean Two and now at the affluent Limegrove, it shocks me.

    You really think Freundel would ever buy something out of a Ralph Lauren store? Hell, no, not even if it was free!

  12. Colonel Buggy

    Point taken.

    It still has poor optics.

    After 46 years the Crown/State must have accumulated a warehouse full of gifts to PMs.

    In the circumstances, the State may want to consider opening an outlet store at Limegrove to sell off those gifts to generate some cash and save on warehousing costs.

    Just a suggestion

  13. There is a message, beneath, that the PDC is sending to many of the residents in Barbados who read these blogs on BU, but who prefer not to blog on here, for whatever reasons.

    This message is a substantially modified one from the one that is often put out by the PDC for general consumption on here, BU, and in other places in Barbados.

    Nevertheless, this short message is such an important one, though, that it has to be sent out on here in an attempt to have as many of these same non-blogging readers as possible of these BU blogs, and who – as was just mentioned – are resident in Barbados, come to the understanding that they must consider themselves and their relevant political services needed by some Barbadian patriots now more than ever before, to be part of the process – if they are not already – of the realization of this objective of a growing number of people in Barbados helping to bring about sweeping and substantial social political material and financial changes, and for the better, to this country.

    No doubt, some of these aforementioned readers would have deliberately not voted in the last general election in this country. And this non-participation would have possibly come about, et al, as a result of their recognizing that the DLP and BLP are essentially the same foolishness and wickedness up and down a hill, and that those things were not be countenanced by their voting for either of them.

    So, therefore, it is not unthinkable to realize that such negative things – when added to many of the other fundamental wrongs that have been and are committed and omitted by these two older disgraceful factions – would have somewhat become part of the bases of their frustration with and anger at the very appalling distressing ways in which the current DLP/BLP party political/governmental system in Barbados has become so terminally dysfunctional for the most parts. And no doubt too that these particular readers are and could not be any supporters of these two old ramshackled intellectually and politically bankrupt and discredited DLP and BLP factions.

    Furthermore, the non-participation of the particular people in the last general election and their accustomed giving of no political support to the DLP and the BLP are two very important indicators, as coming from they themselves, of the potential that they have for becoming part and parcel of this growing political movement in Barbados for the bringing about of substantial changes for the better and brighter of this country.

    And they should be very bestirred too to take their places in this movement for the bringing about of great political change for this country, by their own knowledge that there is a natural and growing opposition – and within which they can take their own places too – to these two stupid factions in Barbados, especially given the fact the majority of registered voters in the last elections in February of 2013, did not vote for either the DLP or BLP – more than the percentage of voters that did not vote in the previous election in January of 2008.

    Indeed, these persons must put on their battle armour and must dutifully take up their positions in this political movement, to do whatsoever that is good and great to help ONCE AND FOR ALL defeat and vanquish these two media inflated, despicable, already half dead monsters that should have been put down ever since the 1980s in Barbados.

    Anyhow, without further adieu, the following is our message to these persons.

    Dear Non-blogging BU readers,

    Now, now is the time for the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country to accelerate the process of permanently removing these politically feckless visionless archaic DLP and BLP from the political governmental landscape of this country, for their doing countless seemingly unstoppable cardinal and unforgivable wrongs to so many people and things in Barbados.

    They must – in the final analysis – be replaced by newer visionary disciplined coalition building people centered nationalist parties, that must – at the nearest possible time of their acceding to political office – devolve sovereignty to the people of Barbados.

    Indeed, one of the very important reasons for the coming to office of these more responsible parties would be to make sure that Barbados is prevented from becoming like how Jamaica was in many respects in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even up to this juncture where it (Jamaica) has reached a point of no return on the current (endogenously and exogenously guided) Westernist oligarchist dependency exploitation trajectory.

    For, as it stands right now, Barbados is really on the path of becoming – in a most dramatic and stark manner too – in the next 9 to 14 years – like the said Jamaica was when it first moved from one of the most prosperous more developed countries in the English speaking Caribbean region in 1950s and 1960s to now being one of the poorest most volatile in the said region.

    As such, the Jamaica that you and many other people in Barbados have come to know now has long developed the following traits:

    1) Severe increases in the levels of pauperization/poverty among the masses;

    2) Severe disparities in wealth and remunerations among the major social classes;

    3) Substantial/chronic dependence on foreign capital investment with enclave type industrial services oriented developments taking place in certain areas of the country;

    4) Prolonged political economic recessionary periods and low anemic material growth rates being the norm;

    5) A very limited but grossly misused financial base;

    6) Sky rocketing levels of so-called gross government debt and persistent, unsustainable government deficits;

    7) Excessive private and government sector foreign exchange borrowings;

    8) Repeated IMF interventions over the years, standby arrangements, etc and several so-called devaluations of the local dollar;

    9) Ever-growing characteristics of the Bonapartist state being taken on by the state – state fascism, serious authoritarian dictatorial tendencies on the part of the state, etc;

    10) Significant levels of ” brain drain”; and

    11) Increasing levels of political aid, grants, remittances from abroad, et al,

    So, just as our fellow CARICOM member country has become thoroughly flattened under the weight of such vicious desirable circumstances, our Barbados will continue to develop – in a significant way – such features ( they have already started to do so, though) in the time prescribed by the PDC (in the next 5 years) and beyond that time, in as much as they will reach the stages of becoming endemic characteristic features of the Barbadian society, having their own and other related adverse effects on the wider Barbadian society, that such that if they are not reversed in good time then they will take on different transformations and transmutations in terms of their leading to pronounced social instability and tension, and political upheaval and mayhem, and serious increases in crime and violence, fraud, embezzlement, extortion and racketeering in this Barbadian society, if the DLP and the BLP are not removed in the next 5 years.

    So, this is our message to you – the residents of Barbados who read these BU blogs but do not post for whatever reasons.

    This is the time for you to contribute to the bringing about of a new political managerial dispensation for Barbados, as well as to the bringing about of properly restructured and repositioned buoyant social, commercial, productive and export/import sectors for this island.

    This is your bounden duty to the nation and people of Barbados and to the younger and unborn generations of this country, indeed.

    Yours sincerely,


  14. PDC

    Christ man can’t you give us the summary version or better yet just the conclusions? Your long winded contributions are an annoyance man.

  15. PDC;
    A very good post. Especially the section detailing the characteristics of the Jamaica situation that we are now entering. Worth the length of the post.

  16. Checkit-out,

    The PDC thanks you a great deal for your compliment.

    Many Barbados must be made more aware of the serious systemic dedevelopment, decay, collapse and ruin right now taking place in this country.

    One only has to read today’s Nation newspaper and see the extreme destitution that is afflicting a certain family in this country, and to see some of the evidence of the falling living standards in this country, and the tremendous mental, psychological and emotional strain that is exacted on families and persons living under such circumstances.

    Our heart goes out to that particular family in such dire circumstances.

    And we hope they get the desired assistance as soon as possible from various local and international sources.

    In the said above PDC article, though, a mistake is made in the fourth last paragraph in relationship to the reference to the prescribed time in which the particular features will become more endemic rooted in Barbados, and that time is beginning in the next 9 years (as stated earlier in the post), and not 5 years as was published.

    Our apologies.


  17. Sanka “The BLP Yardfowl pretending to be a journalist” Price has written his third consecutive article attacking the DLP about the situation with letters given to some temporary officers.

    Does this man ever look in the mirror and ask himself what should his role as a columnist other than attacking only one party for the last 6 years week after week?
    How can anyone seriously believe that he is independent.
    If Sanka Price and Albert Branford are independent then I am the biggest Nation newspaper fan you will ever meet. Stupse.

    Another Wednesday and the same partisan filth coming from Price. He is not doing anything to educate and inform the public. Will someone , please tell the SSA that the garbage at the Nation on Fontabelle is overflowing every Wednesday morning?
    Sanka Price – a pure BLP puppet!

  18. @ Prodigal son
    I can now agree with you, it was best that the BLP lost the election.
    If you really believe this – can you please explain why we continue to have this anti DLP bellyaching?
    It was indeed an election to lose…but somebody had to end up with the burden. It turns out to be the DLP.

    Now would it not make sense for ALL of us to cuss him as needed, praise him where possible, and to try to guide them into some kind of workable plan for the country?

    How does it make sense for half of us to be fighting against the other half when the rest of the world is engaged in a full attack against ALL of us?
    You think Bushie will fight his brother when strangers are at the gate of our family home with lean and hungry looks in their eyes?

    …..but perhaps that is asking too much of bowls of brass..

  19. Prime Minister Stuart asks citizens to be calm. The Nation newspaper reports that an analysis of the impact of the recent budgetary measures is to be done. It is reported that :

    “Stuart explained that the results of those analyses would be examined and then “we will know what will be the real impact of the 10 per cent cut in Government’s expenditure on the emoluments of temporary employees, persons in acting positions and substitutes.”

    Is this tacit acknowledgement of poor planning and execution?

    On a related note, if the QEH needs $200 million to function and the Gov’t only allocates $120 million will PM Stuart be surprised if user fees and cutbacks in services at the QEH occurs?

  20. No need to Panic, says PM

    So the PM meets with senior civil servants for an “update and clarifications following widespread concerns expressed regrading the situation of temporary public workers after the presentation of this year’s Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals”

    First point he met with several “actors” five of them to be exact, all person who are acting as heads of departments. Are these person being paid acting allowances? Just asking because we know the police not getting any, the postal service not getting any, customs officers not getting any ??????

    Second point : “A lot of the alarm at this time is without basis” So you have not paid these officers since July and then you give them letters of termination and the alarm is without basis. ????? Ok, how about you return your August Salary to the Treasury and then not be sure if you will be paid in September and then see how without basis your level of alarm will be??????

    Third point: An analysis of the existing situation ………is being done…….with a deadline set for September 30, the information will be submitted to the Dir of Finance and Planning” So temp public officers don’t look for any money this month either,as the government now has to look access the impact. I would have thought that you would have considered the impact PRIOR to taking the action, but hold on according to the government no action was taken so no cause for undue disquiet. Please indicate the acceptable level of disquiet allowed Mr.PM ???????

    Forth point: All parties will continue to dialogue on the matter and an effective communication process will be put in place going forward. I hope they will talk to the mortgage companies, banks, gas stations, water authority, bl and p, telephone company, supermarkets, stores for school clothes and supplies that these officers have to pay. Just maybe the PM can convince these entities to accept talk as payment. Last time I checked these entities accepted cash not talk ????

    Really Mr. PM really are you serious ?????

  21. Why does PM Stuart not believe that being cut from a payroll whether you are a temporary worker or not is not cause for grave concern, will he feed these people and pay their bills. Is it because him and his clueless Ministers are living freely off the taxpayers and believe it will not affect them yet.

    Still waiting to see the DLP ministers offer to take a salary cut.

  22. @ Bush Tea | September 4, 2013 at 7:34 AM |
    “Now would it not make sense for ALL of us to cuss him as needed, praise him where possible, and to try to guide them into some kind of workable plan for the country?”

    That is a very worrying statement coming from a person who sees fatalistic nihilism of the human condition called life and who actively promulgates the inevitable dislocation of both economy and society as a precursor to the return of your BBE?

    Why are you offering such practical human solutions to an unsolvable situation that only your BBE can sort out? Can’t you see the folly of your suggestion of involving a bunch of crooks and practitioners of the highest form of squandermania called the BLP in any plan to get the country out of the current mess which was in your estimation was created by the14 years of profligate mismanagement? Why rely on a thief to help you find your jewellery stolen by the same thief?

    Are you being honest with yourself given your premonitions you have espoused overtime? Or are you just being an apologist for an intellectually bankrupt incompetent dishonest administration?

    Now would it make sense to cuss the miller in your response or demonstrate how honest you are in your belief in your BBE?

    Nil Desperandum, sans Dieu, Rien.

  23. @Well Well,
    Hope you are well.
    Canada has had an Entrepreneurship Visa available to those who have 300.000.00 or more to invest, that also allows them to become landed emigrants and shortly after they can apply for full citizenship. So far Barbados has clung to its “purity” and resisted it and the BLP has sworn that they will never accept this. We’ll wait and see.

  24. @Well Well further,
    Temporary positions have always existed as part of the functioning of the Civil Service, and it has always een known that when the time ws up the temporary officer went home. thus if a clerk typist went on maternity leave a person would be hired as a temporary clerk typist, with the understanding that when the appointed person came back out to work the temporary person would no longer have a job. there has never been any controversy about this, how come it is now a cause celebre. Temporary workers have no claim to a permanent position and their jobs are always tenuous. sometimes in the past temporary work could be continuous by transfers from one department to another as people went on leave or vacation, or were transfered, biut it has always been a clear undeerstanding that there was no permanence to those types of jobs. So to claim that there “is a legitimate expectation” that the job would be permantnt…permanent is a lot of bull intended to inflame the situation. Amd MAM and Kerrie Symmonds should know better( I think they do know better) they are only trying to pour kerosene oil on the fire.

  25. I commend CBC for the full and extensive coverage given to the opposition press conference. That is what democracy is about.
    The Nation newspaper is clearly the only media house in Barbados through its selection of CONSISTENTLY BIASED commentators, columnists and editors that has shown itself to be aggressively pushing a partisan agenda.

    The fact that despite the repeated one sided attacks that the Prime Minister has not resorted to the tactics of Adams and Arthur is a tribute to his character and decency. We have a Prime Minister and not a dictator.
    In some Caribbean countries, the Nation and its biased columnists would have been muzzled long time.

    Democracy and free speech is alive in Barbados. Unfortunately, the standard of journalism has declined dramatically at the biased Nation newspaper.

  26. Alvin Cummins | September 4, 2013 at 9:15 PM |

    @Well Well further,


    Alvin, i understand all that, i also posted some info on the Canadian program on another thread above.

    The problem with the DLP is credibility, they led the voters to assume that all was well with the Barbados economy before and during the elections, therefore these temporary workers had an implied expectation that their jobs were not at risk, they have families to feed and responsibilities along with major debts, that is no consolation to them right now, and they have all rights to be pissed. Talk cannot feed their families or pay their bills. I would have more respect for the DLP if they had told the voters/employers what to expect instead of bamboozling them to get votes.

  27. To the BLP’s credit they tried to warn bajans that the DLP ministers were lying to them, the DLP replied by calling Mia an alarmist and spreader of doom and gloom, well they all now get to say hello to doom and gloom.

  28. NationBLPnewspaper | September 5, 2013 at 6:15 AM |
    You said “I commend CBC for the full and extensive coverage given to the opposition press conference.”
    Are you for real. Which TV you talking about. The cut and paste brigade at CBC air certain parts and the biting information are omitted. BTW, Morning Barbados wasted 8 minutes of the 10 minutes news with Maxine McClean and two other gentlemen and only give snips of Mia and two other countries. That’s commendable to CBC-DLP Television.

  29. Tell Me Why,

    Don’t waste your time answering the “nation critic”! He certainly did not watched the same DLPTV we watched and he reads the Nation through eyes filled with glaucoma.

    By the way, why did they push out Reudon Eversley? He actually had the gall to apply to the Nation for the editor position. Can you imagine what the Nation would turn into with Reudon Eversley as editor? But “nation critic” would be happy!

  30. wateva became of this guy

    Carson C. Cadogan | September 2, 2013 at 2:04 PM |

    Another thing, how is it that Caswell can spend so much time and money digging up people’s election returns and spending so much time on Brasstacks, yet he cant find the time to grow his one man “Union” and recruit new members?

    It is really embarrassing that after all this time his “Union” only represents him, don’t you think so?

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