St. Lucia Leading The Way!

Click image to read the delectable package the St. Lucia Tourist Board has put together.

Many have started to take take notice of the growth St. Lucia is experiencing in tourism. This is at a time when the global market is tough especially the UK market. Recent reports suggests “strong tourism growth for Saint Lucia in 2012 with a 20% increase in stay over arrivals in the first quarter of this year.  Top source markets to the island report 9% increase from the U.S., the largest market to Saint Lucia, and a 30% increase over the same period from the United Kingdom.” – RSL.

Click on the image to read about one of the marketing tactics St. Lucia is using to woo tourists with success!

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  1. That is where I am hoping to go for my next holiday too. In all honesty have been to Barbados too many times now and there isn’t really much going on that I have not done already. It will be nice to visit another country and experience their culture, visit and go to new places. I love Bim it is where my family is from but is more a place for me to visit friends and family now, which is a pity, it’s just same ole same ole sigh…..

  2. Oh yeah and too damn expensive and what you really paying for that you can’t get elsewhere????? After a while just gets boring.

  3. In 2007, when the England World Cup team was based in St Lucia, Sky TV ran non-stop promotional programmes on the natural beauty of St Lucia. I said then that St Lucia has got the better deal as English viewers were seeing the lush scenery and the natural beauty of the island and, out of curiosity, will want to travel there. It has taken over four years, but it is slowly coming about.
    We need a leisure and tourism infrastructure and urgently. Tourists do not come to Barbados for its world-class restaurants, historic buildings, top cinemas, archaelogical sites, musical or Shakespearean theatres, fine wines, or Disneyland. They come for the sun, sea and sand and they can get that anywhere – from Mauritius, to the Seychelles, the Bahamas, or St Lucia.

  4. We have cut down many of our beautiful trees, we have replaced grass with concrete, we have torn down or let beautiful old building go to ruin, we allow garbage to pollute our streets and beaches. We do not have a beautification program where EVERYONE in Barbados can participate. We see have created hideous edifices that does nothing for the aesthetics. As we drive long the countryside unkempt embankments and drains flank the roadsides. We are becoming more and more of a dump. St. Lucia looks more inviting and more relaxing. Many have gotten used to the garbage/junk that surrounds them that it has now become beautiful to them and see no need to change.

    • BU commenters have been calling for years for a plan to drive our strategy. Tourism in Barbados appears to be driven using an adhoc approach. We have to work smart especially now that the competition is fierce and the spend is down. Today in the media Governor of the Central Bank Worrell is suggesting that Barbados needs to invest in the high end of the product because this is our positioning. So many signals. Bottomline we need to spruce up the product. To be honest St. Lucia’s product looks freah indeed.

  5. By the end of August 2011 Saint Lucia arrivals were down by -14 per cent. From a glance at the Caribbean Tourism Org stats it looks like the tourist board there never bothered to submit the figures for all of 2011. Makes you wonder why. Barbados was up last year by 6.2 per cent. Jamaica was down by almost -1per cent.
    Just saying.

  6. our heritage approach is a way in a new direction but we need combine both heritage and culture together in away that is appealing with more of a caribbean flair more homegrown theatre and shows with more of an outward appearance to what bajan . the success of oistins should be more fully explores and exploited that tourist love and appreciate the simple things of an island . it is all about art and culture. the high end tourist we need but those who cant afford luxury are more than happy to mingle with thee natives and support our local homegrown industry if they were available.

  7. I am tired seeing ads on TV for every Tourist destination except Barbados.

    Canadians keep telling me how great Barbados is, including a CEO who spent a Week at Almond Beach Village last year with his wife and 2 children and had a great time.

    The BTA should do more advertising where people have money.

    “demand for detached homes is so strong that sales jumped 22 per cent across the GTA last month, which, in turn, pushed the average price of all homes up to CAD$517,556 (an 8.5 per cent increase over April 2011).

    The only travel agency in Toronto dedicated to promoting Barbados is Marville and the majority or their clients are Bajan canadians.

    The BTA needs to work harder than ever in every market. The well known slogan “when the going gets tough the tough get going”. applies.

  8. WILL there be any improvement under this decrepit DLP government ??
    I dont think so. This Government is bankrupt of ideas and Stuart is not inspiring confidence.
    Stuart needs to go and suck a bubbie until it sore or eat a barbabecue pigtail or two . I t seems that alone in Illaro Court at night that Stuart has time to fantasize about a lot of shite.

    Nothing is improving under this Government and TOURISM and ideas to improve it are under pressure. Stuart has passed phase 2 , 3, 4 and 5 . The next phase is PHASE OUT !!!!!
    OUT of Ilaro Court, OUT of Government, OUT of a * ~! %# ^^ @ & # job.

    WHY did the
    The Sloth of the South(Central) fire the Mouth of the South ??

  9. Open your eyes folks. This is only but the highlighting of an age in which the nation will find extremely difficult to pull itself out of. The advantage of St. Lucia’s tourism industry is can be attributed to the fact that it offers a huge plethora of opportunities for eco-tourism as they have a relatively small population size and density rate compared to that of Bim Not to mention that St. Lucia has more Jungles, mountains, and river-falls that rivals the pristine platinum beaches and turquoise waters of Barbados. When one does the comparison, Bim’s landscape is fast being eaten up by reckless re-planning of and lack of support in national parks and reserves that would otherwise preserve the nation’s natural environment.

    We still have time to impose a “return” Act that would enable botanists and biologists as well as horticulturalists to take the seeds from plants in what little remaining jungle we have and replant them on the open spaces of land and impose strict laws that prohibit land burning, dumping, and other harmful acts that would hamper the delicate process of “natural reclamation”. This should also function as a signal for Bajans to pressure the government to not only act in preserving the nation’s landscape to maintain an edge in tourism, but to also call for a redrafting of policy right in which it is Highly restrictive and in favour of Bajan citizens. Not only that, but there should be a call for the HUGE prioritization of agricultural plots and the cancelling of G.M.O. planting along with pesticides and insecticides. Insecticides and Pesticides have been found to contain agents that upset and damage ecological stability in the environment and it permeates through the nation’s groundwater supply (which is why the water tastes so rancid) which could be potentially harmful.

    This is the critical point in which the government vies for the continuation of sacrificing land and ecology for the sake of tourism (a FAILING industry), or to employ initiatives for the advancement in SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRY. Bim is definitely at an advantage point to achieve this; however it will take a solid group of innovative minds with a common goal. We are a nation that lacks a brand,and it is starting to reflect severely not just within our administration, economy, and bureaucracy, but our very own environment. We have absolutely no reputable company that belongs to us. MALIBU and MOUNT GAY RUM both belong to French Holding Groups. It is time that we realize that our future as nation lies in our capacity to acknowledge that our future is very much so intertwined with the global economy, but at the same time we must establish a foundation by Bajans for Bajans in order to successfully compete and truly compete in the global economy.


  10. Brudda Bim ….we got a natural beauty to compete with.The Helen of the West Indies. What do we have? We have man made concrete jungles, very little water, very lazy people who are afraid of the hot sun and getting their hands dirty. What do we have to work with? We do not grow most of our food, the flying fish and all have deserted us. What can we do?

  11. And I forgot to add that we seem to have no pride in our surroundings, just look around the neighbourhoods.

  12. @ Islandgal246

    Take a gander at my petition, I have listed cohesive measures in which the government could take to implement such measures. I for one am willing and ready to get dirty to develop my country because I know no one else will. Now it is a matter of getting other bajans on board and realizing our nation’s true potential!

  13. Having had the opportunity to live on three Caribbean islands and to visit a couple others, I think that we need to develop tourism products that encourage visitors to come to our shores. We have to use what is unique and indigenous to us to generate interest and encourage repeat visitors. Not sure that sun and sand are sufficient anymore.
    In addition, I believe that regional tourism is important and should be encouraged more.

  14. St. Lucia is a beautiful Island. It is 238 square miles compared to Barbados 166 sq. miles.

    Do they have the flat land mass to build Hotels to accomodate comparable numbers of Tourists?
    Barbados gets about 600,000 per year.

    Instead of “cuttin we eye” at St.Lucia focus on making Barbados a better Tourist destination. That is the job of the Ministry of tourism, the BTA and the hoteliers.

    Now if we had a ferry between Barbados and st.Lucia.mmmmmmmm

  15. i believe bay street is a gold mine going “To waste” i envisioned bay street with small chattels houses as reminder of what barbados used to be painted in vibrant colours with restaurants and calyso music shows and small theatres something vibrant with a true picture of what island is all about that little strip is so inviting has everything to offer a tourist and more ripe for great ideas all kinds of shows and art the true meaning of culture all that is lives on BAY if only some one has the vision to see it .

  16. Heard from someone who was a witness that there was an incident at the Crane beach this afternoon (Sunday May 6) where a man was smacked head first into the sand after being caught up by one of the Crane waves and was left unconscious. He was dragged out of the sea and laid out flat on the sand while they waited an hour and a half for an ambulance to arrive to take him to emergency. Before the ambulance got there the tide started coming in and the bystanders were working frantically to keep the sea from washing over him by building sand dykes and channels in the sand as they did not want to have to move the victim with the possibility that he might have suffered a spinal cord injury. I was told the man was taken away after the ambulance crew finally arrived with an oxygen mask on his face and that he was slipping in and out of consciousness.

    At the time I just assumed the victim was a visitor and not a local, but I can’t confirm that for sure.

    I hope for the best for the victim. It sounds from the nature of the injury that this has the potential to be a very debilitating or perhaps even life threatening injury.

    Just one more area where our infrastructure in Barbados is lacking is in the provision of a modern, properly equipped and staffed ambulance service which can offer reasonable response time to emergencies like this one in something significantly less than an hour and a half..

  17. Now with a real CSME we would not be competing against St.Lucia but working with them to market the Caribbean as a destination with options galore: high end, budget, eco-tourism, heritage, diving, surfing, sports, health every facet but snow-related activities. All that money spent by individual territories on marketing and advertising could then be saved by having one plan and used to finance a Caribbean-owned ferry and airline service.

  18. Nah David, and I am gladdened that you get where I am coming from. If only the politicos were bold enough…we can’t even sign on to the CCJ.

  19. But functional cooperation agreed to in a weak framework will not suffice just think of the elusive flying fish agreement.

  20. And Alas the sheep continue to dilberate over “tourism”. I’m hearing talk of “Tourism products” (complete ignorance and idiocy) but no one wants to talk about industry. I’m fed up with the bunh to the point that its sickening. I feel like no matter where I go to exchange Ideas, Bajans will forever be fed on this STUPID ASS NOTION that “SERVICE” and making “adjustments” to our financial sector through a series of harmful manipulations will help to ‘remedy’ our economic plight. The sheer perpetuation in the regurgitation of ideas based on archaic ideas reflect the level of starvation in the lack of innovation and creativity. THis is the FEAR that is highly present in the nation because people still avidly choose to AVOID accepting that we need to shift Bim from a SERVICE based economy to a PRODUCTIVE economy that is highly industrious and home to strong small and medium sized domestic as well as regional (even inter-regional if you include latin America) companies, corporations, and key organizations.

    THe people who still foolishly rely on the dying idea of futhering and “:advancing” the dying industry of tourism in Barbados (A BRAND LONG OVERPLAYED TO THE POINT THAT IT IS GENERIC) need a SERIOUS RAIN CHECK. The nation has an EXTREMELY limited supply of natural wonderss to compete with her neighbours and are fast losing out to a race that has shifted to natural wonders and ecology as opposed to the inauthentic residence in a gated community/resort. We MUST SHIFT NOW TO A PRODUCTIVE MULTI-SECTORAL ECONOMY THAT IS INDUSTRY BASED AND NOT SERVICE BASED.

    I am tired of every playing the same damned tune and singing the same damned song. IT IS TIME THAT SOME ONE CALLS THE SHITE AAS HOW DEY SEE IT!

  21. Heard some talk of a regional ferry last year. Think it was mentioned during a discussion on Tourism which aired on Caribvision…. I think marketing the region as a whole and offering the island hopping experience is a great idea.

  22. ^^^That’s a start. Now lets talk of how much shares that Bim should vie for in such a company

  23. the regional fast ferry plan was launch by Trinidad. they selected a bajan company to run it and that the last we heard anything about it. right now the T&T government is reeling from the announced loss of the caribbean airlines. to start a fast ferry with the current loss masking airline sucking on finance wouldn’t be a good idea.

    • @coldstorm2k8

      Indeed, T&T opposition leader Rowley has been kicking up a stink because the acquisition of Air Jamaica by CAL is sucking about 700 million dollar in fuel subsidies. Affordable regional travel seems a pipe dream.

  24. @ coldstorm2k8

    Too bad.. Was looking forward to the ferry. But at the end of the day it needs to make sense financially. We do not need any more hopeless causes…

  25. @ Frafgile80

    The Government of Barbados should push to establish the nation’s economy through heavy emphasis on DOMESTIC INDUSTRY (ie. through AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES, Small to medium sized Scientific technologies manufacturing & Innovative technology firms, Luxury technologies, Domestically developed luxury niche markets through a series of small and local owned boutiques; RENEWABLE ENERGY technologies and production, PHARMACEUTICALS manufacturing, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, and DOMESTICALLYOWNED TOURISM companies as well as building DOMESTICALLY OWNED FINANCE INSTITUTIONS.

  26. @ Brudah Bim
    Diversification is always a good idea. I think that your ideas are interesting and that in order to get these industries up and running, a lot of funding is needed. Hence the revenue from tourism could actually serve as a stepping stone towards developing the diversified industries you mentioned. So perhaps there is still a need to improve on the dreaded ‘tourism product’.

  27. I have been teaching in ST LUCIA for the last eight months. Once you have driven or sailed to see the Pitons or bathed in the very hot water of the Sulphur Springs, there is not all that much in my opinion to do. I dont particularly find St Lucians that friendly either

    However, the treatment my wife and I recieved during our week at Almond Morgan Beach was superb! bi was also impressed with the penchant for the chefs to use a lot of local foods
    I think St Lucia is a relatively new destination and is thus attractive.
    Most of the folk we met were from the UK. This is in keeping with the poster above who opined that serious advertising during the world cup is now paying off.

    As an old tired destination we need proper marketing! ….and new ideas!

  28. @GEORGIE PORGIE, “As an old tired destination we need proper marketing! ….and new ideas!”

    Barbados is blessed with Sun,Sea and Sand. It is also easy to build and maintain infrastructure

    The Ministry of Tourism and the BTA spend $60million a year marketing Barbados. They need to do a better job.

    New ideas? Hopefully the well paid BTA gurus will come up with some.

  29. @ Georgir Porgie,
    I must say I was amused by your comment. I have often wondered what locals being ‘ friendly’ actually means…

  30. Think more like 100 million now. maybe they should join force with the bhta and have a single universal plan for advertising Barbados and building the brand.

  31. Georgie Porgie you are not going to get much response from the Barbados bashers. I’ve been to St. Lucia countless times it is a beautiful island its its own way with the mountains and endless green rain forests. Columbus would recognize a lot of St. Lucia. Barbados has stunning beauty with its beaches, the east coast, historical sites and first world infrastructure and superstructure. Things work in Barbados thats often not the case in St. Lucia. St. Lucia is very limited in terms of getting around driving to eg the Pitons and Soufriere can be very dangerous because of the mountainous terrain, horrible roads and no street lights.

    In fact much of St. Lucia appears inacessible, Babados is completely accessible and visitors welcome that. Outside the Gros Islet/Rodney bay area a lot of St. Lucia sorry to say looks downright primitive some here call that eco tourism. Both islands have their unique drawing cards Barbados is way more developed than St. Lucia in fact Barbados is the number one developing country in the world. I dont even recall seeing St. Lucia on the list. Bahamas and Trinidad trail Barbados by a long way on the HDI.

    The Barbados government needs to build off shore islands as laid out in their manifesto these fresh new acres would bring tremendous excitement to our destination not to mention be the site of stunning resorts. The planned huge marina downtown coupled with the massive land reclamation it entails would provide loads of diversity to our tourism product. The continued laying of user friendly boardwalks to comabt beach erosion at the same giving us a new, spectacular windows to the sea is a massive, modern yet sustainable boon. Bajan fisher folk and biologists, local and foreign should be pressed into service to regenerate our fish stocks.

  32. @ Hants
    “Barbados is blessed with Sun,Sea and Sand. It is also easy to build and maintain infrastructure. The Ministry of Tourism and the BTA spend $60million a year marketing Barbados. They need to do a better job.”
    @ Fair & Balanced
    “The Barbados government needs to build off shore islands as laid out in their manifesto these fresh new acres would bring tremendous excitement to our destination not to mention be the site of stunning resorts.”
    It shows that neither of you haven’t THE SLIGHTEST CLUE AS TO ENABLE BARBADOS TO BECOME GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE. The principles that you vomit out essentially places Barbados into further debt and creates no real revenues Further propositions for white elephant projects creates no real GDP growth and will further increase he nation’s debt. Should the government actually follow with your methods, the nation would surely go bankrupt in UNDER A DECADE!

    You can talk of Sea and sand and waters all you want, but those are not resources that are avidly viable for they are highly susceptible to losing appeal. What the government needs to do is to seek to effectively harness their Human capital through a series of long term measures that would otherwise create real GDP growth through PRODUCTIVE INDUSTRY, NOT SERVICE BASED INDUSTRY.

    “Hants” unforgivingly makes the ridiculous posit that ” It is also easy to build and maintain infrastructure.”, yet he never even bothered to ask AT WHO’S EXPENSE? And surely if HE KNEW ANYTHING about economics, he would realize that it would inevitably come at the tax payer’s DOLLAR to Pay for such infrastructure, not to mention the future costs in maintenance. And god knows that the pathetic idea that “Fair & Balanced” posed by building island resorts off the coasts of the island would just place even more financial burdens on the public.That is neither “fair” nor “baanced” to the bajan citizen!! It would seal the deal for the stupid politicians for sure and would cause a public uproar that would most certainly tarnish the nation’s international image.

    Ignorance, Just plain ignorance. You people should just stop typing, you’re making a disgrace of us Bajans!

  33. @Brudda

    I enjoy your fresh ideas. We r not in the having ofbuilding anything long term, For years we speak of the need to link agriculture and tourism and what have we got?

    we cant get regional countires to come together and have a regional airline, what regional marketing foolishness u talking. where is the regional court wtc? Just asking u an ignorant question.

  34. I wonder if anyone has ever done a comparasion on the performance of the BTA against the St. Lucia Tourist Board?
    What is the measureable return on investment (ROI) when you compare their budgets. How many are employed at both organisations (both home and away).
    I don’t think we should be discouraged from asking these questions and anticipating accurate answers.

    • We should not be knocking the St. Lucia product, bottomline their tourist Board is getting people to travel to StLucia and they obviously have a plan to improve their product. Ralph Taylor thinks so!

  35. @ fair and balanced

    I have found that opinions are never fair or balanced, and your comments definitely show this… LOL

    @ David

    You see why regional unity is a dream?You can join economically, politically and legally but how do you ever join completely when your citizens think like this? Talking about the ‘primitive islands’ with ‘unfriendly locals’.

    • There is an insularity which exist, we know it. There is merit in pursuing functional cooperation. St. Lucia, Dominca and several of the other islands have characteristics which the more mature Barbados product does not. We don’t need CSME to pursue just a bilateral.

  36. @ David

    Agreed. We can all learn from eachother; realise synergies and work towards our common goals …

  37. @ Blogger
    But that ought to be the goal of a csmE. Let muh dream nuh!! And did you not see my comment about the CCJ?

  38. We (Barbados) miss so many opportunities with a lot of them costing nothing at all. Take the 2012 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards for instance. Hundreds of destinations (including St. Lucia) have used it to highlight awardees, like East Winds Inn to a global media stage. The BTA has not mentioned it anywhere, despite NINE hotels on Barbados winning in various categories. It is totally embarrassing to see that at least a couple of the Barbadian winners have been forced to take paid advertisments in the local press.
    How can you ignore 50 million unique visitors to a single website each month?

  39. Any comment that 5000 Brazilians visited Barbados in 2011. Reported to be performing better than other similar arrangements by David Rice?

  40. David,
    Mr. Taylor, in front of a visiting group of tour operators and travel agents referred to TripAdvisor as a ‘menace’ which was carried in the largest circulation travel trade publication and to millions online. When you have a 30-40 per cent of TripAdvisor reviewers that would NOT recommend a hotel, its perhaps not suprising.

  41. Any comment that 5000 Brazilians visited Barbados in 2011.

    That is 96 passengers per week on a Boeing 737-800 with a capacity of 150? And what were the passenger loads when they were using the 767-300ER? It would be interesting to know the cost to the government since inception and the activities of these visitors like spend etc.

  42. @enuff

    You know very well that successive government have not provided information to enlighten the public on matters like this one. Guess we will have to be satisfied with Rice’s declaration that GOL project compares favourably with others.

  43. @brudah-bim
    hants and fair balance are disgraces for us Bajans ? you are an idiot of the highest order. you relegate people to a disgrace because they don’t share your vision ? and you rant about who is a proper bajan and who is foreign.. forget about nationality, try a decent human being first.. and stay in america while you figure that out

  44. despite our obvious failure to to be innovative and creative with our tourism product over the years and the successes of other islands like st lucia in improving theirs, barbadosstill stands head and shoulderabove st lucia in tourism and overall development not that we should rest on our laurels toour own detriment.

  45. Barbados is way more developed than St. Lucia in fact Barbados is the number one developing country in the world.

    Fair and unbalanced……Tourist want to see true beauty and with not too much make up and false hair. Stop fooling yourself we have lost a lot of our natural beauty to bad planning and poor taste ……as Judge Judy fades dumb lasts forever.

  46. Does anyone REALLY think ‘we’ are on the ball?
    51 DAYS after REDJet ceases trading, the PM is NOW ‘trying to secure a copy of the company’s balance sheet’.
    Tourism is a dynamic industry. It needs constant (and current) attention and you need a plan that everyone can follow.


    So BAJANS Keep listening to the non-sense and inaction coming from the current DLP administration ….

  48. WHERE IS THE PROOF THAT 5000 BRAZILIANS viisted Barbados in 2011 …. Site the source I know this is where it gets tricky..

    This is more DLP non-sense 5000 brazilians DID NOT visit Barbados in 2011 …. maybe in the DLP’s dreams but not in reality … Not “political spin” but a straight lie”

    Mark my words Barbados will get NOTHING tangible out of the Barbados – Brazil route the DLP has spent millions on … NOTHING ….

  49. @ islandgal
    quote: Barbados is way more developed than St. Lucia in fact Barbados is the number one developing country in the world.


    Additionally of the top “47” developing nations Barbados is ranged “47” (in 2011) on the human development index >> see for yourself

    This is what happens if you drink too much DLP “dont worry be happy” koolaid 🙂

  50. humm well last tourist arrival number where from august that showed and increase of 749 person ytd for the other countries row. So either we got less brazillian than than states or another country didn’t visit us as much.

  51. @ Disgrace & Over Yonder


    I have no problem with sharing ideas, but when you just BLABBER and VOMIT recycled ideas, IT GETS US FRIGGING NOWHERE!! So if I’m to Blunt for you, ITS TIME THAT YUH PASS YUH OUT DE DYAMN KITCHEN BEFORE YUH SCAL’ YUHSELF! Its not be being rude, I’m JUST TRYING TO GAGE CREATIVE MINDS WITH ORIGINAL YET SUSTAINABLE MINDS!

    Kisses from the U.S. of ARSE!

  52. Barbados is fast becoming another state in the U.S, we are not only pricing ourselves out of the tourist market, but we are spoiling this country by trying to produce concrete jungles instead of a natural almosphere. No tourist is going to feel comfortable leaving his/her concrete jungle to come to ours when he/she can visit St.Lucia, Dominica, and most of the caribbean islands which have natural sights to visit, plus enjoy the same beautiful sea and sand that we have. A visit to the sulphur springs or a tour through the grenadines, or a visit to Bequa, plus cheaper hotel rates ans cheaper cost of living, is worth more to a tourist in this recessionary times than coming to Barbados. With the closure of Almond, these tour companies are going to direct their tourists to these islands and we,ve lost them forever.

  53. Maybe this is why Bim needs to get her act together soon. I just watched this from a friend, and I found out that the show was taken down after this episode. The Bilderberg group is just RAPINg US BAJANS IF THAT IS tHE CASE!

  54. “Austin please read the post above mine, I was quoting Balance”

    islandgal, you are completely mistaken, my post never indicated such.i did not say barbados is the no 1 developing country in the world.

  55. scout- places like st lucia, st vincent and particuarly dominica have their own natural attractions which attract a particular brand of tourist with backpacks who spend little .these attractions are usually not well organised and are expensive too. tourism costs like all other costs in barbados will be high because of the taxes imposed on goods and services at point of entry to enable the govt to obtain taxes to meet the freenesses we enjoy.i am tired of hearing about concrete jungles. do you want huts to be built to house the tourists who we beg to visit our shores? most of us like comfortable accomodation wherever we go in addition to easy accessibility to essential services which barbados can readily offer..

    • The problem for some is that they don”t appreciate that with a developed infrastructure, a huge entitlement program and high standard of living we have to compare apples with apples. We can’t be so simplistic in our analysis. If we critique our setup it must be given context.

  56. Balance my apologies I was quoting fair and unbalance and mistook you for him. Please forgive me.

    There are basically three types of Tourist

    1. Tourist who are looking for luxury holidays they rent villas or condos, stay at top class hotels and venture out very little to see the island. They may shop but only at select locations but not very often. They often eat the same foods they eat in their mother country. Will rent cars for the length of their holiday or take taxis

    2. Tourist who come looking for adventure off the beaten track, love unspoilt natural beauty, Will relish local food and fruits and interact with the local population. Some will stay in luxury accommodation, eco tourist resorts, mid priced hotels, guest houses and B&B’s Will rent cars and take the bus.

    3. Tourist looking for an inexpensive holiday, will stay in apartment hotels, cheap condos, timeshare exchange, B&B’s, guest houses and all inclusive hotels. They normally stay in crowded areas where there is plenty of cheap booze and fast food restaurants. Will take the bus or pool together and rent cars for a limited time.

    Barbados has mainly 1and 3 and those areas are failing. Many of the luxury end tourist are repeat visitors, and will spend very little. Most of the the lower end tourist are seriously affected by the economy in their countries and will travel less if at all.

    We talk of Heritage Tourism and Eco Tourism, how do we and can we develop these areas with the very limited resources we have. We have lost one of our greatest Heritage sites we were renown for i.e Sam Lords Castle. Many Bajans may not acknowledge this BUT to many visitors to this island that was a MUST see. Many of the island’s infrastructure has aged and are in need dire need of repair, countryside roads, water mains, none existent side walks, refuse disposal. We have a very poor agricultural base where most of the food is imported making it very expensive to eat.

    The lack lustre performance of the Tourism Ministry that feel they must keep spouting inaccurate Tourist arrivals, keep falsely portraying on their posters brown skinned and mixed race people as Bajans. The sun sand and sea are plentiful in the islands. To be truthful Tourist spend very little time in their hotel rooms and to upgrade only that and not the service and surroundings is a waste of money. Selling Barbados is selling a dream come true for people. If we cannot see the dream how can we sell it? If we have never experienced the dream, how can we sell it?

  57. I forgot to add a 4th type of Tourism…Cruise Tourism where for a limited time visitors (mainly low end) spend about 6 hours on the island. They may take taxis and tour the island or walk into the city to mainly window shop.

  58. How about a State of the Art Convention .Coroporate advantageand goof bringing business for Tourism and our hotel and other industries as well.

  59. @ austin did you go to school in August?


    Additionally of the top “47″ developing nations Barbados is ranged “47″ (in 2011) on the human development index >> see for yourself]
    You obviously do not understand what you saw in Wikpedia.
    Barbados is within the top 47 countries in the world- developed and developing on HDI.

    barbados was ranked NO1 developing nation for years, if its not presently number one its in among the first three.
    And the word is spelt ‘ranked’ not ‘ranged’. I take it you didnt do the 11+ exam.

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