St. Lucia Surges Past Barbados in the US Market

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

There is sometimes so much misinformation disseminated in the media about tourism, it becomes even more important that the facts prevail. It’s official. Our neighbour, St. Lucia, overtook us for the first four months of this year, in terms of United States long stay visitor arrivals. Despite having a much smaller room stock, St. Lucia welcomed 43,335 American visitors between January and the end of April, an increase of 6.6 per cent, when compared with the same period in 2012. Barbados recorded 42,516 for the identical four months, a decline of 11.9 per cent.

The trend continues with the addition of a new weekly flight nonstop United Airlines service from Newark, adding another 3,000 plus seats during the second half of 2013. So there is little doubt that St. Lucia will still be ahead in this market, by year end. Newark Liberty Airport, offers for many, a more convenient access than JFK or La Guardia in the TriState area, one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. It is also United’s third largest hub after Houston and Chicago with the St. Lucia flight connecting with 22 US cities plus a number in Canada, increasing travel options and reducing overall journey times.

Americans have generally less paid holidays than Europeans, so it becomes even more critical to be able to reach the ultimate destination in the shortest time, if ‘we’ are serious about competing in this market. And this perhaps, partially explains why we have seen such a dramatic fall in US arrivals, having lost direct flights from Philadelphia, San Juan, Dallas/Fort Worth and Atlanta. If the journey takes too long, involves an overnight stay in one or both directions or has a protracted connection time in Miami or New York, savvy travellers switch to a more accessible vacation choice.

Another way that St. Lucia can substantially benefit is by tapping into the 52 million members of the second largest airline loyalty programme in the world, United MileagePlus. Every day United redeems 17,000 reward trips. For many years, I have been trying to persuade the policymakers to include a box on a revised landing card, to indicate if our guests used miles to reach us. To the best of my knowledge, no researched data is available to accurately gauge what percentage of our overall arrivals redeem their loyalty points on vacation travel. But from our own empirical evidence, we calculate it could be as high as 10 to 15 per cent.

The compelling reason for using miles, is that they break down the geographical cost differential, because the same number of miles are required, irrespective of the originating gateway within the Continental United States and Canada.

As a simple example. The lowest cost return flights from Chicago to St. Lucia booked online in August is US$886. MileagePlus members would apply 35,000 miles with US$85.40 payable in additional taxes.

From my own personal experience, I use miles to travel at least twice a year using points earned through my credit card with American AAdvantage. This, despite not having purchased a full price ticket with the airline for many years. By selectively using this method of bill settlement, this month I will have amassed one million miles since signing up for the loyalty programme.

317 thoughts on “St. Lucia Surges Past Barbados in the US Market

  1. ac………..go read this mornings nation online, i posted an article on it on BU, then go read and see where all the problems lay that will cause the hurricane force winds to take down Barbados’ tourism, on this one it really is not Adrian cause you know i go after him hammer and tongs when i see him leaning too much to the left. You really need some peace of mind.

  2. @ Carson C. Cadogan | August 1, 2013 at 5:55 PM |
    “Nothing to see here people, move along.”

    It’s not that there is nothing to see here:

    It’s just that you and people of your ilk don’t want us to look!

    I am asking you ac, and Karma once again if Jonathan Bryant is all set up in his accommodation on the 650 acre plantation? Did he get the May 2013 funding? Is he ready to start planting in August?
    Did he pack his sunblock because he looks a bit light skinned to me in the images on the web?…20465.20592.4.21957.….0…1c.1.23.img..2.0.0.LLs3vv9bvz0&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.50165853,d.eWU&fp=262017bd4ade0739&biw=1366&bih=620&facrc=_&imgdii=_&×

  3. @ Bush Tea,

    I like that parable.

    @ All

    On the anatomy of inept politicians.

    I give you Commander in Chief, Richard Sealy

    Here is a quote from Uncle Richard Lookup

    ‘“IF WE GET IT RIGHT (my capitalization not his) and WE ARE ABLE (my caps) to develop a true aviation industry in Barbados with a private aircraft registry, with a training school, with airlines based here flying into the US, with cargo being transhipped, passengers being hubbed through here, we COULD SEE (my caps) aviation earning serious foreign exchange for Barbados; not just supporting the other foreign exchange earning sectors, like the tourism sector and international transport,” he stated. (EJ)

    I ask you to focus on the speech this Clown always employs as he stares into the nether realms of spirituality, while leading many of our physical tourism marketing initiatives and you get an idea of who we are trusting our mainstay tourism to?

    A man who constantly speaks in the Future Subjunctive mixed, with fanciful, incredible hyperbole is not a man to entrust one of the main economic mainstays of our economic well being to.

    This clown was making this statement in support of the $900M cabinet is to approve for a LONG TERM plan for the expansion of our National airport.

    Imagine this qualifier “if we get it right….”

    He can’t even get the short term marketing plan right and is now looking at a 15 year plan.

    $600M in a port facility that will be completed when? $900M in an airport that will be completed when?

    Never in the history of the world has it happened that a government is replete with men of blinkered vision who have, en masse, reverted to 40 year old development plans, resuscitated them and patterned them in new robes, and, in our time of greatest need, presented these plans as the way forward for our economy.

    And the dumb sheep like Cocky Locky Cadogan and AC/DC chant in eternal chorus for these men of vision.

  4. @ PUDRYR
    Thanks – about the parable. Don’t mention it to GP though…, he and Bushie have a longstanding “issue” about parables 🙂

    …and while you are at it PUDRYR, see if you can explain to David(BU) that OUR GOOSE IS COOKED.
    He also have difficulties with Bushie’s parables and after five years of trying, the bushman has FAILED to show him that our asses are indeed in the grass …..just awaiting a good mowing.

    Your brilliant linguistics and immaculate semantics (of the same order of Miller’s – except that you talk sense 🙂 ) are probably what is needed to get David to understand our clear plight.
    Once we come to that understanding, PERHAPS we will be able to move BU into the CRITICAL phase of preparing Bajans for the coming storm…..or in our case, the mowing…

  5. @ PUDRYR
    They may lack vision in Tourism but you must have seen that they are making up for it with cotton. According to the press release from the “investors”, since May 2013, funds have been or were being raised, a 650 acre plantation is being prepared this month (August) for planting and an Englishman has or will be taking up residence at said plantation. Incidentally the release says the 650 acre lease will be at a peppercorn rate!

    I have been asking CCC, ac, Karma etc repeatedly to get us an update but so far not a squeak out of them.

  6. ac exhausted herself with negative energy and is probably fast asleep, when Carson sets something evil in motion to distract the bloggers and it does not work out he makes himself scarce, all you have to do is look behind any DLP politician and you will see Carson firmly attached until the next time he believes within himself that lies will distract and deter. Bad karma is weak against good karma, it fizzles out, exhausts itself and dies, just like negative energy.

  7. @ Bush Tea | August 2, 2013 at 1:47 PM |
    “Your brilliant linguistics and immaculate semantics (of the same order of Miller’s – except that you talk sense are probably what is needed to get David to understand our clear plight.”

    Come on Bushie, you just can’t be so hard a marker just because a student disagrees with his teacher on certain important matters and expresses opposing philosophical views.
    You should ‘give jack his jacket’ (sometimes). Not even your nemesis OSA would be so harsh in marking a political script from a dissenter in his Cabinet.

    The miller would settle for “Except PODRYR talks ‘MORE’ Sense”, emphasis on ‘More’.

    BTW, Bushie you really can’t fault PODRY(R) assessment of Richard ‘the raving lunatic’ Sealy. He should have been a bit more comprehensive and include the building of a new hospital to cost an additional $900 million to boot.
    Bushie are you sure this man Sealy is not genetically related? And we don’t mean to the miller. LOL!!

  8. Wait the BLP yardfowls still hear I heard Adrian had book a one way flight out of Barbados fuh wunna , first class accomadations included . in ST lucia Gee whiz all this euphoria and no takers , you got to be kidding to past up such a good deal. even GP post a Video so wunna could see how well wunna would be treated , what taking wunna so long to depart, after the past couple days yuh would think that the arrivals to ST lucia out of Barbados would be non stop,

  9. ac……….i believe everyone is going to stay close to Bim, the IMF is still there doing their research, then they will let the taxpayers know what to expect, they are actually doing the DLPs job for them, if not for the IMF the taxpayers would know nothing.

  10. Friends I have no qualms about telling folk hither, thither and yon about our contiguous……….and contagious islands. especially St Lucia

  11. GP…………the video is fantastic, brought back many pleasant memories of St. Lucia, another lovely Caribbean island to enjoy.

  12. @ Georgie Porgie | August 2, 2013 at 7:09 PM |

    Be careful with your postings. If you continue in this mode you will certainly incur the wrath of Carson Cadogan and be called “Uncle Tommy Porgie” the Oreo for a Coconut.

    We need to swallow our darn ‘we better than them’ arrogant pride and move in the direction of eco-tourism making better use (conservation wise) of our most valuable natural resource the beaches and sea.

  13. well I guess by the response the yardfowls only going by way of video, as for GP he not going to leave the cozy comfort of fla. I don’t think rhe social security in Fla would add up to getting nothing from STlucia. all wunna just a bunch of hypocrites. ANY takers I didn’t think So, LOL!

  14. Miller…………don’t know if you have ever ventured into St. Lucia but it’s absolutely beautiful and quite the experience.

    Carson might not want to attack anyone for a few days, the credit agencies and IMF posted information to the press, he might not want to answer any questions, his political masters probably told him to lay low, it takes time to invent new lies.

  15. Well Well. | August 2, 2013 at 7:25 PM |
    , it takes time to invent new lies.
    spoken like a true professional……

  16. AC I can see that you don’t travel to the other islands AT ALL. What a pity! It will do you some good like widening your horizon, seeing how others do things and give you ideas to come back home and replicate.

  17. ac…………………i sympathize with you these days, i am a regular softy, take that advice given to you and take a trip down the islands, it will do you a world of good, charge the batteries, total rejuvenation. Before you go, check out the first 2 threads on BU.

  18. It’s not about partisanship, loyalty to your own island or to your sister island etc etc. We have facts, disputed though they may be. Less visitors are choosing Barbados, more are choosing St Lucia. Why? ” It is unspoiled”. Barbados certainly can no longer make that claim. “People are sweet to tourists, they don’t harangue them at every opportunity”. Rudeness to customers is normal here, be you tourist or not.
    It is more beautiful. It is less of a rip-off. Everything is less expensive. It has yet to exhibit the mind-set inculcated into every Bajan from a young age that tourists are there to be milked.
    The list of positives can go on. Yet Bajan bus-drivers have not yet demanded the right to carry a firearm in their cab, as far as I am aware.

    Lucians have barely embarked upon the mass sell-off and government appropriation of land for sale to property developers who ruined the once pristine environment Barbados enjoyed. I have no confidence that this will not come to St Lucia in time as they follow the example of Barbados, foolishly selling off their island. St Lucia may be 30 years behind Barbados in development. Long may it continue! We have seen what happens when you trash your major cash-earner, build over it and discourage other forms of revenue.
    Bajans seem to have this mind-set that they deserve to be rich, a sense of entitlement which partly comes from watching too much US TV and observing the rich tourists and endeavouring to copy their ways. That kind of personal wealth cannot be universally achieved nor relied upon in an economy which has nothing to offer apart from tourism as we have seen in Barbados where expectations are way above realistic for the national average person.
    Well, there are plenty more fish in the sea, Barbados and plenty more islands in the sea, too.. If anything, St Lucia should learn right now not to screw up their product as Barbados has done. Anyone who wants to see a model of what happens in such a situation should look at Spain where the insane and corrupt development of their most beautiful coastal land has resulted in a dead no man s land of abandoned building projects. Luckily for the Spaniards, tourism is not their only industry, it.s a big country with other industries.
    I started by saying i[s not about partisanship but it IS about politics and corrupt politicians who have, regardless of which party, set about ruining this island, often for their own gain. We need to raise consciousness amongst everybody from schoolchildren upwards, that their vote will be counted. Every individual has to take a realistic look at politics, decide what they want and vote accordingly. Nobody can just sit scratching their heads and muttering the mantra that all politicians are corrupt etc. You can sit in a shop ranting and raving hours on end, night after night but the average voter will not bite the bullet and either stand for election themselves or choose a new kind of politician. This is still a democracy, strange as that may seem to the rest of the world! Some of my friends have been compulsorily stripped of their homes for the sake of development, land deeds have been mysteriously disappeared. What happened? People cant just lime around. they need to take charge of their own destinies and stop whining about the two pathetic parties who take turns in despoiling this island.

  19. look why wunna trying to drag ac into a fight with the people of ST. Lucia . You guys seem to miss the point. I have no qualms with the ST Lucia . as a matter of fact I am happy if they are making progress in any way no matter how small or large as it is vital to their country stability .my argument is not about ST. Lucia progress No not all, But with Adrian articles in which he uses USA Tourist arrivals as a conclusion that ST; Lucia has surpassed Barbados in tourist arrivals and that is not true, AS for ST. Lucia more power to them it has taken them many years for them to make substantial in roads in the tourist industry and ac would be the last person to begrudged them any success, so I am dumbfounded and tantalize as to how any of you yardfowls have reached a conclusion as to ac having any negative thoughts concerning ST.Lucians . You guys get your facts not by observation but by pereceptions just like typical BLP yardfowls,

  20. ac | August 2, 2013 at 7:22 PM |
    well I guess by the response the yardfowls only going by way of video, as for GP he not going to leave the cozy comfort of fla. I don’t think rhe social security in Fla would add up to getting nothing from STlucia


  21. It’s not about Adrian per se, nor yardfowl et al it;s simply about looking at the facts staring you in the eye! There are less visitors here yet more there. This island has been concreted over. That island has not….yet.. People don’t come to the Caribbean just for sun, sea and sex. If that were the case they could go to other places cheaper and closer to home. Barbados had a unique offer of an unspoilt island with charming people, which has been degraded Facts must be faced. What was a sweet, unspoiled destination just is not that anymore. The island has lost its magic because of greed by developers AND its own inhabitants. So many cars, highways etc. That;s not a tropical paradise, is it? A large part of the island’s charm was in the laid back attitude of the locals. That has gone. You may cite economic difficulties faced by us but all the world is dealing with that very same economic crunch today. For a country which put all its eggs in the basket of tourism, it can only be said that Barbados has been very short-sighted. Now we see the results.
    I say the facts stare you in the eye. All those empty hotel beds, derelict hotels and vacant condos. All those windows to the sea vanished. You might as well be in Corfu.
    Now that the international world of banking is clamping down on off-shore accounts, what is left for Barbados? We produce nothing, can’t do offshore anymore, have ruined our coastlines. Agriculture has long gone! Yes, we have no more bananas today. Without tourism and banking there is no sustainable future, any fool can see that.
    Fellow Bajans, emigrate.
    The only alternative I can see is to rip out the empty hotels, open the windows to the sea again. There[s international money to support that on the condition that agriculture is reintroduced and also that Barbados is of such historical significance.
    St Lucia, for all its problems, is at the point where it can look into the future and not allow this to happen to them. If they dont take it on board they will suffer the same fate.

  22. well GP ” I guess after all there is something that would keep you away from ST Lucia>> DISHONEST MANAGEMENT>> anyhow St Lucia is not alone dishonesty is epidemic everywhere especially in big countries like the USA of which FLA is a part of. So if it was ac having to choose on levels of dishonesty I RATE FLA an F and ST lucia a A.. so pack uh bags and go to the land of speedy progress where peace and quiet abounds . as a matter of fact . Management can be REPLACED ..NO EXCUSES

  23. AC

  24. AC

    LOL! now I really concerned………

  25. @ Victor | August 2, 2013 at 9:27 PM |

    Very good analysis.
    You have identified some if not most of the causes of the malady in the local tourism industry and made recommendations for a possible cure.

    One thing you forgot to mention though, Victor, is that the money floating around to invest in the kind of tourism in the Caribbean to attract the non-Corfu or Costa del Sol types is going towards places like Cuba and other un-spoilt more exotic eco-friendly destinations like Dominica and the Central Americas.

  26. VICTOR show me the facts where ST lucia has more Tourist than BARBADOs, overall! you might identify social problems and structural problems within any society that might be contributors in declines however you have to show the facts to backup you r opinion of ST.Lucia having more USA tourist than Barbados…

  27. Dear AC/DC

    John the Baptist said of Jesus, “He shall increasewhile I decrease” and while I would love to expand on the sine, cosine and tan implications of that metaphysical statement and the 6 month antipode between The Voice in the Wilderness and The Master, I will confine my remarks to those of Victor.

    St. Lucia’s “tourism plant” and its pristine virginity to quote another wise sage Bush Tea is attracting more “johns” to a tighter orifice, do forgive this allegory’s imagery but sometimes I have found that rawness has a place when reasoning fails. Certain proponents for “Greek” argue that when one shop is like a wash pan, the other, two inches removed, becomes more attractive.

    The friendliness has gone from the heart of us bajans and we have become a cold people living in a concrete jungle, encircled by tall walls of a Citadel/hotels which, while they “protected” our lifestyles/economy, years ago, have now become our prison.

    There is some experiential irony in that somewhere that should somehow inform “those (of us) who refuse to observe the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat them.”

    Look how clearly Victor states the facts and see, like one of the late Hollowalla’s black belly sheep, crossing the Martindales road, you have missed the point.

    You have to be related to Richard Sealy or Sinckler, your thought processes/reasoning defines you.

  28. PODYR
    I am not arguing the problems that could stagnate growth or decline in Barbados my argument is the half truth in the article in which it gives misinformation on the Tourist Statics, however if this would make you feel i would agree that bad better presentation and attitude surrounding a product towards a customer would be a bad sale to having a repeat customer..

  29. This manufactured debate of St.Lucia vs Barbados seem to be a Bajan invention; go to St.Lucia, for example, and you would not even hear the name Barbados unless someone is planning to travel there to get a US visa.

    St.Lucia just hosted the Creole Boxing Championship where all the French, and former French, speaking countries in the region were part of. Barbados is hardly mentioned in St.Lucia

  30. I don’t understand why we all can’t embrace St. Lucia and be happy for her. We are Caribbean peoples and should embrace each other. Unless we ent bigger than, prettier than, more educated than, better cooks than and richer than we won’t open our hearts and arms to other Caribbean islands. I wonder where we are from?

  31. “… we won’t open our hearts and arms to other Caribbean islands.”
    And as a result, other Caribbean islands are treating Barbados likewise.
    St.Lucia is the closest thing you have to a brother/sister island, yet many people are here knocking her. God forbid, but if calamity were to come your way, most Bajans would naturally run to St.Lucia. So try to see her as an extension of Barbados and not as an adversary.

  32. @ Caribbean Lover | August 3, 2013 at 8:36 AM |

    Good observation.
    A similar view should be taken about St. Vincent whose people represent the very few in the Caribbean that have a genuine respect, admiration and liking for Bajans.

    Bajans have left a rather bad taste in the mouths of Guyanese who are the only other Caribbean people really pushing this Caricom/CSME project. Ever so welcome but first wait for the boat to sail up the Essequibo, Bajans.

  33. I am a Bajan in St Lucia for the long weekend and I would dare say Barbados is 5 years behind St Lucia. Interesting the hotel product is a bit old, more expensive yet you cannot even get low end accommodation due to the invasion of North American tourist. It was irresponsible of the Minister of Tourism to make such a stupid statement. Development wise St Lucia is up there with Barbados thanks to advisors from Barbados such as Reudon Eversley and Hartley Henry.

  34. Saw a bar offering buy two glasses of wine and get the whole bottle for the same price, had to say wow. Another plus for St Lucia is its natural harbours which are all full with yachts it seems. Perhaps, we can develop some offshore islands with natural harbours.

  35. I don.t know how many times ac must say ” read my lips” i have no problem with the success of ST.LUCIA and i refused to be drag into a fight or agrument ST. LUCIA vs BARBADOS. however the theme of Adrian article made the issue one of such drawing attention to both islands as being in competiton with each other. The article itself served no purpose except to rile up an audience .as for partisan some can be applied but also one can see the potential damage such contributions can inflict on an economy

  36. ac…………..there you go again displaying for the whole of the Caribbean and the world to see that you are functioning on a brain where half the cells required to process and analyze information are dead.

  37. Yu yardfowls can attack ac all yuh want but those attacks are not going to deter or stop ac from commenting on adrians article which sent a shot across the bow causing friction and hysteria between two sister island .my condemnation of the article is in no way a condemnation of ST.LUCIa a country which i give kudos for their hard work iand effort for any success and gains whivh they have achieved in tourism

    • @ac


      All Adrian’s articles have done is to ask – what is St. Lucia doing that we can leverage.

      On 3 August 2013 16:04, Barbados Underground

  38. However The headline of the article lay the ground work and the basis for the negative response. The least adrian could have done to prevent such friction was to present the hideline as onebeing fair and impartial. a theme where all could have put in meaningful and worthwhile contributions without attacks being level at any one country. adrein article failed to meet such a mark…

  39. @ David
    Skippa you is a boss though…

    Looka how you now squeeze 300 posts out of a blog that is built on two clear fallacies….

    1 – Adrian’s persistence in trying to maximize returns from an aging lady of the night…called Bajan tourism

    2 – ac’s inability to understand simple English….poor soul!

    When a blogmaster can milk such a not-topic to the extent that you have so successfully done here, it can be no wonder that BU is probably the best all round blog there is anywhere.

    Is it any wonder then that the queen of all blogging, She who knows everyone and everything – is always to be found on BU?
    …Well Well….

    Is it any wonder that Jockie Boremann, a professed BU hater and critic, a man who has written his own BU parody blog (“His own” also meaning that he is the only visitor…) is ALWAYS here seeking companionship and to be noticed…?

    What a blog!
    What a blog master…!

    Bushie salutes you David (BU)

  40. It is also interesting that ac can fly high above the radar and confound and confuse her critics. only ignoramus think alike. for all of ac faults and dissent ac is still able to come away unscathed and detached.Flawlessly.! yet neither one of you can show me the actual statics favourng ST. lucia ahead of Barbados as suggested by adrian. Not even the Bushman and his imaginary friend BBE.

    • @Bushie

      Seriously, we have to keep the heat up on this MoT. Have you not seen the number of sightings of the gentleman in recent days and weeks? In all the islands which depend on tourism the PM and MoT are the most visible ministers along with the MoF. It seems the PM and MoT in Barbados prefer to buck this trend.

  41. The MOT should be retired immediately. When ignoramuses like him utter stupid statements about their neighbours means that they have NOTHING else to offer this island.

  42. St. Lucia got it going on whatever the case
    I tried to get a hotel room and was met with –no rooms , no rooms.
    St. Lucia is doing well whether 30 years behind or not. That idea means nothing. Better we accept that and work on Barbados

    • The DLP acolytes should do the decent thing and apologize. There you have the year to date numbers from an authorative source.

  43. @ david if you are so smart and now the self appointed and official PR spokesman or spokesperson for ST lucia tourist Board . Can you please tell ac where are the june numbers and why they were not included as of July 16th on the CTO website the official website For Caribbean island tourism statistics .

  44. @ac | August 3, 2013 at 1:56 PM |
    “… yet neither one of you can show me the actual statics favourng ST. lucia ahead of Barbados as suggested by adrian.

    After watching the vid posted @ ‘David | August 3, 2013 at 5:25 PM | are you prepared to apologize to Adrian? Or do you think you (and CCC) are above that sort of thing like the MoT in Bim?

    Are you going to call the St. Lucian official liars too, as is your wont to call people on BU who speak the truth and call a spade a spade when speaking about the obvious incompetence of this DLP administration not knowing their elbow from their arse?

    We did not hear the St. Lucian officials casting blame on others (not even on Barbados for its 30 years ahead of them competitive advantage) or constant complaining about the international recession which is here to stay. We heard people speaking, not lies and bullshit propaganda, but giving a positive message about their efforts in offering good service, giving value for money and their hard work in the right areas of marketing even without the help of a Rihanna-type superstar.

    Yes go ahead and fool stupid Bajans about spending $900 million (like the hospital which has suddenly been mothballed, again) on a pie-in the-sky airport project including another inept toothless State Authority like the existing inland transport Authority while the tourism industry falls apart on the ground.
    Now what use would an additional layer of bureaucracy achieve when there are no airplanes coming to the country with people to spend foreign money? Why not start getting the horse (tourism industry it self) all geared up before trying to fit the cart?

    • @ac

      The CTO gets the numbers from the member countries. In other words the same country websites we have been navigating.

  45. @islandgal246 | August 3, 2013 at 6:27 PM

    ‘Allo ‘Allo! The Madame Fanny La Fan type hiding as one of René Artois’ secret lovers, Michelle la belle pièce de résistance; très sexy, semblable à vous, Oui!

  46. The Minister used poor judgement in slagging St.Lucia because of remarks from the gadfly Loveridge as he had nothing to gain, it was a no win situation no matter what the numbers revealed. The big winner is St. Lucia as they are now in the same conversation and to a lesser extent Loveridge as his remarks have drawn far more coverage than they would have under normal conditions.

    However embedded in the Minister’s statement is a kernel of truth when he stated that St. Lucia is 30 years behind Barbados when it comes to Tourism as far as it goes as many Bajans attitudes towards tourist is a “familiarity breeds contempt” while St. Lucians are much more welcoming which used to be Bajans territory but since we ascended to the margins of the “haves” developed countries) we are as snooty as the French. Alas we don’t have an Eiffel Tower or Louvre to lure the great unwashed to our shores and St. Lucia has much more to offer in natural beauty.

    Barbados is soon going to realise that if you can’t beat em yuh betta join em and forget that there was a song called “Jack” which contains the lines “the beach is mine” and offer some concessions to operators like Sandals and entice them to our shores with provision for private beaches. As has been mentioned before we also have to be open to casinos on our shores, Tourism can’t be a one size fits all, we have to appeal to everyone.

  47. DAVID


    • @GP

      To be fair it is a franchise based in Barbados.

      Pollard is doing a good job. The chemistry of the team seems to be good.

      And the dancing girls! A sight for GP AND Hants eye 🙂

  48. DAVID


    • @GP

      Interesting that you ask about the girls. They are local girls mostly fair skinned with a couple brownies thrown it. Interesting is the fact most if not all of them are wearing weaves read straight shoulder length hair…hmmm. The BU gals have passed the qualifying age by decades…lol.




  51. David I was planning to start a discussion about how 3 top Canadian Banks are strategically sponsoring Carnivals and Cricket.

    Scotiabank Carnival and CIBC is the official sponsor of Cricket Canada and Bank of Montreal sponsoring High School Cricket.

  52. HANTS



    • @Hants

      You are correct, it probably had to do with the large sums required to sponsor.


      It is all about keeping the eyes on the seam which makes it easy to anticipate the turn, swing and bounce.


    @ DAVID

    the turn, swing and bounce.

  54. miller u got to to be crazy,. apologize for what ac not the one to start this feud. ac not the one to write an article that is full of half truths taking a small percentage of tourist from usa as representation of accurate and total statistics for overall tourism numbers for Barbados and ST. Lucia, ac not the one to Start the animosity between two sister islands. Apologize for what. u got to be drunk or retarded ,, . anybody who should be issuing apologies is Adrian , BTW when is he going to come out of hiding and represent himself instead of hiding behind or underneath David BU coattails

  55. Welcome the era of Baseball Cricket.

    Entertaining for most except for us old fogies.

    Note that the stands were full to capacity.

    • @Hants

      The stands will not continue to be filled if teams score 52 and the chasing team scores 52-6. Sir Garry made the point before the game that in the first 6 overs with fielders up there is no way a good batsman has to swipe.

      On 4 August 2013 02:21, Barbados Underground

  56. Miller got your point about the eco tourism but sadly there just are hardly any destinations left in Barbados due to concrete jungle. I have researched this in depth and yes there is govt and international money available but competing destinations like South America and Dominica are so much more attractive, cheaper and basically have so much more virgin territory. Plus Barbados just does not have the profile “unspoiled” in its vocabulary any more.
    It has been analysed that in places like Tuscany in Italy where they sell “agrotourismo” saturation point has been reached. So this kind of project is not new to those individuals who wish to experience it. Therefore they would not come to a place like Barbados famous for its” luxury lifestyle” would they? We are dealing with an informed set of customers here.
    As far as Cuba is concerned, it may well be pristine in areas but visitors are still closely monitored by government agents throughout their stay genuine eco types naturally shun such monitoring so they wouldnt go there either.

  57. @ Victor | August 3, 2013 at 10:41 PM
    “As far as Cuba is concerned, it may well be pristine in areas but visitors are still closely monitored by government agents throughout their stay genuine eco types naturally shun such monitoring so they wouldnt go there either.”

    This might be so under the current still nervously fearful anti-American regime. But as soon as the Castro brothers (and their ancien régime associates) depart the scene, as is all our lot, Cuba will open up not like the Batista vintage but more of a Hemingway type halcyon days.

    Cuba might still be a bit ‘off limits’ to Americans but Brits and other Europeans especially the Germans find Cuba alluringly quaint, un-spoilt and full of ‘modern’ historical appeal offering a different and simple holiday in the sun at a relatively good price.

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